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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 3, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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talking about the breaking news that tom brady tackled the nfl in federal court. the judge erased the new england's quarterback's suspension. a suspension leveled as punishment by the nfl after the deflategate investigation. that means brady will start in next week's season opener against the steelers. as for roger goodell he's been blitzed just for releasing this statement, quote, we will appeal today's ruling in order to uphold the collectively bargained responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. this comes after a federal judge tore apart the league's case in a 40-page ruling this morning citing legal deficiencies. for instance, the judge ruled the league didn't give brady proper notice about his alleged misconduct and the punishment that he was facing. the league was also hit for denying brady access to both investigators and to the files they had on him. within minutes of the ruling though the paid trots tweeted this image with brady with his fist raised in the air. and now they're not the only ones all at twitter about this.
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nearly half a million tweets have come out since this ruling was handed down. and this is blowing up on the internet this afternoon, infamous court sketch repurposed to reflect how brady is feeling today. got a big smile. toothy grin. pats fans are firmly behind this decision. >> this just proves they had no case. unbelievable. what a waste of money for the nfl. the investigation, such a sham. such -- i just don't even understand why the nfl went forward. >> also. joining me right now msnbc's steve kornacki. let's talk about this. what does it mean for the judge to deal this blee to nfl commissioner rou eer roger good basically oversight of its own organization. >> the judge saying how goodell and the nfl handled the hearing with tom brady. they're not passing judgment on did tom brady know about the deflation or not. they're not passing any judgment on those sorts of facts. what they're basically saying
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here is the nfl made allegations against tom brady, had the potential to suspend him for four games and they didn't handle the process fairly. they didn't give him a chance. one thing say said was the hearing in june between brady and the commissioner, the nfl denied brady's legal team access to the general counsel for the nfl. the general counsel for the nfl is the one who edited the wells report, the document the nfl is using for the basis for the four-game suspension. the judge is saying, look, i'm not passing judgment on the facts here but i am saying that as a matter of fairness if you can potentially suspend a player, you need to give that player access to the general counsel who edited the reports. it was an unfair process for tom brady. >> the way it's all rolled out. nbc's craig melvin is joining us now. we have the nfl players association releasing a statement. quote, this decision should prove once and for all that our collective bargaining agreement does not grant the commissioner the authority to be unfair, arbitra
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arbitrary, and misleading. so where will the commissioner be able to punish future players if they didn't use proper oversight this time around? >> that's the larger question here. smith said this before that, i mean, some of this is just a little silly when you start talking about underinflated footballs. but the larger ramifications moving forward, precedent. moving forward, what will this mean for roger goodell and his ability to discipline players? that is you talk to a lot of folks in the nfl, player, coaches, owners. that's the larger issue. that is why this has been dragged out the way that it has been dragged out. just to speak to what steve was mentioning, this 40-page decision, i was thumbing through it as well. something else that struck me was roger goodell pointing out -- excuse me, the judge pointing out that roger goodell was not really an impartial arbitrator. the fact he had publicly lauded the wells report before he heard tom brady's appeal was something that stuck with the judge. >> stand by quickly.
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we want to go to nbc's gabe gutierrez in ashland, kentucky. this has to do with the county clerk of rowan county in kentucky that refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. gabe, what's the update? >> hi, thomas. good afternoon. well, a bit of stunning news, frankly, out of the federal courthouse in ashland, kentucky. just a few moments ago kim davis was let out of the courtroom in federal custody. and she was found by the judge to be in contempt. this follows a very dramatic and emotional hearing where kim davis defended her position and she said she was factually -- unable to comply with the court's ruling, that she had to issue these marriage licenses to same-sex couples. repeatedly she was questioned and she said that she had to do it, that she became a christian in january of 2011. through tears she said she could not comply with this order but
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the judge disagreed. again, stunning the courtroom by ordering her into the custody of federal marshalls. this happened just a few minutes ago. the judge ruled that any financial penalties, which frankly was what was expected here, would be insufficient because of several reasons. one, he said that he wasn't sure that other people wouldn't pay her financial penalties. and he said that it would be a dangerous precedent to allow someone to disobey a lawfully executed order. so right now we just came from the courthouse a few minutes ago. the hearing is still ongoing. there are several deputy clerks in there right now. but again, thomas, the breaking news is that kim davis, the county clerk in rowan county, kentucky, is now in the custody of federal marshalls and she has been found in contempt of court. thomas? >> gabe, just for everyone that's just joining us. this is a court case we've been anticipating today and has been moving along there in kentucky.
