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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 6, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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you tomorrow morning. if it's way too early what time is it? >> "morning joe." stick around. "the rundown" is next. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. we start "the rundown" with breaking news on missing malaysia airlines flight mh370. malaysia's transport minister said new aircraft debris including a plane window has been found on the coast of reunion island in the west indian ocean. the same area where a wing fragment was found, the fragment that officials say now came from mh370. the transport minister spoke just a short time ago about the new debris that was found. >> plane window and also some aluminum foil. many items. i can't itemize one by one, but many collected and we have sent to the authorities. but i cannot confirm. >> meantime french authorities
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analyzing the piece of wing last week are moving cautiously stopping short of declaring the flaperon belongs to mh370, only saying they can strongly prump lyly presume it's from the missing plane. some of the family think they're too anxious to draw conclusions. >> unfortunately, no closure. we've got a long way to go for that. >> such a tiny piece of debris mean, she asks on a 230-ton plane? why are they trying to fool us? to make us take the compensation money? we'll definitely not accept it. >> let's go live to france. alistair is there. tell us about the latest on the new debris found on reunion island. >> that's right. well that's transport minister you heard from just a few seconds ago, he kind of took the other countries in this complex international investigation slightly by surprise this morning. when he made those comments
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about what was washed up on the shore. he said that it was absolutely plane debris but wasn't sure that it was from mh370, but authorities on reunion aren't saying anything at all. and a lot of the items that were found on the island's shores over the weekend and in recent days frankly just turned out to be trash. so we have to be cautious to see whether, you know this could be an important development or not. authorities here in france say they haven't been notified of any new discoveries at all, and they're not expecting any new debris at this laboratory jose. >> let's talk more about what goats on in france. the latest authorities are saying there is that the wing fragment being analyzed is from a 777, probably mh370, but no more than that right? >> absolutely. the authorities, the french authorities here say of course it is almost certainly likely to be from mh370.
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after all, there is no other boeing 777 missing. they have a lot of experience of complex and detailed investigations here at this french defense laboratory. they handled the investigation a few years ago of air france 470. they want to do things properly and methodically. the australians agree with that position. they want to be absolutely sure. the difference in tone and speed between the malaysian statements and those from france and australia is what has really upset the families and weakened their confidence that the world will ever find out exactly what happened to that plane. >> thank you so very much. let's talk about what's going on here in the united states. tonight's the night. less than 12 hours from now, the top republican candidates will be taking the stage in cleveland for the first debate of the 2016 presidential election. at center stage, and center of attention, donald trump, the front-runner. on "morning joe" today, reince priebus called the substance
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over theatrics and the need for that. >> having 17 candidates is important, and giving everyone an opportunity is important, but you know containment is a key word, too. we've got to make sure that we abide by reagan's laeskth commandment as best you can and make sure we don't put up with mudslinging and call it out when you see it but let some jabs go by as well. it's a balancing act that we have to let happen without us kind of killing each other at the same time. >> joining me now from cleveland, national correspondent peter alexander. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, jose. reince priebus also told me this is not going to be as intense as the hunger games. what can we expect stull unclear, but an energy and electricity that you wouldn't normally see until a general election debate. more than a year from now. consider this challenge for the candidates though. most of them are going to stand on stage silently for roughly 110 of the 120 minutes over the
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course of the debate. the challenge becomes can they deliver? can they appear ready with energy and leadership the moment they're called upon. that includes donald trump. he's known for putting on a show, but donald trump has never been on a stage like this. tonight, the front-runner will be front and center flanked by nine republican rivals. how do you prepare for donald trump? >> i'm not running against any of the people on the stage. i'm running for president. >> trump could face new questions whether he's too cozy with the clintons after details surfaced about a private call between trump and former president clinton in may shortly before he announced his white house bid. he also said the presidential race was not discussed, but trump aides tell the "washington post" clinton encouraged him to play a larger role in the republican party. if clinton said that it worked. this map showed the most searched republicans. all that red, donald trump. >> he put glasses on so people will think he's smart.
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>> despite this aggressive style, he insists he would like tonight's event to be civil. >> for donald trump to say i want this to be a civil debate seems like he's breaking his past theme. >> that wouldn't be the first time that donald trump contradicts himself. >> carly fearena likely won't feel trump's scorn. she didn't make the cut. one of seven candidates in what she's calling the happy hour debate, which also includes bobby jindal trying to break thou with this stunt, in a push-up contest sporting a tie. >> the governor is not a fan. >> still, many analysts say the most pressure tonight may be on jeb bush. >> fairly or not, the presumption is the perception is as trump gains zs steam, it's jeb bush who is losing his preeminent place in the field. >> donald trump insists he has never been in a debate before. his aides say he's had no formal prep sessions. no rehearsing. what you see is what you get.
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>> talk to me about the rules of tonight. how is the format going to be? >> yeah so we'll see how it all plays out, but the desire is for each candidate to get about ten minutes each of 120 minutes total. a lot of standing on stage where you're not saying anything. which means the body language can be as compelling as anything. when a question is asked, the candidates get about siblth seconds, one minute to answer and 30 seconds for rebuttal when necessary. >> that's both of the debates are going to have those same rules? >> that's the goal. >> peter, great to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. now to a developing story just outside nashville. we're learning more about the man who launched an attack in a movie theater wednesday afternoon. terrifying the people inside for more than 40 minutes. mark potter is in tennessee today. mark. >> hi jose. a little quieter here at the theater as you can see than yesterday. a few police cars now. certainly not the huge crowd of police vehicles here yesterday.
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police are saying that 29-year-old vicente montano appears to have been homeless. he also had an arrest record dating back about 11 years. they say they're still trying to determine the motive why. why did he come here to this theater, buy a ticket and go in to start assaulting people? they do say he had a documented history of mental problems. shots being fired right now. >> this morning, police say this man, 29-year-old vicente montano bought a tickle to the movie "mad max" entered the hickory hollow theater, and carrying an ax, pepper spray, and an air soft pistol started terrorizing the people inside. >> shady looking guy stood up looked like two bags. walked towards the back of the theater and pulled out a hatchet and started attacking this family and then he pulled out a gun and we ran out. >> alex was in the next theater. >> we took cover in our seats, tried to stay as quiet as possible.
