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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 25, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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that he's come under with bush, also now with ailes is suddenly on the defensive. >> live from iowa. thank you casey. that does it for me this hour. i'm ayman mohyeldin. michael eric dyson picks up live coverage next. i'm michael eric dyson. tonight blessing biden. president obama won't stand in the way. and bush blunder. makes his anchor babies comment worse. and fox fires back after donald trump attacks a fox anchor. the president of fox calls on him to apologize. but first biden reportedly gets the president's blessing. the budge is biden is moving closer to a run. president obama met with biden and said he wouldn't stand in
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his way. a biden run is the big political question in d.c. right now. perhaps more importantly is who the biden family wants to endure another campaign. a new piece in the washington post underlining the toll any campaign can have on a family after the loss of a son. alongside the biden buzz are questions surrounding senator warren's future. not all liberals are on board with the biden/warren ticket. the leader of the fwrasz roots group run warren run said i think it is unlikesly you will see a lot of switching from people who support bernie sanders to people who support joe biden. senator bernie sanders is leading secretary of state hillary clinton. he leads by 7 points in the granite state. a frankly university boston herald poll released almost two weeks also gave sanders a 7
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point lead. biden is third with 9% of the vote. political watchers say clinton's use of a personal e-mail account is a hurdle for her as a candidate. nbc news has learned two of her top aids will sit for interviews before the house committee next week. those will be closed to the press. clinton herself is scheduled to testify during a public hearing before the committee on october 22nd. joining me now is bob shrum and democratic strategist also matt schlapp and perry bacon. professor, would you want biden to enter this race now knowing everything you know and handicapping what the future light lo might look like in the next few months. >> i don't think anybody knows whether he's going to run. i think he hasn't yet decided. there are a lot of hot house stories out there.
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clint will still be the favorite if he enters. but it will be a whole new race and he brings real strengths to it. he's affirmative. a joyful campaigner. a happy warrior on the trail. the buzz is authenticity. joe biden is authentic in a year that craves that. he does have real political resources. very smart political people around him. i think there is a question of whether or not he can raise enough money. he doesn't have to raise as much money. but can he raise enough money? and i think it will be interesting to see how he positions himself. >> the daily beast speculates his entry could leave to a hard fight democrats would rather avoid. how will the clinton campaign handle it? >> oh they are not going to be very happy. that is for sure. but look, i think -- her problem -- she has got so many problems. first this investigation. but she has this underlying
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nagging weakness that she's really been a poor candidate. she hasn't been able to put this away as you would kind of using a the sports analogy. she almost needs somebody to make her better. i think in all candor almost 8 years ago when she was running against barack obama and was the front runner there, she became a much better candidate when she got pushed. if you are a democrat and like her you need some dynamic that improves on the stump. maybe this will help her or maybe she will just lose again. >> the issue surrounding her e-mails beside the intimacy and tight bonds they formed as president and vice president. what are you hearing? >> i have not heard that. so far i heard president obama respects secretary clinton and respects biden and likes both. is not going to endorse any time soon if he ever does. >> come on perry. we know you heard something. >> not anything -- obama i think
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would be very reluctant to endor endorse. blocking the first female president would be brave and challenging to do. i would say about biden, bernie sanders is doing well and the people on the left really like him. hillary clinton has the establishment. the question for biden, he wants to be president. he's run twice. we know that. but has he had any support in the democratic parties. i read a lot of stories. i write some. i found very few right now who say i would vote for biden over hillary and over sanders. >> and you read some of the stories you write as well. here is what president obama said in 2014 when asked about biden's future in 2016. >> i've got somebody who i think will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history. he has been as i said earlier a great partner in everything that i do. i suspect that there may be
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other potential candidates for 2016 who have been great friends and allies. you know i know that we've got an extraordinary secretary of state who did great service for us and worked with me and joe to help make the country safer. >> bob, before i get your reaction to that. did you see the press conference yesterday where ernest basically said look, the president of course feels very warmly and this is the best decision he's ever made. was that an impliciters dorris given what we know know about president obama? >> no. and i think president obama will take the same course ronald reagan took in 1988. he didn't endorse his vice president george h.w. bush until he had the nomination pretty much sewed up. so mature much of this conversation about biden worries me. i think that we're probably a little simplistic about how we talk about this?
