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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 19, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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function properly. we've finally figured this out and it is amazingly treatable possible. >> amazing breakthrough. and thank you doctor and your team for all the work. and nancy, thank you. good luck to you and thank you for all your work. michael eric dyson picks up live coverage next. i'm michael eric dyson. tonight it is a duel. jeb bush and donald trump are hosting rival town hauls in new hampshire. this as trump tops bush in a state where both bushes, father and brother, won during their presidential campaigns. plus can donald trump actually beat hillary clinton in the general election? a new poll may be giving the clinton camp something else to worry about. and wild fires attack the west. military is being brought in to help. and. first, donald trump is getting up close and personal. he'll hold a town hall just 20 miles from jeb bush's voters
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forum tonight. he scheduled the event at the exact same time saying bush draws so poorly i figured it would be a good time to draw a crowd. he hasn't had any trouble gaerting support. he's at the top of the republican ticket for weeks. trump leads bush in the most recent poll by 11 points. trump laid out a plan to block undocumented immigrants from the country by raising a wall and revoking birthright citizen hip. despite the constitution's standing in the way many gop candidates and compatriots agree. >> they are going to have to explain to people with why they don't support the policies mr. trump has come out. >> trump's vision keeps undocumented families together. >> the family is a unit and if their parents broke the law and if they are here illegally, well they need to get back in line.
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and because family is a unit, gretta, the family sticks together and the kids have to get in line with their mom and dad. >> jeb bush said why he doesn't support trump's policies on monday. >> i appreciate the fact that mr. trump now has a plan, if that is what it's called. but i think that the better approach is to deal with the 11 million people here illegally in a way that is realistic. >> donald trump thinks his plan is the real deal. he has the approval of several unnamed lawyers to back him up. >> many lawyers are saying that is not the way it is in terms of this. it is going to have to be tested but they say it is not going to hold up in court. >> what trump may lack in constitutional authority he makes up for in vision. trump's detailed policy included the architecture. >> we have to start by building a wall. a big, beautiful, powerful wall. it can have a gate. it can have a door. we'll let people in legally but we have to stop what's happening to our country because we're
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losing our country. >> hillary clinton rejected the whole kit and kaboodle. >> it is inflammatory. and something that every sensible american should reject. >> clinton still leads nationally against both republicans and democrats. new numbers show the gap is shrinking. trump is just six points from hillary clinton. he made a huge jump the last month. in july 16 points stood between the two candidates. the same poll reveals bad news for jeb bush. he's at a wall. the five points between him and clinton in july has nearly doubled. joining me now is joy reed, henry fernandez of the center for american progress action fund and mercedes schlep, spokesperson formerly for george w. bush. donald trump is driving the conversation in the republican party. will the topics start taking over debates between democrats
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as well? >> i don't think that that issue has as much residenonance an th democratic side. when you had a really hot debate it was really about reform and how to move reform forward and there was a lot of push back from the dreamers who wanted more action of the president. i think on the republican side what donald trump has tapped into and the reason he's outpacing peep like bush is he's tapped into something that's been powerful currency in american politics and media for a long time. which is essentially white resentment and white resentment of the demographic change. potent since the nixon era. resentment of the changes taking place. donald trump has tapped right into that and a lot of that resentment is directed at what they are calming illegal immigrants which is a sort of catch all i think in a lot of ways for demographic change. >> ben carson, donald trump and marco rubio lead hillary clinton in north carolina. do you think that the
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republicans -- the democrats will make up ground there. >> i do think they will. but let's be clear. it is north carolina. if hillary clinton is competitive in north carolina, this election is over. the republicans have no pathway to victory. what we're really seeing here from donald trump, totally agreeing with joy here, is an effort to attract really the extremist wing of the republican party. donald trump hasn't moved off this 24, 25%. other polling shows that is kind of that hard core extremist antiimmigrant side of the republican party. so i'm not surprised that that is about where he is. i do think that he doesn't understand the constitution. this has been the law of the land that if you are born here you are a u.s. citizen since the republic was founded and then reinforced by the 14th amendment, right after the civil war. and then again by the supreme court in 1898. so at least since 1898 this has been the law of the land.
