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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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how is that going to effect clinton's campaign? >> when you plead the fifth, as far as the political world is concerned, then you're already admitting to some potential wrong doing. regardless of the legal part of this. and this is what makes this investigation so potentially damaging to hillary clinton. >> we'll talk about that and more with senator amy, a clinton supporter. defying the supreme court. right now the kentucky clerk who opposes granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples is hauled in front of a federal judge. at least one republican candidate applauds her for challenging the law. >> the supreme court is not the supreme branch. it's the supreme court. and it certainly is not the supreme being. it is the interpretation of five unelected lawyers on the court. >> but those lawyers are supreme court justices. >> most certainly are. >> do i decide what laws i want to follow and what laws i don't want to follow?
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and touchdown, tom brady wins a big one. this time off the field. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington on a day when we have political news on all fronts. hillary clinton's state department chief of staff answering questions before the benghazi committee today. the former aide who set up the server said he will take the fill fifth. and donald trump possibly signing the republican party loyalty oath after attacking jeb bush for speaking spanish. presidential candidate lindsey graham joins me now exclusively. senator, welcome, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> first of all -- >> i'll speak english. >> speak english or spanish, whatever. >> i can only speak english.
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>> what do you think of donald trump, this priebus republican national committee petine meeti today. do you think he will sign the loyalty oath not to run as an independent? >> well, i hope he will. you know, the fact that we're having to sign an oath is not a good thing. if you're running as a republican, it should be assumed, if you lose you're going to support the republican nominee. if he signs the pledge that will be a great thing. you know, he raised his hand and said he's not sure that he wouldn't run as an independent. now if he's changed his mind an he will adhere to the pledge, that would be a good thing for the party. >> has he done damage to the republican party with some of the positions he's taken, most recently attacking jeb bush for speaking spanish with spanish-speaking constituents? >> i think most people are just put it on trump. the one thing i worry about is that people kind of outtrump trump talking about building a wall with canada is probably not
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very helpful. at the end of the day i don't see it spreading to the rest of the party. we've got problems already with hispanic community. i think jeb and myself and others are taking pretty reasonable positions on immigration. so far no damage done. the longest it goes the more likely it could happen. >> as it turned out, in fact, mitt romney did very poorly with hispanic-americans after the self deportation remark in one of the earlier debates. >> yeah. >> and the autopsy, the republican committee, the republican national committee's own autopsy after the defeat last time around was that they had to do something about reaching out to latinos and other minority groups. >> you know, all i would say, andrea, is that what we had in mind is not what mr. trump is doing. at the end of the day, to correct self deportation, you don't go to forced deportation. so the trump approach i think is an outlier in the republican
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party. deporting american citizens' children of illegal immigrants is unconstitutional. it's not right. and don't judge us all by mr. trump's policy choices. on the foreign policy front, his approach to destroying isil by taking iran and syrian oil for our benefit would turn the whole mideast against us and help isil. i don't think his policy choices will be embrace and i hope the republican will think about a nominee who can be commander in chief on day one and lead us to a solution on immigration. >> trump of course has not been shy ability attaout attacking y. i want to refresh your memory in case you've forgotten some of his lines. let's watch. >> has anyone ever heard of lindsey graham? this guy, i mean, he is -- he's out of control. i think it was in south
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carolina, we're way up, and lindsey graham is at 4 and he's a senator. i'm at 30. i wrote him a note, congratulations, i'm only beating you in your home state by 26 points. i see your senator. what a stiff. what a stiff. lindsey graham. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] i don't know. maybe it's -- you know, it's three or four years ago. maybe it's an old number. >> i presumably changed your number. i think you've changed your cell number since then. what has he got against you? >> oh, nothing. i mean, it was my number, by the way. i won't give him the new one. but you know, this is politics. here's my problem with mr. trump. he's been very successful. hats off to all his success. and he's helped people along the way. i just think he's ready to be commander in chief of a great nation and a military that needs somebody who understands how the
