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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 31, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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poutine in and out, it's okay. >> nothing but strip clubs and poutine in montreal. >> i just want the oil up there. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." "the rundown" begins right now. and good morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. developing now on "the rundown," there man accused of gunning down a texas sheriff tfs deputy while he filled up his gas tank is scheduled to be in court this morning. shannon miles is set to be arraigned in the death of deputy darren goforth, and the seemingly random attack has left the community shaken. janet shamlian is live in houston. what's the feeling on the ground there? >> caller: jose, good morning to you. this is a community in shock. last night, they organized a walk to kind of support law enforcement officers and support each other, expecting 100, maybe 200 people. more than 1,000 people came out
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and sang hymns, donated to the officer's family. the total just from the gas station collections surpassing $70,000 as of this morning. meanwhile, police are still searching for a motive here in what appears to be an execution-style murder. today, the suspect charged in the ambush killing of a houston deputy while he pumped gas will be in authority, but authorities say shannon miles' motive is a history. the sheriff says it may have been for one reason. goforth was wearing an officer's uniform. witnesses say the shots kept coming as the deputy lay dying on the ground. >> he was down, and he kept shooting five, six times. >> a community steeped in heartbreak. sunday night, more than 1,000 people walked in quiet solidarity. sharing support for law enforcement and the slain officer's family. >> it breaks my heart to know that they're going to be without a father. >> the senseless crime has drawn
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crowds to the gas station, now a flower-filled memorial. this family drove 50 miles. >> as a peace officer, how does this touch you? >> i mean -- this is something we do every day. >> traffic at a standstill nearby as drivers stopped to open their wallets for the deputy's family. >> thank you. every penny going to infamily. >> almost $70,000 in two days. an online effort has raised tens of thousands more. darren goforth had another title, daddy, to a 5-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter. and husband to a wife who in a statement called him a blend of toughness and gentility. and today, goforth's wife has the heartbreaking task of planning a funeral for her husband. jose, that is tentatively set for this friday. back to you. >> janet, thank you very much. let me bring in eugene
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o'donnell, a former nypd officer. thank you for being with me. this killing has evoked strong emotions from local law enforcement, as you can imagine. take a listen to harris county sheriff ron hickman on saturday. >> so, when the rhetoric ramps up to the point where calculated cold-blooded assassination of police officers happen, this rhetoric has gotten out of control. we have heard black lives matter, all lives matter. cops' lives matter, too. why don't we drop the qualifier and say lives matter? >> what's your reaction to what the sheriff says? >> look, it's an emotional time for law enforcement. we don't have to have either/or. the african-american community has suffered for many years in a system that's unfair, and there's legitimate issues raised by black lives matter. of course, police lives also should matter. this divisiveness is really bad and it's particularly bad when you have this extremism, and
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some of the people that are sort of thinly hinged to begin with hear this messaging, this sort of tribal us versus them, and they can act on it. we have to be very mindful of this. it's very important in this conversation about criminal justice reform we not be demonizing the police. it's important we not be demonizing anybody at this point. we have to build a justice system that takes care of all americans to the best extebt we can. >> let's go through the statistics. 50 police officers killed by firearms in 2014. up 56% from the year prior. 32 officers were then killed by firearms. when you look at the first half of 2015, that number stands at 18. a year ago, that number was 24. are officers more or less in danger than they were in the past, do you think? >> i think there's an issue, it's not really about lethality, there's an issue about a drum beat of criticism, about the police, comparing cases that really are not comparable, and
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sort of facts later, headlines firstmantality that has really helped to undermine the police. >> like what, give me some examples? >> well, i mean, even some of the cases that have been highlighted. i don't think the nypd under any circumstances went out to kill eric garner, the michael brown case turned out to be complex. the police are operating in urban america with a lot of guns around, a lot of violence around. and you know, it's a complicating question about deadly force and the criminal justice system, and a lot of the emotional stuff and the headline grabbing has decidedly not been about complexity. it's about streamlining and team choosing and pitting people against each other. and that's not helpful at all. again, it's really unhelpful when you have people that think there's a war on black america, a war on white america, and they're keeping score, and some tiny number of those people are actually dangerously unhingeable and so we need to be clear about making these reforms, and we have to remind people, cops are
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justice workers. they're out there. they literally have skin in the game trying to make this very imperfect, very conflicting justice system -- we can't agree. it's hard to come to consensus on things like drug enforcement. police are out in the middle trying to make it real, and we need to do systematic fixes. some extent the discussion has been upside down, going after street officers rather than saying where are the politics and policy changes we need in the country. >> when there are officers who are actually not respecting the full extent of the law, they should be found and they should be removed? >> absolutely, but when you talk about things like deadly force, just as a matter of law, the police are judged differently, and we can't have these situations where first you declare the result and then eventually the facts catch up with those declarations. and we have seen that a lot over the past year. whether intentionally or not, there's been a rush to make a judgment, and then when you go back, then you see that almost
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all of these cases, whether they're ultimately criminal convictions, they're much murkier than they initially appear. >> yeah, most. there are some that are clear as water, and yet, they are bunched in with others that aren't as clear. eugene, thanks for being with me. a pleasure to see you. >> good to see you, jose. >> thanks. and developing now in florida, flood watch is in effect this morning for parts of that state as the remnants of tropical storm erika set to bring heavy rains. the storm lost much of its strength over the weekend after slamming through the dominican republic where it caused major damage. it kimmed at least 20 people, the storm did. kerry sanders is on the west coast of florida, clearwater, with the latest. the tampa bay area saw some flooding a few weeks back. how worried are people about the rain this time around? >> that's the problem. in the last 60 days, they had 27 1/2 inches of rain here, so the ground is satch waited. that's why they have the flooding before. there's fear that the rain that
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is coming, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches, could cause far more problems. that's why sandbagging operations are already under way. and in the arcadia, desoto county area, they have canceled school today. while we have cloudy skies right now and a little blue back there, the maps show and the radar shows that the rain is heading this direction. everybody is quite aware of what's coming and the problems that may actually arrive here over the next 24 to 48 hours with all of that rain coming down. pasco county, the river where they also had the water a little further back over its banks in the last 60 days, well, there's concern that there's going to be flooding there, as well, and really a lot of attention being paid. one of the things that is interesting, this area of the state is saturated. as you go south into the miami area, there's been a drought, so the rain that already hit there overnight has been a welcome amount of rain and sort of a reminder to people who don't understand how really big florida is, it's a big state
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that you can have sadrought there and saturated land up here. >> pretty wet over the weekend in south florida, huh, ckerry? were you there? you're never home. >> of course, i was home briefly. i did get a chance to see, you know, the rain, the lightning, and everything else. and a lot of my friends, as i came up here last night, a lot of my friends were telling me they couldn't sleep last night because the lightning and thunder was keeping them up. >> thank you very much. i want to check in with bill karins in our new york area. monitoring three powerful hurricanes in the pacific, bill. >> over the weekend, we had three category-4 storms in the pacific. one was threatening hawaii, but that looks better. and one of the new things that happened is very torrential rains falling in charleston, south carolina, all associated with what's left of erika and the tropical plume in the east coast. here's pictures into the courier. this is a scene all over charleston. they already had over 6 inches of rain today alone. six inches of rain in one day.
