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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  July 27, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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ducated children. [cheers and applause] so kenya will not succeed if it treats women and girls as second-class citizens. i want to be clear about it. >> you can help girls in africa get an education by contributing to the kind fund at our website chris hayes is up next. tonight aon "all in." >> he would take the israelis and march them to the door of the offen. >> huckabee compares obama to hitler, as the race to get on the 2016 debate stage take on an even uglier tone. >> maybe this is an effort to push mr. trump out of the headlines, but it's not the kind of leadership that is needed for
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america right now. >> then the polls show support among republicans for donald trump's position on immigration, while jeb bush makes his case in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> plus, the "new york times" backing off an explosive report on hillary clinton and her state department e-mails. >> the facts are clear, did not send or receive nig anything classified at the time. >> a remarkable article in "new york magazine" as 35 of bill cosby's accusers come forward. >> he was calculating, manipulative and he knew exactly what he was doing. "all in" starts right now. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee seems to be taking a page from the trump play book and refusing to back down from
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his comment in which he used imagery of the holocaust to attack barack obama. it is so naive he would trust the iranians by doing so he will take the israelis and march them to the door of the oven. >> r march the israelis to the door of the oven. the anti-defamation league called it out of line and unacceptable. in iowa hillary clinton said she was offended by huckabee's words. >> i find this kind of inflammatory rhetoric totally unacceptable. one can disagree with the with particulars of the agreement to put a lid on the nuclear weapons program of iran and that is fair game. but this steps over the line. >> asked about huckabee's comments during a trip to ethiopia he linked them to similar rhetoric withment torick with
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ted cruz. >> the general pattern is considered ridiculous if it weren't to sad. we have have had a senator call him upon -- -- and these are leaders in the republican party. >> huckabee for part refused to apology despite being begged to do so during an appearance on fox news. >> if we don't take seriously the threats of iran than god help us all. the last time it is chamberlain
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all over again. we are going to trust that everyone will do the right thing. three times i have been to auschwitz. when i talk about the oven door i have stood at that oven door and know what it looks like. >> he took criticism from jeb bush today. it is important to listen to what mr. bush was objecting to. >> i think we need to tone down the rhetoric for sure is. i have been to israel not as many time as mike huckabee who i respect, but the use of that kind of language just wrong. this is not the way we are going to win elections or how we will solve problems. >> mr. bush is not so much criticizing the point huckabee was making as he is his language and tone. that's important because while huckabee may have crossed the line with the explicitness of his imagery the actual comparison is squarely within the conceptual main stream of the republican party and the conservative movement.
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>> this is the worst deal since the munich deal of 1938. >> this deal whatever its final details turn out to be is an american munich. >> our equivalent of giving adolf hitler weapons of mass destruction. >> what it is about this president? >> he's the neville chamberlain of our time. >> neville chamberlain? >> i think it is one of the biggest foreign policy mistakes i've seen in my lifetime. i think it rivals neville chamberlain's negotiations with hitler. >> some have compared it to neville chamberlain's munich accord with nazi germany but that doesn't fully demonstrate the danger. >> joining me is the professor of middle east policy studies and president of woodrow wilson school joined former ambassador to israel in signing a letter to congress in support of the iran deal. mr. bodyambassador, your reaction
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to mike buckhuckabee's comments and the touch stone of people arguing the iran of today is like the hitler of the late 1930s. >> well it's an outrageous comment and sad commentary about the nature of our politics. there are serious issues to be debated here. for anyone to equate what the president is doing to what adolf hitler did in world war ii is extraordinary. in some ways it's a form of incitement. we've seen results of that. 20 years ago in israel there was the same incitement against yitzhak rabin and that led to a tragic outcome. i hope that people stand back and understand that mr. huckabee has crossed a serious line here. every republican candidate should stand up and condemn this and ask him to retract it. >> there are a lot of folks who oppose this deal.