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>> sarah palin -- is it possible to build a wall at the border? is that realistic? and if so what will it take to achieve is this. >> well i think it is a very difficult proposition. especially if you are going to try to get the mexicans to pay for it. i think when talking about securing the border that only handles part of the problem of illegal immigration in the country. we know the reality comes with over 50% of those who have overstayed veasisas and live ine u.s. andshadows. we need a modernization of the immigration system and a better tracking system. so say we're going to build a big wall that is not necessarily realistic. it is about securing the border. but it is also the visa component and dealing with that as well. something that donald trump has mentioned but you have other gop candidates that support that same concept.
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>> jeb bush's campaign is trying to down play the duelling town hall narrative. do the discrepancy in the numbers between tonight's two event really matter of the. donald trump is still yuge. >> yuge. everything donald trump for jeb bush is -- takes away from the strategy which is overwhelm with a lot of money and name id. trump has more. and the idea that jeb bush just can't get any traction. but he also highlights the biggest repeal with republican voters. he's considered soft on immigration reform. that touches a nerve with the base. i would only disagree with henry in sense this is a small fringe. i don't think it is. i think --. because they can get fired the sentiment. donald trump can actually articulate the words and you can
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just retweet that and/or you can put that ourn facebook page. donald trump is mouthing a lot of anxieties common when you have economic distress. and even though the economy is actually quite good on paper, for a lot of americans economic anxiety is still out there. and nativism becomes stronger in those situations. he's articulating that. that is powerful. jeb cannot articulate that. it is not part of his platform. >> let's be clear though. republican voters, the majority -- the strong majority of republican voters do support comprehensive immigration reform. the problem i think for republicans is that no one has gone out and aggressively pushed that. in this primary. and so joy is right, that the message that everyone is getting is that the republicans are antiimmigrant and specifically antilatino. and that is going to be deadly for the party come november of 2016. >> so do you think then that given the kind of nativism that joy reed spoke about, that
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donald trump is channelling that to such powerful degree. is that going to obscure others who are able to present alternative narratives about immigration reform? >> i think it does. but i also think that frankly the other candidates haven't stepped up. they are all mimicking or trying to be like trump. and really what's happened is the republican primary has become a reality show. and if you are going to have a reality show you shouldn't be surprised that the reality show star is winning. >> jeb bush has resisted trump's criticism before. will he have to take trump seriously? at least engage him. >> it is august. way too early. i think governor bush is focused on making sure he gets his grassroots structure in place. i think a lot of candidates are going the same thing. the more they keep attacking donald truch the more power they give him. and as a latino republican i think that what they are
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looking, yes, there is a fringe that want to build a wall. we've got to secure the border. and many republicans agree with that. but also there is the other point which is what are you going to do with the 11 million or more illegal immigrants here? how are we going to deal with criminal illegal immigrants in this country that should be sent back? to that point you find more republicans are going to be more in the center when it comes to immigration reform. but obviously donald trump is striking a nerve with a certain group in the republican party because of the fact that it's been so frustrating that the president obama has taken executive overreach on immigration reform and nothing's been able to get done. >> joy in light of your earlier comment konld trump is channeleding this nativist xenophobic passion, do you think in light of the fact he may not laos through the primaries that the birthright citizenship is going to go? or is he the fuel behind it. >> as someone who -- both my parents were born outside of the
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united states. >> reason enough for me to reject it. >> i was born in brooklyn by the way. i think the birthright citizenship no as a real policy matter we should take it just as seriously as the idea of building a further wall along the already most militarized border between two country who are at peace on earth. the border between the united states and mexico is actually quite secure and there was a great piece in foreign policy that talks about the that what even we have more now it has done more to keep migrants in than keep anyone out. it makes it more perilous to go back. which is what peoples youed to do. is flow back and forth. and when you have mexican men who used to come in and work and go home now trapped on this side of their wall, you are just going to have more people here trapped here and therefore have families here and make their lives here. so they should blame ronald reagan, not barack obama for the situation we have with undocumented migration. and you know how you fix it? immigration reform. >> there you go again.
