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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 3, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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get ahead of the feud he just started with stephen colbert before he starts his late night show. how the this plays out we do not know. it's all happening right now. first look is up next. right now on first look. massive show of force, china unveiled the military hardware before russia's putin and other leaders add the second biggest economy celebrated second anniversary of end of world war ii by showing off military might. battle between jeb bush and trump heats up. joe biden speculation continues. unbelievable scene of heart break as desperate migrants and refugees flee war torn area of the middle east. "first look" starts now. good morning. i'm todd. overnight, colossal eye popping
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show of might from the super power. a march of more than 112,000 tro -- than 12,000 troops march to mark the end of world war ii. vladimir putin is will there but western leaders are not. >> good morning todd. that's right. western leaders stayed away. vladimir putin was there on top of the gate standing side by side with xi jinping watching this parade go by, troops, 12,000 of them. missiles, tanks, helicopters, jets. it was a sight to mark the end of the second world war. the reason western leaders felt uncomfortable, they saw this as a naked show of force at t the
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time china is flexing muscles internationally and has been involved in territorial disputes particularly south china sea. army sources say 84% of hardware they wheeled out there today is either brand new or has not been seen in public. western analysts dispute that. certainly a lot of stuff out there which we haven't seen or haven't seen in this form. also, they made sure the air was clear, closed the factories, kicked cars off the road. they brought in monkeys to get rid of birds by take ago way their nests. at the same time, they brought in vulcans to chase away birds. they went to extraordinary measures to provide a backdrop for what has been a large and also rather chilling ma parade today, todd. >> interesting images for sure. thanks so much. back at home, the race for
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the gop nomination is turning into a mono to mono affair. >> he said jeb bush is a nice man, but he should speak english in the united states. this mexican video game, players get points for throwing things at candidate until he runs off stage. now this site features which candidate? would you rather support a candidate who shakes every hand or is a germafobe someone that shakes every hand? digging into trump in the process, trump's response, you don't have a clue about life. but bush doesn't have clean hands either. we told you he's stephen
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colbert's first guest on the late night show. he raffled off a ticket in exchange for small donations. >> the contest is a great idea. here's the thing. no one from jeb's campaign asked me if this was okay with me to raise money off my first show. where's my cut of sweet 3 bucks? where's gov? you're the one that put exclamation mark at the end of your name. >> joe biden spoke to community college students in florida about their futures but did not address his own. developments for democratic ticket hillary clinton. the staffer who helped her set up her private e-mail server in 20 09d refu 2009 refused to answer questions
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and chose to plead the fifth amendment. >> president obama held up a salmon before taking part in a distance with students. he's on his way back to washington d.c. authorities continue to search for three men in connection with the fatal shooting of the police officer. hundreds gathered last night to remember the officer, gliniewicz. his wife spoke at the vigil. >> he will truly be missed. >> 400 state and local officers have been searching for the suspects in the shooting. investigators found a deer camera in a wooded area near the scene of the shooting. they hope the camera gives clues about the identity of those killers. europe's migrant crisis continues with chaos inside the
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main train station in budapest. >> hundreds of migrants and refugees are flooding into the station this morning. right now international trains are not running. that is causing anger and frustration. >> we are human. we are human. you have kids. we have kids. >> europe is in crisis. a photo we're going to show you now is disturbing but quickly resinated across the world as a heartbreaking symbol of what is happening overseas. the image of a lifeless child in the arms of a rescuer. his boat sank on the way to greece. one of the thousands of migrants and refugees from war torn middle east and africa that perished in the desperate attempt to find a new life in europe. leaders of germany, italy, france, call on all 28 nations to take on quote fair share of refugees. senate democrats # assured
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enough votes to make sure the deal passes in congress. the 34th vote in favor of the agreement. if 41 back the deal, democrats will fill buster legislation opposing disprochlt. that deal h -- disapprovement. now time to get down to business with landon dowdy. >> good morning. stocks dropping. easing worries about the impact of china slow down, dow posting triple digit move for 10th time in past 11 sessions. look for data on unemployment ahead of the monthly job report.
