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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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g outside the city state police is following up on and anything outside the state, fbi is dispatching, investigate investigatingers to those locations. 1078 people are not sure if it was a guy or not but they may have videos. that's another process with we have to go through with. and we're receiving information as quickly as our crime scene processors can get it to us but they have to be as i said very slow and deliberate and so that information is slow in coming. so now we really get into the nuts and bolts of an investigation and trying to put all the pieces together. and hopefully we get a picture of a more valid profile of who this guy is and why was he here. we know he had some contacts early on in the city with some businesses, but, you know nothing that would have alerted anyone to think that maybe we
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need to call law enforcement about this fella or anything like that. so it's going to be really slow now, slow going from this point forward. >> do you have a better picture of his mental -- >> no we don't. but we saw some stuff that was posted and the fusion center is helping us get that information so that we can get an accurate picture. we're being very cautious with social media because of the amount of speculation and embellishment that sometimes takes place. and of course anything we see on there we're going to have to confirm and make sure it's accurate. >> do you know where he purchased the gun? >> not yet. but that's -- that is in the process through the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms folks. >> did we know if he had a concealed carry license? >> we don't think he applied for one in the state of louisiana.
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we're not sure if he had one in the state of alabama. >> did he have a cellphone or laptop? who, if anybody, did he communicate with? >> we found some cellphones in the theater. we're not sure if they're his. the cellphones did not have any batteries in them and were not functional. >> are the officers that responded on detail at the theater? >> no actually the officers that responded were on duty. they just happened to be right here on this property. and within 60 seconds or less we had four officers who maidenry into the theater to engage. we feel that when he spotted those officers or he exited out that door there was a police car parked right there, he retreated back into the theater and that's when he self-inflicted.
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>> to follow up on that gun question. i think the concerning to investigators is was he buy himself, was somebody else with him, did somebody else buy the guns. all of those things are important. we're trying to pull that together because we're going to look at other things. that's why it's taking longer to find out what were the particulars and what brought that gun to his possession. a lot of different things that could happen there. >> but y'all haven't determined where it was purchased? >> we've got some information but not everything. >> because of the brand of weapon it is it's more difficult to trace that type of weapon than it is other types. >> if this was asked i apologize. does the theater have surveillance? how much was recorded? >> the theater does have surveillance. it's near the ticket counter. he walked in just like any other patron purchased a ticket to watch the movie, and it didn't
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set off any alarms with anybody. he wasn't acting any different than any other person who was in line to get their tickets. >> chief, colonel, do you have any update on the conditions of those injured that are still in the hospital? one is in critical condition. we haven't gotten any updates? >> we have one in critical conditions. we have two who were released. and the other folks are still hospitalized. we have not identified those victims just for safety precautions. and as soon as they are able to we will be interviewing them and trying to obtain additional information. >> including the person that's in critical how many victims are still in the hospital as we speak? >> seven. >> out of the 12 that were shot? >> yes. >> chief -- >> buzzwas he pointing the gun at anybody directly or shooting aimlessly. >> he did both.
