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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 28, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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another prison. actually i think it is going to happen this year, if this is the quality of the remaining arguments against it. "first look" is up next. friday august 28th. right now tropical storm erika takes a deadly turn. this as we have the tenth anniversary. more of the mab that gunned down two tv journalists on live television. donald trump tries to say tu pay or not "first look" starts
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now. well good morning on this friday. right now puerto rico is bracing for a storm. it just rolled through the caribbean where at least four people are dead and others missing. erika is gaining zprengt could be on the collision course with the u.s. we're tracking the storm, and so sounds like she is powerful. >> she can. that's the threat today and mud slides possible and the tdo minute kin republic. it's alreaearly in the game sti
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and we're looking for a disorganized storm and not impressive and just past. they can get the squals later on today, and then the storm is going to head up as we go throughout the day today. that's high mountains three or four, and that tears them apart. that's some portions of the good news there. as far as the forecast track is, the new one takes it over and a very weak storm and it may dissipate and then close to cuba it's taken a track and now the hurricane center has it going straight to south up through florida, and that's going to keep it a weak er storm too. it could be off the west coast of florida and off the code of uncertainty. if we start to talk only a tropical storm, we have had a bad drought.
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now we're talking beneficial rain instead of a storm that can do a lot of damage. it's still early, but we will have more. >> yeah, a tone of uncertainty. we're also focussing on another deadly storm. ten years ago katrina blowed through and 1,500 people died in louisiana alone. now on more on how the region is recovering. people are wondering how much healing has taken place. >> reporter: betty, a lot. some of the areas that needed it the most and there's a lot of concern and healing that needs to be done. there was a lot of concern and fear. still no hand damandatory evacu
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>> ten years ago today there was confusion and what would be the beginning of chaos. as they crashed the shoreline, much of the gulf coast. >> one of the levies has broken way. >> help us. what else can you do or say. >> with tens of thousands he realized that it was time to come home. >> it was very scary. he left the town and planned to open in new york. >> katrina happened, and i felt that my world change. >> in an old fire house he bought thinking he would be part of the cure. that's the name of the bar, cure. something that they have been working on for a decade. >> we are resilient and hopeful people. >> hope that you seen in the
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city. the french quarters back and booming and neighborhoods are restored and then the volunteers that rebuild the areas still torn apart. >> we're going bring everybody back and make a city that we're going to make. >> a goal that might seem out of reach until you see what's done in the last ten years here. >> yeah, a decade later is for as many as 65,000 homes. that's the latest and i am jim gray. betty. >> okay. thank you so much. we're getting a picture of the killer on television. this shows the in side of vester flanagan one bedroom apartment. neatly arranged with pictures on the fridge and cups in the sink. they're coming together to honor
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the victims. >> as the memorial grows outside of wdbj tv. >> i don't think that anyone in this community it's not personal anymore. >> my grief which is still apparent and will be that way for a while has turned to anger. >> her father grieving but gearing up for a battle against guns. >> i am relentless, and i will not stop until something happens. >> on wednesday they were in the middle of a morning live shot when vester flanagan opened up and was fired. he was hired after getting positive references and fired for performance you issues. when he was escorted from the building, he had words for his boss. >> he handed a wood cross to the news director and said you'll
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need this. >> they found that he had two glock pistols, three license plates and a wig. >> every single day it seems like there's another story. it's so easy to lose sight that these are real people and the family's are kbroogrieving. it has to stop. >> they continue to cover a crime that has touched them in a personal way. video of donald trump def d defending his hair is making it around social media this morning. >> i don't wear a toupee. it's my hair. i swear. >> he invited one woman and invited her to inspect the hair. meanwhile all the candidates are in minneapolis today for the
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committee of the summer meeting, and this comes as the speculation is building if joe biden is going to go the race. nbc lawrence has more on the meeting. >> biden will decide to run for president or not. at the summer meeting biden supporters are courting the delegates and asking them to keep something in mind. >> primaries are good. this is the primary that we bet them. the more the merrier. >> still no decision by the vice president. the other topic for dnc is hillary clinton's e-mail
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continue voir di controver controversy. >> the other candidates are complaining of unfair treatment within the dnc favoring hillary clinton. five people are back on solid ground after being swallowed up by a sink hole. you can see one woman clinging to the pipes as the whole goes up. they're trying to figure out what actually caused that collapse. okay. nine minutes past the hour. time to get down to business. >> good morning to you. the markets could take a break today. stocks surging on the positive
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and oil prices that jump ten percent. watch for i income and spending. mark says that facebook passes and over 17 million people were logged in and they argued hundred 70 million daily uses in the quarter. apple sends out an event september 9th in san francisco. they're going do the 6 s and 6 plus. they can also reveal the apple tv box and upgraded features and a 12 mega pixel camera. >> okay. let's get to the action right now. the mets taking on the philly. he hits a line drive and rolls out of his foot. it's unusual but amazing play. they come back to win it 9-5.