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that's the second wettest august day you ever had, and you still have more rain on the way. this little red box here, this is what we call a flash flood warning. so this will continue until about 10:00 a.m. this morning. if it keeps raining, they may extend this. closer in to the charleston area. one batch of very heavy rain is just exiting, so we have a little bit of a break. hopefully some of that water can begin to go out into the soil or run out to the ocean. florida itself, doing okay. kerry was in tampa. a lot of rain off ft. myers. it will move in this afternoon, more like typical florida rains. i'm not concerned about big-time flooding in florida from this. that threat is long gone from erika. just isolated areas of maybe three to five inches at worst case scenario. also, very hot across the country. this doesn't look like august, doesn't feel like august. when you have bismarck getting up to 100 on wednesday. chicago is going to be in the 90s. even as we get to the east coast, this is going to be soupy stuff. all that tropical moisture that you were talking about that was in miami from the rain is all
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going up the east coast, and washington, d.c. is not a nice place to be when it's 94 with a heat index of 100 to 105. if you're sticking around, that's what you'll deal with into wednesday. >> bill, thanks very much. bringing you the latest in the next hour. a lot to tell you about this morning in the presidential race. new polling from iowa shows donald trump's favorability going from under water to virtually walking on it. on the democratic side, hillary clinton's popularity is falling sharply. once again, it's like once little known senator has been gaining on her. peter alexander has all the numbers. really eye-opening stuff here. >> jose, good morning to you. these days, it's good to be a political outsider. in iowa, bernie sanders now within striking distance of hillary clinton. her support there has dropped by 20 points over just the last few months. then there's donald trump. he's holding onto his lead, but the retired neurosurgeon ben carson rights behind him. if you combine caucusgoers'
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first and second choice in iowa, trump and carson are tied. call it the summer of political discontent. the two biggest anti-establishment candidates, donald trump and self-described socialist bernie sanders flying high, with hillary clinton hitting a new low. her support in iowa dropping below 50% for the first time this year. the new des moines register poll showing the gap between clinton and sanders down to seven points compared to 40 points three months ago. >> this isn't anti-hillary clinton. this is pro bernie sanders and a message that says enough is enough. >> like the candy bars handed out at the dnc meeting, more democrats are riding with biden, who showed up at a event in iowa that his son would attend. at least now, he's not a candidate. >> we're going to build a wall. >> among republicans, trump's on top again. in second place, ben carson.
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farther behind, ted cruz and scott walker who insisted on "meet the press," it's worth considering a wall not just on the u.s. border with mexico, but with canada, too. >> people have asked us about that in new hampshire. they raised legitimate concerns. that is a legitimate issue to look at. >> the bottom line, you talk to democrats or republicans and both sides, they like this poll. democrats like the republican poll. republican s like the democrati poll, because they show real trouble for the establishment candidates on both sides. jose, back to you. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. we're just getting started on this monday edition of "the rundown" from washington, d.c. up next, president obama heads to alaska to talk climate change and make history with a name change for the highest peak in north america. >> plus, could we finally see the end to deflategate? both tom brady and roger goodell are due in court this morning. we'll have a live report. in case you missed, it host miley cyrus went all out at the mtv video music awards. we'll have the highlights and the lowlights, which is bigger,
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for generations, alaskans have known this majestic mountain as the great one. today, we're honored to be able to officially recognize the mountain as denally. >> the alaskan mountain a lot of people called mt. mckinley is going by another name. the obama administration has changed it to denally, the name used by natives. it's one part of president obama's historic trip to the arctic. he's also talking about energy and climate change, which has
6:18 am
hit the 49th state particularly hard. brian is a senior adviser to the president and he's here with me from the white house. great seeing you. >> good morning. >> thanks. before the president even shows up, a local group called the arctic slope regional corporation is running an ad to fight environmental restrictions. i want you to hear a part of it, if you would. >> we depend on arctic lands and waters to sustain us, making us better environmental stewards than government agencies. unfortunately, washington policies threaten our survival and our economy. >> so, are you concerned more restrictions could hurt the people of alaska? >> well, i think you need to start from the premise that climate change is affecting alaska and the alaskan people right now in profound ways. five million acres of wildfires burn, that's the entire size of massachusetts. sea level rise is eroding the coast. northern alaska is losing about a football field a day due to rising seas. so the question is not, is
6:19 am
climate change affecting the state, but what can we do to try to address this issue? >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> what you're going to hear from the president today is that to take on climate change in a fulsome way, we need a global response. the united states is doing to lead. the global community needs to come in line. the good news is there are extraordinary opportunities to address climate change and move toward clean energy in ways that are good for our economy and for local economies in alaska as well. >> so at the same time, you have an environmentalist, however, some of them, angry that the administration just approved new oil drilling in the arctic. does that undermine the president's call to protect the region? >> i think what you see from the president is a historic commitment to take on the issue of climate change, including putting in place the most substantial measures ever by any president to limit carbon pollution. but at the same time, a recognition that this is going to be a transition, and as we make that transition, we are
6:20 am
better off relying on american sources of energy and applying high safety standards. but i think this all comes down to a much bigger debate between those who deny climate change's existence or accept climate change but say we just can't act and america is not up to the challenge, and those who say it's time to act. it's time to do something serious about this challenge that threatens the very existence of our planet. the president is going to lay that out in clear terms. he's laid down markers of seriousness about his ability to act. >> and finally, back to the decision to change the name of mt. mckinley back to denali. some people have politically found it, for example in ohio, they're saying you're disrespecting mckinley. but for generations and years and years, it's been known as denali. >> no disrespect to mckinley here. this is a reflection of a
6:21 am
long-standing request and commitment from the state of alaska and alaskans natives that this sacred place and this mountain be reflected by its native name. and the president thought it was appropriate to heed that request so secretary made the official determination and the mountain will now be known as denali. >> this is bipartisan in the republican senator from alaska has been asking for this for a long time. >> the state of alaska has been asking for this for some time. there's been ample opportunity to explore this issue, so we thought it was long overdue and significant for that place. >> thanks for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> a live report from chris jansing in anchorage in the next hour. after the break, we'll zoom through some of today's other top stories including scary moments for travelers through newark airport when a man enters a secure area. sad news from the movie industry. wes craven has died. he was best known for creating
6:22 am
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that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. thailand, a security breach at an airport. >> police in thailand are looking for two new suspects in connection with a bangkok shrine shooting on august 17th. they're searching for a 26-year-old woman and some describe a foreign man in his 40s. after collecting evidence in a weekend raid on an apartment. the attack killed 20 people and killed -- injured more than 100 others. >> part of newark liberty international airport had to be evacuated last night after police say a man got into a secure hallway through an exit door.