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>> chief, you said the gun is hard to trace. why is that? >> because of the brand. >> what brand? >> type brand. i don't know if atf wants to release that at this time. >> 13 shots. >> yeah. >> he shot 12 bullets and then himself? >> that's what it would look like. we found 13 shell casings. but as i said, the walls are carpeted. that makes it difficult to find bullet holes and other physical evidence, so they have to go very slow. they've located at least 13 shell casings ss thus far. we don't anticipate having another update until later on this afternoon, possibly around 5:00 p.m. we have some investigation activities that we need to do and that our crime scene people need to do and finish up. so i want to let you all know
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that our next update will probably be sometime around 5:00 p.m. we will get that word out to you as soon as we decide on an exact time. thank you. >> good day to you. i'm peter alexander today in for andrea mitchell. we're following that breaking news from lafayette, louisiana. we've been listening to law enforcement, state and local speaking. a town, a community in mourning after thursday night's movie theater massacre that left three people dead including the gunman. nine individuals wounded. one of them said to be still in critical condition. so here's what we know right now. lafayette police have identified the deceased gunman as 59-year-old john russel houser. that's the best picture we have on our screen. investigators say houser's plan was to open fire in the theater and then flee the scene but the quick response they insist to the incident by local law enforcement in that area forced the gunman back into the theater
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where he ultimately took his own life. police have retrieved the shooter's weapon. they say fired at least 13 times. we also know the identities of the two women killed in this tragedy. they are twurn-year-old mayci breaux killed at the scene and 33-year-old jillian johnson, she died at nearby hospital. my colleague nbc's craig melvin is in lafayette. craig, the first responders probably prevented more bloodshed by getting there so quickly. what else do we know about this shooter and about this investigation? >> no doubt at all, peter. we just heard from the police chief there. he said those officers just so happened to be in the parking lot on duty when the call came in. they were i side in less than 60 seconds. it also sounds like perhaps the shooter had intended to wreak even more havoc and was in the process of reloading when he saw the officers and then decided at that point to turn the gun on himself.
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that news conference that just wrapped up let's recap the highlights from that. we found out there in addition to the wigs and glasses that were found in his car, the police chief said that he left the keys on top of one of his tires as well. in addition to that we found out that they have spent the better part of the past 12 hours or so talking to folks inside the theater, roughly 160 people. they've talked to of the 300 people who were inside the theater. they've also spent some time talking to sfrends friendsfriends and family of the shoeser john houser known apparently atdss rusty. he got off 13 rounds according to the superintendent of law enforcement here. it sounds as if his intention was to fire even more. investigators at this point are still in the process of working two crime scenes. the one behind me the theater here in lafayette, they are also working a crime scene at the motel 6. that is apparently where the shooter had been staying for some time. we don't know precisely all of what they taken out of the motel
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6 room but we do know that they are still on the scene there. i want to right now though bring in a guy named jeff harden. jeff harden is a former mayor of phenix city alabama. mr. harden also knew john houser. he was an associate of mr. houser. jeff, are you with me? >> i am with you. >> first of all, talk to me a little bit about the shooter, what -- how do you know him? when was the last time you spoke to him? >> craig, first i'd like to say my prayers are with the victims' families and also rusty's family as they deal with this unforeseen and just crazy trauma tragedy. i have not spoken to rusty in several years. rusty and i had a business deal in phenix city. rusty at that time was flipping houses for a living.
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he bought a house with land and flipping houses, buying houses, fixing them up and flipping them. came to me. that's what i was doing at the time. i was a part-time mayor and i was flipping houses and rusty had come to me and was looking to finish up a house he was working on and had run out of money. i bought in half with him and the deal a couple months into it just different work out. so i ended up buying himg out and we parted company. rusty was a good guy until you disagreed with him. so he had one of -- he was kind of an odd character and had some ways that were kind of strange. he was just one of those guys that you kind of knew that you didn't want to set off. >> and and strange in what way, jeff? >> well, as a lot of you guys have discussed, we h had a lot of political views and i've heard people say that he was an extremist. i would venture to say he was
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more of a conspiracy theory type guy. he kind of had an equal hatred for all politicians and all policies. and he always kind of just wanted to discuss politics. that was kind of the thing that he liked to. and really talk about his views and what he thought and really any decision that was made politically he disagreed with. both on the right and left. but he was just that guy that you really couldn't disagree with because he all of a sudden was your enemy. craig, are you with me? >> jeff i've got you back. sorry. just lost you for a second there. it sounds like -- it sounds like you would say that he was angry? >> i would -- yeah i would describe him as being angry and, again, i think he had some
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issues. i'm really not sure. but i would describe that as maybe someone that was bipolar. i'm not sure. i don't know what his mental state was. >> right. >> but i know that he was -- he was kind of level-headed until you set him off. and then he became really irate. >> there are reports that he had been evicted from his home last year. reports that he is estranged from his family. can you speak at all to that? >> i had met his wife one time. nice lady. and just a great lady. i think kind of the glue that kept the family together. but i had heard along the way that they were separated and then i heard later that he had lost his home. so i know that those were some issues going on with him at the time. >> jeff did he have a fixation
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with guns? was he a gun guy? >> you know i don't -- again, we weren't friends -- as friends go we weren't friends. we did this deal together. but i never knew him to have a gun. i never knew him to carry a gun because we never -- i hunt and i never knew him -- we never talked about hunting or guns or anything like that. so i'm really not sure craig, that he was a gun guy at all at the time that i knew him. >> jeff hardin an associate of the shooter, john russel houser. thank you so much for your time mr. hardin. i do appreciate it. >> thank you, craig. >> jalen joins me now by phone. jalen was inside the theater at the time the shots rang out shortly after 7:30 thursday evening. first of all, how are you doing? >> i'm doing good.
