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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 12, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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i have a dream. >> a new recording of an important speech by martin luther king jr. that is easily far the best new thing in the world today. that's our show. easily by far new thing in the world today. up next, "first look." it's wednesday, august 12th. right now on "first look," riveting new surveillance video from ferguson, missouri. police say it shows why they shot a man. trump's politics play ago cross america. >> according to the poll, donald trump is still the front runner the republican primary race. very impressive because it's the only race he hasn't offended yet. the food and drug administration is forced to speak out after a kim kardashian
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selfie violates a rule. happy wednesday to you. we're almost there. thank you for joining me. i'm betty nguyen. more protestors were out overnight, but the atmosphere was relatively calm with a few scuffles. we're getting a look at new dramatic video that police say shows harris pulling a weapon seconds before officers pursued and critically wound d the -- wounded the teen. harris remains in critical condition. he's charged with ten felonies. the city has been on edge the last few days. adding to unease, there's so called oath keepers roaming the streets.
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>> we're just americans trying to keep our fellow men safe. >> police are calling the group's presence unnecessary and inflammatory. state law allows license gun owners to openly gary weapons. the 2016 campaign is getting nastier this morning. three top candidates are calling each other out. starting with -- guess who -- donald trump. he is leading in key states. in new hampshire trump's lead is 18% which is down. while he lieads iowa 17%, he's tied with scott walker at 14%. yesterday he had two targets. >> jeb and hillary on the same day. they said donald trump has too strong a tone. too strong. we have heads being chopped off because they're christian in the middle east. we have borders people are
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killed. the world is cracking up, and they're worried about my tone. >> that's part of yesterday 's three way war of words. jeb bush went after hillary clinton in the speech of his own. bryan moore is in washington. we want to start there because bush laid into hillary clinton on foreign policy yesterday. >> after days of auking about trump's -- days of talking about donald trump a's policies, it shifted to hillary clinton. >> where was the secretary of state? >> he's working to amp up excitement after the debate. then there's donald trump. >> leading in iowa, leading in new hampshire, leading in north carolina. >> still riding high in the
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polls, still short on specifics. >> we have to build a wall. >> democrat hillary clinton wants to focus on policy. >> a majority of gun owners support universal background checks. if we -- >> news she's given the justice department the private e-mail server she used as secretary of state insures rivals and critics will have plenty to talk about. msnbc news learninged two e-mails that went through the server were classified beyond 6 class secret. a state department spokesman said some of the information was already working through unclassified state department servers. >> i'm sure we'll hear more. thanks so much. today jets begin without their starting quarterback, at least six to teen weeks.
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here's why. he was sucker punch by a teammate in the locker room. multiple media reports indicate it was over a $600 from a plane ticket. ron fills us in on this bizarre story. >> nfl quarterbacks are untouchable by teammates, hence the bright red jersey. but the backup player broke this long-standing property control, sucker punching smith in the confrontation breaking his jaw. he was immediately fired. smith expected to be sidelined six to ten weeks missing the first part of the regular season. >> you don't walk up to another man and punch him in the face. that's something you don't tolerate. >> what was the fight about? >> it was something very childish six graders could have talked about. it had no reason happening. >> tensions run high during the
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nfl six week preseason with players vying for roster spots. he apologized writing in part, -- >> the game plan sacked for now. a stern looking smith on instagram vowing i'll be back. it was an emotional day in liberal, kansas. the entire community came out tuesday to say good buy to carlile who died after he was hit in the head by the batter. his family and friends gathered to remember the boy they called the spark plug of the team. his mom spoke at the funeral and said, quote, i'll hold him in my
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heart. >> the team has set up a go fund me site to help the family cover medical and funeral expenses. they've raised $123,000 so far. this morning, more than 60 inmates at clinton correctional facility in new york filed complaints over alleged abuse. they say guards choked, slammed them in the prison. new york department of corrections and community supervision says the allegations have been under investigations for weeks and referred to inspector general. they say any finding of abuse will be punished to full extent of the law. kim kardashian may be in hot water with the fda. the federal agency warned the
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drug she posted is wrong. the fda says it fails to communicate risk information. now, kim kardashian was paid by the drug company for that post which garner eed 450,000 likes. fda wants the correction on kardashian's account which has 42 million followers. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. >> good morning betty. the market could be headed for losses following china's surprise move to reduce currency. it's sparking worries they may be many worse shape than previously thought. stocks have big exposure in china following apple and young brands, kfc. trucks from mexico to ohio.