6:26 am
>> the virginia man who took an assault rifle away from an attacker on a paris-bound train is now out of the hospital. he was shot in the back in the confrontation. he along with three other americans are credited with saving lives. moo goolian said it's a great feeling to be back outside. >> after a quick break, we'll take you to lower manhattan where they're due back in court in an hour and a half. wleel we'll see if the deflategate issue gets resolved. plus the summer of the shark isn't over yet. check this video out of a hammerhead circling kayakers. that's a beautiful animal. unless you're in the water. we'll have that and a whole lot more. also, mtv, the music, video music awards. the night belonged to taylor swift, taking home video of the year, putting aside bad blood
6:27 am
with nicky mejauj who decided tatake on miley cyrus instead. >> back to this [ bleep ] who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. miley, what's good? >> we're all in this industry. we all do interviews, and we all know how they manipulate [ bleep ]. congratulations. ♪ isn't it beautiful when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner, brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about. ♪
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go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty... and a live look now on the new york stock exchange. opening bell just sounded off. expecting another tumble to start off the week. you can see the dow ticking lower on this final day of august. it's already down 58 points. it's capping off a wild month in the market. fallen 6% just this month alone. the s&p 500 and nasdaq also moving lower. look at that, all three down. developing this morning, a third and likely final hearing in the nfl deflategate case.
6:31 am
roger goodell and new england's quarterback, tom brady, are expected in court about 90 minutes from now. everybody is waiting for them. this centers on the legality of the nfl's four-game suspension of brady after goodell decided he conspired in the deflating of footballs and did not cooperate fully in the investigation. kristen is in new york city for us. good morning. >> good morning to you, jose. yeah, you can see the cameras there waiting for those arrivals. the judge has said that he hoped to rule by the end of the week, but it could come as early as today. the patriots' first game of the season on september 10th, so right now, tom brady not eligible to play in that. if there were a ruling in favor of him or some type of stay, then he would be able to play. so the judge really has been pushing for a settlement in the case, but the two times remain very far apart. tom brady insisting he did nothing wrong. the players association saying the hearing was unfair and also that brady didn't have notice of
6:32 am
what the consequences would be and no player has ever been suspended for being generally aware of some type of wrongdoing. the nfl completely on the opposite side of this, saying that brady should accept the blame, accept the findings of the nfl investigation. and also, the league arguing that the courthead defer we should know a lot more, but keep in mind, without a settlement, if a judge rules in the case, both sides will have an avenue to appeal. >> they could both appeal depending obwhat the outcome is of this one? >> yeah, depending on what the outcome is, both sides would have an avenue to appeal. and so, the clock really ticking down to this september 10th first game. there would have to be some type of favorable ruling for brady or some type of stay while it's
6:33 am
sorted out in order for him to be able to play. >> thank you very much. the family of a tv news cameraman shot to death on air will hold a memorial later today in virginia. adam ward and alison parker were killed last week by a former coworker while doing a live shot for their newscast. an interfaith service was held over the weekend for the journalists. it featured music from the roanoke orchestra. let's go to adam. what are you hearing from the community there? as it continues to grieve. >> very difficult time here, jose. today, saying their final good-byes to alison and adam. more services planned for this week. alison's family wanted to have a private life celebration today. that will be a private affair, no funeral. adam wade's family will welcome visitors at the high school and then a funeral tomorrow. adam is someone who is beloved at the high school. really loved. someone you wanted to be around, as well as at the station, of
6:34 am
course. he was athletic, smart. the sports encyclopedia of the school. people really, really loved him here. he was engaged to be married to melissa ott, who was in the control room wednesday as the horror unfolded and she has been heartbroken by all this. people dealing with this, trying to get through, make sense of a senseless situation. i spoke with the station manager yesterday. this is what he had to say. >> the best question anybody asked me this week was, are you angry? i was on camera, i think with one of my reporters. i paused for a second and thought about it, i said yeah i'm angry at the guy. i'm angry at the system. i'm angry at whatever i can be angry at. now what am i going to do with the anger? am i going to turn it into action or just be angry and eat at myself, because we make the decision whether we're going to be angry or not. what i tell my people is don't get angry. get strategic.
6:35 am
>> now, this tragedy has really brought this town together as they play for the sole survivor, vicki gardner. she tried to duck the shots but she got shot in the back. she's recovering after two surgeries, expected to be out of the hospital in about two weeks. very lucky to be alive. >> thank you very much. europe announced emergency talks to deal with the escalating migration crisis. meanwhile, hungary just completed its razor wire barrier stretching along the borders with serbia, but re-enforcement is still needed. it's going to take a few weeks before it's fully erected. the fence estimated to be about 13 feet high, but so far isn't stopped thousands of people from coming through. mostly escaping war-torn syria. all this as building fences along the u.s. border has become a major talking point in the american race for president. on the phone, claudio is in serbia. what's the situation on the ground right now? >> jose, the situation,
6:36 am
thousands of migrants continue to arrive by the day at the border, where i am now. a record number are arriving. the government just said that on sunday, a record, more than 3,000 migrants arrived on a single day. that brings the number of migrants to arrive here trying to cross into hungry from serbia, from the beginning of the year to more than 60,000. let me tell you, i have just come back from the fens border, what it looks like is three layers of fence, razor, barbed wire. it's waist high. it's difficult for the migrants to go beyond it, so what do they do? some arrive with bolt cutters. they try to open the holes in the bottom of it so they can sneak through it, or they find a way to go beyond it. the choice that these people, these migrnlts have after days
6:37 am
and weeks of being on the road, they went from their country of origin, usually in syria or afghanistan, they went to turkey, greece, macedonia, and then serbia. they arrive here. they are dehydrated, they are tired, but they are relieved to see they're finally at the bo d border with the european union. then they want to continue on the final destination of choice, which is usually germany or northern europe. but they are faced with this massive fens, and that choice really is to either risk the lives and go through it and end up in the hands of human traffickers who try to get them in europe by stocking them in overcrowded and overheated containers or they can go through an official checkpoint, but they have to get identified, fingerprinted, and then taken then to a refugee center inside hungary where we have been told conditions are pretty poor, jose. >> and claudio, just to recap what you're telling us, just
6:38 am
think about this, folks. the numbers. just yesterday, 3,000 people, these are men, women, and children, right? >> yes, absolutely. we have seen when i was there this morning, we have seen a lot of children. one mother was carrying a small child in her arms and was holding another child while walking on a railroad. that railroad you have to walk through to get to the border with hungary. you see entire fallomies traveling. that's what they're telling us. war-torn syria or afghanistan, because they weren't sure they would survive. they are risking everything they have to get a better life in europe, jose. >> this is in serbia. imagine the trcherous journey just to get there. claudio, thank you for being with me this morning. reporting from serbia. and now to san diego where hammerhead sharks made onappearance twice in two days off the coast this weekend. the first one forced officials to shut down the beach. the second forced them to extend