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world works. mr. trump's policy solutions on immigration are unsound, they're unworkable. his foreign policy views are dangerously naive. we're not going to destroy isil. we're going to embolden isil if we follow his lead. in south carolina, new hampshire, iowa, throughout the country, we're going to get more serious as republicans and trying to find somebody that can win the nomination, become president of the united states, and prepare to defend a nation that's very much at risk. president obama's foreign policy is in free for all. we need somebody who understands how to destroy isil effectively. so i think over time, i will do well. >> senator, i want to ask you about developments on the hillary clinton front today on the e-mail front because the aide, the former aide who set up that private server has, through his lawyer, told the benghazi investigating committee he would take the fifth amendment. sharon mills has a paerd before
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the committee today in private and answered questions. what does all of this mean in terms of the clinton campaign? >> well, i think it means that it's going to be a longer story. every day we're going to tuck about some facet of the e-mail. but the real big picture for me is that it's all related back to benghazi. at the end of the day she was secretary of state. it was her job to make sure the consulate in benghazi was secure or it should have been closed. the british left benghazi. the red cross closed their office. five requests for additional security denied by her headquarters during the attack, nobody could really help these folks. after the attack, they told a story about a protest and a video that had nothing to do with the attack. i think that ask more damning than the e-mails but the e-mails is a trust issue. her store i hay about how the e were set up and what happened and didn't happen are not holding water and the people involved are having to take the
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fifth amendment. any time somebody working for you has to take the fifth amendment based on something you did is probably not good for you as a politician. >> i want to ask you about kentucky where right now kim davis, the county clerk is in court. mike huckabee, one of your competitors, said on "morning joe" today to joe scarborough that she has every right to do that because what the supreme court ruled isn't really the law. that there's no statute involved in approving gay marriages. the way i read the constitution and the way joe scarborough certainly did, until you are elected or someone else is elected and the supreme court changes its mind, that's the law of the land, is it not? >> marberry versus madison said it's the job of the supreme court, the judiciary, to interpret the constitution. the supreme court has ruled 5-1 that same-sex marriage bans imposed by states violate the 14th amendment of the constitution. it is the law of the land until the supreme court changes their
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decision or there's a constitutional amendment overriding that decision. this clerk, i understand her concerns. i believe in traditional marriage. but she's a public official. we can't, on the republican side, do what obama has been doing, pick and choose the laws we like, so in my view she will be required by the federal courts to issue marriage license because that is what's required democracy. this supreme court case is binding on her actions as a public official in kentucky. i sympathize with her religious beliefs but she's a public official and those of us in public life have to administer the law to every american as the law is written. >> lindsey graham, former j.a.g. officer, by the way, and an officer of the court. thank you very much. >> retired now. >> retired. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us. and turning back to the latest developments in the clinton e-mail controversy,
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minnesota amy klobuchar is with me right now. you're a hillary clinton supporter and have been for a while. senator, thank you very much. >> thank you, andrea. >> i want to ask you about the fact that brian, the former staffer at both the campaign of '08 and then in the state department until his job was taken over in terms of the private server by a professional organization and company in colorado, but he said through his attorney that he is not going to testify to the benghazi committee, that he's going to take the fifth. i've checked with the attorney and that is the case. we've read the letter. so how does that affect her even though that's his legal right? let's stipulate that. this doesn't look good for the campaign. >> well, i think the campaign has already said that they are disappointed in this decision, but as you noted, andrea, it is his legal right. i think what is most significant is that her top aide, sheryl
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mills is testifying today. the secretary herself has agreed to a public hearing in front of the house of representatives to answer all these questions. and she has already released over 55,000 e-mails or pages of e-mail. and to me that she has coming forward and being willing to talk about this but i hope we don't miss some of the long-term issues here. i just yesterday she put out a very important plan on prescription drug abuse about the fact that we have four out of five heroin users today in this country. got their start on prescription drugs and no one is talking about it. so while i think this has to be taken seriously she has said that both on the democratic and republican side, i hope we can get beyond some of these disputes, get them answered, and then go on to the real issues debated in this country, which is the economy, which is how people can get ahead, which is some of these issues lost in what the carly fiorina shows the bright shiny objects of the day.
