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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 4, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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you for the next two hours. i'm francis rivera in for thomas roberts. only ten roses to give. sometime after 5:00 p.m. today the major republican candidates for president will find out which ten will make the main stage for the party's first debate on thursday. fox news hosts the first debate and based on their criteria nbc news estimates that these are the ten who will make it. filling out the outer edges of the debate platform are two governor new jersey's chris christie and ohio's john kasich. out of the main debate is a former governor texas rick perry. however, there could still be room for a 11th candidate to sneak in. last night 14 of the candidates made an attempt to break out from the pact. this time in new hampshire. they talked hillary clinton, president obama, budgets and terror. the one topic that kept coming up, i'm graksmmigration reform. >> in the 2 1st century legal immigration must be based on merit.
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>> the border needs to be secure expanded guest worker programs. >> i don't think this administration is serious about border security or protecting working men and women. >> i think we need to narrow the number of people. >> cut it down some? >> down to spouse and minor children. >> missing from the forum and discussion of immigration was republican front-runner donald trump. however, during an appearance on "morning joe" today he said he can win all minority votes. >> a lot of hispanics that are legally in this country, they agree with me. i'm getting letters and calls all the time. i think i'm going to win -- this will surprise you. i think i'm going to win the hispanics and i think i am going to win the africa-american vote. >> with us to break it down, in nbc's mark murray. to both of you, thank you for being with us. let's get started with mark murray, nbc's senior political politicaleder to here. let's break it down, especially when it comes to the fight on that platform for elbow room.
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who makes it and who won't ahead of this 5:00 a.m. deadline. it seems that kasich's late stratry may work? >> it seems they were going to ache aen average of the last five national polls that met fox news' standards and the people who are in the top ten would end up making inclusion this that debate. but there is one little catch here, and that is fox news said they were never capping the debate at ten. it had to be ten. so there is a possibility, francis, if there's a tie for tenth place, for example, you could have 11 people offen that stage or even 12. now, the way that we haven't an able to estimate the last five national polls and it doesn't seem like any other polls are going to be coming out, it does seem like there is enough gap between the person sitting in tenth place, ohio governor john kasich, and who is in the 11th place, rick perry, the former texas governor. of course, the official world will end up coming from fox news and not our estimates. but right now we have kind of a good sense of who is in and who
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the out. >> interesting from last night's gop forum in new hampshire. no mention, no show of trump. we're going to talk about him, especially when it comes from the numbers out of fox's recently released poll. just before he declared almost 60% of republicans said they would never vote for trump. and you look at it today, he is almost cut that number in half here. so when you talk about a lot of people say, you know, what it's his honesty, brutal honesty. his accessibility as we've seen with his cellphone number published by gawker. is that an example of how he remains to popular? >> it has been striking to me. we found in our own poll francis, that donald trump is actually gotten more popular with republicans as a time has gone on. even after making some very controversial remarks on immigration and other things as well. and what he does seem to be tapping in to is almost the sense of you know a lot of americans who say that they're
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as angry as hell they're not going to take it anymore. donald trump is challenging that. if you're fed up with the system, you're angry, you don't want to be political correct, you want to say what's on your mind and not apologize for it that's what donald trump has been doing. >> interesting in doing that. you have nbc/"wall street journal" poll says half of republicans say he's hurting the party. i'm going to ask you on the democratic side. joe biden and everybody is waitingnd wonder to see if he's going to run. carol lee who asked him if he is going to run, he said quote, only if you are my running mate. so when do we get -- when do we expect to get a serious decision from the vice president? he was saying that tongue in cheek, in a joking way. >> we always heard we're going to get the final decision at the end of the summer. that could be at the end of august as you get past labor day. but again, this story is not going to go away until joe biden says one way or the other the if
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he's running or not running. he is the sitting vice president. he's run for president twice before. he is afforded to be able to have all of that. his biggest challenge though is if he decides to run, being able to raise the money and do all the little things one needs to do to be able to run successfully. >> so ouch of that money going to hillary clinton even if those favorable poll numbers down. as always great to hear from you. >> thank you. tim pawlenty is the governor four years ago he ran for president and thank you for being with us. we are asking you as we are asking our viewers, first of all, do you think all the candidates should be on the debate stage. your thought on that considering there are ten that are going to be on there with the 17 out there. >> i think the party would have been better served to have a manageable number on the debate stage but have two equal at the time baits. nine if one, eight in another, randomly drawn to give everybody an equal chance. tinge system where you have now, the children's table or happy hour or whatever you're going to call it doesn't give a fair
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chance to the second or third tier candidates who in the right circumstances could become a leading candidate. >> what if you have governor christie on one in the option that you were bringing up and then donald trump in the other. it's interesting they won't ever get a chance to criss-cross their talk. let's talk about donald trump. on monday they published donald trump's phone number. if you did call, let's give you a listen of what happens if you call that number right now. >> hi this is donald trump. i'm rupping for the presidency of the united states of america. with your help and support together we can make america truly great again. visit me and twitter@realdonaldtrump and check out my website at hope to see you on the campaign trail. we're going to do it. >> the mailbox is full. i cannot accept any messages at this time. good-bye. >> some say, yeah you're going to put my number out there, i'm donald trump. this is how i'm going to turn it
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around. especially when it comes to his brand and being a marketed machine. >> pretty smart reaction for any campaign. do you think a lot of people have underestimated how he is capable of turning this around on his behalf and branding himself and managing this as a national candidacy that just seems to be surging in the polls? >> yeah, remember i come from a state where jesse ventura got elected governor so i've seen a phenomenon before. people like populism. they somebody that is giving a fist or worse to the establishment, to the people who are goofed up the country, goofed up the party. he has become even though he's a multi, multibillionaire the populous voice in this race. it's like fireworks. you can't not watch it. you can't not look away. it's interesting. entertaining. good marketer. i think the next phase of this for him is can he maintain that brand and that feel but then convince the rest of the party and the rest of the country that they want to entrust, for example, the united states military to him. he's a very capable person but i think there's a second phase for
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donald trump coming that he's going to have to rise to and i think that's going to be very important fork in the road for him. >> one with the question of policy and seeing where he stands on those all important crucial issues. i want to show you numbers from bloomberg's poll also on today. shows which demographics trump leads in. as you can see here bloomberg says he leads with men, women, all age groups people with college degree people without college degrees, people with big and small salaries. he comes close second among moderates. what do you attribute that to especially when earlier on "morning joe" today he said i'm claiming it, i'm going to win the latino vote i'm going to win the african-american vote. >> to somebody in the public whether they degree or disagree with him they like the fact that he's speaking bluntly, raw, awe authentic authentically, unrehearsed, which they like. they're sick of politics flapping their jaw. they all sound the same. many of them look the same. donald trump is like a blast of fresh air into a tired, broken discussion and frankly, a
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tired, broken political and governmental system. >> interesting. when we talk about last night's forum, too,nd looking at that and waiting for the zingers. donald trump was there. i was going to say it was short on the zingers and memorable lines. two came from candidates lindsey graham and carly fiorina. >> here's my foreign policy my trade policy. a clenched fist and open hand. you choose. >> in order to beat hillary clinton or whoever their nominee is, we have to have a nominee on our side who is going to throw every punch because this is a fight. >> all right. so we know that trump was kind of out of it in the target for them, president obama, and also the clintons, too, the clinton speak reference by lindsey graham. if candidates can't make the cutoff, though what effect does that have on their overall candidacies and where are they going to make up for it? >> definitely a setback for them and puts them at a relative disadvantage. it's not terminal. it doesn't mean their campaign ends because there will be more
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debates and more opportunities. the problem is if you were trying to breakthrough as a second or third-tier candidate you've been trumped. bigger voice with a bier platform media obsession. it's more and more difficult to breakthrough. you see candidates getting to breakthrough. better to marshall their resources, buy their time and get a second or third look down the road. >> it's interesting you talk about that because we are going to talk to republican presidential candidate jim gilmore coming in and seeing how he's going to make up for that. thank you for your perspective, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. in our coming up next hour i'll speak with republican presidential candidate jim gilmore. appears he will not make the cut for the first gop debate we'll talk to him about that and what he thinks about the rest of the republican field. that's coming up in our next hour here on "msnbc live." wups againonce again, our big pulse question is about the upcoming debate. should all 17 republican
