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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  August 1, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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new today, the biggest clue so far in the disappearance of mh-370. why experts say it could still be a year before anyone finds out what happened to that missing jetliner. from a new batch of e-mails to tax returns and a bill of health. new revelation this is weekend about hillary clinton. and the birds are back and madder than ever. we'll tell you what's new with angry birds two. high noon in the east welcome to "weekends with alex
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witt." the airplane fragment discovered on reunion island arrived in france where investigators will analyze it. their question -- has a piece of mh-370 finally been found? official have confirmed the fragment is indeed from a boeing 777, the same type of plane as mh-370. now in reunion the search for more debris and answers continues. joining me now is nbc news's alistair jamieson. alistair? >> thanks, alex. yes that possible fragment of mh-370 arrived in france this afternoon where specialist investigators will begin on wednesday to take a forensic analysis of it. but here in reunion there is genuine excitement that these beaches might unlock the mystery of the missing boeing 777. they believe it's not a matter of if but when more pieces of debris wash up on the shores and they think that anything that
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comes along could potentially be a new clue in solving where the plane is. many residents have turned beach comers have been going along the rocky shoreline a few miles along from where i'm standing looking for items of plastic and other debris that could have now a macabre significance in the hunt for mh-370. however despite the excitement they know these things can take time. the forensic analysis begins on wednesday those of us will be looking at the metal fatigue, they'll look at the sea live attached to the wing part to see whether it could get them any clues about the potential location of the wreckage. and nbc news was told that even if they confirm this peelsiece of
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debris is from mh-370 it could take another year before they finally find the plane and give some close your the families of the 239 people on board. back to you. >> nbc news's alistair jamieson let thank you for that. now to the weather. washington state is being hit with a record-setting set of temperatures. a typical summer in seattle has about four days of a 90 plus temperatures but they've seen 10 already this year. reynolds wolf is here with more headlines including the storms in the midwest and florida. hi to you, reynolds. >> alex mi amigo. let's look at the forecast what we can expect for this weekend. we have that area of low pressure and boundary that will move in from west to east and when it does we can expect scattered showers and storms to form. rain could be heavy at times and we'll see the increase, the up tick in moisture moving across parts in the ohio valley.
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we've got the strong upper winds that will provide a great deal of energy, a big catalyst to drive the showers and storms and the best chance of storms we can deal with today -- it will be the corn belt. take a look at there. we've got from minneapolis to davenport, des moines even sioux city. best chance by mid to late afternoon, by tomorrow we see that system pushing its way to the central and western great lakes. the detroit, minneapolis, chicago, davenport, even forth wayne. you'll be holding down the fort with those showers and storms. abundant moisture continues for parts of florida. you might want a break in the action, won't happen. we have a cold front that will drop to the south and stall so some drier times in part to the tennessee valley. but for parts of the i-10 corridor, showers and storms. let's send it back to you, alex. >> reynolds wolf, thank you so much for that r in other news now, an investigation is under way in california into the death of a south dakota fire fight. he died while battling the mow dock firefighter.
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forest service officials say he disappeared sometime thursday but his body wasn't found until friday morning. the modoc wildfire is one 2306 burning in california. 23. yesterday governor jerry brown di clard a state of emergency, many fires were started by lightning strike and there are more threats of thunderstorms and lightning throughout this weekend. athletes training for the 2016 olympic games are still swimming in the waters of rio de janeiro despite government warnings that the water is contaminated and unsafe. rio's environmental agencies says the waters have have been deemed unfit 10 times. more than 150 athletes will compete in a triathlon later today. a private tune ran is being held in a church near atlanta for bobbi kristina brown. she died earlier this week at the age of 22. six months ago she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. cincinnati today continues to mourn the death of an unarmed black man shot and killed by a
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white police officer. mostly peaceful demonstrations marched through the streets of cincinnati to remember samuel dubose. the 43-year-old man was shot and killed by university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing during a traffic stop on july 19 outside university grounds. tensing was inindictmented on a murder charge wednesday. tensing told investigators he fired because he was in fear for his life. he is currently out on bond. msnbc's air is raysarah dallof is in cincinnati. sarah, i know last night's rally was mostly peaceful but there were some arrests, what do you know? >> that's correct. cincinnati police tell us at least six people were arrested when demonstrators who were marching city streets crossed into fountain square. we're told these arrests were peaceful. all charges are misdemeanors things like disorderly conduct. these arrests follow ann motional few days of developments in this case, including ray tensing's first arraignment where he pled not guilty and later that night bailing out of jail.
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a garage has also decided not to indict two other officers at the scene. in an initial incident report and statements caught on video, one of the officers seems to corroborate tensing's statement that he was being dragged by dubose's car when he fired that fatal shot. however in official sworn statements and grand jury testimony, both officers testified they did not, in fact see tensing being dragged by the car as he claimed. now, the prosecutor has dismissed those claims as well, that tenlssing was dragged saying he believes tensing fell after he fired the shot on the ground. alex. >> okay, so what can you tell us about tensing's defense strategy? >> we've talked several times to his attorney and he says tensing's defense will be self-defense. that he feared for his life, that his hand was caught when he reached inside the car and that he says he was being dragged. tensing is due back in court on august 19. that will be a scheduling hearing but the case will be
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proceeding. we talked to sam dubose's daughter who says she plans to be there for that hearing and every hearing in this case in tribute to her father. msnbc's sarah dallof thank you so much. an naacp sponsored march from selma, alabama, to washington, d.c. is beginning this afternoon. the march aims to bring attention to recent acts of police violence against african-americans. the group's president believes this could mark a new era for civil rights. >> if you have a mobile device if you have access to newspapers or magazines, watch television listen to the radio you must be aware that we are in the midst of a movement. it's a movement that's multigenerational. it speaks to older people young people, people all across the length and breadth of the diversity of this country. it's a movement of conscience in which people are saying to themselves this is not the america we know america can be. we can that our citizens should be safe in the streets, safe in
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their homes, that police officers should be safe and that racial profiling should not the model and modality of policing in this country. >> the civil rights group is calling the 860 mile trek a journey for justice. that march will cross five states before ending at the capital in mid-september. hillary clinton is calling on congress to end the embargo on cuba and calling out jeb bush for his stance on racial issues in health care. this unfolded during two separate speeches in bush's home state of florida yesterday. justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: in florida, the state with the strongest ties to cuba, hillary clinton called for an end to the 50-year-old ban on trade. >> we must decide between engagement and embargo. between embracing fresh thinking and returning to cold war deadlock. >> reporter: such a position once would have been political poison but a new pew research survey finds 72% nationwide
