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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 26, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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beginning that joe biden is going to run, but something is going on here and it cannot remain a mystery much longer. stst wednesday august 26th. right now on first look. the front runner verses the news anchor for a poplar news organization. >> okay. who is next? excuse me. sit down. sit down. sit down. >> that was just the beginning. then we will show you what is happening with the stocks. then the south carolina teen that went missing on the first day of school. the boy that ruined a million and a half dollar work ochl out. that and more as first view
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starts right now. thanks for joining us today. another day and another dispute for gop president trum. it it's the heated exchange that has taken us by storm. >> okay. whose next? yeah please. sit down you were not called. sit down. sit down. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> go back to univision. sit down, please. you weren't called.
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yes, go ahead. >> hi trump. >> thank you chip. >> there you have it. he was later allowed to return and ask two questions. instead of the immigration it was the 500 million lawsuit that he filed after cancelling the miss usa pageant. >> i think so because i am going bring jobs back. how much am i suing univision for? do you know the number? you're apart of the lawsuit? how much am i suing them for? 500 million. and they're very concerned about it. i am very good at this. >> after wards he talked about
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the first exchange and said that the first time in his life that he was escorted out of a news conference. >> my job is to ask questions. that's why i am here. >> they have released a statement condemning and saying that ramos was trying to hold a candidate accountable. this has been trending over night with thousands of tweets. one woman wrote she is not just a journalist but republicans should worry about that. another man tweeted i feel like someone messed with my dad. it's on. that's not the only thing troubling him. the war of words nbc's peter alexander has more. >> unbelievable.
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>> it's the reality tv and presidential politics. >> welcome to the kelly file everybody. i am megyn kelly. >> kelly's colleague's rush today her air. >> it was out of control yesterday and tweeting against her yesterday. totally unwarranted. >> and online. leave her alone. this needs to stop. >> you call woman that you don't like fat pigs, dogs, disgusting animals. >> what i say is what i say. honestly megan. if you don't like it, i'm sorry. >> you could see that there was blood coming out of her eyes or
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wherever. >> the two sides reached a truth and in the phone call calling a great guy and he went off on trump for the assaults and calling it a provoke attacked. trump shot back and said that he disagrees and says that he does not think that she is a quality journalist. at the same time having a lead in the same polls from south carolina. >> that was peter alexander reporting. and then questions on matt and the feud with megyn kelly and that's later this morning on today. right now they're pointing to a higher open on wall street after another roller coaster day. stocks went up and down and it closed down 1.3 and tumbling.
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in japan we have the better news for you. back here at home mark showed major gains and then the dow had almost two skpepercent and as y know that faded. they saw it plunge for more than 200 points and as one expert put it if monday was a boxer to the matt, tuesday was getting up again. over night two nato soldiers were shot and killed. no word on the nationality of the two service members. the pair of attack ers wearing gear and both attack ers were killed also. we don't know if they were members of the afghan army. >> then after the failed attack on the train.
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barefoot and blinded and he was led into court and there are three charges with murder and attempted murder. that's because the prosecutors wanted to kill every single person on the train. it appears that he had the arson to do it. nine clips and fully loaded and an out mat i can handgun and loaded clip plus a box cutter, a bottle of gasoline. although the suspect said that he was just trying to rob people on the train, prosecutors say that he was in turkey and in syria. he watched a video on the train before the attack. meanwhile just hours ago the first of three americans arrived back in thursday. the u.s. parade is being planned
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in sacramento. there's no end in site for the identiphylogeneti identify . coming up on 8 minutes past the hour coming up. army contract to build thousands of trucks for the army and marines and replacing the fleet for hum v's. both the original hum v's are worth $30 billion over night. it's expanding over night to the hometown of seattle and we're offering same day one to two hour delivery of beer and wine and just in that city it was launched.
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it's now in eight other u.s. cities. a bus like service. a uber car will drive on a set route with set stops. it's part of the pool where the passengers share a ride for a lower cost. >> very interesting. thank you so much. astros are looking for revenge. yankees won over 1-0 and yesterday it's a different ball game. the pitch er combined and giving four hits and then the pitching was so bad and that it called the in field er to the mound and marks the first time since 1968 that a player took the position for a inning. they win big 15-1. steelers have signed them to a one year deal. they will back up and steelers previous back up is currently on injured reserve after hurting
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his hand in sunday's preseason game. vick spent last season started in just three games. oh the dallas cowboys have suffered yet another t set back. this time to the defense. they will be without starting cornerback for the remaining of the season. he tore the acl in the training camp yesterday and needed to be carted off the field. he sent a text to espn saying, i will be back, and i will be better than ever. check out this monster fish. spent 37 minutes trying to land this enormous group er. he caught this massive fish while in an inner tube. it's the largest video ever of a group er and weighs between 675 and 725 pounds.
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f either way that you cut it, that's a large fish. now, details on the missing south carolina teen. the boy that's lucky that this museum has a you break it you buy it policy. we will be right back.