6:39 am
a shark advisory through sunday. we have more now on the close encounters. >> tried to touch his dorsal. >> nervous laughter as a shadow glides underneath. >> he is. >> an unmistakable fin. in san diego's popular la jolla area, acircled these fishermen for about an hour. around the same time, up the coast in mauro bay. >> i started surfing furiously. >> ellen had a much more dangerous encounter. sharks are no stranger to the west coast. there have been 85 shark attacks from california to oregon, five deadly. this year, two shark attacks. so far, no injuries, only close ca calls. as for shark sightings, too many to count. san diego's la jolla closed again on sunday after yet another sighting near shore. so, are there more sharks or just more cameras around to
6:40 am
catch them? >> in years past, we maybe didn't have the technology to see nem. >> warming el nino waters are drawing sharks north. in some areas, life guards are now using drones to keep tabs on what's underneath, and patrols have started throwing flotation devices to shoo them away, but even for those like dempsey who come face-to-face with a shark sdaesh. >> it's not going to stop me or anybody else from surfing. the love of the water. >> she feels safe enough to go back in the water. >> and that -- remember, sharks don't like the taste of humans. so just want to remind you of that. up next, poll position. we're going to take a look at how donald trump has turned things around in iowa. first, i want to take you live to new hampshire where ted cruz is on the trail. we're listening. we'll bring you new developments on "the rundown" from washington. com,
6:41 am
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6:44 am
back now to the race for the white house. if you skipped a tv or newspapers over the weekend, it's been a pretty busy few days in politics. now polling from iowa shows hillary clinton's lead among democrats shrinking. vermont senator bernie sanders is now within seven points of the front-runner, just outside the margin of error. as for the republicans, if you're an anti-establishment washington outsider, you're doing well. trump continues to lead followed by ben carson. with me on set is perry bacon and lauren fox. good to see you in person. >> good to see you. >> perry, let's start with you. let's talk about the trump phenomenon in iowa. this is surprising to some? >> he's been leading in the polls, but it shows his ratings are much higher. scott walker was ahead before. i think we're seeing three thing s he's getting a lot of media coverage. >> is he ever. >> you hear people say he's
6:45 am
telling it like it is. that means two things. first, he's a nonpolitician. he doesn't talk like politicians do. he'll call a senator's cell phone, and the second thing, his immigration views and his sort of his ending birthright citizenship and those controversial views, a lot of republicans in iowa seem to like the views, his anti-immigrant stance. >> lauren, let's talk about the quinnipiac poll this morning, shows 71% of americans dissatisfied with washington, if you look at who's second in the iowa poll, not a politician again, but ben carson. let's talk about this. is this something that we're going to continue seeing as part of both the republican and maybe even the democratic field, which is that the outsiders are the ones that gain momentum? >> i think this early in the game, you know, a lot of voters are trying candidates out. they want to see how these candidates do outside of washington, because that's not where they're from. they want to hear their ideas,
6:46 am
and certainly, trump is talking about immigration a ton. we'll probably see other policy proposals from him. i think down the road as we start to see this race coalesce, it might be difficult for some outsider like trump or ben carson to keep this momentum if they don't have the donor base that a lot of people from washington have. >> trump has his own donor base. >> he's got a lot of money, but he's also had to change his perspective and saying i'll accept some donors now. he recognized this is going to be a little maybe more than he is willing to pay. >> and perry, you brought about the immigration thing in the first part of the conversation. now you have chris christie who talked over the weekend of tracking undocumented immigrants the way fedex tracks its packages. what is that all about? >> i'm not -- i have heard the idea. i'm not sure i totally understand it. and it sounds stupid from what i have heard so far. he seems to suggest fed ex tracs things well so we should track
6:47 am
immigrants, too. but we already know where people are. that's not really the problem. some people overstay their visas. we kiejd of generally know the issue. i'll be blunt. this is pandering. >> let's hear what he said. >> this is once again a situation where the private sector laps us in the government with the use of technology. let's use the same type of technology to make sure that 40% of the 11 million people here illegally don't overstay their visas. if fedex can do it, why can't we use the same technology? >> here's the truth. 40% of the undocumented did come in using legal means, but they overstayed their visa. the fact is, though, that when you do overstay your visa, 99% of the time, the government doesn't know where you are because there is no real way of finding out where those overstayed people are. but maybe his use of words was a little bit rough. >> the idea of tracking like you're a package when you're a person, i'm not quite sure is the way people think about it.
6:48 am
>> talk to me about scott walker. he wants to, lauren, build a fence with canada. >> well, this has always been a difficult part for northern state governors. i'm from mont mon. this is something we talk about all the time. >> fences in canada? >> border security on the canadian border. i would say scott walker, again, is trying to look tough. he was the leader in iowa for a long time. >> what's the biggest threat from canada that needs to be stopped with a fence? >> you know, a lot of open land up there, but certainly, this is one of those issues with scott walker might have been trying to pander a little bit. >> a little bit. >> so diplomatic. >> as we wrap it up, just to show you the age differential, did you see the vmas yesterday? >> i did not. >> did you? >> hip? >> yes. >> thank you both for being with me. and developing now, and this is out of new york city, just moments ago, we saw nfl commissioner roger goodell and
6:49 am
patriots quarterback tom brady arrive for court. they have been trying to hammer out a deal before the beginning of the football season. brady suspended for four games in connection with the deflategate scandal. and then there's the issue of the court sketches. how is he going to look in them? that's another big, big crisis we're dealing with here. stay with us. up next, we'll have all the crazy outfits miley cyrus wore at the vmas. look at that. lauren, which was your favorite? did you have one. >> i wasn't shocked by what she was wearing. >> not by that one either? not by the next one. one more outfit. come on. that one. >> it was a lot, but this is the vmas. >> we'll talk about that next. ooh, look at that one.
6:50 am
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nudity, tears, and the announcement of a presidential run for 2020. these are all things brought to us by the mtv video music awards
6:53 am
last night. a few nuts like me need to be caught up on who showed what or who didn't show, no worries. rona is in los angeles for us. tell us all about it. >> at 32 years old, the vmas are older than a lot of the performers on stage for the ceremonies. even at that age, this show is in the fight to stay relevant. one tactic keeping them relevant? controversy every year. last year, though, not a lot of controversy, and as a result, maybe, 18% down in the ratings from the year before. i took a look at this year's show and whether it's a reversal of fortune. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> kanye west's early presidential bid just the tip of the iceberg at a vma awards show that saw old fuds eeuds ending some new ones starting.