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candidates be included in the first debate? the pulse is live. weigh in by logging on and cast your vote now. your opinion changes you can cast it again and change. we'll have a look at our votes later this hour. developing right now, extreme weather hitting several parts of this country. in fact, 14 million people are at risk of severe weather today. but at least three areas are really feeling the brunt of it all. in new hampshire a father and daughter were killed when a circus tent collapsed in lancaster. 32 people were taken to the hospital. this morning officials face questions of how the show was allowed to continue in such bad weather. >> it's really the responsibility of the show to monitor the conditions and we don't know why they were going on at this time and what they knew. >> the walker brothers circus has canceled shows for today. in the atampa bay area 15 inches of rain has hit the area. fire and rescue crews helped
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residents evacuate this morning. flood watch remains in effect until tonight. and in california the fire that just won't quit is getting even bigger. the rocky fire has burned 65,000 acres of land growing by 3,000 acres overnight. it is still 12% contained. 13,000 people are urged to evacuate. nbc's jennifer bjorklund is live covering the fires from lakeport california. firefighters were getting some control yesterday but now the step back. what happened? >> well, it just is a very unpredictable fire francis. it's been a really rough couple of days. the fire has grown overnight, as you said. the containment line is still at 12%. it would figure the containment line grew a little bit as well. that's progress even though it seems like the it's the exact same number. once it's all growing, the percentage stays the same and so that has grown as well. so there's a little bit of good news. but the fire jumped over highway 20 yesterday on the northern
10:13 am
border. a fire break they were kouchbting on and really surprised when they saw it just jump over the highway because those -- those breaks that are built in to the hills here usually would slow these things down. but for firefighters this so far has been a very unpredictable season. >> we don't have santa ana winds blowing on this fire. we're having that type of fire behavior without the santa ana winds or a big wind event. it's all fuel driven. it's all because of the drought and how dry the conditions are. the fire is doing things that is unpredicted to do. >> there are 21 active fires across the state of california but i want to put that in perspective. some of these are called you see the name of the fire and it's dad complex. that means it's several small fires that are close enough together where they just say, you know what let's just call this one big incident and fight it as one fire. so really say in humboldt right
10:14 am
now is classified as one fire but it's 75 separate lightning strikes that are all out of control at the same time. so these are unpredictable very very difficult to fight. >> big fire but a whole lot of space there with the 65,000 acres burning. thank you for the update. let's get right to the weather channel's general carfagno. what say they about the weather? >> in the west we have cooler conditions and this will help firefighters somewhat. not looking at any marked rain coming in to help them there. the northeast, we've got more thunderstorms. this will be round three in less than 24 hours for us here in the northeast. we've got that red zone on our map indicating where we can see severe weather from maine all of the way down into the carolinas. i wanted to show the visible satellite. this is what the sky is already starting to do. kind of bubble up out here with clouds with cumulous clouds those thunderstorm clouds building already in the northeast. so we're in for a rough
10:15 am
afternoon. severe thunderstorm watch out for storm prediction center until 8:00 tonight. the storms have started firing. we are going to be watching for storms right through the afternoon and evening. right through busy places like boston, new york city again, expecting another round of storms. even d.c. it was a rough start to the day. more thunderstorms expected at the end of today as well, francis. more thunderstorms is the big story for the northeast one more day. >> hopefully, you know limited damage if if the all and limited flooding. the weather channel's jen carfagno. new information today from the dentist from killing cecil the lion. what he and his guide are saying today about that hunt. really disturbing video there that shows students shackled at an elementary cool. more on a new lawsuit filed against the sheriff's office on behalf of those children. and what's in the water? the olympic committee orders testing of the waters in rio after reports of raw sewage and super bacteria. that's not all they're finding
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over the controversial killing of zimbabwe's beloved lion cecil. several airlines will banning big game trophies on flights. they told the tribune monday that everything is just fine but refused to reveal where he is staying. walter palmer has stated that everything about his trip was legal and properly handled and conducted. meanwhile, the guide accused of helping palmer in the hunt told nbc news today quote, i do not feel i have done anything wrong. nbc's kristen dahlgren is joining me from london with the latest here and more on what they've said about stay wng the legal confine of that hunt. what else did they have to say? >> hi there, francis. it was a pretty short conversation in addition to
10:20 am
saying he didn't think he had done anything wrong bronchurst said this has been a stressful time for me and my family. we have been pulled into something we are not happy with. he didn't want to say anything else until his case had concluded. now, bronkhurst has pleaded not guilty. he is due back in court on tuesday me said say he and the minnesota dentist walter palmer obtained multiple permits. palmer was an totally innocent party. he said he thinks it's part of the culture and essential for conservation. >> the death of cecil's company and people are looking to raise money for wildlife conservation. tell me about this movement. >> we all know there's been this huge outcry. a lot of efforts to raise money. one of the biggest, there is now a cecil the lion beanie baby, proceeds going to researchers here in oxford. founder ty warner said hopefully the special beanie baby will raise awareness for
10:21 am
animal conservation and give come for the to all saddened by the loss of cecil. now a beanie baby raleally mainstream mourning and such port support for the lion. >> thank you very much for that report. coming up disturbing video shows students shackled at school. more on allegations filed in a new lawsuit on behalf of those children. and then we'll turn to the battle of the sexes. at your office. so let me ask you this. is your office's air conditioning biased against women? we'll have the sigh sense behind this new suggestion of sex echl when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door, so print all you want
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kaiser carlyle died sunday a-day after practice swing struck him in the head during an amateur game in kansas. kaiser was wearing a helmet but the bat caused serious injuries and left him in a coma. the foundation says they are taking the bat boys and girls off the field for the rest of the season, which ends on saturday. now to a federal lawsuit filed in kentucky over two elementary school students with disabilities handcuffed in school for misbehaving and they were handcuffed by a sheriff's deputy. a warning here some of this story may be very difficult to watch. here's nbc's john yang. >> reporter: the aclu says the video was taken by school personnel at an elementary school in covington, kentucky outside cincinnati. kenton county cher i've's deputy kevin sumner can be seen handcuffing a boy's arms behind him above his elbows. the suit filed monday says he was 57an 8-year-old third grader diagnose with post traumatic
10:26 am
stress disorder and hypertension disorder. according to the lawsuit he was sent tote vice principal's office after being disability related difficulties obeying his teacher. >> you can do what we ask you to. >> reporter: the suit quotes the deputy saying the boy had swung his arm around attempted to strike him with his elbow. >> we don't think handcuffs at the biceps are the way to treat an 8-year-old child, even if the child is emotionally distraught. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges that sumner also handcuffed a 9-year-old girl with adhd at another school after she didn't oh buy a teacher. >> children with disabilities should not be handcuffed especially when their behavior is related to their disability. >> reporter: the sheriff's office declined to comment because the litigation is pending. sumner didn't respond to telephone messages. civil rights advocates questioning why police are dealing with young students even those without disabilities. >> instead of treating things
10:27 am
like garden variety discipline they treat them like law enforcement problems. and it leads to the kind of inappropriate response that we saw here. >> reporter: the covington school district which is not named in the suit declined to comment on these incidents. but says deputies like sumner are in schools to maintain the safety of students and staff and are not called upon to punish or discipline a student. meanwhile, the aclu attorney says the boy in the video is haunted by what happened to him. >> for an 8-year-old kid to get handcuffed behind your back by a big man like that it was a terrifying experience and it stayed with him. >> reporter: as a federal court is now being asked whether it violated his constitutional rights. john yang, nbc news chicago. coming up surrender, the man accused of murdering a memphis police officer turns himself in to u.s. marshals. and then developing news in a courthouse in colorado. victims taking the stand in the
10:28 am
third and final stage in sentencing for james holmes. how will their words impact the jury. plus 14 of the 17 gop candidates for president? they take part in a same forum in the swing state of new hampshire. more on what could be the warm-up for thursday's big debate. that's ahead. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful,
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it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at welcome back. sometime after 5:00 p.m. today fox news will announce which ten candidates of the 17 major ones will make the stage for the first republican debate on thursday. last night most of the candidates gathered in new hampshire and in the absence of the real elephant in the room, donald trump, the candidates took aim at easy targets, namely president obama and hillary clinton. >> the president has for two times admitted that we don't have a strategy as it relates to isis. >> i would love to go against whether it's hillary clinton or joe biden. >> i'm fluent in clinton speak.
