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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  September 3, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart in miami. you're looking live at pictures out of south florida. any minute, we expect to hear from vice president joe biden. he's going to be speaking to jewish leaders. he's going to be pushing hard to get them onboard with the iran nuclear deal. these are just live pictures getting in right now. this is his second day in south florida. second public appearance since talk of a 2016 run got serious. we're also watching the gop race and donald trump. later today, he's meeting with the head of the rnc. that meeting was announced just as the party sent a so-called loyalty pledge to each of the 17 gop candidates. it requires him to indorse the eventual nominee and not seek an independent run. trump was the only top candidate who refused to make the pledge during last month's debate.
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more on that in a moment. >> as we await the vice president, let's get to nbc's peter alexander who is at the event. good morning. >> good morning to you. joe biden is reveling in all these extra attention. this feels a lot like a campaign stop, certainly with all the media that's been following him around right now. his aides insist this is not one. nonetheless, his every move, every word is analyzed, maybe overanalyzed including when he told a group of college students at miami-dade that people who aren't risking failing will never succeed. those hunting for hints will have to keep looking. vice president joe biden offering few clues on whether he'll run for president in 2016. while speaking to college students about their future wednesday, he side stepped any mention of his own plans. >> it's amazing how good this school is. look at all the press you have attracted. their interest in community college has impressed me
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greatly. i hope that's what they're going to write about. >> famous for unforgettable one liners, he offered about another moment when an insect interrupted his speech. >> what is the possible rationale for that butterfly being in here? >> these days, biden's considering his own political transformation, speculation first heating up last month after a private meeting with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who has criticized hillary clinton. last night, warren was asked about the meeting. >> was there any talk with the vice president about a joint ticket, even jokingly? >> it was -- it was a long conversation. >> but a biden run wouldn't come without obstacles. he's run for president twice before, never winning a single state. if elected, he would be the oldest president ever, 74 at his inauguration. plus, a new poll shows clinton remains better liked than biden among democrats. new york governor andrew cuomo, who endorsed clinton in april, said democrats will be in a bind
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over who to support if biden runs. >> it is a personal decision. because you have to want to do this with all your heart and soul. >> the vice president wraps up this two-day road trip speaking to jewish leaders first here in florida and then georgia prentding the president's iran nuclear deal. that's starting inside right now. he won't be surrounded entirely by supporters. here, they're expecting opponents of the deal to show up as well. >> peter alexander in florida, thank you very much. back to the republican race for president and that loyalty pledge making the rounds. again, it requires the candidates to indorse the eventual nominee and not run as an independent. jeb bush is holding a town hall meeting in hampton, next hour. let's start with mr. trump. what do we know about his meeting today with the rnc chairman? >> we know it's happening in new york, jose. after that, donald trump will hold a news conference, a press conference at trump towers in manhattan there. this loyalty pledge that reports
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say have been circulated to some of the campaigns asks for two things. one, to support the eventual republican nominee, whoever it is. second, to go ahead and commit to not running as an independent. now, donald trump has said he would support whoever the nominee is. he at least has said he would support jeb bush if it ends up being jeb. on the other hand, trump has not ruled out a run as an independent. you talk pd about the debate we saw last week in which trump didn't say he would only run as a republican. so that is something that we're looking to today. that said, trump's been hinting that this might be coming. so it wouldn't be unexpected to see him do this. and there's other states, for example, south carolina, where in order to run in the primary, you have to commit to not running as an independent. >> let's talk a little bit about trump versus bush. they had that showdown. apparently, things are continuing to escalate just fine between the two of them. >> absolutely. and trump now, jose, is out with a new attack against jeb bush.
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essentially, remember yesterday, we talked about the bilingual attack. bush hammering trump in spanish. trump told bright bart news while he likes jeb, he said he's nice, that jeb bush should stick to english when he's in america. bush this morning on "good morning america" said he laughed when he heard the insult. listen to what else he had to say. >> i think donald trump is trying to insult his way to the presidency. it's not going to work. this is a diverse country. we should celebrate that diversity and embrace a set of shared values. mr. trump doesn't believe in those shared values. he wants to tear us down. he doesn't believe in tolerance. he doesn't believe in the things that have created the greatness of this country. >> both candidates back out on the campaign trail today. including jeb bush when will be here in the next hour. >> hallie jackson, and please stick in english when in america. thank you very much. just a reminder, msnbc will have complete coverage of donald trump's news conference at 2:00
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p.m. here. later this morning, a kentucky clerk face a federal judge and ask for an order permitting her to stop issuing marriage license. this comes after the clerk, kim davis, refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples sighting her religious convictions. meanwhile, mike huckabee has spoken with kim davis and recognized her for, quote, standing strong for religious liberty. two other kentucky clerks have followed in her footsteps.gutie the courthouse. >> good morning. while demonstrators from both sides of the issue have gathered outside the courthouse this morning, that hearing set to begin at 11:00 a.m. kim davis is set to go before the judge and explain why she should not be health in contempt for defying several court orders. yesterday, she declined a marriage license in yet another same-sex couple as she has done
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several times before. it was a tense confrontation. davis says that her religious beliefs as a christian prevent her from issuing these licenses even though a supreme court ruling earlier this summer made gay marriage legal nationwide. davis says for her this is a heaven or hell decision and she has plenty of supporters in kentucky. they say this is all about religious freedom. >> i think the judge should rule based on why the people in this community hired her. they hired her because she was a christian woman. >> now, as you mentioned, jose, two other clerks in kentucky have also refused to issue these same-sex marriage licenses. today, davis could face stiff fines or even jail time, although that's unlikely. the federal judge has also ordered her deputy clerks to court. and that could mean that some other alternative could be explored, perhaps those deputy
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clerks issuing the marriage licenses on davis' behalf. the key question for the judge today, jose, is she unable to do her job or just unwilling? back to you. >> i'm just wondering, what, gabe, legally, what is kim davis offering the judge legally for what the kentucky governor described as not doing her job. i understand we have been talking about that, but is there a legal ground that she's pushing? >> her lawyer suggests that because this is such a religious conviction, because this is who she is, that she cannot be compelled to do this. they're making the argument that this is so essential to who she is that she cannot be compelled to do this, even though it's her job. you'll recall two federal courts have said that argument doesn't hold water and the supreme court has refused to block that. so her lawyers face an uphill legal battle. many legal experts say they do not have ground to stand on. that didn't stop them, however, from trying late yesterday to file an emergency injunction to try to reverse this.