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>> i would add to what joy said. his policy would also mean that marco rubio and ted -- and senator cruz would not be u.s. citizens. >> but their parents were legal immigrants. so that is the difference. >> they were refugees. and refugees -- >> legal -- [ inaudible ] >> and jeb bush's -- i'm sorry. and donald trump also believes that we should get rid of any refugee policy in the u.s. >> -- with one stone. getting rid of the unwanted and also diminishing the republican field there. henry thanks so much for your time. joy and mercedes, stay with us. still to come, hillary clinton's clash with the press. could her diminishing lead over sanders have her on edge? plus hackers reportedly leaked client names from a cheating website exposing thousands.
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and carly fiorina. we should point out clinto is beating trump and walker be i six points. if you lookout at primary voters, clinton's lead is fuelling. 18 points over sanders, 47% to 29. back in july the lead was 37 points. even though she's still leading the match ups her favorite continues to struggle. favorable favorably. faimplt. >> all i can tell you is in retrospect, if i had used a government account and i had said, you know, let's release everything, let's let everybody in america see what i did for four years, we would have the same arguments. so that's all i could say. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'm -- i don't -- i have no idea.
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that's why we turned it zbloe. >> you were the official in charge of the server. did you try to wipe the server. >> like a cloth or something? >> -- >> i don't know how it works at all. and i know you want to make a point and i can just repeat what i have said. in order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server. they can do whatever they want to with the serve tore figure out what is there or not there. that is, you know, for the people investigating it to try to figure out. but we turned over everything that was work related. every single thing. personal stuff we did not. i had no obligation to do so and did not. thank you all. >> is this indication that this issue isn't going to go away for the remainder of your campaign. >> nobody talks to me about it other than you guys. >> one high profiled democratic operative isn't worried at all. >> it is not going to amount to a hill of beans just like all
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the other stuff i've been through. it doesn't amount. it is just a bunch of people, you know, talking to each other, spinning themselves up over a pile of garbage. and it is pile like that washington post talking about the total democratic freak out. you want to talk about the freak out look at these republicans like they want to get rid of all the people in the country. they want to repeal the constitution and god knows what. >> for me let me bring in my panel. welcome back. a republican strategist former spokesperson for george w. bush. joy, what is your view of how hillary handled that exchange with the press? seems as though she's extremely frustrate with the relentless questioning on the same vain. >> you have to keep in mind that the relentless is on the part of the lot of beltway press and conservative journalists. i think for conservatives this is a hot story pause it gives them an inroads into being able to attack hillary clinton. benghazi was going to be the core of their strategy against her in 2016. this names that to remain on the
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table. you have members in congress still trying to use this to connect a story. and a lot of the beltway press who frank think lactic acly thee exciting race on the other side of the aisle. you can expect that the media will be interested in this and the more the media is interested, the more voters will know about it. i will very quickly going back to what you showed earlier michael. the actual polls she's showing against republicans. 52-48 is what barack obama got. if hillary clinton is anywhere close to 52% she's in very good shape. that is where a democrat should be. >> so you agree with james carville then -- >> i do. i think it is much more a story for the beltway and conservatives than the average voter. at least in my experience traveling around covering the campaign. >> what is your read about that? do you agree? >> the national post show that she's having a trustworthy
2:21 pm
issue. people are feeling that she's not honest that. basically she's lying about the e-mail server. so i think it really expands. >> then why 51%? >> [ inaudible ]. we don't have a gop nominee joy. >> you have 16 of them. >> she's running against right now 16 different candidates and bernie sanders is surging in states like iowa and new hampshire. >> mercedes is 51% low? it is the threshold to be elected president. >> i have to tell you at this point the polls really don't matter. at this point -- >> except the one that says she's untrustworthy. >> in 2008 hillary clinton was up passing barack obama around this time in 2008 and she lost. so again the polls don't matter at this point. she's running against a -- >> may i just suggest that if the polls don't matter than the polls showing she's untrut worth don't matter either. the point is people will eventually decide between two
2:22 pm
nominees and that is it. >>. [ inaudible ] >> all right. look. joy read, do you think as a self selecting story than an idealogically driven, what should be the strategy of hillary clinton then to bypass the nastiness of that and stay on message? >> i think the clinton campaign it's been frustrating for those of us who have been covering here but it's been really low key and she's trying to keep her campaign talking to voters. there is no margin in it for her to be very much in conversation with reporters at that point. as mercedes said it is the summer before. if she continues and focuses on voters. what hillary needs to be concerned about is two things. one the electorate in 2016 should be about 0% minority. people of color. she needs to make sure her numbers are strong with the obama cohort. that is number one. and two she needs to make sure
