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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 26, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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of the breaking news story a news reporter and cameraman shot dead live on air in virginia. police confirmed the suspect is now dead. michael eric dyson picks up our coverage next. we start with tragic breaking nudes obreak ing news out of virginia. earlier this morning two local journalists were gunned down in an ambush attack. alison parker and adam ward were fatally shot. here is right before the shooting occurred. >> this is our community. we want to come together and share information to help us grow and develop. provide a better experience. we want the people to come here say that -- >> shots rang out moments later. we can't show you the rest of the video. vicki gardener is in stable condition. gardener was being interviewed
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by parker. the suspected gunman is identified as vester flanagan who used the name brice williams. he was described as the disgruntled former employee. he fled the scene buzz was spotted by troopers on interstate 66 in faulkner county. there was a short chase between police and flanagan before he veered off into the median. when troopers approached they found him with a self inflicted gunshot wound. he was air lifted to the hospital where he later died. flanagan's accounts were taken down by twitter and facebook. earlier today jeff marks describes suspected shooter vester flanagan. >> vester was an unhappy man. he -- we employed him as a reporter. and he -- he had some talent in that respect and some experience. a although he had been out of
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the business for a while when he was hired here. he quickly became -- gathered a reputation of someone who was difficult to work with. he was sort of looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to. he -- and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. and he did not that take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> marks also described working with alison parker and adam ward. >> we're hurt enough that we want to express our anger and we want to express our love for alison and adam, who whenever i saw them here at work were full of smiles and conversations and exuberance.
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and they are going to be so missed and not easily replaced. >> alison parker and adam ward had been working together a little over a year. parker graduated from james madison university and worked for a local station in north carolina before being hired by wdbj. ward graduated from virginia tech and had worked for the station since 2011. both journals wars key part of wdbj and their colleagues described them as hard workers who will be deeply missed. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you update as we get them. here is adam reiss. what is the latest from virginia? >> michael, good evening, we're learning more about vester flanagan, how he was disturbed. he was spiraling out of control. he had this long and troubled history in tv news . he had worked at a number of stations where there were grievances. he filed suit. he was fired. at this particular situation he was actually walked out of building after he was fired.
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he was very unhappy. many colleagues said he was difficult to work with. there were some though that said they liked work with him. he was a good reporter. he was a weekend director in tallahassee. said he was actually quite good. he was smart and clever and quite often he did very good reports. he sent a 23 page fax, he labeled it a suicide note to abc news in new york. i want to read a short portion. quote, the church shooting, referring to the shooting in south carolina was the tipping point but my anger has been building steadily. i've been a human powder keg for a while just waiting to go boom. he was always looking for a grievance said several colleagues. he was always looking for someone to say something to him where he could complain. he'd complain both about alison parker and adam ward that she had made some sort of a racial comment to him and adam ward had gone to human resources for some
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particular reason. the sheriff earlier this morning in his press conference said it is interesting. head been with them a couple of week ago doing a live shot on the opening of school. and he happened to be watching this morning. and he watched in real time. he just couldn't believe it himself. he didn't know what was dpoijen on when the shooting happened. again just an unbelievable occurrence here this morning. right behind me, 6:45 a.m. when vester flanagan came up behind them. you can see it on the video. obviously too graphic for us to show. but lying in wait. just brazen ambush standing right behind them. they had no idea he was standing right behind them when he opened fire. >> adam reiss, thank you for your time tonight. for more let me bring in jim cavanaugh and clinton van zandt. and anthony roman. jim, let me begin with you. is this a clear cut case of a
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disgruntled former employee or is it a lot more complicated than that? >> well the human smiemind is a complicated place. the answers won't be satisfactory to any of us no matter what comes out here. and i do think you have some elements of mental illness. you have element of the workplace place violence. you have elements of revenge. and you have this guy, you know, looking at these young reporter and cameraman as successful people, winners u if you will. and he's a lose ner society. and he goes out and grabs on to that personal thing and also the larger things that go on in america like with the emmanuel massacre and virginia tech. i'm reminded also of the massacre in northern california when a young man went to the ocean when college was just beginning and starting massacring fellow college students and running them over and shooting them. you know these were successful
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people in his eye, people that were having the live fe he want to have and e couldn't have it. so he decided he was going to kill them and seek revenge on them. people he didn't even know. this in case the shooter mixed up people he really did know. he had personal can contact with alison and adam. he heaped his revenge on them and also the chamber of commerce leader there that he shot as well that he probably didn't even know as all. a very vulgar case. unfortunately they happen too often in america. >> sure. so anthony, how did the police find the suspect so very quickly? >> they used an enormous amount of technology, most of which they are not speaking about. however what they have spoken about are these license plate readers on the police cars. and fundamentally what they are are these receptors that read the license plate, use an algorithm, translate it to the computer.
