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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 31, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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the 4:00 hour. i'm craig melvin. jonathan capeheart picking up live coverage on the other side. don't go anywhere. >> tonight donald trump's front runner status might be in jeopardy as another rises in the polls. and more of hillary clinton's e-mails from her server are about to be released. as she loses more ground to bernie sanders. and why are republicans so upset about president obama renaming a mountain in alaska. but first donald trump's streak is edging into the autumn. he closed out august with stellar numbers. leading the pack by double digits nationally and combining the support for the next three opponents that trail his lead still wouldn't close the gap on the margin. the reality tv star isn't running on a platform of
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humility. yes he uses the sweep in these early count as advertisement. more importantly he uses it as the taunt. >> the ones that attack me most viciously all went down to zero. i get attacked by lindsey graham. i get attacked by paerry. and now rand paul. he attacks me he's down to 2%. >> those who dare attack him face political annihilation. >> mont moth poll. in another act of political magic, i don't know what's magic. trump managed to flip his favorability rating from negative -- and nobody wrote this by the way. and nobody reported it. from negative to positive. to me that statement was more important than actually literally killing everybody in the poll. >> candidates are just a few of the people who lay in the wake of the donald's insults. the billionaire has slammed immigrants, women, war heros and
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the journalists on his way to the top spot. so it's no surprise his latest target is a staffer and her family. an aide to hillary clinton has drawn scrutiny following hillary clinton's e-mail controversy and trump seized the opportunity. >> who is uma married to? one of the great sleaze bags of our time. anthony wehner. uma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony wehner, who is a perv. do you think there is even a 5% chance that she's not telling anthony wehner now of a public relations firm what the hell is coming across? while trump has shattered his way to the top he's also made a comfortable path to the rise of dr. ben carson. the latest polling shows the two are tied in iowa who is caucuses are the first contest of the presidential race and thus set
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the tone for the rest of the campaign. neck and neck the two couldn't be much different. the cars carson is the quiet surgical genius. >> war on women. there is no war on women. there may be a war on what's inside of women. but there is no war on women in this country. and all of those people who are trying to drive wedges between us. they are the enemy. they are not our friends. >> the conservative is taking his low profile to high places as voters throw support between candidates without political experience. joining me now joy reed, msnbc national correspondent. susan dell pers owe. and ric wilson down there in florida. thank you for being here today. why is iowa equally excited about two candidates who
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couldn't be more opposite stylistically. >> well what you have seen in iowa in the last poll is that they more or less care about the person with who is the washington outsider. we've seen in three consecutive polls almost 3 to 1. if you are an outsider they want you. and the monmouth poll, trump stays at 23. it is carson and fiorina o who take the big increases. really jeb and others losing ground and they are picking up steam because the message of being a washington outsider is really getting through. >> is the reason dr. ben carson is rising in the polls as susan says is because he satisfies a need for voters that donald trump simply can't? >> as we successed, donald trump satisfied the id of a lot of voters. and ben carson satisfies the superego. he is a much more mindful conservative. in fact his conservative bona
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fides are much better than trump's. and in fact i think he's got a more traditionally republican caucus or primary voter looking at him and showing him this love right now. with as my friend susan said, some of the outsider, we're having the outsider moment right now. he meets both tests. hooe he's an actual conservative and -- >> the democratic party. it is a love fest for political insiders, whereas the republicans are having the love fest with outsiders. is it the democratic party missing out here? >> i think stylistically people see bernie sanders as an outsider although she a decades long united states senator which means hes actually an insider. but i think his message feels outsider. if i could quickly veer back to ben carson disagree a little bit. he may be low energy to use a trumpism but he's giving his supporters exactly what donald
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trump gave them. republicans cared nothing about ben carson until he insulted the president of the united states to his face at the prayer breaks. and then likened healthcare reform to slavery. i think that as donald trump becomes more divisive racially, ben carson becomes more attractive because he gives them a quote unquote black friend. an african american embodying the same rhetoric you would hear some of the candidates like trump say but he's doing it as an african american which gives cover. >> also one other thing clear in the poll is while they are both tied at 23%. when you ask the question of are you more concerned about their having their personal traits and their experience in picking your nominee versus having the ex -- the -- excuse me. their positions on the issue. it's split 45/45. and that is exactly what you see in the 2 poll. there are people who like donald
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trump being out in and his personality and there are people out there who like where ben carson is. >> and to that point democrats are in sort of the same position. you have a hunger for something other than the establishment candidate, hillary clinton. and bernie sanders is filling that void. >> and bernie never went washington. that is what i think really comes across when people hear him speak. >> rick, ben carson is rising in the policy. donald trump is atop the polls having clawed everybody on his way up there. and no one will attack him. is it too politically toxic for the other, what is it, 16 people in the field to attack him without hurting themselves? >> the problem with the other guys in the field right now is they have all come up and taken a swing at him. they have had basically a one day plan. i'm going to go up and punch him in the nose and they don't understand they are going to be in this ping-pong with a celebrity for serl days after.
