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tv   Lockup Savannah Extended Stay  MSNBC  August 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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now they're giving her the green light to go on in. >> an assault leaves an inmate injured. >> i never expected her to attack me from behind. >> and a friendshipself severed. >> part of life. you live and you learn. >> everybody watching you like crazy. >> they were due to become brothers-in-law. now they're accused of a high-profile double murder.
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>> i'm not capable of anything -- me shooting anybody, it's not going to happen. >> as a first-timer one must learn a harsh reality. >> i can't be a sheep among wolves. any sign of weakness, they'll eat you. >> i never thought i'd be here seeing you. >> that ain't no place for you, man. ♪ known for town squares that date back to the 1700s, historic architecture, majestic oak trees, savannah, georgia, is one of the nation's top tourist destinations. but five miles from its riverfront hotels and restaurants is a very different sight, one most would do well to
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avoid. >> don't come down here, boy. >> the chatham county detention center has an average daily population of 1500 men and women, most of whom are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trial or the resolution of their cases. but the man who runs the jail says many more pass through its booking department every year. >> we bring about 18,000 people a year in here to be booked. that's a lot of people in and out of the jail. many of them get out on bond immediately. those that are still here can't make bond or they did not get any bond from the judges. >> such is the case for nathaniel wilkins. >> i'm edwards with classification, just have a few questions for you. what kind of job skills do you have? >> cooking. >> 24 hours earlier, wilkins says he was working as a chef at
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a popular savannah restaurant. but now he has exchanged his apron for a jail uniform, accused of a high-profile double homicide that occurred in a savannah suburb. >> the murders shocked neighbors, some who told news 3 this was the first time of trouble on this quiet street in decades. >> the victims, wilkins' former boss who was an executive chef at another restaurant, and that man's girlfriend. they were found shot to death outside their home. wilkins' arrest came two weeks shy of the crime's one-year anniversary. >> honestly, i can tell you all on camera, i did not do it, i didn't have anything to do with it at all. >> charged with two counts of first-degree murder and aggravated assault, wilkins says when he enters his plea it will be not guilty. >> he was my old boss. basically, everything that i learned as in cooking-wise i learned from him. so me actually trying to do something to him, my heart wouldn't even allow me to do that at all.
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>> when you walk in, everybody's looking at you crazy, it's kind of funny. it's like what y'all looking at? man, we just seen you on the news, so it's like watching a ghost walk through the door. >> wilkins has had prior stays at chatham county on convictions including fighting in a public place and battery. >> all my charges are basically just fighting. me shooting somebody, it's not going to happen. >> wilkins admits, however, that the male victim in this case, his former boss, fired him prior to the murders. >> i had got fired because they said it was slow and i really -- and i can honestly tell the truth and say i really wasn't doing my job there because i got too comfortable. and when i got comfortable, i really start slacking in my work. >> wilkins says it was weeks between his firing and the murders but could not be specific. the actual timeline between the murders and the firing has not been released by officials but wilkins believes it's being used
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as a motive. >> so police is basically trying to use that as a motive. 7:00 that same day, that night, i ended up getting another job. >> management at the new restaurant wilkins says he went to work for would not confirm when he started or discuss any other aspects of his employment there. nor would they confirm the employment status of wilkins' co-defendant, who says he also worked at the restaurant. in addition to working with wilkins, michael jones is also engaged to wilkins' sister and like wilkins he too faces charges of aggravated assault and murder to which he plans to plead not guilty. >> they linked me to my brother-in-law basically because i'm dating his sister. the situation is they think he done it and i probably was with him. they don't even know for sure if i was with him. the questions they asked me is, was i there or was i the shooter? that's crazy.
