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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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saying as he stares down cancer and shares his painful diagnosis with the nation. >> i would say that night anda6 the next day until i came back up to emory, i thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. and a military milestone. two women will make history tomorrow when they draut from t graduate from the army ranger school. i'll discuss it with the army's first female four star general. the gloves are off in the tight between gdonald trump and jeb bush. today bush launched into a tirade about trump in new hampshire. >> there is a big difference between donald trump and me. i'm a proven conservative with a record. he isn't. i cut taxes every year. he's proposed the largest tax increase in than kimankind's hi. i have fought for republican and
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conservative causes all of my adult life. >> those remarks come after trump and bush slammed one another in simultaneous town halls in new hampshire last night. it's a tough every buer bush an poll may have something to do with it. trump leads bush in bush's home state of florida. the message from trump, deal with it. and in video, trump strikes a pose with a bald eagle. for more on all of this, we're joined by joy reid and raul reyes. and also political consultant katie packer gauge. thank you very much for joining us. katie, it seems like this is a new side of jeb bush, one that is coming out swinging pretty much against donald trump. is this a smart strategy? >> well, i think that it's a strategy that he, you know, is sort of boxed into to some
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degree. he had been the frontrunner prior to trump's emergence and has to sort of set the record straight on some things. and there is nothing i've heard governor bush say about mr. trump that i think is inaccurate. mr. trump is not a conservative. he is barely a republican. really just by his own admission, not based on any record. and think i think it's important for somebody to point these things out and jeb bush has a pretty good soap box do that. so it's important for some of these facts to be pointed out. >> do you think he has to do this because he's on the ropes that trump is kind of blowing the competition out of the water, jeb has to find a way to slow that momentum down? >> i think the other republican candidates have to fight for attention at this point and at some point the way this ends is that either donald trump decides on his own that he conditions win a primary and decides to get out on his own or one of the other candidates has to essentially take him down, trump donald trump. so it's been a competition to
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see which of them had the strength and also the credibility with fellow republicans to finally take trump on and win. so i think that none of them have a choice. they all have to try and jeb bush has the most at stake because again he is probably the establishment candidate with the most potential momentum. >> do you feel that if he starts going after trump, he's playing trump's game and that could be seen that his weakness is being exposed by trump who is now setting the agenda? >> maybe it could be seen as that, but at point he has no choice. it is highly unlikely that donald trump is going to be in this race to the end and wind up as the nominee. but all of the rhetoric that is going on now with for example scott walker saying he would support an end to birth right citizenship, those sound bites will live forever. and although many voters including latino voters may not be paying attention now, all of what is being said will be cut and used in commercials later. so it is to jeb bush's advantage
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to stand up right now, stand up forcefully and again even when he's wanted to, like he stumbled over terms -- he showed some rustiness using a term like anchor babies which is a derogatory term in the latino community and also inaccurate. if somebody comes to the united states and has a baby, that is no protection from deportation. >> and donald trump for as well as he's doing, he's only in the 20s in terms of the polls. at some point one of the other candidates has to -- if there is a sizable sort of center right faction of the republican base, they need to be led. they need someone to lead them. because otherwise you're going to have demoralization among the base when one of these other guys is inevitably the nominee. >> and things did get prickly today with jeb bush when reporters were asking him about the use of the term an anchor
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baby. take a listen. >> do you regret using the term anchor baby yesterday? >> no, i don't regret it. do you have a better term? give me another word. >> he's not the only one using the term. but it seems like trump's popularity pulling jeb bush into the rhetoric of the more nativist side of the republican party similar to what tripped up mitt romney. >> i think that this language is really unhelpful to the party in the general election. i don't think that's where governor bush's heart is and i do think that he got pulled thp direction by mr. trump. but it speaks to a larger issue that mr. trump is bad for the republican party. and to joy's comment, he does only represent somewhere in the low 20s of our party. he does not represent the majority viewpoint of the party. and as i tweeted earlier today, the are not candidates that are talking like that are walking down a general election plank