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we could hear screams, yelling and gunshots coming from the theater. >> be advised, we have shots fired. officer involved. 901 bell road. >> just down the street two officers were alerted to the danger by citizens and ran to the theater. montano had already grazed one man with his ax and released pepper spray with red dye, hitting a woman and a teenage girl. police say when the officer approached montano raised what appeared to be a real semiautomatic and pulled the trigger. the officer fired at montano and backed out. montano then fled out a back door where a s.w.a.t. team shot and killed him. police later determined his gun was an air soft pistol that shoots pellets, but looks like a semiautomatic. >> as you look at the gun, if someone confronted you with it you would think it was a real pistol. >> police say he also carried a duffel bag and a backpack which had what dray described as a hoax explosive device. >> this is maybe what we call
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the new normal. we can't just shut down america. we carry on but we need to be very mindful of our surroundings as we do that. >> now, authorities are praising the responding officers for moving so quickly to confront the attacker. saying that reduced the chances of other people perhaps, being hurt or even killed. jose. >> mark potter thank you very much. i would like to bring in clint van zandt. clint, good morning. >> hi jose. >> this is the third theater attack in the headlines, lafayette two weeks ago, and the trial of james holmes for the aurora shooting. how likely is it that these are copycat incidents? >> i think they are. when we run into people with each of these, we believe significant mental health conditions, that i think there's a strong possibility they're copying the behavior. are they copying the behavior because they want the attention or in this most recent scenario yesterday, could this be what we call a suicide by cop?
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where an individual his mental health challenge is so great that he wants to die, and in this particular case he wanted the die at the hands of the police. well you start slinging an ax and pointing a gun, they're going to accommodate you. >> the fact that he was carrying, you know a duffel bag, a backpack that gun, looked like a real gun, and especially if you're in the darkness of a theater. he clearly was intent on at least looking like someone who was about to do mass mass damage. >> well, as the chief of police says there, this is the new normal. and there are a plethora of examples out there where someone like this guy whom we're told is paranoid schizophrenic, he has been institutionalized four different times. mental health today, jose as you know it's kind of a round door. you're in, you're out. a swinging door again. today, there are about 17
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psychiatric beds per 100,000 people in the united states. in 1955 there were 340 peds per 100,000 for mental health care. what are we doing with people? we give them a handful of pills, we put them back on the street again. they don't take their pills and they wind up instead of the mental health community, with the criminal justice community. and this many times can be the end result. >> clint van zandt, thank you very much for being with me. appreciate your time. meantime in colorado jurors could begin debating the fate of james holmes as early as today. they decide if he should be sentenced to life in prison or death for fatally shooting 12 people and injured 70 others at a suburban denver theater three years ago. ahead of the deliberations, the jury heard more victim impact statements yesterday. ashley moeser shared her emotional story. she suffered a miscarriage and was left paralyzed after the attack, and her 6-year-old daughter who was with her in the theater, died.
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>> i don't know who i am anymore. because i was a mom when i was 18. and that's all i knew how to be. and now i'm not a mom. >> trial resumes later today. a live report from colorado coming up in the next hour. we're just getting started on this thursday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, coming off president obama's big speech, republicans are fired up in opposition to the nuclear deal with iran. we'll take a look at how this might come up at tonight's debate. >> plus right now, an active manhunt in louisiana for a gunman who shot and killed a shreveport officer. we'll have the latest on this next. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes?
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just because iran yin hardliners chance death to america does not mean that's what all iranians believe. it's those hardliners chanting det to america who have been most opposed to the deal. they're making common cause with the republican caucus. >> that's one of the lines that stuck out during the president's speech on iran. particularly for republicans. senator ted cruz responded on the hugh hewitt radio show. >> it's just sad that the levels to which this president and the democratic party today will stoop. >> he's not the only republican presidential candidate focusing on iran ahead of tonight's debate. jeb bush tweeted the deal paves the way to iran getting a bomb and giving $150 billion to the mullahs.
6:18 am
scott walker said he would deal with the agreement on day one. >> if i were president, i would terminate the bad deal with iran immediately. i wouldn't what to put my cabinet in place. i'm starting plans right now so i'm ready on day one. >> with me now, political analyst jonathan alter and contributor steve clemens. good morning to both. how do candidates distinguish themselves on iran on this issue, specifically in the debate tonight, for example? >> well i think they're all going to be singing from pretty much the same choir book or attack book. they're going to go after the president very hard on this issue. and one of t things that this raises is because of the large audience this debate is going to have, it will be thetrusting to see whether that moves public opinion. if you have essentially at least a half an hour maybe, because they're all going to want to weigh in on this a half hour of attacks on this iran deal. what will that do to the debate?
6:19 am
but everybody assumes this debate is really going to be about donald trump. much more of it will be about the iran nuclear deal and president obama. >> steve, does this put congressional lawmakers like cruz and rubio in more of a bind because they're going to have to vote on this or no? >> i think they already decided, of course, to vote against the deal. i think it puts them in a bind in the sense that at some point, they're responding to distractions. what obama said about critics of the dialeal finding common cause with iran hardliners. that's not responding to the nuts and bolts of the arrangement. the president took on his critics very very strongly and item by item yesterday. at some point, and we're not there yet, there will be a side-by-side in the major media that looks at what are they saying about the deal and what is president obama doing when he responds to them? we're not at a point where substance matters, but when substance does matter some of these critics are going to be in a tough spot. >> thetrusting.
6:20 am
jonathan let's talk about rhetoric and semantics because we remember huckabee saying this deal would push -- iran would push the israelis into the oven. then the rhetoric yesterday by the president equating the hardliners in iran which by the way, the hardliners are the government and the people who push the buttons in the government with the republicans who are anti this deal. >> i don't think they're equivalent. if mike huckabee and it will be interesting if he repeats this tonight because he's doubled down on this reprehensible comment where he says anybody who supports this deal is holding the oven for jews to be put in again, there's a difference between saying that and saying those who oppose the deal in the united states have the same position as the hardliners who oppose the deal in iran which is what the president said yesterday. but the point is these guys no matter how irresponsible their
6:21 am
charges, they'll have a big audience tonight, much bigger than the president did for his american university speech yesterday. he went down as steve indicated, he went down the list of objections one by one and logically refuted them. and it will be very interesting if the fox moderators would ask these candidates what is your alternative? be specific. if you don't like this deal what goes in its place? saying that the united states can by itself reimpose angzs and those sanctions will bring iran back to the table is not realistic. it's not true. it doesn't bear scrutiny. so the question is what substantive response would they have short of military action or maybe some of them will be as honest as the famous nee oconservative who wrote in "wall street journal" that there is no other alternative except for
6:22 am
military action and he called for immediate military action against iran. be very interesting to act these candidates what you're willing to do today. >> absolutely and the question of whether it's either the deal or war. and that certainly is something we're going to continue discussing. thank you both for being with me. i so appreciate your time. >> after the break, we're going to zoom through some of today's other top stories including the massive manhunt in louisiana for a cop killer. plus an emotional ceremony marking 70 years since the hiroshima nuclear bomb. stay with us. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time
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6:26 am
next hour. the shooting happened late last night as the officer responded to a call about a suspicious person. that's when they say a man inside a home opened fire. officers combined with helicopters and drones all searching for the suspect. we'll have the news conference at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. 7:30 pacific. keep you updated on developments. >> we're learning new details on escaped prisoner richard matt. newly released autopsy results shows matt had a blood alcohol content of 18% at the time of his death. the report also states matt's body conditions were consistent with living in the woods for three weeks and determined the cause of death to be skull fractures and brain injuries due to gunshot wounds. >> bells tolled at 8:15 this morning in hiroshima, the exact moment an atomic bomb detonated on the city 70 years ago. the u.s. bombing on hiroshima combined with the bombing of nagasaki credited with ending world war ii.
