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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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safer with this deal and the same is true for the people throughout the region. >> and test run. joe biden heads to key battleground states today on official business, but sources tell me he's seriously considering another run for the white house. republicans wouldn't mind scrambling the democratic deck. >> i think it's good for the democratic party. i'd love to see joe run. so my attitude is go for it, joe. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the search has expanded in fox lake, illinois, for three men suspected of killing a police officer, lieutenant charles gliniewicz. authorities say lieutenant gliniewicz was on routine patrol tuesday when he was fatally shot after pursuing three suspects engaged in so-called suspicious activity. today officials said that they have shifted their search for
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saturation patrol, after completing an intense search of a two square mile perimeter area. >> obviously there's going to be nervousness throughout the community in a situation like this. and that's why we're here. we're here and that's why we have so many marked units in the area. we want the community to know we're out here, we're keeping them safe, we're here to protect them and anything that they see that's suspicious, out of the ordinary, they need to call in. >> gliniewicz was 52 years old. he was known as g.i. joe to his friends. he leaves a wife and four children. he was set to retire at the end of this month after serving more than 30 years on the force. nbc's john yang joins me now with the latest from fox lake. what are we hearing? is there any clues, any suspicious activity picked up, john? >> reporter: well, andrea, i think the shift from this focused area, two square mile area around the spot where lieutenant gliniewicz' body was found, what they call saturation
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patrols, seems to be an acknowledgement that these three suspects have essentially gotten away from this area, gotten away from that very small -- they weren't able to contain them around the spot where the lieutenant's body was found. they searched that area until about 10:00 last night, a very intensive search. helicopters, dogs, grid searches on the ground. that is all gone. they are now saying that they will have saturation patrols to reassure the people in the area that they are looking, that they are on the ground, they are on the lookout for these three. they say they're not going to rest until these three are in custody. but at the same time there doesn't seem to be any sense of a better idea of where they are. they have no better description of them than two white males and one black male, which is what lieutenant gliniewicz radioed in when he said that he had spotted these three men who appeared to him to be suspicious and then went off on foot patrol.
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we're expecting to hear more from the officials in about 45 minutes, a news conference right here at police headquarters. there seems to be a lot of confusion over what they were saying about the nature of this search changing from giving up the focused patrol, focused search on this two square mile area that the manhunt has ended. they want to get the word out that the manhunt has not ended, they're still looking and they're not going to end until they have apprehended them. andrea. >> i know, john, there were some inaccurate reports on another network, but the fact is as we've been reporting, they're expanding the search. are they going door to door? what do you know about what's happening? i know there were roadblocks blocking access to the area where they're searching and checking from helicopters as well. what are you hearing about how they are searching? >> reporter: well, those roadblocks are down and actually driving around this area you see no sense of increased patrol activity. we've -- a number of my
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colleagues have been driving as far west as gurney, which is 30 miles west of here and all throughout the area. there's no sign of an increased presence. it doesn't seem to be stepped-up activity at all. if anything, it seems to be ratcheting down. there are now no helicopters in the area. the only helicopters i've seen quite frankly today have been tv news crews. so there really is no sense -- or i should say the sense of urgency and sort of intense focus that we had yesterday seems to be gone. >> let's hope they have not escaped. we'll get the update in 45 minutes. we'll of course carry it live and come back to you. john yang, thanks so much. and we have breaking news. the white house has picked up enough senate votes today to sustain a potential veto of the iran deal -- rather than to block a potential veto of any
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senate action. barbara mull cuikulski. just moments ago secretary kerry at the constitution center across from the liberty bell in philadelphia with a passionate defense of the agreement negotiated. >> president obama and i are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the framework that we have put forward will get the job done. without this agreement, the iranians would have several potential pathways to a bomb. with it, they won't have any. >> new hampshire senator jeanne shaheen is supporting the iran nuclear deal and joins me now. senator, thank you very much for being with us. >> good afternoon. >> so kerry gets the votes. bar ra bara mikulski was the la vote needed to stop the senate and the house from voting -- to stop them from, rather, stopping the president from overturning a veto. i really balled that up. but you know better than i the