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favor ending the embargo, including 59% of republicans. >> with donald trump center stage, secretary clinton knows the republican party is struggling on immigration. she thinks she'll be fine with regard to cuba. >> donald trump will literally be center stage at next week's republican debate. nbc's lester holt asked jeb bush if he ever thought trump would do so well in the polls. >> i was surprised that donald trump has surged. i think he's captured the deep frustration people feel. i get that. i get the lack of rule of law, the sanctuary cities, the open borders. >> reporter: clinton took a shot at bush friday as both spoke before the national urban league. he said all americans have a right to rise, a right to social progress. >> i don't think you can credibly say everyone has a right to rise and then say you're for phasing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. people can't rise if they can't afford health care. >> on the subject of her
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finances, a recurring question for both clintons she released their tax returns since 2007. the clintons earned $140 million. they paid almost $44 million in federal taxes and $14 million in state and local taxes, a combined overall tax rate of 45.8%. they contributed nearly $15 million to charity. she's also the first candidate this year to issue a report on her health. a letter from her doctor who says her physical condition is excellent. pete williams, nbc news washington. the killing of cecil the lion has spurred outrage around the world. i'm talking to animal conservationist jeff corwin coming up. his thoughts on the controversial killing. c'mon. i'm sorta your doctor. i mean we both wear gloves and we always deliver in the clutch. gloves. clutch. no, sorry. perhaps we take a vote? no. ok guys, are we going to do this or not? let him try... no! sorta you isn't you. honey, you're embarrassing me in front of buster posey. esurance helps make sure you only
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disappeared last week while fishing off the coast of florida. but efforts to find 14-year-old perry cohen and austin stephanos remain active. let's go to nbc's kerry sanders who's in florida. kerry? >> there are aircraft once again over the atlantic searching for the missing boys but they're not from the u.s. coast guard, rather, they're volunteers in planes and boats looking for two boys. the expenses of this new effort being funded by a go fund me site that has raised so far more than 368,000. on day eight of an allout search for 14-year-old friends perry cohen and austanus aaustin stephanos, a gut-wrenching decision. the search ended? >> this one was particularly painful because a lot of people out there searching have kids about the same age. >> reporter: for the boy parents who have not given up hope the effort to find them remains
9:16 am
active only now with volunteers and boats and planes. >> we continue to appreciate everybody's support in this critical time. we know there's a window and we think there's an opportunity to do everything we can to bring the boys home shortly. >> reporter: the two best friends set out a week ago friday from jupiter, florida. without parental permission coast guard officials believe the boys headed towards the bahamas to go fishing when they were hit by a squall. as you can see on the cell phone video, other voters raced ashore as the teenagers headed out. >> just confirmed nobody's on board. >> their 19-foot boat was found capsized sunday morning north from jupiter. the engine cover was missing as was a cooler and life vests. the coast guard search for these two boys lasted a full seven days. >> hundreds of people searched thousands of miles because we were desperately committed to find austin and perry. >> reporter: by way of
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comparison of other searches by the coast guard in south florida waters, recent unsuccessful efforts to find people missing at sea have lasted usually two to three days. alex? >> heartbreaking, thank you so much kerry sanders. outrage continues to grow over the death of the african lion killed for sport by an american dentist. cecil the lion was one of the most well known animals in zimbabwe's national parks. walter palmer, a minnesota dentist, admitted killing the lion while on a hunting trip palmer has been in hiding since hiss identity became known. and now zk wants palmer extradited to face criminal charges. palmer's statement claimed he had the correct permits and he place it had blame on his guides. joining me now wildlife biologist and good friend jeff corwin. jeff, with a welcome to you. i'm curious how common it is to have recreational hunting of animals like lions.
9:18 am
we hear all the time hunters do provide a service and they will help keep the herds healthy. but is that the case with lions? >> well if you really want to look at the statistics alex for big game african animal hunting, each year between 50 and 60 million people visit the 54 countries in africa as a tourist and out of that 55 million people, only about 18,,500 are actually big game hunters. now, as far as the lion population goes they are between 25 and 30 35,000 african lions left in africa. they here in a lot of trouble. but when it comes to game hunting, only about 600 or 800 are taken every year. now if you want to alex think about the statistics of hunting, so 18,,500 people hunting in africa. in the united states just for white tailed deer we have
9:19 am
between six and ten million hunters every year that take between four and six million white tailed deer. >> wow. okay, but with regard to hunting, how much of the lion population is directly affected by that? both legal and illegal. i know you're a big advocate to get rid of poaching because that's a huge problem there. >> absolutely. and in areas where there are not strict regulations, there can be issues with that. but the biggest flight for all of africa's wildlife today whether it's lions or rhinos or elephants is poaching. you get this perfect storm, alex of things impacting the survival of these creatures. the first is climate change. africa is quickly transforming from a savannah from a stretch of grassland, to an expanding desert. and these big animals need dynamic ecosystems to survive. the other big issue human/animal
9:20 am
conflict. for example, agriculture or livestock grazing goes directly into the habitat of these creatures and when you get human/lion conflict it's usually the lion that loses. but the biggest killer of them all is poaching. poaching is wiping out africa's wildlife today. last few years we've lost over 100,000 african elephants. that's one out of every 12 elephants has been taken by a poacher in africa. >> so, jeff as the story goes dr. palmer killed cecil with a bow and arrow. shot the animal and then the animal lingered and was found in very bad shape a number of hours later, i believe the next morning they tracked cecil and shot it again with a bow and arrow and that was the final undoing. that sounds is somewhat horrifying. >> it certainly sounds like a very unethical, horrifying way
9:21 am
to expire and bow hunters, people who use archery to take game have very specific guidelines they that they follow. for example, you have to be within 40 or 50 yards from your prey, the pray has to be a broadside display or quartered away. and if you don't do the exact right thing you risk wounding and maiming the animal and it will wander off and expire in a terrible situation. i think the big issue here is not necessarily -- i think the big challenge here is how they went about this. they broke sort of the number-one tenet, whether you're in zimbabwe or whether you mere in yellowstone which is you never hunt in a national park. it's illegal to hunt in a zimbabwe national park it's illegal to hunt in a u.s. park. and by going in there and bait ago animal out they set them up for this perfect storm. ultimately, so many things went
9:22 am
wrong here. and if you do this and break the, law you could be a legal hunter but if you break hunting laws you're a poacher. >> do you think it's on the up and up when palmer says he blames his guides? ought they have known they were in a national park? >> i think when someone is going out there and relying on the guides to get them to where they need to go there is an element of dependency there. but ultimately everyone has to be accountable for what they do. i have a fishing boat right here. if i take you out and me and alex decide to go fishing and you ask me "jeff, can i keep two stripers" i'd say "sure, no problem, that's okay." we get stopped, guess what? in massachusetts you can keep one striper and who gets the ticket? it's alex wit. so alex you can only keep one striper in massachusetts. >> i'll keep that in mind when we go fishing together off the dock there. jeff corwin do appreciate it. have a good one. >> thanks, alex.
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>> when will the mystery of missing mh-370 be solved? coming up a former crash investigator the joining me to share his thoughts.