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being for the fact that this person kim davis has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples ever since the supreme court ruled that there was a mandate across the land, that there were states that didn't have laws on the books but now have to go ahead and honor what the supreme court was saying. so, gabe, date this back to us how many court hearings have already happened to get us to this point where she's now been taken away to federal custody. this is not the first time that davis has appeared in federal court. >> that's right. this case is on ongoing legal case if a while. two federal courts have ruled against kim davis just this week, on monday, the u.s. supreme court declined to block that order. so what happened was on tuesday she continued to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples and not just same-sex couples but she decided to deny marriage licenses at all. her lawyers argue that pending
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any appeals they still wanted this to be appealed. in court they brought up the argument that the legislative branch could have some solution to this. that the legislature here in kentucky doesn't meet until january but they want remedy. they want things like perhaps the form for the marriage licenses could be changed. perhaps the governor could get involved and change the marriage license to be able to accommodate kim davis. however, the judge said that those legislative and executive options, they could be, you know, they could work out but that was not the court's job. the court's job as the judge saw it today was to make sure that the order was complied with. he asked kim davis after she testified basically, would you comply with this, can you comply with this, and she did not. now, the kim davis' lawyers, what they say -- their argument is that she cannot, that it is factually impossible for her to comply with this order because of her sincerely held religious
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beliefs. the judge, in effect, did not buy that argumented. again, she is now in federal custody. >> one thing we do know when a citizen enters into government service that citizen typically by necessity has to accept the certain limitations on his or her freedom. that would be in reference to the religious freedom issue that this county clerk was posing against marriage equality. now, the governor beshear said earlier this week the legislature issue can be addressed when it convenes next year. he didn't want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on taxpayer money calling a special session of the general assembly when 117 of 120 county clerks are doing their jobs. that means there are only three county clerks in kentucky that will not or are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. steve kornacki is onset with me. let me get your take on this with we had certain republican candidates speaking out. it seems as the carly fiorina is the only one talking about the obligations of a government
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employee not meeting up with the fact of the job. you just step aside. the arresters are saying this is religious freedom at its best and we support her. >> right. i mean, legally, it is hard to see how this clerk has a leg to stand on. i heard mike huckabee on our air this morning trying to make a argument. he said the u.s. supreme court ruled and said gay marriage is the mom of the land across the country. in his view that has to be filed by what he called enabling legislation in individual states. this is basically complete constitutional nonsense but he's basically saying kentucky didn't pass its own law, therefore, doesn't have to follow the supreme court. put that aside. pretty clear legally where this is going to end up although it is shocking he's in custody. what this gets to is a cultural moment. the post-gay marriage fight with we had the legal fight that culminated in the supreme court saying this is legal, this is the law of the land. what we're seeing now and i think the strry for the next couple years in the country is
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that 35% or 40% of the country are mae ins very opposed to the idea of same-sex marriage, they are trying to negotiate right now what are the terms by which they participate in this broader society that allows same-sex marriage. we had the dispute over bake the cake for the gay wedding, private businessperson have to do that? this is a completely different situation though because this is a public official. she is sworn into office to uphold the duties of the county clerk's position. one of those duties is to give marriage licenses to anybody who is eligible for a marriage license and who wants a marriage license. if a constituent comes in h to her office and says i am legally protected to get married and she said, no, i'm sorry, my religious beliefs doesn't allow me to do that. she needs to step aside from the job. >> pete, the interesting facet of kim davis is when elected to this position it is hard to extract her from this role. it is an elected job that can't really fire her. >> her lawyer argued that her
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religious views verizon to be accommodated and 4th said they could be accommodated by the number of different ways. having the state instead of the county issue the marriage licenses. having somebody from another county brought in to issue the marriage licenses in her county. she also said it's no big deal. couples could go to another county to get their licenses. the judge obviously didn't accept any of those as a reasonable accommodations. her objection was that her name is on all of the licenses. it stays kim davis, rowan county clerk. whether she personally handles them or not, that's why she says she wasn't issuing any licenses at all out out of her office because she didn't want to discrimina discriminate. she has no objection to gay people themselves. it's just that she doesn't wamt her name on something that she thinks violates god's laws. the conclusion here, i guess it's a little bit surprising. not that she was found in contempt of court that. that seemed like a foregone conclusion. this hearing today was before the same judge who last month
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ordered her to start issuing marriage licenses smep appealed that order to the federal court of appeals which said, no, and the supreme court declined to take up her case. so it's pretty obvious if she was continuing to defy his order he really had no choice but to find her in contempt. if there is a surprising part, it's that he ordered her put in jail. now, this is a power that judges have. if they violate an order of the court, they can be held in contempt and the -- this is a little different than putting somebody in jail as a punishment. this is a power to put somebody in jail until they agree to cooperate. that's the purpose of jail here. the people who asked for her to be found in contempt of court, the lawyers for the four couples, two straight, two gay who asked for the contempt of the court asked the judges said just fine her. they didn't want her made a
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martyr but the judge felt incarceration was the right thing to do. one other thing to note here, it is a contempt order, order of the court and she has a right to appeal it. she can appeal to the sixth circuit. if she doesn't get satisfaction here she can come back to the supreme court. again, it's difficult to see on what legal theory she will preville here. her lawyers have argued that she shouldn't be put in -- held in con techtempt of court because couldn't obey the judge's order because of her deeply held religious convictions. they cited a number of cases in which people were cited for contempt but prevailed when, for example, lawyers said, hey, you ordered my client to produce documents he doesn't have them so he facically can't factually respond. in this case, the question was whether she was unable or unwilling. >> and we see what the judge has ruled with. we know the kentucky u.s. attorney kerry harvey said earlier this week government officials are free to disagree
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with the law but not disobey it. there are only three clerks not following along with the federally mandated decision from the supreme court. one of them is quasi davis. we are expected to have kasie oncoming up this hour. works in a neighboring county to kim davis. in the next segment, back on track politically with steve kornacki talking about donald trump who has a big press conference at 2:00 after meeting with the rnc chair reince priebus. is donald trump going to sign the pledge to say he won't run as an independent and if he drops out he will support the gop party candidate. one thing to send you to break though and i'll tease steve with this a little bit, donald trump tweeted tom brady. tom is my friend and a total winner. total winner. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one.