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>> isn't that a part of the problem, that a lot of your fellow democrats tell me they're very nervous about. that for whatever reason, now that the fbi is involved and now the e-mails will trickle out between now and january by court order, so this is going to happen once a month and be poured over by everyone, that the fbi, unless they close this down quickly and completely exonerates everyone, this is a shadow hanging over her campaign. she can't get her policy prescriptions out. when she gave a big speech on cuba and miami and i was down there ready to do and the e-mails came out and she released her tax returns and health report all in the same afternoon. they're stepping on the wrong message. >> well, this is happening. there's nothing you can do. it is happening. the fbi is looking at it. that's complying and working with them on it. it's going to, as you said, be an issue. but i do think that we cannot overlook some of the major issues between the parties here. we have a candidate on one side,
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as senator graham was talking about who is talking about deporting kids that were born in this country. and that would be donald trump. we have major differences on the economy and how we have to move forward. you just brought up cuba. we have major differences on that. i think this is an issue that must be taken seriously. their campaign is taking it seriously. the minnesotans that i know and i'm at the state fair, i've been the last few day, they want to talk about the economy, they want to talk about how they're going to send their kids to college and thees ask lating cost of college. i promise, andrea, those are the issues they've raised to me and that does not mean that at the same time you can't answer these questions and take it seriously. >> that also, though, this is what is encouraging, joe biden according to all of my reporting, to take a very hard look at this, and then he met with elizabeth warren, one of your other colleagues. this is what elizabeth warren had to say when asked about that meeting, whether they discussed 2016, by "the boston globe." >> we talked about policy. we talked about what's happening to america's middle class.
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we talked about the direction that this country has been going. >> was there any talk with the vice president of a joint ticket, even jokingly? >> it was -- it was a long conversation. >> okay. >> what about joe biden? >> well, i love joe biden. he has come to minnesota before. i think he's going to be making his own decision in his own way. and, you know, that's what's going to happen. i don't think there's much more we can say about it. and elizabeth has met with other candidates as well. she obviously is a very strong person in her own right. and i think while it's good to be always looking at what might happen, what's important is to look at what is happening right now. you have one candidate on the republican side that's talking about building a wall to canada. you have really what isulting tk
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and forth on their side that you don't have on our side. both secretary clinton and senator sanders have not been attacking each other in this way. we are much more focused on the message and the economy and what we need to do going forward. i'm just looking forward to that moment when we have a general election debate so the american people can focus on that, too. >> well, which points out exactly what you've written about in your memoir, "the senator next door" that we need normal people run for office, not -- well, i won't comment on some of the candidates this year. but why did you write the memoir? why are you stressing your backgrou background? you talk about somewhat painful histories in your child had and what happened after your daughter was born which i'm pelled you about health care and health care rights. tell me about your motivation. >> my story from going at the carhop, to the u.s. senate, i
9:16 am
told it because i want to see that you don't have to be given everything if you want to run for office. you can get there, start small and get where you want to go. the second thing i wanted to make and i was listening to lindsay, i have his new phone number, andrea, and i'm never giving it out. ifd worked with lindsay. i've gone to asia with him and john mccain and stood in front of that cell where john mccain was held as a p.o.w., where he made that decision to let others be released before him. those are moments of patriotism. we have to remember, that's why i called it "the senator next door." we're going to represent our neighbors. 1250i78s y sometimes you have neighbors you don't like but you have to find a way to get along. when you have examples, when we have past legislation and worked across the aisle and had joy and fun in doing it. there are a lot of funny stories as well. at a time when things are pretty vitriolic i want to remind him the reason we have democracy and oftentimes it does work.
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>> senator amy klobuchar, thank you very much. thanks for writing the book. >> thanks for having me on. we have a big announcement. tomorrow on "andrea mitchell reports," hillary clinton, exclusively one-on-one. i'll sit down with her tomorrow to discuss the campaign, the e-mail controversy, potential joe biden challenge, and more. all this on the 20th anniversary of hillary clinton's historic speech on womens rights. her first major speech on foreign policy in beijing. >> there is one message that echos forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights once and for all. and among those rights are the rights to speak freely and the right to be heard. >> so join me tomorrow. i'll be sitting down tomorrow
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morning with hillary clinton exclusively on "andrea mitchell reports" then and on msnbc and then on "nbc nightly news with lester holt." coming up, the big win for tom brady and the patriots. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap.