6:27 am
>> up next as french investigators continue to analyze a piece of wing found on reunion island word today of a possible new debris find. we'll take a look at how investigators are working to piece this all together. plus the u.s. starts using turkish air bases to launch strikes against isis. richard engel and jake jacobs will join me to talk about hothis changes the game in the region on "the rundown." if you qualify for a sittingham's card today i can offer you no interest for 24 months. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give
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6:31 am
it's the same area with a wing fragment was found. officials say that wing is in fact from mh370. at the same time, french officials are stopping short of the conclusion saying investigators can very strongly presume the flaperon is from the missing plane. let me bring in investigation analyst and commercial pilot anthony roman. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> let's talk about the new debris malaysian officials say they collected including a plane window and aluminum. how possible is it that this is part of the, you know missing plane? >> well, it is possible. but a tremendous amount of debris will always come up on the beaches at reunion island. it is in the zone in which the trash debris that is in the indian ocean, so they always suffer from a tremendous amount of debris. given that anything any debris
6:32 am
that appears to be from a major airliner needs to be examined and needs to have forensic examination. >> so malaysian officials say the flaperon found last week is from mh370. french officials aren't going so far. they're saying instead they strongly presume it's from the missing plane. what do you make of the mixed messages? >> i'm very concerned about those mixed messages. it seems like a small difference, but from an investigative perspective, it's a wide chasm. when we're conducting forensic investigations only the facts matter. where do the facts lead us? we can use presumption and hypotheticals to try to form the general direction of the investigation, but we cannot make specific comments as the prime minister of malaysia made. we'll see once the scientists examine it and make their statements whether or not a conclusion has been reached relative to whether or not this
6:33 am
is a 100% certainty that it's from mh370. >> so anthony, let's say that they do confirm it is from mh370. is that enough evidence? is there enough information on that piece that can maybe help them track down where the rest of it the black boxes, et cetera, and whatever happened to that flight? >> i don't think there will be enough evidence on that small piece to help us pinpoint the site, but the fact that it came up on reunion island is consistent with the latest studies with regard to wind currents, sea currents and then adding in the wave action that would suggest that we are searching in the right area at this time. concerning whether or not the forensic examination will actually help us make a determination as to what physically caused the aircraft
6:34 am
to go down maybe. we might be able to learn if there was an explosive event, if there was a fire if there was a midair structural failure, whether or not the plane attempted to make an emergency landing on the water, or whether it impacted the water in an uncontrolled descent. >> they could do that? possibly from just that part? >> perhaps, perhaps. but that would be a tremendous amount of information if we're fortunate enough to find the evidence. >> anthony roman, always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. >> turning now to the middle east where the u.s. has begun using a military air base in southern turkey as a launching pad for air strikes in syria. significant expansion of the turkish and american role in the war there. the first drone flew out of the air base on wednesday. the u.s. pilots expected to follow suit within weeks. the advantage is clear, instead of having to fly out of the persian gulf hundreds of miles away, u.s. missions can now begin just miles away from their
6:35 am
targets. richard engle is in southern turkey near the searyrian border. you field me a couple days ago this was a significant change in the war. tell me how it's been going and why you think it really is going to maybe make a difference. >> it is quite significant. it hasn't really begun yet. we saw the first use of an armed drone and the armed drone dropping an ordinance on a suspected isis target in syria. that is not a significant change. it is a very incremental change one extra drone strike. what i think is quite significant is what could be coming in a matter of weeks, two to three weeks, i'm told maybe closer to two weeks. a lot of nato air strikes, primarily u.s. air strikes. also turkish air strikes coming out of several bases in turkey and they will be very close to isis strongholds, including
6:36 am
rucka, including the cities, and it's about proximity. you mentioned it's about several hundred miles, more like 1,000 miles or more than 1,000 miles to fly from the persian gulf to attack isis targets in northern syria and then they have a return flight of another 1,000 miles. so it limits the ability of how many they can fly, and there are certain constraints. you will have now, nato will have the use in a couple weeks, at full capacity of several air bases right on top of the isis stronghold. so yes it could have a very significant difference militarily. that doesn't mean it's all going to be over quickly. just because more bombs are falling doesn't mean this conflict is going to be any simpler or come to any swifter conclusion. there are still the problems of allies on the ground. there are still the turkish-kurdish issue. there's still a whole multitude of questions and complications with the strategy.
6:37 am
all i'm saying is in a couple weeks you're probably going to see a lot more bombs falling on isis targets from close range. >> richard engle, thank you very much. >> i want to bring in military analyst jack jabbes. always a pleasure. why do you believe turkey agreed to let the u.s. start using the base? >> as richard said we haven't been able to use it at letall, any of the bases there for a long long time. and the principle reason a lot of people believe, including me that they decided that they were going to let us use the bases is because we're going to establish with our bombs and attacks from the drones basically a buffer area. we always wanted the turks to keep isis from freely using the border with syria. now they've agreed. and they've agreed because our presence there is also going to keep the border free from the
6:38 am
kurds. and the turks would really like to eliminate the kurds if they can. so we are -- we have agreed to participate in this exercise which will solve the turks' problem of the kurds go back and forth across the border. but it's a very difficult situation because it's going to be tough to determine who is isis and who is kurds without somebody on the ground. >> colonel, you know to kind of point out what about the kurds is so important, first of all, they're the ones that so far have been the most effective fighters against isis in places like iraq. and in places like iraq the kurds have established areas that quite frankly are the only ones that have been able to maintain some sort of stability in a country that seems to be unstable. >> well, they have been reliable allies of ours in the region for precisely the reason youwant them
6:39 am
there, and they figure by letting us use their bases for our planes we'll be able to solve our problem of keeping isis away from the border but also solve their problem, keeping the kurds away from the border. but this is fraught with difficulties. i mentioned identification is going to be really tough. >> colonel jack jacobs thank you for your insight. >> after the break, the disk topic of human trafficking. did the u.s. give countries like cuba and china a pass in a new report on human rights. did it do so for political reasons? i'll talk to robert menendez about that and about the iran nuclear deal, coming up on "the rundown." bruce brecher is a third generation owner of brecher's department store on main street in arizona.