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in the argument against the deal, much has been about israel, much about israel security and obviously a nation created in the wake of the holocaust has a specific and earned fear of this kind of threat. as someone who's ambassador to israel for four years, what's your understanding of this? >> chris, i experienced twice in my career once before i became ambassador and once during my tenure, the real expression of israeli concern when its security and well being was threatened. in the gulf war of 1991 when iraq fired dozens of scud missiles at israel. israel had done nothing and then again the concern that iraq in 2003 would react to the american invasion by launching perhaps weapons of mass destruction. so it's fair for the israelis to be concerned, particularly about
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iran. they are a country that called for israel's destruction, denies the holocaust and i think that concern is a realistic motivation to look at this agreement and see whether it works. the reason i support the agreement is i think it's the best way to curb iran's program, to give us 15 20 years of time to see whether or not the iranians will change their behaviors, both in their nuclear program and outside of it. and to move them farther away from the possibility of acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> part of this debate and part of what makes it frustrating, i think, if there is one track that people criticize the actual details of the deal and there's another in which people are evoking munich they are evoking that to say the lesson of munich is that no amount of diplomacy was possible. the implication of munich is to say the nature of this state, the nature of this country is it
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is a fool's errand and possibly suicidal and genocide to lead to diplomacy and my take is as someone supporting the deal you don't believe that to be the case. >> that's exactly right, chris. it's more than that. it's the whole idea that if you engage in diplomacy you are selling out the country. we heard this as early as 2008 from president george w. bush when he went to israel and equated diplomate cydiplomacy with iran in appeasement. and now the comments we are hearing about munich and hitler. i think the republicans those who oppose the deal ought to focus on what is wrong with it. if they don't like it hear what is wrong with it and have a debate. this idea that somehow diplomacy is to blame or diplomacy is equivalent to appeasement i think represents a true ignorance of what diplomacy can accomplish. this agreement has some strong aspects to it.
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there are serious questions that have to be answered and i think that's what the 60-day period in congress is designed to do. >> former u.s. ambassador daniel kurtzer, thank you very much. >> thank you. once again the news is good for donald trump. he is in first place in new hampshire. seven points more than jeb bush. second in iowa with 17%. just two points beehlo scott can walker. trump is one of the few candidates in the 16-person gop field virtually guaranteed to be on the stage for the first presidential debate which takes place next thursday only the top ten in the polls will be allowed to participate. republican candidates have spent $8 million on tv ads in an attempt to raise their poll numbers and they have struggled to get media attention with trump hogging the pilot. rand paul ran ad.
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stating i'm drawing the line at self mutilation which seems like a good call. ted cruz who on friday tried to score coverage by deeming fellow republican and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell a liar received the smackdown for his trouble of the weekend with fellow senate republicans accusing him of grandstanding and failing to learn lessons from kindergarten about miech r mutual respect. trump leads the pack followed by bush and walker. cruz in sixth place joining me now are msnbc correspondent josh -- and correspondent of "new york times" and political analyst and former chairman of the rnc, michael steel. -- over the last week i feel like conventional wisdom concealed around this race. it is something we have been
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talking about for a while but you have seen it now. everyone saying everyone is trying to get attention to get on the debate stage. they are trying to do crazy things in late july. do you think it stands? >> i think it is overstated. people have been talking about this. if you are not on the stage for this debate you have no chance going forward. one is most of the people have no chance going forward. rick perry is not the nominee whether or not he gets on the stage for this debate. the thing is most people will not watch this debate. there will be a lot of debates. people will tune in more and more as we get farther along. so yeah i think the candidate were on the bubble they'd rather be on the stage. if you are not on the stage you probably won't win. >> i can't decide between two possibles. one is we are seeing something similar to the government shut down terrible for the republican brand for a few
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weeks, a month and didn't matter a year later. the other is it is something like the sensenbrenner bill on immigration in 2006 which would have criminalized people here illegally that created a profound lasting mark on how a lot of people thought of the republican party. what do you think of it? >> i don't know if it is either one of those. i think that to josh's point, just as we are overthinking who will be on the stage and not on the stage, i think folks are over thinking what's going on here with a lot of folks in the inside the gop. this is not rocket science or a complicated matter. this candidate, trump is speaking authentically to a lot of their fears and concerns. whether you agree or disagree they could care less. what they do care about. >> that's true. >> but you need to understand that. >> believe me i understand that. >> not you personally but all of
