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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  July 31, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning. i'm jose diaz bulartd. i want to take you live to the nation urban league conference in ft. lauderdale. where right now, hillary clinton is speaking. but we're going to talk about that throughout the remainder of this program. i want to take you now to very developing news on "the rundown" this friday. sources telling nbc news the airplane fragment found on reunion island in the west indian ocean is indeed from a boeing 777. this picture of the barnacle-covered plane piece shows an id number which sources say is attached to a 777. that's the same model plane as malaysia airlines flight mh370 that disappeared in march of 2014. the only 777 known to be missing anywhere in the world. the degree found on the french territory of reunion island will be sent to france for closer examination. at the same time officials had no immediate comments on the
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remains that appears to be a suitcase found in the same area as the plane fragment. that will also be flown to france for further analysis and a beach cleaner says he also found this empty plastic bottle of indonesian made detergent on the beach. he said he picked up an empty chinese mineral water bottle he handed over to police. let's go life to reunion island. good morning. what the latest officials are saying there? >> the latest here is that some 50 miles away from where i'm standing, they are preparing that fragment of wing you just saw there for a transportation back to france. it will go to -- >> we're losing -- we are having a technical problem this morning with our report from alastaire in rejunior island.
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we'll try to get that reestablished. as we do that here's what challengers and investigators are facing. the plane fragment. what exactly to do with it how much information can they get from it? tom costello joins me with more on that. tom, good morning. >> hey, jose. here's the challenge. this piece of wreckage has likely been in the water for 500 days. 500 days of sunshine, 500 days of saltwater. so will it reveal any clues as to what happened to mh370? it's not much to go on but it's all investigators have. that barnacle-covered flaperon from a boeing 777 wing. the flaperon sits here on the trailing edge of the plane's wing. it helps slow the plane on approach and bank the plane at high altitudes. investigators will inspect the metal looking for anything that will tell them did mh370 hit the water at a high or low speed indid it go in nose first or in more of a controlled landing?
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are there signs ofifier or explosive residue, and what about the barnacles? will they provide a clue about the ocean path the debris might have traveled? >> it might be that they're carefully looking at what kind of species of barnacles they are, we can get a clue of where this piece of debris has been passed. >> oceanographers believe the debris could have been carried thousands of miles by the counterclockwise movement of the indian ocean, but coordinators still believe it likely wept down in the priority search zone off the coast of australia, an area they have been searching above water and below for more than a year. if it's there, it could be two to three miles under the water in deep rugged terrain. >> just this one piece of wreckage is not going to tell us what happened or why it happened. it's just going to confirm that in fact this airplane did go down in the water. >> hi everyone. >> from the beginning, the captain was a focus of the investigation. malaysian police removed a
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flight simulator and computer drives from his home looking for evidence he deliberately flew the plane off course and into the indian ocean. even the fbi was asked to assist. so far, no solid evidence of foul play. meanwhile, the resting place of mh370 and the 239 people onboard remains a mystery nearly 17 months later. wanted to mention the photograph of the piece of luggage that also washed ashore on reunion island australian coordinators say they're less certain it has any connection because it doesn't show signs of being in the water for 16 months. but they're sending it to france for inspection. experts say finding the wing flap, though should at least, at least eliminate the theory that mh370 was flown to a remote location where the passengers were held prisoner and as we reported all along, the lead theory continues to be that somebody intentionally crashed the plane into the ocean. >> tom costell oh, thank you very much. as i told you at the beginning of the prod cast i want to go
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live to the national urban league conference. hillary clinton is speaking now. let's take a listen. >> young people in the streets, dignified and determined. >> that black lives matter. >> okay. we had a little audio there, but i think we have reestablished the audio. >> because of people across this country sharing their stories with courage and strength a growing number of americans are realizing what many of you have been saying for a long time. we can't go on like this. we are better than this. things must change. now, it's up to us to build on that momentum. and we all have to do our part. but those of us who strive to lead have a special responsibility. i'm very pleased that many
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presidential candidates will be here today to address you. it is a signal that the work you've been doing, laboring in the vineyards for decades, is getting the political attention it deserves. but the real test of a candidate's commitment is not whether we come to speak at your national conference as important as that is. it's whether we're still around after the cameras are gone and the votes are counted. it's whether our positions live up to our rhetoric. and too often, we see a mismatch between what some candidates say in venues like this and what they actually do when they're elected. i don't think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to rise and then say you're for phasing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. people can't rise if they can't
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afford health care. >> hillary clinton at the national urban league. by the way later today, she is expected at florida international university, just down the street from where we are this morning, transmitting. she will be talking about the united states policy towards cuba and calling for the end of the u.s. embargo against the castro regime. we'll talk about that as well. but breaking news in this hour. in just a couple hours, the coast guard is set to give an update on those two florida teens now missing at sea for a week. they're expected to announce they're going to call off the search. austin stephanos and perry cohen, just 14 years of age, were last seen on a fishing trip around 5:00 p.m. last friday. their boat was found capsized two days later. miles north of their starting point. adam is in jupiter, florida, with the latest. good morning. good morning we expect they'll make an announcement as to the time as to when they'll
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call off a search. a somber day for the families of the missing boys. this is all about survivability. the chances the two boys could have survived in the dangerous waters of the atlantic ocean for a week off the coast of florida, south carolina, georgia, they have been searching. we last saw the boys a week ago today gassing up their 19-foot boat as they headed out. this has been an exhaustive thorough search for the coast guard. off the coast of florida, south carolina, georgia. today, they were off the coast of myrtle beach. c-130s in the air, cutters in the water. the family will probably continue with their private search. private planes private boats. they had several fund-raisers here to raise money for gas, to give to the people who are going out on boats, going out in the air. there's been a lot of talk on twitter and facebook. people want to help. and these families are not giving up jose. >> adam thank you very much. we are also following several new developments in the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man in cincinnati.
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now, right now, fired university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing is out of jail after his father posted 10% of a $1 million bond. we're also learning from authorities that keeping a close eye on tensing during his more than one day behind bars. >> he was on a suicide watch. it's called a security watch. he was checked every ten minutes. the officer is literally sitting in the unit with him, documenting every ten minutes that he is within his sight and that he is okay. >> prosecutors have also released body camera videos from two other police officers showing the immediate aftermath of the deadly encounter. sarah dallof joins us from cincinnati. good morning. we understand those two officers have been placed on administrative leave? >> yeah that is correct, jose. the university of cincinnati has confirmed that officers philip kidd and david lindenschmidt are on paid administrative leave as part of an internal investigation.