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>> victims in this case, i never knew them from a can of paint, never seen them in my life before. i haven't been there, i haven't done it, i'm not -- i had no reason to kill these people. >> investigators have not released information on what possible motives or evidence they have against wilkins and jones. but the future brothers-in-law believe a mutual acquaintance turned them in after a reward was offered seven months after the murders. if found guilty, both men would be eligible for the death penalty. >> people trying to get some money that they don't have none or anything to do with their life, basically trying to tell on me saying, i did this, i did that. >> just in an instant your whole life can be ruined like that. it make me regret knowing certain people, you know? >> jones says with no criminal record, jail is a whole new world. >> you know, man, no matter how strong you think you are, it's still no place for nobody. i wouldn't wish it on anybody. i pray my kids never see this. waking up here, thought it was a bad dream. i was praying it was just a
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dream. but it's real. i'm sorry for the victims' families and i really do pray, whoever really did it, that's who should be in my position right now. this ain't nowhere to be. i don't want to be that 20 years down the line, you see your kids -- through a glass? no, man. man. praying they don't take my life for [ mute ] i didn't do. coming up, another inmate takes michael jones under his wing. >> the first chance they get they're going to cost you. and -- >> we've seen miss cavallucci heading up that way. >> an assault in the female unit. >> and they're all cheering it on. love loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended.
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officials at the chatham county detention center in
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savannah, georgia, say there's approximately one fight per day among the 1,500 inmates inside the sprawling facility. the vast majority of those fights are between male inmates. ed. >> men got to prove their manliness. can't let somebody run the show if they think they're running the show. fortunately it's not as common for the women to fight. they do seem to keep it a little more in check. i think there's more verbal squabbles than physical altercations. >> but less than 24 hours earlier, lori dowda was in fact in a fight. now she has a black eye to show for it. >> i got hit from behind in my eye. she came and knocked me in my head and i didn't see nothing after that, everything went black. i let my guard down. i was in my room, picking up
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trash, cleaning my room, picking up trash to throw away. i never expected her to come in my cell and attack me from behind. >> morgan cavallucci is identified as the assailant, thanks to the video cameras throughout the jail. >> this is the video of unit 1 bravo wing. you see miss cavallucci heading up that way. see they're all watching? now they're all getting up and moving? that's because another officer has come in over here. and they're going to tell her to hold off for a second. so she kind of strolls back over. but you can see how she's walking like she's all pumped up. now they're giving her the green light to go on in. she does. and they're all cheering it on. loving it. they're not the ones going to get in trouble.
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so what do they have to lose by encouraging a little action? >> seconds later, officers respond to the fight and break it up. cavallucci is taken to a segregation cell pending a hearing on the matter. >> blows. blows being in lockup. part of life, you know. live and you learn. i didn't really feel bad until i was sitting here by myself, like right when i got brought in here, i was like, what did i do? why did i do that? so foul and just wrong of me. just -- i mean, she's a good friend of mine. we were like that. >> her situation's similar to mine. whether it involves family or having nobody to lean back on. so i connected with her. but it is jail. >> dowda will soon leave the jail to begin a one-year prison sentence for second-degree
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burglary. cavallucci is awaiting trial for a charge on possession of methamphetamine with intent to manufacture, to which she has pled not guilty. the two women met in jail when they became cellmates. >> we were mates about a month and a half. we built a stronger connection but i didn't think it was like that. i just thought it was, you know, sister, friend kind of thing. i told her things, she told me things. but she liked me more than that. at first it was like, okay, you know. give it a try, we'll see what's going on. you know. i'm not -- it's not me, i'm not gay. so it was like -- it didn't work out that well. i was like, i can't. so she got mad at me. >> i mean, i say we're just friends. i'm not going to say anything, you know, that she wouldn't want me to say. >> was there a sexual relationship between the two of you? never? >> i guess because i had back problems then. i had scoliosis.