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these great thinkers on this need to come to the realization this is not complicated for them. until someone, and i've said it for a while now, until some figure out how to put themselves in that conversation in a way they can bring serious policy discussions, and proposals and bigger broader ideas than what donald trump is talking about, he's going to own that space on the stage and it's going to continue to grow. >> there's a problem that strikes me here. this to the mike huckabee phenomenon which is the structure of the race is fascinating and dynamic because, you know it is unprecedented. you have never had this many serious contenders, never had this much money, combination of the two, citizens united and plus these contenders and the question of how you gain this out. i think people are learning the lesson you want as much free media as possible and the way to get that is say crazy things. >> you can't out do donald trump
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in that regard. this is not rocketing mike huckabee to the front of the field getting more outrageous. >> we don't have the polling yet. i genuinely don't know. >> so i think in terms of trump, i think michael is right people feel he is meeting them authentically but so much is mood affiliation. if you get him talking policy which happens occasionally, he articulates a position on immigration that is left of the field. the good one swres to work something out with them. it seems to other people that once they pay attention to that they will decide if he is a liberal or was once for single parent welfare. he feels he has to go in and be your tough guy. yeah maybe he will work something out with the illegals but it is at least trump working it out for you and you know
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trump has your back. i don't think any of these politicians can match that. i don't think that anyone can recreate what trump has built over 35 years of being ridiculous. >> there's the argument people have made that trump's ride essentially helps jeb bush because it take s ataitention from walker. that seems like a robust finding. bush and walker are both people that have significant financial backing, both governors of states who have gone to democrats in presidential elections. what do you think of that? >> i think there's some valid toy that. i think the bush team recognizes they are sandwiched in between a real rival in scott walker and mega phone that is donald trump. tone down the rhetoric, not to
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the trump piece and then speak more substantively he goes we all disagree with this iran plan which again recognizes where the other people on the the stage are. he has a delicate tight rope to walk. the other x factor here is i think the new entrant john kasich is not yet on the board is also something that will be fascinating to watch in the next few weeks to see if he can get the bump up to the stage. >> i want him to come out and say an advocate to path way to citizenship. and plus, how "new york times" bombshell exclusive on hillary clinton is falling apart. 35e7b 5 of bill cosby's accusers speak out in a truly powerful report in "new york magazine." >> he reached over and put a pill next to my wine glass. he said, take this, it will make
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once a week every tuesday i answer your facebook questions. last week i was asked about donald trump's presidential chances to the reporting on the california drought for all in american water wars. you can find them on facebook. tomorrow starting at noon eastern find me on facebook and ask me anything. go to we'll be right back.
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did you leave behind something reliable? something that felt like... home? and now you can't connect the way you used to... because you switched wireless carriers and can't get a reliable connection anymore. it's okay. we're still here for you and we'll be happy to have you back on a reliable network. come home to verizon and get 10 gigs for $80 a month plus $15 per line. only at verizon. today further evidence that donald trump's views on immigration reflect the views of many primary voters if not the majority. a new poll from cnn found 63% of republicans favored stopping the flow of illegal immigrants to the u.s. and deporting those already here. another specifically worded poll found 46% of likely republican primary voters in iowa want illegal immigrants to be
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required to leave. another poll last month found 43% of republicans felt undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to stay legally. that's mass deportation. keep in mind this isn't just primary voters. house republicans have voted in favor of mass deportation by targeting programs regarding status of those brought os children. for a party that needs to win more than 40% of the latino vote, it falls to jeb bush to be the one to bridge the gap through sheer force of personal experience. today bush was married to a woman born in mexico whose children are mexican-americans and sat down with jose diaz ballart in spanish to make his case. he distanced himself from donald trump's most inflammatory statements. >> translator: speaking in such
8:23 pm
a vulgar fashion that this makes it more difficult that is to say the problem when we have politicians that talk like this it's not progress. we should say to solve it sh not just say i'm on your side. that's what trump does. you're offending millions of people but if you are here illegally it's senseless. it's mad. creating an environment where problems can be solved it's worse. >> jose diaz ball discussed the situation. >> it was unusual to sit down for 30 minutes with a candidate for the presidency and carry out an interview in spanish. no ground rules. no formation of what kind of questions i would be asking. the entire thing was in spanish.