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welcome back. in the next hour that we do plan to hear from donald trump and marine priebupriebus, this join conference by two men, current field of white house donald trump and the head of the rnc, reince priebus, this meeting could settle whether trump will sign the pledge to support gop president. right now trump and reince are meeting in trump tower. so far trump refused to sip it. he wants to keep his leverage. the pledge appears to be at squarely at trump, his willingness to run as a third-party candidate. he said he won't run as long as
10:19 am
he feels like he's being treated fairly. >> the republican party has treated my fairly. all i ask for is fairness. >> my whole desire is just fairness and i want to run as the republican nominee. i want to win. i think we will win. >> all this comes as monmouth university released a new poll a short time ago. the margin of error is high. it shows trump up while bush is declining. we see ben carson coming in second place there. msnbc's host steve kornacki remains with me at the table. let's start with the pledge. what does donald trump have to gain by giving up that leverage. that's one thing haes had over the republican side of things as remaining independent and saying people like me because i declare, i won't stay tethered. >> right. there is an appeal to the idea of independence to detachment from the big political party, especially with the outsider mood that is sort of out there right now. also you can look at it and say, look, the first question, remember, in the first
10:20 am
presidential debate went to donald trump. in that first debate and said will you commit now to not running as a third party county and supporting the republican nominee if you're not the republican nominee. and he said, no, he wouldn't commit to that. you can hear the boos in the audience. i think there was a certain expectation that lack of loyalty of the party is going to hit him in the polls. it didn't. obviously one level you see he wouldn't mind staying with this posture. however, trump is at an interesting moment where he's trying to execute a transition. artful thing he has to pull off but transition from this guy who right now has taken the party by storm. he doesn't have endorsements from traditional part leaders. again that is part of his appeal right now. if he is going to take the next step and compete for and win the republican nomination, he is going to eventually have to bring some of that establishment into the fold. this is one of those gist gestures that he can make to make it safer for republican elected official, governor, senator, member of congress to stand up and say i'm going to
10:21 am
endorse donald trump because that's the one thing in this big surge we've seen this frump that we have not seen this summer, trump is my candidate. >> well, there is a verification issue that people want that stamp of approval on donald trump, but also aren't there some hiccups in south carolina to get on the primary -- >> it does require the pledge. parties run these individual primaries. i think the expectation is that some point he will make this commitment. the question is does he mind -- one question will be for instance if he makes the commitment and loss, does he wiggle out of the commitment, i didn't mean it. it wouldn't be beyond donald trump to reverse himself. yes, the expectation is at some point before we get going into the primary process, probably much sooner than that, make that commitment today. >> one thing we do know is that currently he and jeb bush are going at it online, tv interviews. here's what jeb bush said earlier today about trump's behavior when it comes to the topic of immigration. take a look.
10:22 am
>> i think donald trump is trying to insult his way to the presidency. it's not going to work. >> this is a diverse country. we should celebrate that difficult versusity and embrace a set of shared values. mr. trump doesn't believe in those shared values. >> so one thing though, steve, that is interesting. if donald trump does sign this and endorse the ent chventual ne does that mean the gloves comes off for everybody else that has not gotten in the ring with donald trump that doesn't feel he can alienate his base? >> i think there's a couple of things that drives the reluctance of candidates to mix it up with trump directly. jeb bush was standing right next to him on stage at that first debate and suddenly trump said nice things about him, he said nice things about trump. they refrained from hitting each other. these candidates look at it and say i'm not going to farewell in a one-on-one fight with donald trump. look at rand paul, for instance. he's the one who did in the first debate try to go after trump.
10:23 am
he got nothing out of it. he thought this was going to be his big break. he was going to say the things, he was going to expose the emperor has to clothes, but instead he came off and sounded whiney. trump sort of smacked him down. and rand paul sitting at 3% in the polls right now. >> this is where we expect the press conference to happen at trump tower. rand paul did get a few good eye rolls in. he did. we did get a few good eye rolls in. i think some -- if weded up all the time in the first debate he had the least amount of time. >> yes. you know who had a small saamou, too, ben carson. >> he's gone up. let's check in with msnbc's ron allen at trump tower. donald trump knows how to gather a crowd. they've already assembled. >> yes. indeed. and this event is about 45 minutes or so away. whether it will be on time or not, who knows. it will be interesting, what we're hearing is that he is going to probably say that he is going to sign this pledge, which would be somewhat remarkable fer
10:24 am
happe perhaps given his insistence that he would not make this commitment not long ago that the debate that got so much attention. but talking to trump's aides, they say they don't know what he's going to do or what he's going to say. the whole spectacle is just that, a spectacle. i can't recall another time when a party leader has made such a high-profile pilgrimage to the various candidates to this party in a presidential election trying to get them to say they would support the winner, essentially. of course, this is a huge issue for the republicans because if donald trump were not to get the nomination and decide to run as an independent there's every expectation he would have a significant enough supposrt to derail the eventual republican nominee. should it not be him. so just quite a spectacle. quite a cloud here at trump plaza. there are tourists and guests and media over in that direction. it's quite a thing to get
10:25 am
through the front door to get in here. i think trump is probably going to make his entrance down the escalator. we will see how it goes. it will be interesting, if nothing else. >> he will descend down the escalator which is something we've seen typically from donald trump. we will see if marireince priebs following in tow. you can catch more with steve this week as he continues to sit in for chris matthews on "hard ball" and catch him on his show on the weekends, "up." that's a lot of work, buddy. that is a lot of work for you. coming up, we are live in fox lake, illinois. moments from now police are going to update their investigation and search for the suspects in the killing of an illinois police officer.
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welcome back. developing details we need to fill you in only. in the next few minutes, update on the authorities for the search in suspects of the illinois cop killing.
