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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 18, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and focussing on that as opposed to trying to follow trump's lead. >> i learned hillary clinton still doesn't get it. she's still thinking this is a vast right-wing conspiracy. she's got the fbi investigating things, the "new york times" on the case. this is not about brightbart or rush limbaugh, this is about serious problems. >> if it's way too early, what time is it? >> "morning joe," but stick around because right now it's time for "the rundown." and good tuesday morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown," you've got mail. potentially top secret mail. the state department says intelligence agencies are now taking a closer look at more than 300 of hillary clinton's e-mails. these messages are from clinton's private e-mail server she used while secretary of state. there's worry they could contain classified government information. kristen welker is in los angeles where clinton is campaigning.
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a day ago, the number of flagged e-mails was 60. has that changed? >> right, the number under consideration and concern does continue to go up, jose. and now the clinton campaign has a new message for its supporters. no bed wetting. this is a familiar mantra we heard in the obama campaign of 2008. clinton officials say it applies now. at issue, as you say, intelligence community reviewers have expressed concerns more than 300 documents from clinton's private server may have contained classified information, so in a court filing yesterday, they asked that those e-mails under go further review before the state department releases them to the public. as you know, the state department is in the process of reviewing and releasing some 30,000 documents from clinton's private server. the state department has been very clear, they don't believe there's been any wrongdoing or negligence on the part of clinton. there's no indication of that right now, and the clinton campaign insists she never
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knowingly sent any e-mails that were marked as classified or received any e-mails that were marked as classified. still, this is an issue that continues to dog her campaign. it has led to the erosion of some of the public's trust in her. also added to the speculation that other democrats are considering throwing their hat into the ring, including joe biden. so this is an issue that the clinton campaign really wants to pivot from. i'm told they're going to continue to reassure supporters, secretary clinton for her part is going to try to focus on the policy issues that she cares about, like immigration, like college affordability. those are two of the issues she'll be talking about in las vegas, but she'll undoubtedly get questions about her e-mails at at the town hall that will be under way later on today. >> also video that emerged overnight of clinton meeting with black lives matters protesters in new hampshire the other day. how is that going to play for her? >> this is really interesting. this is the first time that we're getting a glimpse of this
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video. just to set it up, this happened last week. secretary clinton had a campaign event in new hampshire. these black lives matters protesters weren't allowed into the event, but she met with them afterwards, and it got somewhat tense at moments. take a look. >> i don't believe you change hearts. i believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate. you're not going to change every heart. you're not. but, at the end of the day, we can do a whole lot to change some hearts and change some systems and create more opportunities for people who deserve to have them. >> jose, this is significant because the black lives matters protesters have been increasingly pressing presidential candidates like secretary clinton, bernie san r sanders, martin o'malley to focus on these issues. this is something we'll hear a lot more about on the campaign
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trail. still, for clinton, it's the e-mail issue that continues to loom large and she's going to have to contend with in the coming weeks and months. >> kristen welker on the trail with hillary clinton in las vegas this morning. thank you very much. by the way, brand-new numbers showing donald trump with a commanding lead over his republican rivals. trump leads among registered republican voters with 24%. jeb bush comes in at 13%. he's next. followed by ben carson, skault walker, and marco rubio. fierce new reaction is pouring in to donald trump's immigration plan. in addition to deporting all undocumented immigrants, the plan calls for an end to automatic citizenship for babies born in the united states to undocumented immigrants. here's what some of trump's republican rivals are saying about it. >> do you think that birthright citizenship should be ended? >> harry reid said it's not right for the country. absolutely. >> i'm not a fan of the idea that you come here, you have a child, you're automatically a
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citizen. there's two supreme court cases right on point. >> we should talk about what it would take to get it changed. it would take passing a constitutional amendment to get that changed. this is part of our 14th amendment. >> that's got to be something that should be discussed in the course of an entire reform package. >> alley jackson joins me now with more on the cost of trump's proposals. halle, good morning. >> in addition to the mixed reaction from some of the gop candidates, you're also getting new questions about the cost of these things. donald trump talks about how much money he has, but how much taxpayer money is he willing to spend. we tallied the trump tab to find out. more questions about how he would pay for the policies he's now fleshing out on immigration. >> they have to go. >> fighting isis. >> knock the hell out of the oil, take back the oil. >> on health care. >> we have to repeal obamacare. >> the candidate known for his
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big money -- >> i built a net worth of more than $10 billion. >> turns out to be a big spender when it comes to his presidential proposals. deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants, estimated to cost about $138 billion. taking back iraqi oil fields, which would mean u.s. boots on the ground, $13 billion to $22 billion, and repealing the affordable care act may cost the government $137 billion in the next decade. trump told nbc news monday his immigration would be very, very easily paid for. >> may i ask you a quick question? >> but he dodged katy tur's questions about where that money would come from. >> a lot of money to have them here and it's something we have to do. >> the front-runner, leading by double digits, under fire from one of his biggest republican opponents hitting back. >> i think the better approach is to deal with the 11 million people here illegally in a way that is realistic.