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vote count. >> we know what you mean. in other words, congress isn't going to block this deal. >> congress is not going to block the deal, but can you actually get to the 41 votes you would need to stop them from even forcing the president to try to veto what congress does? >> well, you know, i think is it the discussion continues. i support this agreement. i think for anyone who wants to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon, this is the best way to do it. there are now 34 people in the senate who have come out and said we support the agreement. we still have a number of people who are undecided. and we have a number of people who are opposed. but this agreement reduces the stockpile of enriched uranium by 98% that iran has. it forces them to eliminate their centrifuges by two-thirds. it gives us inspections that we
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can go into any part of the country to see what's going on. it gives us the ability to follow their uranium life cycle, so to inspect what's happening with that for the next 25 years. so i think this is an important agreement. it gives us the ability to put sanctions back in place if iran violates the agreement. and i think continue to have support from the international community. because this is not just the united states that negotiated this. we had a number of partners. >> i want to ask you about hillary clinton. you're going to be appearing with her in new hampshire in portsmouth on saturday. you've been supporting her all along. today the union leader, the hometown newspaper, has a headline saying that she is putting herself, clinton's e-mails, putting herself above her country. the e-mail goes on to really take her apart, talking about why is it important, there's
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only one possible explanation for her to conduct her official correspondence on a personal e-mail account. you know, she's keeping things out of reach of people, investigators and others, and keeping herself out of reach of freedom of information requests. what is your reaction to all this? >> well, the union leader is hardly an arbiter of democratic politics. they are a very republican, very conservative newspaper. so i think hillary clinton has released and with the state department will continue to release all of those e-mails. it's more than we've seen from any past secretary of state. and i think she has got the experience, she has got a vision for where to take this country. i trust her to be the next president of the united states and i think she will do a great job. >> understandably, the "union
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leader" is not typical of democratic politics but "the boston herald" has a poll. their poll among new hampshire democrats showed bernie sanders ahead, 44%, hillary clinton 37%, joe biden 9%. we've seen also not from your region but the iowa results as well with bernie sanders just seven points behind her in iowa, and the "des moines register" a highly regarded poll. what is going on here? >> well look, it's early. the polls are going to go up and down -- in iowa and new hampshire between now and the nomination and the convention next summer. but we're getting into the fall season. the candidates are going to be here, they're going to continue to make their case. hillary clinton is going to continue to talk about where we need to take this country, the importance of making sure there are opportunities for middle class americans. again, so they can sending their kids to college, so they can get good jobs, so they have a secure retirement. and she understands how to make
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things work in washington. so i think she's going to continue to make her case. i think we're going to have a robust debate and that's important. it's important not only to democratic politics but it's important to the country and that at the end of that, she's going to be the democratic nominee and i believe ultimately be the president. >> and as we speak, joe biden is flying to florida for official business, but certainly testing the waters. is there still space for him in this race? >> well, he's going to have to decide if this is something he wants to do. he's a friend of mine. he's done honorable service to this country. he's been an excellent vice president. i'm supporting hillary clinton. >> thank you very much, senator jeanne shaheen. see you on the campaign trail if not sooner. up next, testing the waters. joe biden heading to florida today, weighing a presidential run. will he jump in? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. one.
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joe biden touching all bases this week as he gives serious consideration, i'm told, for a possible third run for the white house. focusing on jobs, fund-raising and selling the iran deal to jewish leaders in florida today, tomorrow ahead of a foreign policy speech in t atlanta tomorrow night and a labor day appearance with the afl-cio with rich trumka in pittsburgh monday all capped by an appearance on stephen colbert's new show next week. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, hillary clinton supporter, joins me now. governor, great to see you. if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, is this a duck? >> not quite yet, andrea.