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and it will be up to had judge today at 11:00 to decide should she be held in contempt, whether she'll be fined or whether there's some other option. we should point out that the legislature won't meet until january, and the governor has said he won't call lawmakers back into a special session to deal with this. what's been brought up is perhaps this could be sent to the state -- these marriage licenses could be issued at the state legz. the governor says no special session to deal with this. >> thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> several developments right now in northern illinois where the investigation is expanding in the search for three suspected cop killers after a false alarm cost them precious time. the three men are wanted in the shooting death of police officer charles gliniewicz in the town of fox lake. meantime, hundreds attending a vigil last night for the fallen officer, including his widow and four sons. a lot to cover on this story. let's go live to fox lake, illinois. adam is there. good morning. authorities say a woman pulled a
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hoax last night? >> yeah, jose. good morning. a big waste of time and police resources here. a woman had pulled over in the town of vollo. she said three men, two white men and a black man tried to get in her car. that's the same description of who police are looking for. she grabbed herb pho phone. she said they than ran off into a corn field. it's all a hoax and she's charged with disorderly conduct. a couple hours earlier, about a,0a thousand people showed up a vigil. very emotional. then several hundred made their way to the police station for a somber, candlelight vigil for the guy they call ed g.i. joe, even someone the criminals liked. his wife gave an emotional tribute. >> we all lost somebody yesterday. a husband, a father, a son, a brother. a mentor, a leader. a role model and a friend. and of course, our brother in
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blue. joe was my best friend, my world, my hero, the love of my life for the last 26 1/2 years. he was my rock as much as i was his rock. every night, he came home to me. >> now, the commander says this investigation is heating up. they're looking at two videos in particular. one from a passing trucker around the time of the shooting. and another from a deer camera in the woods. they hope one will be helpful in the search. jose. >> adam, thank you very much. developing right now in north carolina. one marine has been killed, nine more hurt after a helicopter made a hard landing at camp lejeune. the ch-53e chopper came down hard in a training exercise around 9:00 last night. let's bring in pentagon producer courtney with the latest developments. what have you heard? >> hi, hoeszy. i just got off the phone with a
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marine corps official at camp lejeune who gave us updated numbers. there's still the one murearineo was killed last night. there's now 11 injured. of the 11 injured, nine have already been released from the hospital. two are still hospitalized at two separate locations, but both are described by the official as being in stable condition. so a little bit about what happened. it was a training incident. that's all they can say. the hard landing occurred in the landing zone on the base in the training area. and the official said that as of now, they aren't aware of weather-related issues, but the incident remains under investigation. >> courtney, thank you very much. now to developing news out of guatemala, the country's president has resigned in the midst of a corruption investigation that has sparked protests. the president who said monday he would not resign, will now be facing charges in a customs fraud scandal. this morning, congress expected to hold an emergency session to
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hand presidential power over to the vice president. his vice president, the original one, is in prison right now awaiting trial for those same charges. but as molina retired general has consistently denied wro wrongdoing where importers avoided paying custom taxes in exchange for brides. the vice president that was in her job during this crisis has been arrested and jailed. also several cabinet members have resigned. this is an ongoing story that shows you in guatemala, athere s a process under way, but it's all within the constitutional confines of a democracy. we're just getting started on this thursday edition of "the rundown." we're watching this live shot from south florida, davy, in fact, where we expngt the vice president to be discussing the iran nuclear deal with jewish leaders. plus, europe's migrant crisis. doctors, lawyers, families, young and old, all trying to flee the violence in their home
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countries. mostly from syria. take a look at these scenes. these are fathers and mothers, children, trying desperately to flee a situation that was caused by no fault of theirs. today, the president of the e.u. is urging countries to take in an estimated 100,000 people that they are still leaving. a live update from hungary straight ahead. >> plus, more trouble for hillary clinton. a former staffer who helped set up the private e-mail server said he'll plead the fifth when called upon by congress. we'll talk about how that might have an impact on the ongoing controversy next. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence!
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new developments out of europe this hour. an entire continent now trying to figure out how to handle the
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wave. it's a tidal wave of migrants trying to flee war-torn areas in the middle east and north africa. seeking a better life for their children in europe. but out of all of those people, thousands and thousands of them, we want to bring your attention to just one. before i do, i want to warn you that i'm going to show you something that many of you will consider disturbing, and i saw it and it's seared on my mind. so i'm talking about 3-year-old alin curty. this is a picture of he and his brother on the facebook page of a woman reported to be their aunt although it hasn't been verified. they were trying to escape along with their mother. they never made it. all three of them drowned when their boat reportedly overturned in the mediterranean sea. the boy's father survived. this picture of a turkish police officer carrying the 3-year-old's body is apiring on front pages around the world.
6:19 am
just makes you realize just how many people are facing that same exact kind of risk. the same one he did, and they try to escape isis and the violence in syria. listen to this. more than 4 million people have fled that country. 4 million, according to the united nations. it's not just syria. they're fleeing iraq, afghanistan, and there's also the issue of libya. all of them searching for freedom. a new life in europe, traveling through italy, greece, and hunga hungary, to richer countries like germany, even sweden. as we have been reporting on "the rundown," thousands of migrants have hit a road block. they did so in hungary. thousands finally managed to board a train. hungary says it will post troops at its southern border to stop migrants trying to use it as a gateway to germany. claudio is at the international train station in budapest where we should warn you there is a satellite delay. this is an important story.
6:20 am
tell me what the latest is there. >> well, jose, we have seen some pretty disturbing pictures of a family in a station nearby, about 30 miles here, from budapest, being dragged on the railway from hungarian police. now, that family, i don't know whether you can see the footage, but the family was traveling among hundreds of other migrants who this morning were finally allowed to board trains and enter the station in buddepist after a two-day standoff. they were hoping they would board trains directly to munich and of course austria. they bought the tickets for, but it was soon announced those international trains were canceled. they all boarded the first trains that will go as close as possible to the border with austria in the hope that they could continue that journey and cross the border into austria. 30 miles into the journey, the
6:21 am
train stopped. the police forced the migrants off the train. they wanted to take them to a refugee camp nearby, the closest to budapest, but many resisted. some sealed themselves inside the train. refused to get off. others tried to resist as the particular family, but they were dragged by force. now, we understand that a third train was allowed to go all the way to the town, but not before the police boarded the train and separated the migrants with the hungarians and tourists. >> claudio, thank you very much. by the way, a very quick footnote. unconfirmed by nbc news, but the father on facebook said that that little boy, his brother, and his mother, were trying to get eventually to canada. if you think this is just a problem happening over there and we don't have any responsibility or side effects, i think soon we're going to be seeing that that is not the case.
6:22 am
we're going to keep a very close watch on this for you. after the break, we'll zoom through other top storyinizecluding a new tropical storm in the pacific, on top of the three storms churning out there. >> plus, can an iphone really stop a bullet? pretty amazing story. next on "the rundown." let's discuss medical supplies i'm kind of happy with my guys. i think you'll love our newest line the stuff my vendor sells works fine. and my budget's small, just so you know. ♪ should i stay or should i go when you choose to go for business, go to the new it makes finding the right room faster and easier than ever. and right now stay two times and earn a free night book now at what do a nasca comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt
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6:26 am
intervention in the next story. a california man credited his iphone for stopping a bullet during a home invasion. take a look at it. you see the back there? it's got like a slice there? it's the back of the protective case. the front screen shattered. the gash in the back of the phone, according to the victim's roommate, the suspect followed them to their apartment, tried to grab a bag and open fire. thanks to the phone, they say, the man was okay. china is pledging to slash 300,000 of its more than 2 million strong army. the announcement from president ping marking the 70th anniversary of the defeat in world war ii. they sent an ambassador due to the anti-japanese tone. that doesn't stop the president of venezuela from attending. he's not in this pictures but he was there along with vladimir putin. you saw him there dressed for the occasion.