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what's his argument going to be? he's going to go out there and say i really am for the middle class. i have a lifetime of fighting for the middle class. how is he going to deal with sanders? unless and until sanders convinced democrats he can win a general election you are going to see some of those voters i would think move away as the primary gets closer. matt is right too about one other thing by the way. hillary clinton facing this challenge could very well up her game. that is exactly what she did in 2008 and it is what she needs to do now. >> what about if biden turns out to be steph curry as opposed to lebron james. >> it could be tough. >> as that former -- >> jump in. would conservatives prefer biden over clinton finish your point but tell us which. >> we're fine with either one. i'm the republican on the set here but let me say as the former white house political director. it is not what president obama says publicly. it is what he tells people
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confidentially. and i've heard nothing that indicates barack obama is putting in in cold water on biden. i think all democrats are looking a at hillary clinton and they are worried. and they need a back up strategy and joe biden seems like the best one. >> how important is the elizabeth warren piece of this puzzle to progressives? >> i think she's important in the sense she has a really strong support base and people want her to run. and the question is we made a lot of her meeting with biden last week but she also met with clinton she meets with bernie sanders regularly. she's not endorsed somebody. i think if she did that would be a big story. i this i the big question for that is does that help lizwet warren. and my guess is no. >> is that a real handicap given the lateness of the entry for president -- vice president biden. >> watch yourself. >> oh my gosh. it's out. >> joe biden appreciated that.
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yes he did. >> look here. we're both gaffe prone. >> it is late. although in earlier cycles this would have been about the right time. it is about the time when bill clinton announced in 1991. but the truth is that what's happened over the last several months -- and matt's right about this -- is some democrats have gotten worried about hillary clinton's performance. about how she'd do in a general election. they look at quinnipiac polls that show her approval rating down around 37 and 38% in state likes ohio and pennsylvania. so there is a sense that maybe there is room for somebody else. and somebody else who can speak to middle class concerns. we all forget by the way, biden played in my view in 2008 and 2012 a really critical role in helping barack obama carry states like pennsylvania and ohio. and florida for that matter. he could talk to a lot of the folks that the president didn't
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reach quite so easily. >> right. so matt let me ask you a couple of questions. the first is are you surprised bob agrees with so much of what you're saying today. >> we called talk about the the republicans and then we'd just disagree with everything. >> the second is do you think -- who would be the most difficult match up for a potential presidential nomination on the republican side of a donald trump? >> okay. well first of all i think bob has agreed with me so much because apparently he's become a professor. so he's got an lot wiser. [ laughter ] >> hold -- [ inaudible ] >> so your follow-up question is who is the strongest republican? >> well no. who -- what -- who is the strongest democrat that would match up more strongly against the republicans? >> okay. so basically i would -- as the republican i'd like to run against hillary clinton. i don't think she's any kind of bill clinton candidate. i think he's much weaker.
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i think she presents a great opportunity for republicans. and i think joe biden is someone that offers the democrats another chance to kind of reset this race. berna bernie sanders, is leading in the polls in new hampshire. would i like to run against an avowed socialist? you bet your life i would. >> thanks for your time tonight. ahead this hour, jeb bush tries to clarify comments as he faces more criticism. and donald trump's fight with megyn kelly. you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges.
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called his words xenophobic and kpanding an apology. and the accused him of using asian immigrants as the scapegoat. bush diverted the conversation to his multicultural family. >> i'm married to a mexican american, united states citizen. i'm immersed in the culture. i'm bilingual. i feel bicultural. >> when i was 17 i fell in love. and it is going to be really hard to get lectured to by anybody about the politics of immigration. >> jeb bush visited the wall yesterday to bash trump's
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appearance there a month ago. the effort came back to haunt him. the businessman piled onto the backlash riding in a tweet that jeb bush was trying to blame asians for his dilemma. joining me now my panel. brother moore, bush tried to deflect criticism by pointing out his diverse family. will that strategy really work? >> i don't think so. but it is interesting michael that the place where he tried to clarify this is that piece of tape that you ran from mcallen down on the texas/mexico border. and it is not i don't think coincidental that he tried to clarify. there are an estimated 11, 12 million in this country el legally. we can assume many are having children under the 14th
