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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  August 24, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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pretty much any rich person at the problem and hoping one will drag donald trump out by his hair. i don't know. >> donald trump surely is glad he's been sited in more rap songs. you're my rappers of the day. "politics nation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now. right now on "politics nation" joe biden and 2016. while the vice president run and can he rally the obama coalition? what the white house is saying today. also republicans told the line jeb bush goes to the boarder and donald trump turns up the heat. and i'll talk to jazz legend brantfort marcels. first, breaking news, an
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incredibly volatile day on wall street. it ended just about two hours ago with the dow jones down 588 points. that's down more than 3.5%. but what does this mean for your bank account? we'll talk with cnbc's courtney regan coming up. now we turn to politics and president obama's first day back from his summer vacation and an issue that's definitely on his mind. the 2016 election. today he had lunch with vice president biden as rumors swirl that he'll jump into the race. the white house press secretary fielded questions about who the president would support. >> how would the president deal with this if biden decides to run? you have his current vice president against his former secretary of state. >> well, there is not an insignificant if in that question and that's what
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everybody is pretty interested to find out is what decision the vice president is going to make. the president has indicated his view that the decision that he made, i guess, seven years ago now to add joe biden to the ticket as his running made is the smartest decision he ever made in politics. >> but he was also quick to compliment hillary clinton. >> the president has spoke at quite some length about the appreciati appreciation, respect and admiration he has for the service of secretary clinton. >> today, the wall street journal reports the vice president is increasingly leaning toward getting into the race. if it's possible to put together a competitive campaign, he may do it. and "the washington post" says he plans to meet with top democratic fundraisers after labor day.
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raising money could be a challenge and so could peeling away voters currently supporting clinton or bernie sanders. senator sanders addressed the biden rumors today. >> i have known joe biden for many years. we served in the senate together and you're not going to find a guy who is more descent than joe biden is. what i promise joe, if he decides to get into the race is that i will as i have done up to now run an issue oriented campaign. >> another question, could biden win on the issues? over the weekend, he had a private meeting with senator elizabeth warn and she says this race is anybody's. >> i don't think anybody is anoited. what is going on right now is that presidential candidates on both sides, republican and democrat are laying out their agendas, and this is going to give voters a chance to look at them and decide.
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i want to see all of the presidential candidates layout where they stand on key issues. >> so will vice president biden run again and is he the candidate to carry on the obama agenda? joining me now are former governor ed rendell and dana milbank of ""the washington post."" thank you for being here. they had lunch today, do you think 2016 happened to come up? >> oh, i think it just might have, reverend. of course, that's what is on everybody's mind and the president may be running the country but he's a fairly political guy himself. of course he's interested. i don't think anybody knows at this point whether biden is going to do it, including joe biden but i think there is a lot of enthusiasm in the press because people would like to see a real race run, but i also think even a lot of hillary clinton supporters are thinking
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she would be better off if there were somebody else in this race to shake things up a bit, allow her to run against somebody on the issues rather than answering questions day after day on the e-mail server. >> would it serve secretary clinton, governor, to have somebody run against her on the issues? bernie sanders is attracting bigger crowds than anybody, even bigger than donald trump and would it serve her if biden came in and can biden win on the issues? i mean, he met with elizabeth warren this weekend, secretary clinton met with her. how big a deal is senator warren's endorsement in the race? >> well, senator warren's endorsement would be important if bernie sanders wasn't in the race. he steaked out the far left progressive wing in the party and has a strong claim to their support. it was interesting, rev, in the
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midst of bad days with the e-mail problem that secretary clinton was facing, there were four polls in key states taken which had vice president biden in it and they were in pennsylvania, ohio, florida, and north carolina and secretary clinton won by a wide margin. the vice president fell behind bernie sanders and hilary was in the low 50s or high 40s. bernie sanders in the high teens and vice president in the mid teens and that's after a period of really good feeling in the country towards the vice president because of the tragic death of beau and because of the way the biden family including the vice president reacted to the death and handled themselves. with the feeling of goodwill, it seems like the space on the far left is taken by bernie sanders. the space a little bit to the left in the middle taken by hillary clinton and i'm not sure if you look at those polls, i would be encouraging the vice