9:15 am
i think the vice president is seriously considering it, no question. he's been a terrific vice president. he's earned the right to run for president again if he so desires. but i don't think he's going to do it for three reasons. one, there's still a lot of emotional baggage in the biden family over the death of beau and running for president is all consuming. as the vice president indicated in his call to democratic national committee members, he's not sure whether he could give it his whole heart. that's number one. number two, since joe biden and hillary clinton are so much aligned on the issues, the only way that he could make up ground on hillary, and you saw the polls, the only way he makes up ground is to attack her personally. they're very good friends. they have been for a long while. they worked together in the senate. they worked together in the white house. i don't know if joe biden has the stomach to launch a campaign based on attacking hillary clinton. and thirdly, those polls, and there were polls in
9:16 am
pennsylvania, florida, ohio, north carolina, south carolina last week that showed the vice president running third with hillary around 50%, bernie sanders in the high teens and the vice president in the low teens, so there's a lot of ground to make up. so for all those reasons, i think in the end the vice president is going to decide not to run. but i have no inside information. that's just a hunch. >> well, i want to play devil's advocate just for a moment with you because i think the first reason, the emotional considerations, are the main reason that would be an impediment. but as to the others, if you look at the favorable ratings, he outpolls anyone, republican or democratic, on favorable ratings. if you look at the "des moines register" poll, he's at 14% without running. let's say he jumps in and their calculation, people around biden, is he would immediately take five or six points from hillary clinton. that's not overly optimistic. and she's only seven points ahead of bernie sanders.
9:17 am
so immediately if he takes some from sanders and takes some from clinton, you've got a three-way single-digit race. that's a competitive race. >> but that's an assumption not based on reality. normally what happens when someone jumps in and becomes a candidate is they go down. in fact as you know, andrea, i think there's only one out of the 20 or so candidates that has a favorable rating of more than 50%. and the vice president is not an unknown candidate who gets a boost when he jumps in. everybody knows the vice president. and by the way, everybody likes the vice president because he's an incredibly likeable guy. but i think people know him enough, so in those polls when you poll pennsylvania voters, they know all about joe biden. it's not like he's some unknown candidate. so i'm not sure he gets much of a bump coming in. >> fair enough. although conventional wisdom, mine and certainly everyone else's has been wrong about trump, wrong about dr. ben carson, wrong about everything
9:18 am
this year, just saying. well, this wouldn't even be an issue if not for the e-mail controversy and the vulnerabilities from the front runner, and certainly adding fuel to that fire was a quote that you gave to "the new york times" last week. here you are, the hillary clinton strong supporter and you say they have handled the e-mail issue poorly, maybe atrociously. atrociously, certainly horribly. the campaign has been incredibly tone deaf not seeing this as a more serious issue. explain. >> well, and i meant that. and i meant that and it was my way of hopefully getting a message to the campaign. they didn't do a good job of handling the issue. i don't think the secretary has done anything wrong. every secretary of state before her used private e-mail accounts. in fact colin powell had a private server that was paid for by the rnc. so she did nothing wrong, she didn't violate any procedures or rules of the obama administration that were in place when she was there. as far as the classified
9:19 am
brouhaha, so far in the 7,000 pages released earlier this week, there's not one the state department says, there's nothing that was classified at the time that secretary clinton sent it or received it. so i think that this will blow over and i think she's done nothing wrong. she made a mistake, but she's done nothing wrong and i'm still for her and i still believe she has done nothing wrong. i know that will come out. but i think the campaign has not done a good job and that's a fact. they should get their act together. i think they will. so i have no regrets for saying what i said. i hope it's a wake-up call to the campaign. by the way, i'm not the only one saying it, and rea, but i hope the campaign wakes up and gets a little tighter and stronger and supports the secretary. >> and acknowledging, as we've been reporting, that there's no indication of anything, quote, wrong and she's not being investigated by the fbi and all of that. that said, she's got an october 22nd appearance before that benghazi committee.
9:20 am
this e-mail release is going to roll out through january. so it's going to hang over people's heads. you talk to many of the same people that i talk to and within the party, they're nervous. >> well, they're nervous interestingly. but i was out at the democratic national committee meeting in minneapolis last week. we were there because we're the host city for the convention and i'm a chairman of the host committee. and i talked to a lot of delegates. and they're all for hillary. they're sticking with her. they believe that she's been targeted unfairly in the e-mail controversy. and remember, the e-mail controversy is happening -- if it had to happen, it's happening at the right time. it's happening five months before iowa and 16, 17 months before a november election in 2016. and i predict, andrea, if hillary clinton is the nominee in november of 2016, very few people will go to the polls thinking about e-mails.