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the computer through radio tell m telemetry in the car goes through the central database that will tell the police officer almost instantly whether or not as the stolen vehicle. who the registrant is, whether the vehicle is legally registered and whether or not it is in compliance. so they use that. they may have also known his cell phone. and you can triangulate the signal of a cell phone through cell tourist wers if you know t provider and if you have the number. and you can pretty much pain point their location. there are other technologies currently being used. i prefer not to talk about them. those are the common ones. but there is a lot more going on and this looks like it was a sophisticated operation and they found him quickly, thank god. >> right. so clint, what do we know about the suspected shooters manifesto? >> well pete williams described it earlier as a suicide note.
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and we know there is about 25% of the people who actually commit suicide leave a note. and the purpose of that note for most of those people is to expla explain, to rationalize, to blame, to hold others responsible for their own death. this individual as we've been discussing right here, he's on a pathway to violence. that pathway begins with this accumulation of grievances. it then becomes an obsession. and then for some, it becomes action. and his action, he relates it in his suicide note to the september 17th church shooting in charlotte -- in charleston. he buys his gun or applies for that gun two days later. well, once he's got that gun he is on this clear pathway. he's going to commit this act. but circling back to this 23
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page letter, this is when we read it going to be blaming others, it is going to be justifying his acts. but again this is two years after he left this station. and what are the grievances these two victims allegedly did? one supposedly made a negative remark. the other reported him to human resources like so many people in the past have done because his behavior. and yet that is when he lost his job. that is when he left the media. and somehow he holds these two individuals responsible. and just like cho, the virginia tech shooter, instead of looking in the mirror and saying there's my problem, he looked out across the virginia tech campus. this guy looked out across other jobs that he had and it wasn't very hard to figure out where these two would be working this morning. he made the decision. he acted. and this is his, not manifesto.
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but this is his tired challenge statement to try to explain his failures in life by blaming them on others. >> sure. jim, can you remember cases like this one before? >> well, we see a lot of these things happen all the time. workplace violence where someone goes into a plant or office building and shoots everybody. i mentioned the case in northern california where the guy was shooting all the other college students. we see a lot of violence that is related to, you know, workplace violence where the person has a direct connection to the people he kills. you know, kills former boss, employer, coworkers. we could go around the country to see where these things have happened. >> why did he want to do it on live tv? >> well, you know, this is the business he was in for one thing. he was a reporter. he was a journalist. so that is part of his insider activity. and secondly, he wants to show that he's in the right and everyone has wronged him.
