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  Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 25, 2015 4:37pm-5:01pm PDT

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those people who like it, those who aren't -- here's trump for more on the real life adventure of donald trump. wait a minute. we've got music. he's walking out now. interesting if he gets asked about megyn and univision. i bet there will be no questions about univision from this crowd, only about megyn and i bet they're all on trump's side. look at the signs. there's a woman who thought they saw donald trump's face in her butter the other day. like an apparition, like he's the blessed mother or something. he ain't. ♪ you're the best around >> thank you. that's so beautiful. [ chanting "trump" ]
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>> unbelievable. unbelievable. and thank you. they said a record. now i understand why they have a record. what a room. what a place. iowa, do we love it. great, great. you know, we had a big day today because a lot of polls came out, and the polls were really nothing short of tremendous. we had -- and i just came -- in new hampshire, which is an amazing place with, like you, incredible people. they love the country, and they want to see our country be great again. that's what they want. they work hard. they love it. and we had 35%, and the second place was so far back we won't even talk about it. because i want to be nice tonight. i want to be nice.
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in south carolina, we had 30%, and that was a tremendous hall, tremendous energy, tremendous money spent. 30% second place. again, we're going to be so nice. should we be nice or not? a little bit, a little bit. so we had 30%. that's the monmouth poll, big one. the gravis national poll just came out. 40.1%. that's national. 40.1%. i want the election tomorrow! ann coulter is here. can we call for an immediate election, please, okay? like in so many other countries. i want an immediate election, ann. go out and buy her book. it's actually a very good book. and oh, is it true. now very importantly for iowa,
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anybody ever heard of the corn kernel, everybody heard of the corn kernel poll. so we had four of them and that came from the state fair. last week i came to the state fair. i came well equipped in a helicopter. and we took the kids for rides. and those kids love me. those kids -- and i love those kids, but we had an amazing time. my pilot said, is that enough, mr. trump, after going up and down like a yo-yo. i said, nope, you got to keep doing it. we had an amazing time. i know it means a lot to the people here and having gotten that vote is incredible. here's what's happening. a little bit of a different situation. i think maybe than has happened before. a great journalist called me. somebody that i don't know but somebody that i have great respect for. one of the major newspapers. and he said, could i ask you one question, mr. trump. what? how does it feel?
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how does what feel? he said, this was the summer of trump. do you believe this? how good is that for my ego? is that good? but they said -- he said -- i mean and he's really one of the -- now the press is going to say, who is it, who is it, who is it. but one of the really top people. not even necessarily a fan of mine but i think he's becoming a fan rapidly. he said, how does it feel? i said, why do you ask that question. it's one thing to have the summer of trump. doesn't mean anything unless we win both the nomination and we got to beat hillary or whoever is running. whoever is running. no, otherwise it doesn't mean anything. i don't know. if you lose, like, what does it all matter? and he says, it doesn't matter if you win or not. what you've done has never been done -- nobody's ever really seen this with the polls and the
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enthusiasm and the press. and you know why those cameras are all red lighted? because of ratings. if i didn't get ratings, they wouldn't be here. they wouldn't be here. they're not nice people. they don't care about me. they don't care about you. they don't care about anything. the other thing they care about is ratings. when i did "the apprentice" which was a tremendous success, i was hosting "saturday night live" and lorne michaels came up to me. and it was bedlam. here amany hosting "saturday night live." my mother and father never would have believed this. and lorne michaels came up to me and said, this is yaet. you know, it won't always be like this, some day the ratings won't be good and nbc will call me and they'll say i'm sorry mr. trump but the ratings are no good, we're going to cancel the
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show. and he looked at me and he said, no, there's one thing wrong. they won't even bother to call. it's true. they won't even bother to call. and the apprentice was a tremendous hit. nbc renewed it. i may be like the only one or one of certainly like you can count them on your hand that turned down a major renewal. in fact, mark burnett said, you got to be kidding. you got to be kidding. you're turning down a major renewal. he called it is a renewal. he said, you're turning down a r renewal. nobody turns it down. i turned it down for many, many shows. you see the kind of money they paid me. you remember you had that certain anchor who said he didn't believe it, bah, bah, bah, then he had to take it back.