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just still a little shaken but i'm good. >> talk to me about what happened last evening, what did you see? what did you hear? >> well, me and my friend decided to go see a movie last night. after credits and everything around 7:20 7:25 the movie started with opening credits. during -- it was a fight scene. during that fight scene i hear two loud bangs. it was like a bang-bang. so immediately i look around. did anybody hear that? it was very faint because the movie, the movie was loud. but you could definitely tell it was a gunshot. so i look around to see if anyone else saw it. everyone is like into the movie. like i said it was a fight scene. so apparently no one else heard it. maybe i'm just hearing things. after about 10 or 15 seconds later, that's when the sirens
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began to go off, flashing from the exit signs, just again, the flash and that's when my heart sunk to my chest. there's a shooting here either outside or inside because i know i heard gunshots. then the siren, the pa system began to start to say that everyone needs to exit the building. evacuate the building. find the nearest exit and leave. so everyone kind of like was scared. some people thought it was a fire drill. stuff like that. maybe like a fire from the concession stand stuff like that. that's just from overhearing what people are saying. then you had some people praying out of the building. after you leave the building you look around and you see a cop posted up on every single corner, with an assault rifle. then when you walk outside and see that all right, something serious is about to happen over here. then you see another cop car flying around the parking lot, going faster. yelling at everybody, get out of the streets, leave the parking lot, go to the front, go to the
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front. we head to the front. the first thing i see is a middle-aged white lady laying down on a curb bleeding from her leg. i wanted to go help her but at the same time i was kind of scared to go directly to her because i didn't know where the shot came from. i didn't know if there was a sniper somewhere, someone in the parking lot hidden in a car or underneath that may have shot her. i took cover behind a car along the side but i was close enough to like hear. if she needed someone, to call 911 or something if she needed it. so some other people that came out of the theater they went and helped her. and i overheard her saying that she was shot inside the theater. she was picked up and she was brought on to that curb. so after that not too long after that a cop pulled up directly next to the car i was taking cover behind and he went to help her. he tied her leg around the wound and everything. at the same time he pulled up four cop cars pulled in and heavily armored officers on the front of the building and then they all charged in.
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as they charged in you heard a bunch of gunshots almost like there was a war in there. you heard a bunch of gunshots and then after the gunshots subsided for a little while, over the little system inside the cop car i was next to i heard get down in theater 14. after hearing that theater 14 almost immediately after that another set of cars cop cars pull up more heavily armored officers and a few looks like detectives or something like that may have pulled over. and a few of them were running around the front. where is the ambulance? get the ambulance over here. you have hostages and people injured. what's taking them so long. get them over here now. after hearing that the other officers charged in and heard more gunshots and that's when i heard suspect down. they closed off the parking lot. >> jalen fernell inside the movie theater complex last night when it went down. thank you for your time. i'm glad you're okay. >> thank you.