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and it's bad thing not just with latino voter, but women are turned off by that rhetoric, too. and i hope the other candidates will come together and just restore some sanity to this whole discussion and some compassion to the discussion. i think that's what voters want to hear. >> katie, do you think that was a gaffe by jeb bush to use the term anchor baby? >> i don't know. he said it wasn't. but i don't for a minute think that governor bush, you know, has anything against latinos that are coming to this country and seeking a better life for their families. he has a solid record on that. i think it was a poor choice of words, but, you know, that's something that his campaign will have to discuss. >> do you think it's something that can hurt him the same way self deportation hurt mitt romney? >> yes, it could. and we saw the interview where he said give me another term to use. another term to use for these children is u.s. citizen children. there are 4.5 million children, american born citizens here, who
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have at least one undocumented parent. and that resonates in the latino community. that is a derogatory term. maybe it hasn't resonated with the mainstream public, but i promise that is something that has received coverage in spanish language media. people are surprised to hear it coming from mr. bush with his open family ties to the mexican american community. and the bar will be higher. it will have to be 47% based on an estimate from latino decisions research. >> and joy let me play you a sound bite from trump's interview with "time" magazine. >> i get my views from, you know, the media, a lot of the views. frankly a lot of people do. the views that you will see during those 10 and 15 minute segments or during a reading of a story are not a lot different than jeb sitting around with a policy group if it really has such a thing. it sounds good. >> so, i mean -- i want to ask you seriously -- >> i have no words.
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>> let me ask you this. is that something that is kind of like an anti-elitist approach that can resonate with folks outside the belt way? >> in a word, yes. if you want to understand why donald trump is succeeding, my term for it is because he's ratchet. he is reality tv. he comes across as an every man. yes, he's constantly going on about how rich he is but he also sort of behaves a lot like a lot of ordinary people do. he's saying, hey, i get my information on military from watching tv and watching "meet the press." well, most people go me, too. you're just like me. i think that those things are helping him in the short term partly because you have to remember a lot of the people down with donald trump in terms of this primary campaign are not really political. they don't like politicians or politics. they can't stand politicians. they're sick of them and he is the anti-politician. >> and kate, let me play you one more bit from the exchange last night in the town hall that took place. i'll get your reaction afterwards. >> jeb bush is a low energy
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person. for him to get things done is hard. he's very low energy. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. >> i would say between common core, his active love on immigration, and skin in the game with iraq, that's a third one that we've now added, i don't see how he's electable. >> even on immigration where it's, look, it's the language is pretty vitreal lick, but hundreds of billions to implement his plans is not a conservative plan. >> so who do you think is winning this exchange? >> i think for the time being people are looking for entertainment and donald trump is an entertainer. and i'm not -- there are a lot of good candidates that are conservative and have qualifications that would be capable of holding this office. but donald trump is an entertainer. that's what he's good at. he's done a masterful job of grabbing the attention of all of the media in this country and
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he's riding that right now. i don't think his support is growing. i think it's pretty stagnant and at some point people will get tired of the shtick. >> one word answer from all three of you. donald trump with a bald eagle. >> strategery. >> katie. >> the opposite of bald. >> we'll have to leave it at that. thank you very much for joining us. now to former president jimmy carter opening up about his battle with cancer. hours ago an extraordinary scene, president carter announcing he's been diagnosed with melanoma that has spread to his brain and he will undergo radiation. carter told reporters his initial reaction to hearing the news. >> well, at first i felt that it was confined to my liver and that the operation had completely removed it. so i was quite relieved.
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and then that same afternoon, we had an mri of my head and neck and it showed up that it was already in four places in my brain. so i would say that night and the next day until i came back up to emory, i just thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. i've had a wonderful life. i have thousands of friends and an exciting and adventurous and gratifying existence. so i was surprisingly at ease. much more so than my wife was. but now i feel it's in the hands of god whom i worship. and i'll be prepared when the day comes. >> he said he hadjññr received e calls from every living president and this afternoon president obama tweeted president carter is as good a man as they come.