2:23 pm
her share of white voters does not fall far below the threshold barack obama got it. if she doesn't do worst than that and worse than barack obama did with minority voters she's in very good shape in 2016. >> what about that? given the kind of data that joy did for us, what about the polls that show hillary clinton is still at 50, 51% and given the share in both minority voters and the white vote it seems to be despite the kind of distractions and what's going on with the e-mail server problem that she seems to be relatively speaking in decent shape. >> look, she has a very strong war chest. i mean she's raised a lot of money. she's been doing the ground work for over a year. you know, the question with hillary clinton will be the likability. in addition to the honest -- whether she's honest or trustworthy which right now the numbers are not in her favor is the fact she's really able to
2:24 pm
connect to the voter. i think the campaign has really actually hurt her in way. because they try to keep her kind of so scripted. she doesn't do a lot of press interviews. when she does she comes across incredibly awkward. i think all of that really had hurt hillary clinton. and that is why people -- you see more democrats i think almost drawn to a bernie sanders because he's so unscripted. he's just really just talking the talk. and again this e-mail controversy plus the clinton foundation scandal, those are all huge distractions for any campaign. >> so joy, what do you make of that? do you think bernie sanders gains because of the distractions created by the e-mail server for hillary clinton? >> i don't think directly first of all. because yes, democrats have been flocking to the bernie sanders at a rate of 29% out of 100. so i think the bernie sanders phenomenon is number one the fact that elizabeth warren didn't run and there is a huge boomlet of supporters of her who wanted her in the race and those
2:25 pm
are natural bernie sanders fans. e really resonates particularly among white liberal democrats. and that is a very real issue. i think what bernie sanders has not yet done is broaden his appeal to what the democratic party is. the democratic party is an emerging minority party. i has ha huge cohort of non white voters. he's not been able to break through the brittleness to black lives matters hasn't helped him at all. >> thank you so much for joining us. which republican presidential candidates are flip-flopping on common core? plus highway roadway. some states are changing road signs a
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hackers claimed to have stolen data from ashley, the website for infidelity. recently posted nearly 10 gigabytes of it. they reportedly posted the data to the so called dark web which is not accessible using ordinary search med methods. one quote saying as many as 10,000 e-mail addresses which belong to government officials are on the list. and they called the dump an act of criminality. what do the hackers gain from this kind of incursion on privacy and huge data dump? >> it is hard to understand exactly what this group's motivation was. i guess that remains to be seen. as does what the actual number of people who really are affected. i've heard figures of something
2:30 pm
like 36 million accounts were referenced. we don't know how many were dummies or fakes or set up by bots or what have you. but it does draw attention to as you mentioned in the intro the so called dark web. a sort of hidden internet accessible only with tools like the tor web browsers, which masks your traffic going out to the internet and can also be used to hide certain content that either you want private for legitimate reasons or for criminal ones. >> whereas your reaction to the media calling the daump criminal act? and then two, if it is on the dark web, is there potential someone can access that and then make it more available to those on the regular web? >> i laugh because that is horse has long left the barn. in fact before ashley madison's database was online there were ways to, as someone pointed out online today, to search their database. and through a bug in the website show who had an account and who
2:31 pm
didn't. i think ashley mads andison and parent company are the real villains. the idea they could have such sloppy data storage even when they are charging user to have their data scrubbed, looks like it wasn't all that effective. and to those who want to cheat or have some fun at a racy site, use a burner e-mail address. and always know that even the identity t fact that you have any account there could come back to bite you in the butt. >> what about okay in terms of the information for the e-mail address but if people have to use their real names on credit cards, is that the catch 22 there for them? >> that is one catch 22. when you sign up for a shady site like this you are often askedo give credit card information because they do want money out of you eventually and it is a way to validate you are real. but the other thing is a lot of sites now, even google, requires
2:32 pm
that you give a phone number for two step authentication. these guys did a great job of encrypting user passwords. but with something that is as stigmatized as cheating, right, just the fact that you have an account there is something that could be shameful. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. still ahead the issue that makes hillary clinton different from barack obama. i'm mary thompson with your cnbc market wraps. stocks end down but off the low os of the day. the dow falls 162, the s&p shed 17 t nasdaq sinks 40. you do all this research on the perfect car.