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in today's number ones, a report card on the nation's schools. with school resuming for many students in just a few weeks, is ranking the best and worst school systems in the country. its study includes metrics including test scores, pupil/teacher ratio and security. overall, massachusetts takes the top spot second in quality, first in safety. colorado second overall, first in school "but safety rank is 47th. new jersey comes in third ranking fifth in quality. on the other hand alaska's rated last ranking 51 nova scotia quality of education. the district of columbia ranks second last and worst for safety and nevada third worst overall and second worst in quality. thank you! >> it's not everyday your young
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man turns 11 now is it? >> that's flash back to harry potter's 11th birthday and a birthday salute to potter creatorcreate creator j.k. rowling. potter movie cast members showered her with well wishes, so do we. and from tears to cheers. on wednesday night, mets shortstop wilmer flores got emotional during the game when he learned he was being traded but it turned out he was not being dealt so what happened last night? >> and a ball well hit to left center. the game is over. >> that was gary cohen making the call. i always wanted to say that. that was a triumphant blast in the bottom of the 129. the mets are glad they didn't trade their game winning hero. those are your number ones. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns
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welcome back to weekends with alex witt. time for headlines at the half. in july baltimore was the deadliest month in four decades. 45 people were killed. july's total surpassed the 42 homicides in may and tied the previous record from august 1972. city officials say violence has surged since the april 19th debt of freddie gray. gray died while in police custody and six officers have been charged and are scheduled for trial in october. baltimore's mayor fired the police commissioner last month. iraq is in the middle of a heat wave. temperatures in the capital city of baghdad reached 120 degrees but -- are you sitting down for? according to moll justs it felt close to 159 degrees. some people are having to make due with as little as six hours of electricity per day due to power outages because of the sky high temps, the government has imposed a four day mandatory holiday through tomorrow. federal officials are
9:32 am
investigating a close call after a pilot reported seeing a drone while approaching jfk airport. the federal aviation administration says it happened early yesterday evening. the flight landed safely without having to take any evasive action. today the boeing 777 wing fragment did covered this week on a reunion island beach is in front where investigators hope to confirm if it is indeed from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. the head of australia's search agency spoke about the difficulties ahead. >> obviously there's a part number on the piece of debris and that's been used to make the determination that it's from a 777 in that regard. there is of course concern that it may be that there is no clear identifier on that piece of debris. >> joining me now greg fife
9:33 am
glad to have you under these circumstances because i'm curious what officials, investigators will need to find on this wing fragment to confirm it's mh-370. do you think there are markings that will say definitively yes it is. >> i think there are, alex, only because the number was currently on there is just a generic type segment number or part number. what they'll be looking for is a unique characteristic or unique identification in that that structure itself that will tie it back to the serial number for mh-370. >> i know you haven't seen the fragment in person but you have seen the pictures. given your background and what you've done for a living would this sort of destruction greg happen if a plane hits the water or would something else have to cause it? >> this is characteristic of -- this is a very fragile part because it move, it's a movable flaperon and so it's only hinged and has an actuation bracket.
9:34 am
so if the flaps are s ares are down or in a landing configuration when it touches down whether on land or water, that part being that it's going to hit the water first will normally separate first and in this case when you look at it it doesn't have a lot of crush mark or what we call oil canning. it looks like it had been separated pretty much cleanly to maintain its integrity so it's obvious to me at least that this airplane or these flaps may have been in a landing configuration, slow-speed impact not high-speed impact. >> that does say a lot there. >> sources have confirmed this is from a boeing 777, mh-370, the only 777 known to be missing in the world, are there any other scenarios you can envision where a plane fragment could be found floating around the ocean? >> as we've mean? the past people have found aircraft parts in their yard from various airplanes. they found segments and that kind of thing. but this is the only known part that we know of with this
9:35 am
missing airplane. all other -- the other accidents and incidents involving a boeing 777, there have only been three, happened on land, we know they didn't come from those aircraft and there are no reported parts missing off of any other boeing 777 in the world, especially that part of the world. >> okay so if this is mh-370 do you think we should expect more debris to wash up or would the plane more likely be most of it, at least on the ocean floor somewhere? >> the main body of wreckage is still on the ocean floor and as you and i have talked over the last 16 months when we talk about that debris this was the debris that i talked about months wrag the smaller parts, the frangible part force fragile parts will separate. because there's very few of them it's not like there will be a cluster to look for. will more parts wash up? probably. and most likely this part was subsurface so it may not have been readily visible. we just have to figure out how long it's been hovering around
9:36 am
that island before someone saw it. that will help reverse engineer where they may be searching, if they have to redefine the current search area or come up with a new search area. >> greg feith, as always your insight much appreciated. thank you. >> you're welcome. let's go to politics and a last-ditch effort by some republicans to get on that debate stage. senator lindsey graham is in new hampshire for a series of events and joining him is his friend and former presidential nominee senator john mccain. a boost with voters could help graham qualify for the party's first debate on thursday. senator bernie sanders also in the granite state this weekend. moments from now he'll hold a news conference with an environmental group. he'll then take part in a town hall. and new revelations by hillary clinton. she and former president bill clinton have made more than $140 million since 2007. that's according to the last seven years of tax return which is she released yesterday. the documents also show the clintons paid an effective tax rate of 35.7% last year.
9:37 am
the clinton campaign also released a letter by her doctor giving her a clean bill of health. you may remember she suffered a concussion in 2012. these revelations came on the same day the state department released another batch of e-mails during her time as secretary of state. like the first two release, there were heavy redactions that didn't reveal too much about policy discussions. hillary clinton was among five presidential candidates who addressed the national urban league and now that race relations have become a major part of the 2016 campaign, they each touched upon racial inequality with some outright embracing the black lives matter movement. >> there are unjust barriers to opportunity and upward moment in this country. some we can see, others are unseen but just real. >> there was racism. there's no question about it. there still is and there always will be. there was yesterday, there is today, there will be tomorrow. as long as there are people with small brains and even forces to stimulate them it will be
9:38 am
there. >> we must reform our criminal justice system black lives do matter and we must value black lives. >> black lives matter. >> young people have taken to the streets dignified and determined urging us to affirm the basic fact that black lives matter. joining me now is zerlina maxwell, a contributor toest sense magazine. zerlina, welcome to you. do you think the black vote is up for grabs this cycle? >> i don't know about for both sides but i think there is a concerted effort on the behalf of the black lives matter movement to force these candidates to talk in real substance and policy specifics about what they would do to reform the criminal justice system and not just that but to up end and dismantle structural racism because we have -- we're exhausted, as black people
9:39 am
seeing dead black people on television every single day, every 28 hours someone is shot and killed by a police officer in america and i think it's time that people who want to be the commander-in-chief address that critical issue. >> i join you i'm exhausted and horrified by those stories. they're so disturbing. hillary clinton took jabs at jeb bush in her urban league speech. let's listen to that. >> i don't think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to rise and then say you're for phasing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. people can't rise if they can't afford health care. [ applause ] they can't rise if the minimum wage is too low to live on. they can't rise if their governor makes it harder for them to get a college education. and you cannot seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote. [ cheers and applause ]
9:40 am
now, jeb bush has not been as blatant in going after mrs. clinton but i'm curious, zerlina, what you think his approach is here. >> well, i think that right now he's trying to make sure that he doesn't get swallowed up by trump mania. we're going to have a debate on thursday night where donald trump literally will be front and center in the center among all of the rest of the candidates depending upon who qualifies and hunk right nowillary clinton is giving us a preview of the messaging she's going to use if she goes up against jeb bush in a general election and i think the country doesn't think if you repeal obamacare certainly people on obamacare now, like me they're not going to be better off. and so if you're saying i'm going repeal obamacare on day one, i'm going to phase out medicare, which is an unfortunate phrase to get caught saying in public then you need to put forth proposeals that are specific that will address health care because it's a critical issue, a family issue, something that helps so many
9:41 am
different people be more stable and we also have at the same time attacks on planned parenthood. so when we're talking about this upcoming election, we have to remember that women are the largest voting block and they're growing and growing and growing and when you're talking about defunding planned parenthood on the one hand and repealing obamacare on the other hand, and phasing out medicare you might as well just throw in social security and you are going to dismantle the safety net women need at all phases of their life to self-determine what they want to do in their lives and move forward. >> well, you brought up trump so i'm going to ask you a question about him. he's leading the pack with 20%. how much pressure do you think there is on him to perform given his popularity at the national level? >> i don't think there's much pressure on him. i think he really is gaffe proof because there's so many things he said during this presidential cycle but in the course of his long really celebrity career here and he seriously is not
9:42 am
affected by it. so he is in the lead with 20% according to latest polls by quinnipiac that came out on the 30th earlier this week and we only have scott walker and jeb bush in double digits so clearly the country is not clamoring for another president bush and donald trump is i think eating it up. he loves the attention and i don't know that if he says something more offensive than he's already said that it's going to harm him. i think all of the other candidates that will share the stage, though, have a real challenge to come across as serious amongst sort of a circus that this has become. >> well i'm just going to say it's still early. >> it's very early. >> zerlina maxwell, thank you so much. >> thank you. best selling mobile app angry birds is back with a sequel. how well is it doing? we're talking technology when we get back.