10:32 am
>> give bernie sarnd i credit at least he's honest touf to call himself a socialist. >> nbc is here from machine chester, new hampshire, he was in spin room last night. as you sew, this has been likened to speed dating for two hours. five minutes, and then he left. did anyone really go up there and make the case that they deserved to be on the debate stage in cleveland on thursday and will stand out in the process? >> well, it was very difficult for candidates to stand out. mostly because, as you mentioned, the format was so punishing, candidates seem to speak much faster than they normally did. some complained about having such a short time to talk including rick santorum and ben carson, thrown by the format. people got in their message. ted cruz was an elite debater in college, seemed very comfortable, repeatedly emphasizing how he had just
10:33 am
finished a vote to defund planned parenthood. he was coming in remotely. lindsey graham got in a joke that you can't trust hillary clinton because bill clinton lied about his affair with monica lewinsky tieing the two together. most people stuck to their tried and true talking points. >> i guess if somebody wanted to throw a zinger in there. lindsey graham threw in the whole clinton speak as well. a lot of attention but not necessarily what we h said but how he said it and what he didn't say when it comes to jeb bush, stumbling through the familiar question about his brother and father. >> oh, i have a different view fan my brother. my dad is probably the most perfect man alive so it's very hard for me to be critical of him. in fact, i got a t-shirt that says the jeb swag store that says, i'm the -- i'm the -- my dad is the greatest man alive. if you don't like it i'll take you outside.
10:34 am
>> all right. he could have said that, you no we, without the hesitation or without the stumbling, especially when it comes to the topic of his brother and his dad. it was almost like he had that kind of punch line you know, telling a joke and stumbling through the joke. kind of makes you say, okay get it out. you know you would think he would have been a little bit more prepared about that when talking about his family. >> i think this is an example of the format throwing people. that is an anecdote and line i've heard from jeb bush many, many times on the road. he uses it in town halls all the time. variations in speeches. but here once again, you're suddenly ushered hunted a stage, given very little time to talk. you just start speaking a million words a minute as soon as they give you a chance and you get caught off mid sentence as soon as the time runs out. i not like a debate where they give you leeway. it was hard out. i think jeb one was of several candidates there seen not to be able to get into a real rhythm even though they were saying things normally comfortable talking about. >> it makes you wonder how that warm-up will help prepare them
10:35 am
at aller rattle them even more so coming up for thursday. those who will end up on that stage. msnbc's benji, as always good to see you. thanks for the perspective. >> thank you. in about 30 minutes my interview with republican presidential candidate jim gilmore. of course, we want to keep you, you know involved in the politics conversation and keep that going with the debate just 48 hours away. we want you to weigh in on today's bing pulse question. asking you, should all 17 candidates be included in thursday's debate? so let's take a look at how you're voting so far and get a check of our scoreboard and see how we are. 64% of you say yes. all 17% republican candidate should be included. 36 of you say no. say no keep the voting coming in as we continue this discussion through the next hour and a half. join the debate by heading to and see how your vote will impact the results. another up bait for you on that later on. developing now, phase three of the penalty portion of the trial for convicted aurora
10:36 am
theater shooter james holmes. that is under way. and you are looking at images there from inside the courtroom in centennial colorado. this phase will likely include heart-wrenching testimony from those who lost loved ones in the 2012 shooting. jurors decided yesterday to keep the death penalty on the table for the convicted aurora movie theater shooter. that same jury found holmes guilty for killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. msnbc's scott cohn is covering the trial for us. tell us more about this phase three and how it could be considered some of the most gut wrempl wrenching and heartbreaking that we've heard so far. >> it is definitely living up to that francis. the court is now in a 90-minute lunch break. but if there was ever any doubt that three years after the aurora shooting would dull any of the pain for victims, this morning's testimony is putting that to rest. we heard just before the break
10:37 am
from tom sullivan whose son alex was killed on his 27th birthday. he talked about the frantic search for his son in the early morning hours of july 20th, 2012. before that robert wingo whose ex-wife rebecca was killed gnatin the massacre. the couple shared custody of two daughters and robert wingo described the impact of the loss of the daughters' mother. >> she was oh of she was fearless around intelligent, strong willed and those are some of the things that while they've been instilled in the kids, it's that's not a model that they have on a day-to-day basis anymore. >> defense attorney for holmes rebecca his told the jurors in hopinge opening statements in this phase, not to answer dealtth with death. they will have tomorrow to decide james holmes fate.
10:38 am
>> in centennial colorado. appreciate the update. thank you. a new update on the death of sandra bland who police say hanged herself in a jail while in custody. her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a texas sheriff's office. bland's family says they need more information like a full toxicology report and the time of her death. >> mother my inner is telling me that she did not do that. now, i'm the first one to tell you if the facts, the facts, i'm not talk about the fiction, if the facts show without a doubt that that was the case you know, i'll have to be prepared to deal with that. but the bottom line is she never should have been inside of the jail. >> bland was found dead in her waller county texas, jail cell three days after her arrest. used a plastic bag to hang herself which her family has strongly called into question.
