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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 2, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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[ inaudible ] somebody may be able to help you out? >> generally that's the case. we're being optimistic that that may well be the case. if they don't tell us, usually if there's three or more or even two or more involved, it's difficult to keep those types of secrets to yourself, so even if they don't tell us, they may tell somebody else. so even if we get it from a reliable source, it's good. >> was there any dash cam video? >> there are dash cams in some of the vehicles. again, we're reviewing that as well. >> but in the officer's car? >> i haven't confirmed that yet. >> was he shot with his own gun? >> i can't -- again, i'm going to be limited as to what i can confirm. >> have you ruled out the possibility that the lieutenant was deliberately targeted in these hundreds of tips that you're vetting? have you seen any messages that point to the possibility that he might have been deliberately
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targeted? >> at this point in the investigation, no. however, we are not discounting anything. we're looking at every aspect and angle of this. and all of you in the media who have been experienced, and i'm sure you've been to a number of these press conferences, know that these types of investigations have many twists and turns that could happen within a couple of minutes. >> is there a search going on right now? >> we have investigators out canvassing again, following up on leads, knocking on doors that we didn't get to yesterday evening near that perimeter area, because there were fbi snipers, the equivalent of our s.w.a.t. team, the sheriff's office was securing those areas and ensuring our detectives' safety. so if you want to call that a search, you can refer to it -- i'm referring to it as a canvas. >> was it kind of frustrating that after all the resources yesterday, you still didn't come up with them? >> certainly. >> is there a bolo out?
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>> yes. >> for how many states, nationwide? >> it's nationwide. we've even received calls, again, from various media sources that are picking up information i would presume from you folks as far as australia and england. [ inaudible ] >> has there been any decision on school for tomorrow? >> that's not my decision. i'll defer that question to the village administration. >> the officers here helping out, are any of those here today as well? >> correct. every department -- virtually every department in lake county is represented. we have resources from mchenry county, our federal partners are here today working actively with our detectives. again, atf has got presence and u.s. marshal's office has got a substantial presence as well as the state police and the sheriff's office.
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>> how many murders can the task force handle roughly on a year basis and could you use some help, for example, from the chicago police department which handles many more? >> i think we're -- i think we're adequately staffed. our detectives and our evidence technicians are some of the best you're going to find. putting a number on how many murders is -- i can't put an exact number on it. it varies from year to year. we've roughly handled as many as 40 in a year to as few as a dozen. >> when the lieutenant called in, did he make any indication that the suspects were on foot only or nearby a car, did they come out of a car? >> the presumption was based on what we're interpreting from the radio traffic is that they were on foot. >> chief, any confirmed sightings at this point? >> well, you know, we're getting information and there was a release of a description, a really cursory, vague
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description, so of course we're getting the public calling in, any time they see that match of three individuals or even two individuals. and we are doing our due diligence in following up on that. and we closed out those leads completely as being unsubstantiated. >> is there any area outside the two-mile radius that's being searched? >> i'm sorry. >> you said the two-mile radius. is there any area outside that being searched right now? >> we're expanding out into the subdivisions. >> is it true that some of things were taken -- >> i can't confirm that. >> are you working with the family on arrangements for burial? >> the village of fox lake, the fop, senator -- i'm csorry, congressman dole's office, i know there are a number of resources helping the village of fox lake. there's a vigil scheduled for
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tonight from what i've been told. >> it keeps being mentioned that there are these three suspects but there's no evidence that the three suspects are traveling together nor is there anything to suggest, a, that they're traveling together or, b, that they're even in this area. >> no. >> can you say anything about a second weapon beyond the officer's service weapon? >> no. i can't comment on that. >> are you satisfied based on your searches yesterday that they're not inside like an empty vacation home in that area that you were searching? did you secure every single home? >> i believe that the search teams did a thorough job, but i know there have been a number of national incidents where suspects have cleverly escaped or hidden in place, so anything is possible. so we are still on our guard when we are going to some of
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these homes. but we're satisfied that the results of yesterday's search were extremely thorough. but as police officers you understand we have a murdered police officer, we're not taking any chances or making any assumptions. >> chief, i was just at the crime scene. while there, a law enforcement officer came by and said that they are now reinstituting the crime scene and that we had to leave the area. do you know anything about that and why? >> yeah, we're just doing now, it's called a secondary review of the crime scene itself. it's nothing more than that. yesterday, you know, we were fighting lighting conditions and some of the conditions were getting pretty poor near the end of the day. that's just showing you the attention to detail that the evidence technicians are giving to this and they're going out there and re-examining. now, you've got to imagine that this is a very area that's got a lot of foliage around it, so
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they're turning over every leaf and blade of grass to see if there's anything else out there that they may have missed. >> what about people that are wondering why aren't you searching, why are you only canvassing? speep el in the community are wondering. >> same same. search, canvas, pit's the same thing. we're using the word canvas but we're looking for the suspects. >> what about people who were afraid to even let the dogs out, what do you say to them today? >> remain vigilant. have confidence in the police department. they have brought in a number of resources to assist. and if you suspect anything, if you see anything out of character, if you simply have a feeling that something is wrong, call the fox lake police department immediately. >> does that caution extend to other communities around here? >> i would say it would, yes. >> do you have any idea --
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>> i'm sorry, ma'am? >> geographically do you have any idea where these suspects might be? >> no. >> i can't comment on any of the evidence. >> is this the first police officer to fall in the line of duty here in fox lake? >> yes. >> were there any eyewitnesses? >> i'm not going to comment on that either. >> how much longer before you see any results of this canvassing? how much longer are you going to do this? >> i'm not going to set a time limit on this. i have a murdered colleague, police officer, and we're not going to stop. >> chief, based on the fact that these men were evidently willing to shoot a police officer, how dangerous do you think they are? >> they shot a police officer. i think that speaks for itself. extremely dangerous. >> in the collection of things that you have, does anything rise to the top? is there a theme -- >> again, i'm not going to
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comment on that. you know, i don't want to give away any of our current information and put misinformation out there or information that may help the suspects. so i can't answer that. >> do you believe you're making strides? >> yes, i think we are making progress. any time we get a lead, we move forward. even if that lead is discounted, that is progress. so we are making progress. >> was the initial response about a robbery? >> no. >> other than the officer being injured in any other way -- >> again, that's information i can't give you. >> was the information called to that scene for a 911 call? or did he see that and radio it in? >> i can tell you the officer self responded. >> if it wasn't robbery, what was the suspicious activity? why was he stopping? >> well, i can't speak for the officer again, but if you're
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driving down a roadway that's got nothing but open fields, possibly abandoned businesses and you see three individuals there that have no reason for being there, it would be a fundamental police procedure to stop and at least question them as to why they're there. and again, i can't speak for exactly what happened or what the -- you know, what the circumstances of the encounter were or how these individuals were even acting when the officer first saw them. >> schools are closed today. the library was closed today. will you be making any kind of recommendation to the school district or the town about -- >> again, i'm going to defer that to the village administration. >> i understand that. >> yeah, we're going to be having a meeting with the sheriff's department, the leadership within fox lake. i'm going to presume there are going to be some school district representatives there probably within the -- >> but what is law enforcement's recommendation? >> well, we want to sit down and
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analyze the impact first before we make any type of a recommendation. >> what's the mood among the police right now that you're working with? >> tenacious. they're focused. energetic. and they know exactly what their mission is. and we're hoping for the best outcome of what we're doing. we've got officers coming in. we had officers yesterday coming in on their own time to offer assistance. i'm getting text messages from police departments all over the counties offering assistance off duty, canine units, detectives, so we have to gauge our resources as well. >> you had 400 officers out here yesterday. >> yeah. >> 40 canines, 40 dogs. what's your level of resources today and as you go forward?