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tesla begins releasing the suv with features such as self-parking. tesla will take preorders for lower cost model 3 sedan next march. labor day weekend may be a good time to get a new car. best deals on 2015 models as they're clearing out for 2016 vehicles. get up to $4,000 on toyota prius and honda civic. let's go car shopping. >> let's hit it. brown misses the ball, flips over the wall. he recovers. they win 9-4. serena williams facing the player from the netherlands. two dozen unforced errors. at one point trailed but rallied
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to win if in back to back sets. djokovic looking to win third major of the season. after the match, things got awesome. he invited a fan down. they celebrated with dancing. ended with them wearing i heart new york t-shirts. cocoa lost in back to back sets to bethany stands. she's going to take out frustration on her racket completely hammering it to the ground. wife of washington redskins gm apologized for twitter comments regarding the espn reporter. red skins issued a statement on her behalf. i deeply apologize for the disparaging remarks about espn reporter on my personal twitter account. the comment was unfounded. espn issuing a statement, diana is an excellent reporter that should never have to be subjected to vulgar comments.
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a twist to the ken woman that refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses. is the gop quiet candidate the one to watch? the neurosurgeon will see you now.
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it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. welcome back to "first look." no end in sight for most places. north dakota record in the state is 101. going to come close to that. if you're lucky showers and thunderstorms cool you off. also in chicago and southeast. let's talk fun stuff. labor day weekend, isolated storms. chance of isolated storm. i don't think people are going to get washed out. you get one cool day in new england then heat back up saturday and sunday. humidity returns towards the end of the weekend. no relief ahead of the that front. 96 st. louis sunday. even vermont once again on
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monday is near 92 degrees. southeast not i a bad forecast. hit and miss typical storms. in the afternoon in florida, friday, saturday through the southeast. we get very hot. dallas near 100 also. sunday into monday. steamy labor day weekend. >> three day is getting closer. thanks. he was afterthought of candidate after the last debate but dr. ben carson has been moving up the polling ranks and tied for first place. will his unique brand of outsider politics and charisma be enough to trump donald trump? >> when something isn't working, you look at a different way to get it done. >> 2016 has got the candidate creeping up the polls, surging in iowa. in the last debate, he barely registered in the national
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consciousness. >> half people didn't know who i was. they're saying who is this guy? >> you're going to see so many victories if i'm elected president. >> gop quiet, most humble candidate is emerging as a giant. >> what i'm doing is steadily getting the message out and connecting with the american people. they are responding. >> fuelled by a rags to riches story so incredible it has its own tv movie. of course that outsider credibility, carson's brand of retail politics found fertile ground in iowa. >> i want to thank the people of iowa who have been supporting me. >> iowa is just one state. carson needs to make the leap from face time to prime time. that hasn't been where he shines. >> obamacare is i think the worst thing that's happened in this nation since slavery.
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>> a lot of people that go to prison go in straight and come out gay. did something happen while they were in there? the neurosurgeon is not planning to be politically correct. he's running to shake up politics. >> the only one to take out half a brain. if you go to washington you would think someone beat me to it. >> that was msnbc jane tim reporting. kim davis heading to court in front of a federal judge for possible contempt of court charges. davis refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses after the issuing in june. it was based on her religious beliefs. critics claims she obeys christian scripture but divorced three times but had children out of wedlock before the religious wakening four years ago.
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a judge has ruled on six officers. they will be tried individually in six separate trials. charges include second degree assault and reckless endangerment. remember this photo from 2005 showing the air force vet hugging this 3-year-old girl after he saved she and her mom after hurricane ka trina? ten years later, the campaign to identify her, she was found. now 13-year-old brown will be reunited with him the weekend of september 19th. awesome stuff there. is the republican party about bringing the hammer down on donald trump?" scrambled politics" is next. large and extra large. if you need less data, pick small. if you need more, go with extra large-- a whopping 12 gigs for $80 a month plus $20 per phone.