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president to run but of course, he doesn't take advice from me. >> is all of these kinds of conversations, dana, is it indicative of some kind of an easiness with secretary clinton? there are some that said her campaign is flat. there are others that are worried about the e-mails. is the fact that we've been talking about this indicative of some kind of nervousness among some democrats? >> i think nervousness, unease and disappointment with the way things have gone so far. i mean, part of it is about sort of the whiff of scandal, the e-mail servers and other things but i also think we've been missing that elizabeth warren candidacy. i don't think a lot of people think bernie sanders is a viable challenger. he's more of a protest candidate. joe biden interestingly could take on that populace movement
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in a way that is more credible than sanders has. that would be particularly interesting in that way. >> governor, i heard you shaking your head and giving a sigh, would you disagree? >> i would disagree bernie sanders is a marginal candidate. he's ahead in the poles in new hampshi hampshire. i think there is a lot of the sanders supporters would stick with bernie, even if the vice president got in and the vice president is very attractive to working americans who feel some of the things that the sanders voters feel but the sanders voters are committed. you mentioned the the big crowds, rev, there are certainly big coulrowds. >> the biggest. >> in wisconsin he trailed secretary clinton by 12 or 13 points. where there is a higher percentage of african american in ohio, pennsylvania, california, north carolina, in those states, bernie sanders'
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percentage drops but he's doing very, very well. i wouldn't say he's a candidate that's margizemargized. that makes you a serious candidate. >> dana, let's go back to the vice president for a minute because he had some real strengths in a race. he has years of experience that was crucial to negotiations for the obama white house. he was also out in front of some progressive issues like same-sex marriage and he's unscripted, which can be refreshing. some potential weaknesses he could be seen to his establishment and might have a hard time raising money and again, he's unscripted, which good is also possibly bad. >> right. well, i think the significance to biden is i think he probably if you look at it on paper, he probably can't beat hillary clinton but he could serve a stocking horse. he gets in the race and
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suddenly, it's blown wide open and other people start thinking, al gore, other people think well, if him than why not me and then you could have several more candidates in the race. it could get terribly interesting. you know, it is not, i mean, i'll grant to governor randall, bernie sanders is a serious guy but with the endorsement he's probably not going to win the democratic nomination, although, if anything could get him there, it would be governor rendell's endorsement. >> let me ask you this, i eluded to and referred to it in passing but let's go back to this e-mail question. because it keeps looming there. in fact, yesterday jerry brown discussed it on "meet the press" the governor of california. watch this. >> an e-mail is an utterance in digital form but has some kind of dark energy that gets everybody excited.
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so i don't know how it's almost like a vampire. she's going to have to find a stake and put it through the hearts of the e-mails in someway. >> i mean, does she need to find a way to put this to bed, governor? >> no, i think there is nothing that she can do to put it to bed on her own, but i think if you look at the whole history of this so-called problem, and it is a problem, it's hurt her, but the first thing that was said was that she violated state department rules but then it came out that no, the state department rules that were in effect while she was secretary of state she didn't violate. "the new york times" said there was a criminal investigation and two days later "the new york times" had the humiliating duty of retracting that on the front page and now we hear charges that the e-mails were classified but now it may appear that the e-mails weren't marked classified at the time she sent them out and there is a big problem with what is and what isn't classified in the state
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department. i think that time will be her best ally in this, unless there is some smoking gun that i don't know about and i don't know if dana knows about. if there is no smoking gun, i think time will be her ally and by the time iowa roms around, if there is no smoking gun, i don't think this will be a huge problem. it will certainly hurt her but i don't think a huge problem. >> thank you both for your time tonight. >> thanks, reverend. >> coming up, president obama back from summer vacation and hitting the ground running. coming up, a closer look at the presidential to do list. also, the war on christmas gains another new soldier, donald trump, wait until you hear what he's saying now. ten years after katrina, musician branford is bringing music back to the big easy.