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so he wants a document it on his gopro camera. we're in a technological society now. everything that happens, whether the police with gps tracking and cell phones and so forth to the perpetrator of the crimes using technology as well. this is the way all of these things are going to develop now. we're going to have -- we got shooters with cameras. we got police with cameras. we got trackers, we got all of these systems. we're texting. the guy is sending twitter messages. i think twitter, facebook, did the right thing to shut this down quickly. and hopefully doctor what they did was they shut it down but kept the live feed going to the police command post. and if they didn't do that, hopefully they can work on that because that is what really needs to happen. shut it down publicly but keep the live feed going to the police command post so they can track him and talk with him and stop the next murder. >> absolutely. anthony this is a very complicated case in this sense. that there might have been
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legitimate grievances in regard to drijs wiiscrimination with a pat toem pattern of the derangement going on. how do we get those worked out. >> that is almost impossible to know. one doesn't know which came first. there will be a reaction to the unusual behavior or aggressive behavior of an employee. and they will develop this reputation. which starts to spread throughout a corporation. and then the behavior towards them begins to change. begins to become more guarded. and more careful. and so what we see over time is that these problems get worse and worse and worse. both for the individual who's suffering from mental illness and the corporation in which they are working in. and it usually does not resolve itself well.
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some of the methods to resolve it a bit better from for family members to get involved early when they recognize there is mental illness and friends as well. >> jim cavanaugh. clinton van zandt and anthony roman, thanks for your time tonight. ahead this hour, donald trump's campaign gains more media adversaries and questionable supporters. and hillary clinton forecasts on the hawk eye state. an update on the campaign's big push in iowa next.
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wall street breaks a six day losing streak. the dow serjones jumped 619 poi. the s&p 500 closed up 3.9% and pulled itself out of correction territory. posting its biggest gain since november 2011 and the nasdaq
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gear up for school. gear up for great. is hillary clinton cutting her campaign short to return to the campaign trail. she's back in iowa laying out her plan. agriculture is a major driver of the state economy. clinton is pledging to invest in rural business and infrastructure. clinton has won the support of two key iowa democrats. less than two weeks ago senator tom harken endorsed here. hillary clinton has the backing of the former governor tim vilsack. now she's working to keep from voters in the safe. a new poll out of iowa shows hillary clinton at 54% and bernie sanders at 20%. she's still faying questions of her use of private email server. here is what she said during a news conference in iowa a short
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time ago. >> i know people have raised questions about hi e-mail use as secretary of state. and i understand why. i get it. here is what i want the american people to know. my use of personal e-mail was allowed by the state department. it clearly wasn't the best choice. i should have used two e-mails. one for personal, one for work. and i take responsibility for that decision. >> 52% of democratic voters say the controversy over her e-mails would hurt her in a general election. the last time she faced the press was last week. joini ining clarence paige, sus dell pers owe. and --. i almost forgot you clarence. but you are unforgettable. clarence, let me begin with you.
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hillary clinton received criticism for using humor to address the e-mail scandal last week. is she right not to dignify the inquiry? >> well i think she was wrong to use bad humor or excuse me, use humor badly. i think it was the way her comment timing was a bit off. and it sounded like she was just being dismissive, to be very honest about it. and that is not the way to deal with serious questions from the press. i think she's still caught up in that fortress mentality, which comes from more than 20 years of being under siege by political rivals and enemy, critics, etc. and hunkering down. the first clinton administration, the bill clinton administration to leave with its head held high. now she -- hillary clinton is still running for president. she really needs to take care of controversies like this and not
2:21 pm
let them fester. >> susan, so she cut her vacation short. is it the joe biden boog-a-bear that's out there bidding her to come from her vacation quicker than planned? >> it's part that. in another five days we're going to see another monthly release of her e-mail. clarence raises a good pint. she needs to be out there and address the questions but she'll never do it to a point where she's going to have enough answers. because every month she's going to have to face the same questions. and it is interesting because, you know, we talked about using humor poorly. she's one of the most scripted candidates out there. i can't believe they have not found a script for her to use yet. and that is her bigger problem, the self inflicted wounds and absolutely there is no doubt that joe biden is definitely on her mind and on her campaign's mind. he can wait another month or so. he can wait till two more
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releases of these e-mails come out and this story dominates even further. every -- like forrest gump, like is like a box of chocolate. with these e-mail dumps who knows what you're going to get. >> and one of the most unscripted candidates to be sure, some even say gaffe prone. so dean, clinton's deputy chief of staff is now receiving questions ab her time in the state department. suggested she may have influenced an appointment connected to a company she briefly worked for. the lawyers say the tiaccusatio is false and timing doesn't match up. is this trying to effect everyone connected to clinton. >> the republicans want to continue these allegations. continue this drip drip drip scandal. it is not stories on hillary clinton's view on agricultural policy. we're not talking about immigration reform. not any of the issues. the issue for hillary is the scandal. fbi has a server.