8:24 pm
he knows that people are going to look at this, translate it and see what he has to say. one of the fist questions i asked was whether his children were ever victims of discrimination. if so, how did he deal with it. he told me they were. there was a time when one of his sons came up to north florida to play baseball with his team and other people because of the color of his skin were making fun of him. how he deals with that. he said, you know, there are a lot of issues on social justice and racism in the united states. there are problems with hispanics and the african-american community. i don't know that he was thinking of primaries in this kind of interview. >> you know, one of the ways that i see bush particularly negotiating this is he has a particular comparative advantage. he speaks fluent spanish, has a family that's latino. he lives in mexico.
8:25 pm
he's comfortable in that setting. at the same time it's striking to me he's foreclosed on a path to citizenship. i wonder how strongly the policy red line is currently resonating with folks watching your broadcast consuming spanish language media. >> it's a big deal. i asked him because some years ago he wrote a book and said there should be a pathway to legalization for the undocumented but it should not include citizenship. what he says and he reminded me that in the last amnesty, as he called it that ronald reagan put through in the mid '80s, he said a good percentage of those that came out from under the shadows and became legal never decided never to go through the path of citizenship. what he is saying now is that
8:26 pm
immigration reform should include, after the border has been secured and the conditions are met, that it should have a pathway to legalization for the undocumented, but no special path or unique path to residency and citizenship, and he says that that is something that he believes could be achieved politically in the next -- the president george w. bush could do that. >> finally, jose how much is the current rhetoric on immigration from trump across the field damaging the republican brand among large portions of the electorate particularly those consuming telemundo and spanish language media. >> a lot. i asked him about that. he said he was personally hurt -- and i asked about donald trump's statement that those that cross the border illegally are rapists and drug dealers and
8:27 pm
killers. he said that he was personally hurt by it but that also there is no place for that kind of vulgarity in the national discourse. i think that he is very aware of the fact that when donald trump said that and then in his subsequent visit, for example, to the borderer in texas and mexico and the way he presents the issue issing something the spanish language audience in the united states and latino community is seeing and paying very close attention to because even those that are here legally know someone who does not have their documents, a cousin a son, a daughter, father, mother and there by for the grace of god go i. and this is where how you say things matter. and it is no doubt having an
8:28 pm
impact on how people receive the republican party when you have donald trump repeating those statements over and over again. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> up next a new committee that is looking in to the death of season dra bland in texas jail cell. stay with us. but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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today texas district attorney overseeing the sandra bland case announced a committee of outside attorneys will verdict her death and review evidence as it comes in to help his office answer lingering questioning about her
8:32 pm
incarceration and death. bland died of an apparent hanging while in her waller county texas, jail cell. there are investigations in to the death and the circumstances of her arrest three days prior which stem from failing to signal during a lane change. waller county district attorney elton math this said the committee will help his office make decisions on the case which could go to a grand jury as early as next month. the d.a. reportedly texted the bland family attorney last week that bland swallowed a large quantity of marijuana or smoked it in jail. today's toxicology report refers to levels of marijuana that are indetermine nate of timing or quantity. whose relevance remains also undetermined. the funeral and burial service for sandra bland took place in illinois near chicago. mourners were reminded that sandra bland decided her purpose
