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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 2, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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retire this month shot to death in a foot chase tuesday. his gun and other equipment was gone. nbc's adam reiss is in the chicago suburb of fox lake. more than 100 tips have come in but so far there's no sightings that we know of. where are officials focusing the search right now? the story hasn't advanced much from where we were yesterday at this time. >> reporter: it doesn't seem that way, luke, but there are 100 investigators. we have seen them come in all day long. they're canvassing the area here, they're looking at tips, leads, even social media. anything to give them a tip. they said it could be a small tip, any tip could blow it wide open. they finished a press conference, the commander spoke. here's what he had to say. >> we are making progress. any time we get a lead, we move forward. even if the lead is discounted it's progress. i have a murdered colleague,
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police officer, and we're not going to stop. >> reporter: now, all we know right now the suspects are two white men and one black man. they're looking at forensics on the officer in desolate area, looking at videos, as well. residential videos, business videos, dash cam videos to identify the three suspects and most importantly, eyewitnesses. anybody in the area. that may have seen two guys, one guy, three guys together. either coming or going. they want to know who these guys are and where they are. they call this a real who done it, luke. >> indeed. nbc's adam reiss thank you so much. joining me is retired nypd detective sergeant joseph jakalone, a professor of john jay criminal college of justice. sergeant, thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate your time. what's odd object the story is when we have had the manhunts before, usually within a day,
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pictures of the specks, perhaps a name, in this case, the story not moved much since when i reported on it yesterday, two white men and one black man seen in the vicinity. how does law enforcement move forward when we seemingly don't have more specificity? >> this is a problem. it looks like they don't know who the people are and they don't want to release it. they have canines involved and only bringing them to pick up a scent of something and there's a lot of different aspects of law enforcement and they know some information and holding out because they have to execute search warrants and don't want people hiding and stuff like that going on. >> what's odd about this case in particular is the area where the police officer was moving on is known to be inhabited by vagr t vagrants and then this place 10 miles from the wisconsin border. there's a lake. there's a train that runs right through the town to chicago, a
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major highway to chicago. we don't know if they have a car. from an investigation gaitive standpoint, this is very difficult terrain. you are marshlands, state forests, trains, automobiles, water. how does an investigation like that move forward? >> well, when you have a situation like this, you think of cabs, trains, buses, planes, anything to get the person out of here. just the terrain is tough for the police and just as tough for the suspects, too. they're probably not mountain men and don't know the terrain that well. something tipped this officer off that acting suspicious and unfortunately he was right. these guys out of place, somebody might have seen them, a local diner earlier that morning. we need to look at videotapes. the feds are involved. the officer probably had a cell phone on him and might be able to track within that area and something else to consider in the case and being very, you know, secretive for a reason. they don't want to let anything out just yet. >> when you have the feds involved like you just mentioned, task force forms and
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you have state, you have local, the county, the local and the actually town itself and we know from yesterday fbi, atf, marshals, how does something like that which can get bureaucratic quickly, how does that operate in a case like that? >> the fbi is taking the lead in the investigation and when the feds come in, they bring assets with them, technology that the local police don't have. that is small department, small area. >> sure. >> they're bringing in assets to bear. you don't have to worry about cross borders and different jurisdictional issues whether the feds are involved and helps the case. i'm sure they have a district attorney on board, too, waiting to go with the charges they get as soon as they're ready for it. >> with this case of three suspects, we don't know if they split up. we don't know if two went in one direction and one in another. how do the police try to figure that out? >> well, i mean, at first i think they stay together. they're probably scared, this maybe wasn't planned on. probably didn't anticipate this officer stumbling upon them.
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it was like a -- kind of like a murder of opportunity that transpired here. so i think they're staying together. and, you know what? the police have to get the message out there, reward money out there. one of the guys -- only one trigger person and the other two don't want to go to jail the rest of their life for murder. >> just for the information that you have ascertained so far from the reports, it does seem like the officers sort of stumbled upon something and there was a struggle. and then a quick reaction. does that seem like these individuals planned to do this? it almost seems like the officer -- is that your reading of the information? >> sure. i'm also thinking this is maybe a burglary team going around and breaking into different aspects of houses, remember they have vacation homes there, too, so they might be intel we're unaware of. he might have been following up on a pattern. might have stumbled upon this stuff. i'd go through the police reports and see if anybody fit the description or anybody saw it or reported it. this is what policing 101
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locking at and i'm sure they are. >> that's one thing to mention to get out of here on this. you have a lot of vacation homes. you have a lot of these boats that have tarps on top of them. this area's so vast in terms of marshland and the waterways and easy as we saw with the prison escape in new york state, they can shack up in a va koigs home and people go by, an unoccupied vacation home and not out of place. >> they have to go through that, try to get access to the ones they can't and also learned from that they were hanging out in trees, hanging out in tree stands for the deer hunting and stuff like that. you can't be looking -- when i say looking for change, you have the look up in the sky, too. >> everywhere. sergeant, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. straight ahead, vice president joe biden and in the battleground state of florida and we'll go there live.