10:29 am
we will take you there live. investigators are combing through an area and combing through leads after a potential break that turned out to be a bust. in that, this woman, kristen kiefer, is behind bars at this hour held on $100,000 bond. police say she made up a story about seeing two suspicious men near the area that the police officer was killed. that is lieutenant joe gliniewicz. now, she told police two men tried to get her car. when she reached for her phone they ran into a corn field. and that led to this big search late last night. then kiefer later admitting she lied about it just to get attention. hundreds gathered at a vigil last night to remember the fallen officer. as we wait for authorities i want to turn now and check in with my colleague adam riess. he is tracking the details for us from fox lake, illinois. that was a big disappointment last night when this kiefer lead turned out to be a bust. had there been any other credible new leads?
10:30 am
>> well, we know they're look at two videos, thomas. one is the dash cam video from a trucker passing by around the time of the shooting. another is a deer camera that's in the woods, also near the location of the shooting. they also did a recanvas of the crime scene yesterday looking for more clues. they are working on the assumption that these guys are from the area and that they might still be in the area because of the comfort zone. last night about 1,000 people turned out at the lake here to remember lieutenant gliniewicz, a man many knew as g.i. joe. it's a small town of 10,000. a thousand showed up. many knew him and his wife gave a very emotional tribute. here's what she had to say. >> he was my best friend of my world. my hero. the love of my life for the last 26 1/2 years. he was my rock, as much as i was his rock. every night he came home to me.
10:31 am
>> now, schools have opened in the area today. there's extra security. sheriff's cars in the parking lots of the schools as they continue this manhunt. we're also expecting, hoping to get more information in a press conference moments away. thomas? >> adam riess reporting for us. adam, keep us posted. we will go back to fox lake once again when that news conference begins. we will be there. thank you. back to our breaking news out of kentucky where the county clerk of kim davis of rowan county has been placed in custody after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. it all came to a head a short time ago in federal court. nbc's gabe gutierrez is covering this story from ashland, kentucky, for us. >> good afternoon. as you mentioned a few moments a ago kim davis was held in contempt by a judge. she is in custody of u.s. marshals. her last words being led away were thank you, judge. now, there was this came as a bit of a surprise as she was taken to jail.
10:32 am
many observers thought she may be in line for some stiff fines. as we've been reporting, she has declined to issue any same-sex marriage licenses or marriage licenses at all over the past few days. i've since the supreme court declined to block the order to lower courts saying she had to issue these licenses. she and her attorney say this is a matter of religious freedom and they made that argument again today. they said it was factually impossible for her to go ahead and issue the same-sex marriage licenses. the judge did not buy that argument. again, he held her in contempt and rather than issue any financial penalty, a penalty that he thought would be insufficient because of the possibility that others -- other outside groups that have been supportive of what she's trying to do, he seemed to think that those financial penalties would not be enough. and in his words, he said that it would set a dangerous precedent to allow her to not issue these -- to disobey a
10:33 am
court order. again, she's held in contempt and now in the custody of federal marshalls for us. >> gabe, things so much. i want to get back to fox lake, illinois. the update on lieutenant gliniewicz and the search for us is expects in his killing. >> she indicated the subjects attempted to enter her vehicle and fled because she thought -- they believed she was calling the police. they ran into a corn field almost immediately, within 3040 minutes, police officers from the area, arrived in the area, formed a perimeter and began a systemic search. the search included 11 canines and included 3 aircrafts. the search lasted approximately five hours. as the investigation progressed, there were inconsistencies with what we had learned from the complainant and what we were learning onscene. the canines were not able to establish any sort of track. the air craftopiaing up in the air almost immediately were not able to detect any sort of
10:34 am
movement or heat sources in the areas where the individuals should have been. it was later learned through further investigation with the complainants that she had fabricated the entire account and she said she was doing this for attention. she was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct, falsifying a police report. one is a class iv felony. one account is a misdemeanor. last night over fwoo police agencies responded to assist in this search. obviously within the close proximity of our scene here on fox lake we took it very seriously. although we had no evidence to support that that incident was connected with this incident at the time. what i'd like to say to fax lake residents here in area fox lake residents is i think through our response it really shows that we are here and we are active in this community. we are active to keep the area residents here in fox lake safe. we want everybody to feel safe. the police extremely high presence that are able to
10:35 am
respond to these situations very fast. obviously things will never be quite normal here in fox lake with the death of lieutenant gliniewicz but we are working hard with the community to return things as close to normals as quick as possible and keep everything safe. i'm going turn the microphone over at this time to chief falanko. >> good afternoon. we are still continuing the information. i believe we are making some progress, some significant progress today. we're expecting some results either later this evening or some time early tomorrow from our crime lab with regards to the crime scene. we again have over 100 investigators out in the field. we have retrieved as late as last night what we believe to be some significant video. that's been turned over to the department of homeland security for processing. i'm expecting some results from that video as late as this evening.