10:39 am
the man accused of shooting a memphis police officer is behind bars. 29-year-old trymaine wilbourne turned himself in on monday. he is being held on a $9 million bond and he's expected to be arraigned tomorrow. police say wilbourne shot and killed officer sean bolton over the weekend after he apparently interrupted a drug deal. developing now. new undercover video released targeting planned parenthood. this latest video, the center for american progress has been edited so we do in the have the full context. here's a clip and some may consider it disturbing. >> and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers then we can make it part of the budget that any dissections are this and splitting the ing theting the specimens into. different shipments is this. it's all just a matter of line items. >> it is the fifth heavily
10:40 am
edited undercover video released by the center for american progress. planned parenthood has pushed back on the videos and has maintained the recordings are misleading. here's what senator barbara boxer had to say this morning to my colleague on tissue research. >> this is something that's been going on since the 1930s and led to the vaccine against polio. and it has led to the vaccine against shingles and rubella. if you're against fetal tissue research let's have that battle. it's totally legal. >> of course this all coming one day after the failed senate vote to defund planned parenthood. msnbc's carmen joins me now and good to see you. let's talk about this especially when it comes to planned parenthood. they released this statement saying, quote, extremists who oppose planned parenthood's mission and services are making outrageous and completely false claims. and take a listen to what
10:41 am
president cecile richards told our colleague andrea mitchell earlier today. >> it's really important to understand that all of this is about denying women access to health care and the vote tonight will be about denying women access to birth control, cancer screenings, testing and treatment, for many women where planned parenthood is their only doctor. >> comment coming to us yesterday before the vote to defund planned parenthood. so let's start with this and talking about why fetal tissue research is important. we heard from barbara boxer and know that research led to the vaccines that we now rely on today. but also, the involvement with planned parenthood and the overall controversy over whether planned parenthood is benefiting, is profiting from it. >> right. so the allegation is that planned parenthood has illegally profited from the sale of fetal tissue. the amount of money being discussed in thisses videos $50 to $150 you know does not suggest that anything more than reimbursements are happening.
10:42 am
planned parenthood may be more vulnerable to the charges they may have agreed to or verbally discussed changing procedures, which is also illegal. something that i think is really important to note here is that you know this is a list of the roll call. in 1993 when the ban on fetal tissue research was lifted the republican votes for it were plentiful. john mccain voted for it. mitch mcconnell who suffered from polio as a child voted for it. this was a bipartisan issue. so it's very interesting to see just the very fact whether or not planned parenthood is allegedly following the regulations or not but the very fact of participating in these fetal tissue donation programs becoming controversial now. where in 1993 many republicans did vote for it. >> it seems like the center for american progress and the videos that have been released again, fully edited there is the center for medical progress i should say, that there is this shock value they're relying on, the graphic nature if you watch the videos you see definitely as
10:43 am
they're going through some of this tissue in here. what is planned parenthood outside of speaking publicly about it as we've heard from planned parenthood's president, what is their game plan as far as combating these attacks? >> well, the best news for planned parenthood came this week in the nbc/"wall street journal" poll showed that it was more popular than any institution polled and that includes among independents. that is going to make politicians who might be nervous about the graphic nature of the videos and allegations made around them that's going to make them stand by planned parenthood probably with a little bit more ease. what plarnd planned parenthood has not done so far is seek an injunction blocking the release of the videos which other organizations that were secretly recorded have done so far. >> all right. msnbc, thank you for the update. >> thank you francis. now, to viruses, solution pollution. real concerns about the water in rio. could it endanger the health of the athletes? plus, closer to home. seven now confirmed dead in a
10:44 am
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10:47 am
alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. rio de janiero now just one year away there are concerns over a new report that says the water that athletes will be competing in is rife with viruses that some experts say could pose a health hazard. associated press investigation found a single virus tested 1.7 million times higher than what is considered has sor douse on a southern california beach. the international olympic committee says world health experts found no significant risk to athletes, but they only tested for viruses and not bacteria. brazil says they will be ready. >> also guarantee they will compete in safe waters during games time. in swimming, in rowing and in sailing. >> nbc news chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson joins me now.
10:48 am
anne great to see you as we shed light on this, we are talking about 400 tons in the bay alearn including all times of raw sewage even a sofa from one image i saw. >> they have two basic problems. they have all that debris if you will sofa plastic bottles, shoes i saw. but they also have a problem that raw sewage goes in to the water where's the olympic athletes will be competing. only about half of the raw sewage is actually treated in rio. and when stharpthey were granted the games they promised they would get that number up to 80%. it's not going to get there. city officials have admitted that. >> what is astounding now is you have american athletes already in the waters already training here in the waters that's questionable. here's what luke mcgee coach of the u.s. national men's rowing team, had to say about the water danger there. >> it's certainly a concern for us and something that we have been in constant contact with the ioc and our federation and
10:49 am
they've assured us they've done continuous testing up through the year. >> all right. so in our last 30 seconds here you have him saying that and some athletes saying we've been training in that and we're okay. >> members of the u.s. sailing team said we're out there yesterday with miguel almaguer and told him we have not gotten sick at all. we had try athletes swimming in copacabana beach and they had no reports of illnesses yet. it's certainly olympic officials are concerned about and people here in the u.s. are worried about. >> especially when you see the video and you look at the nastiness of it. >> i know. >> really disgusting alone. we hope our athletes stay safe out there as we're looking at this video now as they train. nbc's anne thompson as always good to see you. still to come, the battle of the sexes at your office. consider this question is your office's air conditioning biased against women? we'll have the science behind that argument. my name is anne.