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>> we probably have about, i'd say approximately 100 investigators working this case actively right now. but then we also have support units coming in that are actually going to be funneling data for us, tracking some of the electronics, reviewing video, so those are all support personnel. >> have you been in touch with the gliniewicz family? >> have i been in touch with them? i personally have not been in touch with them. again, this is an anomaly for lake county as well as this community. i know the fox lake police department, every employee, no matter whether they're police or any employee within any of the other divisions are devastated by this loss. i didn't know the officer personally. but everything that's been told to me about him is that he was an outstanding police officer, an outstanding community member and a father, we have to remember, of four children. >> what kind of help is being
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offered to fellow officers to help them? >> yeah, we're -- the police department and the village of fox lake are working to get the northeastern illinois stress debriefing team in, offering employee assistance programs. we've got some clergy assistance as well. so yeah, that was almost immediate. >> in the absence of any evidence that they are still in the area, how long would the saturation patrols continue? >> again, that's something we're going to discuss today, and i'm sure we're going to review that every day. so thank you folks. >> does fox lake have body cameras? >> thank you, folks. >> authorities there in fox lake, illinois, concluding their press conference, updating us on the latest on the manhunt for three accused cop killer. the suspects there on the run over 24 hours from now. the authorities there telling us and giving us the update that they are making progress, they
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believe, even if the leads that they are getting are discounted. i'm frances rivera in for thomas roberts and this is "msnbc live." authorities also saying from this press conference that they do have a lot of these leads, including possible surveillance video throughout the area there of fox lake, illinois, and possibly even dash cam. the authorities also telling us that they have no more description given other than these three suspects are three men described as two white, one black male and also saying that the schools have been cancelled just to keep the community there safe. this as they have expanded their two-mile radius search that they covered yesterday into what they are now calling saturated patrols in that area. i want to bring in nbc's john yang who is live in fox lake. john, what can you tell us more about the resources. when officers are describing the work as tenacious, focused and energetic in finding these three suspects? >> reporter: this is indeed i think that they are very dedicated to doing this. any time there's a fellow
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officer struck down, that there's sort of a focused effort. but i think in this particular case there's even more. you talk to the officers, you talk to the community and lieutenant gliniewicz was certainly a beloved colleague, a beloved member of this community. all day long people have been coming by leaving items of tribute, a memorial here at the police station. not only adults, but children. earlier today a child, a small girl came and brought her favorite stuffed monkey. talked about seeing him on the streets and talking to him on the streets. this is someone who really did make a big impression on a community. and that's very clear when you talk to people here. but i think that the other message from this press conference really is that they are fairly far away. they are not any closer to finding these three men. they are in the process of going
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out and canvassing, looking for information. the people were -- some reporters were referring to this as a search. the head of the major crimes unit said, well, you can call it a search, i call it a canvas. they did have that intensive search on that two-mile square area yesterday, came up empty. they abandoned that at about 10:30 last night, seeming to acknowledge that they had gotten beyond that. they had gotten out of that area before it had been sealed off and now they are looking well beyond that area in just routine patrols, looking for anything suspicious, anything unusual, following up on -- following up on leads. as you heard them say, trying to reassure the residents here that even though that intensive search is over in that small area, that they are still looking for these three suspected cop killers and that they are not going to rest until
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they're apprehended. >> well, these authorities, john, wanted to make sure and make it very, very clear and evident that this search is very much still under way, even though they have abandoned that two-mile radius area. they have kind of narrowed it. but in essence, you've also reported that you haven't been seeing the choppers in the air, the manpower on the ground that we saw yesterday. so talk a little bit more about that, what they're saying yes, they're very much ramped up in this search but no visual evidence, i guess, that we can see there now. >> reporter: well, i think it's -- it's a difference between this sort of focused search that they were doing yesterday and now the canvas today. yesterday they were looking very close closely, very intently focusing on this one small area. they had helicopters in. they had helicopters hovering low to blow the tall grass down to sort of spread it out to look underneath. they had dogs going through the area. they had officers, heavily armed
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officers performing grid searches, looking very closely at the areas. now they're sort of pulling back a little bit. they had some 400 officers, federal, state, local, involved yesterday. today you heard them say that they have got about 100 investigators going out asking for leads, asking for people, if they saw anything. maybe search their memories once again after being questioned maybe yesterday. they're looking for security video from businesses. they say they haven't found anything yet, but they're still looking. they're looking at the possibility that there may have been dash cam video. i think i heard the major crime squad commander say that they had not yet determined whether there was any, but they're sort of looking for that. it's just not the same intensity, not the same focus, not the same urgency that you had yesterday. yesterday they were worried about these guys getting out of an area. i think today they're
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acknowledging that they did get out of the area. >> they did get out. >> reporter: you've got to look beyond it. >> and they think they may have gotten away on foot. this is -- authorities are saying that many of the other supporting members of the law enforcement who have come in to help are doing so on their own time, all remembering lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz there, a 30-year veteran of the fox lake police force. also father of four, was set to retire actually last month but the chief had asked him to stay on another month longer and was set to retire at the end of this month. known very much in the community as a hero, g.i. joe as he was known endearingly mentoring the youth and others aspiring to be police officers, so really with heavy hearts as they continue this search for these three suspects. john yang, thank you for being there for us. i want to bring in shawn henry, chief security officer at crowd strike and a former executive assistant director at the fbi. shawn, i appreciate your being
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here. knowing that this is hour 30 now in this search, does it surprise you that they don't know any more about these men? >> no, it doesn't surprise me, frances. i mean what we have here now is an investigation of a homicide, not necessarily a fugitive investigation. and some of the things john talked about just a moment ago and the chief talked about during the press conference, it's about looking for these leads. if in fact there is any type of evidence at the crime scene where the murder occurred, if there's transference of dna. he said that they were processing evidence at the illinois crime lab. so if -- when these people took the weapon out of the officer's holster, was there transference of skin cells that they might be able to find. if these people had been locked up before, it's likely there could be a match. they're looking for the video. we don't know who these people are. and i'm not certain that they're out of the area. because we don't know who they are, they could certainly be in that area still.
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i know the hunt has expanded to a much broader area, but certainly the officers and the people of that community are still on alert until these murderers are appear prejudiceded. >> shawn, i couldn't help but notice in the press conference that we heard that wrapped up a few moments ago is how the officers couldn't comment on many of the questions, especially when it comes to the evidence there, dna possibly that may have been gathered from the crime scene, whether there was dash cam video, how much surveillance video they're looking at as far as cameras in the area. why is it that he couldn't share that at this point? >> you know, frances, one of the things i'd be concerned about if i'm a fugitive is if i've been identified or not. if i think that i've gotten away, then maybe i'm going to be a little more willing to be out in public and not necessarily having to hide all the time. if in fact i think they have identified me because i'm caught on camera or they have in fact picked up dna and they're going to be able to do a positive identification, now i'm going to be a lot more leery, i'm going to be a lot more cautious.