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these are the two officers whose videos were released yesterday. in officer kidd's video, you can hear him say he saw officer tensing being dragged by same dubose's car. that is a claim that the plaintiff's attorney dismissed. it came aftertensing's arraignment, an emotional court hearing for the family of sam dubose. >> he loved all his kids and they loved him. he loved him so much. they are all so broken right now. they are so broken right now. i would like for people to know that that man shot and killed a man who loved his family. and his kids and his mother and he was loved. >> dubose's family had expressed they didn't think the $1 million bond had been set high enough. since tensing has made bond there has been no sign of him.
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his attorney told us it is unlikely he will return to his home. he faces charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter. jose, if he's convicted, he faces 15 years to life in prison. back to you. >> sarah dallof thank you very much. >> we're just getting started on this friday edition of "the rundown." we continue to follow the national urban league's annual conference right here in south florida today. hillary clinton just one of five presidential candidates from both parties speaking there this morning. after she addresses the urban league, she heads to miami for a major speech supporting the normalization of relations with cuba. congress woman ileana ross lleyton joins me next. the country calling for an american dentist who shot cecil to be extradited back to face charges. more on that on "the rundown." arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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happening this morning here in south florida, a bold move by hillary clinton, the democratic front-runner will announce her support for a major change in u.s. foreign policy. she's going to call for an end to the u.s. trade embargo on the cuban government. she's doing it here in miami, the hometown of the two gop presidential candidates from florida. we obtained excerpts from her speech where she's expected to say, quote, the cuban people have waited long enough for progress to come. even many republicans on capitol hill are starting to recognize the urgency of moving forward. it's time for their leaders to either get onboard or get out of the way. with me here on set, florida republican congresswoman ileana ros-lehtinen. thank you for being with me. the presidential candidate, hillary clinton, is here to say it's time for a change. the cuban people have suffered long enough.
6:16 am
normalization of relations should be one step. there should be the removal of the embargo against that country. why is it not time to do that? >> well first of all, i disagree when you called it bold, what she's going to be saying. she's got nothing to lose. she sees marco rubio and jeb bush here. this is their state. she wants to make in roads into florida. if she has the same position as they have she sees that as a loser proposition. >> this is not just politics because she does have that belief. she said it in her book that there was a time to change things because for 56 years, things have not changed in cuba. >> she's looked back upon her time as secretary of state, and revisiting history. if she had those views, she kept them to herself because she never testified in the years that she was in the u.s. senator or as secretary of state that she was for lifting the embargo. now she writes this book and says oh, yes, i have this view. but whatever the politics of it the realities of it is that when
6:17 am
she says another part of her speech today will be helping the cuban people they want to be part of the 21st century. she should send that message to raul castro because if there's anything that is not helping the cuban people get to the 21st century, it's not u.s. policy jose. it is the castro regime that keeps them in the darkness. >> if something hasn't worked for 56 years and this is what president obama has said repeatedly. if something doesn't work and you tried it for 56 years, isn't it time to try something different? >> i say first of all, cuba is not a social experiment for them to try, oh, let's try this let's try that. they should be calling out forcefully to the raul castro regime, let his people go. let them vote in free elections. why are these folks, like president obama and hillary clinton, not demanding that they have free elections, multi-party systems? you know the only party that's available in cuba is the
6:18 am
communist party. there isnoter other party. no freedom of expression, no freedom of press. yet they make no demands on the castro regime. all we say is oh, if we lift our policy things will get better. remember, every country has been wheeling and dealing with the castro regime and the people are no closer to democracy because nobody is demanding those changes. >> what does it take to remove the embargo as far as congress is concerned? >> we want to see real change in cuba. the embargo gives us that leverage. when we see a government in cuba that really does want to lift the embargo it has on the cuban people move toward democratic reforms, that is a time that we can use our leverage of the embargo and say then all restrictions come off. we have no problems with the people of cuba. the people of cuba have a problem with their regime. and that's why they're coming here in droves. you know we hear a lot about the changing electorate. let me say this. this is what the "new york times" said about the changing electorate.
6:19 am
they say very active anti-castro groups in miami have faded into virtual obscurity. you know when they wrote that? in 1965. one more line. when they said search wale all of the several doesn't cubans interviewed are not interested in the cuban issues. that was 1974. they have been writing about the death of the hard-line cuban population since 1965. >> so you don't buy that the new generation wants to see a change in policy? >> we do want to see a change in cuba. we want the cuban people to be free. we differ in how to get to that. >> ileana ros-lehtinen, thank you for being with me this friday. and we're going to continue our coverage of this story throughout the remainder of this broadcast. meanwhile, happening now, as we mentioned earlier in the program, republicans and democrats are sharing a stage in south florida. presidential candidates addressing the national urban league. it's one of the nation's largest african-american civil rights organizations and there you see hillary clinton somewhere in there, behind the cameras and
6:20 am
the press people. she's just wrapped up her comments. and candidates have been asked to offer a vision on how to save america's cities. it's the first time in the 2016 cycle where bush and clinton are appearing at the same event. hillary clinton wrapped up her speech, as i said moments ago. here's part of what she said. >> race still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in america and who gets left behind. and yes, while that's partly a legacy of discrimination that stretches back to the start of our nation it is also because of discrimination that is still ongoing. >> national correspondent joy reid is at the conference. good morning. so ben carson is also someone who spoke earlier. the only african-american in the race. how is his reception? >> good morning, jose. so the reception was, i would
6:21 am
describe it as warm and polite. not rousing. i think hillary clinton, iwould say, got a much more rousing welcome when she took the stage. but the crowd here listened to what ben carson had to say. he started his remarks by praising whitney young and also ben crump, the lawyer who has come to the attention of much of america for representing the family of trayvon martin and other victims of violence. he is receiving a whitney young award. whitney young, of course one of the storied former leaders of the national urban league. when he praised him and other parts of his speech he did draw warm reaction from the crowd. interestingly enough before ben carson even took the stage, jose marc morial the head of the national urban league made a point of calling out who showed up and who didn't. ben carson ended up on the good list because there are some candidates who couldn't come because of scheduling but a group of candidates who didn't come and didn't even respond to the invitation that called out by name including carly fiorina, chris christie rick
6:22 am
santorum pataki, and donald trump. so very interesting dynamic before even the candidates began. >> and quickly, joy, what were the highlights do you think, of hillary clinton's comments? >> well it was interesting because you did read back a little bit of it and played back of some of what she had to say. she pointedly pointed out her relationships with the national urban league with the african-american community. she praised the black lives matter, which didn't get huge applause, but she said the following, the opportunity gap in this country is not just about economic inequality. it's about racial inequality. that's an unsudden dig at bernie sanders who is still to come as one of the speakers this afternoon. >> joy reid back home in florida. good to see you. thanks for being with me. we'll check back with you later on in the show. take care. after the break, we'll zip through some of today's top stories including a biggest city on the latest city to host the winter olympic games.
