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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 13, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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you can always find me on and rachel is back tomorrow night. facebook. find rachel back here tomorrow night. up next, "first look." it's thursday, august 13th. right now on "first look," china is urgently dealing with aftermath of multiple mass explosions. dozens dead, hundreds injured. we have the latest. the donald offers names of people he'd like in his administration. hillary clinton's e-mail server is now in the hands of the fbi. you'll meet the largest shark ever captured on film. sad news about jimmy carter. breakfast of champions takes on new meaning. bad timing as we kick off your thursday morning. "first look" starts now. good morning everybody. thanks for waking up with us
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today. i'm betty nguyen. the death toll continues to rise as powerful explosions rocks the city. smoke is still rising from the smoldering blast site. we're getting a look at the footage. you can see heavy smoke filling the air above the warehouse where the explosions took place. it happened in the industrial area and blasts were felt miles away. >> a first blast had shaken the port city then this, a massive explosion, many times bigger than the first blast and blinding white light. they see it, and then they feel it. the shock waves shattering windows and turning shards of glass into projectiles. images flooded chinese social
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media. a store front did disappearing. a living room covered in broken glass. hospitals are overwhelmed with hundreds of injured. many burned, some cut with broken debris. home to 11 million people and a major hub for petra industries. alexander in beijing got calls from friends this in tianjin. >> there are dead bodies all over the street. >> china's state broadcaster said the fire was caused by a warehouse storing explosive material. breaking news overnight in iraq, a massive truck bomb tore through a busy market, leaving
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75 dead and 200 wounded. much of the market is incinerated. isis claimed responsibility. for the latest, go to jimmy carter revealed yesterday he has cancer. mr. cart area announced the diagnoses himself. in in a written statement he said i have cancer, and now it is in other parts of my body. he founded the jimmy carter center in atlanta. he travelled the world working on plans achieving peace in the middle east. he was awarded the nobel peace prize in 2002. his work has not stopped since. >> we have a program promoting peace, enhancing democracy. it was adventurous. i have to say it's gratifying to
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do that. >> the president called carter last night. he released this statement. this morning, surge of surveyin surveyin surv surveys is doing this. the former florida governor's campaign tells msnbc news he met with black lives matter protestors before for 15 to 20 minutes. even so, this happened. >> black lives matter! black lives matter! >> they chanted as he left the stage. bush is working to catch up with donald trump who gave us a peek at what the trump white house would look like. >> i don't want the to use names. jack welch, carl types, henry
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kravitz, warren buffett said great things about me the other day. he said trump is here to stay. >> brian moore is live in washington. >> a new poll in cnn shows trump with commanding lead topping key categories like economy and fighting terrorists. meanwhile, on the democratic side, everyone is talking about that once private e-mail server of hillary clintons. everyone is talking about it, that is, except the candidate herself. >> her republican rivals sound soed off on news her private e-mail server has been turned over to fbi. >> looks like he's hiding. >> the question is why hasn't she done this already. >> clinton's campaign is in damage control after inspector general found two e-mails
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containing top secret information that clinton denied. >> i never sent or received classified information at the time it was received. >> a university poll shows half of voters say clinton did nothing wrong but still support the criminal investigation. while republicans see weakness. >> in new hampshire we're ahead of hillary clinton by two points. >> democratic challenger bernie sander ssz eers refusing to ca. >> poll numbers show sanders leading clinton by seven points in new hampshire. >> thank you for. that we'll try it again next week. no settlement or decision in court in the battle between superstar qb brady and goodell yesterday he admitted destroying his phone was the wrong thing to do but maintains innocence.
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with all that, this is what people are talking about yesterday. "time" artist apologized for making him look like lurch. the internet did what it normally does when this happens, went crazy. here's a good one. the person that tweeted this called it qb extra terrestrial. then one called it hunchback of notre dame. the biggest shark ever caught on camera. here's joe. >> a rare sight, a female great white shark so close you can see her teeth. 50 years old and very pregnant.
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the video posted to facebook recorded by this shark expert two years ago. experts dubbed her the biggest shark ever filmed. it's a video impressing researchers and thrilling everyone else. nbc, los angeles. >> isn't that incredible? move over breakfast of champions. wheaties is offers breakfast of champi champions. we're talking about a beer from a brewery many minneapolis to create the limited edition craft beer. you can only buy it in minnesota. eight minutes past the hour. time to get down to business. landon dowdy here. she's not having beer for breakfast. >> no beer for breakfast for me. market could be pointed higher as investors concerns about china's move to lower the
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currency. china's efforts to devalue the yaen shows it may be in worse state than first thought. vox media is looking to attract younger viewer who is might not be watching tv. apple is working with developers to make the ipad more appealing to business customers. sales have dropped in the past six quarters. apple has never been big in work place technology, $2 trillion market. >> thanks. let's get over to sports. the orioles pitcher had a terrific game. he became the first in three years to throw a no-hitter. the first to do that bag in 2012, his teammate.
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taking on the brewers. he jumps on the tarp, leans into the crowd and makes a great catch. one more time main slow motion. great focus. now to extra innings. score tied at two. deep to left field for the walk-off. cubs win 3-2. after breaking the jaw of geno smith, the linebacker enemkpali was claimed by the bills. the head coach when team drafted in the 2014 draft. ryan says there's no guarantee he will make the bills team. a ceiling collapse at a concert with 1,000 attendees. rough night along the new jersey turnpike last night. you're watching "first look."