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to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. bombshell story about hillary clinton is falling apart so quickly the editor called it a mess. -week the times blasted thousands of readers with the news that the criminal inquiry is being sought over hillary clinton's e-mail use. the media understandably went nuts. >> new potential trouble for hillary clinton as the justice department considering opening a criminal investigation in to whether she mishandled classified information. >> more questions about the private quail account for the presidential hopeful and possible criminal investigation. >> hillary clinton facing possible scrutiny by the justice department. >> she is facing the possibility
8:37 pm
of a criminal investigation. >> nbc news published a story that's been corrected with editor's note reading the department of justice initially indicated the referral from the inspector general was criminal nature. now they say it is not a criminal referral. which speaks to the problem here. it looks like what is report is a criminal inquiry in to hillary clinton is not a criminal inquiry and not actually in to hillary clinton. what appears to have happened is the inspector general asked them to open a probe in to the possible transmission. include clinton and other people like dozens, perhaps hundreds of people e-mailing with her. not a great story for hillary clinton but not the justice department opens criminal probe into hillary clinton. a top editor at the new york times explained their reporting and said we got it wrong because our very good sources had it wrong. the entire episode raises the
8:38 pm
issue of the dysfunctional relationship between the clintons and the times. joining me now, eric boehlert, one of the people who thinks there is dysfunction. you guys won this round. >> they made it easy. >> they got the story wrong. >> it's clear the two things that made it a bombshell story. criminal inquiry and hillary clinton. >> other than that they got it right. the story fell apart within hours. they started rewriting it in the night. by the time people picked up the paper the story had dissolved. bi noon it was completely 'tis solved when the state department, cummings saying there is no criminal referral. then we had wave after wave of correction, now four days to an editor's note and the editor tells the public editor, what can we do? basically we'd do the same thing again. there needs to be accountability and transparency. this is a pattern of awful
8:39 pm
journalism. >> you have a series that the new york times has it out for the clintons. >> yes. >> in this case you have two reporters who are fantastic reporters, in my humble opinion. great reporters. it seems they got this wrong. what's your evidence that there is a larger pattern of practice? let me give you've my theory. they write a lot about the clintons. >> that's not it. >> these are two of the most powerful, important people in american politics. sometimes they write stuff you guys don't like, but largely they don't. >> it's not accurate. the idea that the new york times would throw up a story about jeb bush that he maybe kind of was under criminal investigation, put it on the front page during the campaign and get the story wrong -- >> if anyone -- >> and a thursday night. >> i disagree. if the new york times thought they had the story on any candidate across the aisle, criminal probe opened into
8:40 pm
bernie sanders, that would be front page news and you would push it out. >> go back to white water, the satellite, the '90s. they have been trying to criminalize. >> there are people saying -- >> i know. leaving a block form. >> and white water. all that stuff. they have been trying to criminalize the clintons for 20 years. >> what does that mean? >> what does that mean? >> they take bogus leaks from republican sources when there was a white water committee they did it then. they dictated it, it was all wrong. and we are seeing it again. >> here's the thing. it starts to sound like a little paranoid. >> it's institutional. we know it because the players are different. it's not the same editors or reporters. there's a career path in d.c. you take cheap shots at the
8:41 pm
clintons you get i. this has been chronicled. >> do you think it's true about the source? >> they had criminality and had to walk it back. >> you agree that's a story. >> that she had a private e-mail but they didn't get it right. they wanted a hint at criminality. it was wrong. we have seen the pattern. why doesn't the new york times reveal who lied to hem? who got the story wrong? >> that's a fair question. their source burned them. >> it's a pattern and they won't acknowledge it. >> thanks for being here. still to come, 35 of bill cosby's accusers tell all in a massive report. i will talk to the author and the lawyer who represents 17 of his accusers ahead. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. hey terry stop they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive?