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so i think that the chief wants to maintain the integrity of the investigation, ensure that the officers, the investigators have all of the capabilities at their disposal to try and capture these guys successfully. that's why they're going to keep specifics that they know to a minimum. because these people may be monitoring social media, they may be watching television. they'll keep these things under wraps. >> authorities are saying that they have many leads via social media, a lot of calls coming in and intel resources that they're going through, leads from across the country, calls being made even outside of the country. but given that, with that in minding, wouldn't it help if you were asking the public to be vigilant to watch and report anything and everything that might be suspicious, that getting that information out there, whatever they know might help as well? >> well, if in fact they were able to identify somebody, absolutely they're going to put that out. they'll put a photograph out, they'll put a name out and that will be an all points bulletin throughout the country. but if they just say we've
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captured an image, we haven't yet identified them or we've captured -- we've obtained dna at the crime scene but it hasn't come back positive yet from the lab, that's information that would be valuable to the murderers to know that they're going to be identified, it's just a matter of time. but not of much value to the police officers unless you can actually get an identification out. that's what they'll keep under wraps until they can come up with a positive identification, frances. >> at this point, shawn, it is still unknown if these guys, these three suspects are together or if they have separated. i know it's come into question whether they are from the chicago area, which is about 60 miles southeast from fox lake, or if they're locals. given that this is such a small town, about 10,000 people, if they are local, wouldn't we be getting more tips by now? >> you know, i think that that's one of the reasons the chief talks about canvassing the neighborhood. they're going out and knocking on doors, they're looking for information. the detectives that work in that
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community day in and day out and in the surrounding communities, they're talking to their informants, people who provide them information on a regular basis about criminality in that general area. if they're part of that community, this information will come out. when you've got three people involved, it's highly unlikely in my experience that that's going to remain a secret for any long period of time. they'll get that by beating the bushes, as we say, going out, knocking on doors, turning over rocks to try and develop any piece of intelligence that will turn them onto who these people may be, frances. >> at the same time, reassuring the community and the public that it's a priority for them to keep them safe. shawn henry, thank you very much. appreciate the perspective. developing right now, in just over an hour, vice president joe biden will deliver his first major address in several weeks. biden will speak in miami, florida, about the importance of helping more americans go to college. it comes as speculation continues to swirl about whether
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biden will take the plunge into the race. one person supporting a possible biden bid, former vice president dick cheney. >> i think it's good for the democratic party. they need more choices. they're far short of candidates compared to us. we've got a lot of candidates. >> yes, you do. >> i think -- i'd love to see joe run. my attitude is go for it, joe. >> msnbc national correspondent joy reid is in miami. florida obviously a huge battleground state. we could get an answer whether biden will run as soon as eight days from now. what's the speculation? a lot of people saying, you know what, if he's going to sound like it, if it's going to look like it, is it a campaign? >> reporter: well, it's impossible to know without hearing what the vice president actually says, and he will be here, as ugsd, in about an hour. after that the vice president is really actually on dult duty f white house for the next couple of days. he's attempting to really make the sale for that iran deal
10:26 am
while today the white house heard they got 34 votes in the senate but they want the full 41 votes to support the iran deal in the senate. so the vice president is really making the rounds talking to small groups. he'll speak with a group of activists, to jewish democrats in south florida. then he's moving on to atlanta, georgia, essentially doing the same thing so really he's on the job right now supporting the administration on the iran deal. but the subtext obviously of everything he does is will he run. >> especially if you look at the stops and somebody says resembling came pain stops too. ultimately in the past couple of days after labor day he's going to be in pittsburgh, here in september miami-dade college event obviously there. monday going to pittsburgh for the labor day festivities and thursday he'll be interviewed by stephen colbert on his brand new show. and we know in the past where late night has been the forum for announcements for runs, the governator, john mccain.
10:27 am
what could we expect from that? could that be it? >> reporter: well, joe biden is a funny guy, he's a witty character, so i assume it will be a great spot for him with colbert. they will be very entertaining. i can tell you on the real front there is a draft biden movement that is taking place around the country. they're forming chapters of this draft biden super pac. there is one now that just recently staffed up in south carolina. obviously another crucial battleground state, crucial primary state, i could say. so i don't know. there's a lot of people who really want joe biden to run, a lot of barack obama stalwarts from 2008. tha their heart is with biden even if their heads and wallets are with hillary. i'm just not sure if he's up for it. >> the biden heart very heavy with the loss of his son, beau. joy reid, thank you very much. good to see you. >> reporter: thank you. >> we will be covering the vice president's remarks live on msnbc. and our bing pulse question of the day is focused on the vice president.
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we're asking you is it already too late for joe biden to join the 2016 race. go to cast your vote and we'll brick you those results later in our hour. still ahead, jeb bush is pulling no punches with republican front runner donald trump. >> it's all personal for him, sure. mischaracterizations of my views, long standsing views. i've written a book about it if he's interested in actually knowing my views, he could read the book. >> we'll have the latest in what's now become a three-way battle for the republican nomination, jeb bush versus the two outsider candidates leading the race. plus the unbelievable story of employees at a new jersey day care starting a fight club for kids between the ages of 4 and 6 years old. we'll talk to the day care ceo coming up. ♪ isn't it beautiful
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back now with breaking news on the manhunt for a suspected trio of cop killers north of chicago. authorities just held a press conference just a few moments ago. >> the autopsy was performed
10:32 am
yesterday at the lake county coroner's office at approximately 7:00 p.m. concluded about 9:30 p.m. last night. we've got some preliminary results from that. i'm not at liberty to reveal any of that, of course, because it is crucial and key information to our investigation. but in any autopsy, there is always forensics there that are going to assist us. >> meantime the around-the-clock search is expanding at this hour. here's what we know right now. overnight more than 400 local, state and federal officials hunted for the suspects along with 48 police dogs on their trail. that's one hour north of chicago. and residents in the town of 10,000 are being asked to stay indoors. at least seven schools closed today after lockdowns yesterday. and the suspects are described as two white men and one black man armed and dangerous. accused of killing lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz in cold blood. >> not only did fox lake lose a
10:33 am
family member, i lost a very dear friend. many residents in here knew him as g.i. joe and remember him as someone deeply committed to fox lake, to the profession and his fellow officers. >> condolences are pouring in for the man, a community mourns. gliniewicz was a 30-year veteran of the police department. married, father of four, a youth mentor and active duty army veteran. he was set to retire at the end of this month. >> he was just amazing. a good friend. he would help anybody out in need. >> he would be handcuffing you and telling you, sir, please don't, thank you, and that's just the way he was. >> meantime, in another developing story here, about 30 minutes in san antonio, texas, the bex lar county sheriff will give an update into the shooting of gilbert flores. this appears to show flores raising one or both of his hands before he is shot at least twice
10:34 am
by deputies. in the video only one arm is visible. it doesn't clearly show whether flores raised both hands or if he had a weapon in one hand as reported by responding deputies. his other hand is blocked by that utility pole. it's also not known what happened before the recording. the district attorney is also reviewing a second video he says could offer more clarity on the incident. the sheriff's office says flores had a knife in his hand at the time of the shooting which followed a domestic disturbance call. they also say they tried using nonlethal weapons but he resisted arrest. developing now in kentucky, another round of rejection and confrontation for same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses. >> we're not issuing marriage licenses today. >> actually the united states supreme court has authority over you. you do not work in a religious institution. if you wish to discriminate -- >> and i'm telling you we are not issuing marriage license today. i'm not discriminating because i'm not issuing them to anybody. >> kim davis is the rowan county
10:35 am
clerk and continues to not issue licenses. two federal courts have ruled against davis and the supreme court refused to intervene leaving her no more legal options. meanwhile davis has become a hero for same-sex marriage opponents. activists on the courthouse lawn. a second county clerk has joined her cause vowing not to issue same-sex marriage licenses and biking across the state to show support. gabe gutierrez is in kentucky. gabe, could she face penalties if she is found in contempt of court? >> reporter: hi, frances, good afternoon. she could face penalties, including stiff fines and even jail time. legal experts say jail time is highly unlikely, but as you mentioned kim davis is refusing to issue marriage licenses here, even though this is a gay marriage issue. she's refusing to issue any marriage license because she says that she does not want to discriminate. as you mention right there, a
10:36 am
same-sex couple went in yet again this morning and were denied a license. now, the governor has released a statement on this saying that there is obviously strong feeling on both sides of the issue, but the united states supreme court has spoken and same-sex marriage is now legal in kentucky and the rest of the united states. regardless of whatever their personal feelings, 117 of our 120 county clerks are following the law and carrying out their duty. the future of the rowan county clerk is now in the hands of the court. now, the lawyer -- again, kim davis is saying that this is all about religious freedom. her lawyer says they'd be happy with a compromise in that if her name was not attached to those documents, but that would take an act of the legislature and the governor says he's not calling a special session, that the legislature would have to take this up when they meet in january next year. frances, back to you. >> we'll see what happens when she appears in court tomorrow. gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. chad is the president of human rights campaign and
10:37 am
advocacy for gay rights. he joins me now. chad, thanks for your time. as we talk about this and the supreme court's landmark ruling back in june, did you think we would still in this day be having this discussion, that somebody would be rising to this level of defiance. >> i guess it's not a surprise, frances, that there would be an outlier, but i think it's important to mention that while so many in the media right now are certainly focused on what's happening in this small town in kentucky, it's important to remember that the vast majority, vast majority of public officials who are charged with issuing marriage licenses across this country are acting with business as usual. they are issuing marriage licenses equally to same-sex couples as to opposite sex couples. in fact just in kentucky there are 120 counties. only two or three clerks are acting in this discriminatory way and refusing to issue licenses so this really is an outlier. i expect that the federal judge tomorrow will help us quickly resolve this issue. >> and in this case as far as kim davis, she can't be fired, she was elected to the post.