6:54 am
it began with nicki minaj tweeting that she was passed over a video of the year nomination because of industry bias. cyrus later commenting on minaj that we made it. >> she's saying there was issues with the way certain bodies are accepted, certain skin colors are accepted. i think that's more reflective of the broader culture. >> i think butts are pretty accepted, if you ask me. >> one person who had no problem making it about himself? kanye west, who won the video vanguard award. the presenter? taylor swift. >> i first met kanye six years ago, at this show, actually. >> reporter: west infamous interrupted taylor swift's speech. >> i'll let you finish, but she had one of the best videos of all time. if i had to do it all again, what would i have done? would i have worn a leather
6:55 am
shirt? >> reporter: but last night there was no interrupting west during a rambling 12-minute speech. >> yes, i wrosmoked up a little something. i took the edge off. >> ask then there was justin bieber, who experienced the show. >> then there was miley who said after last year's show, people made too much of her an particulars. >> fints anyhow serious people take it and they're like, you're racist! >> cyrus had ten costume changes, all of it making a night perhaps best summed up by future presidential candidate kanye west. >> i still don't understand award shows. >> reporter: controversy looks like it paid off this year, at least on social media. a big arena in which these broadcasts, the millennial-friendly broadcasts compete now. twitter said it had more than 45
6:56 am
different tweets on kanye west the most. twitter also said it piloted new features like stickers for its photos through high-pro fill celebrities at the vmas like taylor swift and miley cyrus. they have a lot of tweets that haven't been rolled out to the average consumer yet. >> thank you very much, and i have decide that had we have to go on a break. coming up on the run down, we're closely watching a courtroom in houston, texas where this morning a suspect accused of shooting a sheriff's deputy expected to be arraigned. we'll take you there live. plus, pictures of nfl commissioner roger goodell and tom brady arriving in court for the deflate-gate scandal. we have it ahead for you here. no wardrobe changes. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
a mana kusd accused of gunning sheriff's deputy due in court in a few minutes. he shot down darren goforth in at a houston convenience store on friday. houston mourns. jamie, what can we expect in court this morning? >> reporter: good morning. the suspect is due in county court this morning for his first appearance. his name is shannon miles. he was arrested saturday. he is expected to be arraigned this morning on capital murder charges in a shooting that has left this city in shock, and jose, there is still one big thing missing in this case. police still appear to be searching for a motive. >> we have not been able to extract any details regarding a motive at this point. as far as we know, deputy go
7:01 am
for forth had no previous contact with the suspect and it appears to be entirely unprovoked. at this point he was targeted because he wore a uniform. >> reporter: the suspect's mother said her shon was shoppig with him at the time and couldn't have done it, but she made those statements before he was arrested and charged. meanwhile there's been an outpouring of grief here. more than a thousand people showed up for a walk from a local church to the scene of that shooting at that chevron station in northwest houston, and several fundraising drives sprung up to support the family, and an on-line drive has raised more than $47,000 and a cash drive said they've raised more than $70,000. >> thank you very much. that arraignment is expected any time soon. we'll bring you information on it as soon as we get it. thank you very much, jamie. i want to bring in msnbc's joy reid. good to see you. >> good to see you this morning.
7:02 am
>> you've been digging up information on firearms. >> you've seen a lot of agencies and police unions looking at some of the activists taking place across the country and pinpointing what they say is police targeting. according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund, there were 32 police officers killed in the line of duty in 2013. that went up to 50 in 2014. however fur however, if you look at the number of police killed by firearms so far this year, it was actually down in 2014. in the first half of 2014 we're now down to 18 at the first half of this year. meanwhile, the number of people fatally shot by a police officer this year is pretty high. this is a conservative estimate of 652 people, 24 of whom were black and unarmed. jose? >> and you've also looked into some numbers of the confidence people have in their police. >> yeah, and that's one of the big outgrowth, i think, of the
7:03 am
black lives matter movement, is you had less of the benefit of the doubt given to police officers. the public perception of the police has changed. you have 57% of whites saying they have confidence in police, but only 30% of african-americans agreeing with that, and when you look at the overall statistics, you see both black and white americans are having more questions about police incidents than they did in the past. jose? >> and joy, it seems as though if we take it at face value, what we know what happened in houston, that the police are saying it's essentially an assassination because he was wearing a uniform. that is out of the norm for the most part. >> yes, absolutely. it still remains very rare, thankfully, that you have police officers who are killed in that way. those incidents obviously get a lot of attention, but it is in part because they are so rare, and just by those statistics i just showed you, it's far more common, unfortunately, for a civilian to be shot by an officer than for the reverse to take place.
7:04 am
>> joy reid, thank you for being with we. great to see you. >> always great seeing you. remnants of tropical storm erika neerz t arka nears the so. the storm lost a lot of steam after flooding the dominican republic. 18 inches of rain there. it caused millions of dollars in damages and killed at least eight people. let's head out to clearwater beach. sara, good morning. what's it like now? >> reporter: good morning, jose. as we wait for the remnants of erika to roll in, people making the most of the beach today. families out there enjoying their vacations. everybody still keeping an eye on the weather because we can expect had he evereavy rains tot any point in date, bringing with them 3 to 5 inches of water. for drought-stricken areas, that's great news, but here in the tampa, they're already experiencing their third wettest
7:05 am
august ever. one district has already canceled classes out of concern, and the national guard is standing by in case people need them. last night thunderstorms rolled through the area. we didn't get a lot of rain specifically here in clearwater beach. we were treated to this spectacular lightning show over the water, but like i said, all of that could change today watching the clouds roll in, watching the thunderstorms roll in with water that they really don't need here in the forecast, jose. back to you. >> sara, great seeing you. thank you very much. now to a big water story out of the west coast. three powerful hurricanes churning in the pacific. let's check in with meteorologist bill karins. >> these storms are just feasting on us. this weekend we had three major hurricanes, igna krr hurricanes. the one closest to hawaii, we'll take a look at that in a second,
7:06 am
but this one over my shoulder, jimena, looks like a beast. this is as strong as it gets. you can see the eye here. it's about 25 miles in diameter. it kind of disappeared and now it's come out. it's 150 miles per hour, and this could be a very rare cat 5 storm right now. so very impressive stuff, and thank fortunatelily that's over the open waters affecting shipping lanes. we were a little concerned with hawaii over the weekend. it's weakening as a storm, just sending huge waves to hawaii and that will be the only effects there you'll feel whatsoever. that storm well to the north, so i'm sure surfers all over the world are heading to the north shore now. six inches of rain in 12 hours in tampa. we'll watch florida with massive storms just off fort myers, and that should move toward tampa as we go off to the afternoon. the other story out there is the
7:07 am
temperature. it does not look like the end of summer, and even as we go into tuesday, we're 90s from the middle of the country all the way to the eastern seaboard and there's really no relief for about a week. all those people in the schools in the north that have no air-conditioning, it's a rough day for those teachers and students. >> and washington, d.c. where i'm at today will be warmer than my hometown. what's going on? >> probably just as humid, too. look out for those big mosquitoes. >> they're out of control. they bring their own carry-on luggage to attack you. turning now to the race force the white house, we have new numbers showing this election is defying all expectations. the race for democrats in iowa now tighter than ever. hillary clinton is getting a deja vu as her numbers shrink to the lowest numbers yet.