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beijing will host the 200022 winter olympics. it makes beijing the first to host the summer and winter games. they beat out kazakhstan 44-40. beijing plans to use several venues from the 2008 olympics including the iconic bird's nest stadium. on a note about mother nature. hurricane strengthening in the east pacific as it makes its way to hawaii. they expect it to intensify as it stirs over the ocean with winds of upwards of 80 miles per hour. it's expected to weaken to a tropical storm by the time it reaches land next week. of course, too early to say what impact it will have on the
6:27 am
islands. our own guillermo, bill karins will keep us up to date in the coming week. after a quick break, we now know the plane fragment found on a remote island is from a 777. up next we'll talk about what more we can learn from it. plus, the man accused of opening fire in a charleston south carolina church, will go before a judge today. we'll have a live report on that. speaking of facing charges, zimbabwe may soon be asking the u.s. to extradite the american dentist who shot and killed cecil the lion. this comes as we're getting a firsthand account of what happened on that hunt. we'll be right back. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do.
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6:31 am
missing malaysia airlined flight mh370. sources confirm it's a flabperon from the wing's trailing edge. it will be sent to france for closer examination, and what appears to be a suitcase found near the fragment will also be sent to france for discovery. this comes 16 months after the plane vanished with 239 passengers onboard. there's a plane fragment a suitcase now an empty plastic bottle of indonesian-made detergent and a chinese water bottle. all of these things possibly related in. >> they might be related, they might not be related. we have a huge water pattern that goes in a counterclockwise direction. and the wind does as well. from australia all the way to the coast of africa. that includes madagascar and the
6:32 am
reunion islands. so it could be part of the normal debris field that's out there, that's enormous or it could be part of the mh370 accident. however, the flaperon i'm quite confident, is from the 777 in question. >> and the reason is there aren't a lot of pieces or parts from a 777 that are missing, right? >> well, i don't believe that there are any parts. you see, each part on an aircraft, no matter how small, every bolt every wire has a specific serial number associated with it. and all of those are recorded. so specific serial numbers can be traced to a very specific aircraft. so all of the authorities know where every aircraft piece is, whether it still exists when it was manufactured when it was installed, on which aircraft and whether or not it's been destroyed. i'm quite confident this is the
6:33 am
mh3 sfenlt mh370 flaperon. >> if it is what is it that piece can tell investigators? >> well, the piece may be able to tell us a lot. it's a structural piece on the wing. the hinges that hold it on to the back of the wing are actually missing. therefore, that piece, that flaperon underwent some type of stress. some type of force. was that from the landing phase, an attempted water landing? was it from an out of control impact with the water? or was it due to a spiral or a high stress maneuver in the air during the last minutes of the plane? and there was a structural failure? we will be able to tell those things from both forensic examination and gross examination of the flaperon. >> thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> in about 90 minutes, dylann
6:34 am
roof will be in federal court facing arraignment on federal hate crime charges. roof is accused of killing nine african-americans in charleston south carolina historic ame church in a bible study session. jamie, good morning. >> good morning, jose. just a moment ago, family members of the victims came into court, and earlier this morning, dylann roof himself was transferred from the county jail into u.s. district court here. as you say, he's expected to be arraigned later this morning on 33 counts. he was indicted by a federal grand jury. about a week and a half ago. when u.s. attorney general loretta lynch announced the charges, she said roof targeted the emanuel ame church because precisely because it is a historical black church and because of that she said, it qualifies as a hate crime. as you may know there is no hate crime in south carolina state law, so although there is a separate proceeding under way,
6:35 am
a separate trial set for next summer on murder charges here in south carolina it appears as if he will under go federal trial as well on the hate crime charges. >> jamie, thank you very much for that update. chilling new audio just released by the lafayette, louisiana, police. detail the moments just after a gunman opened fire in a packed movie screening last week. killing two women. and wounding nine people in the audience. panicked theatergoers immediately started calling 911 even before it became clear what happened. take a listen to some of that. >> 911. what are you reporting? >> a shooting at the grand 16. >> on -- >> on johnson. the grand 16. >> the one on johnson. you know if anyone was shot? >> i don't know. i was in the screen. >> how many shots have you heard? >> six or seven. he shot right at people. >> kerry sanders joins me now. good morning. what is revealed in these calls?
6:36 am
>> i think what's most revealing here is that when you see the pictures, the videos of john russell houser walking into the movie theater, it tells us that you can't look into the mind of somebody who has a crazed mad intention, because you see the videos and you'll see them then he goes into the theater. moments later, the carnage begins. for the first time we're seeing ghostly surveillance images of john houser buy agmovie ticket, walking past the concession stand and towards the theater where moments later, he would start his murderous spree. >> there was a shooting. >> stay on the line. i'll connect you with a dispatcher. >> a flaury of calls to 911. >> how many shots have you heard? >> six or seven. >> the horror quickly becoming apparent. >> an active shooter. >> as police race to the scene. >> he's reloading. we have a weapon an active shooter. >> chaos everywhere. cops, cop cars.
6:37 am
sirens. >> i need units with rifles in here. >> we see a middle-aged woman lying down on the curb with blood coming out of her leg. >> send anybody you got. >> nbc news obtained this exclusive video showing john houser three weeks earlier checking into a motel, no indication of the devastation he would cause before taking his own life. >> suspect is down. suspect is down. we have several more victims inside with gunshot wounds. >> thursday night in lafayette, a gathering for healing, remembering the two killed and nine wounded that day. >> this is great to be able to honor them all together as one community. >> among those who responded to the scene was an off-duty supervising paramedic, john. he told me when he arrived, he and the other paramedics ran into the theater and at that point, they were unsure whether the gunman was actually neutralized, whether he was dead or in custody. it was only after the fact that they got in there and started
6:38 am
treating those who were injured and unfortunately some who were dying, that they then discovered that he had committed suicide. and remember, a lot of lives were saved that day because a school teacher pulled the fire alarm and emptied the cinema complex. >> key point. kerry sanders, thank you so much. turning now to developments from cincinnati in the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black driver. fired police officer ray tensing is free on bail this morning while two other university of cincinnati cops are now on paid administrative leave. the focus on an internal investigation. authorities have released video from the body cameras of the two other officers showing the immediate aftermath of the deadly shooting. one officer backed the claim of tensing who says dubose samuel dubose, tried to get away after a traffic stop. >> i thought he was going to run me over. >> he took off on me. i discharged one round. shot the man in the head. i think i'm okay. he was just dragging me.