6:27 am
vice president joe biden started speaking to jewish leaders in davie, florida, about the iran nuclear deal. there you see him talking to them. he's expected to take questions as well. we're listening and will keep you posted. up next, another headline that could complicate hillary clinton's campaign. one of her former staffers said he'll plead the fifth when answering questions about setting up her private e-mail server. >> plus, the latest on the search for three suspects wanted in connection with the shooting death of a police officer in illinois. lots more to cover on "the rundown." we'll be right back. can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was created using digital models and real world location-based specs that taught it how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting, the ones on the right are pulling power out of thin air. pretty impressive, huh? now, two things that are exactly the same have have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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on the e-mail controversy consuming hillary clinton's presidential campaign. a former staffer who helped clinton set up her private e-mail server said he will not answer questions when he's called before a house committee. he said he will plead the fifth. kristen welker is live with the latest. kristen, what is it?
6:31 am
is this a new development? >> it is. and it's really another blow to the clinton campaign, jose. clinton's former staffer who helped set up the server that housed clinton's private e-mail account is invoking his fifth amendment right. refusing to answer questions about the e-mails before a congressional committee. the house committee on benghazi subpoenaed him last month. the i.t. specialist worked for clinton during her 2008 presidential campaign and also at the state department setting up her e-mail in 2009. now, his lawyer told nbc news he would not answer questions asserting his constitutional right against self-incrimination. a clinton aide told me the campaign had encouraged him to testify and called his decision not to understandable but also disappointing. adding this statement, jose, quote, clinton has made every effort to answer questions and be as helpful as possible and has encouraged her aides, current and former, to do the same, including brian. meanwhile, we're also getting this from elijah cummings, the
6:32 am
ranking democrat on the benghazi committee we says, quote, it's understandable that attorneys have advised him to assert his constitutional right not to testify given the onslaught of reckless accusations of criminal conduct that continue to be made by many republicans. so an ongoing thorny political issue. as for the two other clinton aides who will testify before a congressional committee. sheryl mills testified today. jake sullivan on friday. the campaign also insists and continues to reiterate clinton never sent or received anything marked as classified, but this continues to be an ongoing political problem for her, continues to overshadow her campaign. >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. >> in the next hour, we'll speak to clinton campaign spokesman brian fallen on "the rundown." >> kwdeveloping now, an expandi investigation. police say a woman lied to authorities last night about two suspicious men trying to get into her car and then running into a corn field.
6:33 am
that prompted a massive police response. kristen kiefer has been charged with two counts of disorderly conduct, including a felony charge of falsifying a police report. she said she told them she did it to get attention from a family employing her as a nanny. also last night, hundreds showed up for a vigil in fox lake to remember charles gliniewicz, including his widow and four sons. >> he was the most wonderful, caring, and loving father to our boys. my world got a little bit smaller with his passing. he will truly be missed by all of us. thank you, everybody. >> joining me now is professor afflaw and police studies at john j. college of criminal studies. thank you for being with me. >> thanks, jose. >> first, the search, police are saying this woman lied about seeing two suspicious men. when everyone minute counts,
6:34 am
what kind of an impact could a hoax have on finding these three guys. >> it's really awful, a diversion, but there's a lot of resources there. that does happen, unfortunately. they're going to continue to put out an all-points bulletin for information. always in investigations, you have people come forward to confess and say they're the shooters. all kinds of bizarre things. publicity brings people out of the woodwork. >> it's got to be a difficult task in sifting through the people who come out of the woodwork when you're trying to look for three guys. you have, quite frankly, a lot less detailed information about how they look, what they're driving, what they even were wearing, than you do in this case. >> a concerning time. we're not inside, of course, but a concerning time. as time goes by, you really do -- there's more urgency. talk of a reward now. i think they have to get money on the ground there, put it out there, significant sum so people start generating buzz.
6:35 am
there may well be people who know these guys. there's three of them. it should make it easier than getting one because they have associated and the like. they really have to work it on the ground and have incentives and clear ways. they're using social media, to get people to impart information, especially in a time like this. the most insignificant seemingly insignificant piece of information could be a deal-maker here. >> and then there's also, you know, the kind of happenstance possibilities of information, like police say there was a deer camera found in a wooded area near the crime scene, has a memory card in it. they're going to look for clues in those kinds of issues. those are things that really could have a huge bit of information in there. and it's something, as innocuous as a deer camera, you bow. >> yeah, an infinite number of ways thee get solved. nose real textbook. for every number, you get bizarre solutions. famously in new york city, hunting the son of sam, he parked illegally and was caught
6:36 am
from a parking ticket. so there's no predictability. the one thing, you need a full-court press. if there's any video in the town, the cops are trying to get their hands on it right now. >> let me ask you, is there something that the community -- you were talking about maybe putting money on it. is there something that the community could do, even more than they're doing right now, and we're all trying to see if we can help. is there anything more that folks can do to try to help in this thing that seems to be dragging on. entering day three now, right? >> one piece of information came out, they seemed to know the territory. now it's asking people, not only did you notice anything on this particular day, but these folks, did you notice anything about people that were engaged in suspicious conduct in advance of this? it may very well be people who recognize the people, recognize a vehicle, recognize something about them, an article of clothing. something they said, a nickname, impart that to the police. that could be the thing to break
6:37 am
that wide open. >> former prosecutor and nypd officer, thank you for being with me. >> we're following developments from texas where a state crime lab is examining this cell phone video showing san antonio police fatally shooting a domestic violence suspect. it appears to show gilbert flores carrying what investigators believed to be a knife. the sheriff's office said they tried using non-lethal force but said he resisted arrest. >> in baltimore, a judge ruled all six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray will be tried separately. all six are charged with second degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct with four of the six facing more severe charges as well. the judge sided with the defense that argued trying them together would prejudice the jury. gray's death, which occurred after he was arrested in mid-april, sparked protests across baltimore. small protests outside the courtroom yesterday attracted dozens of people, resulting in
6:38 am
one arrest. >> after more than 20 years behind bars, the top hitman for escobar, velazquez, known as popeye, is free and spoke exclusively to our sister network, telemundo. he is one of the few living allies of the famous drug lord and says he is now a new man. he told telemundo he never thought he would outlive his boss, the notorious drug lord pablo escobar. he also shared his thoughts and outlook on the mexican drug lord chapo guzman, who is free after tunnelling out of prison. >> he also told telemundo he plans on staying in colombia despite the risks. by the way, he says that man, joaquin "el chapo" guzman, when
6:39 am
he was captured, will never be captured alive. because he doesn't plan to be taken alive. one thing we do know is right now, he doesn't look like that, surrounded by three military guys holding his neck. he's free. somewhere. right now, european leaders trying to cope with massive influx of refugees from the middle east, but there seems to be little consensus on what to do. some like germany are willing to, well, let some of them in. but others like poland and hungary suggest the borders should be kept closed, even if that means using troops to do it. bill neely is on the island in the mediterranean sea in greece. he's got more. >> i'm on a small greek island which has been overwhelmed by more than 20,000 migrants in the past week alone. this island can hardly cope. europe is clearly struggling, too. with so many countries being tested, including just to the north of here, hungary.