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>> but you are seeing other candidates, jose, as you alluded to, embrace parts of trump's plans. overall, many seem to hope to refocus on their own immigration stances and to shift to their own policy priorities and getting away from answering questions about trump. scott walker, for example, out on the trail today talking about health care, jeb bush, national security. jose. >> thank you very much. for more on mr. trump's immigration plans specifically, let me bring in laude vazquez. great seeing you. >> thank you so much. great to be here with you. >> what's your reaction, first, to trump's proposal to end bi h birthright citizenship? >> as you mentioned, changing the constitution. it would require congress passing this. it would require states to pass this. it's just something that's not realistic. but the point here is really that you know, jose, you had on your show young people who have
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come to this country without papers at a young age. they have grown up here. they have been contributing. not only does this proposal talk about sending those people to a country that they don't know and deporting them, but it's also saying that their little brothers and sisters who are born in the united states, who are u.s. citizens by nature of being born here, would have that taken away from them as well. >> let's dig more into the details of trump's immigration plan, including, for example, if mexico refuses to pay for a border wall, trump said he would impound remittance payments so they couldn't send money home. is that possible to do? >> i don't think it's possible. the proposal is really quite very much more a fantasy than a proposal. it's not something that's realistic in a lot of the different aspects that are laid out. so it's a fantasy that says solutions to a very complicated
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situation are simple. that it's simple to remove 11 million people who are settled and contributing in our country. it says that it's simple to do something that is offensive to one of our country's biggest trading partners. it's just very unrealistic, and a fantasy that doesn't live up to the realistic solutions that people want to see. >> and let's go over those quick bullet points, increasing fees on tempry visas for mixcon ceos and diplomats and criminal penalties for visa overstays. 40% have come here illegally and overstayed their visa. here's a question, laura. all of these issues take time. if you try to implement any or all of them, you're talking maybe years, maybe decades, and meanwhile, the situation, the reality would not be dealt with. which is immigration reform that would make a difference on the
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border. it would make a difference with those undocumented criminals who kill and rape. that would still be in place. there would be no dealing with the reality in the immediate terms. >> that's right. that's why i think we have seen consistently that people across the political spectrum want to see realistic solutions. they want to be pragmatic and they understand in order to address the situation that we have now, steps need to be taken where all of these interlocking parts of our immigration system need to be addressed in a way that gets to the solutions that americans support, which are a path to citizenship for people who have been in the country a long time. it's not something that would happen overnight. it's something people would have to meet a lot of requirements to meet, and then that all of these other parts like interior and border security and the future of our immigration system, how
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people would enter perspectively, have to be addressed. all of these interlocking parts have to have realistic solutions to them so that they can be implemented, not proposals that just think these very complicated issues are be addressed with sound bites. >> well, laura, thank you for being with me. certainly a perspective we value, and we're going to continue discussing this issue from all perspectives. >> thank you. overseas, following several developments from thailand a day after a bomb blast killed 22 people in the capital city of bangkok. police have just released surveillance video. they believe the man with the yellow t-shirt and back pack is a suspect in the deadly attack. also this morning, new cell phone video to show you that captured yesterday's blast. take a look. >> the video was shot by a
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tourist from an overpass about 100 yards away from the explosion. let's get the latest from bangkok. ian williams is there. good morning. what can you tell us about this potential suspect? >> good morning, jose. evening here in bangkok after a very tense day in the thai capital. this latest video material comes from surveillance cameras at a shrine, shot, it seems, shortly before the bomb went off. it shows this man in a yellow t-shirt carrying a backpack. it shows him sitting down, taking the backpack off, and then another video camera later captures him apparently leaving the shrine without the backpack. now, the deputy police chief whom i spoke to earlier this evening said he is a person of interest. they are looking for this man. he is a suspect. now, that came after a second attempted bomb today. this one down on the river. a mighty river that runs through
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this capital. a bomb was thrown from a bridge towards a pier which services water taxis going up and down the river. it missed the pier, landed in the water, and exploded in the water harmlessly. it was a small bomb, but the police chief told me it was a pipe bomb. it was the same type of bomb as was detonated last night at the shrine. and they are now looking for connections between those two events. and indeed, whether this suspect in the yellow t-shirt can be linked to the two events. jose. >> ian williams, thank you very much. a grim scene developing today in the mountains of indonesia as officials confirm there were no survivors in sunday's plane crash. still no indication of what exactly caused the crash, but bad weather at takeoff could be a culprit. bill neely has the very latest. bill. >> good morning, jose. good morning, everyone. it's a tragedy with 54 dead, but
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it's not the mystery we have seen with other plane crashes in the past year. the two black box flight recorders have been recovered along with all of the bodies. the plane was carrying three babies, two other children, and 49 adults. it took off in heavy rain and fog, and at last contact, half an hour later, crashing into dense jungle on a mountainside. so dense, some planes that have crashed there have never been found. this one, though, was spotted from the air, but search teams still have to hike for two days to reach it. it was carrying nearly half a million dollars in cash for local villages. that money not found. the plane, though, is totally destroyed. the airline trigana has a dreadful safety record. it's lost ten planes in 20 years and it's the third deadly air disaster in indonesia in just the past year. you know, for people in this remote area, planes are their
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only way out, all the dead here are indonesian. >> thank you very much. we're just getting started on this tuesday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, fire officials call in the troops. so many fires burning out west, 200 active duty military troops are now going to be helping out. we'll get a report from washington state and talk to meteorologist bill karins about the hot and dry forecast. >> plus, six days since the massive twin explosions at a chinese port. we'll tell you what's slowing down the process. and the bedtime story all parents have been waiting for. two psychologists say their book guaranteed to put your children to sleep at night. you don't want to miss the story. a little later in "the rundown."
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i want to take you out west now where nearly 100 wildfires are burning out of control this morning. active duty service members are being brought in to help for the first time in nearly a decade. some of the biggest and most dangerous wildfires are raging in washington state. take a look at some of the aftermath in the tourist town where several large fires are still on the move. that's precisely where miguel almaguer is standing by. good morning. how much damage are we looking at? >> jose, good morning. at 56,000 acres, this fire here alone has destroyed at least 32 homes. when the smoke clears, the number could be higher. firefighters face explosive collisions in six western states and here they're calling in for more help. this morning, across the west, it looks like a war zone. and now the military is here. first the national guard. and now for the first time in nearly a decade, 200 active duty
6:20 am
service members from across the nation joining a different fight here at home. >> we know that when the military is coming, that we're going to get really good trained help. they come fully loaded with all the support they need. >> with 7 million acres torched so far this year, more land than the state of vermont, 25,000 men and women are on the front lines. this is what they face. today, they're dropping retardant from the air and smoke jumpers, too, parachuting to hot spots difficult to reach. but in states like washington, they're losing ground, and in some neighborhoods, the battle. >> i had a lot of stuff. stuff wasn't that important. >> this summer, the feds say they'll spend at least a billion dollars fighting fires. when individual states kick in cash, that number would rise more. this season will be historic for more reasons than one.
6:21 am
>> for more on the weather conditions, let's bring in meteorologist bill karins. any relief in sight? >> friday, possibly, a little rain for the area. the problem with that, jose, is the brings in the chance of thunderstorms and the big fire that miguel was in front of was caused by thunderstorms. the lightning can cause fires, too. sometimes you can't win. you need like a soaking rain without the lightning. here's a map showing where the fires are. the problem is we have so many fires burning, even if you're not near them, you're feeling the effects. you can see a grayish color in there. that's the smoke from the fires. the air mass is stagnant, so the fires are burning and the air pollution is high. we have air quality alerts for much of the northern rockies. that should go until thursday. hopefully the rain on friday will cleanse the air, too. look how hot. portland up to 99 today, 96 tomorrow. this is the pacific northwest, and it's so dry. we're in a three-year drought. along with the hot conditions, that's why the fires as soon as
6:22 am
they form, any breeze at all, they're spreading rapidly. the areas that don't need the rain are still getting it. you get soaked all summer and now we have a severe weather threat. omaha had bad storms last night. another line about to go through one hour from now, and later today, we should get the ingredients together, very hot and humid ahead, and back behind the storm system, cooler air trying to wrap in. tornado threat. kansas city is one of those areas. have to watch out. wichita, all the way north of st. louis, towards des moines. i don't think we'll get a lot of tornadoes but we'll have probably one or two, and one or two could be dangerously strong. >> thank you. after the break, we'll zoom through some of today's other top stories including the latest on recovery efforts. sgla sgloo and chelsea manning, the army private convicted of leaking secretes could face solitary confinement. we'll tell you what she's accused of doing.