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education took center stage for republican hopefuls in new hampshire today. is summit hosted by former reporter and anchor woman campbell brown and her organization the 74. the group labeled itself as the non profit. non partisan news site focused on exposing the status quo. and championing heros who bring positive change to our schools. the six candidates did didn't vary much in their views. jeb bush is all in on educational reforms. the form florida governor out the his role including creating floridians for school choice and
2:37 pm
said he wants to stop the government monopolies in the egts system. >> i think two,000 government run monopolies is not the best organizational model. unionized political sized is not the model for educating children. we should open it up. we should give parents more choices. >> ohio governor john kasich prefers a best practices approach to educational standards over a common core. >> if i were president, i would want to travel across the country to state legislatures telling them about the laboratory laboratories -- the laboratory of change in each of the states. so we practice best practices. i mean, if you have got a way to do it here in new hampshire then i should go back to ohio and try to implement it there. >> fiorina said federal bureaucracy squashes creativity in the classroom. >> what doesn't work are big bureaucratic programs from washington d.c. what doesn't work are people
2:38 pm
spending money on mandated programs either at the state or the federal level and not spending enough money encouraging, rewarding and insenting great teachers. encouraging rewarding and inocenting more young people to go into the profession. providing opportunity for real ingenuity and creativity in the classroom and making sure that literally every parent regardless of their circumstances has a choice about how and where to educate their child so every child gets a chance. >> i'm joined now by my panel. is the republican field pretty much on the same page when it comes to education? >> good question. so they are on the same page with vouchers and school choice
2:39 pm
which is not surprising pause that is what kind of leads to the privatization of education. and it is more complicated than they are talking. while we've seen success with carter schools and charter schools do great work, they don't really bring to scale the practices we need for the entire public school system. and they unfortunately allow certain state, certainly municipalities to move towards the privatization model which what we ultimately don't need. what is interesting is to watch the governors in the race flip-flopping and pivoting away from this idea of the common core. you hear kasich go around and click the best practices which is basically what common core is. and then governor jindal and christie disavowing it now after they supported it because it is now being sort of labeled as an obama program. i'm not sure common core is the best way to go but it is interesting to see the maneuvering around it because of the politics.
2:40 pm
>> floridians for school choice in the 90s created by bush. tell us about that program and how it's impacted the system in your state. >> unfortunately the bush programs that were implemented here in the 90s have been detrimentally impactful to the students here in the state of florida in the most absurd and disgusting way. and i come from a practitioners backwa background. i'm a teacher by trade and got into policy after i had seen the impact of a number of policies governor bush passed here. everything from third grade retention to the lack of african american participation in state universities after he got rid of some of the affirmative action programs. through his one florida initiative. you take it, k-12. pre k through 12 and beyond have been impacted in a negative way by a number of the governor's
2:41 pm
policies. and they have trickled down to other states so it is very interesting to hear folks like governor jindal, governor walker, governor perry talk about how their policies will be vastly different. when in reality governor bush used florida as an incubator for bad policies then adopted by many of these governors. >> professor peterson in light of the earlier statement about privatization, do you think privatization is really the bottom line and ultimate goal for republicans in regard to educational policy? >> i don't know if they will announce it as such. but anybody talking about school choice and vouchers and charter schools as the solution or as the answer to our herculean necessity for really reforming public education, whether they say it outright or not they are moving more towards privatization. and here is the thing. governor bush is wrong. this is not -- public education is not a government program. it is a public program. it is a public good. it is not about government politicals making decisions.
