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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 28, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> labrie was cleared of the three most grave charges in the case. those three felony sexual assault charges but he was found guilty on three misdemeanor assault charges the computer felony charge and one charge of endangering a child. prosecutors speaking to reporters said they hoped that the verdict in this case sends a message. and labrie's attorney says that
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for him and for owen, for mr. labrie, the most important takeaway is that he was cleared of any charge that says he engaged in anything but consensual activity with the accuser that night at st. paul's a year ago. >> let's bring in msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber to try and break this down for us. first, were you surprised by the verdict? and try to explain to us, iej not a legal person. not guilty on felony sexual assault. guilty on misdemeanor sexual assault. what is the difference. >> to your first question i was not surprised by this verdict. the prosecution had a hard time getting beyond that high bar, beyond a reasonable doubt, to prove and demonstrate that this was definitely non consensual. why? because evidence was introduced at trial showing this young woman, who was 15 years old at the time a girl, had said to other people after the fact that
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it was consensual. that kind of disagreement in your testimony can exist and you can still think something. you are allowed to be confused in life but not in law when you have to go beyond a reasonable doubt. that really undercut part of the prosecution's case. what we saw today the breaking news the jury obviously not feeling that carried the day. to your second question, what else is going on the here, basically the most of the misdemeanor sexual assault charges were to the fact she was too young to consent. she was under 16. so the only legitimate defense to that was didn't do it wasn't there. this defense had a riszz risky strategy by saying he was there. and he did interact but they didn't have intercourse and to the extent they had other interaction it was consensual. that was a gamble and they basically won. he still now has serious convictions hanging over his head. >> and registered as a sex offender for life. this is a portion of the victim's testimony.
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take a listen to this. >> i didn't want any of this. i was so confused. i why ndidn't know what else i do. i had already said no. and i had already moved his face physically. i didn't know what else he could understand from that. >> so when you look at this verdict, did the jury hear -- did the jury decide that she had not resisted him? i mean, where do you draw the line of consent? >> this is the difficult part. and that testimony is difficult to listen to. we of course at msnbc are not naming or identifying that accuser. and that is why that voice you heard is also manonymous. what she was saying there is she said no more than once. she didn't want this to happen and according to her it still happened. and that is a clear line in many
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states where consent can be verbal and non consent is verbal and that is the end. there are a lot of states that have what many legal scholars consider sexist antiquated rules in the books that saying no is not enough, that legally you have to say no and physically resist. that is not the law in new hampshire. but again on m.erchandise chargs it was about her age. whether do we know about the jurors? there were more men than women. they sat through about eight hours of deliberations. and we know they made distinctions here. >> is that a quick turnaround. >> what it suggests is it wasn't open and shut. it was over two days and they had a relatively complex list. >> and now that he has some of these convictions, will he see jail time? >> the short answer is we don't know. that will depend on the sentencing hearing in late october. the answer based on the precedent would be it is likely
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he will see jail time because it is multiple misdemeanors plus this computer felony charge. but he will not be seen by any means what they originally hoped the 20 plus years. >> how long do you think it will be if he's seeing jail times. >> depends on the judge. >> is it like a maximum and a minimum assistance? >> he could see multimillion years. he could see one to five years something that that range. we just don't know what the judge wants to do. what we know here more broadly is there was a lot of discussion in this trial about how boys are being raised and what the culture is at this school. ultimately the defense was able to use that more than the prosecution to say this young woman knew or should have no one what was going on. so beyond the conversation itself t larger conversation has to be about what the rules are. what the laws are and what to avoid. to air on the side of less not more and really put a stop to some of these bad traditions. >> the father of slain virginia
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reporter alison parker is speaking out today giving a forceful plea for the media to keep attention on gun violence. >> you know each time you think there is a tipping point with sandy hook or aurora and then nothing gets done. she's one of you guys. she's one of you guys. and not that that makes you special but, you know, you have a voice. and you need to use that voice. and we need to keep the pressure on the politicians to not be afraid of the nra. >> andy parker offered those powerful words after visiting the station where his daughter alison and her cameraman adam ward worked together. parker praises terri mccullough today. and today we are also getting video provided exclusively to nbc news of the inside of gunman vester flanagan's apartment. it wasn't very decorated. just sparse elements there. he had some photos of himself
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taped to the refrigerator, particularly from his modelling days. msnbc's adam reiss has been following all of this and joins us live from virginia. strong words today from alison parker's father and they were geared particularly to the madia to keep the spotlight on the issue of gun control. what was the central message in what he was saying? >> right ayman, good afternoon. he says he hopes that this time is different. now that the media has been targeted, he hopes the media will join his cause and have that big effect across the country. he's on a mission he says. he's determined to do something about gun control, about background checks. he says he's going to the virginia legislature. he'll face down the nra. he says he's going to hold their feet to the fire because he doesn't want his daughter's death to be in vain. >> and parker's father also says he thinks he'll need to get a gun now for self defense. let's play a little bit of that.
