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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 25, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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there is another layer lurking just underneath. we will keep an eye on this story as it develops. please watch this space. please watch this. "first look" is up next. it's tuesday, august 25th. right now on "first look," market whiplash. stocks around the globe continue huge swings. there are signs of hope. war of words between the political candidates heats up as speculations about joe biden grows following a lunch with president obama. the donald is once again attacking news anchor megyn kelly. the fire pours into the region overrun already by wildfires. "first look" starts now. good morning. i'm dara brown. it started with a dramatic
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free fall. dow down 3.6%. nasdaq and s&p 500 down 4%. international markets had another bad day. osing numbering from overseas. nikkei fell 4%, shanghai 7.5%. landon dowdy will tell the us what to watch for today. first carl explains how we got here. >> it was by wall street standards a i historic crop, dow falling 1,000 points at the opening bell. thousands crashing. home depot down 20%, general electric and jp morgan down 21% before recovering. it left economists, traders d s >> it created chaos. >> and anchors stunned.
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>> these are enormous moves. >> by noon there were signs of stability. the concerns that prompted the sell-off remain. some feel stocks have gone too long without a meaningful correction. that's wall street lingo. dow has risen six straight years. once in history it made to seven. >> we haven't had one in a long while. >> one big concern, slowing economy in china, big importer of u.s. goods. if it slows down, fewer american computers, cars, fast food being expo exported. that could mean fewer u.s. jobs. that's been weighing on the market weeks. it could mean wider market swings and for some encouragement markets are coming back to reality. >> that was carl landon dowdy.
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>> you saw it. stock features are set to rebound on the opening. dow plunging nearly 1100 points in the first few minutes trade ago monday following asian and european markets. asia down overnight japan falling 4%. europe is in positive territory across the board this morning. oil prices which fell to lowest level since february of 2009 on monday are also bouncing higher today. as for what investors could look for to trade on today, economic data out this morning including reports on home prices, new home sales and consumer confidence. the bottom line, individual investors should focus on long term and not panic. they say shift as sets from stocks to safety, bonds or cash. sell little if you must.
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don't bail out completely. >> good tips. thanks so much. tragic update on indy car driver justin wilson one day after being struck in the head by flying debris. he has died. the car that spun out and caused the trash tweeted i can't find the proper words to describe the pain i feel for his family. justin's brother tweeted i can't begin to find words right now. his brother had chose ton donate organs. he was 37 years old and leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. now to the race for the white house. donald trump reignited the fight with kelly. he tweeted i liked the kelly file much better without the
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megyn kelly. >> # jeb bush criticized trump's plan as unrealistic. bush faced his own criticism trying to explain the term anchor baby. >> there's organized efforts. frankly more related to asian people coming into our country, having children in that organized effort, taking advantage of a noble concept with birth rights citizenship. >> bush has faced controversy surrounding recent use of term anchor baby. it's considered offensive by many in the latino community. it refers to children born in the u.s. to non legal immigrants. rick perry's spokesperson says he's still committed to competing in iowa. on the democratic side,
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speculation is growing over whether vice president joe biden will make a run. the president and vice president met for the weekly private lunch yesterday. that's when according to a tweet by berman, the president gave his well wishes to joe biden to run. >> i think you could make the case there's no one in american politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign. in utah a bizarre police chase captured on dash cam video. a woman believed to be high on drugs was striving the wrong side of the interstate. she tried to drive over a trooper before she was crashed.
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it took five troopers to subdue the woman that weighs about 100 pounds. local officials warned they could not keep up with spread of flames. in washington, 200 military members are battling wildfires. the state is calling for civilian volunteers to operate heavy machinery. this is the worst fires in state's history. the blazes could continue to november. sad news in the details of the louisiana state trooper. the iraq war vet has died from injuries. he was shot during a traffic stop by a man with a sawed off shotgun. we're hearing from one of the samaritans that hah wrestled him to the ground. >> we just tried to see to the
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trooper as much as possible, the longest ten minutes of our lives waiting for someone else to get there. >> the suspect may be involved in a second homicide, his own roommate although no charges are filed. pennsylvania's top prosecutor finds herself in an unfamiliar position this week, behind the defense table. she'll spend trial on hefty charges. leaking information to the t press and lying under oath. she insists she committed to crimes and this is backlash from political enemies. running back martin takes the handoff, breaks a few tackles, 30 yards three feet from the goal line. next play, winston scrambles one yard for the go ahead score. dalton looking for aj green.
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right through his hands and picked off. bucks win 25-11. mets and phillies. mets third baseman wright made his way to the diamond after being diagnosed with spinal. mets catch fire as they set a record eight home runs and 15 extra base hits. they win big, 16-7. another case of early celebration. molly, the final leg of the race just feet are from the finish line she begins to celebrate allowing her teammate to ease past her and steal the final medal spot. you can see the disbelief on her face as she lost her chance at winning a medal. geno smith returned yesterday, first practice since his jaw was broken two weeks ago
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welcome back to "first look." erika could be a problem. that's the headline this morning. mooe here's the storm that formed on the heels of danny. it's in the atlantic, not a problem for anyone. you can see the islands of puerto rico. this is what's left of danny going through puerto rico with the rain. here's the updated forecast. from the hurricane center 15 minutes ago.