6:40 am
the flash point today, a railroad station in hungary and a surge of refugees. for days, police have stopped them trying to leave the country amid fury and frustration as they push to get to germany. now, it seems the hungarians have had enough and are letting them go, this woman walked here with her children. >> day, walking, children. cold. >> they have certainly suffered enough. a third of a million leaving their homes to reach europe this year. thousands drowning. and dozens dying in this truck of suffocation. they risked their lives in flimsy boats. these refugees rescued yesterday by a norwegian ship. other migrants tried to reach england on top of trains, through a tunnel under the sea. their journey is long and dangerous. most leaving wor-torn syria, iraq, and afghanistan. others aiming for a better life in europe, through italy,
6:41 am
greece, and hungary, to richer countries like germany, even sweden. europe, though, is struggling to cope. the refugees to find food and water. authorities are overwhelmed. even escaping greece to the next country, macedonia, isn't easy, but they are desperate. >> bill neely in greece. thank you very much. still ahead, donald trump has accused mexico of sending its criminal to the u.s. we have the results of a new study that shows something very different. we're going to explain that. >> also in about ten minutes into the trading day, let's look at how the markets are doing. look, plus 107. not bad. we're watching tomorrow for the august jobs report to see how we end this turbulent week. today, looking pretty good, isn't it? >> ross and nathan were appalled when they learned the average american throws out more than 85
6:42 am
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6:44 am
now to a new study from the university of texas that finds immigrant teens are less likely to do drugs, commit crimes, and
6:45 am
engage in violence. this is something very different from what some presidential candidates that have been making headlines for saying, for example, this, in june. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're not sending you. they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists, and some, i assume, are good people. >> joining me now is a lead researcher on this study, christopher salsa right, and victoria francesca soto. welcome to both of you. christopher, you spoke to young people between 12 and 17 years old. about half identified as hispanic. 20% as non-hispanic white, 20%
6:46 am
as asian, what did you find? >> when we compared immigrant youth with youth born and raised in the united states, immigrant youth when significantly less involved in crime, violence, and substance abuse. this finding is very much consistent with a large body of research looking at immigrants contrasting with u.s.-born individuals over the last ten years and it's a growing body of research. >> how long of a body of research was this specific study. >> this looked at youth between 2002 and 2009. definitely kirnt with emerging research coming out on a month-to-month basis. >> victoria, is there something i'm not understanding here? because some people are saying, you know, that the immigrants aren't the best of people, and then these studies keep coming out. who is right on this? or is there a right person on this? >> well, jose, i'm biased on two
6:47 am
fronts. i am an academic by training and i'm also latina. but numbers do not lie, and what we're seeing is that latino immigrants do have a lower usage of drugs, do tend to be healthier. something that we call the latino health paradox where even though latinos and immigrants may have lower socioeconomic status, they're healthier than the general population. we tend to have a lower infant mortality rate. less of an instance of chronic disease. this picture of donald trump is painting of immigrants as disease carriers and these folks who take drugs and do bad things does not gel with the reality. it's in black and white. you can read the studies. >> christopher, there's no doubt there are really bad people out there, including immigrants who have beenrecidivists. there is no doubt about that. but is there a difference between the undocumented
6:48 am
immigrant and the legal immigrant as far as what these findings are? >> well, our study doesn't speak to that. there's less research looking at that particular question. we know again and again when you look systematically, yes, there are certainly immigrants who are involved in violence and crime. when you look systematically, again and again, immigrants are less likely to be involved in violen violence, crime, and a variety of health incomes. they tend to be healthier and do better. >> victoria, why do you think this discussion and this issue has found such fertile ground in the united states? if the statistics over and over again prove and show what christopher and others have been saying? why do you think it's such fertile ground right now to be talking about this issue from a different perspective? >> well, jose, history shows us that latinos can't necessarily take this personally because throughout the course of our history as a country, we have seen other immigrants groups be subject to the same types of
6:49 am
attacks. in the late 1800s when we saw the chinese exclusion acts, chinese migrants were villinized, and then we started seeing the waves of eastern southern europeans, same thing. so every time we have a big wave of a new immigrant population, and we start to see pushback against them, we start to see the same descripters. disease kaziers, villains, criminals. not entirely new. >> victoria and christopher, thank you both for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> still ahead, a really cool story for you. what would it take to live on mars? i'm talking about not the ones that live there all the time. i'm talking about humans living on mars. we're going to talk about humans living on mars. six scientists isolating themselves in a remote part of hawaii to prepare. i'm going to speak with a crew member from a previous mission about what it was like there in
6:50 am
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6:53 am
a nasa-funded mission to mars experiment is under way right now on the barren, desolate slopes of a volcano in hawaii. six crew members including four americans entered the dome last week where they will spend the next week in isolation. nasa plans to use data collected from the simulated space mission and apply it to a potential future mission to mars, it's the fourth experiment at this lab on the big island of hawaii. our next guest spent eight months under the dome. jocelyn dunn, chief scientist on the mission, is with us. how are you? >> doing great. happy to be back to earth. >> yeah. i'm glad you're with me here on earth. tell me about these six new crew
6:54 am
members. what can they expect during a 12-month mission? what do they do? >> they have a lot of research tasks that they'll be busy with. we actually didn't face boredom much at all during our eight-month stay. you're very busy because you're committed to interesting and valuable work that you know is helping the future of mars exploration. >> what kind of work is done? tell me. >> well, first, we're subjects. so we take a lot of surveys explaining how we're feeling and how the stresses of this environment are impacting our team chemistry and our psychological states over time. but the crew members have their own personal research projects and we're exploring the volcano as if we are the first mars explorers. so they look at the volcanic terrain and report back their findings. >> tell me what the most difficult part was of being in
6:55 am
there for eight months and what the most rewarding part was. >> the most difficult part is being confined to your social situation. when you're having a bad day, it's difficult -- you're not able to get away and come back with a new perspective. and then on the other side of it, you don't know what to do when other people are having bad days as well. you can't really give space and get out and give them the house for the day to relax. you're always together and confined to that situation. so it's definitely one of the more difficult parts. and the most rewarding was definitely being able to pretend to be an astronaut. we're able to put on the spacesuit and see what it feels like to have this barrier -- this technology that you're relying on and to explore the world and try to take as many notes as you can and be in this physical challenge as well as this mental challenge when you're out explorinexploring. >> and if you had the chance and
6:56 am
they offered you that one-way ticket essentially to mars, would you take it? >> you know, i'm going to wait for the round trip actually. >> that's a good idea. great to see you. thanks for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up on "the rundown," we have a big interview for you. i'll be speaking with hillary clinton's spokesperson. today, the headline about a former staffer who plans to plead the fifth about setting up her private e-mail server. plus a potential opponent for clinton. joe biden has just wrapped up his conversation with some jewish south florida leaders about the iran nuclear deal. we'll take you back out to davie, florida, next on "the rundown." do you like the passaaadd?
