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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 20, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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let's hope this is the first of online presidential debates they will do this for. it is today's best new thing in the world by a mouse on a crescent roll. a massive sinkhole that swallowed a florida man ree opens. a panda may be expecting. "first look" starts right thousand. good morning everybody. thanks for joining us today. i'm betty nguyen. tragedy in the west as fire crews battle more than 100
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wildfires. three firefighters were killed and four injured in central washington when winds shifted unexpectedly. authorities say the firefighters were involved in a vehicle accident when the fire overtook them. washington governor ensly tweeted my heart breaks. here's nbc national correspondent miguel. >> in fire-scorched idaho, 400 acres lost so far. this a rare look at elite fearless firefighters dropping into rugged terrain nearly impossible to reach by land. 20,000 pounds of cargo unloaded. in oregon, 36 homes destroyed,
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hundreds more threatened across the region. in these conditions, flames spread at 30 miles per hour. california now reporting 200-300 new fires a week. in washington state, 200 army soldiers got a crash course on fighting fires. daniel lost his home and dayed in the fight. crews showed us how unforgiving fires are. >> it's what we trained for. >> that training put to the test day and night. >> that was miguel reporting. reaction continues to pour in following news exz subway spokesman jared fogle will play guilty to child pornography charges. he is accused of engaging in sexual acts with at least one of them. kevin has more.
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>> the man known to millions as the former face of subway restaurant chain pleaded to child pornography and sex with minors charges. now waits sentencing. >> this is about using wealth, status, secrecy to exploit children. >> the father of two faces five to 12 years behind bars. s his lawyers spoke on the steps of the courthouse. >> he is expects to get well and continue to make amends to those people who's live he affected. >> authorities raided his home seizing tens of thousands of messages, images, videos of child pornography, some made with hidden cameras. court documents say he got some from the former director of fogle's non profit, jared foundation, established to teach
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kids about nutrition. prosecutors say foglele, on more than one occasion, travelled to new york where he had sex with minors. >> fame and fortune will not protect you from attacking those. >> the company suspended the relationship with him company the investigation was announced and tweeted jared fogle's actions are inexcusable and do not represent our brand. his family released the statement saying they are shocked and profoundly dispointed and very concerned for those affected by his conduct. >> they're going to have a rough road ahead of them. >> that was kevin reporting. jared's wife has released a statement saying she is shocked and disappointed by recent developments. she's in the procession of seeking dissolution of her
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marriage. since the data hack, we're learning more about those signed up for the infidelity site ash willy madison. 15,000 belong to u.s. government or employees including from the white house. washington d.c. reportedly has the highest rate of ashley madison membership in the u.s. some addresses have been dismissed as false. avid life media released a statement tuesday saying this is not act of hacktivism, this is an act of criminal alty. the fbi is investigating. donald trump continues to steal the spotlight away from gop candidates after sparring with reporters in new hampshire. trump whipped up a packed
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auditorium with an attack on jeb bush. meanwhile, hillary clinton is ahead in the latest polls. her once healthy lead is dwindling. edward laurence is is here to break it down. seems trump may be gaining on hillary clinton. >> he's kbaning on everybody. there's a long way to go. 17 kcandidates are trying to bu the spotlight, trying to swing voters in new hampshire. >> donald trump slammed jeb bush in a new hampshire town hall. the two had dueling events within 19 miles of each other. trump had no problem pointing out he's drawing bigger crowds. t. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd? they're sleeping now. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. he was a democrat in the last decade longer than he was a
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republican. he's given more money to democrats than republicans. >> still trump drives the debate in the primary. trump vowed to clean up the system. >> bad ones are getting out fast. day one, if i win, day one of presidency, they're getting out. we're getting them out. >> governor scott walker tried to change the mentality. >> it affects many places around the world. >> hillary clinton's support slipped in the matchup against trump. >> the matchup road may be be a long one for republicans with 16 trying to shine against donald trump's large personality. >> large it is. former athlete oscar pistorius won't get out of
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prison just jyet. the decision to free him was prematurely and without legal basis. he's serving a five year sentence. he was convicted for manslaughter for the shooting death of reeva steenkamp. for oscar pistorius, hah means 10 months. the parole board made the call to let him serve the rest of the sentence under house arrest. now to florida. a massive sinkhole reopened at the exact same place where a man was killed in 2013 when the ground swallowed up his home. heavy rains are likely to blame. in new hampshire, a sinkhole opened in the middle of the highway creating a traffic nightmare and causing crews to shut down that part of the interstate. time to get down to business. landon dowdy is here.
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good morning. >> good morning. stocks fell wednesday. crude now at 6.5 year lows. a rise in u.s. stock piles. tech workers have sought after skills. starting pay is higher than other sectors. that doesn't mean they're happy with their jobs. an app finds the opportunities aren't spelled out in companies or don't exist. next time you have to send a birthday card, why not mail a potato instead? a man launched a website that anonymously ships potatoes. >> let's say my birthday is coming up. please don't send me a potato. >> check your mail. >> thank you. in sport, tigers taking on
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the cubs. morris knocks it 419 feet for a two run home run. not bad for first time at the plate. in this third, deep to left for a grand slam, second home run of the game. tigers had five and combined for season high 21 hits. tigers went on to win on the road 15-8. cardinals and giants. perez sprints back and climbs the wall to shut down the homer. card that will cardinals pick up the win. the judge ordered goodell and brady to return to course august 31st saying a settlement is a logical option. brady wants the suspension to be overturned. the judge will make a ruling six days before the patriot's
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seasoniseason opener. how much would it cost to have your endorsement tweeted out? a single tweet could run you $140,000. you'll reach 23 million people. it would cost you five times that to reach that many with a tv ad. the most twitter power is lebron james, kevin durant, kobe bryant, employed mayweather and howard rounds out top five. we hear a secret agreement related to iran nuclear deal. new video shows the moment an explosion rocked the ho tell in washington state.