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welcome back to first look. in full swing and these are pictures yesterday. look at the thunderstorm and then the dust that it picked up. the dust storm during tening hours. look at that. just a coating of dust just covered everything in the past. that's gone and done with. we're all clear now. we will get the shower and storms in the area. the storm today is tropical storm erika. it's flairing up and then for there it's sunday into monday. here is a look at the islands that are in the way as we go to
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the virgin islands. here is an update and it keeps it very week. this is a rain maker and a breezy day in puerto rico. the issue is that by the time the storm gets to the bahama's, the storms could strengthen at that point. that's why they have a category one hurricane as we go through sunday night and into early morning. it goes from cuba off to the east coast. it's still going to miss florida and heading in that general direction. all of the computer models do take it towards florida or off the east coast by the time we get to monday. it looks like we're going to be dealing with the tropical storms and hurricane sunday night into monday and people in south florida. it's the time to get the stuff together. >> yeah, be prepared. >> thank you bill. stories making news and it's a parent's nightmare. a south carolina girl is
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missing. she has not been seen since stopping at a chick-fil-a last thursday morning on her first day of school. now they believe that she left on her own alone and was not cohorsed. it later shows her stopping by the bank and her phone was found later that day at the ocean ridge resort parking lot. it's a 2002 fort escape is also missing. >> if we can find the vehicle maybe that will bring us closer to her. police in fort worth texas are investigating animal cruelty. it's a man pepper spraying the dog even though that it's outside of the fence. you can see it all over the dog's face there. they say that they have seen the video and they take the complaints seriously but also said that nearly 6,000 employees were attacked by dogs.
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a boy trips into a painting that's 350 years old. >> in the world of oops, this is a masterpiece. watch as this kid stumbles and puts his hand right through a painting in taiwan. not just anything but a 350-year-old painting. did i mention it's worth 1 and a half million dollars. while a certain 12-year-old maybe sporting this expression. kevin with nbc news chicago. check out the scene on reunion island on the indian ocean. they flock to watch the eruption with the fire and red smoke for hours. politicians and ashley madison and president obama and
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those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. all right. 22 minutes past the hour and from the white house spokesperson said he made the comment while on monday and many assumed that he was referring to the iran deal. they say that's not the case. donald trump is getting some support from a former grand
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wizard of the kkk. out of all, trump is the best of the lot. rick perry started to put the staffers back on the payroll. the move did not come fast enough for some that was the share man. he has now joined the campaign where he is guaranteed a paycheck. throwing his support behind hillary clinton. he calls clinton one of the most loyal people that he knows. he is the first member of the cabinet to endorse him. the son of vice president joe biden says that he does not have a ashley madison account. he said that there was an e-mail address and they released a statement saying that it's not his, and that this is unfortunately not the first time that someone has used my name and identity to discredit me. according to his dad they're on track to have a presence in all
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50 states by next week. leader say that they're expanding the staffing and operations, and if you're surpri surprised by the deal of him running for president, you're not alone. >> he ran for president two times before. there was a time that it was unimaginable for him to be taken serious enough to win the party's nomination, but donald trump just blew that right out. >> that's the scrambled politics. speaking of donald trump we have to bring in jan. what happened today was remarkable. it really was, and not in a good way. taking own univision and telling them to sit down and go back and throwing him out of the meeting.
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is this something that voters would tolerate. i cannot imagine world leader expecting that. >> yeah, they like the rude style and they frustrate -- but this is a really big but it shows -- he called me and i think that journalists say this is who he is. voters have to decide if this is something that they want talking to leaders. >> do they have a responsibility here and they did not stick up and think wait a second. let him ask a question. he has a right to ask the question. >> here is the thing trump makes big news and people want to be
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asking the question. there was a follow up that was asked about him and he was brought in the press conference and he was asking later. i think that he say that it speaks for themselves. if you say go back. >> but if all members say that i am on the bad side? i mean look at the register. one of the biggest papers and they get locked out of the event and that's totally separate from there coverage and saying that we don't like trump. they call for him to drop out. >> that's disturbing. okay. thank you so much. we do appreciate it. seeing red and lots of it. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed. in a night, it saves a little energy. but, in a year it saves a lot. and the other street? it's been burning energy all night. for frank. frank's a cat.
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:leading the news philadelphia in mates and guards work together to carve a chair for pope francis. this is a one of a kind wooded seat. the pope plans to meet with 100 in mates and the family starting on september 27th. a couple on miami made a splash when they got married under water. if couple wed by a statue. a notary wearing scuba gear made it and they made it possible for friends and family to watch it all. they were not going near that. and happening right now in eastern spain it's the famous
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tomato festival. they toss the fruit and it's considered the largest food fight. big shower needed after that. >> it's amazing that that many people do that and that there's this many tomatoes to through. >> i think that they have anger issues to work out. >> no, i am just kidding. way to early starts now. ♪ i do a lot of things by myself. people would be surprised. people are shocked at how smart i am, right? >> donald trump does what he does best. did he go too far by tossing out one of the most respected anchors before. new video retraces the path that two in mates used to escape. a painting gets a touch unafter an incident. it's 5:30 on the east coast and
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2:30 out west. good morning everyone. it's august 26th. donald trump went to iowa last night where he picked up the support of the former chairman, and the bigger story was trumps univision conversation. >> the next is who, please. sit down. you were not called. sit down. >> i have a right to have a question. >> no


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