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plus, the white house scores a major political victory today and the push to lock in a nuclear deal regarding iran. and it's not all smooth sailing ahead. congress does return next week. we'll explore that later. inside the military's most secretive command, a revealing new book on special ops. can they make inroads against isis? that and more straight ahead this hour. difference: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed. in a night, it saves a little energy. but, in a year it saves a lot. and the other street? it's been burning energy all night. for frank. frank's a cat. now, two things that are exactly the same, have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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saying could be his soft 2016 campaign launch. you are looking live at podium in miami and the vice president introduced shortly to talk about college affordability in the battleground state of florida. such a coincidence. just florida. that's one of the stops on the trip. he'll be there until tomorrow and then another battleground state, pennsylvania for late boar day festivities with a afl-cio leader and then appe appearing with stephen colbert and rumors heating up he might make an announcement there. colbert and biden, well, certainly not strangers. >> you know what? i'll take a dog. hey, hey! hot dog guy! hot dog guy! >> hey, man, it's mr. vice president hot dog guy!
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>> help yourself. >> mr. biden? mr. biden, sir, i'm sorry. i didn't expect the vice president to serve hot dogs. >> read your constitution, man. i got two constitutional duties. >> i thought it was just breaking ties in the senate. >> no. the other one is giving hot dogs to returning warriors. >> a possible preview of next week. let's start in miami with msnbc's joy reed who's following the vice president. joy, 2016 rumors are heating up. all along the beltway. when's the sense out there in florida? again, total coincidence. he gets back on the scene. >> total. >> most important swing state in the country along with ohio. >> reporter: yeah, well, luke he is down here to talk about ledge affordability at the largest community college in the state of florida and also very importantly on a mission from the white house to meet with jewish groups and do that in the morning and will have a sitdown. head of the dnc there to calm
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frayed nerves of constituents of the iran deal. officially it's business and speculation is all in the air about what he's going to do. very interestingly enough to add to the intrigue, the former head of the barack obama campaign operation in florida steve shale, he happens to be now part of the draft joe biden superpac and that's happening and another affiliate happened in the totally unimportant state of south carolina and a boom is happening and not clear if the vice president is a part of it, though. >> indeed. thank you for that report from florida. joining us now from a look at both sides of the 2016 race is gabriel sherman at "new york" magazine and new article tackle it is rumor of another veteran, mitt romney, entering the race. you heard that right. mitt romney. also with us is erin mcpike, a political reporter at reuters. thank you for coming on the
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show. e erin, we'll start with you. in the district, a lot of speculation ramping up about joe biden. he is in florida and then going to pennsylvania with afl-cio leader. on colbert. certainly kicking off the all-important month of september with some very public appearances. >> luke, he is. and i don't know that i've heard anything about him potentially announcing on colbert. i think he is using all of these event it is try to make his decision. see what kind of reaction he gets. now, what i would tell you is i have heard from a number of democratic fund-raisers in d.c. who have begun to say talking to democratic donors and don't want to donate to the clinton campaign, they don't think it's run all that well and there's low-hanging fruit a potential biden campaign could get. i think what they're doing is trying to cobble together a good enough donor base to keep the
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campaign fueled. >> he needs money to get through south carolina at least in the get-go and probably pull that off. gabe, we can dig in here into the biden phenomenon. there's sympathy for joe biden after the tragic death of his son beau but if you look within the democratic coalition, there's not a natural constituency group that jumps out into his column. not necessarily women or minorities. not necessarily labor and having that meeting with trumpca. elizabeth warren said about joe biden in 2002 and illustrates some of the problems here. quote, a 2002 article written by warren excoarse yates then-senator joe biden as a champion of credit card companies and foe of women. the group most affected by the changes of the legislation he supports will be women, particularly women heads of household supporting children,