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart in miami. we're going to start this hour with developing news here in south florida. vice president joe biden is just
7:00 am
about to wrap up a second public event in as many days here in south florida. speculation continues to swirl about whether he'll enter the presidential race or not. but this morning, he spoke to jewish leaders regarding the administration's nuclear agreement with iran. he said he approached the deal as a skeptic but after much research is now in full support of a plan. >> if we can take the nuclear bomb off the table, it's better dealing with those bad guys than if we're dealing with a bad guy and the nuclear bomb is on the table. this is a good deal first and foremost for the united states. it's a good deal for the world, the region and it's a good deal for israel and the gulf cooperation states. it's a good deal. >> let me bring in msnbc's alex seitz-wald and steve clemens of "the atlantic." this is biden's second major
7:01 am
event since serious talk began after him jumping into the race. are you seeing him gearing up for a jump into the campaign? >> no political talk from jb jb today. >> no political talk from joe biden today. he side he knew a lot of the jewish leaders in the room, that you can't find a better defender of israel than joe biden which could potentially be of import if he decided to run in 2016. and he came at this as a skeptic. he's a friend of bibi netanyahu. but this fits in with biden's defense of the obama legacy. that's what he'll be looking at. if hillary clinton moves too far away from that, he might decide he needs to try to keep her in line on that. >> and the administration scored a major victory yesterday in the senate. >> that's right. barbara mikulski came out in support of the iran deal which
7:02 am
now gives the white house a freedom from a veto override. this deal will go forward and everyone knows it now. now it's just a question of how many other senators will join up. >> talk to me about the significance of that number, because it's very important. >> we know -- we're very sure that in both houses of congress, what we will see proceed is a resolution of disapproval of this iran deal. the president has promised to veto that. and the question is, would there then be an effort in both chambers to override the president's veto. with 34 votes committed to the deal, that's not possible now in the united states senate. so that is over. there's been some discussion of how the vote comes up. does it need 50 votes, 60 votes? if they were able to get 41 votes, they could potentially do a filibuster. but as i said on rachel maddow's show last night, senator joe
7:03 am
manchin said he wouldn't stand for hypocrisy from democrats in trying to filibuster the deal. joe manchin and probably chris coons and some others have lined up with the notion that while -- coons will support the iran deal but wouldn't support a filibuster. manchin hasn't made it clear but wouldn't support a filibuster. >> you were on the coolest show ever on tv. alex seitz-wald, thanks as well. >> yours is the coolest show. >> no, maddow, for sure. developing this morning in gop politics, jeb bush still swinging hard at donald trump. bush is about to start a town hall meeting in new hampshire but ahead of that, he again lashed out at his party's front-runner calling trump's demand that he only speak spanish on the campaign trail, quote, ridiculous. he said trump is not someone worthy of the republican
7:04 am
nomination. >> he doesn't have a set of plans. if he had to do the traditional thing which is, here's my policy as it relates to immigration, his policy is not serious, it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, it's probably unconstitutional and violates civil liberties. if he actually had to debate the points on taxes and regulation, people would be surprised that he is a liberal in many of these views, the expressed views he has on taxes, on health care are views that are more closely similar to those of hillary clinton. >> nbc's hallie jackson yesterday in south florida, today in new hampshire at that town hall. hallie, good morning, as we await the governor, how are we seeing his campaign shift its tone? >> reporter: there's a couple of things at play here. first is this idea that jeb bush is positioning himself to the right of donald trump. we've seen all week long this stepped-up intensity in this strategy to portray donald trump as simply too liberal to run in this republican race. as you know, trump is looking potentially to meet with the
7:05 am
head of the republican national committee today, some of that playing into this idea that as bush has tried to hit trump on, that trump simply doesn't have those conservative credentials that jeb bush is trying to portray himself as having. that's part of it. the other part of it is really when you look at what jeb bush is doing, he's going after trump in a new way. there is something we haven't necessarily seen from bush before, but perhaps it is an acknowledgment that somebody's got to step up and take trump on. you heard bush talking about policies, this idea that trump is not serious with his policies. and that's been something the media has been going after donald trump on. on the other hand, trump has slammed bush for being as he said low energy. so perhaps that is why you're seeing more of an intensity from the bush campaign and from jeb bush himself out on the trail. >> what do we know about this loyalty pledge being circulated to the republican candidates by the rnc? >> reporter: yeah, reports the rnc is trying to get folks to sign onto this idea that they
7:06 am
will support whoever the eventual republican nominee will be, which jeb bush said he will do, and very importantly that whoever is in the race will rule out running as an independent. as you know, that is something that donald trump did not do at the first gop debate on august 6th. that said, he's been hinting this may be something he may do. remember, in certain states like in south carolina, in order to run in that primary, you've got to sign a very similar pledge saying you will not run as an independent. that's something we may see from donald trump, later this afternoon possibly when he speaks to the media in new york. >> hallie jackson in new hampshire, thank you. a programming note, msnbc will have live coverage of donald trump's news conference at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. in less than an hour, a kentucky clerk will face a federal judge and ask for an order to stop issuing marriage licenses. she's getting nationwide attention. mike huckabee has spoken with her and shared his thoughts on the issue with msnbc's "morning joe."
7:07 am
>> when you say it's the law of the land, can you quote the statute that has been passed by the people's elected representatives? no. the only law she's following is the kentucky law which by constitutional amendment defines marriage as between a man and a woman. the specific form she's required to fill out for a marriage license specifically requires male and female. if the kentucky legislature decides that they agree with the supreme court and they change the laws of kentucky, that's a whole different thing. but we're bordering on judicial tyranny here. >> nbc's pete williams is with us now in washington, d.c. to tell us more about what we can expect in court today. good morning. >> reporter: one little note about what governor huckabee says, the form actually says party one and party two. so the form itself has changed. the law hasn't, though. that's one point in her favor made by a state senator last night. the president of the state senate who's a republican said
7:08 am
to the judge, don't hold her in contempt of court, it's not her fault that the law is a mess, that she's confused about what to do. why don't you wait until the legislature comes into session next year and we'll fix this. her objection is that the form has the name of her county and her name as the county clerk on it, even if she does nothing, she says, the form is still issued in her name and that's what she says is her objection. the question is, should she be held in contempt of court for disobeying the judge's order last month, directing her to issue these licenses? she asked to courts of appeal for relief from that order, xlug the supreme court and they both declined to do that. her lawyer says, don't hold her in contempt citing cases you can't hold someone in contempt if they're unable to comply. and they're saying she can't comply because this would violate her religious beliefs. a lot of the cases they cite are, for example, people who were cited for contempt and their lawyer said, he can't be
7:09 am
cited for contempt for not producing the records because he doesn't have them. the question is, is she unwilling or unable to comply with the order? that's a legal question the judge is going to have to look at. >> and then there's the whole issue of what the supreme court ruling means. >> reporter: that's right. the governor of kentucky and all but three county clerks in kentucky have said that as a matter of law now, the law of the land is that same-sex couples are entitled to marriage licenses. she actually says she doesn't disagree with that as a legal matter. she's just saying she can't be a party to that and that she shouldn't be required to. and her lawyer says if there's a way to reasonably accommodate her religious beliefs, she should be allowed to keep her job. the question is, what would a reasonable accommodation here be? one question for her is, if it requires the state legislature to change the law, is that a reasonable accommodation? the president of the state senate seems to say the answer is yes.
7:10 am
>> pete williams, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. to the migrant crisis threatening to overwhelm parts of europe and a single image that's focusing the world's attention on just how bad the situation has become. i want to warn you, it is disturbing. i can't get it out of my mind since i saw it yesterday. it's an image of a 3-year-old boy, he drowned along with his mother and apparently his 5-year-old brother when their boat overturned in the mediterranean sea during their flight from syria. here's the image of the little boy being carried away by a turkish police officer. it's now become a symbol of the dangerous and tragic migration crisis. this morning, the image appeared on the front pages of newspapers in brussels, tel aviv, south america, central america. and this morning, new video that shows more stark images of the crisis. take a look at this.