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jesse benten and john tait had their liberty pac have been indicted in a scandal surrounding his father's 2012 presidential campaign. we just learned that both men will take a leave of absence from the pac to fight the charges. a third man who worked on that campaign was also indicted. a spokesman for senator rand paul accused the justice department of waiting until just before the debate to release the information. his campaign saying quote, it certainly appears suspiciously timed and possibly politically motivated. additionally, these acs are from 2012 and have nothing to do with our campaign. sam youngman is a political writer for the lexington herald in kenlttucky. good to see you. >> great to be with you. >> can you explain what these charges are about? >> yeah basically, what we're looking at is in late 2011 according to the indictment jesse benten approached iowa
6:44 am
state senator kent sorensen who had endorsed michele bachmann and asked him to defect saying they would pay the salary he had been getting with bachmann but where it got really sticky is how they allegedly concealed the payments putting them on fec reports as audio visual expenses. basically, what they were doing was allegedly writing checks from this production company and giving the checks to kent sorensen's consulting group. as you know when it comes to these federal investigations, where it really gets sticky is where the charge of lying to the fbi is added. according to the indictment jesse benten said i'm not splitting hairs. kent sorensen was never paid. that's where the real trouble comes in. >> again, this is for the 2012 presidential campaign of the senator's father? >> exactly. and it was there, this first came out really in the waning days of the ijuan clockowa caucus
6:45 am
late 2011 early 2012. i remember being in iowa at the time. as you know the iowa caucus in the last few days are like the wild west. there are rumors and gossips flying everywhere. michele bachmann was actually very vocal and public in accusing kent sorensen of accepted a bribe to switch aliege nlss. smns the rest something the rest of the ron paul team denied. >> you wreet this looks terrible for rand paul and could cripple his fund-raising, how? >> this super pac had a great deal of raising money. they had only put together about $3.1 million. consider carly fiorina, who didn't make the cut for the stage tonight, her super pac raised $3.4 million. my sense is before jesse and john announced they were going to take a leave of absence, i was having a hard time picturing how you can convince someone to write a check when you're under indictment. in a post-citizens united world,
6:46 am
trying to go into a presidential campaign without a super funded super pac is trying to play football without an offensive line. you can do it but it's ill advised. >> great seeing you. >> thank you. >> live pictures now from the quicken arena in cleveland, ohio, where later tonight, it's game on for the gop presidential hopefuls. marco rubio tried to warm up a cleveland crowd yesterday by invoking the name of a king king james, that is. problem is it didn't really go over well over there. it went over well in florida. take a listen to what he said. >> i know there's a debate tomorrow. i came in early today, trying to convince lebron james to come back to miami. just wanted you to know. don't worry, it didn't work. it didn't work.
6:47 am
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6:50 am
critical questions being raised about america's annual human trafficking report and allegations that some of the offenders are getting a pass. we told you yesterday here on "the rundown" about a new reuters report alleging that state department analysts were overruled by the department's political staff when it came to giving countries like cuba china and malaysia better ratings than they deserve. the state department denies politics played into the decision but some critics aren't buying it. jeb bush tweeted the administration should be ashamed of this quote, purely political manipulation. marco rubio said it sets a, quote, dangerous precedent that jeopardizes the integrity of the entire report. and it's not just republicans. robert menendez has been raising questions about the allegations. senator, thank you. do you believe that politics played a role in manipulating this report? >> well i think the facts when
6:51 am
they are all deduced is going to lead us to that conclusion. you had 14 of 17 cases in which the trafficking in persons analysts at the state department were overruled 14 of 17 times, the worst record since the report has been issued. you see malaysia raised even though malaysian legislators, malaysian legal society, malaysian non-profits have said nothing has changed in the country. you see malaysia be brought up which happens to be a tpp negotiating partner, brought up from tier 3 to the next tier because my amendment says that if you're a tier 3 country in the human trafficking report the worst standing, you cannot get preferential access to the american markets. so all of a sudden malaysia ends up as tier 2.
6:52 am
and cuba they get lifted up even though it is recognized that they force doctors to go abroad, take their passports, take 70% of their income and that sex trafficking in cuba is still a major problem. and nothing much has happened. so you wonder how do these upgrades take place. and the problem is not only the individual countries that were upgraded wrongfully it's that you undermine the validity the voracity and the strength of the report as a global tool to stop human trafficking. >> and, again, human trafficking -- you've been involved in fighting this for decades. what exactly are we talking about? we're not talking about that -- very serious issues of sexual exploitation, child exploitation child abuse, many times supported by these governments. >> well, absolutely.
6:53 am
let's take malaysia, for example. in that case we are talking about forced labor in a whole host of malaysian industries. you're talking about a government in which rohingya refugees were found 139 in a mass grave. and many of them were exploited and have been exploited in their refugee status. you have sex trafficking in cuba, including of young children. you have the exploitation of women. so the bottom line is you have a whole series of both forced labor as well as sex traffickings that involuntary at the end of the day and you have governments that are complicit in both those cases. so you have to say to yourself how is it that the united states
6:54 am
who is supposed to be a beacon of light to the world in the battle against human trafficking could actually undermine the report that has been the single strongest instrument to name shame and get governments to try to move off of that list not only because the list in and of itself is a list of shame but also because there are consequences that derive from being on the list. so when you move a country up simply as a political equation or because you want to make a trade status -- better status to do trade with them you are really in essence assisting the exploitation, not trying to end it. >> and, senator, finally on the iran situation, how are you leaning? >> well look i've been to so many hearings classified briefings, independent briefings and i have serious reservations. and i will be deciding. i'll be going back to new jersey, listening to
6:55 am
constituents and then i will come to a conclusion. but those serious reservations i have tried to have them assuageded assuaged. and what i see is we didn't end iran's nuclear program, we actually preserved it. we have a set of circumstances that we don't stop iran from being a nuclear threshold state. and in time they will have the option if they choose to ultimately move towards a nuclear weapon and our choices then will even be more limited than they are today. and so as someone who looks at this issue for the better part of 20 years since i was in the house of representatives sitting on the house foreign affairs committee and following iran then, i have seen a progression that seriously worries me. and a deal that ultimately leaves me very concerned that we haven't ultimately achieved the goal that we started these negotiations off which was to
6:56 am
ensure iran doesn't have that capacity. >> if the vote were today? >> i'm not going to speculate on that jose. but unless in the short period of time i get answers to some of these serious questions, i'm not quite sure how it's possible to be supportive of the agreement. but i'm still going to work at it and we'll see. >> senator robert menendez thank you very much for being with me this morning. >> thank you. coming up on "the rundown," we'll head back to cleveland as the top ten republican presidential hopefuls get ready for their first debate. but the other ones are also going to be debating before that. steve kornacki and kasie hunt are there. and we're keeping a close eye on shreveport louisiana, where a man opened fire and killed a police officer. covering all the developments for you on "the rundown." technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately
6:57 am
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7:00 am
in announcing the new debris found today, the transport minister announced the mixed messages from malaysia and france over whether the fragment last week did come from mh-370. >> our malaysian team in toulouse who is actually the expert and the investigation team has confirmed that this flaperon is mh-370. >> nbc's allister jamison is live in toulouse, france, where investigators are examining that flaperon.