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they take the storm on the path west northwest. they take it to hurricane strength saturday early this the morning north of dominican republic. it could be to the north. don't focus on that red line. it could be in cuba through the baham bahamas, 80 miles per hour hurricane. it could be heading toward florida. computer models show it curving from florida and further south. all eyes sunday, monday, tuesday. this is our first must-watch storm. >> you made it sound ominous, this cone of uncertainty. never heard that before. >> we've been using that for years. that's the forecast margin. that's what we need to watch. >> thanks for keeping us up to date phil. all right. leading the news in "san
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francisco chronicle" a woman is humiliated after getting kicked off a train. she claims they were singled out because of race. the train company said they asked them three times to quiet down and has offered a refund. signs read rowdy and fun, hope your baby girl is ready for a good time. freshman daughter drop-off. go ahead and drop off mom too. they have been taken down since. mark moogalian will receive francisco's highest award, legion of honor. the other men received their honor yesterday. men were arrested after they tried to smuggle a drone to drop
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he's your first look at this morning's "scrambled politics." president obama took swipe at koch brothers wile talking yesterday. >> when you start to see massive lobbying efforts by conservative think tanks or koch brothers, pushing for laws to roll back standards, that's i a problem. >> the president was in las vegas making push for renewable energy. he says the growth has fossil fuel interests nervous. ben carson wrote an opp ed titled black lives matter misfire. he writes it's targeted on wrong targets to the debt riment of blacks that would like to see
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real change. would you like to see him run? >> no. a great country, lots of great families. a lot of candidates are more qualified. >> howard stern trump has proven no matter what he says is, people dig him. a woman opened butter and thought the face looked like donald trump. we cannot quite disagree with her. with the attention donald trump is getting, talk show host jimmy kimmell has been left with a bad feeling. >> every night i walk out on this stage and get a nice round
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of applause. i see a 30,000 in alabama going nuts over donald trump. i don't feel good anymore. i feel cheated. >> that's your dish of "scrambled politics." political analyst and coauthor of "how to catch a russian spy." biden, is he going to run? what do you think? >> i hope he does. we need a run race on the democrat side. republicans have given so much, so generously with donald trump and other stuff. let the dems have fun. jump in there joe. it would be a potential threat to hillary. she would like to breeze to the nomination. listen, this is democracy, particularly the democratic party, right? let anybody run. he would have a good claim on at least some of the electorate out
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will there i think. >> interesting for sure. >> this is a time oil prices are lower and now we have the pope coming to visit. he's pushing initiative as well. do you think this is going to be the same tone he's going to use and maybe the pope and he will have the same message? >> i think they agree on this. keep an eye on oil prices, right. americans get concerned and open to solar and other energy when gas prices are really high. there are places gas is $1.80 a gallon. not here in new york but a lot of places. it takes it politically hard to sale. an endorsement from the pope always helps polle tigs l l l e politicians. i don't think he's going to get congress to do much. he mentioned opposition from economy and others. i would say the things he could
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do on his own at the white house by executive order, smaller tough. he'll probably get that done f. talking sweeping energy regulation don't hold your breath on that. >> there's always hope. thank you so much. pleasure to have you. >> same to you. why people are are paying big bucks to freeze. the popular new thing gaining steam. that's next. i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear
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now to entertainment. contestant on upcoming season of "dancing with the stars." she's been following her parents
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footsteps the on animal research. this will be the mother daughter country duo first time performing this nearly five years. conan o'brien puts the big news stories of the day in perspective. >> the stock market plunged 600 points and one direction announced they're breaking up. both those things happened. good timing for me. when people asked why i was sobbing uncontrollably, i was able to blame it on the stock market. >> you're not alone. the new therapy for aches and pains. >> from lebron james to lindsey lohan, professional sports teams claim a new treatment blasting freezing nitrogen on patients from head to toe. you have to withstand sub arctic
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temperatures of minus 200 degrees. the treatments are set to provide everything from muscle inflammation relief, tightening and weight loss. >> is it as cold as you thought? >> my hands, legs, feet, are freezing. >> peter suffered from back pain over a decade. >> i've done probably five treatments i would say. i've been happy with the results. i'm playing golf again, sailing and doing things i was told i couldn't do anymore. >> the treatment has skeptics. >> folks make a lot of money off it. they charge hundreds of dollars a session is. we don't have the science to prove it yet. >> whether a fad or here to stay, there's plans to open four new location across the country in next six months.
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>> so cold. >> too cold for me. you in? >> people with back pain would do it. >> worth a try. you never know. >> $50, i'd take a chance. i'm dara brown on "first look," msnbc. "way too early" starts now. market shock. up and down monday for the dow. what hah does the market have in store for tuesday? >> stories of heroism from on board a train from trying to rescue a state trooper. >> this is a hero here handcuffed and held him there. >> we'll have the people that stepped in harm's way from the bayou of louisiana. just a casual lunch between president obama and joe biden. a new look at how serious the vice president is about taking
2:30 am
this on. this is "way too early" a show that would settle for lunch at the sizzler. good morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin. we begin with third straight day of losses for the chinese stock market. this as wall street remains on edge after a historic drop yesterday. the shanghai plunged 7.6% to reach the lowest point in months. there's fears of losses here after the dow fell 588 points to hit the lowest level many eight months. we saw the dow drop more than 1,000 points during opening minutes of trading before recovering throughout the course of the day. nancy is live in london. what are we expecting to see


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