7:11 am
a father, a mother and their baby on the ground, dealing with hungaryi police. what's going on right now? hungaridre >> reporter: jose, that particular family was traveling with hundreds of other migrants or asylum seekers, maybe we should call them, who boarded three trains here at budapest train station this morning after the police finally allowed them in after a two-day standoff. they really wanted to travel on trains going directly to austria or germany. but those trains were canceled so hundreds of refugees or asylum seekers boarded the first trains that went all the way the border, to the hungarian towns
7:12 am
close to the austrian borders. but 30 miles into the journey, that train stopped and the police ordered them out and wanted to take them to a refugee camp. some of the refugees sealed themselves inside the trains and some of them, as in the case of that particular family, tried to resist them being dragged all the way to the refugee camp by the police. now once they get to the refugee camp, they know they can apply for asylum there. but that's a process that may take at minimum of six months but as long as 18 months in conditions that we have been described as fairly poor and basic, jose. >> thank you very much. let me just -- do we have any sound on this incident that occurred? this is a family that left syria probably.
7:13 am
and they had to go sell probably everything they owned and go through the most treacherous conditions that you could ever imagine. trying to reach a new life. there's going on in budapest. it's going on in greece. it's going on in italy and people are dealing with this in germany and sweden, throughout europe. and they don't really know how to handle this. and it's not going to stop. i want to update you on a developing situation in north carolina where one marine has been killed and 11 more hurt after a helicopter made a hard landing at camp lejeune. the chopper came down hard during a training exercise last night. let me bring in pentagon producer courtney cuby with the latest. what have we learned? >> reporter: good morning.
7:14 am
we know of the 11 marines who were injured in this hard landing last night, this sea stallion hard landing, nine of them have been released from the hospital. the two remaining in the hospital are both reportedly in stable condition. one marine, as you said, was killed in this accident, this hard landing. we don't know much about this training mission that they were on other than they were actually in the landing zone. they were coming in at the landing zone on base when the hard landing occurred. so one marine official i spoke to said they had immediate medical attention on scene, as soon as the hard landing occurred. so far, there's no reports of any kind of weather-related incidents. but the investigation is ongoing. >> thank you very much for that update. we'll keep watching this situation as it unfolds. 11 injured. one person lost their lives. we'll be right back with a whole lot more of "the rundown" on this very busy thursday of news breaking throughout the united
7:15 am
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7:18 am
breaking news right now, the "associated press" is reporting that a judge has dropped tom brady's four-game suspension reportedly nullifying the entire deflategate suspension. so brady will play in the first season opening game of his team, apparently this is what the "associated press" is reporting. deflategate right now deflated. much more on many breaking news ahead. also, an interview you do not want to miss, fresh off the latest e-mail dump, one of hillary clinton's top campaign advisers, brian fallon, joins me live on "the rundown." that's next right here. stay with me.
7:19 am
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7:22 am
breaking news right now, the a.p. is reporting a judge has dropped tom brady's four-game suspension, reportedly nullifying the deflategate suspension. let's go to steve kornacki who's on the phone. what does this mean? >> reporter: it means that tom brady is a free man. the first game of the season is going to be a nationally televised game featuring the patriots, the defending super bowl champions, against the pittsburgh steelers. and tom brady is going to be suiting up and starting in that game for the patriots. >> there was also fines involved. the team had to be giving up money. does this affect any of that? or it's just about brady? >> reporter: this is just about brady. this was an appeal filed specifically by brady. the other penalties that were handed out earlier this year, they were accepted by the franchise, by the owner of the patriots, bob kraft. he accepted a hefty fine.
7:23 am
he later said when the four-game suspension came down that he regretted agreeing to that. but those are franchise penalties, that's been adjudicated. the owner agreed to those months ago. this is an appeal by tom brady. the judge here obviously had said that he wanted the two sides -- he wanted the nfl and brady's camp to reach some kind of a compromise on the original four-game suspension. there were some discussions and wrangling over the last few weeks. but they weren't able to reach a compromise. and when you listen to what the judge has been saying and how this has been playing out, the judge basically said to the nfl, you didn't prove it. there's all sorts of suspicion. there's all sorts of reasons to suspect that tom brady had some involvement or some knowledge in a deflation scheme with the footballs but you didn't prove it. there's no smoking gun here. and that was always the position that tom brady and his camp took. there have been moments in the last nine months when tom brady
7:24 am
looked -- the court of public opinion, looked pretty guilty. but he always adamantly said he didn't do anything. >> and that judge also had to rule because brady and goodell couldn't get any kind of agreement together in mediation. >> reporter: right. it also looked like the nfl was in a position -- goodell didn't want to give -- two factors here jump out. you remember last year during the whole ray rice domestic violence question, roger goodell took a lot of heat for not coming down hard on rice at all. so this was a case where goodell wanted to look strong, wanted to look tough. also you had the issue here of most of the other owners, maybe all of the other owners in the nfl -- these are the owners who roger goodell serves at the pleasure of. they very much wanted him to
7:25 am
come down hard here on brady and on the patriots. there's always been plenty of suspicion that goodell was too cozy with bob kraft, the patriots' owner, that he valued them as such a valuable franchise, he was reluctant to go hard on them. from the nfl's standpoint, i think they felt backing off too much here, agreeing to radically reduce suspension, they wouldn't look tough. so they chose to roll their dice with the judge here. again, from brady's standpoint, i think they just felt, look, if there's no actual smoking gun and we just stick to the story that he knew nothing, he did nothing, this is all about nothing, they can't actually prove it, the judge will ultimately side with us. that's what the brady camp believed and that's what happened. >> is this over now because you were saying that kraft said he kind of regretted paying for that. i remember that press conference. we actually held that right here on "the rundown" when it happened. kraft said, i shouldn't have done that. i made a mistake and learned from my mistakes. now this happens with
7:26 am
specifically brady. is deflategate over? >> reporter: i think it is. i suspect it is. if for no other reason than the calendar. the off-season is basically over now for the nfl. they've played their preseason games. we're about a week away from the opening game, the opening game is a primetime nationally televised game featuring the patriots, that's the traditional slot for a defending super bowl champion. they open the next season on national television hosting a game in foxborough. a cynic would say the nfl likes the fact that the off-season has been dominated by this coverage because it kept the league in the news, kept the controversy in the news, kept the fans riled up. but the nfl wants the nfl's season to be what everybody is talking about from here on in. they don't want this hanging over their season. they want these games to start. i think they'll probably move on here. obviously brady excited to move on. and patriots fans very excited,
7:27 am
too, because it was unclear exactly how the patriots were going to survive for those four games out tom brady. they had a very untested young quarterback, a second-year quarterback who was going to step in for those four games and there was a possibility there -- they lose a couple they shouldn't lose. but brady will be there for the entire season. >> steve, thanks so much for being with me. i want to bring in craig melvin. what perfect timing. just days before the beginning of the season. >> reporter: yeah. if you are a patriots fan, jose, this is certainly welcome news. that's probably a gross understatement. here's the other part of this story. keep in mind, at this point the league has not announced -- at least i've not heard -- that it plans to appeal just yet. roger goodell is a guy who pursued this case with such
7:28 am
passion for such an extended period of time. and a lot of the folks in the league -- a lot of the folks we've talked to basically said this wasn't that big of a deal. and here you have the nfl commissioner going after one of the faces of the league in somewhat of a public way and to be handed a loss in federal court like this is definitely a black eye for roger goodell. it remains to be seen whether this is something the league continues to pursue or whether the nfl decides, enough's enough. the courts have spoken, let's get on with some football. >> and we were talking about this with steve. the fact is that goodell couldn't get to an agreement with brady there at the courthouse and they were there forever. is there a possibility of some nfl reaction or appeal when we have so few days left before the
7:29 am
start of the season? >> reporter: you wouldn't think so. but at the same time, you probably would have said they wouldn't have been able to reach some sort an agreement before all this -- but you're right. thursday night is the season opener. so you wouldn't think so, but i don't know, jose. stranger things have happened. it was interesting once you started to hear -- there's a survey that came out a few days ago. they polled coaches and players in the nfl. somewhere between 70% and 80% of the folks polled in this particular survey -- i can't remember the name of the survey off the top of my head -- but they said this was not a big deal, that this was something that went on on a regular basis, the underinflating of footballs, something that went on on a regular basis in the sport itself. now, the league did say -- and goodell had intimated that the cover-up perhaps was bigger than the crime itself, the perceived
7:30 am
cover-up, the fact that there was this talk of brady and his phone and the records and the destruction of the phone and all that stuff. but it's the whole thing. it really did start to feel like after a while that this was -- it was just a whole heck of a lot of silliness. >> perfect way to wrap up this conversation, craig. great seeing you, thank you very much for being with me. much more on this plus top clinton adviser brian fallon will be with me after the break. ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better.