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so i used to let her give me back massages and stuff. but it wasn't nothing to the point where i thought it was like coming on to her or nothing, no. >> dowda said the relationship cooled after cavallucci was assigned to another cell. >> she got really jealous of my new roommate because me and her get along really well. she just went off. >> cavallucci said the fight stem from the an incident in which dowda told staff cavallucci was making too much noise on the unit. it was interfearing for her studying for her ged exam. >> i was being disrespected, the whole dorm and stuff, that she snitched on me, they all heard her say it was cavallucci. they're like, why would she call you out like that? if i would have backed down or anything i would have been disrespected more. kind of everybody like -- really more so amping it up. people saying, get her, get her. >> cavallucci says now she has had a change of heart and wants to make amends. >> i need to give her a very
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sincere apology and hope that she'll still be my friend. i know she doesn't have a lot of people and all in her life. coming up, lori dowda opens up about her real significant other. and he's in jail too. >> for a long time i looked at men like they were monsters. he changed me a lot.
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inside savannah, georgia's, chatham county detention center, first-time inmate michael jones has not been in jail long. but long enough to already be laughing off a disturbing first impression. >> when i first came in this cell, you know, i look at my bunk mate's little cubby thing down here where you keep all your private things? and i see three jars of petroleum jelly, some baby oil. like, oh, lord. this probably be some big, swollen [ bleep ] named tiny and i'm going to have to fight for my virginity in this room every day of my life. >> cellmate battise hicks turned
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out to be anything but a predator. >> my bunk mate, he's nothing like that at all. man, he's smart as well. he been through the system stuff before, you know? that's who really helped me a lot how to make it in here. >> come on don't move them. >> you're right, you're right, you're right, you're right. >> i been around murderers, killers, rapists, drug dealers, i been around it all. they don't care. they'll smile in your face, stab you in the back.
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nobody will say it too loud. the first chance they get, they're going to cross you. >> hicks is currently charged with eight felonies. the most serious being three counts of sale of a controlled substance. he has pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. >> just the time after going to scuffle, get into something. guys are going to try you. you might be showing, look, i don't play, i'm a man, you're going to treat me like a man. if you don't, they're going to run over you. >> jones is one of two men accused of a double murder of a young couple. his codefendant is his future brother-in-law nathaniel wilkins, a former employee of the male victim. wilkins is housed in another part of the jail. both men say they are innocent. >> deep down inside it's still killing me. i had moments i could be by myself, i might bawl every now and again. i tighten up. i got to be a man first amongst thieves, i can't be a sheep amongst wolves. any sign of weakness, they'll eat you.
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>> given the graff gravity of his charges jones could be in jail for a long time before his case is ever resolved. >> i told mike that you might be here for a year to two years, his reaction was like, what? like somebody drained all the life him. but i'm like, that's not long. he's like, what, are you crazy? that's two years, a year i'll be gone. when he first is coming here he was talking about his situation like, yeah, man, i'll go to preliminary hearing, boom, they going to throw it out because i didn't do it. i'm looking at him like, mike, they're not going to just throw this out in preliminary hearing. you might not even go to a preliminary hearing. >> i'm thinking, once i finally get me a lawyer sometime in a couple of days or something, then you know, you're fine, what grounds do you have my client sitting here for? i demand immediate release, there's no evidence. but didn't work like that. >> morgan cavallucci is also awaiting trying on her charge of possession of methamphetamine with intent to manufacture.
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but after attacking her former trend and cellmate lori dowda, jail officials have handed down a sanction of their own. >> she got 60 days of lockdown and loss of privileges which means she will get an hour out per day to shower and maybe go on the rec yard. she does not get to watch tv. she does not get to use the telephone. she does not get to get commissary or have visitors come. >> i mean, i just think 60 days is horrid and outrageous. but i've been told that she had bruises on her face and a black eye. i felt really bad when i heard that. she's -- i mean, she's a pretty girl and i shouldn't have done that to her. >> both women agree that during the month or so they were cellmates they grew very close. dowda says cavallucci wanted more from their relationship. an assertion cavallucci neither confirms nor denies. but she does say despite giving dowda a black eye, dowda fought back.