6:39 am
i thought i was going to get ran over. he was dragging me. >> are you good? >> i'm good. i got my hand and arm caught. >> i saw that. >> let me bring in the director of black law infoersment alliance and a retired new york city police detective. good to see you. >> thanks jose. >> let plea get your reaction to what we just heard from officer tensing. he says he was dragged and feared he was kneg going to be run over and another officer said, yeah i saw that. >> what we heard, basically, was the beginning of a conspiracy. and it's not uncommon for law enforcement professionals or any professionals, really to kind of circle the wagons in times of extreme stress to get their stories straight. not necessarily true but they want to be able to verify that hey, listen you're with me and i'm with you, and this is our story moving forward. the problem with that and what should be the problem with that is everyone should be equally prosecuted and held liable for those, not only the actions but the commentary after the actions. >> and you know talk to me.
6:40 am
i mean in a split second when someone decides to pull a trigger, and shoot another human being, is it possible that they do see and hear and believe things are different than what actually happened? >> oh, yeah. i mean i think there's been multiple studies and actual stories from officers involved in shooting incidents that really perception a lot of times becomes like tunnel vision in some aspects and then you have different evaluation analysis of what actually occurred. that would be quite normal. what is abnormal is when you begin to create this alternate universe and this false reality to in some way kind of validate the position of the action that you took. that's what becomes problematic. then when you have other individuals who are willing to back you up because they were removed from the actual you know using the weapon themselves.
6:41 am
they should have had a more objective view of what happened and should have stuck to that. you're talking about professional law enforcement individuals. that's their obligation and commitment they made to the citizens and state and in this particular case, the university. >> when you see this body cam footage that we have seen, and we have seen the other two different perspectives. let's talk about the one that was on the officer who shot the unarmed man. how did this routine traffic stop turn into this tragedy? >> well it seems -- it seems obvious or seems apparent that really the stop was a pretextual stop. a stop for some other reason. oftentimes and this has been a criticism across the nation. individuals will tell you really the police were looking for a particular something else, but they use a traffic stop as a way to engage a person or to perhaps search a particular area itself. i mean what you have here is just -- it seems almost psychotic to what you have seen
6:42 am
on the video itself. there are other issues that could be attributed to this particular police officer aside from just the tactical issues. it's not a tactical issue. this is an issue of whether or not anyone or everyone could be a law enforcement professional, a police officer, and should have the authority and the ability to take a life if that time comes. i think obviously, based on the video, and i think the prosecutor made it very clear that this is something that really should not be tolerated or accepted or accepted from our law enforcement professionals. >> thank you for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead, puwirto opuerto rico is on the edge of defaulting on dent. also we'll continue to watch the urban league conference in florida. martin o'malley is speaking right now. one of five presidential
6:43 am
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6:47 am
government development bank which owes $169 million on august 2nd. two others borrowers, including a collection of towns that raised money over private bonds were expected to make good but even if one agency defaults it will be trouble for the economy. it has shrinking economic growths and government revenues that have consistently undershot their mark creating a funding gap and raising questions about the island's ability to pay off more than $70 billion in collective debt in the long term. the governor said as much. tomorrow's mispayments could be the first concrete evidence of that. some officials are pushing to allow some of the cash strapped borrowers to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy. i know jeb bush argued for that with an interview with you. it's unclear, though whether that will come to pass. >> what happened if tomorrow
6:48 am
that payment is not, you know given? what are the real repercussions of that for the people in puerto rico? >> immediately, some people will declare the pfc, the public finance korgzcorporation to be in default. what will happen is investors in the bonds, which is a lot of local puerto ricans some credit unions, will not get paid. it will be long time if ever until they do. the hope is there will be some sort of restructuring agreement where essentially the incestvestors get something back they get something for their investment and the pfc is able to reduce the overall payments they owe. we'll see mirror images of the process with the two dozen or more other issuers onpuerto rican island in the next months. it could be chaos and a lot of people going without interest payments in the time being. >> folks, this is important that
6:49 am
we keep a close eye on because it will have repercussions not only on the island there but here in the united states as well. it's not just something that's happening somewhere else. it's happening in puerto rico. now to colorado where the sentencing phase in the movie theater sentencing trial took a bizarre turn after a woman in the courtroom began screaming. take a listen. >> he's wrong. mental illness is everything. [ screaming ] >> that outburst taking place yesterday just before jurors were about to begin deliberating in the next step of the penalty phase for james holmes. the judge sentenced the woman behind the outburst to three weeks in jail. she faced a misdemeanor charge of assault. meanwhile, jurors must decide to keep the death penalty as an
6:50 am
option for holmes in the attack that left 12 people dead. still ahead, new details on the killing of cecil the lion. authorities in lion. authorities in zimbabwe ask that the person who killed the lion be extradited to africa. plus new details of what happened on that fateful hunt. and never run out. right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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6:53 am
some answers today about what happened to cecil, the lion, who was shot and killed this month in zimbabwe. the hunter walter palmer has literally gone into hiding. africa wants him to be extradited to face justice. here is nbc's kevin tibbles with more. >> reporter: with the eyes of the world now trained on him, dr. walter palmer is staying out of sight. but the man who guided the american on that hunt in zimbabwe tells the telegraph
6:54 am
he's devastated. theo brockhorse out on bail after pleading not guilty to poaching charges stemming from the hunt tells the paper it went wrong from the beginning. he says palmer first shot cecil the lion with an arrow, but it was too late to track him, so they went home for the night. 11 hours later, he says they spotted the wounded lion and the client then shot it with his bow and arrow and killed it. that's when brockhorse tells the telegraph they found the famous lion's tracking collar which meant he was a protected animal. both he and palmer were upset. he says, telling the telegraph, he panicked and hid the collar in a tree. still, the guide says palmer later asked if they could hunt for an elephant the next day. palmer has not been charged with any crime and has said he'll cooperate with authorities. but the fear over cecil's death
6:55 am
has led to an on-line petition with over 800,000 signatures calling for zimbabwe to end trophy hunting. advocates of hunting say that would be a mistake. >> the fastest way to threaten the species is to quickt hunting it. people do want to pursue them as big game and they're willing to pay big money to do that. and that money goes right into the preservation of that animal. >> reporter: a 2009 report by a con ver -- conservation group says 105,000 animals are killed there every year. with demand so high how do you fight poaching? >> the situation today for many african iconic species is incredibly desperate. poaching is at an all-time high
6:56 am
higher than it's been in 30 years. coming up on "the rundown," republicans and democrats sharing center stage in ft. lauderdale. we'll take you inside the urban league conference. candidate jeb bush is going to speak. hillary clinton is on her way to miami to make her announcement. we'll hear her pitch on the embargo to end the cuban government. plus new numbers and a new contest bringing scientists together to help fight this drought crisis. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro... when you go this summer, go to the new and when you stay twice get a free $50 gift card. book now at
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going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today you could save an average of over 500 bucks. stop it. so call me today at the number below. or is it above? dismount! oh, and he sticks the landing! thanks so much for joining me at the top of the hour. i'm jose diaz-balart. sources tell nbc news that a flaperon from the plane's wing is from a boeing 777.