10:36 am
again, i'm going to open it for questions t questions. i'm going to be limited in my responses because of the on going investigation. >> is the video from a dash cam or deer cam? >> do you know why you sent the video to homeland supreme court city? and why was it that all of the police resources essentially disappeared after the first day? i know you talked about a saturation search. but why if there was a police officer killed, why did they all the sudden disappear? >> i'll leave that question to detective cavalli because the sheriff's office spearheaded that manhunt. in answer to the question regarding the video, you had a question about that, sir if. >> was it a deer cam or dash cam from a trucker? >> your question is whether it was a deer cam or a dash cam. it was either. it was actually a video that was turned in to us last night from a private residence. >> what sort of evidence --
10:37 am
>> i'm not at liberty to say exactly what that evidence is. but we're hoping to recover some significant evidence from what we did turn over to them. i know i'm being vague but i can't reveal that because of the ongoing investigation. no, it's all we have so far. unfortunately like the detective said last night, it was an unfortunate incident. it tied up a fum bir onumber ofs including my detectick detectiv in and put on standby. they could have been out there in the field following up on leads. instead we're waiting for what we thought to be something significant. unfortunate lit it turned into nothing. >> do you have the autopsy results now? how many times was lieutenant -- >> i'm not at liberty to reveal that. again, that's part of the criminal investigation. again, i know you have to ask
10:38 am
these questions. can't answer that one. >> why did you take the video to homeland security? >> homeland security has advanced equipment. this video is on a particular type of hard drive that they have the technology to retrieve it off of. >> the address? >> it's within the area. [ inaudible ] every day we come in we have a 10:00 briefing. the investigators are re-energized. they keep going nonstop. one of my tasks is to make sure that they're not overly fatig d fatigued, that we're operating at optimum efficiency. these guys have just been fantastic. they've been putting in a lot of hours. >> we've been listening to the officers there in fox lake, illinois. the ones that are in charge of talking to the media, giving updates on the shooting that happened on tuesday morning, the shooting death of lieutenant
10:39 am
charles gliniewicz, 52 years old, on a routine investigation. there are three armed suspects that they believe that were involved in the death and the shooting of this police officer. they had a lead late last night that came in from a young woman named kristin kiefer who said her car was approached by three men. they ran off into a corn field in turned out to be a false lead. she's now been charged. they led the press conference with that. one of the bigger pieces of information that they turned over just now was the fact that they have private residence video that they have now given to homeland security and they hope homeland security is going to help them drill down and isolate aspects of the video that will help them seek out who these suspects are for a proper id. we'll keep you posted how investigators are doing there in fox lake. and we turn our attention back now to politics and the latest with hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. two top aides testified today before congress about clinton's e-mail and the 2012 benghazi
10:40 am
attacks. another said through his lawyer he's going to invoke his fifth amendment rights, that in response to a subpoena to testify about secretary clinton's private server. ryan pagliano worked on her 2008 campaign and the i.t. department when clinton was secretary of state and he set up the now controversial private server. elijah cumming was at today's hearing. this is his response to the news of pagliano pleading the fifth. >> am i surprised that he has decided to take the fifth? no, i'm not surprise. am i disappointed? yes, because i would have loved to have heard what he had to a. >> bill richardson is a former governor of new mexico as well as energy secretary under president clinton and recently couple out to give your support of hillary clinton in her run for president. we have the congressman here governor, congressman cummings, very similar comment to what the
10:41 am
clinton camp told nbc news. i want to read what they put out. bryan is an utter professional and a wonderful young man who does not live in the public eye and understandably may not wish to be drawn in a public spectacle. so his decision is both understandable and yet also disappointing to us because we believe he has knowledge with his i.t. experience. do you think this is democrats throwing pagliano under the bus? >> no, it's not good news. it's bad optics. it's a whirlwind of bad optics. i think if you look at the whole benghazi issue there's nothing there that is damaging to secretary clinton. now, again, this has been very politicized. it is disappointing that we're not going to hear from this young man. but my view is this, thomas, this is four months before the first caucus primary. i don't think this is going to be a big issue but i not helpful. there's a dribble every day
10:42 am
obviously. >> a dribble every day. this is not something that the campaign wants to have to deal with, this distraction. should the camp be worried about bryan pagliano invoking his fifth amendment rights, doesn't that wreak of, well, there's something to hide here? >> i don't think so. because if you look at the numerous investigations into benghazi, congressional, by the state department, by inspector generals, there's really nothing there. there is no incriminating evidence against the secretary. there were some people that were there at the department that were terminated. but again, i just think that this has gotten so politicized and this young man may feel he doesn't want to be drawn into the public eye. he doesn't want to be photographed. he doesn't want to be in controversy. so that's why he's doing this. that's understandable. >> one thing this underscores the issue of public trust for hillary clinton and senator
10:43 am
lindsey graham was with my colleague andrea mitchell in the last hour talking about that, wh the e-mails and clinton trust factor. >> the e-mails is a trust issue. her story about how the e-mails were set up and what happened and didn't happen is not holding water, and the people involved are having to take the fifth amendment. all i can tell you any time somebody working for you has to take the fifth amendment based on something you did is probably not good for you as politician. >> so now we have this week learning that 125 documents, governor, were unupgraded to classified in the latest e-mail batch. if we look at the polls it is hurting her when it comes to the trust issue. how do you think the campaign can finally get ahead of this controversy? is there a way to do it? >> well, well, you know, i would just release as much as they can. they're doing that. i think the concentration should be on issues. i mean, let's talk about the good programs she's put out on the economy, on income
10:44 am
inequality, on climate change, on foreign policy, on immigration, on women's pay. i think the campaign needs to focus there. they should continue organizing, continue raising money. she's got high visibility. first woman candidate. she's supremely qualified. i think this, too, shall pass. there's no question that this e-mail controversy just cannot end. and i hope there's a magic wand to put it to rest. >> we shall see. i love this too shall pass. by live it every day. msnbc contributor and former governor bill richardson. my colleague andrea mitchell will air her interview with hillary clinton tomorrow at noon on "andrea mitchell reports." be sure to tune in for that. i want to get back to the breaking news concerning tom brady and the nfl. new england patriots owner robert kraft just released a statement about today's ruling which overturned the suspension of his quarterback tom brady.