10:38 am
she can be impeached, but not fired. she's a public servant who's charged with carrying out her duties of her office, but she also has rights to her own beliefs, which she is citing there, her religious beliefs. the authority of god, as she put it. so what is a solution here? >> look, she either has to do her job as she was elected to do, and part of her job is issuing marriage licenses. and with the results of the united states supreme court decision, marriage licenses must be issued equally. that's her job. and she has to do that or she has to step aside. >> there's kind of a middle ground as far as what her lawyer wants to do, exploring the option of issuing the licenses without her name on it. is that the kind of loophole that could work? >> i don't think so. i think every clerk has to issue marriage licenses equally. and i don't think that she has the ability to pick and choose which laws that she will follow. that's not what we do in this country. we are a nation of laws, and i
10:39 am
agree with republican lindsey graham who said she has no choice but to follow the law and to issue licenses equally. or she can step aside. >> and we will see what happens when she does appear in court tomorrow. chad griffin from the human rights campaign, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thank you, frances. several republican 2016 contenders appear to be shifting strategy. jeb bush continued his gloves are off approach to attacking donald trump this morning unleashing a new social media ding in the form of a buzzfeed like quiz entitled which candidate are you. it's the latest attempt to challenge trump's conservative cred. on "good morning america" trump called in and responded to bush's new ad that paints the donald as a democrat. >> well, i think he had really no choice. he's doing very poorly in the polls. he's a very low energy kind of guy and he had to do something, so they're spending a lot of money on ads. you know, he has a lot of money from the hedge fund guys, from the special interests, from lobbyists. he raised over $100 million.
10:40 am
so they control him totally. so he really had no choice, i think, george, he had to go out with an ad. >> joining me now, senior political editor mark murray. mark, good to see you. when we talk about that interview that trump mentioned that everybody that has attacked him has gone down in the polls, is the bush camp a couple of steps ahead of that, calculating that they may get the payback of more reward versus the risk right now? >> yeah, so donald trump was referring to other republican presidential candidates who have taken him on, namely rick perry and lindsey graham, and what he was referring to is that neither perry nor graham were able to make that first main debate last month and in fact had to be at the more kiddie table or happy hour debate. jeb bush in his campaign obviously think that they are in a much different position than rick perry and lindsey graham. they have a tremendous amount of money. part of the strategy is that essentially to make this almost a two-person race, to minimize the rest of the field. so if you're the jeb bush
10:41 am
campaign and you're mixing it up with donald trump over the last 48 hours, all of a sudden no one is talking about marco rubio, they're not talking about scott walker. the other strategy behind here is to make jeb bush look strong. and donald trump, as you heard in that clip, keeps on calling him a low energy guy. by the campaign and the candidate himself fighting back, they try to disabuse that position. >> well, interesting how this bashing, the bilingual bashing is going back and forth. on the side, ben carson surging in the polls. we've been talking about that all week, catching up with trump. tied with him in iowa. trump was asked about carson this morning and this is how he responded. >> well, i like ben a lot. he's a good guy. but he's been spending a tremendous amount of advertising money out in iowa. and the one poll where we have a tie and the other one i'm leading by quite a bit in iowa. but one of them came out and a little bit surprisingly, there was a tie. i think that's great. but ben is spending money in iowa and i'm not. >> so can we read into that why
10:42 am
he's not attacking carson right now, when he's the one closest to him or is there something more to it? >> i think this is a situation where all the outsiders are kind of on the same page. you end up having ben carson, you have donald trump and even carly fiorina, all these outsiders have never held elected office before. you almost kind of get a sense that they are all allies in this fight, at least for now, where their messages are taking on the politicians as usual. >> we'll be hearing more, especially from carly fiorina when she joins them on the stage on september 16th now that she's been included. nbc senior political editor mark murray, thank you very much. >> thanks, frances. up next, is this the new face of cyberbullying? the story you have to hear to believe about two teenagers text messages and allegations of coerced suicide. still ahead, a pro wrestling legend charged with his girlfriend's murder three decades later. [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
10:43 am
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sis being built into bounty.l dawn. bounty with dawn. just rinse and wring so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more. huh aren't we clever... bounty with dawn. we are tracking developing
10:46 am
court case in massachusetts with horrifying evidence. a teen's texts which prosecutors say pressured her boy friend into suicide. 18-year-old michelle carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say text messages reveal she urged 18-year-old conrad roy to take his own life last year. in one series of texts inside the indictment roy asked, quote, how was your day? carter responded when are you doing it? carter allegedly texted you're finally going to be happy in heaven. no more pain, no more bad thoughts and worries. you'll be free. carter has pleaded not guilty. her defense team has asked the judge to dismiss the case over what it calls first amendment violations. owen boss has been covering this story for the "boston herald" and owen joins me now. thanks for being here, owen. so many disturbing aspects of this case. i want to play a little bit of what the prosecutor said in court and we'll talk about it. >> she's not just encouraging
10:47 am
him, she is through technology taking part. it's as though she's there right next to him. >> on the flip side, the defense says roy took his own life and he's responsible for that. >> that's right. the allegations here are that she went beyond just trying to counsel him through his depression, that she started pressuring him and asking him why he heasn't taken his own life. the defense attorneys are saying this is protected free speech, that these text messages are not criminal. so it's really going to come down to whether what she did was considered criminal and whether or not you can charge her with involuntary manslaughter for it, which they'll have to prove that it was her reckless conduct that led to his death. >> there are also other aspects when carter allegedly sent this text message to a friend after roy used a gas-powered pump to take his own life. if the police read my messages with him, i'm done. his family will hate me and i can go to jail. is that going to harm her as far as her revealing that maybe what
10:48 am
she's doing is wrong? >> right. what the prosecutors are point out with that text message is that she acknowledged to her friend that what she was doing was criminal. her defense attorney is saying that's not the case, but she actually acknowledged that she also told him to get back inside the truck when he started getting worried that the plan was working. so it's really a damning text that she sent to one of her friends. >> other parts of the indictment says that carter tried to convince roy suicide wouldn't affect his parents. the alleged text says this. quote, i think your parents know you're in a really bad place. i'm not saying they want you to do it, but i honestly feel like they can accept it. and then carter went on to say, quote, you just have to do it. you have everything you need. there is no way you can fail. tonight is the night. it's now or never. and the defense is arguing of course that we were just talking about, owen, free speech there but now we're talking about free speech but you factor in kind of uncharted territory when it comes to electronics devices and how these ideas are being conveyed in persuading him. >> right. and the fact that they had been
10:49 am
in a relationship that they say lasted two years and she hadn't seen him in a year leading up to his death. this relationship that they carried out was mostly done through electronic text messages and online messages, so it shows that you don't have to be right with the person to have a major impact on them. and the prosecutors are saying the fact that she was on the phone with him right before he took his life puts her in the car. you know, she didn't turn on the generator, she didn't force him to kill himself, but she was right there with him via text message and on her cell phone. >> owen boss of the "boston herald" thank you very much. >> of course, thank you. up next, the first rule about fight club should have been that it wasn't for kids. the story of a new jersey day care where staff actually encouraged young kids to duke it out on the playground for fun while cameras were rolling. nes. can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was created using digital models and real world location-based specs that taught it how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting, the ones on the right are
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welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. two former employees of a day care center in new jersey accused of encouraging the children to fight on camera and sharing it on social media and
10:53 am
now charged with child abuse and one facing child endangerment charges. one claims that you can hear her voice referencing the movie "fight club." joining me via skype is guy fazarano, president of child care centers where the alleged day care fight club took place. thank you for being with me, sir. i want your reaction of what your take was when you first heard about this. >> well, thank you for having me today. my take was that we were appalled and beyond upset. we took immediate action as soon as we found out about it. we suspended the two employees that they couldn't come back into the center and then subsequently terminated them. >> how did you fine out about it? >> we were actually informed right after the incident occurred. another employee turned this
10:54 am