7:00 am
flight mh370 is the only 777 to be non missing anywhere in the world. the flaperon will be flown to france tonight for more detailed analysis. the beachcomer who claims to have found the flaperon and the suitcase said he found something used to make detergent. al stair alistail, what's the latest? >> reporter: as you can imagine, everyone is on the beach to see if they could find any clues to solving one of the greatest aviation mysteries of our time. so investigators from malaysia arrived on this island a few hours ago. they'll be hoping to be involved in the transportation of that wing piece you just saw there back to france to specialists where it will be examined, and those specialists hope to be able to confirm that it is
7:01 am
indeed, a part from the missing mh370. as you can imagine from where we are, several thousand miles east of the african coast, 4,000 miles away from where mh370 first went missing, all kinds of ocean debris turns up on these beaches. now, of course anything that yesterday might have seemed to be just an ordinary piece of trash now could have potentially much more significance and items such as those two bottles that were found earlier have been handed over to local police. local police simply don't know whether these items have any significance or not, and that's why investigators will be coming here over the coming days to bring hopefully some expertise to the process. some half a million people come to this island every year for tourism and to enjoy the wildlife and to sit on these beaches. it's difficult to imagine that now those beaches could yield answers and provide closure to
7:02 am
some of the wreckage 16 months past the plane's disappearance. australia has been leading the search efforts since mh370 vanished, and that's where nbc's sarah james is now. sarah, you spoke to the experts, the chief oceanographer for mh370. what did he tell you? >> david griffin is an oceanographer, and he's leading the team of the suspected trajectory of the drift pattern of the pieces of debris. as you can imagine, it's an incredibly complicated effort something they've never had to do before look a year and a half out after an event where they do not know precisely where the plane hit the water and try to figure out where the debris would land. but guess what? they were just at a conference last week and david griffin, this oceanographer said if
7:03 am
debris were floating up that it should come up in the vicinity of madagascar. three days later, a big piece of a plane washes up on reunion beach. now, what they did immediately after that jose was that they reran their models their computer programs. and here's an interesting factor. one thing that they did, originally they had accounted for things like ocean currents that big gire the circular patterns. but there's been a debate whether to consider wave patterns. they've added that back into the mix, and the debris shows exactly going to reunion island. so that was a fascinating confirmation. that suggests to them that the search area, where the searchers have been searching for more than a year is the right spot. but remember jose it's an enormous area huge part of the sea bed, and that's crucial that they think they're in the right spot. however, david griffin cautioned
7:04 am
that it is very difficult to reverse-engineer this. you can't simply find a piece and say we're going to work backwards from that and show exactly where a plane could have hit the water. so if indeed this piece of debris does prove to be from mh mh370, it's not going to show the exact spot on the ocean floor where the rest of the wreckage is. >> thank you very much from australia this morning. back home several developments to tell you about. in the deadly shooting of an unarmed black man in cincinnati this morning fired university of cincinnati police officer. ray tensing is out of jail. his father posted 10% of the $1 million bond to get him out. prosecutors have also released body camera videos of two other police officers showing the immediate aftermath in the deadly encounter. both of those officers have been placed on paid leave as part of an internal investigation. nbc news sat down with the family of samuel dubose.
7:05 am
they said the video clearly shows the driver did not do anything wrong. >> the officer shot him for no reason at all. i saw it. i saw it with my eyes. >> he loved all his kids and they loved him. they loved him so much. they all are so broken right now. they are so broken right now. >> nbc sarah doloff joins us from cincinnati. sarah, good morning. i know you spoke with ray tensing's attorney. what's he say? >> reporter: they doubled down that the officer feared for his life when he fired his shot saying his defense in this case will be self-defense. this as two more body cameras were released publicly showing the viewpoints of two other officers who arrived on the scene. neither appear to show officer tensing being dragged by the car as he stated in the incident report. his attorney said that video or these videos are open to
7:06 am
interpretation. >> what i see when i look at it is a -- it's very difficult to decipher, in my opinion, the less than five-second portion of the actual shooting. i don't know what i see on the body cam from ray tensing. i do know what i see on lyndon schmitt's video which absolutely shows that he ended up on the ground in the middle of the street some distance from the traffic stop which to me corroborates what he is saying. >> reporter: the prosecutor has dismissed any claims that tensing was being dragged, asserting that he purposely killed samuel dubose and never should have been a police officer in the first place. meanwhile, two other officers have been placed on paid administrative leave as part of an internal investigation. there is no word if there will be any charges forthcoming. tensing has been charged with voluntary manslaughter and murder. if convicted jose he faces 15 years to life in prison. back to you. >> sarah dolouff, thank you very
7:07 am
much. we're also getting breaking news out of florida. in just two hours, the coast guard will update on the search for the two teens missing since last week and they may be announcing an end to that search. austin stefanos and perry cohen cohen's boat was found last week and they've been searching for the boys since. what can we expect to hear today? >> reporter: they expect to announce a specific time of when they'll end the search. certainly a terribly agonizing decision for them but it's all about survivability. the chance that these boys could survive in the rough waters of the atlantic ocean for an entire week is slim. it was more than one week that the boys gassed up a fishing boat and headed to the waterway. certainly they didn't expect to go out into the ocean. this search has been from
7:08 am
florida to georgia to south carolina. today we hear they're off the coast of myrtle beach with c-130s, cutters in the water, a very thorough search. we do expect the family will continue with their search a private search commissioning private boats, private planes asking anybody on facebook and twitter to come help out, search for these boys. they've raised a lot of money for gas to give to these private operators of boats and planes. they're not giving up. they're determined to find these boys and if they have to do it by themselves, they'll do it by themselves. jose? >> adam reese, thank you very much. we'll continue to keep a very close watch on this developing story, and we will update you as soon as we have new information. also here in florida, in just about an hour we're expecting an announcement from hillary clinton on cuba. the democratic front-runner will call on congress to lift the longstanding trade embargo on the cuban government. she's expected to say cubans have waited long enough for progress. in the meantime the house and
7:09 am
senate say they're not budging any time soon. andrea mitchell joins me from florida national university of miami. good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you. as you know very well you know this community, jose. this is a big step and it's a step that is partly driven by polls, partly driven by the reality. but for hillary clinton to come here to miami to make this announcement, she has outlined this policy in her book "hard choices," but this is the first time in this campaign she's going to say lift the embargo, lift it now. she's going to call on the house and senate republican leaders to do the same. she knows they're not going to do that but she's reading the polls as well as following president obama's policy and the polling clearly shows that 72% of americans want the embargo lifted and that includes jose 59% of republicans. >> what are the potential downsides for hillary clinton on
7:10 am
this issue and the upside? >> reporter: well florida is as you know, critical. the bet is when the republican primaries are over and it's so hard to predict that jeb bush or even marco rubio, a floridian, might be on the ballot so that florida might be off the battleground, really for the democratic front-runner who is the presumptive leader toward the nomination. we just don't know what is going to happen so there are some downsides. but the trends have clearly changed. what's interesting here and i defer to you, jose but this community is so torn generationally. i was talking to marco rubio on the plane coming down here last night, and he said, look, the younger generation of cuban americans who have come from cuba are driven by economics. the older generation were driven by politics. then you find that within families. i was talking to one person here on campus who said that having come from cuba when she was 10 years old and not actually having seen her parents who
7:11 am
remained on the island until she was married and had children you know some 23 years later, she's torn. she's not going to go back but that her son wanted to go back and that he did fall in love when he went to cuba. he doesn't have that same memory. so even though things are embedded in family relationships, there is a new generation, and they see it changing. >> interesting andrea that there's been not one cuban american elected to the house of representatives or in the case of marco rubio, to the senate that has ever been against the u.s. embargo on the castro government. every single elected official -- >> absolutely. >> -- that is cuban american continues to be for the lifting of this embargo. if it is hillary clinton against bush or rubio, there will be a very clearcut distinction on cuba between these two
7:12 am
candidates and that's going to play one way or another very well in florida. >> in fact i don't think you're going to find any republican nominee who is going to be in favor of lifting the embargo, none of the republican candidates. that said, some democrats, certainly senator menendez a powerful player despite his legal problems and besides being a chairman in relations, he's in the senate. let's not forget it was president bill clinton running in 1996 who signed the act that embedded the embargo in law so that no president in action could change the action. they could change it around the edges as president obama has, but they couldn't change it and he did it after a leader was shot down by the cubans.