9:21 am
>> do you think there's any doubt she'll be the nominee? she's so far ahead as you've been point out. >> i don't have any doubts, although you've got to give bernie sandseers an awfully lotf credit. he's hitting a responsive chord on the progressive wing of our party and he's done a great job. do i think he can use that as a springboard to win in states like pennsylvania and florida and ohio? i don't think so. i think whenever you get into a state that has a large amount of african-american and latino voters, hillary clinton does extraordinarily well there. i think it's a different playing field in iowa and new hampshire. but, you know, i've learned a long time ago never to say never in politics. i thought after the first debate, donald trump's numbers were going to go down like a rock. so this is an unusual year. anything can happen. >> you and me both. i said so on television that night. such is life. such is politics. thank you very much.
9:22 am
>> right. >> ed rendell. just weeks before pope francis makes his first trip to america with stops in philadelphia, new york and washington, d.c., a new survey shows that most catholics in the u.s. does not agree with the vatican's positions on several controversial issues. in a pew poll nearly a third of catholics say abortion is not a sin. 50% of catholics in the u.s. say that being gay is not a sin, although that dropped to 27% among those who attend mass regularly. while traditional family values are still held in high esteem, 87% in this poll say they're accepting of single parents. seven out of ten say divorce is not a sin. coming up, high alert. what actions are police taking in that small suburb as the hunt for cop killers continues. a news conference is scheduled in a few minutes from now. we'll bring it to you live on msnbc.
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today a county clerk in kentucky is again defying the supreme court refusing to issue any marriage licenses in order to prevent having to issue marriages to gay couples, marriage licenses, i should say. her opponents are fighting to have her held in contempt as protesters chanted inside her office today. among the protesters this morning, a gay couple arrived at the county courthouse where davis turned down their marriage license request. >> we're not issuing a marriage license today. >> actually the united states supreme court has authority over you. okay, you do not work in a religious institution. if you wish to discriminate -- >> i told you we are not issuing a marriage license today. i'm not discriminating because i'm not issuing a license to anybody.
9:27 am
>> gabe gutierrez is at the courthouse in kentucky. gabe, my understanding is she can only be removed from office if she's impeached. she was voted into office. are there any legal alternatives? >> reporter: hi there, andrea, good afternoon. she is an elected official. she would only have to be removed by impeachment. she can't be fired from this job essentially. as you mentioned this morning, it was quite a scene inside the county courthouse yet again for a second straight day. a same-sex couple went in asking for a license. robbie blankenship and jesse cruz. they drove down from columbus, ohio. they were denied that license. they say this is all about civil rights. >> why was it important to come here? >> because 99% of my family are kentuc kentuckyans and kentucky is in my blood. i love kentucky, my parents were married in kentucky and i want to be married in kentucky as well. >> to care for him until his
9:28 am
last day, i want to do that and i want to do that recognized by the united states of america. by the state of kentucky and by this county. because i love him. >> reporter: kim davis has many supporters in this county and they say this is all about religious freedom. >> i'm afraid that they'll be coming after the preachers next, putting them in jail because they refuse to do a same-sex marriage and it goes against our conviction. and i can't get people to understand christianity is not something we do, it's who we are. >> reporter: the next big hurdle in this case comes tomorrow in ashland, kentucky, when kim davis is set to go before a federal judge and explain why she should not be held in contempt of court. she could face stiff fines or even jail time, but andrea, legal experts here say jail time is highly unlikely. >> gabe gutierrez, this is so
9:29 am
touching, so emotional on both sides. thank you so much for your reporting. and the conservative car, jeb bush goes on the attack against donald trump. stay tuned, you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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for an unsanctioned selfie. that's that new gear feeling. all laptops on sale, save $230 on this dell 2-in-1. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. now to the heartbreaking dilemma for thousands of migrants trying to find safe haven in the european union as witnessed by bill neely. >> reporter: they escaped isis, war and syria, but today they couldn't escape hungary and they were furious. whole families, desperate to reach western europe. 9-year-old farrah from syria aiming for germany. that's why they want to go, but this was the end of the line. police closing the railway station. some had spent all the money they had left on tickets to germany. >> we are human, we are human.