10:45 am
it reads in part, quote, we are greatly appreciate tive of his, referring to judge berman, his thoughtful decision that was delivered today. now we can return our focus to the game on the field. that's the same sentiment from all over boston. the mayor martin walsh tweeting, now let's get to football. and then massachusetts governor charlie barker -- baker, tweeting, overturned. it's time to raise the banner. play football and defend the patriots championship. joining me now new england patriots writer for the boast l boston globe. the fans are dancing in the streets here because they never felt tom brady was guilty. >> no, and ted wells and the nfl certainly never proved that tom brady and the patriots were guilty of deflating those footballs back in january. ted wells' report came out and found a lot of circumstantial evidence. some text messages. they felt tom brady was genuinely aware of what's going on. that's not unreasonable. i think there was something
10:46 am
going on with the football but there is a huge leap from that to a four-game suspension for tom brady and what judge berman found was the nfl, roger goodell trampled all over tom brady's rights as member of the union as lined out in the collective bargaining agreement. they did not make a key witness available to testify at his appeal, didn't share certain attorney notes. they violated the process. they didn't necessarily rule today that tom brady is innocent but they veil lighted his rights. >> we have judge berman taking aim at rouger goodell, power at punishing players. principal question for the reviewing court is weather the arbitrator's award draws its essence from the collective bargaining agreement, since the arbiter is not free to merely dispense his own brand of industrial justice. was the nfl using a stand car for a player that's caught doping with performance enhancing drug, cheating to gain an edge, in the same way it was
10:47 am
looking at dedeflategate? >> there's no question. roger goodell in upholding brady's four-game suspension at the appeal from june made the direct link. they said tom brady deflating footballs was similar to peds. and judge berman was critical of this link made by goodell. there is nothing in the nfl's by laws about how ball deflation and tampering with equipment can be the same as peds. and then brady was only genui genuinely aware. since when can you suspend someone four games being generally aware of someone else's wrong doing. even though the nfl pa, union agreed to this article 46 to allow goodell to hear all appears. it doesn't mean they waive the right to a fair process. >> ben, thanks for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, we are less than 15 minutes away from donald trump's scheduled news conference taking place at trump tower in new york city. and we can see the crowd is
10:48 am
swelling. ron allen is there. we're going to carry this for you live. what's going to happen after this meeting between the rnc chair reince priebus and donald trump? is he going to sign that pledge that they want him to on camera? who knows. do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today. can you tell what makes them so different?. did you hear that sound? of course you didn't. you're not using ge software like the rig on the right. it's listening and learning how to prevent equipment failures, predict maintenance needs, and avoid problems before they happen.
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when it helps giveshot ma lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program
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has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. so september means back to school. and that means parents are scrambling to equip their kids before they hit the books with homework. they got to get their shots. according to the cdc millions of children are vaccinated each year across the u.s. but it's not that easy for kids in other parts of the world. i recently sat down with the president and ceo of the united nations foundation and talked about it. >> good to have you here. what is the u.n. foundation doing to help provide vaccines to children across the world? >> thanks, thomas. it's great to be here.
10:52 am
you know, we work in partnership with the united nations. that's our mission statement is to help others, help the u.n. do the life-saving work that it does around the work. no more effective than the work that w.h.o., the u.n. children's fund are doing to make sure every child everywhere in the world has access to life-saving vaccines. so so important that we make sure every child can live to 5 and thrive. so that's a proud mission of the u.n. foundation is to help do that support. we have lots of partners like wall greens which is running a campaign called get a shot and give a shot. so we know people believe in it. >> meanwhile, you promote and talk about all this great proactive work that's taking place, there's still these huge obstacles that remain globally about getting vaccinations to these 30 million children that
10:53 am
need them. what do you think are the most logical ways to start to break down these obstacles, to make it more accessible for these kids. >> there's sort of three areas. one is cost. under $1 can immunize a child against a big disease like measles. sometimes it's just distance. a lot of these children live in very remote places. so we have to use every tool possible in communities, enlist governments, enlist lots of the wonderful organizations around the world. and then there's just behavior change. we have to convince moms and dads, grandparents, community leaders, that vaccines will save a child's life and give it a shot at life. so it has to be a combination of all of those things. luckily, we've seen great progress over the last ten to 15 years. we've reduced childhood mortality in half.
10:54 am
the bulk of that has come because of vaccinations. >> kathie, thanks very much. >> do some great work at the u.n. foundation. a reminder for you, the global citizen festival just a few weeks away live here in new york. you can catch coverage of the event hosted by willie goois, alex wagner and myself here on msnbc starting at 3:00 p.m. performances by beyonce, cold play and others. we have dramatic new pictures from hungary as the european union grapples with the migrant crisis. the police appear to remove her and the family from the train tracks. this video on the heels of a gripping photo that has captured the world's attention. want to warn you about this photo. it is disturbing. you're looking at a police officer holding the body of a 3-year-old. he's believed to be a syrian refugee who drowned with his mom
10:55 am
and brother after their boat sank, their father saying all he wants to do is sit next to their graves. these pictures, they are very hard to see, but they underscore the grim reality for hundreds of thousands of migrants that are escaping war. >> translator: i know that it is risky. i have two children. a risk that i never thought i would take one day to smuggle ourselves out with two children in this way, in the sea, with the danger of drowning. you heard of a lot of people who drowned and this did not deter us. >> it really is grabbing the attention of the world. the boy's story on the cover of newspapers everywhere. more than 240,000 tweets sent about the migration crisis today alone. when we come back, we are waiting as we told you about earlier in this hour on that press conference from donald trump. trump currently leading the republican pack in the 2016 race. this is a live look at trump
10:56 am
tower. he has been behind closed doors with the chair of the rnc. will trump sign the pledge to support other republican candidates if he doesn't win the nomination, basically eliminating his chances to run as an independent, something that he said he wouldn't want to do? we'll find out at the top of the hour. stay with us. a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. mmm hmm.i know the markets have taken a hit lately. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it.