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jim cavanaugh is msnbc law enforcement expert and former atf agent. jim, it would be nice if you and i could have a conversation on television not after another mass shooting in this country. it seems like this is all we're talking about lately. >> yeah it's horrible. it's horrible, craig. it's a horrible case for louisiana and america again. we just got to do better. we got to try to find the answers in each little case and try together stop as many as we can. this guy's motives are unclear. his background is starting to surface from your interview with that witness who knew him pretty good. talking about how he was angry at the drop of a hat. so this is a guy obviously having a lot of inner personal problems with people. interactions with the police and his family and his businesspeople will come to light and see if that's a pattern in his life that everybody he deals with you know is a fight, is an argument, is an anger issue,
9:19 am
which may be related to mental health or bipolar or just, you know, some sort of fanatic conspiracy guy. >> jim, we heard from the police chief and we heard from the man who runs a law enforcement agency here a short time ago. where do investigators go from here? what is the first order of business now? >> you've got a couple of things going on. the forensics, all the evidence to be picked up like the chief described, shell casings certainly the bodies the body of the shooter, the victims, the bullets have to come out of there. everybody interviewed who was shot everybody b interviewed who was a witness, videotapes of the theater, search of his car, search of his home. lots of interviews with everybody who knew him family friends, and associates back in alabama, georgia, and anybody in lafayette who might have known him. the wig and glasses in his motel room, this guy might have been surviving by committing small armed robberies you know use that for a disguise.
9:20 am
i don't think he's an actor in a theater troupe. he's used that kind of stuff before. he's doing something with it or he had a larger plan. i think we can at least say that his plan wasn't over. he tried to exit the theater and when he saw the patrol officers he went back in. so he was going to do something. he might have been just going to go outside and commit suicide. might was going to go back out and get in his car and escape or might have been going to go outside and shoot more people. we just don't know quoo quite what he was intending to do. >> jim, really quickly here. last question. one of the things that struck me from the law enforcement news conference a few moments ago was this idea that we may never get a motive. any time something like this happens in this country everyone immediately wants to know justifiable so why, why did this person open fire in a crowded movie theater? how real is the possibility, jim cavanaugh, we may not get a motive here? >> right. you may not get the exact motive but we're going to get craig, is a picture of his life all
9:21 am
his behavior and interactions with others. which may tell the story clearly. in other words, it's going to tell us that this guy, you know his interactions with people problem with his anger, maybe his mental health state. i think we're going the get a picture of him. we might not have the exact answer on that day why he went to that theater. but we're going to have the answer of why he's such a person who would do a violent act like this on random citizens in society. >> jim cavanaugh, thanks so much. always appreciate your insights sir. so here we have it peter. again, this picture of the shooter starting to emerge. we just heard from one of his former associates there that he was at times a bit hot headed. there's also this picture that is emerging according to law enforcement here, the police chief saying that they are aware of some writings on the internet that same former associate telling me a few moments ago that he would get angry over politics to a certain extent.
9:22 am
not just you know liberal politics but conservative politics as well. one of these guys that appeared to have an opinion on lots of different things law enforcement saying they're going to spend the next days and weeks looking all of that. we expect another update here in just a few hours. i'll send it back to you for now. >> raising questions about where are we safe shootings at a church. military recruitment center and now once again at a movie theater. we appreciate it. check in again with you. also today, more e-mail questions surrounding hillary clinton. we're going the get the latest from andrea mitchell. plus -- >> people are saying oh, it's so dangerous what you're doing, mr. trump. it's so dangerous what you're doing. i have to do it. i have to do it. >> he's got to do it. but will the trip to the border and donald trump's focus on immigration help or hurt him? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting?