10:50 am
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oh man. i fight this battle every day at home and work. the thermostat dates back to well likely the invention of the thermostat. and it's a fight that doesn't stop once you leave the house. even in the workplace, i can a attest to this. there's a constant debate over how much is too much when it comes to the ac. here's nbc's jenna wolf. >> turn up the ac. >> yeah. >> my goodness. >> blazing. >> there is no relief in sight. >> reporter: hot town. summer in the city. but inside it's a different story. or should i say a different season? >> you need long sleeves. a blanket. and a blazer? >> just in case. >> it can be 100 degrees outside and it feels like the north pole in here. >> reporter: this stays at the desk throughout the summer? >> yeah. >> shivering going on. >> reporter: an old formula may be to blame for the tus l. a study of journal climate
10:54 am
change journal says many temperatures are determined by an inaccurate model of the 1960s and based on the resting metabolic rate of a 154-pound 40-year-old man. fast forward more than half a century, half of the work force is female and the thermostats haven't budged. the study confirmed that the great air conditioning debate not just in your head. in general, higher room temperature than home and office temperatures and a balmy 77 degrees for a woman compared to cool 71.6 for men. >> women tend to have lower metabolic rates and burn off energy slower an give off less heat than men and tend to be colder. women tend to wear skirts and maybe the legs are bare and cold and men wear more layers jablts or suits. adding them together, it is more likely that a difference between
10:55 am
men aim women is more pronounced. >> reporter: it is a battle of the sexes not likely to end any time soon. >> yeah. until we win, this is my blanket. you know i go around with it every day. so thanks to nbc's jenna wolf for actually showing us a legitimate argument. something else that you should do turning the temperature up here are suggestions. turn the thermostats up up every degree above 78 saves 2% on the energy bill and every degree below is an extra 6% and avoid appliances giving off heat by the thermostats. also maintain your air conditioners. cleaning filters can reduce energy consumptions up to 15%. so ladies here we are with our blankets and sweatshirts. much more on the top story at the top of the hour. who will make the cut? bing question today, should all
10:56 am
17 republican candidates be included in thursday's debate? weigh in. unprecedented wildfires in california. worst drought in years. flooding in the southeast. so what's the cost of all this natural disaster? we'll talk to one of the world's leading experts on the issue in our next hour. a deadly spike in violence in baltimore. when's behind the rise in deaths? we'll speak to a local community leader when msnbc live comes back. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day,
10:57 am
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your throat or tongue swells you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit good afternoon. good to be with you. i'm francis riviera. we are in survivor mode. for 17 republican candidates presidential candidates and sometime after 5:00 p.m. fox news will determine who makes the main stage for the first gop debate thursday night. based on the criteria nbc news estimates it could be what the stage looks like. in john kasich and chris
11:00 am
christie, two current republican governor governors. out rick perry. fox news could make room for a 11th candidate. 14 of the candidates at the forum before the debit and absent is front-runner donald trump. they hit upon reliable republican talking points. >> this president two times admitted that we don't have a strategy as it relates to isis. >> i don't think this administration is serious about border security or serious about protecting working men and women. >> if clinton and kerry are responsible for sending billions of dollars to iran -- >> i'm joined by chuck todd moderator of "meet the press" on nbc. gooed to see you here. approaching thursday, and this debate donald trump has we know leading in all the main polls including the latest. so how do you think thursday night will differ from last night when he enters the room besides the fact that yes, he
11:01 am
is there and, yes, they'll have to talk about him. >> the format frankly just odd. i thought the description is debate speed dating. it was probably very accurate. and there wasn't -- it limited any interactions between candidates. is look. i think thursday it's hard to imagine to hear a lot of substance because you have 60-second responses. 30-second rebuttal. that doesn't allow for a lot of discussion. you might get an interesting back and forth and an actual debate might break out every once in a while between two candidates but i don't expect a lot. look. as far as dealing with trump, i think donald trump's strategy and you saw it sunday morning with me, he's being caricatured as the bombastic guy, dominate. i think he wants to present himself as i'm not a caricature in the media. i think the candidates on the ends of the podiums, over there, on the wings of the stage, they
11:02 am
may be incentivized to go after him to make a highlight reel. jeb bush and scott walker i think fairfulearful of back and forths with him. i think that's the most interesting dynamic is jeb and walker and trump. >> as far as the donald being the donald and trumpifying this gawker famously published the phone number and used it as a marketing ploy. >> hi this is donald trump. i'm running for the presidency of the united states of america. with your help and support, together we can make america truly great again. visit me at twitter at real donald trump and check out the campaign website at www.donald hope to see you on the campaign trail. we're going to do it. >> the mailbox is full and
11:03 am
cannot accept any messages at this time. good-bye. >> chuck, you have talked about his honesty, brutal. accessibility. would you say that that in essence is the genius of donald trump, he is just a supreme marketer that in branding his name as a brand he succeeded and everybody's going to -- not everybody but a lot are for the taking an buying trump? >> well what it is we're in a weird moment right, in the way we consume media, our expectation. we don't hold anybody up high on a pedestal anymore. celebrities, politicians, those sort of folks. he may be in a perfect spot unfiltered style, unfiltered nature plays well in a social media climate. so even though he may not be as nimble may not be mr. snap chat, his instincts play well in social media. frankly, sometimes a little too quick to fire back if somebody gets under his skin.
11:04 am
but it actually is the currency of social media. and he seems more authentic than the rest of the candidates put together all of whom who probably hired social media consultants to help them. there's no doubt in my mind there's not a consultant right now working for donald trump's campaign. >> all right. let's turn to joe biden today. he spoke with the press there and addressed them and when asked if he was running, he said only the reporter you know if you're going to be my running mate and kind of joking and sister, long-time adviser, hasn't had a single conversation about it. is this a weekend story that's going to end with that or are there legs here? >> well look. until he says what he is going to do it's a viable story. i this i the real thing is nothing's changed except hillary clinton's poll numbers. okay? joe biden six months ago said he would make a decision by the end of the summer. we are not yet at the end of the
11:05 am
summer. what is changed? hillary clinton doesn't look so strong today compared to six months ago so i think it's easy for reporters to find democrats that are wringing their hands, little bit nervous, little bit concerned and then say, there's joe biden and his poll numbers have never been better and we are in a moment here. i think the fact that joe biden wanted to have a little fun with the reporter tells you he's going to flirt with this for a little while. but i don't think he has had the conversation yet. and again, the valerie owens news is really important. she has run his cam pains in the past. >> right. >> until the family sits down and has this discussion which they haven't yet, i don't think we know what's going on. >> considering the money talk after. the money he needs to have the campaign if there that's the case. chuck todd gr tote see you and hear from you. you can watch chuck every sunday morning on your local nbc
11:06 am
station. i'm joined by one of the gop presidential candidates who's not at the forum last night in new hampshire. former virginia governor jim gilmore. thank you for being with us. appreciate your time. >> thank you, francis. >> especially with the main stage debate stage on thursday you won't make that. so how would you suggest news platforms handle the other debates and especially when you see that crowd already fighting for elbow room you're trying to get your way in there and it's interesting you said you know what? it's an opportunity to appear multiple times in additional debates for you. how will that happen? >> well i think that once the american people begin to concentrate on a person's credentials, on their experience, and what their message is and their mission for the united states and in my case, i think that's all very well defined, i think that every opportunity ought to be taken to reach out to the american people. if you have this many candidates in, i think the public is going to say, wait a minute what do people have to offer instead of just concentrating on the most money or who today has the most
11:07 am
notoriety. i think this after a while people will say, who can be the president of the united states? when this time comes, i have a very good chance. >> what makes you think, sir? you weren't worried about missing the first debate and likely make up for it in the coming months? >> i'm not unworried about missing any debate. i think the opportunity to get on any stage and tell what my story is and what i need to do for the country is pivotal. what that is is a focus on the national security of this country. >> okay. >> i have the credentials to deal with tishss and that and the economy of this country is most important issue and what i want to bring to the american people. >> all rightment we can't ignore donald trump's broad based appeal. according to bloomberg, all ages, both sexes, many income levels and trump talking about what he thinks he'll win when he appeared on "morning joe." let's listen. >> a lot of hispanic that is are legally in this country, they agree with me. i'm getting letters and calls
11:08 am
all the time. i think i'm going to win -- this will surprise you. i think i'm going to win the hispanics and the african-american vote. >> all right. set aside that claim as far as -- you know many will say it's debatable to say the least. how do you or the other candidates for that compete with that and the strategy for breaking out of that and donald trump's surge? >> well when i ran for governor, i got a very substantial portion of the african-american vote. i haven't sent anything but a positive message to the latino community. i think we have a lot of challenges to meet and a lot of issues that we have to address on the immigration issue and other places. but, you know donald trump's message is not what i want to do. what i want to do is concentrate on the dangers to this country that's being faced now because of the obama/clinton policies of weakening this country and making it a more dangerous place for people -- for americans. i'm going to concentrate on protecting americans and american interest. and you can't do that unless you
11:09 am
absolutely build up the economy of the united states and i have a well published and well definaled plan for doing that in order to build up the economy, get the growth if a significant way and my message to the american people. i'm not interested in what other people are saying right now. it's what i have to offer to america. >> if donald trump is the nominee, would you support him? >> i've always supported the republican candidate, always been a loyal republican. frankly, with the democrats on the other side that wouldn't be a very tough choice for me. >> even the that's donald trump, a republican candidate for president former governor gilmore gilmore. thank you. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. developing now 3:00 p.m. eastern, new hampshire fire marshal giving an update on the circus tent collapse that killed three people. a father and a daughter were killed. 32 people taken to local hospitals. investigators are on the scene and one of the witnesses spoke to nbc's ron allen and says the tent may not have been secure.