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breaking news right now on msnbc. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we are expecting a joint news conference from trump tower here in new york city. this is where we expect to see donald trump and the rnc chair, the republican party has literally come to trump. donald trump and the head of the rnc behind closed doors and it's been suggested through multiple reports that donald trump will end the mystery of a possible third party run. a mystery we should add that trump is largely responsible for
11:00 am
creating. >> as far as third party's concerned, the republican party has been treating me very, very fairly. so my whole desire is just fairness and i want to run as the republican nominee. i want to win. i think we will win. >> so trump and pree advice scheduled to appear together coming up shortly. trump's campaign gained credibility in the eyes of republican establishment figures. one of his opponents says no. >> i just don't think he's ready to be commander in chief of a great nation and a military that needs somebody who understands how the world works. his foreign policy views are dangerously naive. we're not going to destroy isil, we're going to em bolden isil if we follow his lead. >> ron allen reporting from
11:01 am
manhattan down at the trump tower. this is going to be a very interesting piece of political theater. ron, let me start with you. you are on site. explain the crowd that has been assembly led in the anticipation of what people expect from trump. >> reporter: part of this crowd here is of course the media who follows trump everywhere. some of it is the midday crowd off 5th avenue in new york city here to see what's going on, the spectacle of what's going on. you can see there is a crowd of trump supporters there making it a political event or at least look like one. it's great theater. it's an amazing thing. i have not covered a lot of donald trump events, but he draws a crowd certainly. how this is all going to play out is unclear. if trump does say he's going to sign this pledge, the big question is, what does he get in return for that. he's the great negotiators.
11:02 am
of course he said he wouldn't do this. he seems to have a lot of cards in his hands. his aides just handed out these folders, inside of it there are all these glossy pictures and all these polls that show him in the lead. this is not some insurgent candidacy. he seems to be in the lead at least at this point in the late summer. of course, a lot could change. we'll see how they manipulate this. i wouldn't think that the head of the republican party would come here and do this unless he has something very positive to say that he got something from donald trump, a pledge or a promise of some sort. of course this pledge, quote, unquote, is not binding. trump could say he's agreed to this and six months from now and say, i didn't get the respect i wanted and i've changed my mind. it's another big media moment for donald trump. >> one thing i want to correct myself about is the fact that
11:03 am
this is donald trump's press conference, not something jointly that's being held in connection with the republican national committee. however, we will wait and see if they show up there next to donald trump. chuck, let me talk to you about the new poll that has come out. this displays trump and the other outsider candidate, ben carson, realry leading the way here. is this going to help donald trump if he says i've signed onto this although he's gained steam as being the outsider? >> this is how the rnc sold him on doing this. they had to eliminate this threat. donald trump on a third-party ballot, it's a glide path for the democratic nominee if he's doing that. he's pulling 5% out of texas, 5% of some of these red states. they had to eliminate this threat. but what they sold him on is, hey, don't you want jeb bush pledging to support you if you're the nominee in the same
11:04 am
way you're pledging to support the nominee here? that's how they sold it. you want all these guys who you're roughing it up with, they rally around you if you're going to be the nominee. this is very much -- and they knew they were handing him a sort of p.r. win for the day. it is the rnc coming to him. by the way, this pledge, they sent around to all the candidates. all of them returned them within 24 hours. we don't have press conferences from the other 17 candidates. the rnc knew that in exchange they sort to have to give him a moment. >> donald trump absolutely created this theater because he raised his hand during that debate. he was the only one. there were two debates. he's the only one that raised his hand saying that he wouldn't be signing off on that commitment. >> look, by the way, ron bridges up an important point.
11:05 am
this is not binding. there's nothing about this that is binding. it's your word, you know. but at the end of the day, this is not legally binding which also making it even easer for trump to agree to. >> you sound like trump the minute after he breaks it. we've been asking our viewers, do you think trump will stick to his pledge to support republicans. we can put down the numbers of what you think. is where you can weigh in. i want to go back to ron allen. ron, do you know how long donald trump and the rnc have been behind closed doors, how long they've been talking? >> reporter: we're not sure. we haven't been getting any updates on that. things seem to be settling into place as if this might be about to begin. things seem to have settled down as if this actually might begin very soon. you can see the area's cleared. in the past, trump has come down this escalator with a lot of
11:06 am
fanfare. we don't know how long they talked or what they talked about. i don't think that he would have come here with any doubt about what was going to happen at the end of this. again, this is not binding. this is a moment. of course we know that things can change going forward. if in fact, trump says that he is going to agree to this pledge, six months later, he could change his mind for whatever reason i suspect. we've seen over the weeks that things don't seem to hurt him, at least not in the short run. again, this is all very short run. i think the campaign and the whole campaign season is going to change marketedly after labor day into the fall further when we actually start having some voters go to the polls in iowa and new hampshire and elsewhere. for now, this is the day. it seems to be a good day for donald trump. again, the republican party is coming to him. they know if he runs as an independent they've got a big
11:07 am
problem potentially. >> we see you in a great position there. >> reporter: there he is. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> is he coming down -- >> reporter: he's here. he's here. >> here we go. let's listen in and see exactly what happened behind closed doors. >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you for all being here. this is some turnout. my great honor. the chairman just left as you probably know. and he's been extremely fair. the rnc has been absolutely terrific over the last two-month period. as you know, that's what i've wanted. i've wanted fairness. i don't have to be treated any differently than anybody else. i just wanted fairness from the republican party. we're leading in every single poll. a new poll came out today where we're over 30%. we've actually hit numbers as high as 35% and 40%.