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>> i don't own a gun. we don't have a gun in our family. i'm probably gonna have to get one. i mean sad to say but, you know, when you are in the media, as you know and when you are, you know, taking on an issue like there, there are a lot of people that take exception to what you're saying. >> explain this for us. does this complicate the message of what he's try to say? on one hand tougher gun control measures, at the same time he's saying he'll go out and get a gun. what was the reaction to this as he said it? >> we were pretty surprised but he says he knows this is a dangerous and divisive issue. he's on a mission. and he feels he needs to be armed. he very well may be targeted as he takes on this mission. he goes out there and faces down the virginia legislature and goes after the nra. he doesn't know who might be after him. he feels more comfortable armed. it is strange, ironic. his daughter was killed with a gun but now he's feels he's
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going to take up arms. >> now to the breaking fluz on wall street where stocks fell heading into the weekday. it marks the end of a roller coaster week that began with the dow plunging more than 1,000 points monday morning. major gains on wednesday and thursday helped recover some of those losses. and we're going to have a lot more on the wild week on wall street later in the show. coming up next, hillary clinton fired up and on offense today. >> now, all of the stuff they are saying might be red meat in a republican primary. but it is dead wrong in 21st century america. >> it comes as her campaign is reportedly trying to discourage joe biden from running. plus george w. bush returns to new orleans today ten years after hurricane katrina. and later tropical storm erika slamming the caribbean and causing deadly flooding. will it hit florida this weekend. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one.
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today a fired uphill clint delivered a passionate speech where she slammed republicans and sought to rally the party around her candidacy. >> we democrats are not going to sit idly by while republican s shame and blame women. when they demonize immigrants latino, asian oar anything else. when they say climate change isn't real or same sex couples are the threatening our freedom. we're going to fight. we're going to win. it is time to rebuild our party from the ground up. and if you make me the nominee that is exactly what i will do. >> this marks a concerted push to reassure nervous democrats
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over the use of her private e-mail server. they have grown increasingly frustrated with the inability to put the subject to rest. >> i did not send or receive material marked classified. >> it doesn't frustrate me. it is just the reality. and i'm trying to do a better job of explaining to people what's going on. so that there is not all of this, you know, concern and there is some sense made out of the confusion and to answer people's questions. >> and responding to the inevitable question answer vice president joe biden, clinton said she has the greatest affection for her colleague and she should leave to it him to make the decision. joining me now is my panel.
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steve, let me begin with you. a fired up speech from hillary clinton i'd say. perhaps one of the most emotional i've seen to date. is this a turning point for her? >> i've always believed that she's a sbert candidate when she's running against some body or some threat. and you saw that in new hampshire when she was running against obama. she became a better candidate in that process. i think the pressure her campaign has been under has been unfortunate but they have weathered it okay and she's coming out swinging today. and i think this might be the beginning of a different look for the hillary clinton campaign and for hillary clinton. >> and karen, what is your assessment of that? do you think this is a different side to hillary so far? >> well i think she definitely had home field advantage on this. there is no more democratic establishment gathering than the dnc.
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these are exactly the people she's already gotten behind her candidacy. but they are very nervous. they are nervous about what they are seeing in the poll numbers and her approval rating. and i think she was trying to give them some kind of preview of what kind of general election candidate she would be against whoever the republicans end up putting up. >> ron, political reports today that hillary clinton's team is getting tired of the joe biden talk. and this week they want to kill it. do you agree? and what ways is she trying to keep biden from running? >> i think what we saw today was she wanted to launch a full thwarted defense not only of herself but to rebrand the democratic party but also as you pointed outl eed out to keep th president on the side lines. what i've been hearing hear in washington is they are very nervous in team hillary if the vice president would enter the race and dwoivert resources and staff away from her.