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>> she's quick on her feet. trying to knee me. trying to gouge my eyeball. i know she had a good batch of my hair in her hand. >> i know i got hits in, too. when i fight i black out. i have bad ptsd i think it's what it's called. i have blackout when i fight and i don't mean to. whenever someone hits me it triggers in my head, you're being abused, it's a life or death situation, you have to react. >> where does the ptsd come from? >> i've been abused a lot throughout my life. so it just -- a lot of triggers. >> dowda says she has had a troubled childhood that includes time in group homes, sexual abuse, being a victim of human trafficking. she says at age 13, she began to cope by cutting herself. >> it was like the adrenaline rush that it gave me was better than a high. it was better than smoking a blunt or popping a pill or something. it was better. and then one day i just couldn't take it. i cut myself a little bit too
6:25 pm
deep. that instantly scared me because everything went black and i don't really remember if i hit a main artery. all i remember is it was squirting and a lot of blood was coming out of it. >> i mean, we all have, you know, a lot of stuff in our childhood and other people's stories are different. hers is really traumatic and sad. and that's one of the reasons i hope she'll still have me as a friend. i do want to help the girl. you know, she doesn't have anybody. >> but not only does dowda have someone else, he's even under the same roof. over in the men's section of the jail. >> what drew me to lori is she got some great care and personality. she's very beautiful, smart, outgoing. the main thing is she don't ever give up. we've been together for going on six months now. been rough.
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but it's well worth it when you find somebody you care about that much. she's really opened my eyes and changed my outlook on life. >> josh holtzclaw is lori dowda's boyfriend and codefendant. they've both been charged with second-degree burglary. dowda has already pled guilty and will transfer to prison to serve a one-year sentence. holtzclaw admits to committing the burglaries and is negotiating a plea deal under the state's first offenders act which keeps a conviction off his record, provided he successfully completes the terms of his sentence. >> it was all really just heat of the moment thing. you figure we could get a bit of money real quick. we made a mistake and went down that road. and after that, this was no turning back. >> my whole life i've known nothing but burglarizing. that's all i ever knew. he's never lived that life before but i've burglarized before and i know that you can get stuff out of it.
6:27 pm
>> i wanted to give her a better life than what i was able to offer at the time. and i figured the fast life was the only way to do that. she was in a tough time. i wanted to be quote-unquote superman to save her life. turn her from the destructive path she was going down. >> for a long time i looked at men like they were just monsters. you use people like a dog. i know now i can't judge everybody because of three or four people's mistakes. he changed me a lot. >> but the relationship currently has a major complication. something even beyond being in jail. >> i feel really bad about the way i met him. because he is married. and that makes me look like -- i never messed with someone that's married before. and it really hurts me, not just because he's married, but who he's married to. he's married to my sister. coming up.
6:28 pm
>> i was married to her sister for 30 months. >> josh holtzclaw and lori dowda navigate being lovers and in-laws. >> i'll feel a lot better when he gets divorced. >> and -- >> what do you think he was wanting before? keep your distance -- >> more advice for first-time inmate michael jones.
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i'm richard lui with break news this hour for you. police in arlington, texas have just released new details in the police shooting of an unarmed college student. the police chief says officers confronted christian taylor after they responded to reports of vandalism at a car dealership. during an attempt to take taylor into custody, officer brad miller fired four round, killing the 19-year-old. officer miller is on administrative leave and the police department is inviting the fbi to join in that investigation. now back to "lockup."