2:42 pm
it is about public folks, folks in real live situations in their own neighborhoods having some input and control over the schools and being able to support them in a way that allows teachers to do what they need and that requires additional resources. it doesn't require some additional autonomy for principals in certain schools to be able to make hiring and firing decisions sometimes that are against what union practices. there has to be reform on both sides but at the end of the day vouchers, charter schools and things of that nature, school choice rhetoric, unfortunately if we look at what happened in louisiana, in philadelphia, unfortunately it lends itself towards privatization and that will never bring to scale the kind of reform that we need to make public education a good for all who need to have access to it in our society. >> senator bullard, you have worked as you indicated in education system as the teacher. what do you think are the best ways to improve the system for our children? >> the best ways are to put kids first. one of the proverbial elephants
2:43 pm
in the room is that millions and millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on testing mechanisms that have no validity. systems and practices that are really just going as blank checks to these corporate individuals who are taking over education, as doctor peterson pointed out. the privatization effort is real. it is real time. it is happening and it is being dulled out to these vendors and providers that are saying that i have the best practices. the reality is that what the teachers and students are doing on the ground each and every day at school districts start up can be unfolded in the first couple of week of class. a teacher can tell you exactly, you know, where the deficiencies are in a particular student just by acknowledging them through a simple teacher manufactured test. so when we talk about scaling things back, let's get back to best practices that are old
2:44 pm
school. you know, reading, writing and arithmetic. >> dr. james peterson and dwight bullard, thank you so much. >> still ahead, wild fires so large they can be seen from space are ripping through the west. now local governments are asking for military support. hey! so il and my fico credit score's on here. yeah! we give you your fico credit score. for free! awesomesauce! the only person i know that says that is... lisa? julie? we've already given more than 175 million free fico credit scores to our cardmembers. apply today at no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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worshipped the number 420 for decades. that makes the road signs targets of those people. now iowa has seemingly discovered a foolproof solution to this intractable problem. officials have followed colorado's lead and replaced mile post 420 with mile post 419.9. your move stoners. ♪
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2:49 pm
fire center in boise called in two hundred active military troops. fairs in cascades have purnd dozens of homes in washington state. >> a full assault on this massive fire in central washington. crews digging lines and starting backfires to control movement of the blaze. from the air dozens of drops per hour. crews are bracing for winds to pick up dramatically this afternoon. fanning flames that could threaten hundreds of homes. more than 40 have already burned. >> it is not the same. it will never be the same. >> the lightning sparked blaze began last week charring close to 70,000 acres. the economic impact on the town that depends on tourism is staggering. >> it is a huge hit. >> restaurants and resort, usually crowded are empty. >> driving through town this weekend it was a ghost town. >> training begins for 200
2:50 pm
active military called in to help contain more than 90 wild fires raging in the west. they will join thousands of others on the liensz. >> we are hitting it with everything we brought in aircr. we have brought in hand crews. >> federal officials say it's part of a new trend of harsher fire seasons. >> our fire season is about 78 days longer than it was three decades ago. and not only are we seeing more fire, but we're seeing larger more catastrophic fires. >> reporter: across the west, massive wildfires straining resources as crews fight to get them under control. still ahead, why does hillary clinton have a position on arctic drilling, but not the keystone pipeline? stay with us.