7:01 am
so french officials aren't going as far as malaysian officials are on this thing, right? >> reporter: right. while it's likely it is linked to mh-370 there's a small element of doubt. they haven't confirmed it con conclusively yet. in a hangar behind me the fragments of air france flight 447 which went down on a flight from brazil to france a few years ago, so they have experience of dealing with exactly this type of issue. it's these conflicting statements that have angered the families today, some of the families in china have accused malaysia of rushing to conclusions and say that it's weakened their confidence that they'll ever get answers as to what happened to mh-370. >> tell me what you're hearing about this new debris found on
7:02 am
the island apparently some pieces of aluminum and what could be part of a window, the interior part? >> reporter: that's right, jose. french authorities again say they're not aware of these pieces of debris. they haven't been notified of them and they're not expecting them here yesterday. perhaps that notification will take place today. and authorities in the indian ocean aren't commenting either. however in the last few minutes, we have heard that the officials in a small farming town on that island where the wing fragment was found, they'll begin a proper full sweep of the beach shoreline on monday. municipal employees and volunteers will carry that out. that sweep could yield more debris. the next task is sorting out which is a potentially important clue in the mystery and what is simply ocean trash. >> allister, thank you very much. to politics now where tonight the 2016 campaign season
7:03 am
kicks off in full force in what's promising to be must-see tv. the first debate for the republican field. the top contenders are facing off in cleveland for the front-runner. this will be his first debate ever, his first election ever. how will donald trump perform? joining me now from cleveland, msnbc's steve kornacki and kasie hunt. great seeing you both. thuz that could there's a "washington post" story about a phone call between trump and former president clinton, clinton encouraging trump to play a larger role in the gop. >> the timing is interesting. it's a story a lot of a lot of republicans might say it raises questions about exactly how loyal donald trump is to the republican party. how loyal to the conservative movement. i think one of the things i'm going to be interested to see is not so much how trump interacts
7:04 am
with the other candidates on the stage, it's how trump interacts with the moderators in this debate. some of these fox news personalities are particularly aggressive when it comes to questioning. like megyn kelly, chris wallace. with him up against a clock, a 90-second clock, really bear into some of these inconsistencies in his past, some of the statements he's made. questions on immigration, make him squirm a little. i think there's some potential for that. >> what's interesting, i don't think he squirms that much. i think he fights right back. if he doesn't like the question you're asking he'll shut you down. >> i think the difference is you're looking at -- the stage is different. it's more of a fair fight in the setting setting. they're miked up, the cameras are on them. the moderators control the clock. i think there's a little bit more of -- a lot of these press
7:05 am
conferences he's had, it's not been a level playing field between him and the press. he stands at the front of the room. nobody sees the reporters asking him questions. here he's got to say it in 60 seconds. and they may interrupt him. and say, your time's up. >> on "morning joe," the chairman of the rnc said the word of the day for the entire party is containment. what does that mean? >> well containment of a little bit of what steve was alluding to that the moderators are focusing all the attention on trump and essentially deprive the rest of the field of oxygen. it's interesting as i've been talking to all of the republicans who have descended on cleveland, you have all the top managers for these campaigns all in the same place all at the same time, and a couple of things, first of all they're all sort of in this together against trump which is a really
7:06 am
interesting dynamic when you think otherwise they'd be running against each other. secondly there's a new taking trump seriously, i would say. i think there's a little bit of shifting away from this idea that he's just going to be a summer fling, that he'll flame out or that he'll drop out or that something is going to happen to alter the dynamics and instead people are thinking about, how do we handle this if trump is still in the race when the iowa caucuses start, when people are voting in new hampshire. that's a new narrative i've been picking up here on the ground. >> kasie hunt and steve kornacki, great to see you both. >> great to see you, jose. >> take care. now to a developing story out of tennessee. the nashville area reeling this morning as it becomes a site of the second movie theater attack in just two weeks. 29-year-old vincente david montano allegedly walked into the screening of "maz maxd max" in antioch yesterday.
7:07 am
three people sustained minor injuries in the attack. police killed montano on the seen. what are we learning today about the attack adam? >> reporter: no motive yet. just before 1:15 yesterday afternoon, he purchased a ticket for "mad max" armed with an air pistol, an ax and pepper spray. he goes in the theater. sprays the pepper spray around the theater. a young woman in the theater runs out looking for help. just happens to be a car accident out here. there are police officers -- one of the officers races back into the theater, confronts and engages montano. he slips out the back door where he's greeted by a s.w.a.t. team. and in a hail of gunfire he is killed. >> the thing that i would like to say is i'm eternally grateful -- excuse me -- for metro police department for
7:08 am
their fast response today and the fact that no one else got injured other than the person who did this. i would ask anyone to pray for his family because he obviously has some mental problems or something else. >> reporter: now, police were very concerned about a duffel bag and a backpack that he had on him. they detonated that backpack here in the parking lot. it was a hoax device. he was known to have mental health issues. his mother said he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. and just as recently as monday hi had been in a homeless shelter. >> adam thank you very much. developing in colorado, jurors will soon begin deliberating the penalty phase in the james holmes trial. they must decide if he'll face the death penalty for fatally shooting 12 people and injuring 70 others at a crowded suburban
7:09 am
theater in denver three years ago. alex was one of those killed in the attack. his mother described to the jury the pain of losing her son. >> we spoke or texted every single day. that included i love yous and i appreciate yous. and thank god we had that relationship because i can look back and have no regrets about that. . >> msnbc's scott cohn is live outside the courthouse in kent yal centennial, colorado. what are we expecting today? >> reporter: the jury will get their final instructions from the judge followed by arguments from the defense and the prosecutor. one person we know they won't hear from before that is james holmes. we learned that holmes not only will not testify in this final phase of the sentencing, he also
7:10 am
will not even give a statement which he was entitled to do not under oath, not subject to cross-examination. he's declined all of that. so the last voices that the jury will have heard in terms of witnesses, the families of the victims. we also heard yesterday from gerry jackson, the mother of one of those killed in the attack she described the experience of identifying her son's body. >> i went in and he was there and it was my son. and i had asked if he suffered and they said that he was shot in the neck. and it was probably within seconds. >> did you say anything to him? >> your honor, 401, 403, due process. >> overruled. >> i told him that i loved him.