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can a business be...alive? time now for your thursday edition of "scrambled politics." we start with a heavy handed hint from the rnc. a confirmed source tells nbc news it's privately passing out a pledge to support the nominee and not launch a third party camp pain. which leads perfectly into a story about this guy, donald trump. imagine this. the donald versus president obama in golf. the stakes, presidency itself. trump told the washington post he'd quote love to. he said the same of jeb bush. he said it would be easier than running against him in politics. the daily beast dug this up,
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sesame street from a year ago featuring a certain donald donald trump. >> there's one thing i can do elmo, scram. there must be something here you want. >> well, there is one thing. >> go ahead. take it. i have more. >> spectacular. that hair is spectacular. all in good fun like this. the whale that stole the show from the connecticut governor yesterday. see that? swam up to the glass for a photo bomb at press conference there. the governor had no idea the whale was there. from that photo bomb to is selfie stick. president obama posted this yesterday. it's not the only social work he's been doing. >> president obama is taking over the white house's instagram to post pictures of alaska.
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in other words, he's now your annoying friend to post pictures of vacation. here i am at the beach. here's a beautiful sunset. here's me eating a peach at the beach. >> that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." i'm joined now by columnist bob franken. let's start with joe biden. how much do you lend to notion he's buying into polls? hillary had huge polling numbers before she entered the race. >> what happens is now there's a bit of anticipation, questions about whether he will get in or not. it's the calm before the storm. once he gets in the race, he's subject to this process going on and questions raised about him. right now he's enjoying a honeymoon before the wedding. >> understood.
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late word a former clinton staff area will plead the fifth in the e-mail scandal. will this have effect on her campaign or just another incident in this saga? >> the staffer is going to plead the fifth which is to say she doesn't have to answer incriminating questions when she appears before the congressional panel. the question is what crime? it's puzzling to people. you can't plead the fifth and say i don't want to answer because that's inconvenient. you have to basically say you'd be incriminating yourself. it's a puzzler. >> good point on the fifth. it needs to be tied to a crime. if trump signs the non party pledge, would voters hold it against him in the end? >> it's not ironclad. it doesn't have legal weight. it's him making a campaign promise. we all know campaign promises
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are always kept. what's strange act it, abou -- if he signed, he would support candidates he called pathetic before. whatnot to do after a job interview. do you know doug the pug? he's making waves with the biggest acts in music, sort of. keep watching "first look."
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temperamental satellite television. introducing... underwhelming internet speeds and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. leading the news, most read tower in the washington post. fake ultrasounds, fake bellies
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getting a woman in trouble. she posted to make people think she was pregnant with triplets. the story quickly unravelled when the woman posted a fake ultrasound. a woman noticed the fake and contacted the family. job applicants sent naked selfies to the hr manager. a man was offered position to the company then sent two nude selfies said were meant for someone else. the company resended.
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you get it single ladies. i'll get that up to 10 million. >> no one anchors pugs. they get really excited. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts now. >> as the governor points out in his e-mail, this is a huge chance to see the first stephen colbert late show which apparently has a new post. to enter, donate $3 to jeb's campaign. the contest is a great idea. here's the thing thochlt one from jeb's campaign asked me if this was okay to raise money off my first show. where's my cut of that hah sweet 3 dollars gov? beak always gets wet. >> this could make for interesting interview when the two come face to face next week.
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hillary clinton claims she's as transparent as possible when talking at the e-mail account. president obama secures the iran nuclear deal. not stopping there. why they're still chasing votes. this is 5:30 east, 2:30 way out west. this is the show that never charges the audience to watch our show. ♪ ♪ good morning. it's thursday, september 3rd. i'm louis. is donald trump ready to take the plunge and rule out the third party bid? a news conference is later today. the heating was announced shortly after rnc sent out party loyalty pledge f


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