6:32 pm
the chatham county detention center in savannah, georgia, is an immense jail covering 20 acres, the equivalent of about 15 1/2 football fields. nathaniel wilkins has occupied a small sliver of that real estate for the past month. he is accused of murdering his former boss and that man's girlfriend. >> basically, it's overwhelming. because like every day, like i wake up in the cell, like on my nights i cry. >> wilkins admits his former boss fired him prior to the murders. but he insists he held no animosity toward him and maintains his innocence. >> i'm actually sitting in here waiting to go to trial. i don't know when trial will be. it might be two years from now, three years from now. i don't have that time to waste because i have kids i have to go home to. but i have no choice, because
6:33 pm
there's nobody out there willing to help anybody once you get locked up. once you get locked up it's like, well, oh well, it was his fault. >> housed in another section of the jail is wilkins' future brother-in-law and co-defendant michael jones. jones also says he is innocent. both men are eligible for the death penalty if found guilty. and for now, they have stopped writing each other out of fear other inmates might use their words against them and become informants in order to curry favor in their own cases. >> because everything is being monitored. so in order to keep everybody in safe, know what i'm saying, i'd rather just cut all ties from him until this is over with. >> jones' cellmate battise hicks has already warned him about this. >> ain't no honor amongst thieves, there's no honor. smile in your face, stab you in your back. >> now chris williams has advice for the first-time inmate as well. >> i know how high-profile my case is. >> exactly. >> certain ones trying to sit
6:34 pm
around you real close and try to look for anything to try to get them home sooner. >> to get information that will help their case. we've been telling him to keep his distance from everyone. >> say, for instance, i'm sitting here talking with this guy. next thing you know i see somebody standing as close to me than you would ever usually do. and when i notice you, you try to ease off. then i turn around, go to another spot. i see you trying to, you know, ease up with your ears and stuff. i know, hey, man, i know what's up but this ain't no -- i'm not your ticket out of here. you know, they give a funny look and walk off, you know what i'm saying? >> why do you think we was warning you before? >> uh-huh. >> keep your distance. >> uh-huh. everybody want to go home. >> snakes, man. >> don't even have to be guilty but they'll say something to make me look guilty to the grand jury. >> how does he know to trust you? >> first of all, that's his choice when he's home. it has nothing to do with me. the way i conduct myself, i don't mingle with no one in here.
6:35 pm
except the people i eat with, the people i break bread with. >> he don't even know about my case, really. >> i don't care about his case. >> while jones and wilkins have cut off communication for now, another pair of co-defendants writes to each other every chance they get. >> happy anniversary, babydoll. how are you doing today? i'm all right considering the fact that we can't be together on this day but i know there's many more to come. i'm just ready to get our lives moving forwards a better future. >> lori dowda and her boyfriend josh holtzclaw were both arrested for second-degree burglary. dowda has pled guilty and will soon serve one year in prison. holtzclaw is working with prosecutors for a plea deal. >> we went into a school, got electronics and stuff in that nature. we just wanted a quick dollar. then went downhill in that area. then actually be calling each other bonnie and clyde for a while. we've been together for six months. >> he was trying to give me my fairy tale life.
6:36 pm
my whole life being in group homes and stuff, he tried to spoil me but he couldn't because he didn't have what he needed. i feel like he's my superman. i wish i could have been his supergirl but i'm still working on it. >> their relationship has another major hurdle to overcome. holtzclaw is married. and lori dowda is not only his girlfriend, but his sister-in-law. >> yeah, i was married to her sister for 30 months before me and lori actually started talking, started building our relationship. it's just been a very rough road. it's been well worth it, though. >> even though she hasn't been there my whole life, she still is related to me. and i'm not sorry for meeting him, i'm not saying i'm going to leave him, because i'm not. i'm not saying that our relationship's over because of that, i'm not saying that. it's just -- i'll feel a lot better when he gets divorced. >> but for now, dowda says she would rather focus on the future
6:37 pm
than dwell on the past. she enrolled in the jail's ged program to get her high school equivalency degree and will soon take her certification test. >> getting my ged means i can get a legitimate job. somebody could hire me because i have education. they look at my diploma and see i don't have a diploma, i don't have a ged, and that shakes them about hiring me. >> if you know what the prefix means and the subject means you can take those. >> ms. maroney has helped me a lot. i'd like to quit, close the book, move it to the side. she don't let me quit, she's always pushing me. >> i'm kind of like a mother figure here. i found it my responsibility to encourage them whenever we can decide to give up, i wouldn't let her give up. >> i really like ms. maroney. i've learned a lot of new stuff. i want to go to college. i want to be a therapist for troubled youth that have been through certain things that i've been through as well. i think i could help somebody that's going through things just because i know what it feels like to go through something.