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chelsea manning hearing, and new emissions proposals. let's zoom through some of today bfs other top stories. this morning, severe thunderstorms are complicating the recovery efforts add the scene of the explosion at a chinese port. experts are concerned the rain could spread some of the hazardous material that was stored in a warhouse where the explosion occurred. today, the epa is expected to propose new regulations cutting methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. they're aiming for a reduction of 40% to 45% over the next decade. they're one part of the obama administration's strategy to fight climate change. this morning, chelsea manning is facing a hearing that could send her to solitary confinement. manning is the transgender army private convicted of leaking national secrets to wikileaks. she's accused of disrespecting a
6:27 am
prison officer and having books and magazines in her cell at a military prison in ft. lethenworth. her attorney said she's being hara harassed. >> a shocking cage at one of the country's most prestigious prep schools. a formal student on trial for raping a 15-year-old girl. much more coming up where. >> plus, we could learn whether a key democrat would vote against the nuclear deal. menendez called it worrisome. i'm talk to jan schakowsky after the break. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪
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6:31 am
program in exchange for lifting economic sanctions. the president said he'll veto any legislation against that deal. he needs the approval of 34 senators or 144 house members. they show at least 20 senators and 54 house members will support the deal. joining me is jan schakowsky of illinois. great to see you. >> thank you, jose. >> you support the deal. the president has a long way to go to lock up support from fellow democrats. how does he do that? >> i feel very confident that in the house of representatives, we will have the number that we need to sustain any veto. the names are rolling out every day. and i have talked to a lot of people who haven't yet declared but i know they will in fact at the end of the day support the president's veto of a motion to
6:32 am
disapprove. the republicans in the house, frankly, i want to say, jose, no matter what the president had proposed, they were prepared to vote no. so it's not surprising that a motion to disapprove would pass. i think the more people really understand the deal, including the american public, which supports it overwhelmingly, and today, a new group of nuclear scientists, nuclear experts from the arms control, what's it called? arms control association, just came out and said they support the deal. they believe it is durable and effective. and so, i think we're going to get there. and we're going to have a deal that is through diplomacy, make sure that iran does not have a nuclear weapon. >> congresswoman, you know very well that what you said about the republicans may be true, but there are democrats who have already expressed their concerns. some, senator menendez, may be
6:33 am
giving a yea or nea, some way in the future, the near couple hours. but senator schumer and others saying after they study it, they find it's simply not good enough. why do you think this is happening? do you think that is something legitimate? >> i don't think it's legitimate. the question really is why wouldn't someone support diplomacy? we know right now that iran is a threshold nuclear state. in fact, the 29 american scientists that signed a letter think that iran is just weeks, not even months away, from being able to make a nuclear weapon. so this is a deal that secures this for 15 years. iran will not be able to get enough fissile material, and inspections will go on indefinitely. why people are deciding the other way, i think, has a lot more to do with political pressure than it does with the
6:34 am
facts of the deal. and as i say, in the end, i think that reason will prevail and we will have enough democrats that are going to say -- and maybe even a couple republicans, we'll see, that will say that we should go ahead and give diplomacy a chance. certainly, a better idea than war to keep iran from having a nuclear weapon. >> congresswoman jan schakowsky, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. thank you. turning now to a developing story out of new hampshire. former student at an elite prep school is on trial today, accused of raping a 15-year-old girl on campus. gabe gutierrez is in concourt this morning. >> good morning. the jury has been selected and testimony is set to begin later today here at the courthouse. prosecutors expected to call current and former students to testify about secrets at one of the country's most selective schools. this morning.
6:35 am
opening statements in a case that's raising questions about the culture of sex at an elite boarding school. >> any comments as the trial gets under way? >> then 18-year-old owen labrie is accused of raping a 15-year-old freshman on the roof of a school building last year. but not just any school, the prestigious st. paul's in new hampshire where tuition topped $50,000 a year. its alumni include secretary of state john kerry, former fbi director robert mueller, actors, bankers, and members of congress. according to a search warrant, one of the school's counselor told police there's a horrible tradition at the boarding school called the senior salute. in which a senior e-mails a younger student, regarding a conquest before they graduate. in an interview with a detective, labrie describes sexual scoreboards in which other boys kept a tally of their conquests on a dorm wall and online. he denied that senior salute had anything to do with the rooftop encounter with the girl. labrie, who planned to study
6:36 am
theology at harvard told police they kissed and then he experienced a moment of divine inspiration and stopped himself from going any further. a friend tells nbc news labrie comes from a modest background, that he was beloved by classmates who rallied around him and raised money for his defense. in a written statement st. paul says current allegations about our culture are not emblematic of our school or our values. >> the would be great if the senior girls and guys could stand up and say, these rights and traditions are not things i want my sisters and others to engage in. therefore, we need to stop it. >> labrie has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault. >> it's traumatic for any citizen to be put on trial for any offense, never mind a serious offense. and that's the case with owen. >> the defend just walked into the courthouse a few minutes ago. opening statements are set to begin in about a half hour or
6:37 am
so, and later today, the jury is scheduled to visit the school and tour the scene of the alleged crime. jose. >> gabe, i'm wondering, this alleged senior salute, the horrible implications behind it. is that something that authorities say has been going on for a long time? >> that is the big question right now. and prosecutors talked to the judge yesterday and discussed whether some of that evidence may be admissible. the judge says it will be talking about the larger culture of the school, but that's what we expect to come out at the trial. when it comes to a counselor at the school did tell police there was that tradition. and right now, the big question is how much of those secrets will come out at this trial, jose. >> gabe gutierrez, good to see you. now to a story that fueling the tension between the united states and china. the obama administration is warning china to recall its spies in the united states who
6:38 am
are tracking down ex-pats as part of the operation fox hunt frahm. we're joined by jordan chang. good to see you. >> thank you so much, jose. >> what exactly is operation fox hunt? >> the chinese government is trying to get back what it calls economic fugitives. these are people who have generally been opponents of the president who since november 2012 when he became china's ruler has been trying to consolidate his position. he calls it an anti-corruption campaign, but this really is a political purge, and many of these people, 40 of the top 100, have come to the united states in beijing's view, and they want them back. >> so these -- what kind of conditions are they received here in the united states? as political refugees? how are they accepted here? >> they came in on tourist and other visas and they're living here like any other american. so essentially, the chinese government believes that they are fugitives. and so wants them back because they say they have been corrupt.
6:39 am
almost every chinese leader is corrupt, so this is a real problem because if we return them to china, they're going to go back to an inherently unfair judicial system. many will go through the communist party's central discipline inspection commission mechanism, which normally tortures suspects. so there's a real problem here of, yes, these are not angels, but nonetheless, we do not want to return them to a system which is inherently unfair. >> gordon, what is the mechanism behind this fox hunt? is it a special group within the chinese communist regime? >> these are agents of the ministry of public security. they're here without the permission of the justice department. and essentially, what they're trying to do is get these people to go back to china willingly. so they use intimidation and other tactics against these and witnesses. this is a problem, of course, because this is a violation of american security.