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9:46 am
best-selling mobile apps, is back with a sequel. anxiousry ry sangry birds two was launched tuesday with more than a million down loads. the original version was released in 2009 and it turned the franchise into a global phenomenon. but the game started losing its appeal a few years later after competing with other free to download alternatives. will the sequel help rejuvenate angry angry birds' stand in the gaming world. joining me now, with mashable. >> there have been 12 total angry birds games in the last six years so this is the first angry birds two but they've continued to add to the original game. there have been the angry birds in space, angry bird seasons, angry birds star wars so this is hardly the first new angry birds
9:47 am
game but this is the first one called angry birds two. >> what can you tell us about the in-app purchases. and do you think this might alienate fans? >> it is alienating fans. in the old version, you could have unlimited lives. if you didn't complete a level you could try and try and try until you beat the level. now it works like candy crush. so you have five lives and once you're out of lives if you don't complete a level you have to pay to get more lives or wait 30 minutes for the lives to regenerate. >> the game maker is struggling a bit to keep their revenues up. they were down 73% in 2014. their competition, you mentioned, candy crush, brought in $2.2 million in revenue. do you think the sequel will bring in the success they're looking? >> hard to say. what happens so many of these games, we saw it with zynga, we're seeing it with candy crush is that they're trend based. so they get hot and popular and people move on. if you can make a fun addictive game i think the franchise still has juice left in it.
9:48 am
they have a movie coming out next year, the characters are still loved. the big question is going to be are people going to be willing to pay to regenerate the lives and play the game as often as they did before and i don't know. at this point the game -- i'm not sure if it's different enough for people to say yeah i want to continue to play this as much as i played the original. >> and with the financial factor, will this game appeal to kids? they were the ones that first launched it back in '09. >> that's right. great point as far as kids go. parents don't want their kids to be paying 99 cents a pop or having to watch ads to get games again. what was so great about the original was you could play on an endless loop. they'll have to balance that going forward. >> christina warren thank you. a new documentary takes a look at a series of televised debates in 1968 between gore vidal and william f. buckley, jr. still ahead, the co-director tells me what he learned while making the documentary.
9:49 am
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9:52 am
. in the annals of american history, few years were as turbulent as 1968. the pastel-tinted summer of love was over and in came a new era. a season of assassinations at home massacres in vietnam, students pitted against soldiers on college campuses and city streets. it was a cultural revolution that was indeed televised and to stake its claim abc news looked to william f. buckley and gore vidal, political opposites but intellectual equals. now a new documentary takes us inside their legendary debates. >> he was the first modern conservative to see that ideological debates were culture debates. >> mr. buckley, do you think mini skirts are in good taste. >> on you i think they are. >> the people at abc asked him, well, is there anybody you wouldn't go on with. he said "the only one i can think of is gore vidal. >> gore vidal is one of america's most successful and distinguish writers. >> we are all prostitutes in one sense or another, ethically if
9:53 am
not sexually. joining me now is robert gordon, co-director and producer of "best of enemies." welcome to you, i can say "my friend" now because this is the third time i've seen this. i loved this film it's so fantastic. whoo i'm curious about, how did these guys end up in the debates? you heard one woman saying william f. buckley would debate anybody but gore vidal. >> i suspect the first call that was made when he "anybody but gore vidal" was to gore vidal. i don't think they expect it had sparks. i think they expected sparks and not a forest fire. and they certainly got a slow burning very hot forest fire. >> all right the most famous moment, probably also the lowest but we'll play a clip, everyone listen to this exchange. it's great. >> as far as i'm concerned the only pro crypto nazi i can think of is yourself. failing that -- >> let's not call names. >> listen you [ bleep ].
9:54 am
>> stop calling me a crypto nazi or i'll sock you in the [ bleep ] face and you'll stay plastered. let's go back to his pornography and stop making illusions to somebody who was in the infantry in the last war. >> you were not in the infantry you did not fight. >> yikes. i mean, that is a moment it really brought their feud down a base level. you had vidal calling buckley a crypto nazi. then him firing back talking about his sexuality. i'm curious about the reaction when people were watching. >> i think that there was -- this was not -- as common as this is now, that's how uncommon it was then. they got letters written in and abc, i'm told withheld that bit from their delayed west coast broadcast. >> it did? so it had to sensor it? >> they were worried. >> for good reason. even today, you heard us, we
9:55 am
were bleeping part of things we thought that were inappropriate to air on a family news show like this. there have been stories that over the years buckley had this entire file cabinet of things that he felt were damming allegations about gore vidal. how personal was this feud? >> what was at stake between two of them was the nation they each thought the other -- the ideas of the other could take down the nation so it was personal on a huge scale. >> buckley, wasn't he concerned that the communist era was being ushered in and gore vidal, he was thinking that everything that his family his background everything they'd sought to protect or be about, the war was undermining that. these guys were like loggerheads. >> totally loggerheads. it was -- when i first saw this footage i was -- i couldn't
9:56 am
believe these guys were anticipating the culture wars that we live in now and there they were each embodying the two positions. >> yet these guys -- the brilliance of the debate incredible. it got vitriolic at times, but these were perhaps the most articulate witty intellectuals at the time. >> witty, i love that you make that point. >> so funny. you have to have a certain mentality to even get their humor. to to say wait, what did they mean by that? but do we see anything of that level today? >> if we do -- >> we have screaming match, for sure. >> my tv doesn't pick it up. what we get is -- what i think the networks took away is a sense that fireworks sell and what they have managed to do is scientifically create a system where sandwiched in between the
9:57 am
commercials you're guaranteed to get four minutes of fireworks because what these guys were doing, it's like the difference between a forest fire and flash paper. >> can you call a winner these debates? >> it depends on how you view it. in the moment when bill lost his cool i think he lost the debate. >> he forever regretted it didn't he? >> it haunted him forever and gore loved it. he loved to replay it. in the years that followed buckley's ideas won out. the -- when reagan was elected and all three the '80s, buckley's ideas were paramount. but now we're almost 50 years out from this moment and gore's ideas are on the rise gay marriage marijuana reform. so as much as anything i think it's about the pendulum swing. >> last question would be -- and ideology aside, i'm fairly certain i know where you
9:58 am
stand -- but wmith whom would you have rather have dinner? >> going into it i thought it would rather have dinner with gore but one of the things i learned is that bill buckley embraced challenge. he hired someone to come -- to be an editor at the "national review" and told them "don't hang around with the conservatives, they're boring, hang around with the liberals." he liked the arts. he didn't like to talk politics off screen. he liked the arts. he was a bone vie haven't and i expect his dinner table was a lot more fun. >> all right. this is a fabulous film. thank you for joining me robert gordon "best of enemies." thanks. jon stewart about to end his run on "the daily show." why his show resonated with so many people plus a clip from his first episode. after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble...