6:38 pm
this is not about anybody else but me. if i don't want to become the statistic everyone says, i have to change somehow, start somewhere. i got nothing but time. coming up -- >> i'm very nervous. i'm scared. i don't want to fail. >> lori dowda gets the results of her ged test. but the results of another test could impact her life even more dramatically. and -- there you go, stop crying, it's going to be all right. >> michael jones gets a visit from his fiancee.
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6:41 pm
at the chatham county detention center in savannah, inmates are allowed two visits per week. but there's still a sense of distance. friends and family get no closer to the inmates than the cubicle in the jail's visitation center
6:42 pm
where they can speak to their loved ones through a telephone and monitor. >> the reason why they do video visitation is because it's better than having contact visits. we don't have to worry about contraband entering or exiting the building. it's for the protection of the officers as well as the inmates. >> i get visits from my fiancee. and i also talk on the phone. i mean, it's good to hear a different voice compared to the voices that you hear all day. all you hear is men's voices. when you hear something soft it makes you feel good. it really does get you drunk, like we say. it gets you drunk. oh, man, it feels good to hear this. once you get off the phone, oh, man, i'm back in this world again. >> today, nathaniel wilkins' sister tracy burgess has arrived for a visit. but she's not here to see her brother. rather, she is visiting her fiance, wilkins' co-defendant, michael jones. both men are charged in a double murder case.
6:43 pm
>> it is tough having too come visit him every saturday and sunday, it is. because i never thought i'd see him back here for something that he has not done. so being out here on my own and trying to see his kids on a regular basis is hard for me. i'll start crying. but i miss him. >> burgess, 53. >> i joke a lot with her to let her know, regardless of any of my situation, your man will always keep your spirit up. i can be here facing a death penalty or something, i'm going to make a joke about it because i hate to see her cry. >> all visits are restricted to 20 minutes. but burgess and jones have discovered the clock doesn't start until the phone is off the receiver. >> when i lip talk with her, she understands real good. we've been doing this since we was kids, you know. we got that kind of connection. we don't have to hear to know what we're saying. we can really talk with our eyes. damn, 20 minutes. you see they've stolen 10
6:44 pm
seconds from me already. >> yeah, i see that. that's why i kind of like not picking up this here phone. >> i told you not to pick it up yet. now we've only got 19:34. >> you look good. >> i look anything but good. >> i saw the kids wednesday. >> you saw the kids? >> yeah. >> they think i'm on the road. they don't think -- >> i know. i told them you was on the road. you know the oldest catch on quite quickly than the other ones. >> i'm ready to get home, man. i'm around a bunch of snakes, man. >> i told you at the end of the day you've also got to thank everybody you get in here. >> investigators have not released the evidence they have against jones and wilkins but their arrest came soon after a reward was offered and a witness stepped forward. burgess says she believes in their innocence. but is still angry that they were ever in a position to be accused. >> between mike and my brother, it's like, why are you guys here?