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be more likely to vote for if bernie sander was was a democratic candidate for president. the results are incredible. against donald trump he wins 58-38. against scott walker, sands wins 48-42. even against jeb bush sanders squeaks ahead 48-47 that's wb within the margin of error. hillary clinton beat all three in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. thank you. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪♪
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insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. after month s of coverage on sexual assault allegedly from bill cosby. as more and more come forward every week nothing would come of this because the statue of limitations had run its course. while that issue ask essential and relevant "new york magazine" has broken through that inertia in a powerful way. this cover represents 35 of the 46 women who have publicly
8:46 pm
accused bill cosby of sexual assault according to the "new york" magazine. fiset drugs but not sexual assault were involved. we note, as we always do that bill cosby denied these allegations and never been criminally charged. over six months "new york magazine" interviewed every accuser who's willing to go on the record. their names, faces, all sharing their experience individually one by one. we are going to talk to the senior editor nor reen mallone who made it come together in a moment. first the question of whether bill cosby will pay a penalty for these alleged acts in a criminal setting. a lawyer who is trying to get him to a civil proceeding to depose him is gloria allred and she is joining us. what's the legal game plan from your perspective? >> very simply, since we obtained and achieved our
8:47 pm
victory in the california supreme court last week in our case of judy huff versus william h. cosby, we can proceed to litigate the case and move it forward which we are doing very, very vigorously. the next step for us is we'd like to take his deposition. we have noticed mr. cosby's deposition. we have provided his lawyers with the time place and location and we'd like to take it in august. because it's long overdue for our client to be able to move forward in thislawsuit. it has been delayed because of mr. cosby's efforts to block it and he did so by filing a writ with the california court of appeals and then filing review with the california supreme court which was also denied. now we can move forward and are doing so vigorously. >> my understanding and it's a little hard to get this definitively because there is
8:48 pm
some haziness about the number of accusers and may be people that haven't come forward. in terms of public on the record accusations that nothing falls before the statute of limitations. so a civil pursuit is the only legal avenue open at this point. is that your understanding? >> in reference to my client judy huff the district attorney has said it is too late for her even if what she is saying is true, there's no statement that it is or is not true but it is too late in california to criminally prosecute mr. cosby for what judy alleges. however, it is not too late because there is a different statute of limitation and time period for us to to proceed with a civil lawsuit which is what we are doing. as for any other accuser, the los angeles police department are looking at other women who allege charges against mr. cosby.
8:49 pm
we don't know if there are criminal charges that will result from their investigation. as to any other accuser, as to the others that i do represent, who are in l.a. magazine you know, it appears that it may be too late for them to have any case criminally prosecuted that it is wouldn't be within the statute of limitations the time period to do so even if the district attorney felt that he or she could prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. however, as you point out there maybe others who have not yet come forward and i can assure you there are some who have not come forward. >> though point of statute of limitations here, what is the sentiment from the people you do represent that they will have their day in court and this won't be stalled and drawn out forever? >> as to ms. huff we are comfort we are going to be able to have her day in court.
8:50 pm
as to the others it is a time period set by law bars them from proceeding either with a criminal them then that is disheartening. however, the bad news is while they can't proceed in a court of law which is the bad news the good news is that they can proceed in the court of public opinion. they can have their voice, become empowered by speaking out which is what they have done and which is what they will continue to do. >> that's an important point. about the recourse outside of a courtroom. gloria allred, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you very much. >> up next, the author of the ground breaking article on 35 of cosby's accusers joins me live. stay with us.