7:08 am
bernie sanders is closing the gap, suggesting she's beatable in the hawkeye state. >> the polls i saw was there was massive enthusiasm for the message we're delivering, and that the vast majority of people who are voting for me in the iowa poll, and i think it's true all over the country. i'm not necessarily anti-hillary clinton, they are pro-bernie sanders. >> mark, good seeing you. >> thanks for having me, jose. i think the big headline is bernie sanders, donald trump and ben carson. three political outsiders faring very well. bernie sanders catching up with hillary clinton in iowa, ben carson leading the republican pack. they're not your politicians as usual. bernie sanders is that socialist, independent cinder from vermont, ben carson a doctor, no political experience before then, donald trump, and
7:09 am
people are looking at outsiders. if you were looking really good in august, people think that means you'll win the new hampshire primary. far from it. >> let's look at bernie sanders. is it perception or is it reality that that gap is actual actually closing, and is it happening anywhere other than iowa right now? >> for me the biggest number, bernie sanders around the 30% range or so, that is your elizabeth warren wing democratic party, that's what he was able to consolidate. what was surprising to me was hillary clinton's number dropping from the 50s to 37%. in a lot of ways, the poll was more of a story about hillary dropping rather than bernie sanders gaining a lot of ground. >> let's talk about republicans. the second gop debate is about two weeks away. carly fiorina is raising some questions. tell us what she's saying. >> cnn, who is hosting the next debate, they're saying they're going to limit this to their
7:10 am
main debate stage of 10 people. it's due to polling just like fox did, but cnn's polling goes back to july. so carly fiorina is making the argument that some of the old polls that did not show her bounce after her solid performance back a few weeks ago, that she's going to be left o out, so they're counting older polls. >> are they basing it on the snapshot taken in july, or is it an aggregate of all the polls from july to september? >> it can aggregate all the polls from july to now. what fox did, they took the last five polls. cnn is going up to the debate but all the way back to july, and carly fiorina is saying there are a lot of polls that didn't reflect the solid performance she had earlier. >> what do you think is a good way to end something like that? >> i think honestly, open it up to everyone. you have an hour and a half of one group, hour and a half for another group. there is no clear decision, but whatever decision is made,
7:11 am
people get upset. >> let's talk about what, in the last week, the last days of august 2015, can and cannot tell you about january, february or march of 2016. >> you know, jose, august in the summertime is always the dating season, a lot of people often say. these are the people who look a little bit different. but in the past we've often seen the dating season is a lot different. >> give us some contact. >> august 2004, august 2003, the big person that was leading in august was howard aldine. the big winners in this stage were hillary clinton, mitt romney and rudy giuliani. this stage in 2012, michelle bachmann and rick perry.
7:12 am
>> none of those contests included el senor trump. >> we have no idea what's happening. but we can say donald trump has had an impact on the debate, particularly around immigration. he might not end up winning the republican nomination, but he has certainly influenced the race. >> and had an impact long after even if he's not in the race. >> it's a story we'll be tracking the next 14 months. >> mark murray, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> bernie sanders will be the guest on "andrea mitchell reports" at 12:00 p.m. a collision of two southwest planes at a florida airport. first let's look at the dow. oops, they're down almost 180 points. that's just minutes after the bell rang. what can we expect today and the rest of the week? boy, it's been a really kind of
7:13 am
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7:16 am
less than an hour into the new trading week and we're already seeing pressure on wall street. right now the dow jones isn't in very good numbers. it's now about 164 points, the s&p 500, the nasdaq also moving over. this coming from the federal reserve over the weekend. mandy drury is here with more numbers. mandy, good morning. >> jose, good morning. it's been a very volatile month, in fact, the most volatile month for the dow and s&p since 2011. the numbers we're watching for the dow is 16,516.
7:17 am
you can see we're already below that today. what is that? that is when we fell into correction territory meaning the dow is down just over 10% from its main high. and you had mentioned the comments from the fed vice chair. this is one of the reasons why the market is a little under by those comments over the weekend. stanley fisher basically kicked the door open for a rate hike, and just by simply not ruling it out, the market looked at it as hawkish and overlooked the numbers. he also said we need to be careful not to overreact to a possible chinese slowdown and the dow would crash from the rising dollars, falling low prices and the new market is fading. offshore japanese industrial production much weaker than expected. reports the chinese government is no longer going to buy shares, and also crude is moving much lower today as well. so last but not least, friday is the big job support and that
7:18 am
will likely make the market think one way or the other on a september hike. it is a little misleading because of seasonalities in august, but nonetheless, the market is going to latch onto it. >> what is crude looking at today? >> i think it's sitting right at 43.94, so we had a big move to the upside, remember, at the end of last week in crude, and people are wondering is the bottom down today, but we're down almost 3%. it ain't a bottom until there's a bottom. we just don't know. >> mandy, great seeing you. thank you so much. >> thank you. the death of a ballpark tragedy and a hiker rescue. let's zoom through some of today's other top stories. a federal appeals court in california will rule on whether the state's death penalty process violates the eighth amendment that bars cruel and unusual punishment. that's because more prisoners of the state have died of natural causes on death row rather than the death chamber. the court will decide what years
7:19 am
of delays have resulted in an unfair system. southwest airlines confirms two of its planes clipped wings at oakland international airport in california this morning. it happened while one of the planes was pushing back from a gate. no customer or employee injuries reported on either aircraft. both planes undergoing maintenance checks. now the fall from the tragedy of the ballpark over the weekend. a long-time ticket holder fell to his death saturday night from the upper decks@lant at atlanta turner field. many people rushed in to help. the safety regulations are now under question. a california woman is found alive after being separated from her hiking group for nine days. 62-year-old miyuki harwood was located in the national forest in a very rocky location. rescuers had trouble reaching her because of all the heavy smoke burning on the south side of the mountain. she is now being treated for
7:20 am
non-life-threatening injuries. chris christie's immigration plan involves tracking people, kind of like what federal express does with its packages. can we finally put the deflate-gate issue to bed? tom brady and roger goodell are in a courthouse trying to settle a deal. breaking details as we get them on "the rundown." w i stay activ. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. it's the brand more doctorsose recommend
7:21 am
for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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7:24 am
telemundo's newscaster, julio, is an expert on this. tell us what's going on in guatemala. >> the president of the government is being accused of corruption. so for the last couple of months, many high-rank officials have stepped down, and the president has been asked to resign. so this hasn't happened yet, and the law in guatemala says that congress has to vote for the president to lose his immunity. so far congress hasn't voted that way, so the president is still in power, and they are having elections this sunday. since it's a huge scandal, and a big political crisis, guatemala is going to elections in a couple of days. >> what's interesting is that the actual vice president of the current president is in jail today! but let's talk a little bit about why we care and should care.