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michelle and i are praying for him and rosalyn. we are all pulling for you, jimmy. joining me now with more on his illness is dr. natalie azart. can you walk us through the diagnosis and how serious it is? >> sure. so basically it appears they were evaluating a nodule or lump or lesion in the liver and when they did a biopsy of that, they determined that it was in fact a melanoma and what made that interesting for people to understand, we nomly think of medical though ma melanoma as originating on the skip and traveling from there. but 15% to 20% it can actually -- the primary is not of found or they don't know where the primary skin cancer was. but it's already metastasized or traveled from the site of origin at the time of diagnosis. so they did the liver biopsbiop scanned help with a pet ct to see where the tumor may have
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also traveled, they discovered the four lesions in his brain. that's what we know as of this morning. >> taem hfamily history is alwa big issue. here's what he had to say about it. >> i don't think there is any doubt that my descendants have in genetic challenge from the pancreatic cancer in my mother-in-law. so whatever the doctors recommend for blood tests or things like that as a precautionary measure for the other family members, i think that will probably be put into effect. but i haven't discussed that with them. >> is genetics playing a role in this do you think? >> well, yes. certainly family history and a genetic predisposition is one of the vopge esstrongest risk fact are blistering sunburns and multiple moles on the body. in terms of first degree family members, there is sometimes up to a 50% higher chance for them to get melanoma.
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it's not a blood test. they just need to get screened yearly, follow the recommendations, you though, for cancer screening for melanoma screening. but other than that, there's not much else that the family members really should do at this time as far as i know. >> doctor, thank you very much for that. coming up, three firefighters lose their lives battling an unpredictable blaze in washington. we'll get a live report. plus according to a new poll today, one third of voters in florida, ohio and pennsylvania say hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. i'll speak about that with clinton's press sect. > secretary. and the first hurricane of the season is headed for puerto rico. more on danny's path ahead. plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again, with aleve pm. watch as these magnificent creatures take flight,
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now to washington state where three firefighters are dead and four civilians are injured after a wind shift in the firefight. around 100 wildfires are are currently burning across seven states. washington's governor spoke moments ago about the firefighters who lost their lives. >> we know that these fires have burned a big hole in our state's heart. and with the loss of these three firefighters, we know the smoke is still there and thick, but it will not obscure their incredible act of courage. >> leanne gregg is just miles away from the chelan fire. it seems that the weather has changed the outlook. is it working in the. >> adam thierer: their favor or on against them? >> reporter: the weather is changing. you can see the wind is kicking up. it started about an hour ago.
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it will continue to get worse where the gusts could be up to 40 to 45 miles an hour. which is dangerous, an understatement, for what the firefighters are facing up there. they say that this kind of wind can create a torchlike condition for the fires. it's very unpredictable just like the small winds that turned a small fire into the deadly blaze yesterday. the winds shifted the fire and it turned back on the firefighters who lost their lives. they're working very hard this morning to try and come up with containment of some of the lines. they're also doing aerial drops, dumping retardant. they have done mitigation work to try to save some of the homes. many homes are threatened. horn 1,0 more than 1,000 people were asked to leave last night because the fire was so aggressive and many of the
1:20 pm
people i talked with said they just didn't know if they would if a home to return to and all there is to do for them is to wait and hope and pray and many people here have a sense of uneasiness. it's very difficult and somber day for the firefighters returning to the job knowing that they have lost three of their own and again facing these treacherous conditions. one firefighter said to me that last year was epic, considered once in a lifetime event. there was another huge fire in this area. once again he said it's happening and this one only worse. >> leanne gregg on the front leans of the firefighters out there in washington. thank you for that. now to new york where david sweat appeared in court today. he was charged with two counts of escaping in the first degree and one count of promoting prison contra band. david sweat declined to enter a plea which his attorney explained. >> i've only known mr. sweat for
1:21 pm
about an hour. and i believe that would have been a situation where if i were to enter a plea on his behalf, i don't even know what his intentions are at this point. >> david sweat will be in the courtroom again at the end of september. adam reiss is this plattsburgh, this morning with the latest. what was the scene like in the court and what are the the next steps in this trial? >> reporter: good afternoon. he arrived under very heavy guard for his arraignment. he was shackled, he had a brace on his arm and he had a sling, as well. one of the guards bringing him in actually grabbed the chains around his waist as if to hold him back. he sat down, seemed very attentive, cooperative, talking to his attorney. he responded to the swrunjudge judge asked him the question. his attorney said he was subdued, in a good mood, but surprised to be here today. he didn't realize he was coming for an arraignment. he was whisked out of his bed in