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amendment that become citizens and he's not talking about that much at the moment. but what he's referring to obliquely in this is the whole maternity tourism thing. and the ins suggests there are about 40,000 asian whose pay a lot of money to come to the u.s. and have children here and get them citizenship so they can come to the states later. if he really wants to do something about this he ought to propose laws to make that illegal. and there are none presently. basically what he's doing is offending two ethnic groups. >> is he indeed making things better by singling out one group of immigrants to play them off against another? is he using asian immigrants in this case as the scapegoat? >> michael he just needs to stop using that term. and i think that he needs to pivot back to his original stance of being supportive of
2:19 pm
immigration reform. and he needs to own it. he should not try to go one on one with trump. trump has already cornered the market of the antiimmigrant rhetoric. and jeb bush, regardless of his other stances, he has traditionally been very supportive of hispanics and of a thoughtful immigration reform. he has put forward a six point immigration reform plan on his website which looks like a lot light the gang of eight in 2013. if i were a republican strategist i would say stick to your base. stick to your guns. he's very biculturally and blingal and own it. go with that. don't get dirty with trump. >> right. so jim moore, jeb bush doesn't like being scolded. let's take a listen. >> i think we need to take a step back and chill out as it
2:20 pm
relates to the political correctness that somehow you need to be scolded er time you say something. >> has donald trump -- people seem to be subsuming their own bias and presentation under the rubric of political correctness. >> here is the problem on this for him, michael. and that is that he's trying to have it both ways. and frankly he knows that the people that are going to elect the nominee or at least the drive nominating process for a long time are the hard right in the republican party. and if he does not speak to this question of immigration and in a resolute manner that he's not going to engage those people the way frankly donald trump is. because trump is being the extremist in this. and he's crawing those people away from jeb. but jeb because of his bicultural background is trying to be less offensive and work the middle ground. that is fine for the general election but right now it is not
2:21 pm
helping him. and men he tried to distance himself by talking about the maternity tourism and anchor babies for asians coming to the u.s. from china, he alienated another group. and i think victoria is correct. he needs to simply find some more direct and less offensive language but that is a political challenge. it's been around for a long time for the bush family. >> jeb bush is getting criticism for xenophobic remarks while simultaneously getting bash forward latino outreach. who cares that he speaks mexican. this is america. english. how is jeb bush going to negotiate both of those criticisms simultaneously? >> he is stuck between a rock and hard place. back to my initial comment. i think he really needs to own it. and something his brother did very well in the 20000 election is he used the gop rhetoric
2:22 pm
about values and family and valuing children and he used that to wring bring into the fore the need to reform immigration. i do think that even though it is a tricky line to walk jeb bush could do that if he referenced back the need to bring together families and to look at it in terms of something that helps our family grow, helps our nation grow rather than getting stuck in the xenophobic terms. >> jeb bush released a memo today. e mentions trump seven times. is he legitimatizing trump or trying to stay relevant? >> i think bush has not needed to legitimatize trump. the party has with the numbers he's pulling in around the country. he's the front runner so he gets attacked. but i think bush's mistake in all this is to try to clarify his position by attacking trump. i think what victoria said is
2:23 pm
correct. and what former president bush down here in texas when he won the governors office here was simply to address the things that matter to people and not to ethnic groups. >> okay. victoria, very briefly. >> he needs to stay away from trump. the less he says his name, the better. >> thank you so much for joining us. the form are vice president speaks out against the iran nuclear deal as president obama gets tough on the opposition. and later, friends no more? donald trump renews his feud with fox news.
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backing f if deal makes it difficult for congress to veto the agreement. meanwhile one notable critic is set to deliver a speech in opposition. dick cheney is planning to speak out against the agreement next month. he'll speak about his concerns for the united states and our allies h. e wasted no time last month slamming the deal immediately. >> it can be a few years down the road it doesn't make any difference. it is a matter of months until we're going to see a situation where people feel they have to defend themselves by acquiring their own capability and that will in fact i think put us closer to the use, actual use of nuclear weapons than we've been at any time since hiroshima and nag sac and world war ii.