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>> we're following breaking news on wall street's historic wow ride today. the market closed with the dow falling almost 3.6%. it was bad, but for awhile, it looked to be even worse. the dow plunged nearly 1100 points in the opening minutes of trading. it was the biggest decline on record in a single trading day. and when it bounced back, partially back, it resulted in the biggest swing on record in a
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trading day. the main cause, fears over a slowdown in china. joining me now is cnbc courtney regan. thank you for being here. courtney, first of all, everyone is talking about today the market, this was a market correction. what exactly happened today? >> so, you're exactly right in your description of china being the main reason for the sell off. what we've seen is an economic slow down and what i think is fair to call an equity market crash. china stocks are down 40% just since june. so we haven't seen near the carnage that china has seen but because we are such an enter connected global economy, when china has an economy that slows it can cause trouble for the u.s. market and big u.s. companies that do trade importing and exporting with
3:17 pm
china. that was the beginning of what happened today. we saw china sell off and the u.s. sold off. the dow was down 1,809 points and we rallied in midday when folks came in and had short covering and bought into the market and then we sold off again. what a correction is is really a 10% pull back from a recent high. it's often necessary in a market that has gone too far too fast and we had a pretty unprecedented bull run so some experts were calling for a correction. this one, though, happened a little faster than most of us are comfortable with. >> i'm out of time but i want to ask you this, experts say don't panic. what should people do when it comes to retirements, savings, mentions or 401 k. >> i'm not a financial advisor but i would tell you to have a conversation with one and everyone's retirement portfolios are different based on how old you are, what your risk profile looks like. make sure it's good enough for you to sleep at night and for
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you to find comfort. if you like the idea of higher risk for higher return, this could be a buying opportunity. if today made you uncomfortable and your retirement is closer, maybe you want to shift into bonds and cash when the moment is right but don't panic. don't sell into a sale off. remember, that's the worst point to do it. you don't want to sell low. >> all right. cnbc's courtney regan, thank you for your time tonight. we'll be right back. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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big speech on climate change in just a few hours. it's the start of a jab-packed schedule for the president after his vacation. next month, he'll host the president of china, a potentially pivotal meeting and he'll meet with pope francis with the world watching. at the same time, major deadlines loom in congress, the deadline for the first vote on the iran deal is september 14th. the deadline to fund the government is september 30th. and highway funding runs out on october 29th. a big key, how extreme will republican hard liners be? already. some are eyeing a potential shut down over funding for planned parenthood. >> if many president obama wants to shut down government because he doesn't get funds for planned parenthood, that would be president obama's determination to shut down government.
3:21 pm
>> congress should hold hearings and we should cut off every penny of taxpayer funds. >> two gop senators both running for president hinting at a willingness to shut down the government over planned parenthood. folks, summer break is ending. joining me now is joan walsh of thank you for being here, joan. >> thanks, rev. >> i want to start with the fight over planned parenthood. will ted cruz back down from this fight after virtually threatening a government shut down, joan? >> no, i don't think he'll back down at all and i think you showed rand paul is with him, marco rubio made similar noises, well, if it happens he's not committing to it. if it happens, if it will be president obama's fault and the democrats fault. you have presidential candidates who are having a hard time getting traction against donald trump finding themself up stail staged by donald trump and have an opportunity to get back up
3:22 pm
there, get the limelight and grab the right and show that they are worriers. so -- >> even if it hurts the american public, even if it hurts people closing down their jobs? >> they don't care about that. they didn't care last time. mitch mcconnell says it will not happen. you see leadership but they tried to say that before. they are not entirely in control, either. >> i don't care how long i've been in public life. it still bothers me that the people are never consideration. we all have our believes, genders, ambitions but you supposed to care about people to some degree. >> there used to be willingness to compromise and perception something would be disastrous and republican leaders with spine, heart and vision and would come together with democrats. >> not even a minor factor with some people. >> no. >> i mentioned the president meeting with the pope. can it be a platform for the president's agenda on social and economic issues, joan?
3:23 pm
>> yeah, i think it's a great opportunity and the high point of september, which is otherwise going to be a tough month but i think, you know, the pope has a real rare opportunity, rev, to do something to change hearts and minds around climate change. >> absolutely. >> again, this has become republican democratic divide what it doesn't used to be. >> let's go back to this upcoming dates in mid september we could see the first vote on the iran deal. i believe september 14th the government needs to be funded by the end of september and highway funding runs out in october. how will the fieght over the irn deal play out? >> the president will have support he needs. i don't think they will be able to over ride a veto. i think it remains tough. i think you got good news from senator harry reid. >> jerry is big and i think he'll pull out all stops. we know this president is am
3:24 pm
wish sho -- am wish shows. he wants to do something and i think the iran deal is key to the legacy. this is going to be a big fight and he'll call in all the chips. >> he charted republicans for not having passed a budget yet. watch this. >> congress also hasn't passed a budget and when they return from vacation, they will shut down the government for the second time in two years. they have had all year to do this. democrats in congress made it clear the rate is sit down and work with republicans to find common ground on this. after all, american expect congress to help keep our country strong and growing. not threaten to shut down the government. >> this was over the weekend and the president referring to the gop talking about shutting down the government. bottom line, republicans learn their lesson on this? >> some of them i think have. but many haven't and i think that the one whose purport to have learned their lesson we don't know if they developed a
3:25 pm
spine. they need both intelligence and spine to stand up to the right and that's what i, what makes me nervous when you have people running for president thinking this is a way to overshadow donald trump. >> joan walsh, thank you for your time. >> thank you, rev. jeb bush visits the boarder trying to show how different his immigration policy is from donald trump's. plus, donald trump's tough talk on the imaginary wall on christmas. who put coal in his stocking? i'm ready to crack like nobody's watching. why? because it's red lobster's crabfest. and there's so much crab, so many ways. and with dishes like this luscious crab lover's dream or savory snow crab bake. i'm just getting started so hurry in and get crackin' wi noticed benny right away. , i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it
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but the trump christmas is no laughing matter. the presidential candidate says there is an attack on christianity and even on the word christmas. >> is it assault on anything having to do with christianity. they want, they don't want to use the word christmas anymore in department stores and there is always lawsuits where and unfortunately, a lot of those lawsuits are won by the other side. >> but donald trump won't let those scrooges win. he has big plans for battling back against the so-called war on christmas even in august. >> i will assault that. i will go so strongly against so many of the thing when is they take away the word christmas. i go out of my way to use the word christmas. >> he wants us to think he's santa trump, riding to the rescue, but he's leading rudolph into the cadarkness. the only war on christmas is in the right wing's imagination.