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warren wrote in the harvard women's review journal from the friends at bloomberg. it's not easy sledding for joe biden jumping into the race. >> it is not. it is not easy for hillary clinton. she is a centrist democrat. she is running to thelet in this primary and make the argument moving left to sort of reach that new coalition that obama assembled and bernie sanders targeting. so biden could say, well, if hillary is doing it, i could run a similar kind of campaign. >> luke? >> go ahead, erin. only 25% of the clinton e-mails are out right now and something that the joe biden folks look and say 75% more coming down the pipeline and could give us ample fodder. >> let's just ato that point, as you know, hillary clinton doesn't testify on capitol hill until october 22nd and keep hearing that the biden group trying to buy time to see how poorly she does or does not do and that's part of it and trying
12:17 pm
to delay the announcement and the last point, on the lane that joe biden can run in, hillary clinton trying to make herself a pop list. think about this. in august, she vacationed in the hamptons at a house that cost $100,000 and left it to campaign in the midwest and trying to make her out to be a populist and joe is joe from scranton so he can fill that lane a little bit better perhaps though he's still part of the establishment. he cuts between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and, of course, a lane for him in the race. >> he does do better on that question about cares about people like you. gabe, you have been following the republican side right now a lot of oxygen is being taken up by jeb versus trump. they're going at each other in social immediate yeah. i want to play a little bit about that battle going on on twitter. >> i think hillary would do a good job. hillary clinton i think is a terrific woman. i'm biassed. i have known her for years. she is very talented. i live in new york. she lives in new york.
12:18 pm
i have known her and her husband for years and i like them both a lot. >> we recognize the commitment of someone that devoted her life to public service. i want to say thank you to both secretary clinton and to president clinton. >> what does that make hillary clinton to the bush family? >> my sister-in-law. >> not holding back any punches this early on. i'd say, though, this is not necessarily ground that jeb bush wants to fight on. >> this is probably the last ad that jeb bush thought and wanted to be running at this point in the race. i think it is a testament to how unpredictable trump made the primary and i wrote yesterday even some members of the establishment and former members of mitt romney's circle sort of see the struggles of jeb to connect and say, wait a minute, maybe there is a lane to use that word open for mitt romney and flirted back in jn of making a run. >> you resurrected the ghosts. how seriously are they taking that? >> i think they're looking at the struggle of the candidates
12:19 pm
of the establishment to connect. donald trump polling better than establishment candidates combined. seeing that, they say, wait a minute. you know, mitt is sort of had a successful rehabilitation campaign. his documentary he started and well received and did the charity boxing match and affection for mitt romney as a noncandidate and that translates into a candidate mitt romney? >> here's what mitt romney should do if i'm going to give free advice, donald trump's doing quite well being a self funder. he could be the self funder. saying i'm going to self funder this sucker until the super tuesday and maybe his kids won't go for that. erin, i want to read from good friend jonathan martin at "the new york times" who talked about the dilemma of jeb bush fighting on trump's ground saying but the torment is deeper than that. bluster over ideas, mr. trump turned the campaign into a tabloid-style clash of personalities, heavy on provocation and insults and what
12:20 pm
little policy discussed mostly is mr. trump's appeals to conservatives stoking fears but in the telling are eclipsing america. it's very difficult, erin, for jeb bush to fight on the ground because it's not natural to him. he's a policy wonk who wants to be friendly with everybody. >> he is, but, luke, trump decided to wage war against jeb bush. and everybody is saying how risky it is for jeb bush to fight back. but as the campaign is saying, what other choice do they have? trump is not really going after anybody else. and so what it's doing is keeping jeb bush in the media every day while there are 17 candidate who is are all struggling for attention and jeb bush falling in the polls, still in the top tier of candidates, top three, top five depending on the polls you look at. it may not be comfortable ground but if jeb bush makes it through the nomination process, he will
12:21 pm
most certainly be a better general election candidate for it. >> certainly. scott walker not able to capitalize on this either, the huge other story we haven't got into at all and not to mention jeb with $100 million in the bank. get yourself protection. gabe, thank you so much for your time. erin, thank you. vice president biden is now at the mike in miami and look at that. blazer off. sleeves rolled up. let's take a listen to the vice president and we'll be right back after that. >> allowing people to change their lives so we have the best educated population in the world. and by the way, it's amazing how good this school is. look at all the press you have attracted. they're interested in community college impressed me greatly. i hope that's what they're going to write about. but, you know, under the leadership of president obama, and i'm prejudice, i akno