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what they need to go is go after his large opposition research file and take apatriot things in his record. business deals, personal life, character, philosophy. his wildly liberal background from previous years. of things that no republican could -- no other republican could get away with in this field having formally being pro abortion, pro gun control, pro taxes. all of these things. he's got a lot of trouble if they come out and start consistently having a plan to go after his record. although the trump voter doesn't seem to care. there is a trump reality distortion field. there is a point at which that -- because only he can speak for the campaign that he'll start to have trouble with that and they will get inside of his decision loop. >> so how does -- sorry-how does ben carson overtake donald trump? what does he have to do? and i'm thinking specifically about in iowa? >> i don't actually think he has to try. because i think susan makes a
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very good point. he occupies the rest of that outsider space that donald trump hasn't yet encroached upon. and just by being there and doing things like attacking black lives matter for instance he keeps himself relevant because he provides something that the republican party with donald trump as its leader flooelds. which is somebody in an ethnic guise who can still deliver the same message but they can say ah this is an african american saying it. it is not just us saying black lives matter is horrible and divisive. look at this african american conservative. there's bulls always been a boom market for a ironic conservative voice that is minority. in someone who is a quote free thinking black candidate. ben carson fills that. >> he's not just stunt casting here. this is a guy with a considered set of conservative philosophies and believes. this isn't the ironic conservative because he's black. he's not the black friend. this is a guy who's really thought through a lot of things. and if you listen to his speeches and read what he's
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written he's a much more considered and well-rounded conservative record and philosophy than a donald trump. >> and united states is like nazi germany? that doesn't sound thoughtful. >> hillary clinton just called half the united states like nazis didn't she last week. >> [ inaudible ]. >> about half the electorate on the pro life side she compared to nazis. so let's all be careful about godwin's law. >> let's be careful, period. susan. >> when you're talking about ben carson what he hazard has to do. play the next 16 days smart. then comes the second debate. that is where all the pressure is going to be on him. he's now up in the polls and one of the people everyone else can contend with. was a if you just believe that donald trump has hit his floor and ceiling in a lot of ways, where are people going to go? so that is where he really has to do an outstanding job and
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prove himself. i think if he doesn't that will start to a little bit of a tumble for him. and maybe fiorina takes that space. >> yes or no answers because we have to go. does fiorina being in the big table debate on the 16th, does that help or hurt carson? >> neutral. >> i think -- neutral. >> neutral? rick? >> snneutral. she should be there. >> joy reid is going to stay with us. ahead this hour hillary clinton loses steam in iowa as bernie sanders' momentum builds. what is behind the shift in the hawk eye state, next. and scott walker wants to secure our northern border. we'll look at walker's plan and more republican imgrapgs ideas ahead. mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose
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plenty of data to use. so far roughly 60 e-mails from previous disclosures have been wi withheld because they could be classified. this comes as new polling shows senator bernie sanders gaining ground on clinton in iowa. a new bloomburg poll has clinton leading sanders 37% to 30%. in may clinton held a 41 point lead. we should also point out 61% of iowa voters said the issue of hillary clinton's private e-mail server is not important. on the flipside a quinnipiac poll last week found the first word that comes to mind when think voters think of hillary clinton is, quote, liar. earlier today we asked senator sanders about the e-mail controversy. >> would you as president permit someone in the national security cabinet to use a private e-mail
2:17 pm
system? >> i think that is an issue that we've got to take a hard look at it. and i think what's going on now is i think secretary clinton now realizes is it is not a good practice. so --. >> do you think she jeopardized national security? >> well there is a process that is going on now. we will learn more about it. but this campaign that i am running, let me reiterate, is not against hillary clinton or anybody else. it is for an american people who are sick and tired of seeing the middle class disappear and huge numbers of people living in poverty. >> for more lanny davis, former white house council and executive vice president at levic. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> senator sanders is closing the gap in iowa and considering hillary clinton lost in iowa in 2008, why shouldn't she and the clinton camp be worried?