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she thinks she can win obviously against bernie sanders but the vice president adds a different dynamic. >> and 8 out of 10 people according to a political survey they don't think biden will run. and 75 actually don't want him to run. is that what you are hearing as well? >> that doesn't really make a difference. the only conversation that matters right snow the one going on inside joe biden's head. as he's trying to decide how badly he wants to run and whether his family can take the toll that a political campaign would. >> steve, do you think a biden campaign would hurt or help a hillary clinton campaign? if you say she runs better against someone does that include someone from her own party as seasoned and veteraned as joe biden? >> you look back to 2008 for a great reference point. hillary clinton was a much better candidate at the end of
1:19 pm
2008 having gone toe to toe with barack obama than she is today. i i don't think anyone would question that. they don't want the distraction and resources and talent that might come but she has nothing to fear but fear itself. and if she is able to beat him she'll be a stronger and better candidate going into the election. >> this is taking a lot of criticism from republicans about hillary clinton's remarks yesterday where she compared them to terrorists about women's issues. take a listen. >> extreme views about women. we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it is a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> you know, republicans have said some things in the
1:20 pm
campaign. they have gotten a lot of criticism for it. some have asked them to apologize. the rnc now says she should apologize for her comments. do you think she crossed the line? >> absolutely. look we can cross the line but suggesting that terrorists and look back to september 11, 2001 where they killed over 2,000 innocent americans, terrorists want to bring down our very way of life ayman. and for her to say that -- and many places across the world it is inexcusable. there is no form. there is no basis for it and she knows better and she should apologize. >> and steve same question to you. >> well listen, i think that this is a great example of a candidate who said something that is now being taken out of context that somebody who a little more practiced and a little more in their groove probably wouldn't have articulated just that way. i understood exactly what she meant and i wasn't offended at all. i do understand why the conversation is occurring.
1:21 pm
>> should she apologize? >> no. she doesn't need to apologize. jeb bush has said some things inelegantly, inartfully. he's not apologizing and no one is asking him to. there was nothing in terms of people who were listening understood what she meant. it's been taken out of context in a way for us to have this conversation. she doesn't need to apologize. >> and should former secretary hillary clinton apologize for those comments? >> i think the what's shown by donald trump this election season is no apologies, just keep moving. >> thank you all for your insight this afternoon. coming up. up to 200 refugees are believed to have a drowned off the coast of libya. a look at the european refugee crisis that continues to worsen by the day. and later george w. bush returns to new orleans for the ten year anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> hurricane katrina is a story of loss beyond measure. it is also a story of commitment and compassion. daily protein needs
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two horrifying migrant tragedies this week off the coast of libya. at least 200 migrants feared dead. in confirmed this would be among the highest death toll of refugees trying to reach europe by boat ever. authorities have arrested at least three people suspected of vormt involvement. in recent weeks europe has found itself overwhelmed by the flood of migrants and refugees. last month more than 100,000 migrants came to europe many fleeing the war in syria. yesterday chancellor and merkel came together to offer solutions
1:26 pm
to the crisis but offered few ideas as to what it might look like. this is a serious crisis. the u.n. estimates 3,000 people are crossing into the bulkance every day and the world has witnessed these two horrible tragedies just this week alone. what it is e.u., the european union doing o, to address this crisis? and why isn't there a policy to address this? >> the employee is certainly the biggest migration crisis since world war ii. and we are overwhelmed by the sheer dimension of migrants we face in europe right now. you mentioned chancellor merkel. it is not an easy task to fulfill because every nation has it own means and ways to cope
1:27 pm
with the crisis but it is obviously very necessary. and we have to find rules within the e.u. we have to find ways, how we approach this crisis jointly and together. and that is a huge challenge we pose in the days and months ahead. >> what are some of the possible solutions your country and the e.u. can consider to help prevent these tragedies we're seeing? >> let me start by say iing tha we have to see clearly that many of those who come into zwlegerm or other european countries free from war-ridden areas like syria and other parts of the world. others come for purely economic reasons. and i think the first step would be to clearly distinguish between those who seek asylum in europe, a basic right which is set down in every constitution of europe. and at the same time to look how to deal with those who come for economic reasons only.