2:23 pm
did they wipe it clean? is a joke appropriate or not about the scandal? on the right side donald trump is eating the oxygen. on the left hillary clinton herself is eating up the oxygen she would want to talk about policy. >> clarence, you have been around a long time. you are still a young man but you have been around quite a few presidential cycles. what is your forecast about how this all turns out? is this much ado about nothing and in the long run when we look back on this this is a major distraction? or is the clinton campaign handling there in poor fashion. >> first i'm a big fan of dean and if he could get hillary some comedy lessons, he would be great. >> thank you. >> very welcome. -- you know i'm really reminded of the michael dukakis campaigns, the john kerry
2:24 pm
campaigns, when they had controversy swirling around. they tried to ignore it for a week or two and that just made it worse and it was that much harder to knock it down. the clinton campaign of 1992, bill clinton's campaign was a real high water mark of dealing with various disasters when they popped up, rapid response. and i'm surprised at the very slow response this clinton came pain is gaiving. >> i remember the last go-round when hillary clinton was running against barack obama in the field and when a certain orange tinged republican who was prominent cried it was like oh my god what a man. but when she cried, there's no crying in baseball. there's no crying in politics. is there a double standard. >> actually when she had her crying moment everyone was thrilled. it worked in her favor. it showed she was human. she went on to do well in new hampshire. it worked. there is absolutely a double standard. that being said, yes there is a
2:25 pm
double standard and she's working really hard to beat it. and she has done a very good job of that. i have to give credit where credit is due. but again, none of that matters. when you keep doing these self inflicted wounds with the e-mails. and the other thing about her aid and her e-mails now, those e-mails, which could be on her server as well because it was all related. it was all done on the same account. what happens if there are state department e-mails there? that is going to be another problem. and that is what they are looking for. >> thanks for joining us. still to come, donald trump's stump speeches are attracting controversial endorsements. and is ted cruz ready to shut that whole thing down again? over planned parenthood funding? we'll have the details ahead. ou. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web.
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to take care of my heart.s that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. donald trump has recently
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picked up a few endorsements he might not want. white supremacists. trump responded. he said he hopes his message isn't attracting the wrong kind of people. neonazi website, the daily stormer has officially backed donald trump. they playsed trump's willingness to call mexicans out as criminal rapists, murderers are and drug dealers. he also apparently has a white supremacist fan in north dakota. craig has been trying to buy small towns to create white communities. he wants to buy antler, north dakota where the population is in the 20ss. he wants to rename the small city trump creativity. the main staik is based on his movement, a movement that teaches white people are superior. and a david duke, a former grand wizard of the ku klux klan also
2:30 pm
made comments supporting trump on his radio show. i'm joined now by my panel. what is the correct punctuation of your name. >> potoks right. >> your organization, well known. and in the light of the recent death to the julian bond, monitors hate groups. how wide spread is the support of trump? >> very wide spread. it is remarkable to look along the white supremacist sites and wlogs and so on. across the board these groups are talking about how wonderful donald trump. is david duke talked act his incredibly great position on certain things. and so on. so this immigration business and especially the defaming of immigrants that trump has engaged in has really turned these people on. >> so when we talk about the way in which trump speaks to their views, how do we put him in the
2:31 pm
context where we understand just what the wolf whistling that is going on potentially. and the explicit embrace of some very troubling viewpoints at the same time? >> well i think that at the end of the day trump espousing what are clearly white nationalist positions. positions that dove tail perfectly with some of the positions of david duke and his ilk. i think that is really what is happening. what is in his mind we don't know. i think at the end of the day trump is an actor. he's a kind of glenn beck figure. so who is to say what's going on inside his head. but the real point to me is that when people like donald trump, very much in the public square say things like mexicans are rapists and murderer, that kind of talk leads directly to criminal violence. we saw that a few days ago in boston and we have seen it roeptedly in the past. back in 2008 a man named marselo
2:32 pm
