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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 30, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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d right now, in order to do that the ship will have to face a human gauntlet in order to get out of portland. the story was fascinating from the beginning. it gets better every day. watch this space. "first look" is up next. it's thursday july 30th. right now on "first look," mystery debris from a large airplane discovered on a island many the ocean. could it be wreckage from mh 370? an officer charged with murder in a police stop. >> totally unwarranted. plus tom brady fights back against the nfl. >> a man falls 17 stories from a balcony and lives. water full of sewage at the site of next year's olympic games. "first look" starts now.
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more than 1300 boeing 7s only one is missing. a piece of one washed up on an island. this could be a huge break in the case. >> this is called a major lead. investigators are almost certain the debris came from a boeing 777. they could know within a week if it came from mh 370. this was found on reunion island. it's three to six feet long. it's been in the water some time. it's part of the wing. investigators have found a number possibly a maintenance number on the part which could help them identify it. mh 370 disappeared in march 2014
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with 239 passengers and crew. not a trace has been seen since. if this is from mh 370 say it will not be very helpful pinpointing the rest of the wreckage because of the time it's been in the water. it would at the at least confirm the plane went down and that it went down in the indian ocean. back to you. >> live in london for us thanks for that report. >> a university of cincinnati police officer is heading to court today after being indicted for murder. charges filed for the shooting of an african-american man during a traffic stop. several black lives matter protestors started marching through the streets of cincinnati after the indictment does handed down. some may find this hard to
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watch. it's anne thompson. >> the final moments of 43-year-old sam's live cam which you ared on the body cam of this officer. university of cincinnati officer stopped him for not having a front license plate. he said it's in the glove box. >> he doesn't produce his license. the bottle says gin. he insists it holds no liquor. several times he asks for his license. then something happens. >> go ahead and take your seat belt off. >> less than two minutes after the approach he fires a single shot hitting dubose this the head as the car starts to move.
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he chases after the car, and another car arrives. >> he purposely killed him. >> in the bluntest of terms, the death was called senseless. >> he wasn't dealing with someone wanted for murder okay. he was dealing with someone that didn't have a front license plate. >> the video contradicts the officer's story, he was being dragged by the car and had to fire the weapon. there's a second tape that shows the client was on the ground. >> felt his life was in danger. the officer 25 been an officer four years, full time with university of cincinnati since last year. the stop was off campus but made under mutual agreement with the city. for the family -- >> seeing that video let me know my son did absolutely nothing. both the dubose family and city
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officials are calling for calm. a video tape and swift indictment to keep the focus on justice in the death of sam dubose. more controversy for rolling stone. months after the magazine published and later retracted the article about gang rape at the university. the recent graduates say they were humiliated and mocked after they were presumed to be participants in the article. the magazine's editor is planning to step down polling the fire storm. when asked if deeparture was linked to this he said many things go into a decision like. the outcry led to a man
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temporarily closing his practice. >> cecil's death continues to spark global outrage. the office of the dentist accused of luring the lion and killing him has become a focal point of protest the. >> killing cecil is not right. >> he claims he paid guides to obtain proper rights. palmer sent a letter to patients saying he's had to close his i practice because of the attention. he repeated he's willing to cooperate with any investigation. >> cecil was 13 a tourist
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favorite. >> cecil was a magnificent lion. myself and team have watched him for hours. >> there's now concerns for cecil's cubs without a father to protect them. each year 800 lions are imported for trophies. that's half the world's population. deflategate is leaving the court of public opinion bound for federal court. the nfl player's association asked the judge to overturn or delay the four term suspension. the superstar said on facebook quote, i did nothing wrong. patriot's owner robert craft fired back at the league as well. >> i've come to conclusion this was never about doing what was fair and just. once again, i want to apologize to the fans of the new england
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patriots and tom brady. i was wrong to put my faith in the league. >> new england starts training camp today. brady arrived at gillette stadium this week. americans preparing for winter games are waking up to a horrifying report. the waters used for swimming and boats events is contaminated with human feces, so much athletes could get ill. a test showed dangerously high levels of viruss and bacteria. games begin a year from next week. let's get down to business with bertha. >> good morning. markets will extend their winning streak to three today. stocks rose tuesday, boosted by rising prices as the feds signalled it's closer to possible interest rate hike this year. in focus today a report on gdp
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expected to show the economy rebounded thanks to higher summer spending. tesla says refer a friend and get $1,000. the buy per also gets a -- the offer runs through october 31st. cvs is teaming up with ibm to improve patient health care. ibm will provide to cvs clinics to help them track their goals. this makes up the bulk of u.s. health care spending. seeing more and more of that. everybody trying to use that dat to help people get healthier. >> bertha, thanks for that report. now time to get the latest in sports. that's from my friend richard. good morning. >> good morning cardara.
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>> philadelphia ace cole hamels headed to ex the tex rangers in exchange for package of prospects in return. this is the first time a pitcher is traded immediately after throwing a no-hitter. philadelphia took on blue jays. toronto was introducing newly acquired al star. in second at t bat as a blue jay, gone. he finished three for five. toronto wins 8-2. another trade for you kind of. new york mets short stop flores heard reports he was traded mid game but then the mets gm saying it fell through post game. a bunch of gear from the olympics sold. you get game worn swag jersey mask famous u.s. flag even his gold medal. i'd like that wrapped to go please. thank you very much. nfl is back.
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defensive tackle devon returning. he posted his cancer-free farewell with his daughter. here's a first. shot on top of new jersey park ride, boom. 150 feet up by globetrotters star. what did he give her, 22 points for that? dara, back to you. >> richard, thank you so much. then there were 17 in the race for republican nomination. plus a terrifying fall from a balcony 17 stories up. the man lived to tell the tale. you're watching "first look."