1:22 pm
his jail cell. well, right now he's headed back to that jail cell, a five hour drive to the five points correctional facility where he's in special housing. 23 hours a day solitary confinement, plenty of time to think about the long time he'll be spending in jail and about the escape. >> adam reiss, thank you very much for that update. coming up, a rapidly escalating situation between north and south korea. who exchanged artillery fire today and it appears to be over a loud speaker. plus the man who shot this video of the massive chemical explosion in northern china returns home for the first time. we'll show you what he found. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®
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it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we're following a traumatic escalation of tensions between north and south korea. the two countries exchanged rocket and artillery fire across their border today. south korea has ordered an evacuation of the area and is due to hold an emergency
1:26 pm
security meeting on the incident reports suggest. a loud speaker broadcasting anti-north korean messages may have been the initial target that spurred the exchange. thailand's chief of police says the bomb attack that killed 20 in bangkok was carried out by a network. police have issued a sketch and arrest warrant for unnamed man, but they say they believe at least ten were involved in the attack and it was planned at least a month in advance. police released new surveillance video today and offered a reward for more information. they have not yet identified any group or motive behind the br . blast. and in cairo, a car bomb left 29 injured. it was felt throughout the entire city. isis is claiming responsibility saying that they carried out the attack, quote, to avenge muslim martyrs p. now the deadly chemical explosions in northern china. officials tested water close to the site and found cyanide levels were 356 times the
1:27 pm
acceptable levels. mean while local media broadcasts reveal large numbers of dead fish walking up on the banks of a river that flows through the city. the blast killed 114, injured more than 700. and damaged 17,000 homes. an american living in tianjin recorded this video from his apartment building capturing the terrifying scene. nbc news was with dwoes a dan r when he returned home to assess the damage. >> it blew out this door. and it's a they have sli door. that's just crazy. >> it pushed us back a foot. i felt the whole building move
1:28 pm
back a foot. you can see in the foundation, you can see all the way down just everything has been moved. >> we're still confused by what really started it, what really happened, why there was so many chemicals. why there was such a big explosion. >> incredible footage. just ahead, more than half of voters in three crucial swing states say hillary clinton is not trustworthy. clinton's recent secretary joins me. and laert tter the first two woo complete army rake e ranger tra speak out. and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. you handle life; i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. we're back with stories making headlines today. jimmy carter open up about his cancer diagnosis. he's scheduleded to undergo the first of four radiation treatments this afternoon. the 90-year-old revealed melanoma first found on his liver has spread to his brain. yeb jeb about your bush doe
1:32 pm
think the term anchor babies is offensive. he was asked about donald trump's proposal to end birth right citizenship. and tsipras says he's stepping down. he's defending his negotiation tactic and says greece got the best deal possible. breaking news on hillary clinton's e-mail and its side issue to the e-mail controversy involving her aide. a federal judge ordering a state department to seek information from the fbi investigation of the server and thumb drives, for more i'm joined by pete williams. what exactly does this ruling mean? >> so let me tell you what it isn't. it has nothing to do with the main controversy over the e-mails which is whether or not they were improperly holding classified information. this is instead a separate
1:33 pm
request for information about the work arrangement for one of hillary clinton's closest aids, huma. she was allowed to do outside consulting work and a freedom of information act request was filed looking for information about that. the state department says it searched all the 55,000 pages of e-mails that former secretary clinton turned over and found nothing spochresponsive, but to judge sullivan ordered the state department to get in touch with the fbi and let the state department know, tell the fbi to let the state department know if fbi investigators find anything on the server related to this freedom of information act request. so this is the first time a judge has said anything about the fbi's investigation of the server which is really looking into whether or not classified information was improperly stored. judge sullivan said today about the whole freedom of information act back and forth on this issue, quote, we wouldn't be here today if the employee had
1:34 pm