2:18 pm
>> well we think there is a competitive contest with sanders from day one. i don't think people believed us that we said it was going to be executive kpet ai -- executive d certainly new hampshire. and this focus on e-mails as the scandal that they are trying to get to stick with hillary clinton. and bernie sanders won't go there. and you just saw that happen. so we know that this e-mail issue has hurt to some extent. and we've seen senator -- secretary clinton be contrite about doing it differently. >> what is your reaction to the quinnipiac poll where voters associate hillary clinton with the word liar. >> jonathan. thank you. of all people i've admired you for years. the focus on facts in distortion. the quinnipiac poll included all voters including republicans.
2:19 pm
the poll in iowa is about democrats. and the quinnipiac poll doesn't tell you that the hate word may have been volunteered most often by eight republicans who hate hillary clinton. so the quinnipiac press release doesn't differentiate. its sample includes hateful republicans as well as nice republicans. and those words are volunteered. they don't tell you by which people. so we do not regard that as any kind of a repetitive samplres r. what we do regard is the iowa democrats and according to gallop, national democrats hold hillary clinton as the favorable impression in 78 or 79%. and that is a high number where you are looking to be nominated as well as looking into the generally election. >> do you think the clinton campaign will start attacking senator sanders? >> no. he is a great man. and he's saying the message that hillary clinton agrees with.
2:20 pm
we in the democratic party don't have donald trump versus jeb bush and everybody throwing dirt at each other. we have a common progressive platform. bernie sanders has a very passionate and eloquent and effective way of expressing it. and he's caught the imagination of our party base and we always knew there was going to be a contest and we respect bernie sanders greatly. i specially since he's not taking the bait that my old friend andrea mitchell still tries to throw out to make us like the republicans where they are throwing dirt at each other. we're just not doing that. >> 61% of the poll, i believe it is the quinnipiac poll say they don't care about the e-mail issue. but it is hurting secretary clinton. i want to brick you back to 1994. and that is when then first lady hillary clinton gave her famous so called pink press conference where she discussed the white water investigation and other
2:21 pm
questions that lasted more than an hour. and she answered tough questions from reporters. will doing something like this on the e-mail issue help her? >> everyone agree, including and especially secretary clinton that this could have been handled better. and that she expressed contrition right at the u.n. press conference. i think i should have done it differently. she's done it in a better tone recently and she's going to keep doing it. should there be a press conference i'm sure that is under consideration. can you remember from 1993 to 19997 years, 70 million dollars, breathless head lines. about something called whitewater? that was the most bogus scandal of the 90s. still referred to as the scandal even though the successor found no wrong doing. here are the reports on e-mails. one, they were legal. nobody has denied that who is an expert on the subject. nobody.
2:22 pm
two, no classified information was marked on any e-mail sent or received. fact. and the american people know that this may have been handled better but they still don't see any harm to this country or as andrea said, any harm to national security. not a slight sentence, fact, word to suggest there's been a any harm. >> lanny, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. scott walker targets our neighbors to the north. and the murder of a texas sheriff draws criticism of black lives matter movement. but is it warranted? are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas.
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arranged today. miles made his first appearance this morning, facing a capital murder charge. no plea was entered and he's being held without bond at the harris county jail. deputy goforth according to the dea was shot 15 times in the head and back. after he rushed eturned to his car after refuelling saturday night. he leaves behind a wife and two children. the harris county's sheriff's office says they don't believe the two men had previous contact before the shooting friday night. the sheriff's office believes miles targeted deputy goforth because he was a uniformed officer. on saturday ron hickman discussed tensions between police and communities across the country. >> our system of justice absolutely requires law enforcement be present to protect our community. so at any point where the rhetoric ramps to the point where calculated, cold-blooded
2:27 pm
assassination of police officers happen, this rhetoric has gotten out of control. we've heard black lives matter. all lives matter. well cops lives matter too. let's just drop the qualifier and just say lives matter. and take that to the bank. >> i'm joined by joy reid. do we have any information at this point that there is any connection between shanal miles and the black lives matter movement? >> no. not at all and i will add this is obviously a horrific case. deputy goforth was basically execute 3wid a lone gunman. but one of the things missing in that press conference was any discussion of a motive. at this point it doesn't appear that the sheriff actually or the department know what is the motive for the shooting is. and so i think that the direct connection and go right to the black lives matter movement, there is no actual factual basis for that connection. i think the only thing they are going on is obviously that mr. miles, the suspect, is african american. and the late mr. goforth is white. and a policeman, obviously.