lucero was murdered on long island. an ecuadoran immigrant. that was really the culmination of several years of local politicians talking about latino immigrant, mexican immigrants. how if those people came to my neighborhood i'd be there with a shotgun and so on. so there is a very close relationship between this kind of speech and real life hate crime. >> what is your reaction to donald trump saying he hopes his message isn't attracting the wrong kind of people? >> i think this is a day late and a dollar short. when trump first responded to that awful hate crime in boston, where two white men were arrested for beating up and urinating on a latino homeless man. his reaction was well my people are passionate. he didn't condemn it al all until the next day when obviously he was leaned on to say something that didn't sound like an endorsement of a hate crime. >> mark, of the southern poverty
2:33 pm
law center. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. donald trump spars with another journalist. and whether he's building support by burning bridges with the media shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we're making hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks.
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. donald trump is battling in a media war, a rivally rig nighted this week. fox news chief roger ailes said trump should apologize. matt lauer questioned the root of the conflict. >> personally i'm not a fan. i don't think she does a good job. i don't think she's a very good professional. >> it starts to sound a little bit like you are a guy with a schoolyard crush. when we were in elementary school and guys often say the meanest things about the women they like the most. >> trust me matt there is no crush. >> that's overshadowed by yet another scuffle with a journalist. >> [ inaudible ]. >> okay. who's next. yeah please? excuse me. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. >> [ inaudible ]. >> go ahead. >> i have the right --
2:38 pm
>> no you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. you weren't called. >> [ inaudible ]. >> go. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> donald trump's security removed univision anchor from his tuesday evening news conference. univision posted a video of an exchange with a trump supporter after the. >> you are very rude. it is not about you. >> univision -- >> rams was eventually let back in to the event but not without a clash. >> how much am i suing univision for right now? do you know the number? do you know the number, you are part of a lawsuit. how much am i suing univision for. wait. 500 million. >> joining me now is my panel.
2:39 pm
susan, if donald trump is in a media war, we see the bombs being dropped and the shrapnel being spread. who's winning this war and who is he in it with? >> i think right now both the media and donald trump are actually winning. because when you look at something like what happened with megyn kelly, which was disgraceful in how he went after her after the debate and his actions the last couple of days, her ratings, she's had the highest rating shows she's ever had as a result. i'm not saying she's looking for that. but that is part of the end result. donald trump is doing better in every poll since those incidences. but what i think and you look at this interview with ramos here. he is in danger of really starting to look like a bully. now at the end donald trump did the right thing by allowing him back in and frankly the reporter went too far if you look at the whole tape in his questioning. but p a at some point there is a
2:40 pm
narrative to be built about him not being just a strong leader but being a real bully and mean. and i think that is what we saw when he even got so petty about the univision lawsuit or megyn kelly being a bimbo. that is the pettiness. the meanness. when does he become the mean donald trump and i think that is something he's in a danger of. >> here is what trump had to say about ramos. >> he was totally out of line last night. i was asking and being asked a question from another reporter. i would have gotten to him very quickly and he stood up and started ranting and raving like a madman. >> so we're used to hearing presidential candidates criticize the liberal or right wing media but how common is it to berate specific journalists? >> it is not very common to see a news maker wage director warfare against particular media figures and that is what we saw
2:41 pm
with donald trump. he has that know who ramos is and what univision is. to me the most telltale line of trumps was go back to univision. he say this is to ramos right there in front of the cameras and all sounding like go back to your own country or something like that. he's running for troll in chief, the kind of one liners that go beyond editorial comment. he's playing to his base in a very base fashion. >> henry, what do youp÷ what's going on here? the go back to univision comment may be substituted by country, by you're an immigrant. but this is basically the walter cronkite of latino journalism. and he often out -- he often gets more viewers than even the combined network viewership in this country. so tell us why this is so important of a frakis between these two.