9:33 am
>> reporter: we are human, they chanting, and they are all ages. dozens of children and babies now trapped by hungary's crackdown on refugees. >> the budapest train station is shut down again today. migrants trying to pass through hungary to get to germany leaving thousands trapped between two worlds. we find claudio joining me from outside the station. thank you so much. these people have bought tickets, they have spent their last euros on these tickets, and why is -- i just don't understand why hungary won't let them pass through. they are looking for refuge in germany and germany is open arms. >> reporter: well, andrea, hungary is simply saying that it is applying e.u. regulations. now, there is such called doubling convention which states that migrants who arrive in europe should apply for asylum in the first european country of entry.
9:34 am
well, that most of the time is italy and greece. now, these migrants who arrived here have passed through greece, so that was the first country, the european country they passed through, but greece just let them through because they all wanted to go to germany. once they got here in hungary, hungary decided to apply that rule to the letter. so they say they're going to stay here and they're going to screen each one of them and whoever wants to ask for -- apply for asylum will have to do it here and then they can leave the country only when that lengthy process will be completed. that's why. >> and what is the prospect now? are these people going to stay in the square outside of the train station? do they have any place to stay? do they have access to food, water, facilities? >> reporter: well, as you've seen in that piece from bill neely, many of these migrants, if not post, have paid hundreds of dollars for a ticket all the
9:35 am
way to germany, which is the last destination for most of them. they mostly want to apply for asylum in germany. that means they have been talking to us and so they have been saying even if they need to go somewhere else, they don't have the money to do that. well, now here is a bit of an irony. they said we want the money back but -- and also we checked with the ticket office inside this train station. they said, yeah, we can give the money back. the problem is they can't go in to get the money back. so here they are stuck in a limbo, andrea. >> claudio, thank you so much for continuing to cover this very important story. a crisis for the european union indeed. turning back to politics here at home, donald trump never missing an opportunity to take a political shot at jeb bush. >> i think he had really no choice. he's doing very poorly in the polls. he's a very low energy kind of guy and he had to do something, so they're spending a lot of money on ads. you know, he has a lot of money
9:36 am
from the hedge fund guys, from the special interests from lobbyists. he raised over $100 million. so they control him totally. >> bush is fighting back, punching back online and in new videos. is he playing with fire now? joining me now for our daily fix, chris cillizza, and wall street journal political editor jeanne cummings. jeanne, first to you, has jeb taken too long to go after donald trump? >> well, he is dipping in the polls and he has taken a beating, there's no doubt about it. and the campaign says they have two options, either engage or look weak. look weak is the worst, obviously, of those options. so while there are risks in engaging with trump like this, it was the better of the two they decided. now, we'll see if they can maintain it. i mean this definitely knocks bush off of his strategic plan. all along their campaign, they were going to start their advertising with some soft
9:37 am
bio ads so he could show i'm jeb, i'm not george. you know, identify himself. remind people of his conservative record. if they have to divide their buys now in half attacks and half bio, the donald trump campaign has effectively knocked them off their game. >> let's play a little bit of the jeb campaign video attacking trump's prior positions, which were definitely much more liberal than what he's portraying himself as right now. >> partial birth abortion. >> i'm very pro-choice. i am pro-choice in every respect and as far as it goes. >> as far as single payer, it works in canada, it works incredibly well in scotland. hillary clinton i think is a terrific woman. i'm a little biased because i've known her for years. yeah, i know her very well, she's very talented. i live in new york, she lives in new york and i've known her and her husband for years and i really like them both alot.
9:38 am
>> chris, is this effective? >> we'll see, andrea. i tend to be skeptical because i feel like things that have killed campaigns in the past, donald trump has sort of weathered and in some cases risen up in the polls from. i think the bush people probably made the right decision. you have to engage. treating the donald trump thing as a summer fling that will go away, it's now september 2nd and it hasn't gone away and there's no evidence it's going away. you have to engage. it is treacherous, as jeanne said. getting in a fight with someone who doesn't fight by the rules isn't always a winnable fight, but it's one that the bush people have to take on. i think it is remarkable. i think jeb bush avoided this for as long as possible. he was hoping trump would just sort of go away and solve itself. it hasn't. i don't think he loves and feels deeply behind this campaign term, the need to engage trump, but recognizes that there is no other path to the nomination
9:39 am
right now except through donald trump, amazing as that is. >> and let's talk about carly fiorina now, because she's gotten cnn essentially to back down on their debate rules and add her to the debate after basically just flooding the zone with e-mails to all of us and to certainly e-mails attacking cnn and the party for their rules keeping her out and the way they were calculating the polling, because post the first debate, even though she was in what we called the kiddie debate, the warmup debate, she was surging in the polls. they were planning on counting the polls before that debate and that would have kept her out again. >> definitely. cnn may well end up with 11 on that stage. they have left that number kind of loose so that they can make a final call as we move along here. but this is a big accomplishment for carly fiorina and it also is a big test. i mean yeah, she won the happy hour debate.