7:13 am
it was blown asunder in the middle of the air when those floridians were shot down by cuban migs. >> it's great you're here in florida. i wish i had the time to drink a cappuccino with you or something. >> we'll figure that out later. thank you. so much ahead on this friday morning, starting with olympic history announced a few minutes ago. beijing announcing it was so successful in 2008 it's going to gets another run as olympic host. a new report sounding the alarm on contaminated water. and later, republican and democratic candidates sharing the stage in miami, florida. there's bernie sanders, and also jeb bush coming up. that and more in "the rundown".."
7:14 am
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7:17 am
this morning beijing announced they're the host of the 2022 winter olympics, saying they will be the first to host the summer and the winter olympic games. but the choice is raising concerns in the international community about the mass of human rights violations that occur in china. meanwhile, the 2017 summer olympics in china have an issue. great to see you. >> great to see you, jose. >> so beijing already hosted the 2008 olympics. how is this any different? >> it exposes the lives that
7:18 am
they like to propagate, saying hosting makes it more democratic, but they make democratic countries more autocratic. beijing was the test in this because that came with the 2008 summer olympic games, the idea it would open china to the world, make it more open to democracy, open to dissent. the opposite is true. just last month, 200 rights people have been arrested. the committee went with the easy choice, went with the only choice in choosing beijing. which, by the way, is a city without snow and they will host the winter olympics. >> how is that going to happen? how do you host the winter games without snow? >> they already have a plan in place to make snow and put it up on the mountains. at most the mountains of beijing get roughly a quarter inch to an inch and a half of snow not nearly enough and beijing already has its share of
7:19 am
environmental problems, global warming. people i'm sure are aware of the famous photos of people wearing surgical masks to and from work. in the summer games, there was many complaints by athletes about the pollution in the air, making it near impossible to do any events there, yet they're going to add the creation of snow. >> let's talk about the contamination and pollution, because rio de janeiro is having a massive problem about the water quality. what's that all about? >> horrific. i mean already there is tremendous sewage and there has been, in the waters around rio. let's be clear just for listeners. brazil is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. brazil is a country larger than the continental united states it has 2 million people yet there is a persistent problem with sewage in the waterways.
7:20 am
some of the most beautiful beaches in the world have floating sewage inside them. when i was in rio for the world cup, they said you never go in the water after a rainstorm because you'll be swimming by things frankly you don't want to see. >> like poop. >> like poop, if we're fwggoing to be direct about it. 93% is the chance athletes will have a problem with prolonged contact with this. there is an event in the olympics which is a 10k swim. athletes will be in the water for two hours with a 99% chance -- the croatian team has already tried to practice there. they've experienced nausea vomiting flu-like experiences. once again, the lies. the brazilian leadership says if we get the olympics, it will give us impetus to clean up the water. not the case. >> maybe they think 10 million k
7:21 am
means kakas. the people of brazil have to deal with that and nobody is doing anything about their standard of living and their health conditions. >> rio itself is one of the most unequal cities in the planet in terms of wealth yet the beaches are supposed to be public space. >> thanks. great talking to you. another live look at the urban league conference. right now republican candidate bernie sanders is on stage, apparently having a question ask answer session. jeb bush is coming up next. we'll have more from inside the event. joy reed is there. that's a good day for me if joy reed is on this program. i think it's time to change it up! goodbye, red. hello, golden blonde. shifting to a new shade is sort of a new beginning but i knew it was going to be natural because it's nice'n easy. clairol's #1 for natural looking color i don't know if blonde has more fun, but i plan to find out. now you can earn free color with clairol platinum rewards
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7:24 am
bernie sanders just wrapped up his speech. we're waiting for jeb bush to address the national urban league. he's one of five presidential candidates speaking to the african-american civil rights organization today. hillary clinton spoke last hour. it's the first time in the 2016 cycle where bush and clinton are
7:25 am
appearing in the same event. in her remarks, hillary clinton took a jab at jeb bush an attack of what's become the theme of his campaign. >> too often we see a mismatch between what some candidates say in venues like this and what they actually do when they're elected. i don't think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to rise and then say you're for phasing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. people can't rise if they can't afford health care. >> msnbc national correspondent joy reed is at the conference. joy, good morning. how important is this event to these candidates? >> reporter: absolutely. it was very interesting, the different receptions people got jose, and hillary clinton really zeroing in on several ways on other her opponent. she also took a jab at bernie
7:26 am
sanders, saying he's not about race. they have uttered the black lives matter line and they've tried to get that in bona fide with this audience. ben carter more on the self-help and black history angle, but interestingly enough hillary clinton really trying to reinforce her existing relationship with this organization with african-americans. real quickly i'll go through the other two. martin o'malley got not a real warm reception, just polite applause. he is defending his record as mayor of baltimore in maryland and what he's done for reform but bernie sanders was all about equality. he gave a speech where he talked about the country has become an oligarchy, that the country needs to come together to fight them. >> thanks, joy. i just got to let you know.