2:51 pm
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welcome back. earlier this week, the obama administration gave shell the final okay to begin offshore drilling for oil in the arctic ocean. no doubt, a risky move. the harsh weather and fragile eco-system could produce a recipe for disaster if anything goes wrong. as rachel maddow pointed out, a man-made island already exists in the ocean somewhere on drilling where drilling occurs. this is what the island looks like in warmer months. in winter, it's a different story. sea ice is over taking the island. elements are unforgiving no
2:55 pm
matter how you feel about oil drilling in remote areas like the arctic ocean, poses a risk. hillary clinton has broken away from the obama administration on the issue of arctic drilling. given what we know, it's not worth the risk of drilling. meanwhile, she's refused to take a position on the keystone pipeline, which is every bit as risky and poses a greater threat to the lives of people who live along its route. on tuesday a reporter asked her why she's taken a position on arctic drilling and not on the keystone pipeline. they're similar issues. >> no, they're not. first of all, the arctic drilling issues is not one that i've had any involvement in. i had no official involvement in it. i had no responsibility for it. i am expressing my personal view based on my review of the information that we have available.
2:56 pm
i think the very grave difficulties that shell encountered the last time they tried to do that, should be a red flag for anybody. on the other issue, i've said repeatedly, you know, i would really -- i would really hope that there would be a decision and i have, you know, been waiting for it, because i do feel a sense of responsibility, having been involved in the process early on. but i am getting impatient, because i do feel like at some point a decision needs to be made, because i'm not comfortable saying, you know, i have to keep my, you know, my opinion to myself, given the fact that i was involved in it. so at some point, i may change my view on that, but hopefully somebody will write this and somebody in the state department or the white house will say, maybe we better hurry up and get that decision made. >> for more, we go to the executive director in nebraska.
2:57 pm
what's a bigger threat, arctic drilling or the keystone pipeline? >> they're both threats for different reasons. if secretary clinton won't come out with a position on keystone and wait until the president makes his decision, that tells us one thing, that she continues to support keystone. that's what she said back in 2011 when she led a very flawed process, so flawed that an inspector general had to do a study and dump that one report reviewer and hire a completely different review team. so her answer essentially says she wants to protect polar bears, but could not give a damn about american farmers and that's a real problem. >> so is it fair for her to answer to arctic drilling, but not keystone, in your estimation? >> not fair at all. these are risks to water supplies and property rights, but they're all part of this biggest issue of climate change. she has to answer not only about
2:58 pm
the specific keystone xl but also on the much broader questions on the expansion of tar sands. is she going to continue to allow american land and water to be put at risk? i think the answer should be no. the progressive base thinks the answer should be no, that's why bernie sanders is climbing in the polls. >> what are you hearing from people who would be affected bite keystone pipeline? >> i meet with farmers and ranchers all the time, also with tribal nations in south dakota and nebraska. they're all saying they will not give her a vote if she stands with oil companies and foreign oil in supporting keystone xl. they don't trust her, because she can't come out with a decision, and i'm a woman, i'm a mom. i want to see a woman president, but i cannot stand with somebody and cannot vote -- even consider voting for secretary clinton if she can't make a simple decision
2:59 pm
on where she stands on keystone. it's not a difficult, gray decision. she knows so much about the pipeline, she should have the most informed opinion, yet she know its to hide behind president obama. >> is that indifference because he's a sitting president, or is it because of an intellectual qualm with the entire project? >> i think she's really stuck in a pretzel on the pipeline. i don't think it has anything to do with president obama. she's come out in decisions on other key issues on this side of the president and against the president, like the arctic drilling issue. i think it's because she has former transcanada lobbyist on her staff. she takes a lot of big oil money. she needs to make a decision, no matter what the president decides. she needs to come out and tell us where she stands on tar sands. >> have you happy with bernie sanders' position on keystone and energy? it look, senator sanders has not only visited with land owners and tribal nations, he's been very clear from day one where he
3:00 pm
stands, not only on keystone, but on the expansion of tar sands, and he's against the big pipeline trying to cross through farmers' land in iowa. >> thank you for your time tonight. "politicsnation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now. >> right now on "politicsnation," donald trump versus the constitution. you gotta hear what trump, the lawyer, says about why some people born here shouldn't be citizens. also, emotional new testimony from the accuser in the prep school rape case. and even democratic allies new criticizing hillary clinton's campaign. president obama going to new orleans ten years after katrina. welcome to "politicsnation." we begin wi


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