2:42 pm
>> jorge ramos is the primary anchor onion visio univision. there have been polls on this. he is the single most trusted human being by latinos in america. that is who donald trump attacked. and what we know from polling that was done just prior to the day before the 2012 election, 60% of latino voters get their news in part, in substantial part, about politics from spanish language media. and dominate among them is univision. he's done this now twice. both to an anchor for univision for an anchor from telemundo. so we're seeing this kind of consistent push it is going to be very bad for him. the question will be to what extent does it brand the republican party as antilatino
2:43 pm
even beyond donald trump. >> so susan, trump won't apologize to megyn kelly. we hear about the frosty of his antilatino viewpoints. what does that -- how does that bode in terms of his misogynistic charges or at least his antiwoman believes? it certainly hurts him no doubt about it. and yet we keep saying he's surge -- not surging but doing very well. at least doubling jeb bush in one or two states. it becomes a problem if you try to look at him as the general election candidate. that is for sure. republicans just might not well not even show up. everything he's doing is hurting the party on a national level. and it will trickle down and could be very harmful, you know, when we get down looking at congressional seats or especially u.s. senate seats actually. when you look about how many are up. there are about 24 republicans up this go around and that could be very problematic. >> thank you so much.
2:44 pm
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we're still following breaking news out of virginia. earlier today alison parker and adam ward were fatally shot during a broadcast on live tv. erika edwards has the latest. >> they were out doing their job. a job they did regularly as the news team. >> wednesday morning, wdbj reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward were in the middle of a live interview when a gunman shockingly shot and killed them both. >> it is my sad duty to report that alison and adam died this morning. >> the news crew was stunned. >> you can hear people behind us in the news room crying. >> we're holding back too.
2:49 pm
>> alison and adam weren't just co-workers, they were family. adam ward has proposed marriage to his girlfriend, melissa ott. she was at work this morning, her las day before taking a job in another city. adam had plans to follow her and told coworkers he was thinking of getting out of news. >> he always came with a smile and willing to do extra and willing to stay late. >> wdbj anchor chris herseurst revealed they were talking about getting married. even those in law enforcement who knew both alison and adam were shaken. >> i was watching this morning's broadcast and couldn't understand really what was happening, myself. >> it is a tragic news story. journalists and viewers alike struggle to comprehend. >> that was erica edwards
2:50 pm
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if i'm elected president, on the very first day that i'm sworn into office, i will direct the department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and to prosecute any and all criminal violation by that organization. >> ted cruz is targeting planned parenthood and it seems he'll stop at nothing to defund them. unfortunately for him, his
2:54 pm
senate colleagues aren't as dedicated to the effort to defund. a vote to strip $500 million in federal funding failed in the senate earlier this month. now he's looking to a higher power to push the agenda forward. cruz held a conference call with pastors asking them to preach from the pulpit about defunding planned parenthood. noting leaders from both sides have said they do not want a defunding vote tied to critical legislation. cruz wants churches to pressure members of congress to support an amendment of federal funding to planned parenthood in the upcoming budget bill. congress has until september 30th to pass a budget or risk shutdown. the texas senator said he wouldn't be to blame if the bill goes bust. he said, it will be a decision of the president's and the president's alone whether he would veto funding for the federal government because of a commitment to ensuring taxpayer
2:55 pm
dollars continuing to flow to what appears to be a national criminal organization. congressman, do you think cruz will be able to get others on board with an amendment defunding planned parenthood on this budget? >> he might. that's why we have a real fight on our hands. look, we just had another tragic shooting in the united states today. but instead of dealing with the pressing issues of gun violence, which congress should be doing something about right now. in fact, a long time ago. we have people like senator cruz who's actually threatening to shut down the united states government if he doesn't get his way on defunding planned parenthood and harming women's health. and the real problem is, he may have enough other republican senators who are using the senate as a stage to run their presidential campaigns, to actually make good on this threat. after all, two years ago, senator cruz and others shut the government down for 16 days. so we should all be on high