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legal victory for tom brady and deflategate defeat for roger goodell that could signal big changes for the popular league's discipline policy. craig? >> just moment ace go word that the nfl is going to be appealing the decision, we heard from the judge a couple hours ago, of course, overturning the four-game suspension. just moments ago roger goodell issuing a statement i'm going to read it to you in part. we are grateful to judge berman
9:22 am
for hearing this matter but respectfully disagree. we will appeal today's ruling in order to uphold a collectively bargain responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. again, that coming from roger goodell a short time ago. at this point it is unclear what this appeal will mean. everyone we've talked to believes tom brady will be under center for the first game of the season against the pittsburgh steelers. i spent some time thumbing through the 40-page decision, andrea. and it's interesting to read some of what judge berman thought of the matter. among the items that goodell was not an impartial arbitrator. he pointed to public support. public support for the so-caldwells report that goodell had expressed, support before he heard the appeal from brady. he also pointed out that the league did not give tom brady a sufficient access to evidence as well. and also, and this is something
9:23 am
that i found particularly interesting, brady didn't know that he could be suspended for deflating footballs. we should note here that at no point in that 40-page decision did the judge say he didn't cheat, he didn't deflate those footballs. he appears to essentially said that reasonaboger goodell did n the authority to suspend him for four games under the cba, the collective bargaining agreement. again, word now is that the league is going to appeal, so it appears that our long national nightmare will go on, andrea mitchell. >> well, for those of you who follow this as closely as you do, the nfl rules are really confusing. but clearly this is a bigger issue since it's the case of their authority over all of this discipline. thank you so much. to be continued indeed. and speaking of court cases, a kentucky clerk who opposes granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples is in federal court at this hour.
9:24 am
rowan county clerk kim davis does not believe in gay marriage. davis has been ordered to perform her duties as an elected official despite her personal religious beliefs and is now being sued by multiple couples. her lawyers say she is unable to comply because it violates her conscious. justice correspondent pete williams joins me now. legally she's an elected official so she would have to be impeached. could she be held in contempt of court? >> she could be held in contempt but the only way to remove her from office is impeachment. there's no recall provision for county officials in kentucky but the impeachment would be by the legislature and that's unlikely in the state where the supreme court's ruling was not all that popular. in fact, she has the support of the president of the state senate who filed amicus friend of court breach last night. the state senate said give us chance, give the legislature a
9:25 am
chance to change the law. it's very confusing, he said. the objection from the county clerk kim davis is that the form is preprinted and has her name on it. it says kim davis, rowan county clerk. that's what she objects to. she said if somebody else fills it out or it had somebody else's name on it. she doesn't object to filing it. she said one accommodation to her be the legislature changing the law. the lawyer said that would be a reasonable accommodation. one question here is whether it takes the state legislature to act is that a reasonable accommodation for someone's religious views. because she has these deeply held beliefs she cannot comply with the order to issue the licenses. therefore, she shouldn't be held in contempt. but the cases they cite deal with people who, for example, physically don't have somebody the court has ordered them to produce. one question is is she unable to comply where the court order to
9:26 am
issue the licenses or is she unwilling and what's the legal difference? the hearing started at 11:00. there's several motions. one estimate was it might take an hour and a half to two hours. so it's going to be a while before we hear the conclusion and we don't yet know, andrea, whether the judge is going to issue from the bench or issue a written ruling later. one note, whatever he says if he finds her in contempt, she could appeal that, too. >> mike huckabee, one of the republican candidates, tried to make an interesting legal argument. i want to play a little bit of this from "morning joe" for you. >> okay. >> when you say it's the law of the land can you quote the statue passed beity people's elected representatives? no. the only law she's following is the kentucky law which by constitutional amendment defines marriage as a man and a woman. the specific form that she is required to fill out for a marriage license specifically requires male and female. now, if the kentucky legislature decides that they agree with the supreme court and they change the laws of kentucky, that's a
9:27 am