11:10 am
>> to me, it didn't seem like anything was down tight, like the poles and stuff because they came right up quick. it didn't even seem like they were in the ground. >> the walker brothers circus event for tonight has since been canceled. also developing in california, raging wildfires continue to burn across the northern part of the state. right now, there are 23 firls currently burning. the largest blaze, the rocky fire has burned 65,000 acres. white house press secretary josh earnest said the president is watching the situation. >> yesterday the national preparedness level was raised to 3. three or more gentlemen graphic areas requiring elevated management and more resources and fire crews. >> nbc's jennifer borklund is following this. they have troubles as well as
11:11 am
progress. >> reporter: there are definitely troubles with the fire francis. so unpredictable. what we have been hearing is that none of the behaviorists that you look at fires and that have been researching how these fires move and shift with the winds and the fuels really know when's happening with this particular fire. this is the biggest one, 65,000 or so acres here. the rocky fire north of san francisco. it's been moving in such unpredictable ways that fire crews admonished to be more careful, the look at what the fire's doing right then and there and cannot predict what it's going to do. you said something about two dozen fires, 23 24 fires burning in the state of california. some of those fires if you look at their names, they're called say the humble fire complex and that means it's a series of firl that is are close enough together that they just lump it in and treat it as one incident and can have three or four and in this case, 75 lightning
11:12 am
strikes in 1 area all burning and moving towards fuel in all different directions. and it's a very very difficult fire to kind of pull apart and figure out how to attack. they have been trying to figure out how to attack this fire for days and it is still moving out of control and out of their expectations. and there is really no explanation for why it's so unpredictable. >> hopefully the weather will be on their side continuing the fight that. jennifer in lake port california, appreciate the update. thank you. coming up we'll stick with this. recent spade of extreme weather, when's the real cost to the environment when severe storms strike? and also ahead -- >> the boat went this way an i fell right out. >> a man treads water for four hours after the boat overturns. one thing he said kept him alive and fighting. new comments of minnesota dentist that killed cecil the
11:13 am
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11:16 am
from california to florida, several parts of the country dealing with extreme weather today. the wildfires in california the massive flooding in florida, just two of the big ones. and it comes on the heels of president obama unveiling his final rules regarding climate change. but it also brings up the question, what is the cost of extreme weather? a report from the epa last month revealed the united states could face as much as $180 billion in economic losses due to drought and water shortages alone. joining me now is michael mann at penn state university and also the author of "dire
11:17 am
predictions, understanding climate change." professor, we appreciate you being here with us to shed light on this. when you look at that number and $180 billion, do you agree with that estimate? and can you really put a dollar amount on it? >> thanks francis. good to be with you. yes. in fact, if you look at the numbers, if you tally up the damage that's being done by climate change already in the form of more extreme weather events by some measures it's more than a trillion dollars worldwide. that's more than a percent of our total economy worldwide. so yes. climate change is already taking a great toll on our economy. that toll will become much greater if we don't doing in about it. >> that's a krin edible amount of money and dollars lost. what would it be and constitute it? >> well you know pretty much everything. damage done by wildfires like breaking out in california right now. the devastation to california which, of course is a major
11:18 am
source of produce and fruits and nuts for the rest of us here in the u.s. their economy is being impacted and all of us are paying higher food prices as a result. the damage done by extreme weather, sandy, superstorm sandy did more than $60 billion worth of damage and we know when people say well you can't blame sandy on climate change we know if nothing else superstorm sandy flooded 26 additional square miles of coastal area because just 1 foot of global foot of sea level rise so far. imagine six feet which we're on course potentially to see by the end of the century. >> right. when you talk about, you know the amount lost here there's also a report that found that global policy curbing climate change save estimated $200 billion in savings to the u.s. economy. okay. when you dollar and cents it
11:19 am
that may cause people to say, okay, now i pay attention. how do you convince the worldwide community that changes need to be made and to stick with it? >> yeah. well, the bottom line is when people say well it costs a lot to act on this problem, it's costing a whole lot more to not act right now. the cost of inaction already is far greater than the cost of taking action. and that becomes more true over time. it's a matter of deferred maintenance. the longer we wait to bring down our emissions, the more extreme weather we potentially lock in the more extreme climate change that we bake in to the picture. and sooner we act, the less it costs. >> i'm sure it starts with a mind-set. we live in a culture of excess, being spoiled. professor mann thank you very much for your perspective. >> thank you. coming up, disturbing new
11:20 am
video shows grade school age children shackled at school. and survival at sea. a man treads water for four hours after his boat overturns. what kept him going? we'll have that when we come back. everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait.
11:21 am
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11:23 am
now to an amazing story of survival. take a look that the terrifying video of a man being saved off the coast of new jersey this weekend. damien sexton tossed overboard 44 miles from the coast of cape may. he swam ten miles through a raging storm motivated by the love of his family. before last-minute rescue by the coast guard. tamron hall brings us more. >> reporter: to safety in the dead of night, lucky to be alive. after falling overboard, this man swimming for four hours, 44 miles off the coast of new jersey. >> the boat went this way and i
11:24 am
fell right out. >> reporter: cold without a life jacket praying for a miracle. >> a big thunderstorm. giant bolts of lightning and just waves that were huge. >> reporter: what started as a fun day of fishing with a friend turned into every sailor's worst nightmare. >> by the time i came out of the water, i saw the boat. and it kept going. >> mayday mayday. >> the wind was so bad it was blowing me back or it was blowing the ship away from me. >> reporter: nearly drowning, he says he swam about ten miles. >> i coughed water out of my lungs so many times and all i would have had to do is take one breath of water and it was over. >> reporter: numb from the cold and cramping up thoughts of his family were what kept him alive. >> i just couldn't picture the next day somebody coming to tell them that i'm not going to be home anymore. because i knew it would ruin their lives. >> i almost lost my whole world. i love him more than anything.
11:25 am
>> reporter: finally, reunited with his boat his friend threw him a lifeline and then air lifted him to the hospital where he made a full recovery. >> i'm happy to be here. i really am. >> hugging the family tighter, i'm sure. competitors trumped. a new poll shows the donald way out front with a debate just days away. also ahead, rise in crime. the death toll in baltimore nearly 200 for the year so far. i'll speak with a local religious leader about what can be done. outbreak seven confirmed dead in a rash of legislation their's outbreak in new york.
11:26 am
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11:29 am
for the first gop presidential debate thursday night. donald trump will be center stage as the republican front-runner on the final two spots on the end of the stage new jersey governor chris christie and ohio governor john kasich and missing the cut can be former texas governor rick perry. if there's a tie for the final spot, a 11th podium may be added. there's flurry of republican polls today. cbs news poll shows donald trump with a 11-point lead. jeb bush second and wisconsin governor scott walker third. a bloomberg politics poll has a similar result. trump up by 11 points and a fox news poll shows trump with a 11-point lead over jeb bush followed by walker and finally a monmouth university poll has trump up by 14 points. i'm joined now by patrick murray director of polling at monmouth university. thank you for being with us as we tackle down the numbers.