7:11 am
>> reporter: nine women and three men on this jury. they must be unanimous if they're to sentence james holmes to the death penalty. otherwise, he'll receive life in prison without parole. >> scott thank you very much. coming up a manhunt in louisiana for the gunman who killed a police officer responding to a house call late last night. no arrests so far. police will hold a live press conference this hour. president obama lashes out at critics of the nuclear deal with iran one of the biggest critics, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. his spokesman joins me live from jerusalem. you don't want to miss this, straight ahead on "the rundown." >> i recognize that prime minister netanyahu disagrees, disagrees strongly. i do not doubt his sincerity. but i believe he is wrong. it would be an against my constitutional duty to act against my best judgment because it causes temporary friction
7:12 am
with a dear friend and ally. i do not believe that would be the right thing to do for the united states. i do not believe it would be the right thing to do for israel. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. when president obama delivered his speech on the iran nuclear deal wednesday, he wasn't just talking to americans. he was talking to critics and skeptics all over the world, including those in israel. >> a nuclear armed iran is far more dangerous to israel to america and to the world than an iran that benefits from sanctions relief. i recognize that prime minister netanyahu disagrees, disagrees strongly.
7:16 am
i do not doubt his sincerity. but i believe he is wrong. >> mark regev is the chief spokesman for the israeli prime minister. he joins me this morning. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> what's your reaction to what the president said yesterday? >> i think he's right. my prime minister and president obama have sincere positions. but we do have a very serious policy disagreement. we think this deal with iran is a mistake. we think it threatens israel the region and the united states of america as well. iran is classified by your state department as a major sponsor of terrorism. in fact it is the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism. having that country becoming a threshold nuclear power with the capability of building nuclear weapons, that's a real threat to
7:17 am
us all. >> there are two issues. one is that many would say iran already has that capability in one way or another or could get to that capability very quickly already. so it's about the future. and the president said yesterday -- i just want your comments and your thoughts on this. he says if the deal is rejected it would leave the administration only one option, another war in the middle east. is that indeed the only option and is that what you want? >> the problem with this deal is that it gives iran two paths to the bomb. iran has an option to keep the deal and then in 10 15 years, it has legally under international law a massive formidable nuclear infrastructure capable of building many, many nuclear weapons or iran can choose to break the deal to cheat as they've done in the past and then they can have one or two bombs much sooner. either way, the deal gives them a path to the bomb.
7:18 am
that's very, very dangerous. >> as far as the president saying that it's either this deal or for the united states in the future another war, is that something you think is correct? >> we think the opposite is true. we think this deal actually makes more war more likely. it doesn't prevent war, it makes war more likely. i'll explain why. if iran now gets sanctions relief and that allows it to get many, many billions of dollars, some of it will go to fund iran's aggression in the region and terrorism around the world. that means more people are going to die. that means more instability. that's more possibility of conflict. and if iran moves forward as this deal allows it to do with their nuclear program towards a nuclear weapon that could lead to war, even the most horrific war. for both those reasons, if we
7:19 am
want to avoid war, it's crucial to get a better deal. >> if this deal is accepted and it's not just the united states with iran, as you know there are five other partners -- if this deal is accepted what would israel think they should or must do? >> i think it's very important to stress israel isn't alone in our rejection of this deal. we have conversations with our arab neighbors and i can tell you that all of iran's neighbors, arabs and israelis alike, feel threatened by the iranian nuclear program and are very concerned about this deal. i'd say to you, arabs and israelis don't always agree about everything. and when we do we think people in washington should pay attention. this deal is dangerous. this deal unfortunately won't stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. it paves iran's path to getting a nuclear weapon.
7:20 am
this deal will energize and fund terrorism across the region. this deal is a bad deal. >> mark regev, thank you very much for your time. appreciate you being with me this morning. up next a look at the market moving lower right now. take a look at that. almost down 90 points. this after a surprise surge in layoffs last month. more than 100,000 jobs were cut in july alone. we'll tell you what's going on and what that means for the economy. but first, a live look outside "the daily show" theater. jon stewart is signing off tonight marking the end of an era for the comedy legend. preview of the stewart finale coming up on "the rundown." >> he is the strongest national figure of the past 15 years. he's swayed elections, he's changed the whole landscape of how you campaign. >> i think jon stewart is a brilliant comedian. but also he's very poignant when he speaks.
7:21 am
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disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. time for a quick check on the markets, stocks are down in the opening hour. all eyes turning to the u.s. economy. tomorrow, the labor market releases the monthly jobs report for july. and new this morning, data showing employers cut more than 100,000 jobs last month. that's almost a four-year high, according to one report. morgan brennan has more from cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's all about jobs ahead of that payroll report we get tomorrow from the labor department. this morning, two reports offer different insights into what tomorrow's numbers may hold. u.s. employers are cutting jobs at a rate we haven't seen in almost four years. that report showing employers
7:25 am
announced more than 105,000 layoffs in july the first time those cuts topped 100,000 since september of 2011 with more than of that military troop reduction. oil prices remain so low, analysts don't expect that report to weigh on the jobs report tomorrow since it represents announcements. and with that, the military cuts won't start going into place until october. disconcerting numbers. but we'll see a slow trickle in terms of how it shows up in labor numbers. that brings us to the second report we saw this morning. weekly jobless claims. the number of americans filing applications for unemployment rises to 270,000. that suggests the conditions may be continuing to tighten. so why is all this so important? the federal reserve is looking to begin raising rates later this year a recovering labor
7:26 am
market helps determine when that first hike which we haven't seen for nearly a decade is going to occur. so last week the central bank upgraded its assessment of the jobs market called employment gains solid for july and that's really why everybody's focused on this jobs report tomorrow. it's also arguably one of the reasons you're seeing stocks lower today because economists are anticipating that the economy added 223 jobs last month in line with june's gain. and that boosts the likelihood of a rate hike in september next month. >> morgan brennan, thanks so much. the dow's down about 103 points as we speak. so we'll keep an eye on that. coming up a frightening scene inside a tennessee movie theater. an attack thwarted by a very fast police response yesterday afternoon. why did the 29-year-old bring these weapons into the theater? much more next on "the rundown."
7:27 am
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back to tennessee now where police are working to determine what drove 29-year-old vincente montano to launch an attack during an afternoon movie screening outside nashville yesterday. overnight police released a 911 call from the incident. take a listen to some of it. >> so i was in the movie theater, like literally a minute or two ago and this guy, this shady looking guy stood up with like two bags and he walked towards the back of the theater and he pulled out like a hatchet and started attacking this family. then he pulled out a gun and we all ran out of the theater. >> jim cavanaugh is a form hostage negotiator. he joins me on the phone. we just heard part of that call. the whole thing was less than three minutes long. by the end of it law enforcement had already arrived on the scene. this all has to do with how quick police are able to respond. has that been getting better in the last couple of years because
7:31 am
the unfortunate repeated incidents? >> well yes, it is, jose, good morning. i think police are acting quickly, responding quickly. but we also have citizens who understand what's going on in the country and they are reacting quickly as well. they are doing the right things to get away to fight back or to -- and to use their self-s on their hip to call 911. so you have three dynamics there, citizens acting appropriately to get away or fight, citizens calling immediately and police responding quickly and aggressively. >> what an odd thing. you're in a theater and then somebody -- there's apparently no comments just breaks out this hatchet. and when the first police officer arrived and confronted this suspect, apparently he shot. there's no way the officer could have known that that was a pellet gun or air gun. >> exactly. you've covered crime your whole career.