2:56 pm
alert and make sure we do everything possible to prevent it this time. >> sure, he led, cruz, the last shutdown and it cost the government $24 billion. how would another shutdown impact the country in your estimation at this point? >> it would create havoc once again. we have a congress right now coming back in september, only about nine legislative days to go before we have to fund the next year of the u.s. government. and so if senator cruz and the tea party succeeds in shutting it down, you're going to see the kind of multi billion dollar losses you saw last time. you're going to have places like the veterans benefit administration that won't be able to process educational benefits, rehabilitation benefits for our veterans. if it shuts down for long, you'll have disability payments to veterans that won't go forward. and that's just one example. national parks will close. support for women, infants, and
2:57 pm
children will dry up. and so ted cruz is essentially saying, he's willing to shut down the government, hurt these veterans' programs, hurt the programs for women, infants and children, in order to defund planned parenthood and harm women's health. so they want to take us back to the middle ages. no government and no women's health. >> the markets have recently gone haywire, we've seen them be corrected now, but they're still topsy-turvy in light of the potential influence of the markets in china and what is it does with its money and so on. so would ted cruz actually risk the financial vulnerability, last time we got a down rating in our bond rating, would he really risk that in order to make a point about planned parenthood? >> well, apparently he's going around the country saying he will do exactly that. and you're absolutely right. last time we saw very harmful effects on the economy.
2:58 pm
the uncertainty generated when the u.s. government shuts down creates bad ripple effects for american families across the country. and, again, here we go again, for a highly ideological cause, he's willing to shut down the government. last time he wanted to shut down obamacare. he wanted to deny the 16 million americans who now have more affordable coverage that kind of coverage. this time he wants to deny women who depend on planned parenthood for health care, deny that health care opportunity. and so he apparently is planning to go to extreme lengths to do this. and some people might not take it seriously, except this is the guy who was closing down the government last time. he read "green eggs and ham" on the senate floor, but despite the fact that he was totally unserious on the senate floor, he did succeed in shutting down
2:59 pm
the government. so we've got to make sure the country knows what's happening here, that republicans are going to prepare to go to great lengths when it comes to shutting down funds for women's health. you mentioned earlier in the show donald trump's comments about women. so we got those comments, we've got ted cruz threatening to shut down programs for women's health and willing to shut down the government to do it. >> right. >> so we have a big fight on our hands. we didn't let them shut down the affordable care act last time, we're not going to let them shut down planned parenthood this time. but we have a fight on our hands. >> what's worse, president ted cruz, or president donald trump? >> oh, my god, don't do that to me. i'm confident the country is watching this spectacle and given the choices they've seen on the republican side, we're going to do very well on the democratic side. but, you know, people do not want to go down that extremist road. and all this talk about shutting
3:00 pm
down the government to shut down planned parenthood just makes them all the more willing to go for a democratic candidate, but let's keep fighting. >> chris van hollen, thank you for your time tonight. michael eric dyson. "politicsnation" with the reverend al sharpton starts right now. right now on "politicsnation," breaking news, a reporter and photographer killed on live tv. the gunman, a former co-worker who allegedly had a grudge. also in 2016 politics, can republicans stop donald trump? and finding faith ten years after katrina. i'll talk to a reverend of a church from the lower ninth ward who's holding services in his living room. we start with breaking news in virginia. three people shot at


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