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point. as far as locations that could be impacted by low end hurricane or stronger tropical storm. still thinking it heads for lesser antilles maybe possible near puerto rico by early tuesday morning. the conditions do not look favorable for this to intensify rapidly at any portion here. by the time it gets to islands, conditions look hostile. upper level storms are strong tearing the thunderstorm apart. the thought is if it gets stronger, it would be next two days. should weaken by puerto rico dominican republic. as long as we have low pressure that could redevelop, we'll watch it. cuba in seven days from now. umbrella weather up to buffalo and everywhere in the
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northeast. want perfect weather, cago. >> doesn't get better than that. new inspections in the nuclear program. there's word a secret agreement between iran and nuclear officials. normally this would be done by u.n. inspectors. senior officials told that it relates to past activity and inspectors would be on site. the side deal raised red flags among republican lawmakers about the nuclear deal signed with iran and five world leaders. john cornyn said it's remarkably naive and reckless. to st. louis, police arrested nine and used tear gas after 150 people gathered to protest a police shooting that left a fleeing black suspect dead. the 18-year-old man was killed
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after he pulled a gun on police. there's a pending investigation. new video showing the moment a motel 6 exploded. that blast critically injured one worker and threw firefighters back. a panda is showing signs of being pregnant. she's carrying a developing fetus and could give birth in the next several weeks. we'll be waiting and watching. fighting words from a 4-year-old. and ck in the spotlight after a spoof video. "scrambled politics" is next. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes...
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eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical now here's your first look at your dish of "scrambled politics." obama will head to new orleans to mark the anniversary of hurricane katrina that. the mayor is visiting to thank cities for welcoming evacuees from the 2005 storm. the 4-year-old bopped in the head by the football thrown by marco rubio is challenging the gop hopeful. >> hey rubio, get back to iowa. i'll be ready for you rubio. >> you heard it here. the boy's uncle, iowa state senator says since the famous
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dropped pass, the boy has been practicing and ready for a second chance. it's been two weeks since the gop debate, but now it's back in the spotlight because of a bad lip reading video. >> let's hear from dr. carson. >> this piece, i think it goes like that. this one -- this piece goes over here. it's part of the tree. >> carson -- >> ahh. >> what you working on? >> a puzzle. uh, i don't know how to do this actually. >> we can move on. you're not losing any play time. >> america. >> and to understand the 2016 presidential race, "tonight" show host jimmy fallon created math equations. take a look.
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>> larry david plus vermont, equals bernie sanders. lincoln plus running in short shorts. grumpy cat plus grumpy dog plus donald trump, grumpy trumpy. time to be joined by bob franken who's not grumpy at all. >> i antagonize a lot of people by being a morning person. >> that you. we want your insight on this. with poll numbers dipping and e-mail investigation intensifying, it appears the clinton campaign realizes she needs to fight back more aggressively. how's she doing that? >> the campaign and candidate are pointing out something that resonates quite a bit with people who have dealt with government. the techniques for classified
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are totally a mystery. things can be classified retro actively. the claim she makes she mishandled class -- class fied material. she is the one who have chose to conduct personal business and government business on her own server. she is the one that decided what was official, what needed to be turned the over, and what could be erased. the question is should she be accountable for this inflated server in entirety with somebody else making the decision in the question manifest then, what is she trying to hide? >> here's what people are questions, especially clinton. she's shifting the focus saying wait a second, i'm not to blame because i should have never been
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sent classified e-mail on unclassified government systems according your government rule. she's putting it back on government. >> she is, and the point she's making, if you limit it to just that, her handling of information that might have been retroactively classified, is a valid point probably. many in government think that things are a confused mess when it comes to classifying and secrecy. >> the government a confused mess, no way. >> almost as bad as the corporate world. the question really is what is she trying to hide? what was she trying to hide when she totally erased the serve senator. >> a l-- the server. >> a lot of questions indeed. shocking revelations about the 90210 star.
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all right. let's get entertainment news. we have this to tell you. new reports reveal shannon is battling breast cancer. this came out in a lawsuit she brought against former business managers. according to the associated press, in the filing the actress claims the manager allowed her health insurance to relapse. her former business manager denies the claim. jennifer anniston was at the premiere last night showing off her wedding band.
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buffalo bill and silence of lamb movie house is on the market. it does not include a dungeon. >> that is one of the creepiest. >> frightening right? i'm betty nguyen on msnbc. "way too early" starts now. i mean, all of them change from the bottom go up and down like yoyos. i've been up there a long time. i'm not going anywhere folks. i'm not doing this for my health. i'm doing this to make america great again. >> donald trump defending place at the top of the polls as he and jeb bush dual down the street from each other in new hampshire. firefighters killed and several injured on the front lines of the inferno. the fallout from the ashley madison hack is just beginning. wait until you hear how much
2:30 am
government e-mail addresses are traced back to the site that helps cheating spouses hook up. 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is the show that's skeptical with e-mail addresses ending with .gov. good morning everyone. it's thursday, august 20th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. we begin with three firefighters were killed and four injured yesterday battling the wildfire on the move this morning. it happened near the town of twist, washington 115 miles northeast of seattle. all town residents and those in neighboring towns are ordered to evacuate. winds in the area shifted


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