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we'll just call him steve, but he's a great guy. the head of nbc, the head of reality television. they came to my office like five months ago. they sat in my chairs. they said, donald, we want -- we've already renewed. we want you. we love you. they don't love me so much any more. i have to be honest. and i said to them, fella, i really want to run for president. i want to make america great again. it's very simple. i want to do it. and they didn't believe peay. honestly. i'm going to do it. they had the up-fronts. that's when they announce all the shows. we're announcing we're renewing "the apprentice" with donald trump. i can't believe it. nobody believed me. my wife said to me, you know nobody believes your running. i looked at it serious mostly
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last time. i looked at it unseriously over the years but last year pretty seriously. i said, what do you mean? if you ever actually announce, you're going to go through -- she knows people like me. actually i'm a nice person. nobody knows that. it's true. people don't -- i tell people i'm a nice person. in some ways it's not good. we'll talk about china and negotiations. i don't want to be a nice person for them. i am, i'm a nice american. and my wife said to me, she said, if you run, you're going to win. but you have to announce because if they take polls nobody's going to say you're running. right? and ann knows that. and i said, well, i don't know. and i'll tell you why, it takes courage to run. it really does. you're really exposing yourself like crazy. the press is honestly a lot of
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the press is, especially the political press -- you know the financial press has been pretty good to me over the years. in "business week" magazine they named me a while ago the best in a people's poll the best negotiator. wouldn't that be nice to have a good negotiator? i don't want to brag about it. but wouldn't it be nice? i mean, look at what's happening with china. i've been predicting china, i've been saying china's taking our jobs, our money, our base, our manufacturing. i just told the press -- and we owe them. think of it. they've taken our money and our jobs on manufacturing. but they've taken everything. one of the greatest thefts in the history of the world what they've taken out of our country. they've rebuilt china, and we owe them -- think of it. we owe them. they take everything. $1.4 trillion. how do you do that? that's like a magic act. how good are they as
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negotiators? they take everything and we owe them money. we owe japan 1.4 trillion. same number. we owe them both 1.4 trillion. for whatever reason. same number. the balance, the deficits, the numbers are crazy. if you look at the deficit we have with japan, the deficit we have with china, the deficit we have with almost everybody, honestly, they're big abusers. and by the i wway, i love them. they buy my apartments. the biggest chunk as you maybe know, the bank of america. but a lot of people didn't know. actually most people didn't know i own the bank of america building in san francisco. big, big, big chunk. i got it from the chinese. i did great. they still don't know what happened. but that's what we need.
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right? i own 1290, big, big chunk, 1290 avenue of the americas. but i do great with the chinese, and they're great people. the problem is their leaders are too smart for our leaders. very simple. i'm a free trader. i believe in free trade. i like free trade. i like free trade but free trades's only good if you have smart representatives. it's not good if we have dummies. it's not good if our leaders are incompetent. it's not good if they've never read "the art of the deal," one of the greatest books of all time. second to the bible. way, way, way, deep second. you know how far below it is. i said that's my favorite book of all time. my second favorite book. what's your favorite? the bible. it's not even close. people were shocked. they were shocked that i actually said that.
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but it is the greatest book of all time, the bible. nothing even close. so we have a situation where people that run for political office -- and i've heard this for years -- they do really take chances and it is something that's not very pleasant. and you read things about yourself that don't exist. very little good, but a lot of bad things that aren't true. and i have to tell you with that i've met some unbelievable really talented political reporters, but i've also met very bad ones and dishonest ones. and we have to do something about our country. we have to take it back. you know, i've been using a term that hasn't been used in a long time. it's called the silent majority. you're the silent majority. i'm the silent majority.
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and they're tired of politicians other than -- are there any politicians in the room? because we're excluding you. you're fabulous. but politicians are all talk and no action. talk and no action. that's true. they're tired. [ applause ] i've been watching bush on the border. he's in a seersucker suit talking about, oh, yes, the anchor baby, oh, i shouldn't say anchor baby. you know, he puts out a report saying "do not use the term anchor baby." then i used it, my polls go through the roof and now he's using anchor baby and he's taking criticism. and you know the funniest thing is that he's taken tremendous criticism for use the term "anchor baby" and i use it all the time and nobody cares when i say it because they sort of expect it from me, i think. right? right? [ cheers and applause ] crazy.
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crazy. but politicians are all talk no action. i saw that at the debate. i was treated very unfairly. [ applause ] but it was fine because i won every poll. "time" magazine. we won the polls. i was so happy. but then i was treated -- i watched the politicians and the politicians talk. now i have heard that jeb bush was the mentor to marco rubio. nice -- two nice people. i think jeb is a nice person. he's very low energy. i'm not used to that kind of a person. [ laughter ] i'm just not used to it. i'm used to dealing with killers. people that go argh. you know, negotiating with japan, negotiating with china.
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when these people walk in the room, they don't say "oh, hello. how's the weather? so beautiful outside. isn't it lovely? how are the yankees doing?" they say "we want deal. ." they jump out of the seat. but i watched -- by the way, before i say this, who would you rather have negotiating against china? against iran? what a deal that is, okay? you talk about incompetent people. against anybody, jeb bush, hillary clinton or trump? [ cheers and applause ] i think so. i think so. you believe me. believe me. [ crowd chanting "trump" ] thank you. it's funny, i was degraded on a speech i made recently. they gave me all as, they said the one mistake he makes is that he speaks through the applause. that's true.