9:40 am
but that wasn't up against some of the stronger presidential contenders. now she will be in the big debate and so it's a great test to see if she can break out among that crowd. >> okay. jeanne and chris, thank you so much. tomorrow we'll be talking exclusively with another of the republican presidential candidates, lindsey graham. and coming up next, the great outdoors. president obama heading to a tiny fishing village in alaska which we once visited before. >> how does it make you feel being back out on the bay? >> it's awesome. it's beautiful. it brings back a lot of memories because todd and i have been doing this together since before we were married. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls.
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started using gain flings,fe their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) honey, isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel. more scent plus oxi boost and febreze. it's our best gain ever! how was the catch today? >> kind of slow. it was a lot hotter earlier on, a lot more hits, which was good, but i'm glad you guys got to see
9:44 am
a couple of the fish picked. that's what we do. a really great day is when those nets are smoking, they're just smoking with the fins flying and you know that you've got a full net and you fill up the bins and you go deliver. >> that was sarah palin in 2009 only days after announcing she was resigning as governor of alaska. this was in the fishing village where her husband's family has fished for generations, dillingham, alaska. that's today where president obama is heading as part of his three-day tour of alaska highlighting the challenges of climate change. he's the first sitting president to pay a visit north of the arctic circle. joining me from anchorage, alaska, chris jansing. this is such an extraordinary trip for you, for the president. he's going to be heading to the western coast where our colleague, cynthia mcfadden for months has been tracking one of the villages facing extinction due to global warming. tell us what the president is
9:45 am
trying to dramatize here with this trip. >> reporter: well, andrea, you've been there, obviously, so you know first of all these are two of the most remote places anywhere in the united states and where people who live there day to day face some of the biggest challenges of anyone who is an american citizen. so you start with that, and the president wants to bring this message home about the people who are on the front lines of climate change. as you said, it was one of 30 villages right now that literally are facing extinction because of the effects of climate change. they're disappearing. i spoke at length to people who have homes that are on cliffs that are disappearing by two to three feet every year. we've looked at where some of the erosion has taken place. we see where the glaciers are melting. so these are all things that the president wants to focus on. they're doing it, i think, in a way they haven't done before. you've probably looked and seen, andrea, the president for the first time, his instagram account, he's actually taking
9:46 am
the pictures himself, trying to draw more attention to this. they have been going to these incredibly logistically challenging places. it's not easy for the president, his entourage and the security apparatus that goes with it to go anywhere, frankly, but to go to these very remote places has been probably one of the most difficult logistical challenges, certainly that they have ever faced in the united states. and he's going to end his day with a speech wrapping up not just a call to arms for that big u.n. climate conference in paris in december, but i think we'll hear very personally, andrea, about the people he's met and the experiences he's had in the three days that he's been here. >> chris jansing, an extraordinary trip. i can't wait to talk to you on camera and off about all of this when you get back. >> reporter: dinner's on me. >> great. you're on. and now we go to illinois. john yang is there as the sheriff and their spokesmen are about to give a briefing. john, if you can tell us what
9:47 am
we're expecting. they have been searching, as we know, for three suspects believed to have been involved in the killing of this sheriff's deputy who was about to retire. john, how is the search going so far today? >> reporter: the search is continuing. they have given up what they call sort of the focus search. they were searching a two square mile area around the point where lieutenant gliniewicz' body was found yesterday morning. they were focusing very sharply on that yesterday, police and helicopters, on the ground with dogs, doing grid searches on the ground. they gave that up around 10:00 last night when they concluded that the three suspects simply were no longer in that area, that this 14-hour search yesterday failed to turn up any sign of them. they now are going to what they refer to as saturation patrols. they say they want to increase the police presence, have more patrol cars cruising the streets, patrolling the streets,