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ford is in contract talks with uaw. facebook is reportedly working on a twitter-like app that lets media outlets send breaking news alerts. alerts would be sent out like tweets with links to articles. facebook is declining to comment. back over to you. >> already. thank you so much. new developments in the arlington police shooting of the college football player. california has got balls. they are betting big on 96 million of them. this may be the shot of the day. can you guess where it is? "first look" is back in three. (woman) you want to eat...
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strong storms tore through texas wednesday. the estimated damage
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$300-500,000. a truck was swallowed up. a water main break caused the sinkhole. no word on whether heavy rain played a factor. in phoenix, time lapse video shows a massive dust storm blowing in the city with near zero visible. cars had to pull over, several flights were diverted. our meteorologist is here. only place in the u.s. where we have this right? >> absolutely. the rain was a big story that we were looking at along the east coast. the good thing is, it's much different this morning. what you're going to notice, not only is rain gone, but humidity levels have come down. we're looking at heat raging on through the south. temperatures well above normal. feel-like temperatures
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approaching 110 in a lot of places in texas today. this heat is going to start to ease up by the weekend as it continues to spread to the northwest. they'll be heating up as well. pretty comfortable in chicago today. 78 degrees. your temperatures will get much higher as we get to the weekend as well. betty? >> thank you so much for that. we have breaking news to tell you about now. we have learned a u.s. military helicopter has crashed off the coast of okinawa. six people were injured, and the helicopter was injured during the hard deck landing board the ship. 17 u.s. personnel were on board the helicopter. all were rescued. that is the good news. the helicopter was conducting a training mission at the time. the cause of the crash is under investigation. new details on the car crash
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that left morgan in a coma and killed his friend. roper pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide. arlington police officer brad miller who shot an unarmed college student friday has been fired. >> i've decided to terminate officer miller's employment with the police department for exercising poor judgment. >> police were called to the dealer issue ship after taylor kicked in the windshield of a car and crashed a jeep into the dealership. a criminal investigation continues. in florida, the 23-year-old driver of a beer truck lost control of the big rig when he became distracted by his dog. that truck went over the guardrail spilling of course
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hundreds of cans of beer all over the highway. now to china. it shows a woman being hit by a car driving in reverse. that car plow into two cars before coming to a stop. the woman suffered a minor injury. wow. nick completed his longest tight rope walk ever. what a beautiful shot there. check out this spectacular photo. speaking of beautiful. a rainbow and lightning bolt shot by a real estate agent? tucson, arizona. may want to quit your day job and become a photographer. he got the shot after chasing the storm two hours. bernie takes over new hampshire. colbert dares the donald. "scrambled politics" is up next.
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and now i'm going to get them to milsmell my shirt.uys, smells good yesterday i washed my clothes in new downy fresh protect. it's like deodorant, for your clothes. you just throw it in with your detergent, it neutralizes odor on the spot new downy fresh protect 19 minutes past the hour. on today's menu of "scrambled politics," hillary clinton took her campaign to new hampshire tuesday. after a town hall meeting, she met with a group of black lives matter activists behind closed doors. the activists weren't allowed inside because of capacity. gop presidential candidate donald trump is criticizing bernie sanders. donald trump called bernie weak after letting activists take over the mic over the weekend.