6:45 pm
why did you all fool with the wrong people to get here? who did you all socialize with? why did they have y'all names in their mouth? why are you all here, what's the reason? it should have been work and home, that's it. your responsibility is to kids, not the street. it really does hurt because sometimes when i'm at home and i think he's at work and he's coming home, but when i come here saturday and sunday, no he's not coming home, you got to continue to come up here to see him through a tv monitor. >> there you go, stop crying, it's going to be all right, man. >> god, man, i never thought i'd be here seeing you. >> i know, man. i miss you. >> man, this stuff's starting to get hard at night. >> all right, man. i'll be home. going to [ bleep ] like rocky, all right? just right now got to dos what i got to dos. all right? >> okay. >> love you, all right? >> i know. >> i can always tell in her face
6:46 pm
when she's getting ready to cry. that's when i got to bring out the joker. it's hard being the strong one all the time. there be times when i ain't got nobody around, i cry. i ain't going to lie, i cry about my situation at times. it's never easy. that's why i try to make her laugh so i don't have to see it. it really is not just making it easier on her, it's making it easier on me too, to make her laugh. >> i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you. bye. >> i love you, too. [ bleep ]. >> oh my god. >> you know, that's one hell of a woman. >> jesus. >> that's my ride or die. she will ride with me to the ends of this earth and i don't doubt it at all. even being in here. i'm thinking, well, what if this month turns into nine months, turns into two, three years? i don't doubt she'll still hang in here with me, that's how
6:47 pm
strong it is, man. i try like, i think these people are going to come get me, i think they're going to take me forever. it don't matter about me being innocent. go ahead, man, just go on with your life, move on. she wasn't having that, know what i mean? she ain't going to have that. she's a rider. >> burgess says it's too painful for her to visit her brother. even these weekly visits with jones are getting difficult. >> it's hard on me. because now i'm helping raising his kids. and also helping with bills and everything that he left. and i have no job so i'm trying to do the best i can with what i got. and it just feels like everything is being taken away from me slowly. >> lori dowda says she has known hard times and suffering too. but now only days from transferring to prison to start a one-year sentence for second-degree burglary, she
6:48 pm
realizes coming to jail might be the start of a brighter future. >> ladies, whoever's in ged, let's go! >> dowda recently took her final exam in the jail's ged program. and today she finds out the results. >> are you worried about it? >> i'm very nervous. i'm scared. i don't want to fail. just like when i leave here and go to prison, when i leave prison, i'm scared i'm going to get out and just fall again. >> well, here are your scores. >> if they're bad, i don't want to look at them. >> ha ha! >> whoo! >> yay! >> i'm so happy for you. that's wonderful. i love it. >> congratulations. >> don't cry. congratulations. >> thank you, guys. >> you worked hard. lori was very apprehensive about her ability to be able to pass the test. she didn't feel like she was ready. i knew she was ready.
6:49 pm
coming up -- >> so he grabbed me, lift me, slam me, boom, he got on top of me like, oh, yeah, i got you now. >> batista hicks has moved into a new cell after getting into a fight. but now feels betrayed by michael jones. >> it's psychological warfare in here, that's all it is. >> and lori dowda fears she may not be alone when she heads to prison. yes. thank you. no. no. please, stop! sorta you, isn't you. start with a quote from esurance and get a set of discounts personalized to you, not someone sorta like you. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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usda choice ribeye steak is $7.99 a pound 32-ounce gatorade is 69 cents and select quaker cereal is $1.49 happy anniversary to me. safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. inside the chatham county detention center, battise hicks has played the role of mentor to cellmate michael jones. his main piece of advice is to keep to yourself and stay out of trouble. hicks himself ran into plenty of trouble with another inmate. >> been playing cards, you know. words exchanged, you know. a lot of emotions being involved. we're talking, next thing you know we're from talking to debating and arguing. >> his cellmate michael jones witnessed what happened next. >> i see battise get up like, [ bleep ], you're tripping, you're tripping, [ bleep ],
6:53 pm
you're going to pay, pick a room, i'll beat your ass. i said, you're tripping. he said, no, you're tripping. i just took off, boom boom, we just beganed each other. >> battise hit each other a couple of times, i went to grab him, battise on his back on the floor. >> he grabbed me, lift me, slam me, boom. he got on top of me like, oh, yeah, i got you now. hit me one time, boom. >> he took his shoe. it's like, i don't want to do it to you, little bro, i don't want to do it to you. and he's [ bleep ] hurt. >> okay, hit with a shower shoe, i give you a busted nose. hey, swap noses with him. >> soon after the fight, hicks says he felt like he was swindled. after officers moved him to a segregation cell for fighting, hicks realized he was missing he was missing several items he purchased from the jail commissary.