1:28 pm
so in germany, for example, we expect 800,000 asylum seekers this very year. that would be the equivalent of two -- 3.5 million immigrants to the united states of america in one year. so we have to try to shape a policy how to deal with those who come here for political reasons because they are persecuted back home and those who come here in order to make a better living. which is understandable and, you know, is respected. but they should not try to seek asylum for political reasons. >> and let me talk about the internal dynamics of country, particularly in germany. in recent months there have been arson attacks on refugee shelters and other hate crimes against refugees coming across germany. authorities are preparing for protest and possibly violence this weekend. what is the plan to deal with this kind of anti refugee, anti
1:29 pm
immigrant sentiment growing across europe? >> unfortunately you are right in mentioning all of these terrible demonstration, attacks even by people of refugee homes. at the same time more than 60,000 germans have declared themselves as volunteers and to help integrate them into society. we have to see both sides. a the population overwhelmedasy year clearly has concerns. so has to come up with the politics in order to get people on board on that. you have heard the federal government, in fact all the political board of germany has expressed dismay and anger about these despicable attacks against refugee homes. but you have to take into consideration, you have to convince the population that they go along with this policy and that is a huge task for our
1:30 pm
politicians in the near future. >> it is a tragedy that continues to unfold every day. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. just ahead we'll go live to new orleans as the gulf region marks ten years since the horrors of the katrina. plus could tropical storm erika bring trouble this weekend? we're live in miami next. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we're making hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. you don't have to be a member to buy their services directly at but members save more on special offers. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. you are looking at can you spot the difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look. the one on the right
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1:34 pm
largest disaster in the united states history. and the president flying over with air force one without touching down. to his praise. and also one of the most criticized years of his presidency. ten years later the president is back in new orleans at a school marking the 10th anniversary. >> all of us are old enough to remember will never forget the images. there are people all around our country who prayed for you. many o of whom showed up so they could say they helped a fellow citizen who was hurting. >> msnbc's tremaine lee covered the storm for the new orleans times. and tremaine, you have been out talking to the people about the storm and you were there during it all. what are they saying about the recovery ten years later?
1:35 pm
>> thank you for having me. there is certainly a gap in this community, in the hoofrt heart of the city. that no matter how they try to fill it there is something missing. something washed away from the storm they can never get back. but again businesses bustling and structures rebuilt and there's certainly been great progress made since that terrible summer ten years ago. but that progress has not come without great sacrifice and great loss. >> the gaping holes left in new orleans landscape by buildings and houses washed away in hurricane katrina are only one aspect of what's been lost. more than the physical wounds, some survivors wrestle with emotional and psychological scars. >> it took me eight years to get home. i couldn't go over bodies of water without seeing bodies. >> one of tens of thousands of residents forced to flee their homes as flood waters engulfed 80% of the city. >> her family eventually ended up in texas staying the better part of the last decade.
1:36 pm
the anniversary of the storm brings back bitter memories. >> to lose everything. you know? everything. all your cloets. all your paperwork, birth certificates. pictures. >> as the city disintegrated into the chaos, the general arrived to restore order and organize the evacuation process. >> people that were poor and struggling before the storm had it even worse after the storm. people that were marginally getting by. that old house they lived in no longer exists. the job they had no longer exists. >> one and a half million people were forced from new orleans and the gulf coast region after katrina. ten years later a number have returned but to a new nornsz. >> it's one of the fapsest growing major cities in america. >> despite the proclamation, violent crime, a problem before katrina, continues to plague
1:37 pm
certain sections of the city. the school system has been torn apart and mad into a first. in the lower ninth ward, the process has been much slower. for every newly built or restored home there is another beyond repair. entire blocks over grown with weeds and nearly 100,000 black residents have not returned compared with 11,000 white residents. >> what haven't we gotten back yet? >> a little bit of the soul is missing. >> and while they have worked hard to repair the damage. >> it took better part of a year and a half to go to sleep. >> many residents continue to struggle with the emotional damage the storm inflicted. >> when you think of the future of this amazing city, what do you hope for? >> i hope for more families to return. >> this community has certainly gone through so much.