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you're watching "andrea mitchell reports." we are back now with another developing story, and potential myly more e-mail questions trouble for hillary clinton. we're learning more this hour about a request by two inspectors general to start an inquiry to determine whether sensitive government information was mishandled in e-mails from clinton's personal e-mail account while she was serving as secretary of state. clinton's campaign insists she followed appropriate practices in dealing with those classified materials. we're joined now by the host of the show andrea mitchell. she is ins a spend, colorado, today. also our colleague chuck todd political director and moderator of "meet the press." andrea, you flew further so we'll start with you. key question here whether hillary herself is the target of this inquirey and whether this is a criminal inquiry or not. you've been working sources there. what more do we know? >> i'm at the aspen security conference. in fact, what we understand now
9:27 am
is "the new york times" overnight rewrote their headline, rewrote their lead indicating it is not hillary clinton who is the target of this. my understanding is this early stage of the investigation is that this involves people in the state department who are overwhelmed by all of these thousands and thousands of pages of e-mail peter, and that they were not up to the task of going through them and deciding what should be classified and what should not. and that this in fact very well may involve things classified retroactively as things often are. at the end of the day long after hillary clinton left the state department, things that were in her e-mail were determined to need classification and were classified and some things were released and not redacted. and that some classified e-mails may have been released. so this involves the workings of the state department and, of course, because it involves classifications the inspector general at the state department the inspector general at the
9:28 am
office of the director of national intelligence who runs all of the 16 intelligence agencies would be involved. those inspectors general work separately walled off. no one else would technically know what they were doing. the other piece of it is we're getting indications of justice department this was not a criminal referral. this could be bureaucratic but not criminal. >> so the clinton campaign itself is responding to this right now, chuck. i want to get to you. let's put up on the screen what nick is saying right now. he writes contrary to the initial story, which has already been significantly revised, and andrea noted, she followed appropriate practices in dealing with classified materials as has been reported on multiple occasions. any released e-mails deemed classified have been done so after the fact and not at the time that they were transmitted. the question right now though whether or not this is just more of a bad headline for hillary clinton right now, which does go to the point that a lot of americans are dealing with right now which is their level of
9:29 am
trust of hillary clinton. does it? >> i think politically it only adds to that problem. the fact is if everything we hear now and everything we're reporting now and i'm hearing the same thing and talking to sources on this says well, this isn't about clinton. this may be about how state handled classified information. all of this has one root where it all came from. the decision by hillary clinton to have a private e-mail server that created this possibility of having to then transmit e-mails back to state and have this sort of glut of information. a lot of this politically could have been handled so much better. and she did -- you know, she has put herself i think behind the 8 ball here in initially how they a handled it how they decided to do this if the first place. not releasing the server, not being more proactive. she, no i think they're happy they have "the new york times" looks like a little too far. they clearly didn't have is a
9:30 am
source in any ig offices where they wouldn't have so easily written their lead. they had a source who read some ig reports and that puts them in precarious positions. we'll leave that for journalist professors to have that conversation. if she can create the fog of war aspect to this you know that's how she'll survive this going forward. >> she has a big economic address scheduled for this afternoon in new york city. should she, andrea, should she, will she address this? >> i don't know whether she will address this because the focus of that is the economy. she's going to be proposing interestingly a tiered capitol gains tax rate. favoring longer term investments. if you hold an investment longer you get a preferential rate. this is her whole pitch, that people who you know who really invest in the economy long term should get more favorable treatment. it is her trying to walk the line between the far more
9:31 am
progressive and far more i don't know what to call them other than progressive policies of bernie sapders which have caught fire certainly in iowa and with big audiences in the democratic party. >> fire and heading to iowa not just in hillary clinton but donald trump goes there describing as a family picnic this weekend. can you break down what we witnessed not so much just yesterday but right now as it pertains to donald trump? >> we're looking at something we haven't seen before. >> is it growing? >> let's find out. i think we're oh we we've got new polling that we're going to debut on sunday out of iowa new hampshire. i'm curious to see. half of our survey was premccain fire storm. v, half of it was after. is it still growing? i don't know if anybody can sustain the intensity of both media attention, media scrutiny that donald is trying to keep up, donald trump is trying to keep up. he sort of thrives on it. he is sort of like a shark.