7:25 am
25% of the unaccompanied minors who crossed into the u.s. last summer were guatemalan. this is a country that has a real potential to play an impact on the united states. take a look at the border crossing's summer of 2013. honduras, guatemala, el salvador. look at guatemala. after honduras, number two. julio, is this something people see as a crisis in their government? could it prompt others to decide to leave? >> yes, i believe it will, because it doesn't seem things might change in the coming couple of years. so it leaves a country with a lot of corruption that affects every aspect of a resident's life, and as a result a lot of people have decided to migrate in search of new opportunities,
7:26 am
and the president of the government for the next few months and the new candidates, the new president, it seems that all of them have the same interests, jose, actual government. if things stay the same, migration surely will keep on rising in guatemala. >> just to put a little bit of context in there, 1985 is when it transferred to dictatorship to democracy, but boy, are they having real problems there. julio vaquero, thank you for being with me. >> thank you. in a few minutes, a hearing will be under way between roger goodell and tom brady in the deflate-gate. president obama becomes the first sitting president to visit the alaskan arctic. a trip of controversy and he hasn't even left yet. there's air force i waiting for the president to make his way to
7:27 am
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in just about a half hour, the third and likely final nfl deflate-gate hearing will be under way. this is a live look outside the courthouse in new york city. just moments ago nfl commissioner roger goodell and patriots quarterback tom brady both arrived in court to discuss the legality of the four-game suspension after the nfl concluded that brady conspired in deflategate and failed to help in the investigation. kristin dahlgren is live outside the courthouse. kristin, good morning to you. >> good morning, jose. they appeared here much earlier than they have for previous appearances here, so reading the tea leaves, perhaps maybe a last attempt at a settlement. that's really what the judge has been pushing for in this case, but to this point both sides have been unwilling to budge. the nfl wants brady, of course,
7:31 am
to accept blame and accept his four-game suspension. tom brady and the nfl players association, on the other hand, maintain that no player has ever been suspended for just being what they call generally aware of some type of wrongdoing. they also contend that the earlier hearing before roger goodell, and this was mentioned, was unfair. so both sides have remained pretty far apart. the hearing is set to begin at 11:00 this morning. the judge has said he hopes to rule by the end of the week, but that ruling could come as early as today. the urgency here are the patriots have their first season opener on september 10, so just 10 days or so away. and so right now tom brady won't be playing in that game. he and his camp, of course, hoping for some type of positive ruling or some type of stay that will allow him to play while all of this is being sorted out, jose. >> kristen dahlgren in new york city, thanks so much. any minute now president obama will board air force i for his
7:32 am
trip to arctic alaska, the first time a sitting president has traveled to that part of the 49th state. our own senior white house correspondent chris jansing has already made her way to alaska. she's actually walking across, as you see her there, with this stunning landscape to prepare for the president's visit. chris joins me now from anchorage. chris, good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> tell me the goal of this trip other than this incredible place where it's going to take place. >> well, they're tied in, actually. the goal is to talk about climate change, and the message from the administration is that action has to be taken now, that we're at a turning point, a critical point, in dealing with this problem. where you just saw me walking, which is on what used to be part of a glacier, which is now receded as glaciers all across this state have been, it's a way for the president to show very dramatically the effects of climate change, not just
7:33 am
glaciers that are melting and we saw glaciers that have turned into waterfalls but also rising sea levels, and the permafrost, which is the frozen ground beneath so much of alaska that is also melting entire villages are looking to have to relocate because of it. there is no part of this state where the economy isn't tied in some way into all of these. we spent a good part of a day out on a boat with a tour guide talking about the changes that she's seen in her 20 years. take a look. >> this year we have to snow. we had an 80-degree summer. we really just watched the glaciers change and dramatic changes. >> reporter: when you see that, what does it mean to you? >> again, business as we know it is going to change. >> reporter: so you also have the other side of this, which is that the alaskan economy is heavily tied to oil, and one of the controversial things that the president did before he came here was to sign off, after a
7:34 am
long time, on a lease for shell oil to drill in off the northwest coast. obviously environmentalists very upset about that, but a lot of folks here are concerned that the president was going to come here, announce new environmental regulations that will hurt an already hurting economy. as you know, oil prices have gone down significantly. it's been a mess for the state budget. a lot of folks here feel they're going to take a hit. this is a tricky, political walk for the president, but he feels it's one very important. all of it leading up to a big climate change conference in paris in december where they hope to come to an international agreement. jose? >> chris jansing in anchorage, thank you very much. up next a look at why one of hillary clinton's top aides is in the spotlight today. and even more concerning poll numbers for the democratic front-runner. but first, remembering a tragic day in history. today marks the 18th anniversary of the death of princess diana killed in a car crash in a paris
7:35 am
tunnel along with then boyfriend dodi al-fayed. one of the big stories that broke on the internet. she died in 1997. she was 37 years old.
7:36 am
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it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. one of hillary clinton's top aides is in the spotlight this morning. houma amadin is coming under fire. congressional members want to know more about her work with the clinton department. nbc's kristin welker is following this story. kristin, good morning. what's the very latest? >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. for more than 20 years, houma abedine has been close to hillary clinton. she's even referred to her as a
7:39 am
second daughter. but now there is something plaguing her and donald trump is trying to cash in on all of it. she's a fixture by hillary clinton's side and also a high-profile political mind, houma abedine. but over the weekend, she became a target usually saved for candidates, donald trump taking aim. >> so houma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner, who is a perv. i've known anthony weiner for a long time. i knew him before they caught him with the bing-bing-bing, right? >> reporter: donald trump has spent the summer saying offensive things about women, but there is no place for personal attacks against a staff member. anthony weiner resigned from congress in 2011 amid a sexual scandal which resurfaced when he unsuccessfully ran for mayor two years later, abedine defending
7:40 am
him. >> this is the first time i've held a press conference and you'll have to excuse me because i'm very nervous. >> reporter: since then abedine has stayed on the sidelines, but activist groups have demanded documents for abedine's time at the state department where she also spent time with an outside firm raising questions, they say, of conflict of interest. >> it's coming from huma, she's got a lot of information. >> reporter: for hillary clinton, it's a political challenge. >> what we're seeing over the last several weeks, it's a political storm of bad news, yes, for clinton but also for huma. >> clinton advocate officials are defending huma's work, and accusing people of trying to bully her. one quote said, trying to bully her is wrong for a clear agenda. as for trump, democrats and
7:41 am
republicans have attacked abedine noting it's highly unlikely for a political candidate to go after an adviser. we're getting a new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails today. the state department says we can expect more than 6,000 pages of messages for her time as secretary of state. the more pressing issue is how to turn around a campaign that seems to be, well, a little on neutral right now. a new poll from iowa shows bernie sanders within striking distance. he's now just 17 points behind her with 16 months to go before the crucial primaries. i want to just talk on what kristin welker was reporting on, trump taking on abedine, and by extension, her husband, anthony weiner. is this an effective way of dealing with hillary clinton? >> i mean, it depends on who the audience is here. for his particular audience,
7:42 am
yes, it certainly is. any chance he gets to call anthony weiner a perv, he's certainly going to take it. i think he's also trying to kind of gin up investigators on the hill, particularly grassley, gowdy and some others who have the ability to subpoena huma's e-mails for her time at the state department and also with the private consulting firm connected to the clintons and the clinton foundation. she had a lot of different responsibilities, and it does raise legitimate questions. donald trump isn't usually the guy raising legitimate questions, though. >> i guess one thing is, attack the tand date or the candidate's employee, but now it's targeting the candidate employee's husband. >> right.