1:38 pm
but if there are any people in this country that have a breath of resilience, it is the people of new orleans. >> excellent reporting there tremaine. thank you very much for that heartfelt report tremaine. there is another katrina story that is you have a mississippi gulf coast. when the eye of the made land fall it brought nearly a 28 foot storm surge. across the gulf coast katrina left some 50,000 homes damaged or destroyed. a hundred thousand displaced. thousands put out of work. and 233 people lost their lives. but years later the area is rebuilding and rebounding. joining me now is the representative of the 4th district during the hurricane and through much of the recovery period. what are you recollections of that storm ten years ago.
1:39 pm
>> well number one, happy to be alive considering how bad the storm was. i was actually out on st. louis bay that day with my son. and i remember just being dumbfounded that the bridge had been destroyed. and looking at the street i've lived on for about 30 years, doing a visual assessment and thinking this house is going. the kooensd kennedy's house is gone. the chamber lain's house is goin'. they're all gone. the other how great the first responders were and the national guardsmen. the great response by the navy. they sent the hospital ship comfort down to act as temporary hospitals and lastly the generosity of the american people. first, the 22 billion that congress appropriated of other
1:40 pm
people's tax money. and then the 10s if not hundreds of thousands of volunteer whose came down to give us a day a week a month a year of their lives to help other people rebuild. so some bad memories. some phenomenally good memories. >> you listed a list of the various responses that came to you from the national guard from military. but i'm curious to also get your thoughts on what are some of the lessons that have been learned from katrina as it relates to mississippi? is it mississippi rebuilding smarter this time around? >> oh absolutely. the bay st. louis bridge the buloxi bridge. under power so things can pass underneath. seawalls have all been elevated. again there is no such thing as hurricane proof. but there is such a thing as hurricane resistant and a lot of
1:41 pm
steps that have been taken to minimize the damage next time. the other lessons learned is just how much we're going to need our fellow americans to help us. and again, the admiral, the general, the national guard bureau, they were there to help us. andky not be thankful now have americans for what they gave financially and all the way down to help the kids and school. >> you have mentioned some of the criticism leveled against the federal government back then for its response in new orleans and a lock of resources that were committed to that city. what about the response in mississippi? how did it compare? and a was the federal response adequate for your state and district? >> i think it is in fairness it is a mixed bag. fema was totally inept. the national guard was great. the united states navy was great. the marine corps were all
1:42 pm
rescuing people during the storm. i think the united states military did a phenomenal job. i think our local first responders did a phenomenal job. i thought fema was incredibly inept. >> congressman gene taylor, thank you for your time this afternoon. >> thank you. >> coming up watching tropical storm erika in the atlantic. it's already claimed lives in the caribbean. florida is now under a state of emergency. flooif miami next. i'm sorta marge... you're not marge? we both drive a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance, and we both feel integrity, such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us and therefore. yes. thank you. no. no. please, stop! sorta you, isn't you. start with a quote from esurance and get a set of discounts personalized to you, not someone sorta like you. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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(commentator) where fantasy becomes reality! (penguin 1) where are we going? (penguin 2) the future, boys. the glorious future. (vo) at&t and directv are now one- bringing your television and wireless together- and taking entertainment to places you'd never imagine. (rick) louis, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. it ee's been a devastating hours for dominica. at least 12 are dead after erika triggered flooding and mud slides. erika is winding down but
1:46 pm
florida is under threat for severe weather starting as early as monday. the governor has already declared a state of emergency. live from miami beach, how are people getting prepared behind you? i know it's sunny behind you but that can change very quickly. >> people are preparing and watching the sky, they are watching the weather channel. they are watching you guys, trying to make sure what next move they should make. erika is about 800 miles out that way. in the dominican republic at this time. the question is when exactly will it be coming to the florida area. some models suggest late sunday evening. other models suggest earlier in the day. for new the ocean rescue here on miami beach, they are prepared. starting today some of the hotels will be removing all of the umbrellas and beach chairs and tying loose ends down. in addition you will notice that there are flags on the life
1:47 pm
guard stand behind me. there is yellow and there is purple. yellow is caution. purple is marine life. there is jelly fish in the ocean. but come this weekend he says they are likely going to have red flags. which means one red flag, rip current i. two red flag, off the beach. if erika reaches so close and it really gets dangerous they are going to throw two flags up, meaning that the beach is closed. and life guards making sure everybody stays off the beach. until then everybody is getting their water and sandbags prepared. and the national weather service says the biggest threat to south florida right now is the extreme rain because right now we are dealing with extreme drought here in south florida. about 12 inches behind schedule. so at that point when you are going to have so much rain from erika, where does it go? it can't soak up fast enough, sense the flooding. back you do eamon.
