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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 21, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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would take. we asked his office about those things today. when we hear back, we will let you know but i suggest you don't wait up. let you know. i suggest you don't wait up. "first look" is up next. it's friday, august 21st. right now on "first look," taking aim. danny strengthens into the hurricane season. trump and jeb bush caught up. a term a lot find offensive. jimmy carter speaking out about his cancer diagnosis. >> hope for the best and take what comes. i think i've been as blessed as any human being in the world. more hacked data from ashley madison is posted online. incredible lightning strike caught on camera in atlanta. >> a bizarre court after
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appearance in florida. happy friday to you. thanks for joining us today. i'm betty nguyen. couple of presidential candidates are facing criticism because of comments about birth rights citizenship. donald trump is fanning the flames. donald trump has done it again, driving the debate in the republican presidential race. >> excuse me. i'll use the word anchor baby. >> he's using the term the dictionary calls offense toif describe you think documented immigrants coming to u.s. to have babies. jeb bush's wife was born in mexico used the term too. >> it's important to you don't have the anchor babies, as they're described, come income the country. >> that led bush into a testy term with reporters.
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>> give me a better term, and i'll use it. people born in this country should be american citizens. there you go. >> marco rubio agrees with trump on this. >> there's a legitimate issue embedded in this debate. you have people coming to this country for the purpose of having children. >> the debate started as a fight over what's known as birth right citizenship. 7.5% of all births in u.s. are undocumented immigrants, estimated 300,000 babies a year who automatically become citizens. eliminating it would require amending the constitution. that hasn't stopped trump or run in the polls. he's beating bush and rubio who support birth right citizenship in their home state of florida. trump moved a friday rally in alabama from a 2,000 seat theater to a 40,000 seat
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football stadium. his comments are deal with it. the the controversy over hillary clinton's e-mail server continues. a federal judge ordered the state department to keep itz it in close touch with the fbi. clinton's decision to conduct business on the e-mail account is unwise. he says we wouldn't be here today if employee had followed government policy. clinton said previously she had no classified information on her account. the group responsible for hacking ashley madison has released another wave of information. the the data dump includes e-mails from ash willy madison ceo and other executives. like the first release tuesday, the information was posted to the dark web. ash arealley madison parent coms
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aware of the hack and working with law enforcement. reality star tv josh duggar has apologized for secret addiction to pornography and cheating on his wife. he says in a statement he's been living a double life and biggest hypocrite ever. his name was listed as a user nor the tuesday release. he has not specifically knowled acknowledged the website. jimmy carter spoke out admitting he has melanoma on his brain. >> in a frank, deeply personal, very public conversation, president carter revealed not just new details about melanoma but a man at peace with diagnoses. >> i've had an exciting
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existence. i was surprisingly at ease. >> he kept the news from his wife of 70 years for two weeks. this month they confirmed it spread to his brain. muze prompting messages from presidents and folks in his hometown. he'll cut back on humanitarian work at the carter center. >> we thought about this when i was 85 and again at 90. this is a time for us to finally carry out our long delayed plans. >> president carter's grandson jas jason learned of his grandfather's cancer when he called a family meeting. >> hope for the best and accept what comes. i think i've been as blessed as any human being in the world.
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i'm so thankful and hopeful. >> that was halle jackson reporting. caitlyn jenner could face a manslaughter charge for her fatal crash. she was driving an suv when she rear ended a lexus pushing the car into oncoming traffic. the driver of the lexus was killed. jenner's speed was a cause of the crash. the la district attorney will ultimately determine if charges will be filed against jenner. dow finished down 350 points as stock suffered worst one day losses in 18 months. concerns of a slowing economy are triggering the price of oil. bad news for investors but welcome news for drivers n. a dozen states, the price is down.