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10:02 am
a jetliner encounters a drone in the danger zone. overheated, the summer scorching temperatures take a hot toll on millions. >> i don't think i'm going to miss being on television everyday. i'm going to miss coming here everyday. >> we're going to miss you. the sendoff jon stewart prepares to say good-bye while his successor plans change. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." here's what's happening out there. a naacp-sponsored march from selma, alabama, to washington, d.c. is beginning this afternoon. the march aims to bring attention to acts of police violence against african-americans. the group's president hopes the march will get more people involved in today's fight for civil rights. . unless we put boots on the ground we can't have laws on the books. it's enough enough to wring our hands, lamgtent, shed tears, we have to bring young people
10:03 am
older people into the streets and put these series of issues before the american public and bring about the reform that we know is possible. >> the civil rights group is calling the trek a journey for justice. the march will cross five states before ending at the nation's capital in mid-september. meanwhile, cincinnati continues to mourn the death of an unarmed black man shot and killed by a white police officer. mostly peaceful demonstrators marched overnight to remember samuel dubose. the 43-year-old man was shot and killed by university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing during a traffic stop on july 19 outside university grounds. tensing was indicted on a murder charge wednesday and tentssing told investigators he fired because he was in fear for his life. sarah dallof is in cincinnati for us this afternoon. sarah, with a good day, new video has turned up that may show ray tensing in what appears to be a contentious traffic stop last year. what do we know about that?
10:04 am
>> that is correct, alex. a university of cincinnati police spokeswoman who knows tensing says it appears to be him in the video but since it's not the department's video she can not say it is with certainty. in the video, the passenger and driver have been told they've been pulled over for an equipment violation and the exchange between them and thor ifs grows tense. >> step out of the car. >> wham what am i stepping out of the car for? >> i asked you to. >> what am i stepping out of the car for? >> step out of the car. >> what am i stepping out for? >> are we going to do this all night? >> it's up to you. >> can we get a supervisor? >> it's not a reason. >> you heard the driver ask for a shift supervisor he comes to the scene and issues a citation and the driver and passenger are sent on their way. alex, it's another reminder how often these days video is playing a role in law enforcement whether it's body
10:05 am
cameras recording moments before fatal shootings or bystanders with cell phones taping encounters. back to you. >> many have suggested we wouldn't be talking about liz death were it not for those cameras. appreciate that sarah dallof. today the airplane fragment suspected to from mh-370 has arrived in france where investigators will analyze it. the wing fragment discovered on reunion island is confirmed problem a boeing 777, the same type of plane as mh-37037. now police and volunteers are combing the beaches of the indian ocean island in a hunt for more debris. joining me from reunion is nbc chief global correspondent bill neely. bill? >> they're optimistic, both the police and certainly the islanders, experts and oceanographers are more cautious. they say because one large piece of debris floated on to the shore it doesn't mean dozens of others will follow. that's not the way the oceans
10:06 am
currents work. they are optimistic they can help solve this great international mystery and even find more debris. that big piece of aircraft debris that has been found is in france and it will be examined by french aviation experts who are hoping to unlock its secrets. they packed it carefully. every square inch of the aircraft wing flap may be vital in answering what happened to malaysia airlines 370. the degree has arrived in france to be analyzed at a specialist defense lab. french police are searching reunion's beaches for more debris. locals are making discoveries, finding pieces of plastic, taken in by police as evidence. the man who found the aircraft part and a a bettered suitcase here found water bottles from china and indonesia, half pa t passengers were chinese. "i hope to find a lot more debris" he says "to help solve this mystery."
10:07 am
but there is a problem. the truth is, there is every kind of junk on this beach, something that looks like a machine part this as well this is a rubber ring that could have fallen off a ship an aircraft anything. investigators looked for debris by air, we joined the search along the a coast where finding anything more could be tough. there's 120 miles of coastline to search on this island alone. on a nearby island it's more than 3,000 miles and there are two dozen islands in this general area that they'd have to search. so all eyes are on the debris they've found and what it might tell us. >> we'll wait for result whether it belonged to 777 or mh-370 i think that's yesterday to be verified. >> reporter: these are extraordinary times on the normally sleepy tourist island,
10:08 am
a volcano erupting just miles from where the islanders are trying to unlock the mystery of a missing plane. experts from malaysia have arrived to help but spare a thought for the relatives on for those on board who died on mh-370 and don't know how or why. back to you. >> we'll hold that thought. thank you, bill. a close call between a drone and jetliner. it happened as a delta plane was approaching new york's kennedy airport and it took place at the most critical phase of the flight. the plane low, traveling around 190 miles an hour setting up to land when that drone appeared.
10:09 am
>> the flight landed safely without having to take evasive action. the faa says what happened yesterday is becoming far too common with several reports of close calls involving drones every single day. an investigation is under way in california into the death of a south dakota firefighter. 38-year-old david rule died while battling the modoc wildfire near the border with oregon. officials say he disappeared sometime thursday but his body wasn't found until friday morning. the modoc wildfire is one of 23 bushing in california. yesterday governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency. many fires were started by lightning strikes and there are more threats of thunderstorms and lightning throughout this weekend. millions of americans are battling a dangerous heat wave with some states hitting record temperatures. here in the northeast it's not your average summer either, with temperatures nearing 90
10:10 am
degrees. kristen dalghren is joining us from central park. so this morning it wasn't too bad. folks were running. what's it like out there now? >> well my phone is telling me alex, it's 86 degrees right now in the direct sun. but there is a drier air mass. we don't the humidity it doesn't feel as hot as it has been over the past few days but they're still out here running, bike, a lot of them we're seeing with water and ice cream because it's going to get up near 09 today. at new york's coney island renaldo fuentez is joining the kids to keep cool. >> cool off, get dry in ten seconds, then go right back in. >> the fountain or the waves the best way to beat the heat for humans and their pets. >> bring them here and put them in the water to keep their cool. it regular rates their body temperature when they get too hot. >> temperatures on the east coast expected to stay near 90
10:11 am
for the next few days. while out west, the mercury is soaring over the century mark. portland oregon seeing the highest temperatures since 2009. >> i get my apron, soak it in water and wear white. >> reporter: seattle has seen the most 90-degree days it's ever seen in the years. nearby beaches are setting tourism records. feels better already! >> reporter: but the heat and tinder-dry conditions are also fuelling dangerous wildfires dozens of them burning across the west. scientists say california's drought is so bad the state is deficient an entire year's worth of rain. and there is another danger under the relentless beating sun -- cars turning into ovens with children forgotten inside. this video shows a new jersey police officer busting into a car to save a two-year-old left in the back.