2:28 pm
>> and i understand the sheriff's frustration and anger and this has been an incredibly tense time in the relationship between police and the communities they serve. but is it appropriate for the sheriff's office to bring up black lives matter in the discussion when there appears to be, as we've been discussing, no connection at this point? >> yeah and i mean i think -- again i think you have a lot of police agencies around the country who are very unhappy with the rhetoric of black lives matter. because it is putting a spotlight on police agencies and police shootings and there has been more than one time where you have had police unions or agencies blame black lives matters for what they see is increased danger for police officers. you saw it in st. louis with the police union there. in new york when the head of the police benevolent association in new york city literally said that the mayor of new york had blood on his hands for standing with black lives matter protests over the death of eric garner. when you get passed the emotion
2:29 pm
police feel towards black lives matter and look talent statistics there really isn't anything there. >> and we have a lot of statistics here. >> absolutely. and we went back and look at the officers memorial fund which keeps track of the number of police officers shot in the line of duty and from 2013 to 14 the numbers ticked up. there were 32 police officers killed in the line of duty in 2013. and went up to the 50 in 2014. however this year on track for it to go down by 20%. you have had 18 killed in 2015 versus 20 24 at this time last year. so it is going down this year. meanwhile the number of civilians shot by police officers is much much higher. 652 people killed by police this year. 24 of whom were black and unarmed according to the washington post. >> my colleagues t if washington post are keeping unfortunately a daily tally of the number of police shootings and civilians.
2:30 pm
fox news is covering this shooting in texas and they discussed black lives matter this morning while talking about deputy goforth's death. and there graphic called it a murder movement. here is how their guest milwaukee county sheriff david clark called the movement. >> president obama has breathed life into this ugly movement. and it is time now for goodlaw a bibide americans like they din houston around that chevron station. we now have to count they are slime, this filth coming out of these cop haters. >> joy? >> yeah -- and i think when you parse the rhetoric coming out of the police agencies and that gentlemen has been on tv saying very similar things ever since the ferguson protest is what is black lives matter actually saying. they are actually saying when a police officer kills someone there should be additional scrutiny. there should be things like bod
2:31 pm
cameras and changes in police tactics that will reduce this really large number. 652 people being shot and reluctance to prosecute cases that are tepidly put before grand juries. if that rhetoric has to ends, it sounds like what the unibts are saying is we don't want the scrutiny. we want our actions to not be judged by the public. not be looked at more directly by the public. we want to go back to doing whatever it is we want and we don't want the public looking over our shoulder. black lives matter has been really specific. black lives matter very exclusively put out a statement saying we oppose violence against police. and black lives matter and the various loosely connected organizations have called for nothing other than reform. and when you are saying reform and talk ktd about it is bad i'm not sure that is a positive message for police to put ie is
2:32 pm
bottle and there is a movement behind police accountability at the minimum. ahead cscott walk starts a border battleality. >> i'm kate rogers with your market wrap. stocks close out a brutal august with all three major ind e seize down more than 6 percent.
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. donald trump has taken a bold stance on nearly every issue, but especially so on immigration. forcing candidates to chime in with their own plans. this weekend chris kwis fumbled suggesting they track imimmigrants like fed ex tracks pa packages. and scott walker highlighted the possibility of building a wall not on the u.s. mexican border but on a border with canada. our friendly neighbor to the north. here is walker on sunday's meet the press. >> want to build of wall north of the border too.