6:40 am
and essentially, chinese agents have been operating in the u.s. in really ways that are incompatible with our system for more than a decade. now is really the first time that washington has decided to try to put an end to these inappropriate activities. >> and wait a second. they're here in the united states? how many are there and why are they here? >> we don't know how many. we believe these agents of come in on tourist visas or business visas. they're here in a way that we're not supposed to know about it. obviously, because of their intimidation tactics, because of the things they're doing which are really high-profile in a sense, we have learned about this. that's the reason why the administration now has said, yes, we will cooperate with china on a country-to-country basis, but we do not want to permit this informal activity on the part of the chinese central government. >> gordon chang, thank you. great seeing you. >> thank you. new developments this morning in the 2016 race now.
6:41 am
donald trump pulling away from the republican pack in the race for the white house. a new poll shows him garnering support from nearly a quarter of likely gop primary voters. that's more than double the backing given to his closest challenger, jeb bush. trump skipped the campaign trail on monday. had to report to jury duty in new york. his republican rivals are responding to his controversial plans over the weekend, forcing mexico to pay for a border wall, reducing the number of available visas and green cards, rescinding president obama's executive orders and ending birthright citizenship in the united states. kelly is on the road in iowa. good morning. what are some of the other candidates saying about all this? >> good morning, jose. while trump was civically minded back in new york, we had a chance to talk with voters and candidates, and we heard from scott walker, who was really considered the front runner here in iowa. he has felt the wind in his sails trimmed by the force that is donald trump. we talked to him about the
6:42 am
elements of the immigration debate that you just laid out. and we were in one of those sort of rolling scrums of media that makes the iowa fair both sport and tourist attraction. and we talked to him about these issues. and while he did talk to us and sounded some notes that seemed to be in agreement with donald trump, he was also cautious in a few areas, and later in the day, he was pressed again by reporters to try to be more clear. and here's how he addressed it. >> no, i pointed out i think -- i understand why people are concerned about that. what i said about any of these issues is until we secure the border, start enforcing the laws, americans aren't going to trust politicians in washington to do anything else. >> did you misspeak? >> no, we had a three-hour roving gaggle there. so you answer part of the question, somebody turns and ask you something. i emphasized people have concerned about that. >> so that was about the issue of birthright citizenship. should a child be granted
6:43 am
citizenship born in the u.s. if his parents came here illegally? walker said perhaps in the future that's something that should be addressed, but it was difficult to get a straight answer, and he was not answering the issue of should children be deported. it gives you an idea of how thorny all this is for a candidate who sees the momentum trump has, not wanting to appear to go against some of those same ideas, if they think they might have some of the same voters. why would walker have the same voters? well, he says he is an outsider of washington, although he spent his whole elected office life in wisconsin politics, he's been a state office holder, he's never worked in washington. that's the play he's trying to make. carly fiorina, we spoke to her. she said donald trump has some of it, and of course, she's an outsider as a former executive. >> kelly o'donnell in iowa. it's raining there, right? >> yes, it is. it's raining, thundering. my feet are muddy, but for you, jose, i'm happy to be here. >> that's because you're
6:44 am
amazing. thanks. great seeing you. still ahead, the book that promises to help children fall asleep at bedtime. we put it to the test. >> first, someone we're staying up to sleep. saturday night live has announced tracy morgan will make his return to the show, second time hosting but his first tv performance since he was severely injured in a car accident last year that also took the life of one of his friends. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins...
6:45 am
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6:47 am
a new book now topping amazon's best-selling list promises to get kids to sleep within minutes. too good to be true for parents? kooer si keir simmons is putting it to the test. >> bedtime stories. that magical end to the day when you connect with your children, and they have a meltdown. well, now, into the chaos at our house, comes a new book from
6:48 am
sweden. once upon a time, there was a little rabbit called roger who really wanted to fall asleep. that has changed parents lives. is it making you feel tired? >> yes. >> it is making you feel tired. with its relaxed hypnotic reading. when will be the best time for you to go to sleep? >> the book uses bold text to emphasize words or sentenced. italic text means read it in a slow or calm voice. the book even advocates sleepy actions like yawning and repeatedly saying your child's name. whilst he was lying there thinking about falling asleep. the author is a psychologist and father. >> some of it is helping the child to focus on the goal, which is to relax and fall asleep. >> of course, for it to work, your children have to pay attention.
6:49 am
let me read it. stop turning the page. perhaps we shouldn't have used an ipad at bedtime. i can't read it if you keep switching it off. the author says the secret is to keep trying. >> it's mustily about creating a habit and children are different. some children just want to listen one time to the story, and then they fall asleep. some other children want to hear it a few evenings in a row. >> the book has rocketed up the best-seller list. parents are raving about it online. yet, inevitably, the effects are lost on my children. did she bite you? after all, who wants to sleep when daddy is leading? the kind sleepy snail said to you, you will fall asleep to this story. isn't bedtime wonderful? allow yourself to fall asleep.
6:50 am
keir simmons, nbc news, london. >> what a great story. i wish i had that when my girls were little girls were babies. keir simmons, thanks. after the break, the so-called female viagra could be one step closer to becoming reality. i'll speak to a doctor about the impact this could have on women. check out this guy. arizona rattlers' dance team took to the field and one of the players look like a dancer. it turns out he's not a dancer but a real life choreographer. but very cool. d this guy won't t surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10.
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6:53 am
the fea could break new ground later today when it sets to announce whether it's
6:54 am
approving a new drug some are calling fiagra. some women say it's long overdue. we're joined this morning by a doctor. doctor, good to see you. >> good to see you, jose. >> tell us why it's taken so long for this drug to get to this stage. >> well, there are a few different issues here. in terms of women's physiology, it seems to be more complicated in this area. there are physical factors, emotional factors and psychological factors as well. when scientists have tried this in the past, they tried testosterone, estrogen hormonal replacements and they haven't been as effective. they tried viagra also, and that wasn't as effective. but fiagra is something they're trying and they hope it can be effective. >> how is it different? >> it works on the brain. viagra works more on performance. you take it right before you
6:55 am
have sex, where this you would have to take every single day, and the idea is over time it would increase a woman's sexual desire. it works on the brain, but people are not exactly sure how it works. they think it works on the seratonin receptor which is usually involved in conception. it can cause sedation which can make people drowsy, which is one of the problems with alcohol. this is where they thought the side effects possibly outweigh the benefits of this medication. the question is should the fda approve it and let the woman decide with their doctor rather than let the fda decide for them. >> how long has this been in the pike? >> it's actually been rejected in the past, but the drug company keeps trying to meet the fda standards and bring it back again. now it seems to be -- it seems
6:56 am
to get more attention in the press because the question is, if it gets rejected again just like most of the other drugs for female sexual desire, then will drug companies actually have an incentive to developing new drugs? you've already gotten over two dozen drugs approved by the fda for men, so it could create a disincentive. >> doctor, nice to see you. thank you for being here. >> nice to see you, too. hillary clinton heads west today, but what happens if what happens in vegas follows her to vegas? also new reports this morning in the dying cop bomb attack. the possible suspect caught on video. plus a second explosion today. we'll take you there live. some scary moments on a field after a yankees pitcher gets hit in the head on a line drive. look at that. more on his condition, next. 73% of americans try...