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in route in alaska and wrapping up the three-day tour of the 49th strait. after hiking the wilderness tuesday he is meeting with local fishermen about the impact of climate change on the livelihoods. chris jansing is there. how's the final day there shaping up? >> reporter: unprecedented, luke, actually. he is going to places no president has gone before. a couple of remotest places in the earth and people face some of the most difficult challenges day-to-day life, exacerbated by climate change and all throughout the three-day trip, wanting to show examples of how climate change is affecting every day americans, what the future could look like and he's doing it in ways no president has ever done. if you go to the white house and online and check out his instagram account, this is the first time taking a trip where all the pictures posted taken by the president. they just posted a video that
12:27 pm
the president made using a selfie stick and reported yesterday he taped a segment for running wild with bear grylls, another first, something to air in a couple of mnts and again the president took a selfie with bear. again, going to the two very small towns, one population 3,200, another a little over 300. the logistical challenges have been tremendous talking the senior white house officials. one of the most challenging just in terms of communications, where he's going later today, a place you can't get to by road. you have to get to in the air and on water. the president kind of combining here, checking things off of his to-do list, that are policy-wise and also maybe things on his bucket list, luke. >> inl deed. it is a serious trip and something neat about the president taking his own
12:28 pm
instagrams. something of a poignant moment in the his rit of the country. chris, thank you so much. we appreciate it. the kentucky county clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples has until the end of business today to respond to the latest motion in the case. kim davis is ordered to be in court tomorrow and could be held in contempt for ignoring the judge's order to resuming issuing the licenses. gabe gutierrez is in morehead with more. what do we know? >> reporter: hey there, luke. good afternoon. lawyers for kim davis just filed a motion asking a judge to free her from the obligation from her obligation to issue marriage licenses. that is a mirror image to what the judge has already granted, the order directing her to continue issuing those marriage license. now, this is a legal maneuver perhaps but here's the bottom line. that doesn't have a chance of very much going anywhere and the
12:29 pm
bottom line is she's expected in court tomorrow morning at 11:00 and federal court to explain why she should not be held in con tervet of court for vie latting the order and could face stiff penalties, fines, to even jail time and legal experts say, luke, it's unlikely to face any jail time and opponents don't want that. they prefer to see her fined. but she continues to stand by what she call it is religious beliefs and that this is all about religious freedom and still has many supporters here in the county that were out here today. even though she denied a marriage license to another same-sex couple that came here this morning, luke. >> something to keep an eye on. gabe, thank you for that great report. appreciate it. let's go to wall street. half an hour before the bell. stocks starting to recover from tuesday's selloff, the worst start to september in 13 years. cnbc's personal finance
12:30 pm
correspondent sharon epperson with us today. how did today turn out for the markets? heck of a roller coaster over a few weeks. >> we are on the climb up now going into the close and two weeks ahead of the federal reserve's meeting on whether or not to hike interest rates and the favorable outlook on the u.s. economy from the central bank in terms of its beige book survey is really when's helped stocks over the last couple of hours here. we are looking at that indication that we're seeing some expansion in housing and auto sales and oil is slammed and we are seeing falling oil prices over the last several weeks and seen a slow down in china and the news is lifting stocks higher on wall street and not enough for yesterday's plunge. the dow is up triple digits. the nasdaq up, as well. crude oil started lower and then finished up 84 cents a barrel higher and all it despite stockpiles of unused crude oil,
12:31 pm
up 5 million barrels this week and good news of jobs. worker productivity rose and adp says private companies hired 190,000 workers in august. so now what we do we look for? all eyes look to the august employment report of the u.s. labor department on friday and of course the federal reserve watching that number, those numbers very quickly, as well. >> yeah. see if they make a difference in the rates. cnbc's sharon epperson, thanks so much. we appreciate it. still to come, president obama's big win. iran nuclear deal now has the votes to survive congressional challenge. we'll talk about that when we come back. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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yes you are. dish issues? get cascade complete. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. now that's clean. ♪ ♪ isn't it beautiful when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace. welcome back. illinois police say they won't stop searching for the three men suspected of shooting and killing their colleague lieutenant charles gliniewicz, a 30-year veteran of the fox lake