2:37 pm
>> some people have asked us about that in new hampshire. they raised legitimate concerns especially law enforcement folks that brought it up about a week and a half ago. so that is a legitimate issue. >> now, there have been cases of terrorists entering the u.s. from canada. including the foiled plot by an algerian citizen living in montreal who planned to bomb the los angeles airport in 20000. he was arrested when he tried to enter the u.s. with a car full of explosives. and while the u.s./mexico border receives the most attention, our border with canada is nearly three times longer. the longest border in the world. so is there any legitimacy to walk ears planned?weighed in cae idea pretty dumb. putting a wall up between us and canada is a ridiculous notion. the biggest thing we need do is have a functioning immigration system with a good work program. we need to say that we have zero tolerance and that if you come
2:38 pm
in illegally, you will be sent back. joining me now, ken vogel, chief investigatiive reporter and pery bacon. >> are walls a realistic idea. >> i would say -- if we decided to do so we could. i think they are not realistic for two reasons. first they would be really expensive. but second of all it is not clear they are necessary in any real way. we don't really have a problem from people from canada coming to the u.s. in large numbers or from mexico for that matter to be honest. the number of undocumented immigrants went down from 12 million in 2007 to about 11 million now. we just don't have a problem of people crossing the bordner huge numbers all the time. so to spend that kind of money that could cost for a
2:39 pm
problem --. christie's fedex problem was a weird way to frame it but he's getting closer to the problem which is that a lot of people here in the u.s. overstay visas and we should probably work on tracking them better and telling them when it is time to go back home. that is a real problem. the problem with the huge crosses of the worder is not a huge problem. >> ken, walker has been accused of flip-flopic on this opinion of the 14th amendment. here is what he had to say on meet the press this sunday. >> the birthright citizenship issue. can i get a final -- there was some confusion last week. you're either for getting rid of it. where are you on this? >> people have heard me say this a thousand times. secure the border. enforce the laws. no amnesty. go forward in a way that provides for a legal immigration system that puts a priority on
2:40 pm
american working families and their wages in a way that improve the american economy. whether talking about the 14th amendment or anything else, until we secure the border and enforce the laws woe shouldn't be talking about any other issue out there. >> so governor walker clear on where he stands? >> no and he's been all over the place on this 14th amendment, birthright citizenship issue. >> the median of the debate has gone to the right and the republican party and the republican presidential primary in large part because of donald trump. you know scott walker, you have to wonder if he isn't seeking to atone from some of the heat he's taking from activists over apooring to flip-flop on the 14th amendment. i'm wondering whose going to propose a wall between alaska and canada or maybe a floating wall on the bering strait between alaska and russia.
2:41 pm
so sarah palin won't be able to see into russia past the wall. as the problem. it is a problem alluded to a number of times. and the lose the primary and win the gentleeral election. and you have to think some of this stuff is going to come back to a reasonable centerist position but at this rate it would really damage the whole party's brand. >> perry, have any of the republican candidates presented a feasible proposal for immigration reform beyond tracking them? immigrants like fedex packages. >> i think jeb bush has a six point in the idea being to wind down the -- his ideas i would argue all of them pretty much the obama administration is already doing. but the ideas seem more plausible than these walls. christie is getting the right idea but the phrasing was
2:42 pm
probably poor. what rand paul just said seemed more reasonable too to krooel really cut down. but so there are some reasonable ideas out there. but the wall idea seems very simple. conservatives like it. so i think you are going to hear more about the wall and this birthright citizenship idea which is ken said, i can't tell where walker is on that. >> one of the things we haven't talked about is donald trump's immigration plan. his immigration plan is about deporting all estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants and deporting their american born children. is his immigration plan such as it is so outrageous, not only to mention to my mind immoral and unconstitutional. is it so outrageous that no one is even discussing it seriously? >> well i mean you have heard different candidates address this issue of, you know, deportation. whether it's mitt romney's framing of self deportation or
2:43 pm
donald trump's more forceful wording on the issue. it is dragging the debate into this area that is, you know, very uncomfortable for a lot of people and very uncomfortable to centerist republicans who see it as the toxic transition into the general election. you know, the power of donald trump to drag the party into this position really cannot be overstated that we are talking about this is almost exclusively because of the donald trump. he's appealing to a very real sentiment among the republican base but a sentiment that centerists and smart strategist would rather avoid. >> ken, thank you for being with us. perry, you are staying with us. still to come a world war ii mystery could soon be solved. treasure hunters say they found a missing train full of nazi loot.
2:44 pm
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2:46 pm
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soldiers filled the train with gold, gems and other treasures. supposedly this heavily armed train departed what is now a polish down bound for poland. but the train never reached its destination. for 70 years the train has alluded detection. but now there is reason to believe it's soon to be discovered. treasure hunters have swarmed south poland after two men put out a message through their lawyers that they found the train. they have blocked off the area where it might be located to keep out those seeking fortunes. a move that officials insist is for safety reasons. they also down played the substance of the new information. at a news conference, the rumors aren't any stronger than similar claims made in past decades. but that hasn't stopped the
2:50 pm
government from sending in the military to investigate. already the debate is swirling about who should be entitled to the loot if the train is found. polish authorities say it is in their country and belongs to them. country and belongs to them and the world jewish congress put in a claim for any item stolen and the men that say they found the train won't reveal the location until promised 10%. and russia may also claim the pressure as compensation for losses in world war ii. happy hunting, everyone. up next, what's in a name? a lot for republican lawmakers, find out how they are reacting to the president renaming the nation's highest peak, stay tuned. everyone loves the picture i posted of you.