3:30 pm
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. donald trump has pushed the line when it comes to immigration, but he's not dragging the whole party with him. this afternoon jeb bush was in mcallen, texas for a tour of the u.s., mexico boarder saying trump's plan to build a wall just doesn't make sense. >> the proposal made by another candidate of building a fence based on the, just the commonsense practices that are being allipplied here doesn't w. mr. trump's plans are not grounded in conservative principles. it would cost hundreds of billions and of dollars and we need boarder security to deal with getting this country back on track.
3:34 pm
i welcome mr. trump into the debate. i think that's great, he's a serious candidate and he ought to be held to what serious candidates need to be held to. he needs to be held to account for his views. >> bush's boarder visit comes after donald trump took his own tour of the area doubling down on his claims that the boarder was quote dangerous. this morning trump took a swing at bush's stance on immigration. >> i think it's great that he's going to the boarder because i think he'll find out that it is not an act of love. he said that people crossing are crossing as an act of love that came to haunt him. i was down on the boarder. it's rough, tough stuff. this is not love. this is other things going on. >> the debate over immigration is dividing the gop field. the question is, which side will voters align with? joining me now are victoria de
3:35 pm
soto and rich gaylin, thanks for being here. he's putting the clarification between his immigration plan and donald trump's. >> they made the strategic decision, the bush people and i have not spoken with them. this is just from an outside observers. it appears the bush campaign decided that the time has come to begin being able to say i ain't him and the biggest thing that got trump going in the first place was his off-handed remark about immigration at the original announcement but then caught fire and then he developed it from that point forward. so to your point, i think that the bush campaign has decided that when it comes down to it and coming down to it is all the way to next february that voter wills see that bush has a workable immigration plan and the trump plan is just bluster,
3:36 pm
which was what trump said. >> do you think it's a good strategy? >> i do. you got to do something. they have to draw separation. i thought that up to and through the debate, i think the bush strategy was to let the trump kind of wind blow through and he would be the grown up on the stage. that hasn't happened and i think they are wisely shifting strategies to some degree. >> now victoria, aside from building a wall, trump hasn't offered up many details how he would stop illegal immigration. listen to what he said yesterday. >> we've lost control of our boarders. the government has no idea how many ig lllegals are there. >> if there is no idea, how will you round them up? where will you get the money and forces? how are you going to do it? >> management. the first thing we have to do is secure the boarder but it's called management.