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good morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. hillary clinton facing more questions over her private e-mail. this morning the state department is flagging more than 300 of those messages for further review by intelligence agencies. the worry is those e-mails in the time clinton was secretary of state could contain classified info. meanwhile, donald trump is showing his lead among republicans. he's pulling away from every other candidate leading by double digits. more on the gop later, but let's begin with hillary clinton and what could be a significant bump in the road. kristin followed the hillary clinton campaign to vegas. tell us about this latest e-mail he had line. >> hillary clinton has a new message for her supporters today, no bedwetting. that was the familiar refrain from the obama campaign back in
7:01 am
2008 when times got tough. the issue today for the clinton intelligence campaign, reviewers have said that they're concerned that more than 300 documents from clinton's private e-mail server may have contained classified information, so in a court filed yesterday they asked that they go into further review befo before those e-mails are released to the public. it shows there was no wrongdoing or mishandling when it comes to hillary clinton'sr mal e-mails, clinton has said herself there were no classified e-mails. it opens the door to other people thinking about getting into the race, like vice president joe biden. secretary clinton for her part, i am told, will continue to reassure reporters that she hasn't done anything wrong, and
7:02 am
she's also trying to stay focused on what she's talking about, policy issues she thinks will get her into the white house, like her plan to decrease the cost of a college education as well as her plan for immigration. that's particularly poignant today coming on the heels of donald trump laying out his policies. we'll lay that out as a town hall event gets under way here in las vegas. jose? >> we talk about the no bedwetting issue, the campaign clearly has some worry about this, because they've reached out to reporters with a very vigorous defense. >> reporter: jose, they're reaching out to supporters. it's a sign the campaign is in damage control mode. we know they're trying to reassure supporters. they're also trying to identify allies who have experience when it comes to classified information to help explain some of this process to supporters, to explain that e-mails and documents can be classified after the fact, after they've been transmitted, and that, they say, is going to be key to
7:03 am
explaining that secretary clinton hasn't done anything wrong here. they acknowledge that this e-mail issue is going to be a part of the campaign for quite some time. they're hoping that when secretary clinton testifies on capitol hill on october 22nd that that will help them turn the page, because at that point we will have heard secretary clinton weigh in on these issues and answer all these questions that lawmakers are going to have. undoubtedly there will be a lot of them. you're absolutely right, jose, this is all a sign that the clinton campaign is in damage control mode. when it comes to this issue, they're trying to turn the page and refocus on the key policies clinton wants to keep talking about, but they keep getting bogged down in these e-mails. >> and there was supposed to be a video with hillary clinton and black lives matter? >> really interesting video, jose. this is the first time we're getting a look. this was captured last week. secretary clinton held an event last week in new hampshire. these protesters weren't able to
7:04 am
get into the event, but they did meet with hillary clinton after the fact. that meeting turned tense at times. take a look. >> i don't believe you change hearts. i believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate. you're not going to change every heart. you're not. but at the end of the day, we can do a whole lot to change some hearts and change some systems and create more opportunities for people who deserve to have them. >> reporter: now, these black lives matter protesters have been out, they've been pressing the candidates, particularly the democrats, to focus on this issue. the mounting tensions between minority african-american communities and the police departments, they've been pressing candidates like bernie sanders and martin o'malley and putting them in really tense and difficult situations. it is an issue that's beginning to gain traction on the campaign trail. jose, we're going to be hearing a lot more about this in the coming weeks and months.
7:05 am
having said that, for secretary clinton, right now it's this e-mail issue that continues to loom large. >> kristin vargas for us in las vegas. thank you. >> any time. thanks, jose. new developments overseas where police this bangkok have released new surveillance video who they believe is a suspect behind yesterday's deadly bombing attack. 22 people were killed, more than 100 injured. and adding to the rattled nerves, there was a second explosion in bangkok this morning, but it looks like a sudden blast of water suddenly showering over people in a walkway. in this case no one was hurt. let's get the latest from bank do -- bangkok. ian williams is there. ian, good morning. >> good morning, jose. a hunt is under way to find that suspect spotted on surveillance video just moments before the bomb exploded monday evening.
7:06 am
now, this man dressed in a yellow t-shirt is seen entering the area of the erawan shrine. he sits down, and chillingly, in a very methodical, casual way, he takes off a backpack and leaves it down by the fence. another shot of the video shows him leaving the shrine. the spot where he left that backpack is precisely where that bomb exploded, causing such carnage yesterday evening. so they do believe this is a very important breakthrough, and they do urgently need to find this person in the yellow t-shirt. at the same time, we did have a second attempt at bombing today. the deputy police chief told me they're trying to look for linkages between the two events. today's bombing happened down on the river, the river of kings that runs through this city. it appears to have been an attempt to throw a small explosive device onto a pier
7:07 am
which services water taxis that run up and down the river. it missed the pier and exploded in the water, thankfully just splashing people rather than causing any injuries. but the police say it was a similar sort of device, a pipe bomb, as was used yesterday, and they are now looking to see what connections there are. now, the deputy police chief told me that he's urging the city's people here to be vigilant, to be cautious. this manhunt is now under way. of course, what they don't have is a motive. nothing like this has happened on this scale in bangkok before. yes, there have been political conflicts here, often causing violence. yes, there is an insurgency under way in the deep south here, but that has rarely left the south, and the problems have been on the streets of bangkok following the military coup last year. there have been bombings usually
7:08 am
designed to scare, but there's been nothing on this scale before, especially with no one taking responsibility. right now they believe the key is this man in yellow and they're pulling out all the stops to find him, jose. >> thank you very much for your live report. developing in indonesia, officials confirmed they found all the bodies of the 54 people on board trit gohe trigana air on sunday. the wreckage was located in the papua region. they have also located the plane's black box. right now firefighters are scrambling to fight nearly 100 wildfires burning out of control in the west. 200 active duty service members are joining the fight. they could be deployed where some of those big fires are
7:09 am
raging. leann, a mandatory evacuation still in effect there in wisconsin? >> some 400 people are still under those orders, even though they made some headway yesterday. the fire still gruesome 56,000 acres. they're especially concerned about the north edge because now the fire is six to eight miles away from the town of mason. so far in this area, it's been confirmed that 40 homes have been destroyed and they expect that count to go up, possibly to around 75 homes and businesses. you mentioned the active duty soldiers. about 200 will be trained beginning tomorrow and sent later this week to the various fires across the west as needed. this state is one of six where dangerous fires are threatening many areas. today the aircraft will continue to drop retardant and join close
7:10 am
to 3,000 firefighters and personnel on the ground. so far this fire is only 30% contained. jose? >> leann gregg, thank you very much. coming up on this busy tuesday, a rendition of "the rundown." we're going to head back to iowa where 2016 hopefuls won't let a little rain ruin their day. they're trying to steal the spotlight from front runner donald trump. first, look at the scene in logan township, new jersey. we're just getting a report of people trapped in vehicles after a crash involving multiple cars and a tractor-trailer. as you can see, it looked like they're bringing someone out from this crash. it looks like a minivan. we'll continue to follow this story for you, next on "the rundown." eak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride.