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we are just hours after the peak viewing period of this year's meteor shower. pictures are coming in from around the world. it happened every august before the new moon. the dusty comet rotates around the sun. when it hits our atmosphere, it explodes in the sky. 132,000 miles per hour. nasa says humans have been overseeing it 2,000 years. i didn't get out to see it this morning. did you get a chance to? >> i forgot to look up when coming to work. a few people did see shooting stars on the southeast. everybody gets in on it. that's the beauty of it. well, we have quiet weather in most place this is morning. seeing showers and thunderstorms in minneapolis and northern plains. that's where you'll see your threat today. it's down to the gulf we do have can -- we are going to have
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heavy rain, basically through florida. you're going to be looking at heavy bouts of showers and thunderstorms in the next 48 hours with tropical moisture coming in. the western part of florida, you are looking at flood watches throughout today. here's a look at today's forecast. 88 minneapolis. it's starting to heat up once again in the northeast, humidity also climbing. >> thank you so much. during heavy wednesday rush hour, the well traveled new jersey turnpike was on fire. two tractor trailers collided in brunswick backing up traffic for miles. drivers passing the burning trucks caught it on video. at one point, trucks exploded. they were carrying medical supplies. the drivers suffer ed minor injuries. this is new from overnight. the ceiling collapsed during a concert. >> the creel, boom, caved right
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in. it looked towards the back. >> the people were evacuated, two sent to the hospital. miss pennsylvania is in hot water. she faked her fight with cancer and stole thousands from well wishers. police say she shaved her head and said she was receiving treatments. she was arrested charged with theft by deception and receiving stolen property. her crown has been revoked. a grandmother and two kids were transported in an ambulance when it collided with a fire truck. both were responding to emergency calls and had lights and sirens on at the time. a dozen people, including seven firefighters, were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. curtesy of jimmy fallon, rand paul goes on attack against donald trump. "scrambled politics" is next. ♪
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people of kentucky should not allow him privilege of remaining their senator. hillary clinton's attempt to use emoji backfires on twitter she asks this question. many poked fun at her. one of her followersing replied, three emojis can't begin to explain the pain of student loan debt. here's a story that caught our attention. kathleen cane is charged with leaking secret grand jury information to a newspaper to get even with a former state prosecutor. she says the charges filed against her were people trying to cover a scandal of pornographic e-mails sent on
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state commuputers. u.s. rep brown says the current redistricting plan for the jacksonville area would dilute the voting strength of african-americans. in havana, final preparations for reopening of u.s. embassy in cuba. three u.s. marines that took down the flag when it closed in 1961 will return to havana with secretary of state john kerry to raise the flag. with bernie sanders rising in the polls, fallon came up with few new campaign slogans. >> yes we can? more like yes i did. bern down for what? enough bs. it's time for b.s. hillary just got weekend at bernies. >> got to admit, those are good. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." i'm joined by bob franken.
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good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's break down the hillary clinton e-mail server investigation, shall we? she's refused to turn it over before, why now? >> there are various theories. one from hillary clinton point of view. she is just trying to cooperate with investigators and put this all behind her. from the more skeptical view of an awful lot of people, sit that she realized she couldn't sustain that legally so she elated as much as she could and trying to cut her losses. >> is the clinton campaign trying to make distinction they weren't top secret at the time they were sent? >> they're trying to make that point. there are a lot of skeptics that say she should have realized f. she didn't have her own individual server, it would have been filtered to make sure the classified information wasn't passed along.
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>> big picture, is this mistrust with the investigation? should she have turned over everything to begin with? >> will there's a mistrust showing up in polls. the campaign is saying all of this is quote, non sense. >> we want to make it clear to viewers hillary clinton is not under investigation. there's absolutely no criminal inquiry into her e-mail or e-mail server. but, should this derail her campaign? we're seeing bernie sanders rise in the polls. side from sanders and joe biden we assume would jump in, who are your top five candidates to jump in the race? >> well, i don't really have a top five because there seems to be little chance this is going to derail her campaign. her campaign certainly has a problem, but -- i have to admit here the producers suggested this might come up because if i had to mad lib, i couldn't come
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up with top five-but that's do it. the senator from new york. i just mentioned woman. many people who feel a woman should be president have suggested her as an alternative to hillary clinton. also on the list, you can't forget elizabeth warren who says she's not interested in running. she appeals to progressives. >> a lot want her to run. >> so she might be somebody who displace not only hillary clinton but bernie sanders. then you have michael bloomberg. he's been a democrat, republican, independent. he doesn't have much to do anymore. maybe he could go back to being a democrat. however, for same people like elizabeth warren or sanders, he's poison because he's always been a champion of wall street. then howard schultz, ceo of
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starbucks, somebody considered a corporate leader. he's somebody who says he doesn't have to run. everybody says that. one surprise, how about michelle obama? she's a harvard educated lawyer. she has no interest. everybody says that. >> that's a really long shot, though. okay. all this is hypothetical by the way. we appreciate it. just ahead, a movie by any other name is hilarious. you're watching "first look" other. ...that sound good? not being copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier.
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google translate with hilarious results. france, crazy amy. french canadian, hopeless cause. "way too early" starts right now. breaking news over night. at least 60 dead and 200 injured after a massive truck bomb explodes in iraq's capital city. the big question now is who's behind it? he's been going strong since leaving office 35 years ago, but now a health scare for jimmy carter. the former president reveals he has cancer. we'll have the latest. hillary clinton insists she did nothing wrong using a private e-mail server. this morning there are reports she handed it over to fbi. 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early" a show
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that cried watching "you've got mail." ♪ good morning everyone. it's thursday, august 12th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. we begin with breaking news overseas. isis is reportedly claiming responsibility for a massive truck bombing in baghdad that has killed at least 60 people and injure d 200 othered. the -- 200 others. there's been similar attacks on neighborhood across the country. witnesses say a refrigerator truck was backed with explosives when it blew up. some used personal cars to get victims to the hospital quickly.


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