3:37 pm
>> it's called management? i mean, there is no plan here. is this going to be a problem for donald, victoria? >> well, i think it's both a problem and a solution. it's a solution for him in terms of being able to grab the attention of those really conservative anti immigrant elements in the party. donald trump likes to put out these comments out there but then where is the substance? and here is where jeb bush is pushing him on that. and i agree with rich, that jeb bush is trying to own the immigration space and saying you know what? i'm not donald trump, i have substance. here is my six-point plan. here is how i detail how to do it but one thing that worried me in terms of the strategy of jeb bush owning it was when he started using the term anchor babies because how can you
3:38 pm
differentiate yourself from a donald trump, from somebody that uses that type of language when you say something like an anchor baby. i don't know if latinos and more moderate republicans will be able to take jeb bush seriously as putting forward a solution to the boarder and immigration when he uses that red meat rhetoric of anchor babies. >> hold a second, rev. let me say this really quickly. a, i didn't know that was seen as a -- >> it is very much so. >> i didn't know in advance. >> you would think that jeb would have because jeb was the governor -- >> and jeb, you can't say that. >> rich, you would think he would know that. he was governor of florida. this is not something he shouldn't have been familiar with. >> my guess is, my guess is, that in his household, this is not seen and his household include as latino and i think it surprised him. >> jeb said that we all need to chill out but again, if people
3:39 pm
are offended, but let me go back to donald trump with you, rich. he isn't drawing the crowds he predicted at major rally in alabama last friday. he expected his people said 36,000 people to show up. he drew around 20,000 and that's the largest in the republican side. but let's face it, it's 8,000 less than bernie sanders in los angeles this month. >> yeah -- >> is he losing momentum. >> number one, it was a heck of a lot bil a lot bigger than the original 300. >> a heck of a lot less than 36,000. >> bernie sanders was in seattle. >> you're 28,000 in l.a. and did 25 somewhere else and did 14 or 15 in seattle. >> but i think if you take them as a group, reverend, if you take them both as a group as the outsider group, i think they
3:40 pm
both speak to the same thing that there are a lot of people who want to hear somebody who isn't as tightly scripted, who isn't as closely predefined and they are drawing crowds, whether the crowds will turn into voters, that's always the big question but it's sure fun to watch. >> i want to be fair. victoria, when donald trump draws a big crowd and draws the biggest on the republican said, it's big news. bernie sanders draws more people and it's ignored. so is it the outsider? is it the outsiders as rich is saying or are we not being balanced in how we deal with the fact that both of them have a message that seems to be resinating? >> well, reverend, i think it comes down to the secelebrity factor donald trump has. sanders as a come pettipeting m
3:41 pm
but he has the hair, the hat, he has the music and plane and helicopter. so i think that we're drawn to that. >> but victoria, that's my point. that's my point. i think that's why it's even more interesting to bernie sanders, who is not a sell ecel with the hair and hat. >> just think if he had a hat and a plane. >> think if trump had a plan. go ahead, rich. >> one time sa remember torsena you can hear it ringing on your head, you have to wear a hat. they are attractive candidates and celebrities in a different way but still celebrity candidates and we live in a kardashian world and people like that are going to draw crowds. again, will it turn into votes? we don't know. >> i'm going to have to leave it there and for the record, i have
3:42 pm
nothing against people becoming well-known and having distinct hair styles. >> i've got mine before the kardashians made stuff go. >> absolutely. >> victoria and rich, thank you both for your time. >> have a good night. a note about our coverage. last week i was speaking about the value of multi cultural society and i may have mistakenly given the impression that i believe purr toe rierto e not american citizens. that is not too true but i spoke to quickly. i wanted to get on the record and clarify that. ahead, i'll talk to jazz legend branford marsalis bringing music back to the big easy and chris carter does the right thing, apologizing after some bad advice to rookies. >> just in case y'all not going
3:43 pm
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hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. this week we're looking back at ten years since hurricane katrina devastated new orleans.
3:47 pm
and celebrating the rebirth of one of america's great cities. just a few days after flooding completely decembstroyed so man an neighborhoods in the city two musicians vowed to help bring music back to the big easy. five months after the storm they played an open air concert in the ninth ward. ♪ ♪ >> and just weeks after the storm marsas started working for habitat for community specifically and that's how musicians village was born.
3:48 pm
♪ ♪ >> we have 72 single family houses, ten duplex units. the design of habitat houses is based on traditional new orleans housing, and we build our houses so they fit into the street scape in any neighborhood. >> this a city where even funerals with celebrated with big jazz bands, was there ever a doubt music in new orleans would live again? joining me now is grammy winning jazz musician and the force behind musician's village, branford marsalis, thanks for being here. >> pleasure. >> i remember going there right after katrina and other people in the civil rights community but we weren't from there. what do you, as a native of new orleans, what do you most remember right after that storm and how it impacted you?