10:12 am
>> is this your car? you left her in the car! >> sorry, sorry. >> no sorry! she could have died. >> the child is okay but the mother is charged with child endangerment. a harsh reminder just how serious this summer heap can be. authorities with serious warnings given all of this heat ray cross the country. you might not think they have to say it, alex, clearly that do. be careful, don't leave your kids or pets in the backseat. even in just a few minutes the car turns into an oven. check on your neighbors, especially teltderly and if you're going to be out stay hydrated, heat stroke a big problem when the temperatures get this high. >> you can repeat that advice any time you want. it's all good. thank you so much kristen dalghren. >> you get. in a moment, why john kerry may get an earful about the deal between iran. but can he and the president get more democrats to embrace it? . what's new, flo?
10:13 am
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10:16 am
secretary kerry is on his way to cairo for the start of a middle east tour that will find him defending the iran nuclear deal to the u.s.'s key regional allies. this week, the secretary faced some of his sharpest criticism yesterday when he testified before the house foreign affairs committee. >> what this agreement is supposed to do is stop them from having a nuclear weapon. now, i want to hear somebody tell me how they're going to do that without this agreement. >> mr. secretary, we're going to go to mr. william keating of massachusetts, the gentleman's time has expired. >> what's the next step for the united states? nobody's answering that question. joining me now is retire congressman joe sestak running for senate in the 2016 election. with a welcome to you, always good to have you, admiral. >> god to be with you, alex.
10:17 am
>> we have not spoken since this deal was reached. give me your assessment of it. >> i am a cautious supporter of it. do i trust the iranians? heck no. but what i know is this. in 30 days from today the iranians can have bomb grade material for a nuclear weapon. this agreement as a minimum is worth supporting to see if it works because it sets them back on their heels one year by degrading that uranium then to get that fuel back up would take not only a year but by placing these centrifuges in storage -- and anybody who knows anything about centrifuges, they declay when placed in storage -- we will have improved our security and that of israel for one year. i can't tell you if this agreement fails with certainty we would have to do a military strike but if we did and i believe it could become more probable to stop iran's nuclear aspirations, our plans will be wide in breadth, deep in scope
10:18 am
in order to stop the iranians at most four years. >> this week on "morning joe" your fellow admiral discussed his concerns for the deal. let's listen to that. >> i think the top is the verification regime which is starting to roughly resemble swiss cheese you could drive a truck through some of these holes. secondly, the 24-day period is very concerning. third, the entire zeitgeist of the agreement seems to very much favor the iranians in pursuing the bomb. but that's not the problem. the biggest problem here is the air drop of 100 to $150 billion into their economy which is only $350 billion to begin with. that's like the u.s. getting a $4 trillion insertion of capital. >> big argument here. iran is pretty much getting everything it wants. sanctions lifted the arms embargo lifted: 24 days notice
10:19 am
for inspections. what's your response to that? >> well, first i know jim. we were fellow naval officers, he's a good guy. but i do disdif a difference of opinion from him on this. right now we have no one on the ground in iran. now we can have up to 150 people on the ground to inspect. all the known facilities that are there and if we think there's a new facility let's say it's the basement of the president of iran, that he is' hoarding nuclear material there, we have the right to go in an approval process. it will take a couple weeks to go in and inspect it because we dominate it with western powers. they can't deny us. you kind hide radioactive material. a alpha, beta, gamma radiation, we'll pick it up. second, it's not $150 billion, as you know the secretary of the treasury came out and said it's $50 billion. now, that's still money and i have two things to say. one, they have to fix their economy which will cost
10:20 am
estimates of $500 billion. second do i think they'll try to do damage with this? yeah, i do. but so did the soviet union when ronald reagan did a start treaty and said trust but verify. i don't say. that i say verify before you trust. and they used their monies after the start agreements to have proxies against us from cuba to vietnam and north korea and also this. understand that if they cheat we always have the military option on the table and that's the key. >> but these billions where do you think they're going to go in the iran economy? >> i think they're going to do several things. i think they're going to try to get in like they had that vip lounge that you know about alex, that was just set up in the airport and all westerners are starting to flow there to make deals. a lot of it's going to be in order to get investment in their broken economy going again. that's why people are out on the streets jubilant there. number two, i think they're
10:21 am
trying to final this against their number one enemy right now, which is isis. they don't like isis like we don't. third, i think they are going to try some damage to do in syria with assad. but you know what? assad is also against isis. will they try to do more around the world against us? sure they will. i don't trust them. that's why we have our entire outfit here in america, our homeland defense as well as out there to make sure we contain. this doesn't mean we'll walk down the street arm in arm. it mean we took off the top of the table, like ronald reagan did with the soviet union, that existential threat of nuclear weapons and pulled it down a bit and now we deal with other problems. if it helps our security i'm for it. >> but there have been concerns about the agreements between iran and the yay cray which the u.s. does not have access to. congressional opponents have characterized them as secret side deals, you've heard that time and again. the agreements include inspections, access to military sites. do you trust iaea to have sole
10:22 am
access to this? >> what they're talking about is really one thing -- that the iaea with the u.n. has had the right to look back in history to see how the iranians got till today. that's all it is. i'm not saying it's unimportant to look back in history. i like history. you can learn from it and maybe we'll find out some things we didn't know. but our intelligence agencies have come out and said anything the iaea learns isn't going to help us today to watch and see if they're cheating. that's the key. will they cheat? and, look, if they do we can do a strike but, again, i want to make sure everyone is aware of this that we find find the submarines of the iranians. those midget submarines we can't find them in shallow waters so we'll pull our carrier groups out of the persian gulf and before we can even begin to strike those site one of which is under 300 feet of rock we'll have to beat down a fairly
10:23 am
sophisticated surface-to-air missile system and hundreds of rockets that can rain down in the meantime on israel troops in bahrain and our ships. we do this if we need to. but to say that they're automatically going to cheat and we can't catch them or if we do catch them that we can't do it later, how can you before you put our men and women in harm's way not take a moment here probably a year to see if this is working? >> clearly a long road, a carefully trodden road ahead. i want to thank you joe sestak as always. best of luck with the ongoing campaign. thank you. >> thank you very much alex. it's a video that made a grown man cry and saved the reputation of another and that is next. go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage.