video in to the prosecutor's office and two investigators came out, told us that they had this in their possession and they wanted to have one of our employees come down and identify the people on the video. the prosecutor has controlled it, the distribution of the video for the protection of the children. so we found out about it that night. i wanted to terminate those employees at that point but the prosecutor asked us not to do that so that they could conduct their investigation and so we suspended them instead and terminated them i think two or three business days later. >> how's that received in two days that they were still your employees and still there at the day care, especially with other parents there, how difficult was that for you and did the other parents know that this had happened while they were still working there? >> well, actually, from that point on, at that night, when it happened, they were su spended so they were not back in the
10:55 am
center. we notified all of the parents the next day. that we were -- there was an investigation going on. we also self reported to the department of family and childrens which is our licensing agent in the state of new jersey. >> i have a 2-year-old. i have a 5-year-old. if i heard this happening, i would be yanking them out of any kind of facility. what's the reassurance that you are giving the other families who still have kids there that this isn't going to happen again? it happened once and it's not going to happen again? >> based on our investigation and the investigation of the prosecutor who we have been in close touch with throughout this whole process, we all believed that this was just really inappropriate behavior. but it was a pretty much one-time event we believe and they believed so, as well. >> and so -- >> so this is not -- >> the kids weren't hurt. go ahead. >> the kids were not hurt. thank god for that. so we were very fortunate in that regard. this could have been much, much worse. very happy that that didn't go
10:56 am
any further than this. >> all right. guy falzarano, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. we return to the breaking news and the urgent search for three suspects in the fatal shooting of a police officer near chicago yesterday. plus, questions of police action in the fatal shooting of the hispanic man of a san antonio man last week. and we can learn about whether vice president joe biden will run for president in just eight days. could we learn that eight days from now? the vice president getting ready to speak in the next hour in the battleground state of florida. well, our bing question today is about the vice president. is it already too late for joe biden to enter the race? weigh in at [ school bell rings ]
10:57 am
♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. you handle life; what do a nasca comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke
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11:00 am
suspected cop killers north of chicago is what we're starting with. we have new information in the past hour of lake county, illinois, officials. >> we have been following up on leads since yesterday throughout last night. and still continue following up on leads. >> and other new details coming from authorities at this hour, police are warning the community of fox lake, illinois, to remain vigilant and call police if they see anything unusual. police are performing a second review of the crime scene and also reviewing surveillance video. we learned the autopsy for the slain police officer performed yesterday though officials cannot reveal the preliminary results. the suspects accused of killing lieutenant joseph gliniewicz in cold blood. 30-year veteran, married father of four, set to retire the end of this month. attorney general lynch spoke out strongly about violence against police. >> i strongly condemn the you
11:01 am
cent and brutal police shootings in texas and illinois. we have four more guardians slain. frankly, our hearts are broken over this. >> msnbc's adam reiss is live in fox lake. adam, compared to yesterday, we don't see as much visible evidence of the search but it's still going on? >> reporter: it's a saturation search right now, francis. but really, the focus on the investigation. they have 100 investigators in here behind me. we have seen them come in all morning, leads, canvassing, tips, looking at social media and said one tip could turn this whole case over, one good tip could open this wide open. now, all we know are two white men and white black man they're looking for. looking at forensics, dna left at the scene. any finger prints on the officer's body. looking at videos, residential, commercial, any dash cam video to show anything related to the crime. also, talking to people.
11:02 am
that's a big part of this. talking to residents here in the area. that might have seen them coming, going. what they want to know is who these guys are and where they are. all morning here at the police station, seeing friends and family show up, drop off flowers, food for the police officers who are conducting the investigation. we talked to a couple of them. here's what they had to say. >> he was just amazing. a good friend. he would help anybody out in need. >> he would be handcuffing you and telling you, sir, please don't, thank you and all that. that's just the way he was. >> reporter: now, right now, they're conducting a saturation search. nothing like the massive manhunt of yesterday. they're doing this just to find leads in the area. and also, to reassure residents here they're out here, looking for these guys and that they're well to tekted. francis? >> same time, those authorities say they're expanding the search but yet they are going past the two-mile radius they covered in
11:03 am
the search of yesterday, right? >> reporter: right. we're not seeing again nothing like that massive manhunt yesterday. they had 400 officers, 39 canines, they had the sheriff, atf. they do tell us that many of the same agencies are here just not as many officers out. it's really focusing on the investigation putting all their resources into trying to find out who these guys are and where they are. >> hour 31 of this search for the three suspects. msnbc's adam reiss, thank you very much. >> for more, i'm joined by eugene mcdonald, a professor. good to have you with us here. during that press conference in the last hour, those authorities said, yes, we are making progress but can you call it progress when you have the three suspects who haven't been identified and we don't have more of a description than three men, two white, one black. >> not publicly identified and this is worrying if they don't because there's a period of time that elapsed and it's 31st hour.
11:04 am
so they have to keep on this. it's getting massive publicity at this point. they need people to give information. i haven't heard a mention of a reward but as the hours tick on, it is worrying time if they don't have leads. the caveat here is you don't know what they have inside of the investigation. >> well, i know they were also speaking about the possibility of surveillance video. they wouldn't comment on whether there's dash cam video and cameras from around the area and the town and this is the officer talking about that. let's listen. >> there's video throughout the area as you know it's pretty common nowadays not only for businesses but private residents to have fairly sophisticated video systems so we have been, quote, canvassing throughout the area and trying to identify specific locations and collect that video. >> that task force commander speaking really reluctant in giving out information when it comes to the evidence. knowing that they're asking the public to help, why wouldn't they want that information out
11:05 am
there? if there's a dash cam video, why not freeze it an show the picture of the guys if they have it to help in the search? >> i think what they're doing is they're casting a widest net. not trying to tip their hand into what they have. both in terms of whether -- they don't want the offenders to me and people to give tips presumably there's a car involved here. may be abandoned some point. so they're putting out a request for people that see anything abnormal to come forward and obviously when they identify the people, they have, they'll look for associates and of course the presumption may now be it's not local people. so routes into and out of fox lake, cities like chicago, milwaukee, that literally could be a crime scene here. trying to figure out how they could have gotten into the town and gotten out of the town and broadening it looking for sir vail lance, stops at gas stations and things like that. >> following another story, developing out of san antonio, texas, here where a press conference is expected to happen
11:06 am
from the sheriff's department coming to this video. this is a fatal police shooting in san antonio. you are taking a look at video. 41-year-old gilbert flores shot and killed on friday and based on the video seeing taken by somebody there in the community raising a lot of questions about this shooting, especially you see him there flores with one arm raised. the other one is covered up by the utility pole and that's the question of what happened before this shooting. what were the circumstances? police were there responding to a domestic incident. the woman there at the home had some cuts on her face. there was also an infant that may have been injured. so when's your take on this knowing that they're going to be speaking about the video and what they found as far as the shooting of this flores, this man? >> it's understandable people want to know what happened and what we need to do is wait until the facts are. i believe the police saying there's another better, video view of this for further
11:07 am
information. obviously, people want to stop police abuse and we need to connect up the facts with the headlines and sometimes that hasn't happened and see what actually is occurring and understandable people want to get to the bottom of this but the facts have to matter in the cases, also. >> especially with one arm up. we don't know the other one. appears surrendering. police say he was resisting in this time so, again, a lot to be filled in when we hear from the sheriff's department and giving a news conference any moment now the top of the 2:00 hour here. eugene mcdonald, thank you very much. >> thanks. developing right now, reading the tea leaves of vice president biden. this hour the vice president will make a first major address in weeks speaking at miami-dade college in florida on helping more americans get to college. and it comes around the business of a potential 2016 run. while that continues to grow. and an unlikely person urging vice president to get in the race. >> i think it's good for the democratic party.