7:27 am
you know it's friday you know who we have here in the miami bureau for you? [ spoke spanish ] so if you can, come down. >> thanks my friend. i appreciate it. more questions and answers about the wreckage found on reunion island which is not being said to french investigators. we'll take a look as to whether this will help solve the mh370 mystery once and for all.
7:28 am
7:29 am
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those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. developing now, a team of expert from malaysia is on their way to reunion island after a piece of debris was found in the western indian ocean. it's a flaperon from the wing's edge and it belongs to a boeing 777. that's the same model as the mh370. the fragment will be sent to france tonight for study. another item found not far from
7:31 am
the plane fragment appears to be a suitcase. that's also going to be sent to france to be studied. the mh370 disappeared in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. joining me now is head of aviation john cox. john, good to see you. >> good morning, jose. >> how significant is this piece of the plane for the investigation, and can they really get a lot of information out of it? >> well it's an important piece because it's the first piece of debris we've seen from mh370. the fact that this is a boeing 777 flaperon there is only two missing flaperons from 777s in the world, and they both belong to malaysia 370. so the likelihood is very very high that this is from the accident airplane. so the investigators are going to look at the surfaces where the metal was torn apart when this flaperon departed the airplane to see if they can calculate the forces that acted on it and that will give them an additional piece, additional
7:32 am
evidence to understand what happened to this airplane. it's not going to tell us all the answers, but it is going to add to the body of evidence. >> tell me what exactly this flaperon does on the plane. >> the flaperon is on the trailing edge the back of the wing, and it helps provide lift at low speeds. and in addition it also moves up and down so that it contributes to the roll control of the airplane. it's a complex device. this 777 is a computer-driven airplane, so using these flight computers, they're able to utilize the trailing edge to help in addition to the roll capability of the airplane. it's a very good but complex design. >> it's pretty amazing to see. we have that picture of the numbers that were on that piece of plane that was found in the island. pretty clear that you can see the numbers there. but there are also barnacles. that's as clear as if it were new, but on the outside there is all kinds of marine life that's been on there.
7:33 am
will that play a part in making it more difficult? i'm talking about the marine life, the barnacles, et cetera that have been on it because of the period of time? >> all of it the fractures, the marine life will all add evidence to what they're able to extract. where did that marine life come from? how old is it? those will give you some idea about how long the thing has been in the water. in addition the interior of the flaperon looks to be in pretty good shape. that's where that number came from. so there will be evidence there showing corrosion rates as well as forces that acted on it. so there is a lot of information here that they'll extract very carefully a piece at a time. >> john the fact that it's 4,000 miles away from where this plane was last seen or believed to have gone 4,000 miles away it's got to be very difficult to somehow backtrack and get any
7:34 am
relevant information on where possibly the other parts of the plane could be. >> i think you're going to see the marine biologist and the specialist in ocean currents and wave patterns i think they're going to be able to backtrack that into a given area and be able to compare it to the area where the australians are searching now. it indicates, initial indications now are that the australians are searching in the right area and that these initial calculations backtracking these currents put it in the same general area which is another piece of evidence that the airplane is where they originally thought it was based on the satellite, the. those two pieces of evidence at this point appear to be consistent. >> john cox, great to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. >> thanks, jose. good to see you. i want to go back to ft. lauderdale. jeb bush is about to speak or just starting. let's listen in for a few
7:35 am
minutes. >> state agencies-- state agencies and the courts. you're not going to get good judgment in government when everyone comes from the same life experience. [ applause ] >> we increased the number of black floridians serving in the judiciary by 33%. and i was particularly proud that during my governorship the state use of minority-owned businesses tripled. you can't serve all the people unless you represent all the people. and we did it. [ applause ] >> we did it with the most diverse deployments this state has ever seen. from my first day as governor until my last respect was the rule and opportunity for all was the goal. in most lives, opportunity is a hollow word unless you've got the dignity of a job and a paycheck. it becomes real when people are hiring and the economy is growing, and that's what we
7:36 am
accomplished here in florida. we got the state economy growing at 4.4% a year. average family in connection with went-- incomes went up in every income group and we made florida the number one job growth state in the nation. we applied conservative principles and applied them fairly without wavering. we found that with fewer obstacles imposed by government more people had the opportunity to achieve earned success. we gave more people the tools to move up in the world through adult education and work force training. we expanded our community college system and made it more affordable for low-income families. >> jeb bush in ft. lauderdale national urban league talking about his time as florida governor. back now to the story we've been telling you about this morning, a major policy announcement from hillary clinton. in just about half an hour here
7:37 am
in south florida, she's expecting to call on the u.s. to drop the trade embargo with the cuban government. this morning's herald blasting the proposal saying mrs. clinton's support for lifting the embargo reflects a political calculation about the evolution of the cuban exile community in miami. but at some point there must be evolution on the other side as well. one does not have to be a hardliner to expect a quid pro quo of some kind as this process moves forward. simply put, cuba be hasn't earned the embargo's end. we were just talking to andrea mitchell about hillary clinton's concepts and ideas on this very bold policy statement. why make it and why make it now? >> reporter: you know she's really -- what this is about is making sure that she's showing what her vision is for america and really how her policies are
7:38 am
different than what you're hearing from the republican platform. and being here in miami with cuban american population where clearly there is a difference between what she's saying and what you're hearing from rubio and bush. she's very much about how do we move forward, how do we move our country forward, and she thought this was the place to do it. >> what reactions have been seen from the cuban government even since, you know december of last year when the president made the announcement that they were going to you know change policy after more than 50 years, no conversations between the two governments. what has the cuban government done to in any way, show they're interested in making their people of cuba more inclusive in its future? >> so the secretary will talk about that today, and she'll certainly talk about since 2009 what's happened. and what her belief is is the
7:39 am
way you get folks to change the way you move forward in this engagement not isolationism. really, as you think through cuban policies in the past it hasn't worked. that's what she's going to talk about today, the fact we have to move forward together because that is the only way we'll make a difference of what's going on in cuba what's going on with the cuban people and really how to bring people back together and how to create entrepreneurship. when you look at what happened in 2009 when we started opening up a couple of ag trade, et cetera what we saw is entrepreneurship boom over there. so there is an opportunity to really make a difference in what can happen in cuba if we have a title relationship. you've heard this from her. she's going to talk about this power of proximity. i think she's going to make the case as to why it's important that we think of countries differently as we go forward, as we think of cuba and what can be together. she's going to talk about that
7:40 am
today, and i think, again, the distinction between what she's saying and what you're hearing out of rubio and bush and the other candidates really isn't where america is and it isn't where we're going to bring our country forward. >> i want to talk to you about domestic politics for a little bit. the latest poll yesterday says a majority of americans, 57%, say they don't think hillary clinton is honest and they don't trust her. how do you change that perception, and how do you change those numbers? >> people will get to know her over the course of these next 18 months. i think when you see her fight for america, when you see her fight for families all across this country it's a different story. and people see that and i think the more she gets out there, the more we're around you know dreamers' circles, or the more we're out at the national urban league, when you talk to folks coming out of those events there's a different sense. so what we've got to do on a campaign is make sure that we're
7:41 am
showcasing who she really is and what she's fighting for. and i think as people see a woman who is fighting for so many families and women and girls over the course of her career it makes sense. we've got to do our job to make sure she's out there and we're talking about all the things she's fighting for. but i have no doubt that when people hear the passion she has for what our country can be and for what everyone can be there is no doubt that people left-hand where her passion and where it's coming from. >> may i remind you the doors to "the rundown" are always open to her. >> yep. and we will do that. architects trying to solve this four-year drought. the competition to solve the california water crisis when "the rundown" comes back.