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the 1975 nba draft by the 76 ers and he was the first high school player to be taken in the first round. we spent 14 year in the league and grammy award winner from the backboard shattering. look at this one. he will be missed. >> aparade of races formed to remember justin wilson. he died on monday after suffering a head injury during a crash. okay. so finally the match. the only thing that can top him is the family man. he was knocked down when the man lost control. he only suffered a few scratches
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and rolled over there. details on a deadly shooting in georgia as a college campus is on lock down. we will show you where the lava is next. (dog) mmm. this beneful is so good and healthy.
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. a yujunior was shot and lat died. as we mentioned president bam was in new orleans. he called on congress to not hold the economy host tag and to pass the budget before the september deadline. >> so my message to congress is, pass a budget. prevent a shut down. don't wait until the last
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minute. frank peterson the u.s. marines first black act yvenue or the has died. he is becoming the first african american to hold the rank. peterson was 83. check out this new footage of lava flowing out of a k volcano. as of right now the lava is not a throat any homes. that's a bit of good news there. jeb bush has a throw back moment. scrambled politics is next. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. coming up on 19 minutes past the hour. gop candidate has written a new article in the wall street journal. he writes that it's the only path to lasting peace and partnership with the u.s. and china. aides have concerned that former houser rick cantor will epp dors jeb bush. he has a political and fundraising network. meanwhile on social media jeb bush is sharing a throw back moment with a young man
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attending a campaign event. >> you were not born with the ve reagan push campaign. that's an antique, i guess. >> from to team up for the rally against iran. they will appear at an event organized next month. 2008 defending donald trump. >> certainly. i am about the abc. anybody but clinton. >> she is is not the only one supporting donald trump. he is leading in some poll, and that has some shocked. >> one has them leading by
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40 percent. ben carson is second in the poll with 12 percent and jeb bush is third. donald trump has 52. right now they're the scientists in a movie realize thag the creation has escaped from a lab. >> one way of putting it. that's the morning scrambled politics. 21 minutes past the hour, and it's friday. good morning. >> happy friday betty. we made it. >> yeah, what a few months it could be. he says that he won't make the decision to run at the end of the summer. could that be too late? >> you know what, i don't think that it would be. as he is announcing the presidential, it would be time of the first democratic presidential debate. if he has a strong showing, it could really launch his campaign
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into the early primary states and of course south carolina. now she has deadly weapveloped hold even though the trailing. briden in the race would shakt up. the big question and the big thing to watch is whether or not they can get the infrastructure on the ground. that's what he has to focus on. >> yeah, that's going to hang over the campaign for months to come. >> yeah, when you look at the polls she is clearly the democratic front runner. she has a solid firewall in iowa and she's still leading in the general match up, and has a lot of money. it's shown particularly the trust worthy numbers and the
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e-mail server and scandal with the fbi investigating and really oepg up a lot in the terms with vun rablt. she is going have to try to get out of this. >> yeah, the trust is key. i want to talk about it more. she is speaking at the dnc summer meeting today. what does she need to do to prove that there's no need for a biden run? >> she needs to end the questions and try to move past all of these unanswered questions by answering them. she still has not. she has to answer the questions. it's a real real skapdcandal. >> yeah, we have to get them to move on. okay. so our week in review ahead. including this little gem that we had to show you again. stay with us.
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the biggest ruling ever, and a clear declaration by the courts. people that say that this is the first step, no this is somebody that you do and it's one. so from the news conference heard around the world to an amazing ricochet off a foot, this is the week that was. >> okay. who is next. >> bringing in a big wall of dust. five people are back on solid ground after being swallowed up by a sink hole in china. >> sit down. sit down. go ahead. no you don't.
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>> fox beapproximagan to follow vintage fighter jet crashed into a busy road and leaving cars to burn on the highway. >> you have not been called. go back to univison. >> that's off the pitch ers foot. he snags it and wow. >> he finally found his match. the only person that seemed to stop him is that camera guy right there. >> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> vice president biden has received the blessing to run. biden has not made a decision yet, but plans to as soon as amazon delivered the mamg i can eight ball that he ordered. >> some say that i like the kelly file without megyn kelly.
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>> you were not called. >> exploded and the dow closed more than 600 points and a couple of people in miami made a splash on tuesday when they got married under water. >> yes, go ahead. hi, chip. yes. >> what a week it was. this is "first look" and "way too early" starts right now. ♪ i don't wear a toupee. it's my hair. i swear. come here. come here. come here. come here. you have to do an inspection. this is getting crazy. this is crazy. just real quick. we don't want to mess it up. i do use hair spray. come come.
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trust and verify. hillary tries to tell people that she is on the path to the white house. where it's making land fall on the east coast and then what classic tv show was he really in. this is the show that's as easy as donald trump's hair. hilly is hitting since she launched the campaign and she took the attacks further and campaigning in ohio when she had this to say. >>


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