2:28 pm
>> what is cheney trying to accomplish here by going on the offensive as he is is this. >> his timing is certainly interesting. i would say at this particular point it is more of a gift to the obama administration than anyone else. really coming up and coming out in opposition of this deal with the history that he has behind him and the connection that the obama administration's made with the iraq war. this really is not helpful to the opposition of the iran deal. and not only that. but cheney's own policies during the bush administration ultimately, that is when iran built its nuclear program. so we can talk about the substitutes aance and the iraq . >> given his multiple vulnerabilities do you think he's just oblivious to them and is insistent upon, you know, salvaging some of his reputation or is this all about politics for him? >> it seems that cheney is a little bit oblivious to the real
2:29 pm
conversation going on here. ultimately when he's been asked before about the iran agreement, he's said that, you know, let's not talk about what happened so many years ago. that is not important now. what's important is the iran agreement. what's important when he's talking about this though really is what happened many, many years ago and his record on this. and he's not the right person to be speaking out saying that this is not a good agreement, when ultimately the people on the other side are all nuclear policy experts, diplomats, military leaders. all lining up behind the deal saying that it is a good idea. krug our partners in the p 5 plus one. if cheney on the other side it is not looking good. >> how hard will it be to derail the deal with senator reid's strong support. >> not only him but patty murry coming out against the deal today. it really looks unlikely it will
2:30 pm
be killed in congress. only two democrats so far have come out in opposition. and really ultimately not just democratic leaders but experts across the board are lined up to support it. really it is not looking good for opposition. we'll see when it comes to a vote but the votes are lining up in favor of the deal. >> could or would chuck schumer somehow throw a wrench into the de? >> chuck schumer's not supporting the deal has -- it certainly was a strong endorsement against the deal but ultimately his support has not been shared by his colleagues. he's come out as one of only two with menendez who was expected not to support the deal given that he's led the opposition on the democratic side. schumer's opposition ultimately is not stacking up to be as big an impact, to have as big an impact as we thought in the beginning. >> lacey, thanks for joining us. still ahead. donald trump picks a fight with
2:31 pm
fox and jon stewart finds out what happens when you pick a fight with a pro wrestler.
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welcome back.
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donald trump isn't letting up on fox news host megyn kelly. kelly returned to her show last night after being on vacation and the donald wasn't please. . trump tweeted i like the kelly file much better without her. perhaps she can take another 11 day unscheduled vacation. trump also retweeted someone calling kelly a bimbo. >> he did something totally out of control. he started tweeting against megyn kelly, totally unwarranted. professionally and personally you cannot. you should not be going after her. and that actually bothers me personally. and we're also friends with donald trump. but he is totally out of bounds reigniting that fight. i don't know if he expects ratings or poll numbers but he's not going to be successful. >> not only were they upset but fox roger ailes released a statement saying his attack last
2:36 pm
night is as unacceptable as it is disturbing. megyn kelly represents the best of american journalism and all of us at fox news channel reject the crude and irresponsible attempts to suggest otherwise: i could not be more proud of megyn for her professionalism and class in the face of all of trump's verbal assaults. her questioning at the debate was tough by fair. and i continue to support her as she continues. donald trump rarely apologizes, although in this case he should. we have never been deterred by politicians or anyone else attacking us for doing our job, much less allowed ourselves to be buhled by anyone. and we're certainly not going to start now. all of our journalists will continue to report in the fair and balanced way that has made fox news the number one news network in the industry. trump responded to ailes with a statement of his own, i totally disagree with the fox statement.
2:37 pm
i do not think megyn kelly is a quality journalist. not surprisingly, trump is still holding massive leads in the polls. a new ppp poll from new hampshire shows him in first place with 35%. a full 20 points ahead of second. trump also had a commanding lead in south carolina. a new poll from monmouth has him in first place with 30%. ben carson in second with 15%. south carolina lindsey graham with 4% in eighth place in his own state. trump of course pounced on graham. you are only 26 points behind me. earlier today lindsey graham addressed trumps lead over him in south carolina. >> the policies that mr. trump is proposing are demagoguery. his approach to describing illegal immigrants are hurting us with hispanics. the way he attacks women is going to be a death blow to the
2:38 pm
future of our party. come to south carolina and i'll beat his brains out. i know my state. this is a silly season in politics. >> for more let me bring back in perry bacon and matt schlapp. perry, is trump attacking megyn kelly going to hurt him in the long run? >> his comments are deplorable. the bimbo notion, he needs to really stop saying that. is it going to hurt in the short-term? no. but he's not hillary clinton in terms of hillary clinton is in the 50s and 60s in the polls. trump is in the 30s. suspicion, if it gets to be a one-on-one race, trump will not help him win the nomination
2:39 pm
overall in these comments. even if if he's leading in the silly season. >> the republicans embarrassed that trump is engaging in these behaviors? how does this contradict the notion of the republicans after the autopsy said that you got to broaden your base and get more people under the tent, how does this pan out towards that goal? >> rook i'm not so sure i agree with your characterizations of what he said. i don't want to go into everything -- every tweet and retweet and what he said and somebody else said. but look, here is problem going on. both on the democratic side and the republican side. what the consultant class can the d.c. class thinks in d.c. is wildly different from whether activists and grass roots sporters across the country think. he is resonating with conservatives, independent, people who tend to be less partisan and republicans out there. but people who do politics for profession and a living, they don't understand any of this.