7:42 am
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the effort may be paying off for drought-stricken californians. newly released data shows a 27% drop in water usage since june. but even that won't guarantee a water future. professor of earth systems science at the university of california california, editor of the users conference. give me some perspective of just how severe and problematic this drought is. >> well the drought is probably worse than most people recognize. i was just visiting the east coast, and i have many relatives there, and they have difficulty
7:46 am
relating to what's happening out here. there is no snow in the mountains, reservoir levels are exceptionally low, groundwater levels are declining. we're in pretty rough shape. >> talk to me about this gain or savings of 27%. does it make a difference? how important is that? >> it's real important in metropolitan regions. i think the most important thing is those numbers are telling us that people are getting it they're taking it very seriously. not everybody, not every town has reached its target but those are really encouraging numbers and really point to a very heightened level of awareness. >> so there is some heavy rains recently we've reported on that in the state. does that make any real difference? >> psychologically, i think it makes a difference but in terms of our overall water storage deficit, that hole is so so big. you know we need a solid seven or eight big storms per year that usually happen over the winter for the next three years
7:47 am
to really get out of this horrendous drought we're in. it doesn't help us very much with the current drought, but certainly helps us psychologically. >> it just seems like not all people in california react to the drought the same way. there are people that are letting their yards go brown, they're looking for different ways of planting plants that are more resistant to drought, and yet you have other people saying i've got the money, i'm going to pay. i want my lawn green skpil payand i'll pay the difference. but it's not just about paying the difference, there's got to be a mindset. >> there is an intent to water, and that's somewhat promoted by the fact that our water management is very good. we turn on the tap and the water comes out. it's very difficult to -- you know, to change that mindset. we've had a very very rich lifestyle with respect to water, very water-rich lifestyle, and
7:48 am
it's very hard for some people to back away from. >> let's talk about the dry futures contest. give us some idea of what that's about. >> we've really moved away in architecture to designing to the environment in which we live. we've had an energy-rich lifestyle and that's all coming to an end. there are many many ways in architecture that we can build more efficient houses that we can include, of course more efficient fixtures and appliances within the homes, and also looking up and down the supply chain in the home-building industry. that's something that this competition will focus on and i'm really looking forward to it. >> where can we get more info on it? >> i would go to the dry futures website. >> jay, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. just minutes from now, suspected louisiana louisiana --
7:49 am
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in just a couple moments we're expecting a rain mts to begin on federal hate crime charges for the deaths of nine people at the historically black ame church in charleston, south carolina, roof already facing state charges. joining me now, an attorney representing the family of walter scott who was shot by a police officer in south carolina in april. thank you for being with me. >> it's a pleasure. thank you. >> talk to me about what today's arraignment in this whole process will mean for charleston, for the people of charleston. >> what we're going to see is this is just another step in the criminal process, another step in moving forward towards seeking justice for the families of the mother emanuel shooting.
7:53 am
>> south carolina doesn't have a hate crime law, so is it important that the federal part the hate crime part and the federal charges be instituted as well? is it important for the community that the whole issue of hate crimes and what happened in that church be labeled clearly as what it was? >> i think it is very important. south carolina is one of i believe, only five states in the country that does not have hate crime legislation. it's important to address the fact that this was a very hateful act done for a specific purpose aimed at striking fear and murdering minority church-going members. what i expect to see in the south carolina house of representatives and senate is hate crime legislation being filed. i suspect it will have
7:54 am
bipartisan support and i look forward to south carolina no longer being one of the few states without hate crime legislation. >> let's talk a little bit about the community, about charleston about what happened there and how -- you know it's been amazing to me to see how the family members of loved ones of the victims reacted, and even that moment that we saw, that you saw as well, when roof was before the judge and the families said you know i forgive you. what an incredible spirit of love and compassion even under the most difficult circumstances, that the family members of the victims, but a lot of people in charleston exhibit. >> yeah it is truly amazing. it's mind-blowing. they are such a faithful community in charleston in the state of south carolina to be able to forgive somebody who does such a hateful act says a lot about the hearts of people. and that is a very important thing when it comes to addressing instances like this
7:55 am
terror acts hateful acts discriminatory acts is the hearts of people. and these families i tip my hats to them. i have been keeping them all in my prayers as i know many of you all have, and they exhibit that which is good about the people in charleston about the people in the state of south carolina. >> is there something that we can take from this going forward that can be i don't know a positive from so much hate from so much destruction from so much pain that that person causes? is there a future that we can think of and, i don't know, somehow overcome that in the future? >> yes, sir. i want to tell the american people, to the families of the mother emanuel, to families such as walter scott, sandra bland, samuel dubose remain hopeful. things will get better. there are leaders in this
7:56 am
country who act justly love mercy and walk humbly with their god. we are working every single day to correct a system that is aimed at justice that so often seems unjust. we're working to restore hope to people who feel as though all hope has been lost. i do hope that the state of mississippi and its leaders are watching this and take note of what has gone on in south carolina how south carolina's foundation has been shaken over the last few months and act now. remove their state flag change the state flag it's time to move forward. >> justin thank you very much for being with me. i appreciate your time. >> thank you so very much. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. i'll see you on monday. take care.
7:57 am
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right now on "news nation," we are following breaking news. calling off the search for two missing teenage boaters. the coast guard is set to announce when they will pull back their crews. developing now, how much longer the clock is ticking as we wait to hear if wreckage found on a remote island is from mh370. pieces of the debris is being flown to france tonight for important analysis. we're just moments away from a major speech from presidential candidate hillary clinton. clinton will call for the end to the cuban embargo as her campaign goes on the offensive over those e-mails. we began with developing news and what many are calling a bold move in the 2016


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