9:32 am
i think as long as he's moving it can keep moving. what happens when he stops moving? what happens he himself sort of -- it was oddly very self-reflective and i thought very self-aware. boy, that's part of this that i think all of us i throw myself in here you can underestimate him as a political athlete. no matter what you think of him. he is more nimble i think, than sometimes some of us have given him credit for and what others -- i look at that event yesterday. it was a very savvy event. commandeering the local leadership to make it look as if they're all on the same page. they weren't merely on the same page but trump got them to play along. opticswise, it was a great event for trump. >> what is making a mayjor headline today is the gun violence in louisiana. the president hours before this happened admitted to the bbc his failure to pass common sense gun safety laws in the u.s. is among his, if not his biggest
9:33 am
frustration of his presidency. where do we go at this moment? does anything change? >> you know sadly, i think that he has acknowledged it's his frustration, people fought after sandy hook and after he and joe biden got so involved and joe mansion and pat toomey had a bipartisan bill to at least close the gun show loophole. they thought something would happen. we heard today, you know from gabby giffords and mark kelly, this is a frustration in american politics and the president expressing it. and i'm not sure what he can do in these closing -- closing year of his year plus of his presidency that they haven't already tried. obviously there is a problem in our society with guns given that we are the only advance society that has the level of gun violence that we have. >> chuck, quickly? >> no andrea i think you're right. i just want to ask chuck on that topic what is your focus not
9:34 am
just of poll numbers. >> i wonder when is the political leadership going to say -- because immediately when you have guns everybody wants to get in their political corners. throw it all on the table here if it's mental health gun, everything. when are we going to say it feels like an epidemic. let's throw all of our attempts to trying to figure it out. let's not make a presumption on anything and instead try to sort that out. anyway show i'm going to have a huge look at populism on this. bernie sanders is my guess, john kasich first interview since he became an candidate. talk a little bit about trump with an interesting guy who may be familiar with the type of candidacy donald trump is running. none other than ready for this andrea, pat buchanan. >> wow. >> interesting to hear pat's take on trump. before there was donald trump in 1992 and before there was perot. >> there was pat buchanan. >> cliff cliff with the flags flying. indeed. i'm going or interviewing the
9:35 am
director of national intelligence jim clapper later today and tomorrow loretta lynch out here at the security conference conference. well have all of that coming up as well. >> andrea, thank you have very much. see you again soon. chuck, good to see you. watch you on sunday. we'll have much more out of lafayette, louisiana, where two people were killed in a movie theater on the same day the chattanooga lays to rest the first of the five victims from last week's deadly attack. you're watching msnbc. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen.
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this afternoon two of the brave marines who lost their lives in the chattanooga shottings will are laid to rest after separate ceremonies in tennessee and in georgia.
9:39 am
nbc's sarah dalloff has the story. >> reporter: a some lem anniversary in chattanooga, church bells rang out one week after a gunman opened fire on two military centers. staff sergeant robert driver and lance corporal chris gilliam was inside that morning. >> i was the first one who noticed the shooter there that day. pulled up in his car. we were inside the building. heard the first shot go off. i just yelled run. and everyone from there just took off out the back as fast as we possibly could. >> reporter: now outside their office a growing memorial to the fallen. four marines and a navy sailor. the mother of petty officer randal smith brought his baseball glove in tribute. >> is he your hero? >> he's been my hero since the day i gave birth to him. he's my life. he's my world. i have half a heart left, my daughter. he is gone.
9:40 am
>> first funeral for marine staff sergeant david wyatt. wyatt's family tells nbc news he's one of the marines who reached safety and then turned back to help others. actions praised by military brass. >> the legacy of that day is one of valor, a day of american strength. >> reporter: investigation is suspect mohammad youssuf abdulazeez a extensive and has looked as if he was influenced by islamic extremism. a family representative said he struggled with depression and substance abuse. faye bors wonder how the young man they would see playing sports with friends p transformed into a killer. >> total shock that anyone in america would do that but especially someone who lived down the street. >> no quick or easy answers. as a community prepares for five final and heartbreaking good-byes. and work is under way on a permanent memorial a flagpole and two bronze plaques that will replace this growing makeshift
9:41 am
me they'remorial behind me that served as a gathering place for the community ever since the shooting. peter, back to you. >> thank you very much. up next right here as investigators comb through the tons of evidence in the deadly lafayette theater shooting in louisiana we're going of speak to an eyewitness. we'll do that live right here next on msnbc. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. i tried warfarin before, but the blood testing routine and dietary restrictions had me off my game. not this time. not with xarelto®.