12:35 pm
force. joe, sorry about that, was his name. they're reviewing video. in texas, a second video emerged of the shooting death of a suspect who appeared to have one or both hands in the air. and a press conference last hour, the county sheriff said they believe the victim was armed with a knife. the sheriff added that the video it appeared that the victim had something in his hand. they're asking crime lab experts to enhance and enlarge the video. >> we are working this as expeditiously and diligently as we can. and we are -- we have no reason not to work it as quickly as we can. but the important part is that we get it right. that we consider all of the evidence and that we have time to make sure that we can piece
12:36 pm
that together. >> feds are invest gatding that incident. in baltimore, brief protests outside the hearing for six police officers accused in the death of the freddie gray. he, of course, the unarmed black man who died in police custody in april. the presiding judge denied two motions, one to dismiss the charges and another calling for prosecutor marilyn mosby to resign. and now, to another developing story, president obama's iran deal is now a done deal at least in theory. the president has secured the 34th yes vote in congress. that was when maryland democratic senator barbara mikulski announced support today. with her vote, the president will have enough to veto any bill congress pushes through rejecting the deal but secretary of state john kerry is playing it safe, continuing to push for support at the national constitution center event in philadelphia. >> without this agreement, iran's so-called breakout time
12:37 pm
was about two months. with this agreement, it will increase by a factor of six. without this agreement, iran could double the number of its operating centrifuges almost overnight and continue expanding with ever-more efficient designs. with this agreement, iran's centrifuges will be reduced by two thirds for ten years. consider the facts of what we achieved. and judge for yourself the difference between where we were two years ago and where we are now and where we can be in the future. >> to analyze the big news is david rothkoff. thanks so much for the time. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> let's talk about that kerry speech. it wasn't spiking the football by any means. still advocating for the deal. obviously, the white house and the administration is breathing
12:38 pm
a sigh of relief knowing that they have a veto-proof majority in the senate and probably in the house and this deal coming under scrutiny between now and the middle of the month to go forward. what do you think the administration will do in that time period to sell this even more so? >> well, i think they're going to keep doing exactly what they have done and 'em if size the facts of the deal. they will emphasize the international support for the deal, the fact that it was a group of countries and the international community behind it that there are 100 countries behind it right now. i think they're going to talk about the different group that is have supported it, whether t it's office holders or kinds of support they have earned and they're not going to take it for granted because for barack obama, this is kind of the big kahuna in foreign policy. this is the big win for eight years. >> certainly. and an as suspect of it, the amount of support the deal has around the globe. the eu, china, russia, india.
12:39 pm
there was no guarantee that had the u.s. congress rejected this deal that those countries would get rid or would reimpose sanctions against iran that would go away in this case. how much of a factor do you think that played in the minds of people here that, hey, look, even if you don't like the deal, the rest of the world is on
12:40 pm
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he's going to meet with the president. he is going to seek exactly this kind of support. and for this administration, you have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.
12:44 pm
advance the deal. celebrate it. but also, advance our other relationships with our gulf allies and the israelis to provide the kind of balance you really need to have in the middle east. >> certainly. david, thank you so much for your time today. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. all right. this one's for the -- excuse me. this one's for the millennials. you remember this? take a look. >> whoa, whoa. where's my egg mcmuffin? >> breakfast is over at 10:30. >> real? >> i thought it was 11:00. >> me, to. >> mind blown. >> i asked the staff to find that. they did. they rock. apparently adam sandler wasn't the only one calling for the mcmuches in 1999's movie "big daddy." more breakfast time is the top customer request for years and now egg mcmuffin lovers rejoice. they approved all day breakfast. starting october 6th. for all 14,000 stores.
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welcome back. chaos continues today in europe as the eu struggles to deal with a massive influx of refugees escaping isis and conflict zones. more than 40,000 arrived overnight in greece and thousands of others stuck in hungary for a second day blocked from the syrian-turkish border.