1:48 pm
>> reagan medgie. thank you very much. up next, wall street whiplash. we'll get another check on the markets as stocks try to recover from one of the most volatile weeks in history. and the fastest man on earth taking down by a guy on a segue. what you sa i
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for other stories popping today. the video that went viral around the world. the fastest man in the world usain bolt being taken out by a man on a segway in beijing. bolt laughed it off today saying no big deal. accidents happen. >> yeah. yeah. it was pain if my legs. a little bit sore but i'm okay. >> you have publicly said you
1:52 pm
think perhaps it was one of your rivals who paid this guy to do this to you. i assume that was in jest. >> i told -- i told justin i was going to start that rumor. >> i would still take usain bolt over the segway. how about this? a man who flew his camera drone to the top of a 125 wind turbine got the surprise of his life, saw a man meditating at the top. he told his local paper it was a little annoying. it seems you can't go anywhere the days to get away anymore. >> ever wonder what it's like to be slapped in the face by a grizzly bear? now you know. and a star wars surprise today. this trailer was released showing some cool laight sab ie
1:53 pm
action. and finally kids, a transformer birthday cake. that's right. it transforms. russell monroe used a 3-d print tore construct this awesome o optimus prime cake. dad of years, hands down. and today the dow ended back in negative territory. >> what a wild week we had this week. huge swings early in the week. but it all settled down nicely by today the dow ended up down 11. the s&p was up just over 1 to 1988.87 and the nasdaq was up 15 to 4828.32. that is it for now, have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack.
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1:57 pm
existed with without necessities as a local supermarket or a lot of other things. instead residents had to take three buses to get to the nearest store that. changed in 2014 when resident burrnel cotland opened his own grocery store. here is his story. >> hey good morning. >> good morning. can i come in? >> yeah of course. come on. this is what the building used to look like when i first started out. a lot of people that didn't evacuate had to get rescued by helicopter. that is what this hold is for. others just made holes and jumped in. the water. you have to think about all this was submerged. this whole entire building was. for. >> for the store to come back and give us the home of goods
1:58 pm
and revive oug community. we ain't have nothing back here. now you can go to the store and get you something to eat. get you something to drink. it's somewhere so go now. >> showing the community something can be done again. it is a store. not even a home. it is a store for people who are struggling hard to put their home together. and that is a good thing. they can see growth and that will encourage them to put their houses back together. >> need a loaf of bread. >> we have quite a few elderly people that do not have transportation. >> some juice. >> and they need someone to bring the items to them. and it started off with one day a week. it was called delivery wednesdays. but when the word spread around that we do deliveries, it took off like wild fire. so now it is six days a week. >> be right back. gonna do a delivery.
1:59 pm
well two deliveries. >> see that makes me feel good when customers come running to the store. the kids love it. they love it. that is every day. every day. bringing life back. [ laughter ] we're not a third world country. this is not a island. we are part of new orleans. this is -- we are part of it. >> i'll just pop a wheellie. >> people come and just cry because they don't have to go so far. now they can walk right here. and that's what make it worthwhile. the look on some customers faces is priceless. it is precisely. i want to see my neighborhood come back to normal. i want to see the lower ninth
2:00 pm
ward look like the rest of the city. and that is -- that's my goal. that is my goal. and i'm going to continue to fight to get it every day. >> well that does it for me this hour. i'm ayman mohyeldin. have a great weekend. michael eric dyson picks up live coverage next. i'm michael eric dyson. tonight hillary clinton under attack for comparing republican rivals to terrorists. plus rivals donald trump and ted cruz team up to rally for a common cause. and a secret star wars trailer revealed. progressives though have flooded the twin cities. democratic candidates are in minneapolis for the party summer greeting. crowds packed the event to hear who they hope will be the next president of the united states. voters were particularly eager to hear a follow up to hillary clinton's fiery commentary on women's health. on thursday he compared gop candidates to extremists. >> we expect that from some of the terrorist


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