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if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪ . both teachers ended upshot. the second one, the one whose life was saved, even though she was shot in the leg she had the presence of mind to pull the fire alarm to help save others lives. >> that was louisiana sgover in bobby jindal recounting the heroic acts last night mtd midst of a terrible tragedy. shooting inside a lafayette movie theater leaving three people insgluding the gunman dead, nine others wounded. one said to be in critical condition that the hour. deceased gunman has been identified as 59-year-old john russel houser. that's his picture. police have described him as a drifter, stopped from fleeing the scene by local law
9:45 am
enforcement who just happened to be in the parking lot at the time. nbc's craig melvin is live for us again today in la faye yet. craig, again this is another community that is stunned. >> yeah peter, we should also note governor jindal has ordered the flags throughout louisiana to fly at half-staff for the next seven days. he issued that order a short time ago. we learned a bit more about the two victims. 21-year-old mayci breaux worked at a local clothing store. he she had she had a sister that loved her very much and spent some time tweetding about her last night. 33-year-old jillian johnson. jillian johnson was a local fixture of the art scene here in lafayette. she also opened a clothing boutique with her husband and started an all-women country music folk band. so pictures of the victims are starting to emerge. we're also getting a better idea of who the shooter was. we learned a short time ago that
9:46 am
he graduated from a law school, a law school that was not accredited in 1998. it was a law school in alabama, faulty university jones school of law. law enforcement said a short time ago that they are aware of some writings on the internet. they are in the process of pouring over some of those writings. i spoke to an associate of his at the top of the hour who described the man that could lose his temper at the drop of a hat. also described someone who was political as well. our investigative unit nbc news, has been looking over documents as well. they found during the course of the divorce filings that according to his wife his now estranged wife that he quote, made threats to family. had a history of hospitalizations for mental conditions and was known to law enforcement. according to some court filings at one point officers showed up at the house after some sort of
9:47 am
dispute and the wife told him that he was supposed to be -- that houser was supposed to be taking medication on a daily basis but sometimes -- sometimes forgot to take medication to treat his mental illness. sometimes also sometimes forgot to eat as well which exacerbated the condition. law enforcement still working the crime scene behind me here at the movie theater. we're also told that they are working another crime scene as well. the nearby motel 6 hotel room where he is believed to have been living. we also learned a short time ago, peter, from law enforcement that it appeared as if he was plotting a getaway. it does not look like he had planned to necessarily -- he had necessarily planned to take his own life. there was a wig, some glasses in the car, he left keys on top of the tire of his vehicle as well. an oldsmobile. kiefer sanders was inside the theater last night when the shots rang out. he joins me now on the telephone. kiefer kiefer, first of all, how are
9:48 am
you doing? how are you holding up? >> i'm doing fine. i'm doing very well. just praying for the ones that were injured in it or affected beity actual shooting. >> walk me through what happened on yesterday evening. >> we had just got into the movie. we were across the hallway, the train wreck movie where the shooting occurred. just got done, probably about 7:30. and all of a sudden the screen went black and the alarm, pa system went off and set to evacuate the building closest exit immediately. we exited through the back, really a calm scene in the back. everybody was scrambling or chaotic at all. we walked around to the front of the movie theater. i saw a lady who had been wounded in the leg from a gunshot lying on the sidewalk with a couple of men around her kind of coaching her up making sure she was all right, waiting on the ambulance to get there.
9:49 am
and as we were walking out of the movie the police were already arriving to the scene. they did a great job of getting there and conducting what they had to do to get everybody back to safety. there was probably 50 cop cars there within ten minutes. it was something you would see in a movie. kind of surreal. >> kiefer when did you realize that it was as bad as it is? >> initially whenever the alarm went off it crossed my mind a little bit that it could be a shooting. i looked at my brother and said this might be a shooting. just kind of an eerie feeling. once i got around to the front and saw the police about to go into the building and the lady lying on the ground with a gun wound, it became real. >> had police investigators already interviewed you? >> yes.