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7:14 am
back now to the republican race for president. donald trump is the talk of the trail even when he's not campaigning. after unveiling his plan to overhaul the u.s. immigration system, candidates are now having mixed responses. in just a while we'll hear from senator marco rubio in iowa. jeb bush is dismissing the plan as impractical, saying ideas should be doused in reality. kelly o'donnell is at the iowa state fair this morning. kelly, i'm glad to see you're out of the rain. some say trump's plan is ridiculous, and others are embracing it; is that correct? >> yes, and bless the tent above us. that becomes a reality out here in the rain.
7:15 am
candidates are saying it's time to call out donald trump for ridiculous ideas. every candidate really don't want to talk about another candidate, they want to talk about themselves, but there are those critical points when ideas come forward or an incident happens or a comment takes place and they're willing to sort of weigh in and say no to donald trump. at the same time, you've got some other candidates who want to embrace some of the ideas in order to be appealing to those voters who are sort of inspired by trump. when i talked to voters themselves here on the ground, jose, and i've been doing that over the last several days, what is striking to me about those who like trump and support trump is that they really want someone who is not a part of the current political processme. that's not something that is likely to wear off for them, they tell me. and they believe he says what he believes, and when i really tried to press on issues like, what happens next year under these circumstances? those to me seemed to be very firm in their support of trump.
7:16 am
we'll see how it plays out but it's an interesting dynamic. then you have candidates who want to have a little of that outsider magic that is really real this year, so you're talking ben carson, carly fiorina, and then someone like scott walker who is a sitting governor, part of the establishment, but not of washington in a d.c. way, skpan he's trying to make that argument. it's interesting to see how this plays out. >> and the polls this morning shows donald trump with a wide lead. the majority of republican voters say their chance of winning are better without him, however. how are you supposed to read that? >> reporter: those people supporting other candidates, who follow the political process and know in the end what's typically happened is a more established figure is in the race, and that may tilt to the better chances if he's not the candidate. others may be trying to game out with what the democrats are doing. if hillary clinton were the front runner, how would she
7:17 am
stack up against donald trump in the gop if that were to happen? it makes for confusion at moment, which is not atypical for the summer before the caucuses begin in iowa. there is a lot happening in the race. people's sentiments may change. we'll see how candidates perform, but reading the poll numbers and seeing it on the ground makes it an endlessly fascinating thing if you love politics like you and i do. >> thanks, kelly. great seeing you. up next, we're going to zoom through some other of today's top stories, including what's being called the female viagra. and pumpkin shaming leads to a big change at starbuck's. we're going to tell you what fans of the pumpkin spice latte are cheering this morning. i know it's very popular. take a look at this. stevie wonder held three surprise concerts on monday. first in washington, d.c., then in the heart of philadelphia and rounded it out last night in the
7:18 am
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7:21 am
windows 10. a more human way to do. so following some developments on wall street where stocks are falling lower. people are still buzzing about working conditions at amazon. we have a market run down. good morning. >> good morning, jose. this is day two and people are still talking about it atwater coolers around the country, this idea that amazon may not be the best place to work. just to bring you up to speed, a number of current and former employees at amazon had reportedly said that the company's work environment has been described at times of being hostile, perhaps, maybe hypercompetitive with cruelty and unsympathetic bosses at time. employees around the country are
7:22 am
now taking stock for some small part in what their work satisfaction is like. but as many americans know already, the job market isn't exactly going gangbus teters ri now, and a lot of folks are considered underemployed, not having the kind of job or hours they desire. but it's a big conversation on whether or not people are willing to work and what kind of conditions they want. in the world of technology, it very much is that quality of work-life balance. >> how is the dow doing today? dominic, can you hear me? >> yesme. yes, i can. >> how is the dow doing today? >> it's pretty flat today. the standard & poor's is 500. we're not far away from record highs, so the interesting part about this is whether or not the markets are going to react to the data here. we got some housing data earlier today. also a big selloff in chinese stocks. all of that will play into part
7:23 am
of the story as well. >> tell me about starbuck's planning to serve up another kind of brewed beverage? >> if you didn't already know, there are other things starbuck's sells besides coffee and tea. they've been experimenting with other things in the u.s. starbuck's is going to roll out expanded alcoholic beverage service and dinner items. a slew of new location are going to have this. they're also reportedly in the process of getting liquor licenses at hundreds of other locations for planned future expansion of this kind of menu concept. by the end of the week, there is going to be around 70 locations for this so-called starbuck's evenings menu in places like california and florida, as well as chicago, denver and atlanta metro areas. so, again, starbuck's coffee and tea maybe a big part of the story, but alcohol could be a bigger one in the future. >> nothing like a vodka iced latte. >> you can mix vodka with just about anything, although i'm not sure how it does with coffee.
7:24 am
maybe like a white russian, who knows. female viagra, a volcanic eruption, and a baseball in the face. we'll zoom through some of the other today's top stories. a female form of viagra could be approved by the fda as soon as today. if approved, it could go a long way to help the female libido. the fda has rejected the drug twice since 2010. fda officials have previously noted it is not the female equivalent of viagra. in eduador, hundreds of thousands of people south of the capital could be at risk for a volcanic eruption. the volcano erupted last saturday prompting a state of emergency and hundreds of evacuations. it's considered one of the world's most dangerous vol contain ow -- volcanos due to its proximity to
7:25 am
others. a driver was killed by a train in auberville. that driver was attempting to go around the rail crossing gate just before it was hit by a southbound train. nobody on board was hurt. a scary moment for the new york yankees. pitcher brian mitchell in last night's game against the twins, mitchell was facing a batter who hit a pitch straight up the middle, striking him in the face. the 24-year-old suffered a small nasal fracture and has been released from the hospital. it's only mitchell's third major league start. college athletes will not be able to unionize after a decision by the national labor relations board. last year a regional director had ruled northwestern university football players were school employees and could form a union. but they disagreed, saying a union nation could throw off the competitive balance between teens. players cannot appeal. coming up minutes from now, opening statements in inside
7:26 am
this courtroom in new hampshire in a rape case, raising questions about the culture of sex in an elite boarding school in new england. we're going to take you there live. hot on the campaign trail, two gop candidates release a major reform plan. we'll break down donald trump's immigration plans and scott walker's proposal to repeal and replace obamacare. you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. (vo) maggie wasn't thrilled when i knew it'd take some time. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why...