11:08 am
they need more choices. they're far short of candidates compared to us. we have a lot of candidates. >> yes, you do. >> i think -- i'd love to see joe run. my attitude is, go for it, joe. >> meanwhile, draft biden, the organization urging biden to get in making important moves in south carolina. state senator and former state superintendent is l serve as co-chairs for the group and they have also started hiring field staff. joining me now from tallahassee is steve shale, a former strategist of president obama in florida and now adviser to the draft biden campaign. look at this, map, calendar, miami today and tomorrow, pittsburgh labor day, monday and then making the appearance with stephen colbert next thursday. we know in the past people made announcements on the runs on late night. is this a schedule of somebody to run into the 2016 race? >> francis, i know as much as you do right now draft biden we are trying to grow out the
11:09 am
organization. as you have reported, we hired staff and south carolina today, we're busy towards announcing things in the future states and we're trying to do our job to get ready to make sure the president knows of volunteers throughout that have his back in this. >> but the clock is ticking. we would think you guys are anxious for a decision. i'm sure as we all know of his son beau biden weighing heavily in his heart and his family's heart. how much longer can he wait? >> i think we'll know sooner rather than later. i think he is working through the process now and the reality is the vice president has universal name i.d., a national network of friends and trying to do the work to give them a good foundation to start from and a different calculus for him. somebody with a lot less name i.d., they need more ramp-up. the vice president can get in day one and universally well-known the challenges will be there. the latest poll shows biden in third place with 14%. and listen here.
11:10 am
this is sound from former pennsylvania governor rendell certainly a hillary clinton supporter about what biden would have to do to make inroads with clinton. let's listen. >> he could make up ground on hillary and you saw the polls. the only way he makes up ground to attack her personally. they're very good friends. they have been for a long while. they worked together in the senate and the white house. i don't know if joe biden has the stomach to launch a campaign based on attacking hillary clinton. >> truth to that? >> he is a governor rendell, one of the strongest clinton supporters that there is. he's been very loyal to clintons and i respect that but the reality joe biden is most popular democratic official in the poll and not even being in the race. so again i think he can stand on his own two feet. what we saw in the des moines poll is a wide-open primary and getting in it will be interesting. >> many looking for the clues of if he'll jump in, fund raidsing, staffing up.
11:11 am
there's a staffing up with south carolina as far as draft biden your movement here. but also, the vice president gets in, is he banking on south carolina to fuel the run essentially kind of, you know, giving up on iowa and mn hn and focusing on south carolina? >> well, i'm not going to speculate on what they may be considering at this point. we're looking to staff up in south carolina and announcements in the coming days and the other early states so we're approaching this thing trying to organize in all 50 states. we have volunteers in 46 right now. we'll have all 50 by the end of the week an approaching this like he's competitor everywhere if he decides to get in the race. >> hopefully could be on late night. we'll see. steve shale with the draft biden campaign, thank you very much. >> thanks. sure. with the vice president making the first public remarks this hour, speculation runs if he's closer to making a decision. is it already too late for biden to join the 2016. 30% saying, yes.
11:12 am
70% saying, no, not at all. this is how you're looking. at the majority of people in realtime as we take your bing pulse saying yes, actually, too late. not really reflective of the overall scoreboard we showed you. we will have another look at the results as we count down to joe biden live and bring it to you when it happens. still to come, president obama now has votes he needs to ensure passage of the iran nuclear deal. we'll te you which senator's vote put him over the top. reversal of fortunes for carly fiorina. why she is likely to be in the gop debate two weeks from tonight. and wrestling legend snuka charged in the death of his girlfriend who died in 1983. we'll tell you why he's facing the law after more than 30 years. [ school bell rings ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them.
11:13 am
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11:16 am
president obama now has the votes he needs to keep the iran nuclear deal alive. democratic senator barbara mikulski is the latest democrat to announce the support today. this means 34 senate democrats are in favor of the deal. giving the president a firewall to uphold an expected veto of a congressional resolution of disapproval that republicans hope to pass this month. earlier today, secretary of state kerry delivered a passionate speech directly aimed at the deal's opponents. >> to vote down to agreement is to solve nothing because none of the problems we are concerned about will be made easier if it's rejected. none of them. not iran's nuclear program. not iran support for terrorism or sectarian activities. not its human right record. and not its opposition to
11:17 am
israel. >> while the white house would have them in their favor, former vice president dick cheney continues to hammer it. >> it will directly lead, i believe, to an arms race in the middle east. saudis, emirates, others are not going to stand by and watch iran acquire nukes and not have something else themselves. >> let's bring in kristen welker. kristen, good to see you with the white house securing the 34 democratic votes. are they optimistic to get to the 41 to avoid the president getting out the veto pen altogether? >> reporter: they're optimistic and they say it's going to be tough to secure the 41 votes. this is a highly contentious issue and what happened today is being greeted as a victory of president obama. the fact that he secured 34 yes votes with senator mikulski announcing to vote yes essentially saying that the alternative would be military action. and that she thought this was the best way to try to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon.
11:18 am
you are going to see a robust campaign continue, though, from the white house as it continues to try to sell the deal. vice president joe biden in florida trying to sell the deal. and, of course, secretary kerry in philadelphia. here's a little bit more of what secretary kerry had to say. take a listen. >> when those same voices that accuse us of scare mongering now begin suddenly to warn, oh wow, iran's nuclear activities are once again out of control and must at all costs be stopped, what do you think is going to happen? the pressure will build, my friends. the pressure will build for military action. >> reporter: now, no republicans are expected to support this deal and, in fact, the reaction from the gop was swift today. corey fritz said this, quote, forcing a bad deal over the objections of the american people and a majority in congress is no win for president obama. we also anticipate that some jewish groups continue to lobby
11:19 am
against this trying to prevent president obama from getting to those 41 yes votes. this is also highly contentious on the campaign trail, as well. secretary clinton said she supports the iran deal and a number of other candidates oppose it. it continues to be highly contentious on the campaign trail and the white house trying to sell the deal. >> any indication the turning point was for senator mikulski to be the 34th vote to vote yes? >> reporter: in her own words, she considered the alternative. and the alternative would include either ramping up sanctions which she didn't think was realistic and a way to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon or military action and something she doesn't want to see and the people don't have a desire for. >> kristen welker there at the white house, thank you. >> reporter: thanks. we are expecting a decision
11:20 am
from the judge in the freddie gray case. that decision on whether the six officers charged in gray's death should be tried together or separately. earlier today judge barry williams threw out a motion by the defense to dismiss charges against the officer and recused the prosecutor mosby. 25-year-old gray suffered a severe spinal injury while in custody. he died a week later. protesters were outside the courthouse for the pretrial hearing and turned confrontation. at least one person was arrested. the police department says most protesters cooperated with orders not to block the roadways. and when we come back, the protest over a transgender high school student's use of the girl's locker room. we'll hear from her about why she is doing it. and then later, this -- >> get out! >> what happened there? that was a construction worker after a terrifying steam
11:21 am
explosion. we'll fill you in. [ school bell rings ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs.