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you know why? because i don't have time. it's true. they gave me this great mark. they said his speak -- they love the way i move my hands. i never even thought of it. they said they love this, that, but they said he speaks so well, but hi speaks through his applause and it's bad for him because he kills a lot of applause. and i thought about it and i said "that's right." and i tried not doing that. but i want to get going. i want to get things done. does everybody here know that? [ cheers and applause ] so jeb bush was marco rubio and same-sex union marco rubio is a nice guy. and so is jeb bush, i think he's a nice person. but i don't care, i don't care if he's nice. i want somebody that's going to make us great deals and make us rich again and he can't do it. [ applause ] so marco rubio was not supposed to run, right? because he wouldn't run because
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his mentor in florida, the state of florida which, by the way, i beat both of them in the polls. can you believe it? a sitting senator, a governor and trump is way the hell up here. it's crazy. [ applause ] but -- but marco rubio wasn't supposed to run. all of a sudden he announced he's running and people thought it was very disrespect to feel a person that brought him along. slowly brought him along, right? so beautiful. so what happened -- and it was interesting -- i said, oh, now if it was me, if i were bush and i brought somebody along and i -- i'm older than marco and all of a sudden the guy, the young guy that i brought along says "i'm running against you and it's not my turn but i don't care because i'm really anxious, i'm really driven. for myself i'm driven." and he said "i'm running against him and i don't care." i would really go after that
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guy. i'd say he's the most disloyal guy. he's a terrible person. he's horrible and i hate him. okay? [ laughter ] or at least i'd say it to myself, okay? probably not to the world but believe me i wouldn't be -- so i saw them on the stage where recently and jeb saying "oh, marco's a dear friend of mine. he's a dear, dear friend. he's such a wonderful person." and marco saying "oh, i love jeb." you notice jeb never uses his last name? why? because he's ashamed of it! why? but if i were marco -- but in particular if i was jeb i wouldn't say "marco's a good friend of mine." marco did something that he wasn't supposed to do. he ran. i've never said this before and i watch these two guys and they're hugging and they're kissing and they're holding each other. very much like actually chris
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christie did with the president. [ cheers and applause ] i'm only kidding. no, but they're hugging and they're kissing. they're hugging and they're kissing and they're proclaiming their great deep love for each other and i'm saying politicians, all talk, no action, it's all bull, we've got to stop. we need people in are going to take us to the promised land. we need people that are going to be great. so, again, we look at mexico -- thank you. you look at mexico, which is the new china, by the way. they're doing great. and what's come out, you know? a lot of incoming, as rush limbaugh said. he said trump has taken more incoming when i first announced. all i did was tell the truth. but you look at mexico, the new china. you look at ford building a massive plant there. you look at other companies from europe, from all over. a plant was going to be built in tennessee, big, big, billion-dollar automobile plant. it's not being built in
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tennessee anymore. it's going to go to mexico. nabisco. i have holdings in chicago, i have a great building in chicago. nabisco, they have a factory, big factory, they maker east coast -- oreos again. but they're closing their big plant in chicago and moving it to mexico. what's going on. how stupid are we. you're right. so where and why are we doing this? why are we allowing this to happen. somebody has to talk to them. if you don't talk to them, you can get them to build someplace else in the country. you can get ford, believe me, to
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stay in this country. >> now, sometimes it's so unfair the trade agreements, if you look at the amount of business that's been moves out of our -- whether it's mexico or many other countries -- been moved out. it's absolutely uncontrollable by the people that we have currently and we can do something to change it. now, let me just tell you -- and i tell people this all the time. i go to nabisco or i go to ford and i say fellas, i don't want you. i don't want you. i have carl icon ready. killer, killer. >> i have other people already. i have so people that are so nasty, so mean, so horrible nobody in iowa will want to have dinner with them. [ laughter ] it's true. they're horrible human beings. i admit it. they're wall street killers. most of them, a couple of them are nice, like 25b9%. but they're the greatest negotiators in the world. i know the best, i know guys that are overrated. i know guys that are really good. i know people you've never heard of that are better than all of them. we're going to use our best.
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but i would say to, let's say, the head of ford, and you've heard me say this because that's a big abuse. $2.5 billion for a plant? how many plants do we close to build a new plant in mexico? $2.5 billion. you're right. so how many do we do. so i would say very simply fellas, sorry, you have to move back. now, when they build those cars, trucks, and parts they send them over. no tax, no nothing. and they've come up with a new scheme. illegals are going to drive the cars over -- [ laughter ] no, it's true! it's true! it's true! [ applause ] because it's -- it works so nicely. nobody's going to check them. why just drive beautiful cars, that i'll probably keep them and just live happily for the rest of their lives in the united states, you know? . but we have to do something about it. now let's say jeb bush is
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president. he's not a stupid person. i don't think. i don't know, what do i know? but let's say he's president and he knows it's wrong. he's going say "no, no, no, we don't want that. ford we're going to charge you a tax." because the way you do it, that's what you say, right? then he'll be hit by his lobbyists that gave him millions. he's got $134 million, $140 million. i don't have anything. i don't want anything. i don't want money. i'm just taking little small contributions for people -- a woman sent $7.32. with a beautiful letter. it's amazing. i like that because that's like an investment. that adds up to the fuel for the plane for a trip to iowa. okay? it all does. but who cares. i don't want that. because i don't want to be controlled. last week, you've heard me say this. i turned down $5