whole different thing. but we're bordering on judicial tyranny. >> and he cited jeef justice roberts' descent in the decision. >> certainly so. and he is technically wrong about one thing. he says that the form that clerks deal with calls for man and woman. in fact, the kentucky form has been changed. it used to say bride and groom on it for the people applying for a marriage license. now it says first party and second party. >> pete williams, thank you so much. >> okay. and up next, flash point chaos at that train station in hungary as the flood of migrants stretches europe to its limits. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
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♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. a breaking point in europe's mounting migrant crisis. this morning hundreds crush their way into the budapest train station allowed to board
9:31 am
trains for the first time in two days. one train headed for the austrian border was then stopped by hungarian authorities looking to take the pie grants to a detention center. many refused to get off. others began chanting "no camp." a man threw his on to the train track with his wife who is holding their small child. authorities try to pull him away and he is seen desperately there trying to hold on to his wife's shirt only by his teeth. claudio lavanga join mess now from hungary where all of this is playing out. claudio, this is incredibly heartbreaking and also so resident of horrible scenes from 70 years ago and longer. >> yes, i deed, what you can see behind me there's one of those trains stuck here at gysev. this is a standoff lasted for about six hours now. onboard of that train behind me there are hundreds of migrants who are refusing to get off because they know that they will
9:32 am
be taken to a camp, to a refugee camp nearby here, closest refugee camp to budapest where they can apply for asylum. they also know that process to get refugee status will take anything between 6 to 18 months in conditions that we have described only as basic and pretty poor. so they are refusing to get off because they saw also their friends and their families being dragged away here to the camp and all they wanted to go was to go -- all they wanted to do was to go to austria to then continue their journey to germany. they feel cheated because they got on to this train that said it was going to one of the towns near the border and instead when they got here, which is about a 30 miles journey from budapest, they were stopped and they were forced to -- or they were asked and sometimes forced, to get off. now, we see some signs, they pit up some sign there's on the windows that say say freedom, no
9:33 am
camp in particular, and germany. they are also refusing food and water, andrea, while this looks like a standoff that may continue for another few hours. back to you. >> and we've seen these incredible pictures. yesterday the child that the turkish authorities pulled out of the water who had died at sea. i mean, first of all, to those of us over here watching, hungary's prime minister is taking a stance that is directly in conflict with what angela merkel has said, they are welcoming the migrants. so why won't he let them through? >> well, victor is a right wing politician who is known for his tough stance in the past. not in particular on migration, but many here believe that he is playing a bit of a political game to gain consensus. but the feelings here are kind of split. it's the opinion is divided. a lot of people are saying,
9:34 am
well, this is not the way to treat migrants. and we don't all agree with this way of treats migrants. to point that tonight in about an hour, actually, from now in budapest, the citizens just hungarians who are against the way they are being treated, they are organizing a protest that will put up signs not in my name, andrea. >> thank you so much, claudio lavanga on such an important story. and a marine was killed, 11 others injured. the military is calling this a hard landing at camp lejeune, north carolina. it happened about 9:00 last night during a training mission. the marine corps says the accident is under investigation. the name of the marine killed is being withheld pending next of kin notification. and coming up next, as the communive of fox lake, illinois, grieves the hunt continues for the suspects who killed the officer nick named g.i. joe. plus, lost in translation? donald trump criticizes jeb bush for speaking spanish.
9:35 am
don't forget to tune in tomorrow. join me for an exclusive interview for hillary clinton. we'll talk about the e-mail scandal that has become a thorn in the side of her presidential campaign. that's tomorrow at noon, first on "andrea mitchell reports" on on msnbc and then more later on "nbc nightly news" on the anniversary of her historic speech. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition.
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everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait. three men are still on the loose in fox lake, illinois, suspected of fatality shooting a beloved police officer, lieutenant charles joseph glenwits tuesday morning. he was known as g.i. joe. overnight investigators searched a corn field for two suspects after receiving a tip from a local nanny. that turned out to be a hoax and a loss of precious time. this is the community in mourning held a vigil to honor him where his wife spoke along with their four sons. >> joe was my best friend, my world, my hero.