9:48 am
partly to look for clues about where these guys are, but also to reassure the public that they are still looking, that this manhunt continues, even though this focused effort on this two square mile area around the point where the lieutenant's body was found has been given up, has been moved on. that they are still looking for these three men and they are still going to intend to continue looking for them until they have been apprehended. one big problem is that they don't have much of a description of them. all they have is what the lieutenant radioed in when he said that he had spotted them. he found them suspicious, he found their activities, behavior suspicious. two white males, one black male. not much to go on. but that's all they have, andrea. >> not much to go on. joining us by skype as well, john yang, is a former u.s. marshal. pete, they don't have a license plate number presumably, they
9:49 am
don't have very much forensic evidence to go on? i don't know if pete can hear me. john, until we can make sure that pete is there, let's talk a minute about the terrain. we've all had the recent experience watching this extensive search in upstate new york, which was very rough terrain. what is the region like? i know you're close to wisconsin, but how close are you in fact to them being able to cross the border in a couple hundred miles? >> well, they could do that and it would take some time, but they could do that. this area is very -- it is -- it actually reminds me of the terrain a little bit of northern new york. there are a lot of lakes, it's rolling countryside, rolling farmland. there are some sort of built-up areas, a little more built-up areas than there were around dannemora of housing
9:50 am
developments, of sort of suburban plats, development plats. but there are a lot of lakes up here. there are -- there's farmland, heavily wooded forests. as a matter of fact, the area around where this took place or where the body was found and where he originally called for help is very thickly wooded. it's an abandoned concrete factory is where they sent the backup units. they were focusing on that area, the woods around it on a residential development yesterday. and the other thing is, we don't know how much of a head start these guys had before the backup arrived and they discovered that lieutenant gliniewicz had been shot. we also don't know whether they had -- whether they were mobile. did they have a car to get into this area and presumably had a car to get out as well.
9:51 am
it's possible that the authorities know more than they're saying, as they try to avoid tipping their hand. but we don't know and actually i think they're up at the microphones right now. we can take a listen to what they have to say. >> thanks, john. >> police operations today, the chief here is going to update you on the investigation as he's heading the investigation. at approximately 10:30 last night after a 14-hour intensive manhunt for these individuals, which allocated nearly 400 police officers from across the area, federal agents from across the area, it allocated over 45 canine units, at least six aircraft searching a two-mile square radius. the perimeter was pulled last night at approximately 10:30 as the individuals were not located within that perimeter after being extensively checked.
9:52 am
following that, the lake county sheriff's office and illinois state police allocated a number of deputies and troopers to the fox lake area to assist the fox lake police department in saturation patrols across the area. the purpose of the saturation patrols is two-pronged. number one to continue looking for these individuals and, number two, follow up on any leads that come in of suspicious people and leads for the major crime task force. additionally it's to advise the residents of fox lake that law enforcement is here to support them. we're here to keep the community safe, we're here to stay and we're going to go hand in hand with the residents of fox lake to ensure their security during this time. when an incident like this happens, it victimizes not just the police department but the whole community. so we are here for them. the schools in the area did decide to close today and that was for a couple reasons. obviously primarily to keep the children safe.