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storms. ahead of it humid and muggy morning out there. those thunderstorms this afternoon will cool you off. they could also cause you problems at airports too. philadelphia, d.c. another hot, humid day in the 90s. heat index near 100. new york city cooler than that. these thunderstorms widespread 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. this evening. they'll travel from the west to east. not exactly cool behind the cool front. temperatures 80s and low humidity, perfect summertime weather. if in fla flarks area of low pressure formed. hurricane center is watching that. they'll give it a 10% chance of be becoming the next tropical depression. we'll keep an eye on it. that cold front is our saving grace. it kicks off the coast so we don't have to deal with it. even so florida going to get a lot of rain. fort myers to tampa, another chance of one to three inches.
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in the northwest, another t still sleeping in the middle of the night. 93 seattle is hot. 100 portland, redding could be 110. record heat in the northwest. >> way too high temperatures. everyone stay in the air conditioning. >> everyone has been. >> and they should. the republican presidential just got bigger. jim gilmore maim the 17th republican running for president. next thursday the republican party will host the first presidential debate. only top ten candidates according to national polls will be invited. a man survived after falling 17 stories from an apartment balcony. security video shows the 23 crashing down through the metal roof in chile. he fractured his pelvis and legs but expected to recover fully. people through eggs and
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smashed wednesdays. it's unclear who is behind the attack. taxi has been protesting in mexico but denied involvement. this follows similar attacks on uber by caddies around the world last month. a python was captured in the ever glades measuring 18 feet long longest ever found. they are not native to florida. officials say they can be dangerous to the national ecosystem. one gop candidate wants your opinion. plus what was jon stewart doing when he met with president obama. "scrambled politics" is up next.
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is still to come. and now here's your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." gop presidential candidate mike huckabee says he has no regrets about his comments linking the president's nuclear deal to holocaust. he wants to know whether you think his comments went too far. he posted a link on twitter. you can vote yes, you went too far, or no you are right. long time philadelphia congressman has been indictmented in a racketeering case. the congressman insists he's done nothing wrong. the independent journal review put together a video featuring gop presidential
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candidate dr. ben carson. dr. carson is a celebrated pediatric neurosurgeon. can he beat the children's game operation. >> i suspect his diet is inappropriate. he's been swallowing things like syringes and forks. >> the good news is dr. carson wins the game. he even calls it a piece of cake. one lawmaker is using emoticons to slam gop on fighting climate change. he brought a sign to the senate floor saying what's the gop's climate plan followed by the slugging emoticon. media went wild yesterday with reports jon stewart had so called secret meetings with president obama in the past. last night stewart explained what really happened during the meetings. >> this is what happened.
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we spent five to seven minutes with obama skoelding me not to turn young mans skeptical. i spent the next five minutes smiling like this. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." i'm joined now by indicated columnist bob franken. >> good morning. are you skeptically cynical? >> i'm trying to figure out this gop field. we have 17 candidates now with gilmore coming in. >> as a matter of fact could we put that picture up? can you identify all those candidates, see their names? >> it's looking like one of those place mats i have for my kids of all the different presidents. >> that or when you go for an eye exam. if you can see it you don't need glasses. >> is this good for gop to have
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so many candidate miss the race? >> some suggest it's not a good thing, they wanted a controlled list of candidates as they went into the silly season. the election campaign. it looks like that's not going to be the case. to the point that they have to have two tv shows to accommodate all of them. >> we did do know the debate is next week. top ten candidates will take part. it's the top that show up in the polls. who do you think are surprise appearances? >> certainly jim gilmore would be a surprise. i think we pretty much know who they are going to be. they're going to be all kinds of subplots in there. going to be a look at performance of jeb bush and rick perry. is he going to do better than last time? is ted cruz the intense debater everybody says he's going to be? scott walker. have i left anybody out? >> about 11 others. >> then certainly -- let's
2:24 am
see -- let me look at my notes. donald trump, is that somebody that might draw little attention? >> donald trump, and here's my question. people are going to social media making predictions for run mates. what about a running mate for donald trump? >> i think trump and sarah palin. they are certain winners. >> interesting prediction bob. we'll watch that on social media. >> i have absolutely no confidence. >> thank you. ahead, move over grumpy cat. there's a new cat in town. we'll introduce you to earl. that's next.
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amy offered to be a replacement for jimmiey fallon's hurt hand. she showed everything going swimmingly until this. >> i know men like to shave old school which is why we're going to use this. i know how to do this. scrape. scrape. >> stop it. >> scary moments for jimmy. i'd be frightened. have you heard of grumpy cat? we're bringing you the grumpy puppy. she's giving the feline a run
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for her money. despite his frown, he's not to be quite playful. probably a happy dog. >> this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts now. i've been doing this over 30 years. this is the most asnine act i've seen a police officer make. he was not dealing with someone wanted for murder. he was dealing for someone that didn't have a front license plate. this is a chicken crap stop. all right? >> university of cincinnati police officer charged with murder after shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop. the officer says the driver nearly ran him over. it's the video from his body camera that led to his arrest. plus one of the greatest
2:30 am
aviation mysteries of our time. this morning, a possible break in the year-long search for missing malaysian airlines flight mh370. we'll have more on the trade rumor that brought this short stop to tears. 5:30 east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." the show that will trade staff in the middle of the broadcast. ♪ good morning everyone. it is thursday july 30th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. the university of cincinnati police officer that shot and killed an unarmed black man during a traffic


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