9:39 am
the love of my life for the last 26 1/2 years. he was my rock as much as i was his rock. every night he came home to me. my world got a little bit small her with his passing. he will truly be missed by all of us. >> nbc's kevin tibbles is joining me from fox lake, new york, and joining me from new york. kevin, are there any leads? how do they express what happened last night after this horrible hoax from this woman who said she saw some suspects? >> well, first off, andrea, they have announced they're going to have a news conference in about an hour. but up until this point it's anyone's guess as to who these suspects are. they don't really even have any description as to who they are aside from what came out the very first day when lieutenant
9:40 am
gliniewicz was gunned down. but that's basically all they've got going for them at this time. you know you mentioned what happened last night. dozens of officers spread out throughout the area in the neighborhoods, in corn fields, searching after this tip came in. also as you mentioned the police department is now saying that they wasted valuable time and valuable manpower in following up this tip that turned out to be a hoax and, of course, kristen kiefer, the person that is alleged to have made this hoax call, has now been charged. basically i think that they are still at step one when it comes to this investigation. officers are going in and out of the back door of this police station here in fox lake. they've had briefing sessions here all morning. and now we are waiting to see what they will share with us when they come out of this meeting. we need to find out about the gun, we need to find out was lieutenant gliniewicz killed with his own gun?
9:41 am
what were the circumstances that took place with regards to this police shooting here. at this point in time it really has not advanced since the first day. >> john, it doesn't seem as though they have any hard leads. these guys could have gotten away. >> absolutely, andrea. they could still be in the area but they would have gotten away. no one knows the answer to that question. but so long as investigation still drives in the background there, for example, you've got the investigation that commenced right after the incident happened to include the crime scene investigation, so it takes time for that information to get processed and developed. you also have videotapes that are being reviewed that takes a little time. but so long as this media blitz continues on this, okay, someone out there is going to know something. okay? these three people were most likely in touch with someone. they're either hold up hiding in plain sight out there or they got out of the area. but it's fair to say with three
9:42 am
people out here they were in touch with someone. with the media here, if these people that are in touch with these people and have any tidbit of knowledge, it's imperative that they share it with law enforcement to help get to the bottom of this, even if it's identifying one of these subjects. >> one would certainly hope. john cuff, thank you so much. kevin tibl, we will be watching at 1:30. thank you. coming up next, donald trump slamming jeb bush for speaking spanish on the campaign trail. how does bush respond today? >> so here i am, a candidate for president of the united states, believing that we should campaign with our arms wide open. proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain.
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9:46 am
while in the united states. this morning bush punched back. >> i laughed. i mean, this is a joke. i was in a classroom two days ago, high school where these young beautiful kids all speak english and some speak spanish. one of them asked me a question in spanish. i answered it. that's the kind of america we want. so part of it is you laugh because it's so bizarre but it's hurtful for a lot of people and mr. trump knows this. he's appealing to people's angst and fears rather than their hopes. >> the president and ceo of hispanic chamber of commerce and joins me from dallas. i believe you met with donald trump just a few days ago. i'm curious as to this comment by trump about jeb bush, you met with him. how did you find him on this whole subject? >> well, you know, the donald trump that i met with was quite different from the donald trump we see in the media.
9:47 am
i want to say up front that my conversations with donald should not single any kind of support or endorsement of donald trump as a candidate. >> understood. >> or of his views. but the donald that i met with for an hour and a half was quite different. this donald did not interrupt me. he was not bombastic. he listened more than he talked. he was willing to hear my point of view. we disagreed on a few things. we disagreed on the wall, of course. we disagreed on the mass deportation of millions of people. at one point he asked me about our organization's national convention and he asked if i would consider using a trump property. i said flat out no. and he asked if it was because of the current situation. i said yes. and he said, you know, i completely understand and i respect that. >> well, you can meet with him privately and he can be reasonable and listen to you.