7:32 am
the nashville metropolitan police did everything possible and did everything right. i'm sure they regret taking the guy's life. but they had to take his life. the first patrol officer used his long gun to contain him. the s.w.a.t. officers they had to kill him. he comes charging out with a hatchet. this guy is schizophrenic and delusional and he's living the "mad max" movie, looking like he's mad max, running out with a thing on his face a surgical mask, the backpack with the hoax bomb. the hatchet. it's right out of the movie. he's delusional. there's probably some motive of suicide by cause and he's charging the police with a hatchet. very, very sad. but if he had had a real gun, we could have had a lot more carnage. the fact that he had a hatchet and pepper spray and an air soft
7:33 am
gun probably kept nobody from being killed in that theater. >> and the incredibly quick response of police. apparently some police were just outside the theater because of a traffic accident. that one cop that kofrtsedconfronted him early on really made a big difference. >> patrol officers we can go around the country -- we always have some bad stories and we can criticize police. but we have so many good stories, too, like this, lafayette, louisiana. a police officer holding his horse with one hand in austin texas, and with his side arm killing a madman there who attacked their headquarters. dallas police when the attack on their headquarters recently, the garland police. we could go chapter and verse. there was an officer in jefferson county colorado who chased down a carjacker on his motorcycle. he had his pistol out. and we have the heroic action police are rethinking it, doing the right things. but we've got to have some change in the country.
7:34 am
it's got to come from the citizens if we want to have the right people in place to give us the right laws to do as much as we can. it will be interesting to see if this nashville assailant ever tried to get a weapon and was rejected. >> jim cavanaugh, thank you very much. we'll look into that. a major decision out of texas on one of the nation's toughest voter identification laws. yesterday a federal appeals court rule the state's law violated parts of the act because it discriminated against kei african-americans and hispanics. greg abbott said in light of ongoing voter fraud, it's imperative that texas has a voter id law that prevents cheating at the ballot box. texas be continue to fight for its voter id requirement to ensure the integrity of elections in the lonestar state. msnbc contributor james peterson joins me this morning.
7:35 am
always a pleasure to see you, professor. >> thanks for having me jose. >> let's talk about the impact of the decision on the voters in texas and around the country. >> so it's an important decision. it's not a victory that we can celebrate in total. there are a couple of things to put this in context, jose. number one, the state of texas has perennially low voter turnout. important to note that. but the circuit court's decision is essentially saying that the consequences of this are discriminatory but not the intent. so the reason we'd like to see the intent put in place is because obviously what the supreme court did to the voting rights act was they removed preclearance out of section 5. the way these things used to work is the state of texas or local municipalities would have to get federal approval to make these kinds of changes in voting laws like around id or voting early. they didn't have to do that here. and this is sort of a textbook
7:36 am
case of why what the supreme court did in 2013 to the voting rights act is so problematic for enfranchisement going forward. >> and this could lead to more voter fraud? >> jose all the studies that we have seen on voter fraud is that voter fraud is negligible in the state of texas, nationally. there just isn't even data to justify this kind of policy where they limit the type of ids you can use in texas, to just seven forms of id. you can use a gun license id. this is disparate impact on black and brown communities. the question is are we going to focus on the consequences of it if up to 600,000 people couldn't vote in that last election, what can we do about it? that's why preclearance is so important. to get out in front of these issues so that citizens of the
7:37 am
country aren't disenfranchised. >> thanks very much james. the stage is set, are the gloves going to be coming off? our next guest says he knows what it takes to win tonight's republican debate. we'll discuss that next on "the rundown." so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business.
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and my biggest reason to walk... ...calls me grandpa. ask your doctor about lyrica. shreveport police are holding a news conference on the search for the man who shot and killed a police officer wednesday night. they know they say, who they're looking for. take a listen to what was said just moments ago. . >> his name is grover cannon. grover cannon. all law enforcement agencies in this area all law enforcement agencies in this area are looking for him.
7:41 am
there is nowhere that he can go. there's nothing that he can do to stop us from bringing him to justice. >> we'll will keeping a very close watch on that still developing story. meantime we're now about ten hours away from the first debate of the 2016 presidential election. the top ten republican contenders are facing off in cleveland in primetime tonight. a new video out this morning from i.j. review takes a look at how some of the candidates are preparing for the big event. >> before i debate, i say a little silent prayer and drink a diet lemon snapple iced tea. >> i like to be mentally focused but relaxed. >> i take my new phone thanks to the donald and i listen to motown to mellow me out. >> i go out and run. it's a great way to relax. you can't take any phone calls. you're not reading e-mails. you're just out running. >> before a debate, i normally call my mom to get advice.
7:42 am
mom, i can't say that on television. >> joining me now from cleveland is david catanese and erin mcpike. david, you write in your piece today this debate can't be won, it's all about maximizing the few moments the candidates get. what do you expect to see tonight? >> i expect to see a lot of the attention and a lot of the questions thrown at donald trump. he is the main event here. everyone knows that. most likely the headline coming out of tomorrow will be something regarding trump, whether he attacks or is attacked. if you're at the end of the stage, if you're sort of a mike huckabee, if you're a ted cruz or rand paul it's going to be hard to get into the conversation. they'll probably only get three or four questions apiece. so they really have to maximize that time. but they also have to play the long game. not make a mistake and realize there are eight or nine debates
7:43 am
after this and that tonight with all the hype around it is not the be-all end-all, unless you make a really bad mistake. >> yeah. erin, facebook, which is co-sponsoring the debate released some interesting figures. the five most talked about political topics on facebook racial issues, mexico the economy, lgbt issues and immigration. what topics do you expect to lead the discussion tonight and who benefits from them? >> immigration certainly. and donald trump has made that a signature issue for him. he is going to have to say a little bit more about what he wants to do. but i do think that provides a really good opportunity for jeb bush because as you know earlier this week he put out a detailed six-point plan about what he wants to do about border security not just about trying to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants but what he would do about border security. and it gives jeb bush the opportunity to look like a policy heavyweight. ands that exactly what he wants. >> david, trump is hardly the
7:44 am
only candidate known for his big personality. christie kasich both known for being a little bit volatile. that's benefited trump on the trail. but will it play on the debate stage? >> it's tough. i think a lot of these moments that are memorable that you'll be playing on your show tomorrow are about reaction. so to somebody like christie decide to go trump or to go after rand paul on say, foreign policy, that's going to be a calculation that each campaign has to make. but we have to also remember these guys are human and i think there will be some nerves given that this is the first debate and that there is so much hype around it. look, i think because most of the attention is going to be focused on trump, they each have to make the calculation on how they handle it. do they take the ted cruz approach and either praise him or ignore him or go hard at him and try to get in that headline that everyone's going to be talking about tomorrow?