followed government policy, referring to former secretary clinton. >> all right. pete williams, thank you. with questions about her use of a private e-mail server continuing to dominate headlines, the cam pkacampaign pushing back saying she followed all laws. brian, good to see you again. let's start with a poll, a new one, shows that 64% of florida voters, 63% of pa a voter, and 6 60% of ohio voters say clinton is the not honest and trustworthy. is this evidence that the e-mail story is hurting her or not? >> well, actually there is shall questions already being raised about the methodology will behind this poll in that it over sampled republicans in the krit battle grupd states. in florida, the sample was nine
1:35 pm
points more republican than it was in 2012. in 2012, quinnipiac got it right with respect to florida and now they're saying it will be plus nine republican. if that's the turn skrout in 2016, if that many more republicans are showing up, then republicans will certainly do well and people will bring to the polls certain feelings about hillary clinton. but we think the premise is off in all those battleground states. >> there were reports earlier this week that some of the close allies of the former secretary of state and democratic allies were concerned about her handling of this situation. what is the cam aen doing to reassure allies and close supporters the situation is under control and one of the potentially get worse? >> there is a lot of misinformation out there, so we're attempting to educate the voters and supporters about what is true. republicans in particular have been trying to conflate some of the reporting that has come out about the nature of the review that the justice department is doing. if you listen to house republicans, you'd think that it was criminal in nature. it's not. you'd think that it would be target being hillary clintthink.
1:36 pm
it's not. so we're explaining that everything she did is permitted by law. at best this is a dispute among different agencies within the government. >> we're still far away from any potential head to head competition, but a hypothetical one has the former secretary of state ahead of donald trump in the latest poll by 6%. compare that to several months ago where it was double digits. what does that say about candidate clinton? >> if we are fortunate to win the democratic nomination and we get to face donald trump, no one will be happier than hillary clinton. if you look, he's leading a race to the bottom on issues like immigration. jeb bush is already tacking in his direction in terms of deploying the defensive term anchor babies. he said he couldn't think of any other substitute term.
1:37 pm
i can think of one. how about natural born citizen. so we're happy to have that contrast on the immigration issue that jeb bush is now following this donald trump's foot steps. >> you're saying that you wouldn't be happier to see anybody else except donald trump, but would you say that you are taking him seriously take as a candidate and what he's doing? >> we think it's where the republican party tstands on isse after issue. and the effect on the gop brand could be irreparable. >> and a new poll today suggests joe biden's numbers if he were to run again gaining traction. there is favorability there. are you at all concerned about a possible biden run for the democratic nomination? >> no, not at all. there is great respect for vice president biden, great respect for him within our campaign. a bunch of our senior aides on our campaign have personally worked -- >> do you think he will run? >> not sure.
1:38 pm
but he's more than earned the opportunity to take the time to make his own decision and whatever he decides, we will run our own campaign and we've always assumed that we would have a competitive primary and that will remain unchanged regardless. >> there is another issue gaining a lot of traction and that is the issue of birth right citizen ship. former secretary twhooeeted thee called babies. your reaction. >> this shows how out of touch and backwards the republican field is and donald trump is not -- i think what we've learned in the last few weeks since the republican debate is his frontrunner status is approach to be quite durable and as a result it's creating a race to the bottom where all the other republicans are attempting to match his rhetoric on this issue. and that will only further alienate hispanic voters that don't trust the gop in general. >> and one person who is giving the former secretary a run for her money is bernie sanders. he's been reluctant to criticize
1:39 pm
hillary, but he does say she's not as progressive as he is. why should a democratic primary voter choose hillary clinton instead of bernie sanders? >> actually if you look at all the polling breakdown, you see her favorability among democrats is sky high. consistently in the 80s. so i think even among those voters who support bernie sander, they won't have any problem supporting hillary clinton in a general election. >> thank you very much for coming in. appreciate it. we go now to st. louis where things are relatively calm after a night of tear gas and fires. the unrest came after an 18-year-old was shot and killed by police. according to authorities, he pulled a gun at the officers as he fled a house where a search warrant was being served. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. police say protesters then threw glass bottles and bricks at the officers. the protesters say the officers gave no warning before firing can miss sisters of smoke and
1:40 pm
tear gas. nine people were are arrested and charged with impending traffic during those protests. still ahead, breaking the glass ceiling or the brass ceiling if you will. we'll talk with the first woman four star general about the two women on the cover of making history by graduating army ranger school. and danny becomes the first hurricane of the atlantic hurricane season. we'll get a check on where this storm is heading just ahead. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do.