2:40 pm
>> we're not talking about what the perception is. we're talking about whether or not calling people names or engaging in the kind of behavior he's engaging in. we're not asking whether it's effective because obviously it appeals to certain classes -- >> you said embarrassed. are people embarrassed? and i think people inside the beltway, people in the republican political class are. but i think there are a lot of americans across the country who are not. they feel like he's telling truth to power. and the fact is this. he walks a very fine line. between being somebody who's honest and truthful and unscripted. and he tends to wander over that line sometimes and can be using language that can hurt him in the long run. i trust him to mind his own ps and qs on these things. but there is no question he walks the line. i he knows it. it served him well over theo coe
2:41 pm
of decades being in the media. >> usually corrections occur when members of a dominate group make comments about other minorities and then expect to be exempt from rigorous criticism or questioning about them. whether it is about gender or race or sexual orientation and the like, how long will that continue to be a sellable point or something that can be used to defend what others find reprehensible and offensive? >> i think you are seeing the fact that roger ailes and host on fox news today condemned his remarks and said they do not agree with him, i think you are seeing a sign. because fox news often says the rest of the world is being politically correct. we're here to be fair and balanced and what have you. i think the fact that people on fox and the head of fox felt the need to defend megyn kelly and suggest his remarks are inappropriate is a sign of something. remember donald trump four years ago was saying the president of the united states wasn't born here.
2:42 pm
we know he engages in what i would call direct falsehoods and seems to be able to recover from them. he endures in a way i don't totally understand because his remarks i think go beyond politically incorrect to be deplorable at times. >> the reason you don't understand is because most of america does not view his comments as being imaginistic or racist. misogynistic. or racist. >> it doesn't serve the purpose here. >> the majority of african american felt when he went after obama on the birther issue that it was directly related to the issue of race. what people are you referring to the majority of which have believed in him.
2:43 pm
>> how are we ever going to have a realistic discussion of every time it becomes a question of race. >> it was a doubt he was born in america. he wasn't a legitimate criticism of the president which can be made. >> fair enough. i don't think that was the fair enough criticism to be made. if republicans are going taking on hillary clinton. i don't know if she's going to get there but if she's is nominee. every time people attack her it can't turn into a attack on p women. >> i think only when it's sexist it will be attacked. >> right. >> the problem is when people who are victimized if they happen to be minority, african american or latino. >> how conservatives -- >> let me finish. when they make an argument about that it seems to me it certainly has to be balanced in terms of your legitimate point about look everything that is critical of the president can't be racist. every critical of the -- you know, of clinton can't be said to be sexist. i but we have to also pay
2:44 pm
attention to the ways in which the members of those community, women and minorities have indicated some concern about those comment skbls let me tell you how far i go along with you on this. i think we legitimate differences left versus right on the policies needed to fix the problems in this country. i think it would be wise for whoever get this is republican nomination to hit those issues square on. even when they are political incorrect and tough to hear. but i think our language should be respectful and inviting. because if republicans don't expand their coalition, that includes more independent minded people who donald trump reaches out to but also people of different races and different ethnic backgrounds. if we don't expand our coalition we won't win. and by the way losing sucks because you get no picks to the supreme court ever when you lose. i want to get those picks to the supreme court and i want republicans to be successful. >> a redefinition of political correctness might be the best way to begin that as well. but we'll see. still ahead a controversial tweet has curt schilling
2:45 pm
apologizing and espn putting him on the bench. we'll have the details next. ♪ ♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore... (morpheus) after this, there is no turning back. (spock) history is replete with turning points.
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(kevin) wow, this is great. (commentator) where fantasy becomes reality! (penguin 1) where are we going? (penguin 2) the future, boys. the glorious future. (vo) at&t and directv are now one- bringing your television and wireless together- and taking entertainment to places you'd never imagine. (rick) louis, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. jon stewart is used to taking shots at famous figures but not used to them fighting back. the way wwe super star john sena did sunday night. stewart's interference at summer slams cost sena a chance at the title. he told he did it to preserve
2:47 pm
the record held by wwe hall of famer rick flair. the move was a bit too dramatic for flair. >> i really appreciate what you were thinking last night. but to be honest with you, i was pulling for john cena. sooner ore later the record will be broken and i would prefer it be by someone they respect. >> john cena confronted stewart about the blow. stewart was apologetic but cena thought the funny man could still use an adjustment. >> oh no. oh no. >> that's jon stewart. >> john cena. >> let him down jon. >> oh. >> cena's moment meant cena
2:48 pm
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curt schilling's twitter curveball -- i don't know if that's the sign for curveball -- has cost him his job temporarily. he tweeted an image comparing the percentage of extremist muz lips with the percentage of nazis in germany during world war ii with the question, how did that go. he quickly deleted the tweet after backlash from followers. espn, where he's been an analyst, was just as quick with its response. curt's tweet was completely unacceptable and in no way represents our company's perspective. we made that point very strongly to curt and have removed him from his current little league assignment pending further consideration.