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we have what's driving the plunge. >> with labor day two weeks away and summer almost in the rear-view mirror, the price at the pump is suddenly dropping fast. as the weather gets colder, $2 a gallon gas could be the national average by christmas, welcome news at the pump. >> stress will go off. hopefully do vacation. >> buy a new car. >> nation wide, there's big variations in gas prices. >> there are phone apps to help you find the cheapest gas. it can vary 30 to 50 cents from one end of the state to the other. >> the u.s. is producing record amounts of domestic oil. saudi arabia, iraq and iran are expected to pump more as the chinese economy slows requires less fuel. >> with gas prices under $2 a gallon, that could save the average family over $1,000 a year. >> based on national average of
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$2.65 a gallon, a 2,000 mile trip could cost 250 dollars for a minivan. >> if gas prices drop under $2 a gallon by christmas, it would be the first time since the recession is. >> big savings in time for christmas. nbc news, washington. >> just in time for sports, look who is here for friday. richard lieu. >> i love it. preseason football. detroit takes on washington d.c. robert griffin iii completed two of five passes.
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rgiii leaves the game. they could lose him for a while. bottom of the battle, battle of the bottom. cleveland of buffalo. no haters because i said that. first career start, rushes 20 yards. talk about rushing young qbes. manziel runs the play action boot, finds jennings. this is 37 yards and into bills territory. soon after that, manziel connects in the end zone with this beauty. that get ace score. johnny football, not enough. tiger woods playing in his first ever championship in greensbo greensboro, north carolina. 6 under par.
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woods needs to finish solo second to qualify for next week's fedex cup playoffs. there's that and this. red flag because of bugs? that guy was running around on the track. tough to get caught, faster than the cars themselves, worthy of nascar don't you think. they spent 10 minutes chasing the guy. there he goes. >> don't hit bugs bunny. >> no. i've got a question for you. what is a rabbit's favorite dance style? >> this is horrible, but hip hop. >> still ahead a massive lightning strike caught on camera. one woman makes quite a scene during her court appearance oth.
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satellite pictures all the time but not this angle not from scott kelly on the international space station. that's hurricane danny below. this storm is a small hurricane and can does not look too huge a problem from anywhere in the u.s. if lucky may get rain in florida in seven days. storm is as strong as it's going to get now. possibly heading to a strong category 1. then it weakens. puerto rico by tuesday. it will be reduced to a tropical storm. no one should change plans. it will bring beneficial rains to those areas. this could turn toward hawaii
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maybe as a cat kboegory 2 hurri. friends in hawaii watching that. downpours in new england today. southeast afternoon thunderstorms. gorgeous ohio valley to the middle of the country. looking toward saturday, not a lot of weather trouble. typical afternoon storms in the southeast. watch out minnesota saturday and sunday through the great lakes. we don't have bad heat waves. it's a nice, quiet summer weekend. >> thank you very much. i'll give you credit for that bill. not that you deserve it. >> i do. >> these women deserve it. two female soldiers will become the first ever to graduate from the grueling army ranger school. they will graduate along with 94 men. we'll hear from those two later in this show. three construction workers injured in an explosion at a bronx high school. a torch hit a gas line.
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the blast was so powerful, it blew out windows on several floors. a bolt of lightning struck a delta 737 tuesday. it was caught on camera. it was hit on the tail. this happened at the international airport in atlanta. no passengers were injured. take you to florida. a woman arrested for disorderly conduct. she caused quite a stir in the courtroom when she flashed the judge. she works adds an escort and porn star with the stage name kayla cupcakes. her bond set at $100. still ahead, donald trump's zoo lander moment. ask and the new healthy eating initiative. "first look" will be right back.