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40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ tomorrow captain greiss and first lieutenant shaye haver will make history when they become the first females to graduate from the army ranger school. they will graduate alongside 94 male colleagues after they completed the 62 day grueling training. today at a news conference, the two spoke out for the first time about their accomplishment. >> it was always just about trying to get the best training that the army could offer us to
1:44 pm
be the best officer for high soldiers. i can still continue to improve every day. i'm going to. but being able to achieve that level of training was an accomplishment for me. >> it takes a certain kind of person. so realizing that the mental side of the issue as you come is going to be the most challenging thing that you will ever face. and exceeding that, my advice is to once you get to that point, keep going and to realize that your mind can take a whole lot more than your body can. >> joining me now, general ann do donewood, and author of a hire standard. general, thank you very much for joining us. first off give me your reaction to today's news and hearing these two women speak out. >> first i am so super proud of both of them for opening yet another door, walking through one that required such demanding
1:45 pm
physical, mental and emotional grit. and to everyone that is graduating tomorrow. i'm so proud and congratulate each of them. for these two women, i can't imagine what they have been through but i don't expect to hear anything different than to be just the best that i can be and part of this great team. >> do you expect to see a dramatic increase in the number of women now completing ranger are school in the coming years? >> i think that's a great question. and i think that's one through surveys many people wonder what is the propensity for women to want to go to rarpg school, to be a navy s.e.a.l., to serve in the infantry. and i think that the fact that we have two that just demonstrated that they're fully capable of doing the physical requirements required of highly coveted tab, that it may enku
1:46 pm
encourage others. >> you heard lieutenant haver say the mental part was the hardest, even though it included five mile run in under 40 minutes, 12 mile march, 49 pushups, 59 sit jumps, three parachute jumps. what is your reaction when you hair the m hear the mental side was more challenging than the physical? >> it doesn't surprise me a witness. i've read up on both of these young officers and i know they're both great athletes in high school and college. being a good athlete is something that gives you a leg up in the military. it's a very physically demanding profession. but these schools like ranger and s.e.a.l. training, they're so demanding physically, but mentally challenge, do you want to give up, keep going. and i heard her say just keep on
1:47 pm
going. but you've seen the stats and many enter this course, don't mass a phase and then say i don't want do this anymore. but not these two. not the other 94 that are graduating tomorrow. and that's the kind of soldier you want on your team. >> well, they certainly have the physical and mental qualifications, the two will not be able to serve in the ranger regimen due to the current ban. do you expect that to change by the end of the year? >> i don't know. i think these two made a lot of believers out of nonbelievers today by showing that they're physically capable of passing and drauti ingdrau graduating t school. i think the military especially army is going through this whole assessment in a methodical way and this is just one more assessment tool they can use to show that women are capable of doing these very demanding professions. they have been doing this for two years. they have another i think one
1:48 pm
january as you said is the deadline for the final assessment of what units will be open to women. and not those that can't be. services have to justify that. but these two have just demonstrated and put to rest the physical capability. >> general, your book is called "a higher standard." in your experience and throughout your years of service do, you believe that women face a higher standard in the u.s. military? >> when i joined back in 1975 and we still had the women's army corps, i joined knowing and believing that i was always going to have to hold myself to a higher standard to be accepted in this man's army so to speak. and have a good reputation. but what i found is that all the good leaders that i served with throughout the integration of women into the regular army, they held themselves to a higher standard. and in the military, they take an oath, you're subject to the
1:49 pm