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
protest staged monday at a missouri high school over a transjenner student's right to use the girl's locker room. the same issue resonating with schools across the country. nbc's janet shanlian has the story. >> reporter: high schoolers back in class after many walked out in protest monday angry after the school gave a transgender student permission to use the girl's bathrooms and locker rooms. the protest followed a school board meeting where parents addressed the issue. like derrick good, a father with two girls in the school whose main objection is there's no policy. >> there's no rules set forth and i think we can agree that changing in the locker room or going to the restroom are very private activities. >> reporter: lila perry is also frustrated. >> i feel like i it's supposed
11:25 am
to lump us together and force us out. we're not boys or girls but we're different and i don't like that. >> reporter: whiler is ri has supporters, the case is late nest a debate playing out across the country. from minnesota -- >> i don't think any women want me walking into the bathroom with them. >> reporter: to utah where the first gender neutral bathroom at a high school just opened. >> which one should i go to? >> reporter: in missouri, for l lila perry, the fight is about making others feel comfortable. >> i'm doing this for transgender people. >> gnome the the only transgender person in my school and i won't be the last. >> reporter: nbc news. >> all right. still to come here, now that she may be allowed at the big kid's table, will carly fiorina swim or sink? cold case of alleged murder,
11:26 am
a famous professional wrestler, the story when we return. and before we go, the army just announced they're opening ranger school to all women. this comes after two women graduated from the program last month. those two were admitted there in an effort by the pentagon to determine whether women can be assigned ground combat roles. no word on whether women will be allowed the fight on the ground in combat, though. we'll be right back. can you spot the difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look. the one on the right just used 1% less fuel than the one on the left. now, to an airline, a 1% difference could save enough fuel to power hundreds of flights around the world. hey, look at that. pyramids. so you see, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today. updating you now on the breaking news north of chicago, that manhunt, we have an update. let's listen. >> the autopsy was performed yesterday at the lake county coroner's office at approximately 7:00 p.m. concluded about 9:30 p.m. last night. we've got some preliminary results from that. i'm not at liberty to reveal any of that, of course, because it
11:30 am
is crucial and key information to our investigation. but in any autopsy, there is always forensics there that are going to assist us. >> and other new details coming from authorities, police are warning the community of fox lake, illinois, to remain vigilant. police performing a second review of the crime scene and reviewing surveillance, possibly even from a dash cam. police say they're following up on leads from across the country and the suspects accused of killing lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz in cold blood. the 30-year veteran, married father of four set to retire at the end of the month. we'll bring you more details as they become available. breaking news now on the police involved shooting in san antonio, texas. live pictures of the county sheriff there giving an update right now. she said officers attempted nonlethal force but the taser prongs did not hit the target. that target being 41-year-old gilbert flores shot and killed on friday. officials believe he was holding
11:31 am
a knife when he was shot. >> working this as expeditiously and diligently as we can. and we are -- we have no reason not to work it as quickly as we can. but the important part is that we get it right, that we consider all of the evidence, and that we have time to make sure that we can piece that together. >> that was a sheriff in bexar county, florida. this is the video. it's raised questions because it appears to show as you can see right there, he puts up one of his hands before he's shot multiple times and the other arm obscured by a post and don't know for sure. it's not clear what happened before the recording began. police say flores resisted arrest after responding the a
11:32 am
domestic disturbance and found a woman with a cut on her head and potentially an injured infant. to politics now and the next republican debate just two weeks away and the stage could be filled with 11 candidates. the 11th being carly fiorina. it's because cnn changed the rules and the criteria for which candidates will take the stage for the prime time debate. her campaign tweeting this shortly after the announcement saying thanks to you we will be able to share our message of leadership and citizenship with republican voters on the main debate stage. msnbc's jane tim is following the km pain and interesting to hear the reaction other than thanking and ben carson and donald trump in a tweet. >> absolutely. this is the real chance to stand out. she was the adult at the kid's table now and needs to be adult amongst adults to get a momentum out of the these early debates and she needs it coming from relative obscurity and needs to
11:33 am
up the name recognition now. the real test is donald trump. can she stand up to him? she zinged him in the last debate but he didn't fire one back at her. how does she stand up to his criticism? it will be personal. how do they spar? is it civil? is it political or all personal and messy? >> you have the confidence of the campaign based on the strong performance at the happy hour debate last month. so why the confidence this time around that she'll do well with donald trump sharing that stage with her and up against, you know, ten of her rivals? >> carly is an excellent debater, very facile with the talking points. she actually, you know, she'll talk for a sentence and say, fire off your questions. let's see what you have. when you see her answer, they come from her stump speech, the answers she is giving out and she can drop and retrieve them and very quickly, answers questions easily with her sort of well rehearsed talking points and seems natural and that's the debate forempty.
11:34 am
>> she has certainly the outsider status that many voters are looking for. we'll see how she does. jane tim, thank you very much. take a look now at the live pictures of miami-dade college where vice president biden set to make a first public remarks since buzz surfaced of a possible 2016 presidential run. and as we wait, we're asking you this. our bing pulse question of the day. we're asking you whether you think if it's already too late for biden to enter the 2016 race. now 45% of you say, yes, that was 30 when we last checked and 55% of you say, no, it's not too late. for joe biden and how are you voting in realtime? a quick pulse and look at the graph. look. just in the last minute or so, fluctuated to flneutral and man people have been voting yes. so keep those votes coming. as we
11:35 am
await that 2:45 press conference. now to an arrest three decades in the making on tuesday, pro-wrestling legend jimmy superfly snuka was arranged in the murder of his girlfriend. craig melvin is following the story. astounding to hear after three decades now he is in his 70s nowings, right? >> in the world in the wrestling back in the '80s and '90s, you would be hard pressed to find a bigger name than jimmy superfly sn uka out of jail this afternoon. the arrest itself comes two years after two journalists started digging on a cold case so old when the death in question happened, one of the journalists had not been born yet. >> only thinking we're doing, brother, is right inside there. >> reporter: his legions of loyal foins know him as superfly. >> superfly personaled 15 feet
11:36 am
high! >> reporter: jimmy snuka entertained packed arenas with the signature flare. but now, a cold case dating back more than 30 years revived. the 72-year-old pro-wrestling legend charged with murder. prosecutors say in 1983, while on tour with the then world wrestling federation, snuka called for medical help from a pennsylvania hotel. the 23-year-old girlfriend was gasping for air and oozing from the mouth. she died at a local hospital. an autopsy found she had skull fractures and contusions. he was the only person of interest and never charged. that changed tuesday. the lehigh county district attorney charging him with murder and manslaughter. >> witnesses, more information uncoffered and he wrote a book that the grand jury considered in making the presentment.
11:37 am
>> reporter: 30 years after the death, two journalists triggered renewed interest in the case with a 2013 feature in the morning call that the d.a. acknowledged when announcing a renewed investigation. >> when i first started working on the story, i never thought that there would be charged against jimmy snuka but the case is more and more compelling and maybe they might take a second look at it. >> reporter: there's a statement saying we expresses the continued sympathy to the family for their loss. ultimately, this legal matter will be decided by our judicial system. snuka's daughter, herself a popular wrestler currently with the wwe has not commented. so again, snuka is 2 years old now and said he was diagnosed with stomach cancer this year. information on the attorneys not available and in that 2012 autobiography, he said i never hit nancy or threatened her and
11:38 am
going on to say if i was guilty of anything it was cheating on my wife and that was it. he's expected back in court later this month, francis, for a preliminary hearing. >> he's not made any comments of anything about this? >> no, no. other than what he said in the autobiography there. >> shock to me and the fans. appreciate the update. here's a look at the other stories we are eyeing. did you see this? shocking new video, the moment a steam pipe exploded underneath a construction worker in san jose. the man that survived climbing out of a manhole and the pipe sent steam more than 200 degrees upwards. the video just released but it happened about a year ago at a hospital construction site. actor dylan baker was not filming yesterday trying to rescue an elderly resident from the apartment. he saw flames and called 911 and murrayed the family outside. the woman is in critical condition. a new move for mcdonald's.