2:51 pm
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president is changing mount mckinley to denali, it's been used for centuries but native americans. a gold prospecty named it in 1896. the name was formally adopted by the federal government in 1917. we should point out president mckinley from ohio never visited alaska. a battle has been playing out between the ohio delegation and alaskans who have been working for a name change since the 1970s. republican senator lisa of alaska introduced a bill to rename the mountain in january.
2:55 pm
as you can imagine, other republicans are not pleased with the president's move. house speaker john boehner released a statement saying he was deeply disappointed in the decision. ohio senator rob portman related a statement saying quote, the naming of the mountain has been a top pick of discussion in congress for many years. this decision by the administration is another showing of the president going around congress. bob gibbs said this political stunt is insulting to all ohioans and i'll be working with the house committee on natural resources to determine what can be done to prevent this action. ohio governor john kasich who is running for president tweeted quote, as potus once again over steps bounds, ohio knows every carnation is a monument to william mckinley. the naming is part of president obama's trip this week to alaska to highlight climate change. as you see the president just arrived in anchorage moments ago. he's expected to make an
2:56 pm
official announcement of the renaming later tonight. for more on this, let me bring in mr. ross and perry bacon, nbc news senior political reporter. how big a deal is this for native americans in alaska? >> thank you for having me. you know, it's cool. it's a big deal, but it's a big symbolic gesture and it absolutely acknowledges the humanity of native people and says that yes, indeed, native people did have agency voice and self-determination and were not butt naked indians running around in the forecast but that we recognized the sacred sites and that is cool. for native people, we take it with a grain of salt this is not a pronative move. this is a proalaskan move, all a ala ka people of all skin colors
2:57 pm
realize these people had a relationship with the mountain and thus, it was properly titled as denali. for native people, we kind of see this as the symbolic gesture as we need a little bit more. there are sacred sites that are attacked every day. the oak flats, the arctic drilling that obama allowed and we're past the point of wanting symbolism and instead want substance to go along with it. >> well -- >> so i think that's the message that i've been getting from indian country today media network from readers is that we want some substance to go with the symbolism. >> chauncey, let me bring perry in here. from what i see, people from alaska have been calling mount mckinl mckinley denali for a long time. >> this has been a depressing day in terms of you think about is every issue controversial? is every issue you're on team obama or not? it seems crazy.
2:58 pm
the alaskans want the mountain name and agree why is the speaker of the house complaining about the president renaming a mountain? not the iran deal, renaming a mountain. i'm very surprised by this evening knowing the division in washington the last seven years, i'm surprised. i hope to see maybe president jeb bush can rename a mountain without it becoming a big issue. >> what's your response? you heard me read the criticism from governor kasich and other ohio republicans. what's your response to their criticism? >> well, i think it's important to acre knowledge that this isn't a renaming. this is returning to the way that it's been termed for 20,000 years, and that relationship absolutely trumps this 70 years that it was known as something else. if you want to talk about political ploys, you talk about a ploy where a man all the way across the country who never stepped foot in the state, never sat under the gaze of the glorious mountain who has never
2:59 pm
climbed the mountain, has never had that relationship that the people have had somehow got his name affiliated with this gorgeous site, that's a political ploy. this here is appropriate. >> perry, last question to you. when do you think president obama decided to do this now? because he's in alaska for this heat s meeting? >> yes, it's unusual for a president to go to alaska but he's taken steps to include and trying to push issues for african americans and latinos but they had a lot of policies targeted toward native americans. they are trying to improve the lives. i'm not surprised this is a symbolism and not an action of policy but is a symbolic gesture and like i said, the alaska representatives from both parties support this idea. >> thank you both very much for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> thanks, jonathan. "politics nation" with
3:00 pm
reverend al sharpton starts right now. right now on "politics nation," donald trump launches a new attack on jeb bush, some are comparing it to willy horton and dick cheney trying to sell books by bashing president obama. the white house wants to know what the kanye west campaign slogan would be. and tennis star serena williams already making history today. welcome to "politics nation." we begin with the political attack some are comparing to the infamous willy horton adds from the first president bush but this time it's donald trump going after jeb bush


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