10:24 am
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10:27 am
resonated with the public is because of what you are seeing right now. it's the body cam video from the police officer as he challenged samuel dubose. an opinion piece by "cincinnati inquirer" editorial board member asks "what would we know about this shooting had there not been this video?" he's joining me from cincinnati. with a welcome to you, sir. >> thank you. >> if not for the video, do you think we'd be talking about samuel due cbs newsbose? >> without this video we would have a completely different narrative for sure. when we saw that video and everyone across the country saw the video, it was shocking violent, and very heart rendering. you saw when mr. dubose was stopped, you saw the submissiveness. you saw the fact that he didn't even know what he was being stopped for. it was like the proverbial hollywood busted taillight story
10:28 am
being recounted before your very eyes because we knew how the story was going to end for sure but the drama leading up to it. it just had such a tremendous amount of sadness and i'm so glad we had that video. >> you wrote in your column that you fought back tears as you watched the video. tears for every african-american man with a story like dubose's that was not recorded. as i watch it i watched it with my hands like this in horror. but it's impossible to know how many cases in the past may have been passed off as a police officer using force in the line of duty. do you think this could be a major step in changing the way police treat african-americans? >> you know alex i've thought a lot about this and i think it's going to be a major step in how police are held accountable when they encounter motorists or
10:29 am
are just going about their jobs. by and large police -- most police do their jobs with honor. but as we've seen across the country, video has helped us to capture very unseemly situations involving police and citizens whom they are charged to protect. so i think a measure of accountability will take place here in the united states. i think all police forces should at least explore the possibility of getting body cameras because what it does you know it helps a good cop to be able to defend his actions and it also helps when you have a situation where there's distrust involved and you can prove that hey, i did -- i went i followed my training, my training kicked in you see it here. so it's a wonderful testimony for police officers but also a nice safety net for citizens. >> it does work both plays,
10:30 am
police are often -- false allegations are made against them so it will totally help them as well maintain they were in the right in their situations. but how has cincinnati reacted to the death of samuel dubose? >> as you said in your intro last night. we had some -- a peaceful protest ended with several arrests but i must say i'm very proud of my city in the way they have responded to this shooting and leading that charge i think is the dubose family which has been so graceful encouraging peaceful protests. it's a reminder of the same situation that happened in south carolina with the tragedy there where the community said hey, we forgive you. the duebose family is aligned much in that spirit. they have really kind of led the charge of encouraging -- letting the justice system play out,
10:31 am
helping everyone understand that this is their son, their husband, their father and she was a good man so that has been a wonderful response in cincinnati. there has been no una rest as we've had -- and this is not the first time a situation like this has happened. of course this with the university police department but, of course, in 2001 we did have unrest after a police shooting and we've learned a lot from this. the community has come together to learn from their mistakes and tackle the contemporary problems we have right now. >> i think it would be a good point. because anybody who watched his mother in that news conference talk about her faith and how that's carrying her through, bless that woman, she's holding up amazingly well. byron mccauley, thank you so much. appreciate. >> it thank you, alex. zimbabwe wants him. will the u.s. surrender him? new developments on the pursuit
10:32 am
of the lion-killing dentist.
10:33 am
10:34 am
10:35 am
now the growing outrage if africa and around the world directed at that american hunter minneapolis dentist walter palmer killed a fallous lion in zimbabwe during a safari hunt. he has now contacted officials after days in hiding. and nbc's kelly cobiella has the details. kelly? >> reporter: alex hello, the u.s. fish and wildlife service says a representative for dr. palmer has been in touch and their investigation is ongoing. but the question is will this minnesota dentist have to face justice in zimbabwe? the killing of cecil the lion was illegal, the zimbabwe government says and they want walter palmer to be extradited. the minnesota dentist is still in hiding. his local guide, theo brownhurst told the newspaper the two were upset when they realized they'd killed a protected lion but he said "we took the head and skin as the client paid for the
10:36 am
trophy." he said palmer wanted to kill an elephant next but couldn't find one big enough. trophy hunting is legal in 11 african countries. every year, tourists kill 105,000 animals, including 600 lions, more than 600 elephants, and 800 leopards. even endangered species like the black rhino can be fair game. over95% of americans are against hunting any animal in danger of extinction, yet over half of big-game trophies go to american hunters. they pay tens of thousands of dollars, money they argue goes toward helping animal populations. jason crebbin hunts in south africa but only kill what is local cans eat. >> these animals are providing food life-styles, jobs for unfortunate people over there. >> a lot of the hunting stuff falls right back into the community. >> reporter: most
10:37 am
conservationists agree. >> trophy hunting can be conducted sustainably and scrupulously and can contribute to conservation. >> reporter: but while paying to kill brings in millions, paying to simply see the animals is worth billions. an estimated $25 billion comes into the countries in africa from nature tourism or safaris. as for that elephant dr. palmer allegedly wanted to hunt after killing cecil the lion elephant hunting is legal in zimbabwe but bringing back elephant trophies the into the united states from zimbabwe is not. alex? >> kelly cobiella thank you. meanwhile, a petition on the u.s. web site asks the u.s. to extradite walter palmer. it's surpassed 200,000 signatures. the white house says it will respond to any petition that collects at least 100,000 signatures. let's get go to politics. new revelations by hillary clinton and a last-ditch effort
10:38 am
by some republicans to get on the debate stage thursday. mrs. clinton and the former president made more than $140 million since 2007 and paid an effective tax rate of 35.7% last year. and that's according to the last seven years of tax returns. the campaign released that yesterday. on another personal level, she revealed a clean bill of health by her doctor. the revelations came on the same day the state department released another batch of e-mails during her tame as secretary of state. joining me now is lauren fox with the "national journal" and jonathan allen, chief local correspondent at fox. good to see you both. ladies first here lauren. there weren't a lot of insights into policy discussions but like the first couple of rounds of releases, there many redactions of sensitive information. so what are the highlights from your latest batch? >> one interesting thing to watch for is how connected hillary clinton was with what was going on and what was being perceived in the white house, what people were thinking about the way the obama administration was handling foreign policy just
10:39 am
more generally. in some of the e-mails it shows that before an appearance on "meet the press" people were sending her e-mails about tipping her off as to questions that david gregory might ask her. she received so much fan mail afterward from close advisors in her circle of people so i think it's interesting to sort of watch as you're read these e-mails, it's an indication of what kind of secretary of state she was. >> what about the decision jonathan, to release the tax returns for example. does that help with the transparency issues that they have? are they related? >> i don't think they'll make the e-mail question go away. at some point she was going to have to be more transparent with her finances. jeb bush released 33 years of tax returns that we see from this. i think this is an astounding statistic. if you look she's paid over the last eight years about $57 million in taxes.
10:40 am
that's more than jeb bush has made in his entire life. so i think she was going to have to get this out at some point. sticking it out on the same day as the e-mails, the same day as the health care -- clean bill of health from her doctor was a way to bury that. we know she's healthy and wealthy, will she be wise? >> very clever. that's good. we're going to talk about the republican debate on thursday. the latest quinnipiac national poll shows donald trump leading the pack. he's got 20%. he's definitely center on that debate stage. how much do you think trump's participation could be a game changer for the other nine candidates during this debate? >> i think what's going to be interesting to watch isn't so much how donald trump performs as much as what he says impacts how the other candidates have to discuss issues. so if he goes out there on immigration far to the right how does that make marco rubio or
10:41 am
jeb bush who have been trying to expand the republican tent, how do they respond to that. i think how the other candidates react will be the thing to watch thursday night. >> let's look at the other candidates. carly fiorina, senator marco rubio mentioning him to struggle a bit, might not mach it on the debate stage those two are among candidates participating in panel discussions. it's been organized by the koch brothers. if they don't make the cut this time around jonathan, what is your sense about their viability moving forward. >> i think it's very small. it's possible somebody didn't make the stage to get traction by what they do in response to what happens on the main stage but i basically think in that second-tier debate has about as much chance of winning the republican nomination as the lion hunter has of being extradited to zimbabwe. >> look at you today with all these little syncers.