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here's your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." rick santorum is comparing undocumented parents to bank robbers. speaking yesterday, santorum said quote, it's like someone that robs a bank because they want to feed their family. jon stewart left the show but has a large fan base. on, 130,000 signed a petition asking he moderate a
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presidential debate. trump held a 27-year-old bald eagle named uncle sam for his interview with "time" magazine. he said trump would put on a blue lander steel gaze and do the photo for every interview. >> rachel maddow talked about trump being president and enjoying the job. >> maybe he could be elected and outsource it to somebody. like china will do it for $3 it turns out. >> that's a good deal. >> exactly. >> first lady was on jimmy kimmell last night to talk about a healthy eating initiative. kimmel seemed confused about her campaign. i couldn't be more excited about the new campaign called
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efv. >> eat your f'n vegetables. >> what was that? it is isn't. i think you might be confused. >> i think you actually might be a little confused. but you're the first lady i guess -- i'm not the first lady. >> v stands for vegetables and f stands for -- >> i'm going to stop you there. i know what it stands for. i have hbo. >> the first lady's campaign stands for fruits and veggies. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." kevin is here, reporter for the hill. good morning. >> happy friday. hope we get our fruits and vegetable this is weekend. >> very important. jeb bush taking heat using the term anchor babies referring to american born immigrants. >> i think there's no question immigration has emerged as one
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of the flash points in the republican presidential primary. i think former governor bush if you look at the policy has a far more moderate proposal than someone like trump. mr. bush has written a book on immigration proposals. when you look at 17 candidates running for president, there are some key differences. i think that mr. trump's starts with putting a wall at the boarder and building a wall and having china pay for it. governor bush is looking to take a more moderate approach. we'll see which voters are looking for. >> that's why it's surprising he used the term anchor baby. >> i think rhetoric in particular is something folks will have to look at and make their own decisions. again, i think if you look at people like senator marco rubio, he was a part of that gang of eight. we yesterday rick santorum criticizing senator rubio for being part of that gang.
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there's a lot of differences in terms of immigration policy within the republican field. >> i wanted to ask you about that. specifically, does this debate over birth rights citizenship put candidates like jindal and rubio in an awkward position given their parents weren't citizens when they were born in the u.s. >> senator rubio having hispanic roots, i think that adds to his candidacy. i think senator rubio is someone who has said he's trying to appeal to a new generation of republicans. i would expect that debate to continue during the second debate as well. jindal is having a tough time catching on in terms of getting to the main stage in terms of candidacy. i wouldn't consider him a top tier candidate. >> thanks. have a great weekend. >> you too. historic day in the u.s. military. hear from from two soldiers who are about to become the first
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as we mention eed earlier t female soldiers make history today. thursday they spoke out about their barrier breaking triumph. jim has the story. >> after two months of the most rigorous, torturous training, the two females stepped on. >> it's awesome to be part of the history. >> we felt we were contributing
2:28 am
as much as the men. >> griest and haver, the first two to complete the course as females. >> we didn't come with a chip on our soldier like we had anything to prove. >> i came here to try to be a better leader and improve myself. i feel a did that. >> both won the admiration and respect. >> i went to school with shae and new knew she was a physical stud. >> i thought she was crazy. maybe she was just motivated. >> the ability to look around to my peers and see they were sucking just as bad as i was kept me going. >> the two have earned the coveted ranger tab. they're barred from joining the regimen or combat unit.
2:29 am
they're already made history smashing the barrier for females #. >> they're definitely pioneers. i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. i thought i had a few weeks left. i was surprisingly at ease. i've had a wonderful life, thousands of friends, and an exciting and adventurous, gratifying existence. i was surprisingly at ease, much more so than my wife was. >> former president jimmy carter talking calmly about the cancer recently discovered on his brain. we'll have more on the innovative treatment he's receiving and quote he's prepared for anything. trump heads to alabama for what could be the the largest
2:30 am
campaign meeting so far. the biggest hypocrite ever, josh did duggar's words, not mi after he was revealed he joined ashley this is "way too early" the show that wishes we could be half as productive or graceful as jimmy carter. good morning. it's friday, august 21st. i'm ayman mohyeldin. israel explains the first rocket attack from syria in more than 40


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