7:45 am
>> it's no doubt going to be very interesting. david and erin thank you both for being with me. the choice of venue for tonight's debate, no coincidence. no republican has ever won a presidential election without taking ohio. and this time around the gop not taking any chances. after tonight's debate in cleveland, the party will be back in town next summer for the convention. msnbc's kasie hunt is here with a look at why everyone wants to be in cleveland. >> reporter: restaurants and shipping containers trendy bars, luxury lofts, don't look now, but cleveland is becoming cool. >> you ever see a cuyahoga sunset? >> no. >> reporter: lebron james has helped his hometown battle its reputation. >> we've got tide it for cleveland. >> reporter: enter the republican party and all the benefits that come when a city hosts the biggest political bash of the election cycle.
7:46 am
downtown cranes are everywhere. a frantic building boom ahead of the republican national convention just a year away. >> everybody is asking the question why cleveland? when they come here, they find out why. >> cleveland rocks, what can i say? >> reporter: the renaissance started in the '90s with the rock and roll hall of fame and two new sports stadiums. now the city is racing to build nine new hotels around the renovated convention center. it could add $500 million to the economy here. >> lebron james decided he was coming back to the cleveland cavaliers a week after the rnc announced they would have the convention here. it was a great week in cleveland history. >> reporter: we're just about three miles from downtown cleveland which is being completely revitalized for the republican national convention. but most of the people who come for the convention are never going to see the other half of cleveland's story. >> been on this street since i was a year old. i've never been to the new ball
7:47 am
field or the new stadium. >> reporter: broadway slavic village is one of the many neighbors that rose and fell with the steel industry decades ago. it was hit again during the great recession. >> this one has been hit hard by the banking and housing crisis. >> that empty lot there, there was three houses there. this lot where the driveway is, there was a house there. so there's four houses that's going right there. >> reporter: demolishing crumbling houses keep looters away. but it doesn't solve the larger problems. >> there are job ifs you look for them. but a lot of them are just minimum wage jobs. >> reporter: president obama won ohio in 2012 in part by turning out thousands of african-american voters especially in cities like cleveland which is majority black. and the gop can't ignore the incidents of police brutality
7:48 am
that have prompted protests. >> these are all issues that we as republicans can and should talk about. we have solutions. we have to respond having the criminal justice process work and holding those responsible accountable. >> reporter: city leaders say the development downtown will eventually lift everybody. >> the core gets white hot and then as you go the adjoining areas continue to grow. >> reporter: but for now, it's a tale of two cities one booming and one struggling just to survive. >> the money they're putting out downtown, yeah some of it could be spent in the neighborhoods. to make things better. but that's the way the politics go, i guess. >> thank you, kasie hunt. lebron james, cleveland cavs what happened to the miami heat? remember that team? who knows. up next, fans are lined up toudz "the outside "the daily show."
7:49 am
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apparently jon stewart signs off from "the daily show" for the last time tonight. ironically he exits the show as the same night for the debates for the republican presidential candidates. his impact on politics in the u.s. is undeniable. >> he is the strongest national figure of the past 15 years. he's swayed elections, changed the whole landscape of how you campaign. it's awesome. >> he's one of the main reasons i have any interest today in politics neither left or right. but just to be engaged. he speaks a language that gets you involved. >> the comedic part of what jon stewart represents just the
7:53 am
politics, i think, is hugely important and will be severely missed in the next election. >> dean obeidallah joins us. talk to me about how you think stewart changed the game for comedy and politics and the combo of the two. >> i think he had a true impact on people. there are people lined up here outside of stewart's studios waiting to go in. some of them might not even have tickets. jon meant that much to so many people younger people 20s to 40s who we learn so much about the news through jon stewart. he made us smarter and made us laugh which is a remarkable combination. i think he'll be remembered for that more than anything. it wasn't just funny. he taught you something. you learned more about an issue from him than you did mainstream media outlets. >> it is unusual to see people lined up overnight unless there's a new iphone.
7:54 am
the fact that it's for a comedy guy and a show -- dean it also says a lot about the impact of pop culture in general on society. it's a different way of people tuning into things. but through pop culture and in a different way. >> true. it has changed. i think we saw that with president obama going on the funny or die show using that platform to talk about obamacare to young people. but i think jon stewart, we get back to jon here i wrote an article about him. i interviewed him a couple of years and i asked him point-blank, do you think your comedy's made a difference? and he said no. he honestly does not believe his comedy has moved the needle as much as he wished it had. he ticked off a few from hypocrisy in politics to the media overshadowing certain issues.
7:55 am
interesting that jon doesn't view himself as having the impact that we all think he has. >> as a comedian and a thoughtful guy, what impact has he had on your trade and your craft? >> i think he's had an impact certainly directly by being in the documentary i made "the muslims are coming" about combatting are anti-muslim bigotry. he's not muslim. he didn't have to be in that. but he got involved. i think he's also raised the idea that political comedy can be fun. college students like political comedy in large extent due to jon stewart's influence. when we look back in time, he had a tangible impact like on the first responders in 2010 they couldn't get funding. he had a whole show about it. three days later it passed. he has a history of raising issues that others fear to talk about from palestinians in gaza
7:56 am
suffering to gun issues, violence in america. police brutality. the list goes on and on. >> dean obeidallah good to see you, that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. see you tomorrow. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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7:59 am
right now on "news nation," it's the final countdown. tonight's debate is being billed more like a potential wrestling match of words and it's just hours away. will the new report about donald trump being encouraged to run by former president bill clinton impact the debate? shots being fired right now -- >> developing now, new details on the man who was killed after going on an attack inside a tennessee movie theater. we are live at the scene. and stewart signs off. we'll look at his unforgettable impact on politics and pop culture as he gets ready for his
8:00 am
final "daily show" tonight. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. developing now as the candidates prepare for tonight's first gop presidential debate republican front-runner donald trump's relationship with the clintons is making headlines this morning. that after details surfaced about a private phone call between trump and former president bill clinton become in may shortly before trump announced his run for the white house. a clinton spokesperson says the former president was returning earlier calls from trump and bill clinton's office tell nbc news -- tells nbc news the presidential race was not discussed. but trump aides tell "the washington post" the former president encouraged trump to quote, play a larger role in the republican party. mother jones' w


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