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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today. following developments this morning surrounding the clinton campaign and the e-mail controversy that's been overshadowing it for weeks now. msnbc has now confirmed that former aide brian pagliano, who helped clinton set up her e-mail server, will plead the fifth.
7:34 am
what's going on here? brian fallon is national press secretary for the clinton campaign. thanks for being with me. >> thanks, jose. >> we know the campaign just released a statement saying you encouraged pagliano to testify but he's planning to plead the fifth. are you concerned when the public hears that, they're going to assume things that maybe they shouldn't be? >> let's take a step back for a second. this is an investigation that late last year hillary clinton said she was willing to come in and testify on capitol hill at a public hearing. the committee republicans that are handling this investigation dragged their feet. we finally got a hearing date scheduled in october, months after she initially requested to come up and testify because she wants to be transparent and answer any questions about benghazi which was the original scope of this investigation but also her e-mail use she's said is fair game. she's willing to answer any questions about that. she's agreed to testify. many of her top aides are testifying before the committee, two of her top aides this week, one today for several hours of
7:35 am
testimony, tomorrow, jake sullivan, another top aide, will testify. i expect in the coming weeks, even more of hillary clinton's aides will be happy to answer questions from the committee. that's because in every instance she's encouraged everyone to cooperate. we have bent over backwards making a show of good faith to this republican-led committee that we want to answer any question. and that was true in terms of us urging cooperation with brian as well. he obviously is represented by his own attorney and he has to make his own decisions. but it's important to keep in mind this is a young man who i think was in his mid-20s when he set up this server and he's an i.t. professional, a wonderful human being, according to everybody that knows him. i think his lawyer is understandably not wanting him to get caught up in a partisan swirl where he'll be used as a pawn in a political -- what has increasingly turned into a political exercise on capitol hill. >> and he also, by the way, has the legal, the constitutional right to plead the fifth if that's what he so wishes. >> that's true. >> but putting that aside, the
7:36 am
fact is that when you say the truth, it doesn't matter what political people will use to their own advantage or to criticize you. when you say the truth, if you have nothing but the truth on your side, i don't think that should be an issue. i don't think the issue of, well, because if he says something, it's going to be turned into a political circus. guess what? it already is part of the political dialogue. why not just say the truth, especially when you say that from hillary clinton down the line, everybody's saying, just say what you know, why not say the truth? >> all i can say is we encouraged him to testify. we agree there's absolutely nothing that went on that was wrong here. he didn't do anything wrong. but it's ultimately his decision. all we can do is answer every question before both the committee and in interviews and media availabilities where hillary clinton is appearing on the campaign trail. she's answered questions. last week you heard her in very clear terms take responsibility
7:37 am
for this decision saying it wasn't the best one and if she had to do it over again, she would. but increasingly you're seeing a partisan piling-on on capitol hill. you had three different committees, not just the house benghazi committee. the senate jewish committee, the senate homeland committee, all chaired by republicans trying to jump into the fray here. they're all trying to get a piece of this action. and it goes to show this is increasingly turning into a partisan exercise to the public that has asked questions and is misunderstanding what's going on here, we want to answer every question. but i think brian's lawyer in this case was judging that he wouldn't get a fair shake from the committee republicans. that said, every aide to date hillary clinton has urged to cooperate and she will continue to do that. >> are you confident that she's answered the question of the fact that she set up that one independent server that she kept in her home to not have two different devices when she was secretary of state and then it looks like she was using the
7:38 am
ipad as well as her blackberry. are you confident she's answered very clearly all the questions that for political or not political reasons a lot of people are asking? >> i think the public clearly wants her to address it but then move on to the issues that matter. she had a second device that was much later after she decided to use her personal e-mail in 2009. it was a choice made out of convenience but in retrospect, she said she would do it differently. the public respects that and believe she's answering those questions now. she'll continue to do interviews and answer those questions. but ultimately, at the end of the day, i think they want to move on to the issues that matter. yesterday we put out a five-point plan on opioid addiction ravaging states like iowa and new hampshire. it's an issue that's really affecting states like iowa and
7:39 am
new hampshire. the fact that we put out a five-point detailed plan on an issue like that, i don't think you're hearing other candidates talk about that issue. but she's hearing what matters to families and we'll continue to talk about issues like that. >> and that's a big issue. i'm glad you bring it up. it's an issue we've been talking about on the broadcast. that's a huge issue. before i let you go, she has been taking a hit on her favorability. how do you deal with with that? this cannot be good news for anybody that's in the clinton campaign? >> i think that in terms of the fundamentals in all these polls, she continues to be in the best standing of any candidate in the race. >> that's not what i asked, brian. i'm talking about the favorabilities. >> if you look at her favorability, it compares better than any of the top known republicans. and she hovers around 80% favorability with democrats.