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7:29 am
and just moments ago in new hampshire, jurors convene for the first day of testimony in the st. paul's school rape trial. you're seeing a live picture there inside the courtroom. owen dubris, a 19-year-old alum denies raping a 15-year-old in the school last year. jimmy is live near the courtroom. what can we expect from court today? >> jose, good morning.
7:30 am
procedures are still being done, charges are still being read. this began about 10 minutes ago when court came into session. charges are being read against 18-year-old owen dubris who is being charged with a number of sex assault crimes. after charges are read, we expect to hear opening statements and then the jury is expected to be taken to the st. paul school campus, which is the elite boarding school nearby here in concord, new hampshire where jurors are expected to visit the scene of the alleged crime, that is, the roof of a math and science building where labris is alleged to have assaulted a woman who was then a freshman at the school, and after that, court officials say, jose, that the court may hear today testimony from people who will testify as to the culture at the school, which is part of, as you know, part of what is at issue here. >> jamie, thank you very much. appreciate you being with me this morning. i want to bring in ari melbourne, chief correspondent. let's talk about these court
7:31 am
documents. >> reporter: this is something that basically according to the police account of the defendants' original interview involves a sort of horrible tradition where seniors at the school try to recruit or groom young women as young as 14 or 15, girls in the school, to have as much intercourse as possible right before those seniors graduate. to be clear, however, the defendant in this case is claiming that he did not have intercourse with this girl. >> yeah, they say that it's a culture -- it's part of the culture, but the defendant says he didn't do it. >> right. their defense is he essentially did not have intercourse, and to the extent any other contact occurred, it was consensual. what is important and different here that i think will be of interest to a lot of parents looking at a case like this where you have a senior doing this alleged contact with a 15-year-old is, under new hampshire state law, even if she
7:32 am
did consent, even if this was a cultural or so-called tradition that boys and girls knew about and wanted to do, under the law, there are three counts here where, if this sexual conduct occurred even short of intercourse, it would still be illegal because under new hampshire law, an adult male can't have that kind of contact with a 15-year-old. again, there is a distinction between three charges that relate to that, her being too young, and then three charges related to rape, to non-consensual contact. >> so there is no consensual contact you can have between an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old, period, right, whatever it is? >> right, under that state law, so you basically have a range of charges relating to that. and the wider drama and sort of concern in the community is what was going on even if some girls did want to participate to some degree in this tradition if it was as alleged, written up and on walls of the school,
7:33 am
discussed widely, bragged about and used on social media, why weren't more people able to intercede? that goes to the seventh charge against this defendant of luring a minor with basically computer or on-line materials, because he did use facebook allegedly to try to set up this encounter. >> and ari, real quickly, i know the strongest piece of evidence is the physical evidence, the lat ration fou laceration found on the victim. how significant will that be? >> that's important, because when you have a suspect saying this contact did not happen and did not occur, the physical evidence and anything that relates to this girl's physical well-being does go to support the prosecution's theory of the case. otherwise what you have is, so often and in many people's view, so often in these cases is a he said/she said, and you need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt
7:34 am
that the criminal act occurred, which is hard to do if you don't have any physical evidence. so the physical evidence, and the prosecution's view that there was a larger practice, that there was a larger deliberate attempt on the part of this individual, this defendant, going into the interaction. >> good seeing you. thank you so much. >> good seeing you, jose. trump is maintaining his position as a republican front-runner for 2016. trump leads the pack among republican voters 24% followed by jeb bush, ben carson and scott walker. we're getting new word about trump's supposed immigration plan. it would deny citizenship of babies born in the united states to undocumented immigrants. here's jeb bush and scott walker. >> i appreciate the fact that mr. trump now has a plan, if that's what it's called, but i think the better approach is to deal with the 11 million people here illegally in a way that is
7:35 am
realistic and to have border security that is done in the right way to lessen the number of people crossing our border. >> do you think that birthright citizenship should be ended? >> like i said, harry reid said it's not right, and that's something, yes, absolutely, going forward. >> joining us now, senior political writer for buzzfeed and staff correspondent for the national journal, lauren fox. thank you both for being with me. do you think oert republicathe republicans will endorse the proposals in trump's immigration plan? >> i think it's certainly possible. what we're going to see in the coming weeks is a number of republican candidates now feeling obligated to put out not only their own immigration plans but their own policy proposals in general. i think this is a little bit earlier in the presidential cycle than we're used to seeing candidates roll out policy papers and specific proposals. usually people wait till voters are back from their summer vacations, till the fall, and i
7:36 am
don't think anyone going into this would have expected donald trump to be the one to kick off the serious policy debate certainly around immigration. but trump's proposals are very conservati conservative. they are in sync with a certain right wing element on this issue, and certainly he brought in policy experts that are in line with that element of the party. i think you will see other candidates roll out proposals that are similar. they probably don't want to be seen as piggy-backing on donald trump and saying, oh, yeah, i agree with him. >> the only one who seems to be really on the other side of trump on this is bush. he not only put out a six-point immigration plan just some weeks ago, he wrote an entire book on how to deal with immigration and how to fix the immigration crisis. but lauren, you have an article about the cost of trump's immigration plan. tell me what you found. >> when we're talking about deporting 11 million people,
7:37 am
obviously there is a high cost associated with detaining and deporting all those people. cap did a study a couple years ago to find it's going to cost $200 billion to deport all those people. that doesn't include building the wall trump talks about between the u.s. and mexican border. trump, of course, says he wants the mexican government to pay for it. the mexican government has said, look, that's not something we're going to be shelling out money for, and that comes at a high price tag as well. and, you know, even things like instituting e-verify, an internal enforcement piece which just makes sure that people who are working in the united states are legal citizens of the united states or have a work permit to be here, that costs $2.3 billion. so this does not come at a low price tag. and if you're talking about conservative voters, i think that is something that might matter to them. >> we haven't even talked about how you find the 11 million people, and how do you get them and how do you know where they
7:38 am
are. let's talk about scott walker. he's scheduled to speak next hour on his plan to repeal and replace obamacare. that's unusual to offer a detailed plan on this issue. >> only the second candidate in the entire field that i'm aware of, the first being republican bobby jindal, to put out a firm plan to replace obamacare. we've seen some of the details already. for the most part, they are pretty standard, conservative ideas that include malpractice reform, returning authority to the states, block grants on medicare, sliding scale tax cuts. the thing is about these ideas, and you'll see a lot of critics not just on the left but in the middle, and the right said they don't actually function as full replacements of obamacare, the affordable care act. there are a lot of issues that are addressed by president obama's plan that whether you like them or not are not addressed in this plan, and that's something republicans and
7:39 am
conservatives are probably going to deal with as they head through the primaries and certainly in the general election. >> yeah. mckay conklin at buzzfeed and lauren fox. universal just made an investment in buzzfeed. that was announced today, so i want to bring that up. thank you both for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. we are following developments out of cuba just moments after the american flag was raised over the u.s. embassy in havana for the first time in 54 years. the wall street journal is reporting the obama administration wants to allow regular airline service between the two countries. this despite a congressional travel ban that's still very much in effect. i'm joined now by congressman jim mcgovern, congressman of massachusetts. congressman, great to see you. nice to have you with me. >> happy to be with you. >> let me get your reaction to this from the wall street journal. are you in support of this as well? >> yes, absolutely. i think the more the american