10:42 am
jonathan allen and lauren fox, appreciate it. changing times, what does jon stewart have in the works for next week's signoff and how is trevor noah going to change "the daily show"?
10:43 am
10:44 am
watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have a less reliable cell phone network and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that.
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so they came back home. because they get $300 from switching back to verizon, and so can you! verizon. come home to a better network. in just five day, jon stewart will end his run as host of "the daily show." we're sad about it. 16 years ago he took over the helm from craig kill born. among his first guest, michael j. fox who poked fun at his clothes. >> honestly i feel like this is my bar mitzvah. i haven't worn something like this. i have a zblash the words "ill fitting" come to mind. >> we spent an hour and a half before the show trying to figure out if i should button it or not. >> since then, stewart's rant interviews moments of zen and impressions have been making us laugh and think. >> it's not so much the kill bug the loading and the cleaning that's just -- it's a lot of
10:46 am
work. i don't know i just know we're -- life and death arrogant bad targeting cluster luf or death. i don't think drone strikes -- yup. don't worry, sweetheart i'll uphold the [ bleep ] out of that constitution. i swear to you. nice nominee you got there. it would be a shame if something happened to him, mr. president. sometimes it seems only a gallon of paint can drown out the screams of those i've wronged. joining me now, david wigand, the tv critic from the san francisco chronicle. i was going ask you ma made "the daily show" so special. are you as sick as i am about his departure? >> so totally sickened. and what i realized was that i sort of took him for granted for 16 years. after a while it was like 11:00, time to watch jon stewart. he's there, part of our conversation all t time and really contemplating he's not going to be part of that
10:47 am
conversation is upsetting. really sad. >> depressing. i totally agree. we took him for granted because he was so good so smooth so funny. so all of it. i know that david you've written a lot about this show and you've said in part that the genius of "the daily show" with jon stewart has been that it's not really a spoof on the news it's humor is the news, the absurdities of tone deaf politicians so much so out of touch with reality that they fail to see how ormoronic they are. more importantly, stewart is also reminding us these people are making decisions that impact the lives of millions. tell me more about that how he was able to manage to do that. >> i think he is uniquely capable of doing that and can anybody else do that as well? i think john oliver is extremely good at it as well. >> i agree. close backup. >> but he's only once a week. jon stewart was able to do it even though he has very obvious
10:48 am
liberal bias which one way or may not agree with. he's very up front about that but he also in terms of his criticisms. in terms of his focus he was as hard on some liberals as he is on -- job, fox news or the bushes or something. he did it with humor that we laughed at and as we were laughing we thought about what he was actually saying and what he was target inging which gave us insight into what these people are doing. i'm sure obviously you listen to political speeches on television or in reality. people have this way of delivering something that doesn't -- that may sound one way, that may sound as though it's conveying one kind of information but informs says nothing or says the wrong thing. jon stewart would just say "excuse me you're not saying anything here, what you're saying makes no sense."
10:49 am
so he helped us look not only at politician bus newscasts, at virs -- i mean, he's been particularly hard on cnn over the years. one would say he's hard on fox news but that relationship with bill o'reilly was kind of funny and o'reilly seemed to be in on the joke a lot, too. >> you make a good point. i want to ask you what you expect about trevor noah. what do you think? >> he's a little bit of a -- what we know is he's very funny. he comes from a different country all together so no one is expecting someone who will be like jon stewart. he made missteps early on. we all know that. he made jokes that were just -- fell dead. >> off color, absolutely. >> every comic does that. he's untested in terms of what he can do relative to what jon stewart has done. i hope that he can make himself
10:50 am
part of the conversation as well but perhaps he'll bring an entirely new younger perspective entirely new younger perspective which is valuable. >> and i don't envy him stepping into those shoes. >> he has big shoes to step into. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> the city of angels takes action to protect the people but it is bound to start a big fight and that is next. if you misplaced your discover card you can now use freeze it to prevent
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this week the los angeles city council voted unanimously to ban the possession of large capacity firearm magazine those that hold more than ten rounds. the mayor is expected to soon sign the measure. but gun rights advocates are putting up a fight. joining me now is los angeles city councilman who started the measure. and i thank you for your actions but i'm curious of what you
10:54 am
think is the real-world impact of this ban. >> 15 years ago the california state legislature realized that high-capacity magazines were dangerous enough to the public that they prohibited the sale and importation and manufacture of the magazines but they didn't ban possession. so we have an unknown number floating around in los angeles, legal, because they existed prior to the state action and then we also have the ready availability of magazines like this on the internet so people can acquire today 125 round drum magazine and have it shipped into california. that would be illegal but law enforcement has no real way of determining that the pre-ban magazines from the post-ban magazines. so this ban on possession will give law enforcement more tools to be able to keep the public safe when theyen counter people who -- encounter people who have
10:55 am
these things. >> and obviously so many of the mass shootings are using these type of magazines. bbd there -- and there is an argz that it doesn't take a large capacity for a killing. we look at dylan roof he only had a handgun, what do you say to that. >> it sure makes it easier and lethal when the shooter has massive amount of ammunition that can be shot in a very short amount of time. when gabrielle giffords was shot there were 36 rounds shot in 16 seconds and the only reason that stopped is when the shooter emptied the magazine and taken down by unarmed citizens. >> any concern with the nra promise of a lawsuit this could be overturned. >> i expect the nra to be challenged in court and i expect to be harassed and push back by
10:56 am
nra any time someone puts forward a common sense gun measure to keep the public safe. we are prepared to fight that fight. >> and if somebody does that and said i need to protect myself in my home, what do you say to that person relative to the high powered magazines with so many rounds of ammunition. >> the nra own data shows a very rare self-defense situation where six or seven rounds are fired. in a third, no rounds are fired. it is ex position of the gun that diffuses the situation. so no one really needs a 20-round or 30-round or 100-round magazine to defend their home. >> clearly employing common sense. you and the other 11 that voted for this. three were not there for the vote. thank you for your time and we'll continue this conversation. good luck. >> thank you alex. >> that is a wrap up of weekends
10:57 am
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parents who will stop at nothing to save their baby. and it's caught on a surveillance camera. >> you are taking my child, you're going to die. >> a brazen jewelry heist. thwarted by an even more brazen granny. >> i know how to smack your hand. >> a stick-up and, yeah, that's an actual stick. >> i was like, oh, my god. you're kidding me. >> thieves and thugs caught in the act. >> it's bullying in america at its worst. it's caught on video. >> sometimes stopped in their tracks by everyday people. >> i didn't care if he had a gun. >> the crimes are cruel. >> i'm angry at what they did to me. >> the criminals calculating


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