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>> i would never give up my microphone. that was disgusting. the way he was taken away by two young women. the microphone, they took the whole place over. meanwhile, late show host stephen colbert has a challenge for donald trump. >> this is not an invitation mr. trump. this is a dare to come on the show. >> colbert challenged trump to appear on his show september 8th. the next presidential debate is coming up in september. mark your calendars. jim gilmore may not make the cut. he has not been invited because of low polling numbers. george h.w. bush and george bush met with wounded warriors and got to experience a special moment as jeffries got to
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propose to his girlfriend. congrats to them. todd courser is apparently the course of his own smear campaign. jimmy fallon tried to explain the situation last night. >> a michigan state representative name todd courser is claiming he intentionally leaked a fake news story act himself hiring a male prostitute to expose people blackmailing him over a real affair he was having with a woman. then his wife was like got it, so we're still getting like super divorced. that was your idea? good plan. >> that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." 21 minutes past the hour, i'm joined by jonathan allen, chief political correspondent for vox. what was he thinking? can't help but talk about that.
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did he really think that was a good idea? >> i mean, i guess. who knows what actually happened. this guy ought to run for congress. >> stop the insanity now. >> he'd fit in. >> could you imagine? let's move over to jeb bush. he's trying to win votes on his foreign policy stance. blaming hillary clinton could backfire on him. is this a slippery slope for bush? >> there's a word for r that, to have his brother start a war in iraq and then start blaming others for what happened as a result. he's trying to find a place to be politically viable in iraq. some of the republican primary voter who is support him are neo cons, folks that backed george b w. bush. the words he should use is my father was right, my brother was
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wrong on iraq. >> given his brother's foreign policy. jeb bush distanced himself from the mistakes of the past. >> yeah, i think one of his big challenges is to be something other than either his brother or father or both of them. i think he's trying to do that. it's not working very well. there's 13% pretty consistently in national polls who favor jeb bush. his big concern at this point has got to be if other candidates start getting out of the race, their supporters go to trump rather than jeb bush. he's got a right the ship soon. >> speaking of polls, a stunning new poll has bernie sanders beating hillary clinton in new hampshire 44% to 37%. think this has anything to do with her e-mail server investigation? >> yeah i think the general problem that hillary clinton is having is one of voters thinking
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she's dishonest and not trustworthy. i think the e-mail server question plays into that. i think the fact she set up the entire system by which she should go around the rules reinforcing the notion she's not being transparent. it's one of many issues for her that tie into that narrative. >> all right jonathan, we appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> take care. just ahead, kim kardashian's way of proving she's pregnant. >> one of the hazards of swimming with the fishes. prz live att orys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered\ 're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. bap
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just in case you were wondering what cheerios are made of whole. grain. oats.
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. all right, so california is
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trying something unique to save 300 million gallons of water each year. they plan to release black plastic balls into the reservoir. kim kardashian posted this selfie to instagram wearing nothing but her baby bump. we had to blur a lot of that out. in the post, she is said she wanted to respond to allegations she was faking the pregnancy is and show every pregnancy is different. if you're thinking of bearing it all this summer, jimmy fallon has the pros and cons of going to a nude beach. >> pro, showing up and taking off all your clothes. con, being told the nude beach is two miles away. pro, telling other swimmers the water is a little cold, con, hearing them say yeah, we can tell. con realizing immediately white clothes were re-invented.
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not a good look. there's this video from utah. watch what happens when the fish see what happens when it thinks it's food. the man gets bit on the nipple by the fish. ouch. i'm betty nguyen. "way too early" starts now. are there times you feel you've gone over the top? >> what? i don't think so at all. it came out on one of the networks today. there should have been 2 million watching. you agree? 2 million people, the standard. there were 24 million. i think the 24 will go to 28, 29, maybe 30 when final numbers come in. who do you think they're watching, jeb bush? i don't think so. >> donald trump hammering jeb bush, everyone accusing him of being weak on jobs. bush laid out a plan.
2:30 am
the big question for trump is when will he start talking specifics. hillary clinton says she'll hand over her private e-mail serve isser. there are signs of damage done. new polls show bernie sanders pull ago head in a key state. with teammates like these, who needs enemies? quarterback geno punched by his own teammate in the locker room. this is "way too early" the show asking where was the jet's offensive line? ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ good morning everyone. it's wednesday, august 12th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. after months of pressure and questions, this morni


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