uniform code of military justice, you have standards for everything that you do and the good leaders that i served withheld themselves and encouraged their subordinates to do themselves to a higher standard. >> general, our nation's first four star female general, thank you for joining us. still ahead, hurricane danny forms in the atlantic. will it hit the united states? we're tracking the first hurricane of the season. plus ready for your close up. nasa's curiosity rover captures incredible selfies while exploring the red planet. the amazing snapshots from mars just ahead. [ school bell rings ]
1:50 pm
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now to other stories popping today. we all remember tom brady cliff diving, but we have a new dive it talk about. there is a new cliff diving world record. this 27-year-old jumped 192 feet from the top of a swiss water fall reaching a top speed of 75 miles an hour as he hit the
1:53 pm
water. the actual hang time? a cool 3.58 seconds. while that's terrifying to most like me, he said once you get above 25 meters, everything starts to look and feel the same. the only difference is the air time. and how about this for a selfie. curiosity rover captured this image by stitching together several low angle shots. the six wheeled robot has now traveled 6.9 miles since arriving on mars back in august of 2012. i can't believe it's only 6.9 miles. and how about this find? divers in florida have discovered 300 gold coins worth an astonishing $4.5 million. the coins were found amid the wreckage of 11 ships lost at sea while traveling from havana to spain back in 1715. thousa hamp ton pearson has the market wrap. those cliff divers going
1:54 pm
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i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at hurricane danny is the first hurricane of the season and the storm can be seen from space. check out this picture taken by scott kelly from the international space station. for more on where the storm is heading, we're joined dylan dreyer. it's strengthening a little bit, but it will run into tough conditions. right now it's small and
1:58 pm
compact. it can fluctuate both strengthen and weaken very quickly. and it's hard to determine just exactly what it will do. for right now, it's strengthening. hurricane force winds only about 10 miles out from the center. winds are up to 80 miles per hour. it's moving west/northwest at just about 10 miles per hour. it should maintain hurricane 1 status for at least the beginning of the weekend. as we go he will he into sunday should weaken into a tropical storm as it moves in to the leeward islands and ed. ly toward puerto rico. these are the winds that will tear the stormand. ly toward puerto rico. these are the winds that will tear the storm apart. temperature rip off t it will rep off the cloud tops and allow to weaken. so it should drop to a tropical storm and maintain tropical storm status as it moves toward puerto rico by the time we get into early next week. what it does after that point is still up in the air. the gulf of mexico obviously
1:59 pm
warm waters. so we will certainly have to keep an eye on it middle in of next week and if it affects the united states. >> and how -- is there a way to predict what kind of hurricane season we'll have? >> el nino tends to shut off the hurricanes in the atlantic ocean. that's what we've been seeing so far. but the fourth named storm of the season usually comes around august 23. so we're right on track as far as averages. but still it doesn't look like it will be that bad of a season because el nino. but all it takes is one obviously to cause some damage. >> good news for the folks in puerto rico that this is one is dying down. that does it for me. michael eric guy so thair die s live coverage next. i'm michael eric die son. tonight conversation starter. how donald trump's immigration comments are setting the tone for the republican field. plus jimmy carter open up about
2:00 pm
his cancer diagnosidiagnosis. and how new york city law enforcement agencies are keeping tabs on black lives hear protests. but first, donald trump is shaping the conversation on the campaign trail when it comes to immigration. trump says he wants to take back our country from what he describes as criminals flooding the border. he wants to deport roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants and build a 2,000 mile wall along the southern border. on wednesday, trump said he wanted his wall to be a work of art. >> you do a beautiful nice precast plank with beautiful everything. just perfect. i want to be so beautiful. because maybe some day they will call it the trump wall. maybe. so i have to make sure it's beautiful. i'll be very proud of that wall. they call it the trump wall, it has to be beautiful. >> truchl may be the amusing one, but his policies could have serious consequences. trump wants to get rid of the 14th amendment ending birth


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