6:54 pm
>> a lot of things came up short. 12 soups, seven bags of chips, missing a bar of soap. >> jones admits to taking the items but says it wasn't a swindle, it was debt repayment. >> and i realized he still owed me some items. we call that a pc move, you try to owe somebody something but try to hurry up and get kicked out. [ bleep ]. >> no, no, heck, no. he took way more than what was owed. if he did collect, he took way more than what was owed him. he took way more. i told him. i gave him the game of the jailhouse. listen, this is things you do and don't. >> among other things he warned jones not to talk to inmates about his case because they might report that information, truthfully or not, to authorities. hicks says now he's in just such a position because of what jones has told them about his case. >> i'm like, mike. like i know your case. like you've told me your case. you sat down and you told me your case. it's like, a guy tell me everything about his case, he
6:55 pm
ain't going to steal from me. that's crazy. who's going to be smarter than that? >> would you do anything to jeopardize his freedom? >> i don't know. i don't know. i wake up one day, pissed about it, ain't got soup to eat, ain't got soap to wash, yeah, okay, i might put your business out there. you never know. it's jail, unpredictable. you never know what might happen. >> i'm not worried about anything at all. there's nothing like that for me to tell him to try to come back and get me in trouble. you can try to make up a lie. i'm not worried about nothing, man. nothing at all. >> the choice is yours. -- i'm trying not to get used to living like this, know what i mean, or find myself falling into being like these guys, you know. but association brings on assimilation at times, you know. you're around it all the time, you end up adapting to living like this. it's psychological warfare in here, that's all it is. psychological warfare. you've got my body, now you want my mind. >> during her five months in
6:56 pm
jail, lori dowda has experienced more than psychological warfare she was attacked and given a black eye by her former friend and cellmate morgan cavallucci. on the positive side, dowda earned her ged here. but now she is concerned that her jail saga may have one more unexpected development. >> i have issues going on with my stomach right about now. i don't want to say it for sure. but there is a possibility i could be pregnant. and if not there's a knot like this big inside of my stomach. i don't know what to think. i just know my body very well. and i know something's not right. >> when miss dowda came to the facility, she was tested to see if she was pregnant. standard procedure. she tested negative. and then she continued to complain of some stomach issues. the facility made an appointment with an outside doctor for her to go and get checked for her stomach issues. >> it's very possible to have a false negative if you don't have enough hormones within your
6:57 pm
system. if they're saying they still haven't seen their cycle or they're feeling like they're pregnant, then we can get a sample, have them come up here, have them get a sample, do a pregnancy test here. if they're still coming up negative they can get blood work done to show whether or not they're pregnant. >> i put in today, they said i had an appointment pending. we'll see what's going on. before we got here we took a home pregnancy test that came up positive. i'm like, it's just a home pregnancy test, it's not nothing, and i threw it. >> she did take a pregnancy test. she took multiple pregnancy tests. one of them clearly showed positive. but she also took about ten others and they kept saying negative. i ain't heard much more about that situation. i actually wrote the other day to find out about it. still waiting for the response in a letter. i would love to start a family with lori and have little kids. i don't believe right now is the best time to have kids.
6:58 pm
>> i'm not nowhere near capable of taking care of any living being. i'm not -- barely capable of taking care of myself. that's why i really, really hope that i'm not. >> until she is examined and new tests are taken, dowda and the others on her unit are only left to speculate. >> you've gotten bigger. see? it's all right here. you believe me when i tell you you're pregnant? >> it would be different if there wasn't a ball in there. cornbread. >> it's not cornbread, honey, it as baby. >> i think but i don't want to accept it. >> you think what? that i'm pregnant, the p-word. but i don't want to be a bad mom. i'm scared to be. i don't want to be a bad mom. so i guess that's why i'm in denial. i don't want to be a bad mom. >> but the truth of the matter is, you think you're pregnant?
6:59 pm
>> i am.
7:00 pm
due to mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised. i told her i just wanted to spend the weekend with her, i was going to spend my whole paycheck on her. >> a planned romantic weekend turns into a nightmare. >> i'm the youngest one in here. it is scary. i can't sleep at night. people scream in their rooms.


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