7:43 am
the number of political rules don't apply to trump. we've seen that over and over and over again. but when it comes to what's going on with clinton's staff, he is trying to tie scandals to show it's across the organization. so this is a smart play by trump, and i stop and i say that slowly. yeah, he just doesn't play by the rules, doesn't have. >> but a lot of people are talking about him in connection with abedine and the state department and -- >> he's bringing it into the mainstream. >> he's more broad based, direct attack mode. >> right. now he knows they've gone under his skin, and they need to continue to respond to him. we'll see how they continue to deal with this, but he's bringing the worst out in everyone across the board. >> 68% say the e-mail controversy isn't important to
7:44 am
them? the majority of those who were asked seem to think it's not a big deal. >> a lot of them, though, also think that it's going to hurt her. now, i think want to be talking about e-mails but she does want to be talking about. any time the news is about her battling donald trump. she's not at all afraid of him in a general election. >> on the other hand, she's talking about all this, and if she has to talk about it in order to make the conversation about her rather than donald trump, she would probably take that tradeoff. >> let's talk a little about the quinnipiac poll that was released this morning. 55% that were polled opposed it ran deal and 56% say we'll make the u.s. less safe.
7:45 am
hillary clinton is set to give a backing for the deal next week. is this something that will cause problems for the democrats? >> it really seems to be. hillary clinton is really closely tied to this iran agreement, of course, because her top adviser was at the beginning of it. she is very tied to this, and the congress, president obama is liking to get gog. but when you talk about national security, as much as national security is a part of this race, we can see it's affecting the senate level as well as the presidential. >> and looking at that poll -- jackie, look at it. only 28% say they'll make it safer, 56% feel the united states is less safe. as far as opposition and support of it, it's really almost 50-50 if you include those who don't know anything about the deal, right? >> right. >> but the big chunk that does know about it doesn't think it's
7:46 am
a good one. >> and it crosses party lines. there are lots of democrats in the senate who don't like this agreement, who are going to vote against it. this is one of those unusual issues where we're not talking about partisan issues. how is a deal right now in the senate? >> it's fine in the senate. it has 31 declared votes at this point. to sustain a presidential veto. i think there is a very good chance they'll wind up getting 41 votes, which is enough, so it doesn't even get to the president's desk. now that they're within sight of 41, a lot of democrats are saying, look, if we can just kill it right here, and then override the veto, everyone is in a best place.
7:47 am
>> and that could be in short order? >> yeah. it will come up on the senate floor. if they don't get the votes for it, it's finished. that is now becoming a. >> thanks, thanks so much. jackie, good seeing you. >> thank you. i want to get back to immigration, a hot topic for all the republican candidates. over the weekend, chris christie managed to come up with what he says was a novel idea. take a listen as to. >> this is once again the situation where a private to be laps us in the government 40% don't overstay their. and they don't have a number, a label on their wrist.
7:48 am
>> we can do it. we should bring in the folks from fedex to use technology to do it. i don't mean people are packages. university of political science at the university in riverside. is the governor of nnl nj saying? >> well, what he's trying to say is we need a bigger weight of trying to figure out what to do if immigrants come here. if they're here on temporary visas, we need to make sure they remain here on temporary visas and leave when they're supposed to. but that's not the way it came out. >> if you look at. it's absolutely people who overstay their vees as. they come in here illegally, upon the 40% here without
7:49 am
documented. sfo that's something jeb bush talked about in his book a couple years ago. >> right, these are not new ideas. these are things we've had extensive discussion on, and what you're seeing is these presidential candidates, they're following trump's lead. he has put a big sign saying that immigration is ggs to oing the topic, and people have come up with all sorts of ideas. nobody has talked about the fedex tracking, what they've talked about is trying to track people who leave the country. but it turns out even that is very expensive to do and the senate considered it and ultimately decided not thoog right. maybe some of the folks watching are saying, what are you talking about? if you come in with a legal visa at one of the airports in the country, all authorities do right now, correct me if i'm wrong, is check that the visa is valid, true and not false. but once you're in the country,
7:50 am
there is no tracking. it's just to determine if the visa is real, correct? >> yes. we have a very strong tradition of individual liberties in this country, and that's something that if you start saying that let's track these types of immigrants, it really opens the door for all kinds of government tracking. he said, when you're time is up, we'll tap you on the shoulder. that's kind of a big brother image that most americans would recoil against. regardless of being problematic, it's just impractical to do. >> but the other side of the coin is some of those 9/11 killers came in illegally using visas. the fact is right now if you do come into the airport with a visa, until they check you, there is no way to find out where you are. >> that's true, but the effect,
7:51 am
not just for terrorism threats but all kinds of criminal threats. this is the immigration policy is. this has been debated twits or twice ago. even if it's something that's outrageous, it might generate a lot of controversy. when it comes to -- it's going to leave a terrible depression. they are looking really bad in the critics' eyes right now. up next, fans of horror movies are mourning the death of legendary filmmaker wes craven who died of brain cancer. he did "nightmare on elm street" as well as "scream" and others. he's the focus of our five favorite things, next.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
please, god. >> this is god. >> remember that? that was freddie krueger making his big "screamdebut on "nightm elm street." number one, craven's debut in "last house on the left." it was banned in the u.k. twice. number two, "the hills have eyes." a family was kidnapped by cannibals. it earned an x rating in the united states. number three, "change of pace." meryl streep received an oscar best actress nomination. number 4, the classic "nightmare
7:56 am
on elm street." it made freddie krueger a household name. fun fact? johnny depp also made his debut in that film. and number 5, "scream" a generation layer. part laughter, part satire, it opened film to a whole new generation of copycats. good luck trying to get some sleep tonight. that wrapped up "the rundown." thank you for the privilege of your time. minutes away, deflategate gets under way in new york. tamron hall is next. i'll see you tomorrow.
7:57 am
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whatthey buy me food.tant thing your parents do for you? they make sure i'm never lost. well... they pay my allowance. encourage me. ♪ they sing us a lullaby at night... a lullaby at night. ♪ oh! now i remember... why does it matter that cigna covers preventive care? because the next most important thing you can do for them is take care of yourself. cigna. together, all the way. good to be with you on this monday morning. i'm francis rivera in for tamron hall and this is "news nation." we begin with the presidential race and the startling new numbers from iowa. on the republican side they show
8:00 am
donald trump's favorability is surging while on the democratic side, they show bernie sanders is closing in on hillary clinton. peter is here from washington. break those numbers down for us. >> it's great today to be a political outsider. bernie sanders now in striking distance of hillary clinton. her support there has dropped by 20 points in just the last few months since may. there's donald trump, of course, on the other side who is holding down his lead, but ben carson is right behind him, and perhaps as importantly, if you combine iowa caucusgoers' first and second choices, trump and carson are tied. call it the summer of political discontent. the two biggest antiestablishment candidates, donald trump and self-described socialist bernie sanders flying high, with hillary clinton hitting a new low with support in iowa, dropping below 50% for the first time this year. the des moines regis


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