2:51 pm
schilling went back to his twitter this afternoon tweeting his reaction to the backlash. i understand and accept my suspension, 100% my fault. bad choices have bad consequences. and this was a bad decision in every way on my part. up next, as a new school year begins shocking information on the rates of expulsion among african-american students.
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the racial segregation of the american south is alive in
2:55 pm
the form of school expulsion. a new report shows a disproportionate number of black students face school removal. 55% of all black suspensions from u.s. public schools occurred in 13 southern states. in 84 school districts across the south, 100% of the suspended students were black. secretary of education arne duncan and then attorney general eric holder teamed up to tackle the issue in the past. they released guidelines. duncan wrote that expelled students cannot benefit from teaching positive peer interaction. the department of education hosted educators at the white house. they want them to rethink school discipline. awareness is a key, but a solution is urgent. black unemployment has been at least two-thirds higher than white unemployment since the bureau of labor statistics began
2:56 pm
keeping records. without an educational foundation, the devastating numbers will only get worse. joining me now is msnbc contributor dr. james peterson from lehigh universities. how broad is the fallout from the staggering rates of expulsion with black youth 100% of students expelled in 84 schools and districts were black? that's pretty stunning. >> the data here is stunning and kudos and shoutout to dr. sean harper for doing this kind of groundbreaking work. the fallout within these communities is pronounced and profound, doc, because as you know, there are is a school-to-prison pipeline that's basically fed through these kinds of disciplinary policies that expel black students at a rate five times their perj cente of the population.
2:57 pm
you can only account for this by really thinking about institutional racism. the way it's operating here is that the perceptions of the ways in which some of these students are acting is being misperceived as disrespectful. some may be cultural disconnects or from slavery or jim crow accoutrements in southern culture. but the data shows these expulsion rates have del he tear yus consequences on employment, incarceration rates and other social inequalities, not just in the south, but in this case in the south. >> sure, professor harper and his co-authors of the penn study recommended teaching more about implicit bias and other racist forces in a cult that lead to this disparity. help us understand are training courses enough? >> it's interesting because professor harper suggests we can get at this by the way we train teachers in our education
2:58 pm
programs and schools of education if we make teachers aware of implicit bias when they're students than when they're confronting these issues they might be able to root these out. i think that some of the things may be more systemic than just the individual teachers understanding what implicit bias is. some of the prevailing ways in which bias works seeps in through media, through film, through television, sometimes through music. so there's going to have to be the training and teaching up front, doc, but there have to be ongoing professional development to help teachers understand exactly what's happening when they're expelling students at these ridiculous rates. >> school disciplinary measures have yanked children out of cla classrooms and into courtrooms. it's gone hand in hand with the rise in criminal charges against children. how do we end the school-to-prison pipeline and stop the law enforcement from being active in these schools in that way?
2:59 pm
>> true, i mean, some of this, again, is not just about teachers. it's about the culture of the whole buildings, like how useful or impactful are metal detectors. how are we using the spaces in the building for detention or detain and move students. we have to think of the entire culture of schools. i do a lot of volunteer work in public schools. a lot of teachers are concerned about classroom management. we have to try to get families and parents more in the schools as opposed to getting law enforcement in there. none of this work is about high stakes testing, right? this is where all the money and talk about reforming schools and all the sort of testing, that's not a part of what we're talking about here. this is about grassroots efforts to build communities that can provide support systems but then alternatives for how do we address disciplinary issues. >> a friend of ours and a
3:00 pm
frequent guest here. wanted to shout professor tillet out. thanks for your time tonight, my friend. i'm michael eric dyson. "politics nation" with the rememb reverend al sharpton starts now. donald trump versus the right. new fights with jeb bush. the gop establishment. and fox news. has trump met his match? also a new bid in ferguson to restore confidence in the legal system. and will president obama have to choose between endorsing joe biden or hillary clinton? and fighting for justice ten years after katrina. i'll talk to a man who lost his brother in the infamous danziger bridge shooting. wme


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