8:51 pm
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8:55 pm
>> it's a magazine-wide effort. it was. >> it was then taken down by some hacker attack today? >> our website was down. it's back up now. you can read it in print and online. >> apparently unrelated? >> have to -- >> interview the hacker. >> yeah. >> it's now up and you can read it. how long did it take? >> how did this come together and how long did it take? >> this process started all the way backing in december. our photo director jody kwan was reading the news in the wake of hannibal burress doing the part about bill cosby being a serial rapist. more and more women were coming forward. one by one they were publishing in "the washington post," huvington post, doing press conferences. almost every day there was a bit of news about cosby. jody saw if you could get them all together in one place and take a picture there would be a lot of power in having all of the women standing together. like literal strength in numbers. >> what struck you as you went through the process? and there are extensive
8:56 pm
interviews. you can read and watch some of the interviewz. you can read them on website. they were all done -- and this is important, individually. >> they were. >> it's not like a group of people so details sync up. >> right. >> these are individual people telling their story. >> the similarities were ry striking. >> the alleged incidents had a lot of things in common for one thing. a lot of the women were aspiring models or actresses. very young very early in their careers? >> one was 17 at the time. >> teenagers. they said, my agent told me that bill cosby wants to mentor me. you show up here, do a line reading and in many cases they said that their drinks were dugged and they woke up naked or during like during a rape. so just those stories and also the way the women thought about what happened to them. a lot of the incidents happened in the '60s and '70s when there was not the vocabulary to talk
8:57 pm
about what happened to them. date rape had not been coined. no one knew what aquaintance rape was. they felt horrible. many blamed themselves. they told people but never thought of coming forward. they didn't think about it as rape. they thought about it as you know a night gone very, very badly with a famous guy. >> you do a good job drawing it out in the article about in some ways shifting moral norms and shifting conceptions for the better. this is such a dark story. so dark. just unspecifically dark in many ways. >> i know. >> in some ways the hopeful silver lining here is we now unambiguously understand this -- if it happened again, as alleged, by 35 different people as rape. >> even president obama said it. >> even the president said it. as a statement of fact. even at the moment sort of struck as it's weird we have to say that. when i read your piece and some of the interviews where people
8:58 pm
said i felt horrible, traumatized and violated. i didn't know what happened with any strict legal or conceptual sense. >> right. there is one woman. her daughter is a teenage -- was raped when she was a teenager. her daughter, i think, is 28 or 29 now. she said her daughter had a totally different way of dealing with it. she talked about it. she talked to anyone she could make listen about it. she said she learned a lot from her daughter. that was another interesting thing in the article. i felt like these women who, you know, are old other, the youngest that we interviewed is in her 40s. i really felt like they had the culture around rape activism has really changed specially in recent years to campus activism. these women were looking to the lessons from younger women about how to use social media, how to sort of band together. >> on the point of social media there is a debate about the ways in which social media can be a mob. it can shame people and sometimes for really silly
8:59 pm
things. but this struck me as the other side of it. there is a public shaming and there are survivors who talk about the strength of social media. a public shaming done through social media that was blocked before. >> right. one of the women said even in 2005 which is when andrea constand pursued legal action with bill cosby, it was shut down. >> it was on the today show and then -- >> there were a bunch of articles that implied these women are, you know, out to make a quick buck. that's not been the reaction this time around. i think people really want to listen to these women now. >> noreen malone, new york magazine. the cover story. also a reminder. i grew up in magazine journalism. magazines are great things. what a great magazine feature great magazine cover can do. it's an excellent piece of work. thank you to everyone there. >> go buy it in print. keep magazines alive. >> you can buy it in print. >> rachel maddow starts right
9:00 pm
now. >> and you can own it as a physical object. amazing. great stuff. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. what i'm about to do here, it has a great visual payoff. i only say this as a public service, right? if now you are doing the dishes and listening to me and not watching, come over to the tv. watch this for a second. it has a visual payoff you need to see. the context here is the state of alaska. the state of alaska the most important thing for this purpose, the state of alaska is enormous. >> the state capitol is marked there in red way down there in the southeast corner of the state. i mean it's still opposite northern canada. still really far up there. but as alaska goes, juneau is way down there. the largest city is anchorage which is northwest of juneau, sort of south central alaska. if you want to go way up, the biggest city in interior alaska,


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