9:48 am
but publicly what he is presenting is the position that jeb bush said is very hurtful to a lot of people, whether hispanic-american or other americans who believe in diversity and who believe that america is very different place than the place described by mr. trump. >> well, the fact is america is a multicultural country. there is great strength in our diversity. there always has been and there always will be. i think jeb bush is dead on. he recognizes the contributions and the cultural nuances and he has respect for different cultures. he's illustrating that the republican party has room yet to go reand to engage people to be a broader and more modern party. i think jeb bush is doing exactly the right thing. he is trying to reach a broader base by illustrating that he not only understands spanish but he understands that the hispanic culture.
9:49 am
he represents, i think, a potential for the republican party to maybe reinvent itself. i know that donald, at least the one i memet with, was as inquise about the culture and the community. so the two are arguing with each other i have to say i agree in this case with jeb bush and i think that's the right thing to do and it's to illustrate that our leaders understand that this is a multicultural country that we live in and they're embracing that. >> but there's a new monmouth poll today show that trump now has 30% of the vote which is pushing up from 23% before. so is this -- are his comments and the way it is affecting the campaign hurtful enough that you think it will hurt the republican party down the road in a general election when trying to attract hispanic-american voters? >> it is hurting the republican party. the reality of it is i think
9:50 am
many republicans find some elements of donald somewhat attractive and they can gravitate to some of his messaging. but then those very same people are staying away because of some of the more hurtful and bombastic comments that donald has made. now, in fairness, according to the conversation he and i had, the media has mischaracterized him. that there is much more to see. so i think that that's part of the reason that we are excited over the fact that donald has agreed to come sit with me october the 8th in washington for a 90-minute q and a session wherein he will be given an opportunity to explain himself a bit more clearly about some of these issues, some of these statements that he's made in the past. so we're looking forward -- >> will that be public? >> yes, it will. the immediaty will attend. >> we will be there. thank you very much. good to meet you. >> thank you, andrea. and up next, a preview of our exclusive interview tomorrow with presidential candidate
9:51 am
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so which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? "the washington post" karen t tumulti join mess now. we have hillary clinton come in to sit down with us and talk about everyone that's going on in the campaign as well as, of course, the fact that this is the anniversary of her first big foreign policy speech 20 years ago as of this weekend. karen, what do you expect, especially given the fact that her aide jake sullivan is going tomorrow, top aide from the state department, her chief of staff from the state department testified today, cheryl mills, and the young man who originally set up the private server has said through his lawyer he will plead the fifth? >> well, i think all this tells us is that, again, the timetable
9:55 am
is at this point not being determined by either the election calendar or hillary clinton's campaign. but i am so excited about your interview because there are so many things that have yet to be explained about this whole e-mail issue. you know, what sort of deliberations went on at the state department? did someone at the state department tell her that was okay to do? who actually sat there and decided which e-mails would be withheld as personal and destroyed and which were sent? these are the kinds of things that, you know, she really hasn't answered and has b had to answer in the kind of bark and forth that she's had in her immediate avails with the press. i think there is potential here for a whole lot of news and good luck. >> good luck, and thank you. and, karen, we will talk to you tomorrow, i hope. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." as we mentioned tomorrow on the show my exclusive interview with hillary clinton on msnbc and then on "nbc nightly news" with
9:56 am
lester holt. all this on the 20th anniversary of her historic speech on women's rights. remember, to low the show online and on twitter @mitchellreports. [ school bell rings ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs.
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10:00 am
talking about the breaking news that tom brady tackled the nfl in federal court. the judge erased the new england's quarterback's suspension. a suspension leveled as punishment by the nfl after the deflategate investigation. that means brady will start in next week's season opener against the steelers. as for roger goodell he's been blitzed just for releasing this statement, quote, we will appeal today's ruling in order to uphold the collectively bargained responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. this comes after a federal judge tore apart the league's case in a 40-page ruling this morning citing legal deficiencies. for instance, the judge ruled the league didn't give brady proper notice about his alleged misconduct and the punishment that he was facing. the league was also hit for denying brady access to both investigators and to the files they had on him. within minutes of the ruling though the paid trots tweeted this image with brady with his fist raised in the air. and now they're not the only ones all at


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