11:39 am
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11:43 am
16 week leave for mothers after giving birth and mayer wrote about the plans, quote, since the pregnancy is healthy, i plan to approach the pregnancy and deliver as i did with my son taking limited time away and working throughout. the twin girls are likely to arrive in december. and while the yahoo! exec has a healthy pregnancy, that's not the case for all expecting mothers. according to new numbers, 15 million babies are born preterm each year. that's born between the -- born before the 37th week of pregnancy and complications are the leading cause of death of children under 5 worldwide. responsible for 1 million deaths in 2013. and worldwide organizations like the w.h.o. launching campaigns to intervene and comes when our partners announce initiatives for the health of women and girls. dr. debbie is an assistant
11:44 am
professor of nyu school of medicine and joins me now. thank you for being with us here. it's staggering talking about the united states and how many premature births we see each other. 500,000 every year. but when you consider the numbers around the world, are so much more staggering, is it because we're just so much more advanced with science and medicine that our numbers stay that way? >> we have a problem also, with premature births. first of all, we have more money and resources. we also have the appropriate infrastructure. right? so in terms of hospitals and clinics, it's a medical problem but thinking about the plumbs, electricity, ventilation, everything that goes into creating a hospital or a unit that can take care of kids, especially babies that have so many needs, that's a huge thing. then you can think about the staffing and the equipment and supplies and all factors. >> do you think a lot of it, too, possibly maybe awareness, more awareness in the culture here in the united states. they tell you to start taking
11:45 am
f folic acid even before you're pregnant. >> young girls get vaccinations before they even go to school and don't see a lot of diseases that affect mothers in other countries. there are things that you can do to intervene to prevent premature at three different time periods and you could help prevent problems in the mother before she ever gets pregnant, right? you could do something when she is pregnant and before giving birth and then after the baby's born but before it's kind of developed and thinking about vaccines, rubella is a problem and the mothers here get that before they become pregnant typically. think about flu shots and stuff. locking at other countries, here we think about flu shots as one of the issues and one of the problems but in other countries one of the problems is they don't really have mandated vaccines so you can see a lot more of those diseases and even where they're available, there's problems potentially and there's the cost, there are issues with syringes or needles with access
11:46 am
to those, not contaminated products and also, of course, people's concerns and misconceptions of vaccines. >> with that, it seems like resources have a lot to do with it, coming to money and other nations not developed, they don't have the resources to do that. what can be done, especially now and prevalence of social media. we know from generation to generation. does more attention need to be paid on the health of the mother to see the numbers of premature births go down worldwide? >> that's the best thing to do. the mother can have multiple kids, right? just her health is a priority and where we can have the most impact. campaigns of social media are great but some areas where they don't have internet access, that another problem. we have diplomatic missions or ngos and do different things and also provide education so if you think about teaching people in the local communities how to provide good medical care and take care of the women or
11:47 am
educate them about what they need to do, that's a big impact, as well. >> for those kids, too, thank you very much. good to see you. >> good talking to you. >> the global citizen festival is a few weeks away in new york an i shared my vision for a global challenge and asking you to do so, as well. head to and share a photo or video that shows how you'll become a global citizen. it will earn you tickets here and be worth it with performances of beyonce, pearl jam, ed sheran and coldplay. president obama first u.s. president to visit a community north of the arctic circle. the main focus of the trip is climate change and he's meeting with alaskans to find out how they're dealing with warmer temperatures. cynthia mcfadden looks at the battle to keep alaska's communities intact. >> reporter: there's no better way to see what's happening in
11:48 am
the arctic than to arrive by boat in alaska. when mr. obama lands here, he will become the first president to visit the american arctic. >> they've all flown by. >> reporter: he is the town's former mayor. what would you like to say to the president? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: which means? >> welcome to our land. >> reporter: his land is changing fast as tptds warm, twice as rapidly here as the rest of the planet. nbc news has spent the last four months reporting throughout hurricane's vast arctic. a place of tradition and dramatic change. nowhere are the problems more urgent than in the area, scientists say a bad storm away from being wiped off the map. the ice that once protected the shoreline is melting and now they're losing as much as 20 feet a year to erosion. >> the ocean comes in good.
11:49 am
the water comes up high. >> reporter: it's not just homes. but 600 live that is are at stake. >> what are we going to do if we get a major flood? might say we have to move. >> reporter: these people about to become some of america's climate change refugees. >> it is just totally gone? >> telling the older children don't want them hunting on the ice. too lansing rous. >> reporter: sheryl rosa is here to listen to them and report back to the white house. a decade ago, the locals voted to move to this higher ground. 12 miles away. but discovered that like the ice, the ground is melting, too. >> it's not easy to move a village. >> reporter: it's not cheap either. $180 million according to the army corps of engineers, $300,000 per person and moving a few miles means cutting ties with ancestral lands that sustained them an their
11:50 am
traditions. clifford says even if they had the money to move, he worries his people cannot survive anywhere else. >> got to have access to the ocean. >> reporter: he and his family rely on the caribou, walrus and seal. >> we try to get at least two apiece. that will be just enough for families and relatives. >> reporter: cash is hard to come by. and in the grocery store, cereal is over 6 bucks, sugar costs $9, three times what most of us pay. but that's nothing compared to the human cost of staying. >> they have to move. it's bad enough in new york when you have a superstorm or new orleans. but at least help is right there. up in the arctic, help is hundreds, hundreds of miles away. they get trapped in a terrible storm, they could all perish. >> reporter: 30 other villages face the same peril. scientists say if the oceans continue to rise, it won't be just an arctic problem but one for rest of us, too.
11:51 am
>> that was nbc's cynthia mcfadden reporting. a live look now at pictures from miami where vice president joe biden is expected to speak there any minute. he's there to talk about college affordability and also the importance of college in that battleground state. but first, a quick look at the dow right now. up triple digits and positive territory. now 178. this after the rocky ride this week. closing bell now just over an hour away. so good sight for those watching the big board. we'll be right back. when it helps giveshot ma lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference.
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to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. developing right now, we are expecting to hear from vice president joe biden any moment. he is making a fairs major speech in florida since the buzz is growing over a potential president shl bid. he arrived in miami about an hour ago.
11:55 am
msnbc's national correspondent joy reed is live in miami. a lot of people really anxious to see about this potential run for president and possible announcement, joy. >> reporter: yeah, well, francis, we spoke with some students who were going into the event before it actually began. not a lot of focus really, at least among the people going to attend about whether vice president biden would run for president. a young lady did like the idea of that prospect. but most of the people were just excited for the opportunity to hear the vice president. as you said, he is here to talk college affordability. one of the things people are talking about, however, in miami is the vice president's job he's come here to do which is to continue to sell the iran deal. and he's really come to south florida to really zero in on talking with jewish groups and leaders about that. so that's really a lot of what people are talking about while he's here in miami, francis. >> also in pittsburgh for labor day and talk show appearance next week and people watching when that gets under way.
11:56 am
we'll bring it to you live. joy, thank you very much. we appreciate it. and that with respects up things for today's show. good to be with you for the past two hours. i'm francis in for thomas. luke russert picks up your coverage next. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that.
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11:59 am
what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today. it is wednesday afternoon. i'm luke russert. and vice president joe biden is about to make his first major public speech since speculation ramped up that he's about to jump into the 2016 race. we'll go live to florida when that happens. but first, breaking news as the manhunt shifts outside chicago for three suspected cop killers. more than 400 state, local and federal investigators are conducting saturation patrols to track the suspects described only as two white men and one black man. they're considered armed and dangerous. 52-year-old joseph gliniewicz, a father of four who was set to
12:00 pm
retire this month shot to death in a foot chase tuesday. his gun and other equipment was gone. nbc's adam reiss is in the chicago suburb of fox lake. more than 100 tips have come in but so far there's no sightings that we know of. where are officials focusing the search right now? the story hasn't advanced much from where we were yesterday at this time. >> reporter: it doesn't seem that way, luke, but there are 100 investigators. we have seen them come in all day long. they're canvassing the area here, they're looking at tips, leads, even social media. anything to give them a tip. they said it could be a small tip, any tip could blow it wide open. they finished a press conference, the commander spoke. here's what he had to say. >> we are making progress. any time we get a lead, we move forward. even if the lead is discounted it's progress. i have a murdered


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