7:40 am
people can travel to cuba and the cuban people can travel to the united states, i think that's a good thing. >> is that the president's purview, though, or should it be the congress where the embargo was kacaudified and still stand today? >> if the president can do it within his executive action, i hope he'll do it. i think our policy for the last 50 years has been a miserable failure, and i think it has not served the cuban people, and it's time for a change. the event last friday, the raising of the american flag at the u.s. embassy, i think, was -- i hope was the beginning of the end of the cold war and the beginning of ushering in a new day where we're going to have more direct relations between our two countries. >> and congressman, how do you think that's going to benefit things inside cuba, if at all? >> one is i think the cuban people will benefit from more
7:41 am
americans traveling to the count country. my first visit to cuba was 1979 when the soviet union was still there. when the soviets left, the americans and canadians came in, and you see a bit more political space. si still not near anywhere we would think is acceptable, but i think more and more the political changes, the more cuban space can open up. i think helping the cuban people earn more money. when we were down in cuba on friday, we met with some cuban entrepreneurs who were making money outside of the government. the more we can find ways to support small cuban businesses, that's a good thing. that's a good thing for the cuban people. >> congressman, you were at the ceremony last week, the historic ceremony of the american flag going up. those three marines who were there in 1961 were there to send the flag back up the flagpole. one of the criticism were dissidents weren't invited. my question to you, sir, since
7:42 am
'79 since you've been visiting cuba regularly, have you been meeting with dissidents to get their side and see how they're dealing with it? >> yes, i have. i should also point out the ceremony that happened at the embassy was a government-to-government ceremony. secretary kerry met with the dissidents. he even tweeted about it at the residence and had a long conversation. his human rights team was also engaged in that conversation. i think for those of us who care about human rights, and i certainly do, i think the president's announcement of changing our policy is in the interests of promoting human rights. >> so you think it's important -- do you think it's important that people meet with dissidents every time they go? is that what you would do as well? >> i met with dissidents many times over the years, both in cuba and outside of cuba. and again, in this last trip, the secretary of state met with a number of dissidents, and he didn't do it in a quiet way, he tweeted about it. i think it's important. but look, a lot of these
7:43 am
dissidents will tell you that they are hopeful that this policy will push open more political space. and i think a lot of them could conceive for the past 50 years what we've done hasn't worked at all. i think it's time, after 50 years of failure, to try something else. we can get together in 50 years from now and we can judge what was a better policy for those who care about human rights, the past 50 years or what the president has announced last december. >> congressman, thank you for being with me. i appreciate your time. >> happy to be with you. up next, a critical component to fighting some of california's wildfires. coming from an unlikely source, the state department of corrections. wait until you hear these details. straight ahead on "the rundown." unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus.
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7:47 am
west. right now there are nearly 100 wildfires burning out of control in seven states, forcing scores to evacuate, destroying dozens of structures. the military is now stepping in to help firefighters and the national guard to take control. meanwhile, in california a surprising number of firefighters battling the blazes are actually prison inmates. according to the california department of corrections, right now there are 4,000 low-level offenders on the state lines of active fires. it's part of a program that allows inmates to do manual labor outside of prison. the job, of course, comes with high risks, but inmates say there is an upside. >> it's not just the walls you get rid of, the way the staff treats you is way different. you learn a lot about yourself. you learn there is stuff you can put yourself through that you never thought you would be able to do. >> participants make roughly $1.50 a day, could even earn
7:48 am
shorter sentences. joining us now is julia who has been running this story. good having you. >> hi. thanks for having me. >> so the crew contains inmates? are they trained? >> they go through the same training the calfire fighters do. but yeah, it's a crazy stat that people don't know about. >> it's a volunteer program, right? >> it's completely voluntary. >> what do they get out of it? >> i think a lot of them say that it's better than fighting -- than being behind bars, and there is this sense of being outside and, you know, learning new skills and that kind of thing. but they also earn a small wage. they get about $2 a day when they're in the program, and then when they're actually in the fire line, they get $2 an hour.
7:49 am
and there is also a reduction of sentence. so for every two days they spend out in this program, they get one day -- they get four days off of their sentences. >> who are these prisoners? what have they done and what are they in there for? >> most of them are pretty low-level felons. so we're talking things like assault or drug possession. most of them are non-violent. they exclude sex offenders from the program, they exclude arsonists from the program, which makes sense. so we're not talking, you know, super violent criminals. we're talking people that are typically in prison for around two years and would rather spend their sentence doing something other than sitting behind bars. >> this actually is helping the state save some big money, right, about $80 million a year?
7:50 am
>> yes, about $80 million a year. >> there are no safety concerns here, the fact that they could run off? >> yeah, you know, i had that same question, and it turns out that over the past two years, there have been very few walk-aways. i think the prisoners know that this is a reward of sorts, even though it is really hard work, and so they're on their best behavior while they're part of the program. >> julie leary jones, thank you for being with me. i appreciate it. >> of course. a child's author says he's written the ultimate children's book. it will put kids to sleep in minutes. i'll have more on this story. but first a little pumpkin shaming went a long way for fans of the pumpkin spice latte. reacting to customers' demands, they say they'll actually put real pumpkin into the drink. so what was there before, i'm wondering. it's usually sold starting in
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a new book promises to get kids to sleep within minutes has now topped amazon's best seller list. the author of the book, "the rabbit who wants to fall asleep" recommends reading the text slowly and do things like yawning. they say it's akin to rocking your child to sleep. "good night moon" is another one. it's about all the things the rabbit doesn't want to say good night to just yet. another thione, "where the wild things are." it has inspired a hue vmovie an
7:55 am
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7:56 am
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right now on "news nation," 305 and counting. more of hillary clinton's e-mails are flagged for potentially classified information. but is that the whole story? her campaign and supporters are still saying no. plus, trump's tack. the tally on what trump's controversial immigration plan and isis would cost taxpayers. it's being called the biggest terrorist attack in bangkok. we're now learning the cyber attack on the irs is three times larger than the agency first told us. what officials fear could happen with those stolen identities.
8:00 am
good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. a lot to get to. we begin with issues that continue to dog hillary clinton's presidential campaign. new court papers show the number of e-mails from her private server flagged with potentially classified information tops 300, 305, to be exact, and this number could increase. this is only a preliminary review of e-mails from clinton's time as secretary of state, and that it is part of a standard process. the state department also says there is, quote, no indication of negligence or wrongdoing at this point. meantime, in an iowa radio interview from the weekend, clinton suggested the e-mail controversy would not be public if she didn't ask that the e-mails be released. >> i never sent nor received any classified e-mail, nothing


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