11:30 am
>> thank you. >> you can't deny it in the polling. donald trump seems to be a force here with a double digit lead. look at the numbers from your latest poll starting with trump does well with every brand of republican. he polls as well with moderates as he does with people who call themselves very conservative. so where is this coming from and this is the donald trump that made the controversial, offensive comments an now seeing this type of lead. >> seemed like the support only increased the more vitriol he came out with. you showed one about ideology and issues and age, we looked at gender, tea party. we looked at all sorts of things an saying he is drawing support from all these groups which makes it very difficult for whoever's going to be on stage with him in a debate to decide how do you go after him in you might stick off a constituency an you want to get yourself. >> what's the common factor here coming to donald trump pulling all of these groups together and
11:31 am
saying, yeah you know what? we like the guy. we like donald trump. >> my best guess is again, we're six months out from the first vote right? we're talking about voter who is are trying to send a message and seems to be the career politicians don't know how to run washington. we see polls that show republicans very upset with their own party and congress and maybe saying government competence doesn't matter and why not donald trump? >> all right. take a lock at another set of numbers from your poll. his favorables, they have flipped from negative to positive. he's gone from a net negative of minus 35 to a net positive of plus 17. among republicans. so when you talk about this as a branding machine, donald trump marketing genius is that how he did it? how else did he do it? >> that is amazing. we never see that kind of movement in favorability numbers. i tell everybody at the very beginning, don't pay as much attention to horse race.
11:32 am
favorabilities don't move and now somebody can do a total flip in two months on the favorable ratings. and the question we're asking ourselves is why. i think the question is first they didn't view him as a real politician and then somebody willing to say anything and everything and a certain number of republicans who that appeals to. >> can that be a problem for him, though, early on? >> hard to see how it lasts. people turn around and say, look, i have to go with somebody with competence and it's been fun and we have to turn attention to somebody else. >> that's what they were saying a month ago and maybe a different tune when it comes to debate time which is, you know, thursday. >> see how they handle it. >> patrick murray, thank you very much for the perspective and the breakdown of the numbers. thank you. kelly osbourne is slamming donald trump on "the view" today and waded into the controversial comments of immigration. >> if you kick every latino out of this country then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, donald trump?
11:33 am
>> the other cohosts initially taken aback by the remarks and then rosy perez said she was overly offended and defended her and some people thought the comments were racially charged. developing now, phase three of the portion of the trial for james holmes under way. heartwrenching testimony from robert wingo who lost his ex-wife and mother of his children rebecca. >> she was -- she was fearless and intelligent, strong willed and those are some of things that while they have been instilled in the kids it's -- that's not a mod thael they have on a day-to-day basis anymore. >> jurors decided yesterday to keep the death penalty on the table for the convictioned aurora movie theater shooter. same jury found holmes guilty killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. city of baltimore is
11:34 am
recovering from a violent weekend and two hours alone, ten people were shot leaving a man dead. well, this comes on the heels of a record setting july. 45 people killed. the city's highest death count since august of 1972 when 45 people were killed. but this year has seen a 57% jump in homicides. for example, there have been 167 shooting deaths so far in 2015 according to the baltimore sun and already seven more shooting deaths than in all of last year. joining me now is pastor jamal bryant. pastor, thank you for being with us, especially a time of so much change that many of the community are expecting in baltimore. that's seen five months with 40-plus murders in as many years. >> yes. >> two of them are from this year. so you have been out walking the community all summer long and calling peace patrols so what do you have to say as far as the spike in this crime? we know that the state attorney
11:35 am
mosby said it's violent repeat offenders, a small group of people that keep that crime, that cyclical motion of the crime. do you explain it that way? >> i think it's a spike in hopelessness. you've got two different groups growing. great commentation to 300 men group going through the streets and then the collective churches have organized what you mentioned. the peace patrols every thursday, friday and saturday nights from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. but still, we have got a whole lot of traction and a whole lot of ground to cover. the statistic that is you're quoting are really unsightly for us that it's become a really wild, wild west and a reduction in the value of life and so we've got a herculean task to raise the standard of expectation which will cause for
11:36 am
the city to raise the standard of opportunities. >> we all know that you're also getting help on the federal level. "wall street journal" reports ten federal law enforcement agents assigned for 60 days to help them get on the streets and seen so many calls for more efforts on community policing what is it that the federal agents will do that might result in any change? >> i think what's critical for the viewers to be aware of is that we just had the retrenchment of the baltimore police commissioner and have an interim one so the department in and of itself is going through a complete makeover that we're trying to shift it. so this new interim commissioner to make inroads into the community, while faith leaders stepping up to the plate. really trying to take some ownership. we have got over 2,000 churches in the city of baltimore and so we're trying to push every church to adopt a corner. so that we can do our part. and so irresponsible of us to
11:37 am
put it all on the police and all on the government but the community has a role to play and we have got to in fact hold ourselves to accountability, as well. >> if you consider the words of maryland representative cummings saying the only people making good in the city are the morticians, our city is better than that in his words. hopefully we'll see that change. pastor bryant of baltimore's empowerment temple we thank you for your time. best of luck to you. >> thank you. switching gears now and fallout in the wake of the killing of cecil the lion in zimbabwe. airlines are banning hunted animal trophies from the planes talking about the buffalo, elephant leopard, lion or rhino. so, will the outrage bring big game hunting to extinction? gabe gonzalez is at an animal sanctuary in locust grove,
11:38 am
georgia. gabe? >> reporter: francis, good afternoon. we are here at noah's ark animal's sanctuary and these truly are amazing creatures. right now, there's a growing international debate over whether big game hunting should be outlawed completely. this morning, the global backlash against the killing of cecil the lion is growing. united and american airlines banning shipments of hunting trophies just hours after del the announced a similar ban. >> i don't know why anybody wants those kind of trophies. i mean i just don't. i mean if you're not going to eat it why kill it? >> reporter: zimbabwe is still seeking the extradition of walter palmer. palmer maintains everything about the trip was legal and properly handled to his knowledge. now, a second american doctor from pittsburgh is in the spotlight for a trophy hunt. he's not commented but the guide is arrested and charged with hunting without a permit. mounting outrage against big
11:39 am
game hunters like rebecca francis and kendall jones. a critic writing, wondering how people live with themselves. >> this is not really a story about good guys and bad guys. this is a story about how humanity wants to interact in the long run with nature. and i think this is a historic moment. >> reporter: a 2009 report by a conservation group estimates tourists kill 105,000 animals in africa every year a business that generates about $200 million. advocates sabaning big game hunting would be a knee jerk reaction and a mistake. >> fastest way to threaten a sme species is quit hunting it. people want to pursue them and pay big money to do that and then goes to conservation of that animal. >> reporter: zimbabwe suspended big game hunting and not banned it outright.