9:50 am
yes, sir. >> what do they ask? >> just what my account was of it what i seen just basically what happened, my take on it. >> kiefer sanders, thank you for your time sir. glad you're okay. >> no problem. thank you. so again, peter, at this point we know that when the shots rang out last night there were roughly 300 people inside the entire complex. there were 25 people inside that particular theater when the shooter apparently according to law enforcement did not say anything. he just stood up and opened fire. and the two victims were in very close proximity to him. we think at this point he was in the process of reloading the gun when he saw law enforcement. again, law enforcement responding 60 seconds we're told from the time they got the call until the time they were inside
9:51 am
the theater because they just so happened to be in this parking lot here in lafayette. >> craig melvin on the ground for us in lafayette today. craig, thank you so much. after this break, back to politics. the question that a lot of people may be asking could all the attention on illegal immigration after donald trump lead to any kind of meaningful progress? congressman joaquin castro joins us live. this is msnbc. ♪♪ in the nation, we know how you feel about your car. so when coverage really counts you can count on nationwide. ♪ love ♪ because what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange ♪ just another way we put members first. join the nation. ♪ baby... ♪ ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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9:54 am
donald trump is taking credit for making border security and illegal immigration the top of conversation but as the spos light leading to any meaningful dialogue? i'm joined now by texas congressman joaquin castro. congressman castro, thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me, peter. >> we're limited in our time because breaking news today. out of gates i want to ask you, you've been critical of the local politicians support of donald trump's visit including the mayor of laredo pete signs,
9:55 am
a feller democrat. you tweeted the following, may john saenz, donald trump just used you and the other council members look good for hispanics. what was the problem with what you witnessed? >> well, i think they you know the first thing is that i met the mayor and he's a good public servant and a good man. but they rolled out the red carpet for donald trump. somebody who has made just hateful comments about mexican immigrants. that city is -- yesterday i thought it was 75% or 80% mexican-american, over 90% mexican-american and many are immigrants ss or related to immigrants p. to treat him like an office holder or like he's president of the united states or even the nominee already i thought was just bizarre considering what he said. >> fair enough. right now donald trump did say something that's getting attention. he was on this network on "morning joe" today with he said he seemed to suggest he would
9:56 am
support leniency as it relates to the 11 million, he said the number is closer to 30 million undocumented immigrants in this country. i'm a big believer in a merit system. if somebody's been, to hysterectomy words, outhis words, outstanding, we would try to work something out. would a merit system be better? >> i think he's going to have to define in terms of the policy exactly what he means. but the fact that he realizes it seems that you can't just deport. 11 or 15 million people you're going to have to figure out some way to make sense of the immigration system and somehow accommodate the people that are here. and so i'm glad that he seechls to be a little bit more reasonable than he was before but still, you know all of his comments have just made a serious conversation on immigration and dealing with it in the congress much tougher now. >> congressman, we know we only have limited time with you but we appreciate you spending it
9:57 am
with us. that's going to do it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." "msnbc live" with my colleague thomas roberts is here is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid. i've been the same shade of red for many years. i think it's time to change it up! goodbye, red. hello, golden blonde. shifting to a new shade is sort of a new beginning but i knew it was going to be natural because it's nice'n easy. clairol's #1 for natural looking color i don't know if blonde has more fun, but i plan to find out. now you can earn free color with clairol platinum rewards
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northrop grumman. hi everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we start with our breaking news coverage of the tragic movie theater shooting and lafayette, louisiana. here's what we know. authorities are following every lead working to figure out what caused the gunman 59-year-old john rusty houser to open fire killing two people including himself and wounding nine others. now, in a news conference an hour ago officials gave more details into exactly what happened. >> we know he had at least one additional magazine which he dropped in the lobby. he reinserted reloaded and returned back into the theater at which point we think he fired one additional round and that was into


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