9:53 am
a lot of children in this area do walk to school, and the schools made the determination to go ahead and cancel today for the safety. i'm going to turn the microphone over to the chief. thank you. first i'd like to start off by thanking all of the resources that have come together, offered their support to the task force. currently we're utilizing the fbi, atf and the united states marshal's office as well as the sheriff's office alongside our investigators. this is an ongoing investigation. we've been following up on leads since yesterday, throughout last night and still continue following up on leads. we have a lot of social media leads coming in. the community has been fantastic in phoning in tips and leads. we're going through a lot of data and a lot of information. the state police has offered to provide us data intel resource specialists that's going to vet
9:54 am
some of that information because it's being replicated and tr triplicated in some cases. i'll be open for any questions. i'll caveat this by telling you that this is still an ongoing criminal investigation so i am going to be limited into giving you specific types of information. yes, sir. >> two white men, one black man the extent of the description that your men and women are operating under? >> that's correct. there was the initial radio traffic given out by the officer when he called in. the suspicious persons. that was the only description provided. >> no dash cam video? no surveillance video as of yet that's been helpful? >> we're going through local video systems. that's part of the process that we do when we canvas. of course yesterday the sheriff's office is coordinating a perimeter search in a specific area. until that was concluded, we could not get our officers into the area to process the crime
9:55 am
scene or start gathering some of that video information. right now we are reviewing what we have and still collecting. >> you don't know if you have the suspects on video? >> we don't have anything that we have found on that video yet, but we're still in the early phases of reviewing it. >> are you hopeful that that will give you some information? we understand that has been -- >> the autopsy was performed yesterday at the lake county coroner's office at approximately 7:00 p.m., concluded about 9:30 p.m. last night. we've got some preliminary results from that. i'm not at liberty to reveal any of that, of course, because it is crucial and key information to our investigation. but in any autopsy, there is always forensics there that are going to assist us. >> commander, in light of the fact that it has been reported that one or two of these individuals had some physical contact with the body of
9:56 am
lieutenant gliniewicz, my question is did you -- were you able to get any fingerprints or any dna from that crime scene? >> i'm not sure where you obtained that information, but i can tell you that our evidence technicians did process the crime scene. everything collected at that crime scene has now been turned over to the northern illinois crime lab. they're currently expediting processing any type of evidence, whether it be fingerprint evidence, dna transfer, and we probably won't have those results for at least a day or so. >> can you say whether or not there was -- did the officer fire his gun? and can you say what made them suspicious? why did he stop them? why did he want to stop them? >> again, i can't reveal that information related to the firing of any weapon. as far as suspicious persons, obviously i can't speak for the
9:57 am
officer. whatever the case was, his only description was that he was going to be out with those three subjects and it was a suspicious circumstance call. >> can you confirm that the gun was taken? >> how do you look for three suspects with such a scant description? >> we're going to rely on information and there's processes involved in the initial investigation. canvassing, talking to people in the area, reviewing those videos that somebody had asked a question about and building leads off of that. as always, we're relying on the public too. many of these cases, not just officer-involved homicides, but cases of homicides in general are greatly assisted by public information. all it takes is one tip or good lead to break a case wide open. so we're vetting through those right now. we've got hundreds of those coming in. >> do you have any information that the suspects crossed any
9:58 am
state lines? >> we don't have any information on that at all. >> is there a reward or will there be? >> we're in preliminary discussion with some of our federal partners related to a reward. we haven't quite gotten to that point yet. when we do, we'll issue either a press release or have another media conference. >> can you confirm that the gun was taken? >> was the officer's gun out of the holster and was found at the scene or nearby? >> again, i'm not going to confirm any of that information because it is relevant to the course of this investigation. that's key information that's going to help us along the way once we, and i'm being optimistic, apprehend the murderers of this officer. >> sir, did you say there was surveillance video that you're going through? >> there's video throughout the area. as you know, it's pretty common nowadays not only for businesses but for private residents to
9:59 am
have fairly sophisticated video systems, so we have been, quote, canvassing throughout the area and trying to identify specific locations and collect that video. now, there's an evidentiary way of collecting that, so it's not tainted down the road. so it is a little bit of a long process. and then the review of the video itself. there may be hours or just minutes. [ inaudible question ] >> not to my knowledge, no. >> can you give us a bit of a tick tock like 8:00 he calls in pursuing suspicious people. 8:10 backup arrives. 8:20 his body was found. i know you're talking approximate but give us a sense. >> i can give you that offline. i don't want to go into generalities but we can give you a timeline. >> because there are three people and one of them --
10:00 am
[ inaudible ] somebody may be able to help you out? >> generally that's the case. we're being optimistic that that may well be the case. if they don't tell us, usually if there's three or more or even two or more involved, it's difficult to keep those types of secrets to yourself, so even if they don't tell us, they may tell somebody else. so even if we get it from a reliable source, it's good. >> was there any dash cam video? >> there are dash cams in some of the vehicles. again, we're reviewing that as well. >> but in the officer's car? >> i haven't confirmed that yet. >> was he shot with his own gun? >> i can't -- again, i'm going to be limited as to what i can confirm. >> have you ruled out the possibility that the lieutenant was deliberately targeted in these hundreds of tips that you're vetting? have you seen any messages that point to the possibility that he might have bee


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