7:40 am
if you actually look at the des moines register poll that caout this weekend, it showed that democrats don't think this issue is important. there isn't another candidate in the race that wouldn't trade places with hillary clinton. >> brian, thank you for being with me. i'm very much looking forward to speaking with mrs. clinton on telemundo and here on msnbc. i thank you for your time. >> great to be on "the rundown." back now to breaking news on the deflategate scandal, a judge had dropped tom brady's four-game suspension, reportedly nullifying the nfl's suspension of the new england patriots star quarterback. this is just one week before the football season begins. i want to bring in rob -- similar, right? >> similkeer. >> you're the host of "sports matters" on and also josh barrow of "the new york
7:41 am
times." thank you for being with me. rob, how big of a deal is this? is it over? is there going to be some kind of appeal by the nfl? >> it's a big deal, it's another defeat for the nfl in a court of law. roger goodell has not fared well over the last few years when players have appealed his suspensions, appealed his discipline to court. he's got quite a bad record, a record that would not stand very well if it were an nfl team's record. i think it is probably not quite over. i think you're likely to see the nfl given the way this entire thing has been handled and prosecuted, if you will, by the nfl. i think it's pretty likely that they're going to try to appeal this ruling. we don't know some details of the ruling yet, whether this is a rulings that effective immediately, whether the nfl is going to ask for a stay of the ruling which could keep the
7:42 am
suspension in effect. there are still some things we don't know. but i think it's quite likely at this point we'll see tom brady on the field for opening night a week from tonight. >> that would be something that looks probable now. but the fact is, you never know how the nfl is going to react, they're taking this very seriously. what does this mean for other players, josh? >> well, if tom brady is back, that means a more formidable new england patriots and worse for players on other teams. but i think it's interesting what rob said. it's reminiscent of what happened with ray rice. an investigation that was said not to be long enough. there's been a disconnect between what the public is demanding from the nfl in terms of accountability and in terms of dealing with problems of trust and ill doing within its own house and what contracts say the nfl has to do by its players. it's an ongoing issue but something that has to be dealt
7:43 am
with in future union negotiations if the nfl wants more flexibility to punish people who it thinks is breaking the rules and damaging the nfl's brand. >> and the fact is that the nfl really kind of went after this -- just recently we were talking about how 60% to 70% of people in polls have said that really what brady may or may not have in some way been a part of is not a big deal and it's been going on for a while. is it just that people are used to shady things happening in sports or is this really an important story? jim? josh, are you with me? >> i think it's unclear. i don't think we're seeing it showing up in the ratings yet. but the nfl has to be concerned over the long term although these issues pale in comparison to the concussion issue. you have a ball deflation scandal and you can stop people
7:44 am
from doing that, have better custody procedures around the ball so it's not the home team deciding what the nature of the balls is going to be. but the concussions are going to be the big thing over coming decades where more science will come out. there will likely be an increasing consensus around the fact that football as it is played today is very bad for your brain and that ultimately is going to be challenging for football at all levels but officially in the nfl where the players are so large and these risks are clearly so high. so ultimately finding a solution to that from the medical side is going to be a key to that to the nfl's -- >> can i jump in, jose? i think the key here is what this does to the authority of the commissioner. for all these issues we talk abo about, whether it's an serious things like domestic violence or less serious things like the tampering of footballs, the commissioner needs to have the authority if they want to direct this league to impose discipline. this is another challenge,
7:45 am
another hit on roger goodell's ability and authority to impose discipline on players. the ray rice situation was one. this is another. i think in the next collective bargaining agreement, the commissioner is going to have to figure out a way to increase that authority. he should no longer be the arbitrator who rules on his own rulin rulings, which was the case here. he was the arbitrator who upheld his own ruling. it needs to go into a court of law. >> josh, what rob is saying and reiterating is goodell hasn't had a good run on this issue. how can you be the mediator and the boss of the decision-making process at the same time? >> he's had a bad run. as it appears this court has ruled, although we haven't seen the full ruling yet, him actually not having the power under the rules in the nfl's contracts to do the things that he has felt necessary to do in order to protect the league's brand.
7:46 am
so i think, yes, there's too much of that concentrated on him but he -- in a way, he's both too strong and too weak here. he didn't have the power to mete out what he needs to mete out. >> thank you both for being with me. appreciate your time. we'll be right back with a whole lot more of "the rundown." let's discuss medical supplies i'm kind of happy with my guys. i think you'll love our newest line the stuff my vendor sells works fine. and my budget's small, just so you know. ♪ should i stay or should i go when you choose to go for business, go to the new it makes finding the right room faster and easier than ever. and right now stay two times and earn a free night book now at ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. add new business services with at&t and get up to $500 in total savings. developing now, the investigation is expanding in the search for three men suspected of killing a police officer in northern illinois. but officials say they lost critical time in the search last night. police say a woman lied to them about two suspicious men trying to get into her car and then running into a cornfield prompting a massive police response. she's been charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and falsifying a police report. she said she did it to get
7:50 am
attention from a family who employs her as a nanny. there was a vigil for officer gliniewicz's family. >> he was the most wonderful and loving father to our children. he will truly be missed by all of us. thank you, everybody. >> joining me now is former assistant director for the fbi, sean henry. that's for being with me. we're entering day three in the search. where do authorities go from here? >> we've got a very, very different investigation today than we did just two days ago, jose. when this originally happened, the officers responding were there within just a couple of minutes of the original call that officer gliniewicz is chasing three individuals. at that point, we're really in hot pursuit. the officers are looking for three suspicious men, they cordon off the area and high intensity flooding resources into that area. now three days later, these
7:51 am
people have kind of melted into society. we don't know what they look like. we don't know who they are. at this point apparently. and the officers are now beating the bushes. this has turned into a traditional unsolved crime investigation that police officers around this country work every single day. they're looking at informants that they have, looking for information from the community. if these three guys are out there, they may have been talking to somebody, somebody else may be aware of what happened out there. and officers knocking on the doors, talking to informants are looking for any little lead to help identify who these three murderers are. >> and how important is it for the community to give information because a lot of times people say, i don't really know anything but i did kind of see -- in other words, how important is a little tiny thing that you may think is not important for what could be the solution of this horrible crime? >> that's a great point, jose. there's two places officers are going to get evidence from. one is going to be from the
7:52 am
crime scene, if they're able to collect evidence, dna evidence, some discarded paper, piece of trash, something that might identify who these people are, maybe some of the video cameras in the area. we've heard talk about that, going business to business. but at this point, really i think one of the biggest pieces of evidence for officers is going to be the community. these people know somebody. they're somebody's son, somebody's neighbor, somebody's co-worker. they're out there. somebody may have seen something. they may have heard something. this is about the community coming forward and you're absolutely right, something that might seem very small to officers is going to be very big in the course of this investigation. i think it's going to take that, somebody coming forward that's ultimately going to break this case open. >> shawn henry, thank you for your time. >> thanks, jose. we'll be right back with more on the breaking news we've been following for you this morning a little bit ago. deflategate, apparently a solution, but is it a final?
7:53 am
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updating you on the breaking news we've been covering, a big victory for tom brady. a judge dropped brady's four-game suspension. the reaction on the patriots' twitter page says it all for fans -- with this photo, not a sketch, a photo, check it out. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. see you tomorrow. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." we begin with breaking news. right now in kentucky, the kentucky county clerk who continues to defy a judge's order by refusing to issue marriage licenses is in federal court. kim davis cites her religious objections to same-sex marriage. she could face jail time or
8:00 am
fines if u.s. judge david bunning decides to hold her in contempt of court. a growing number of the state's republican lawmakers and gop presidential republican candidates are coming to her defense, including former governor mike huckabee who had this to say. >> when you say it's the law of the land, can you quote the statute passed by the people's elected representatives? no. the only law she's following is the kentucky law which by constitutional amendment defines marriage between a man and a woman. the specific form she is required to fill out for a marriage license specifically requires male and female. if the kentucky legislature decides that they agree with the supreme court and they change the laws of kentucky, that's a whole different thing. but we're bordering on jewish tyranny here. >> joining me now, msnbc contributor seema iyer, former prosecutor as well.


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