12:49 pm
you are looking right now live at pictures of them outside of the budapest train station. it's an ongoing situation there. nbc's claudio lavanga filed this report for us. >> reporter: yes, luke, tempers have been flying high in front of the train station in budapest all day. now, the day started with hundreds of migrants protesting once again against the hungarian government's decision to block the entrance of the station to migrants. they don't want them to board to germany and most say we bought the tingts for them so that they were cheating no police and arrested and yet to make things worse. a number of far right nationalists at some stage turned up, confronting migrants and two of them so aggressive they were dragged into the train station by the police an later on in the afternoon the migrants went at it again. well, they went in their
12:50 pm
hundreds into the roads to the side of the train station to block traffic. they blocked the cars there. and the riot police turned up and after a quick confrontation, they back into the square they started some kind of sit-in protest that don't last long because we saw a number of fights break out among the migrants themselves. once again these migrants are really growing tired of staying here. they are confused. they don't know whether the station will ever open for them. they don't know whether they can use these tickets to go to germany with the tickets they paid for. while tomorrow the hungarian prime minister is going to the european union to meet with chiefs there to discuss the situation. but really this is not a legal issue anymore. this is a humanitarian situation. it is a humanitarian crisis. luke, back to you. >> not one improving any time
12:51 pm
soon. thank you for that report from budapest. this wave of refugees is fleeing as iciti isis continues to spre. and in syria we now have configuration from these satellite images isis did in fact destroy a 2,000-year-old temple. u.s.-led air strikes continue but to tush the tide the u.s. and allies might have to turn the most elite groups in the military. special ops. these highly specialized teams have been involved in the ops to the capture saddam hussein, rescue captain phillips from pirates and the more. now relentless strike, the secret history of joint
12:52 pm
operations special command. thanks for being on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> we don't know if any of these groups have been used against isis at this point. but certainly they have the ability if they were deployed they could be rather effective. >> actually i talk about one of the early missions against isis that joint special operations command has been involved in. they were used last july, july 2014 in the failed attempt to rescue hostages near raqqa in syria. and they got to the compound and unfortunately just slightly too late. the hostages had been moved. they killed a bunch of islamic state fighters. one pilot was wounded. for the mission they used the same stealth helicopters that had been used -- the same type as used on the bin laden raid. and they now have a headquarters, a task force headquarters in iraqi kurdistan
12:53 pm
from which they are putting together targeting profiles basically of islamic state leaders. j sock and the cia working together and then they will strike those leaders with its own drones. >> your book is creating quite a stir in defense circles. even getting all the way to capitol hill. a lot of the people who are mentioned in your book, dod said sort of expect some media scrutiny. ash carter said, it is not up to any individual entrusted with national security secrets to disclose them and e especially when it would affect our ability to protect our people and our country. how much did you find out in this book? and how were you able to do it? were people willing to talk? >> yes a lot of people were willing to talk to me. i think i found out a lot. i would be -- i would be naive to say that i thought i found
12:54 pm
out everything about joint special operations command. it is a very large and secretive organization at this point. but i think have been successful in putting together the -- the outlines and a lot of the meat of its history, which is a 30-year history at this point. >> it seems in the last few years we've known a lot more about these groups than we have in the past. and i think that is directly attributable to the bin laden raid and the victory lap that the special operations teams took after that. zero dark thirty, the famous film that showed them in their prime, if you will. is there truth to that? was this after the bin laden raid something they could really hang their hats on and we became more interested in their work and they became more interested in talking about their work. >> in you wanted to find out about the operations unit or the delta force, seal team six, there have been a series of
12:55 pm
books, a lot written by former member, indeed former commanders of those units that you could have used to certainly gain a 70% understanding of the organizations. i think the bin laden raid put both seal team six and j sock, joint special operations command, on the front pages to such an extent it generated enormous interest in both organizations. >> i covered capitol hill for my day job and something i hear often from members of congress that these groups are very hard to regulate. we don't have the most effective oversight. how would you rate the oversight of these groups? how far down into the rabbit hole do they operate away in the eyes of congress who are officials? >> i think they probably operate a little further than congress would want. but the laws are there to allow congress to provide oversight through the armed services committees. and in some cases the intelligence committees.
12:56 pm
so, you know, i think -- you know, it is probably something where each side, if there isn't effective oversight, each side might bear some of the blame. >> and what is the one thing that blew your mind when you wrote this book? i think it was -- there are a lot of things that blew my mind. but if there was one, it would be the secret missions that u.s. operatives took into syria at the height of the iraq war. >> interesting. i'm sure we're going to read about that one. sean naylor. thank you so much. check out his book. that is it for this edition of the 3:00 p.m. msnbc broadcast. craig melvin is up next. keep your dial here. ns ns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered
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massive man hunt continues in illinois. the search continues. >> i'm not going to set a time limit on this. i have a murdered colleague, police officer. and we're not going to stop. >> will he or won't he? >> vice president joe biden just finished speaking in miami. his first major address since speculations starting swirling over a 2016 bid. >> people believe that there is an american promise. there is an american dream. the problem is and a lot of neighborhoods around this country today, parents don't have the confidence to look their child in the eye and say honey, everything is going to be all right. >> we'll tell you why h


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