11:40 am
overnight, nbc news reached the hunter accused of helping the minnesota dennis kill cecil the lion and reiterated he did nothing wrong and he defended the hunt. francis? >> nbc's gabe gonzalez thank you for that. a quick update a local newspaper in minneapolis said they reached the reclusive dr. palmer. they report that he said quote, everything is just fine. and then hung up. now to some other stories that caught our eye. at least five cars were damaged near pittsburgh. it was all chap chured and the driver and another trash collector stepped away from the truck when the brakes disengaged and rolled down a hill. you can see the two men chasing after the vehicle. fortunately, after all that no one was hurt. netherlands, two cranes fell over on to a group of houses and businesses. the two heavy machines lifting part of a bridge and when they toppled over. one man was briefly buried under the rubble and unclear how many more were injured.
11:41 am
prosecutors there launched a criminal investigation. and changing gears here, there's proof that those min i don't know minions are trying to take over the world. a balloon was loose and landed on a busy road. look how huge it is. the big, yellow character deflated in order to be moved. some motorists thought it was funny. a city councilman called it a breach of health and safety. no word if it was bob or kevin. as far as the minion goes. look at the bundle of cuteness here. who wouldn't want to experience this? port authority of new york and new jersey helped to deliver this baby girl. mom and dad and 2-year-old brother on a platform b in the world trade center on the way to the hospital. social media lit up with well wishers including from the
11:42 am
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11:45 am
[laughing] a kentucky sheriff's deputy and office sued for shackling two children with disabilities. an 8-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl for disbehaveing. there's video of 2014. we have to warn you. it's difficult to watch. >> you don't get to swing at me like that. >> you don't get to swing at me like that. you can do what we have asked you to do or you can -- >> it hurts! >> it's your decision to behave this way. if you want the handcuffs off, you have to behave and ask you nicely and if you're behaving i'll take them off. if you act up you won't get them off. >> the deputy is kevin sumner.
11:46 am
he was working as a resource officer and according to the complaint the boy identified as sr was sent to the vice principal's office after experiencing, quote, disability related difficulties complying with his teacher. the officer says the child tried to hit him with his elbow. well, in the video the arms are held behind his back with a cuffs above his elbows and on his bicep as you can see there. the video over seven minutes long and the lawsuit says that he was restrained for 15 minutes. really tough to listen to as well, as you watch that. the superintendent says resource officers maintain the safety and not directed punish or discipline students that engage in a school related offense. nbc reached out the the sheriff's office and declined to discuss specifics of the suit and speaking with their attorney. i have a representative of both
11:47 am
families in this case. thank you for being with us here. first of all, these children went through emotional distress and trauma after based on this suit. how are they doing now? >> they're doing as good as can be expected. they are with their mothers who love them very much but as you can see imagine any child who goes through something like this is going to have an ongoing fear of law enforcement. they have had difficulties sleeping. they have nightmares. it's been a horrible experience. >> well, i have to ask you, in watching that video, one videos two other alleged instances involving another female student. but how is that video obtained? because i understand that it was a member of the school staff who recorded it? >> that's correct. the school official recorded it. and through kentucky's open records act, freedom of information act, the recording was requested as part of the
11:48 am
investigation in this case and it was provided to us by the school. >> and did they make attempts to hide that they were hiding it. did the deputy know that he was being recorded? >> the full recording begins prior to the school resource officer entering the room. so it's unclear whether the school resource officer knew it was -- there was a recording or not. it was going on before he arrived and it continued after he arrived. >> it is astounding. when i read this suit myself and the other -- the other girl here the student, who is identified as lg, they about how she ran away seeing her after the first incident and then after that he cuffed her again. struggling for about 30 minutes. here. and kneeling for about 30 minutes. just reading the details, it goes beyond the disturbance of
11:49 am
that video. >> well it does. and the really disturbing part of all this is evident from the video. these handcuffs are not made for children. in order for the handcuffs to be utilized he had to handcuff the child behind the child's back at the elbows. they're not made for this. there's no place for handcuffing children for any reason in the school system particularly for disciplinary purposes and kentucky law clearly for bids it. >> the sheriff's office there, also, the deputies what is it the aclu is expecting and asking for? >> well we have got a good team. i'm a lawyer in private practice in louisville and we have a great partnership with an organization called the children's law center and we are being assisting by the aclu and the clients don't want other
11:50 am
children exposed this this. i'm amazed by the clients, family's desire to make effect change through this lawsuit. >> outside the outcome of the suit, hopefully the children on the road of doing okay and recovering from that. kenyon mier thank you for the update. >> thank you. up next seven now confirmed dead in an outbreak of legionnaire's here in new york. i'll speak with a doctor about how the disease is spread and how you can stay safe. that's next.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
legionnaire's disease claimed the lives of seven people in new york city and more than 80 people diagnosed since july. the mayor gave an update on the city's response late this morning. >> for too long the risk of legionnaire's was underestimated. we are going to be very aggressive in dealing with this problem. we do not accept this as an
11:54 am
inherent risk that can't be address addressed. >> dr. debbie joins me now with ny school of medicine. doctor, thank you for being this. here's legionnaire's and how easy or tough to get it? >> it's a bacterial infection. you inhale water droplets ac a hot tub. comes through a mist. and it's not necessarily easy to catch but the thing is in this situation in the bronx, the thought is that these water towers contaminated and supplying the cooling units in a building. cleaning the ac and stuff is not enough. they have to be totallistery sterilized. >> just to clarify, if you sneeze i shouldn't worry i get it. >> no. >> there's an air conditioning or humidifier with droplets infected then maybe that's the kiss. >> exactly. exactly. you won't get it automatically.
11:55 am
if you're sick to begin with people with cancer diabetes something where the immune system is weak more at risk or lung problems, asthma they're more likely to have serious complications fie you're they will think chances are this is something you might be able to get through. >> of course. for the people who are concerned in those areas, developing any symptoms, a cough, cold they should be evaluated right away. it can be treated with antibiotics. >> good to know. especially here in the city. doctor, thank you so much for joining me. appreciate it i. thomas and i will be back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. hope you join us. until them keep the conversation going. luke russert picks up the coverage next. thank you for being with us. a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop
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11:59 am
it is tuesday afternoon. i'm luke russert. heavy flames out west and heavy hearts back east as parts of california burn. officials in new hampshire right now are updating us on that deadly circus tent collapse. our other big story coming on the air, though political pins and needles in the 2016 race. two hours until we learn which candidates on stage in cleveland for the first gop presidential debate. we believe it looks like this with former texas governor perry on the outside looking in and talk of a 11th candidate to join the main show. either way, it is expected to be a full house. just look at what it was like last night on stage for a gop forum in new hampshire. msnbc political reporter ben ji sarlin was there. i thought the candidates fairly rehearsed. nobody wanted to step in it. cause a big scene. a good opportunity for lesser knowns to shine with no trump on stage. what did you take away?
12:00 pm
>> reporter: well i think this is the first time we grappled with that many candidates on stage running for president at the same time and means you get very little time to make the case and you have to immediately hit the ground running and launch into the rehearsed talking points as fast as you can. they seemed nervous and get everything out at once and the biggest difference was probably that there's no donald trump. trump was one of the only major candidates with mike huckabee to skip the event. things were just let's say it boring. cordial and friendly. no pot shots at each other. they mostly stuck to talking about their message or laying attacks on democrats and trump will be there on thursday and engaging with other candidates so it should be very interesting what happens there and trump was in fact on


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