3:49 pm
>> well, i live in north carolina now so i was watching it on tv at first and that's probably the most helpless i've ever felt because i knew everywhere the cameras were and i was powerless to do anything other than stair at it. it was, yeah, i wasn't in a good space for a week. i was, yeah, it was very unpleasant, but harry called me about six days after the storm and said that he found a way to get us into the city and my brother who was staying in detroit at the time, my brother jason was on his way back from tokyo and we all kind of converged on jackson, mississippi and started that seven or eight-hour drive, a drive that usually takes two and a half hours but it was about eight hours to get into the city. >> how did you and harry come up with the idea of musician's
3:50 pm
village? >> after we visited the city, then the tradition of new orleans took over and we went as far as we could, visited homes that we could visit and harry decided he wanted to drive to houston because a lot of the residents had evac evacuated to houston and i said i want to go with you. harry started talking about building a school and i said i'm not sold on a school for positive bureaucratic reasons. new orleans is a bureaucratically challenged state in a lot of ways but he said i have this relationship with habitat for humanity and maybe we could build a school and build some homes, too. i said the home thing sounds like a great idea. we went to houston and basically didn't sleep for two days. they said we could stay for two hours. we played a couple songs and went down and talked to people and prayed with people and basically stayed there until
3:51 pm
4:00 in the morning. they let us stay and then we went to the airport and flew home and by the time the plane landed in rally, my phone was ringing off the hook. habitat is on board and we'll go back to new orleans and start a commercial and the whole thing, my manager got involved because harry and i share a manager and it just took off from there. >> now here is what a few of the residents of musicians residence has to say. >> music is very important to the life blood of this city. i think we breathe music. it's in the air. it's in the water. everything. >> i've been musician for at least 60 years now. music is a part of life in new orleans. living in a community where there is a lot of musicians is a good thing because you have a chance to learn from each other to create with each other. >> every day you're going to see
3:52 pm
somebody jamming with each other. it might be on the porch. it might just be inside the house. you wake up in the morning, everybody got something that i need you to come work on with me, boom. >> how important has music been to the city's recovery? >> i don't know how financially how important it is for the city's recovery but psychologically it was important because we have a style of music in new orleans that doesn't exist anywhere else in the country or anywhere else in the world, really. so for a lot of people, to hear very unique songs that are very, they are charact acharacter ris the definition there is important for the psychological return, renaissance of the city and the musicians, the way we
3:53 pm
play is so unique they wouldn't have been able to thrive anywhere else other than there. it's great that the musicians have returned and the city is on a slow trajectory but definitely rebounding. >> president obama mentioned musicians' village when he marked the fifth anniversary of katrina. watch this. >> i've seen the sense of purpose people felt after the storm when i visited musician's village in the ninth ward back in 2006. volunteers were not only constructing houses, they were coming together to preserve the culture of music and art that's part of the soul of this city and the soul of this country. >> did you branford think a few blocks in the ninth ward would get a shoutout from the president of the united states. >> that's clearly a rhetorical question, right, rev? [ laughter ] >> you know the answer to that is no. it's pretty great. it's pretty cool. >> well, i think what you-all
3:54 pm
did is cool. branford marsalis thank you for your time, work and artistry. i'm a big fan of the whole family. thank you for being with us tonight. >> it's a pleasure, rev. ahead, taking responsibility my thoughts on nfl hall of fame chris carter's controversial comments. 3w4r5 p
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
. hundreds of people lined up before dawn so secure a spot to see jimmy carter teach sunday school. it's the same church he grew up in and taught since he was 18. carter who was recently diagnosed with cancer says he plans to keep teaching as long as he can. i hope at 90 years old i can say the same thing. atter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, innovators with great ideas will continue to drive the world forward. as log as they have someone to believe in them. for more than two centuries we've helped progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours.
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3:58 pm
>> finally, controversial comments from nfl hall of famer and espn analyst chris carter are getting a lot of attention today. video uncovered from 2014 shows comments carter made to incoming players at the rookie meeting. >> just in case y'all going to decide not to do the right thing, if y'all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the crew. [ laughter ] >> i let my home boys know,
3:59 pm
y'all want to keep rolling like this, then i need to know who going to be the fall guy who going to be driving because y'all not going to all do the right stuff now, all right? i got to teach y'all how to get around all this stuff. >> the nfl quickly weighed in saying quote, the comment was not representative of the message of the symposium or any other league program. espn saying quote, we completely disagree with chris' remarks and we have made that extremely clear to him. those views were entirely his own and do not reflect our company's point of view in any way. end of quote. sunday night, carter apologized on twitter. quote, seeing that video made me realize how wrong i was. i was brought there to educate young people and instead i gave them a very bad advice. every person should take responsibility for his own actions. i'm sorry and i truly regret
4:00 pm
what i said that day. great to see carter apologize. it's the right thing to do. we all make mistakes but taking responsibility shows real maturity. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton, "hardball" starts right now. biden is time. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. that's what friends are saying to do. jumping in may be the smart thing and begin building truth worthiness. the buzz about a


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