11:08 am
and frankly, i felt that the absolute best way to win and to beat the democrats and very easily, i think, beat the democrats no matter who it may be, whether it's hillary or anybody else, and i think maybe hillary's going to have a very hard time frankly with what's happening getting to the starting gate. the best way for the republicans to win is if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up. and for that reason, i have signed the pledge. [ cheers and applause ] so i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stand. we will go out and we will fight
11:09 am
hard and we will win. we will win. and most importantly, we will make our country great again because that's what it's all about. we have to make our country great again. with that, are there any questions? >> in the past about how -- [ inaudible question ] >> this is a self-funded campaign. we have our heart in it. we have our soul in it. i don't need money. i don't want money. and this is going to be a campaign like i think no other. i'm not controlled by lobbyists. i'm not controlled by anybody. i'm controlled by the people of the country in order to make our country great again. yes, sir? [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, i got nothing.
11:10 am
all i have -- i really got nothing. question was, what did i get for signing the pledge. absolutely nothing other than the assurance that i would be treated fairly. i've soon that over the last few months. they really have been very fair [ inaudible question ] no, i have no intention of changing my mind. [ inaudible question ] >> well, i think the big thing that's changed is -- and it's been obvious to all, number one, after i announced we went up like a rocket ship. nobody thought i was going to run. they said he won't run or put in his papers. i did that. the papers in terms of the company turned out to be spectacular. and all of the other papers have turned out to be very well received. and i think the thing that changed is the fact that i went to number one place very quickly after i signed and after i, in this building, notified
11:11 am
everybody that i'd be running for president. i went early to number one and the rnc has treated me with great respect. so that was very important. yes? [ inaudible question ] no, i see no circumstances under which i would tear up that pledge. [ inaudible question ] >> well, you don't have to be met when you're at 2%. it's one of those things. that's the way life works. and i like governor christie by the way. [ inaudible question ] >> well, the chairman asked if he could come up. you saw him. he was here a little while ago. i was greatly honored that he did come up, frankly. [ inaudible question ]
11:12 am
well, i think that when you get right down to it, we're a nation that speaks english. and i think while we're in this nation, we should be speaking english. that's how assimilation takes and that's how -- i mean whether people like it or not, that's how we assimilate and that's how we go onto that next phase and that next stage. and i'm not just talking about spanish. i'm talking about from various parts of the world. that's how they will become successful and do great. i think it's more appropriate to be speaking english. yes? [ inaudible question ] well, one of the things i want to do and i feel very strongly, it's a country based on borders and our country is based on laws. and when people come into the country illegally, we should not allow that. and this is not from south
11:13 am
america, this is not from mexico, this is from all over the world. when people come illegally, we cannot allow that. and i want people to come legally. i want very much to take care of our border because our southern border is a total mess. that's been proven. and interestingly, a couple of months ago when i announced, i made some very strong statements about the crime and the problems that were happening. and i've been proven right. many of the people in this audience actually have apologized to me, which i very much appreciate. of course, they haven't done it publicly. some day they will. the fact is that we are a nation that wants and needs borders. we're a nation that wants and needs and is based on laws. and we will make sure that that takes place. with that being said, i want people to come into our country legally. i want to have a big, fat, beautiful, open door. i want people of great talent to
11:14 am
come in for silicon valley. i want engineers. i want physicists. i want people with great talent to come into the united states. when people graduate from college, you can be number one in your class at harvard or number one at yale or the wharton school of finance or princeton or stanford, and immediately if you're not a citizen of the united states, you get thrown out of the country. we want those people to stay. we want people of great talent to be in the united states to work here and ultimately to become a citizen. [ inaudible question ] i don't know enough about it to comment on it. was he jailed? i really don't know much about it. no, no. yes, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] that's absolutely false. i win at golf.
11:15 am
i win at golf. that i can tell you. yes? [ inaudible question ] well, i understand how the system works maybe better than anybody. i understand the political system and i understand also very much a system of coming in for illegal immigrants. don't forget, if i didn't bring up the subject of illegal immigration, you wouldn't be asking the question, nobody would even be talking about immigration, and immigration and in particular illegal immigration has become a very big factor. now, a lot of bad things have happened with respect to crime since i brought it up. but if i didn't bring it up, immigration would not even be a subject that we're talking about. and it happens to be a very important subject. i have to say this. it can also be a very positive subject. because i believe so strongly in immigration and i just -- we have to stop illegal immigration
11:16 am
and we have to look forward to great immigration done in a legal manner. but if i didn't bring it up, nobody would be talking about it. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] well, there is gridlock in congress right now. that's because there's no leadership at the top. you have to be able to lead. you have to get people into your office, you have to get people -- go to them, any way you want to do it. but you have to be able to lead. there is no leadership at the top. signing executive orders is not the way our country was supposed to be run. yeah, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] i don't want to talk about that here. it's inappropriate. yes, sir, go ahead. >> tom brady and the deflategate
11:17 am
controversy -- >> tom brady is a very good friend of mine. he's a great guy. for those of you that don't know him, he's an honorable guy and an honest guy and a truly great athlete. i just spoke to him a little while ago. he's so thrilled and so happy. tom brady, i think what they've done is terrible. and he's been exonerated as i understand it, because i just heard about it. but i'm very happy for tom. as far as the commissioner is concerned, they're having a rough year, let's face it. >> on immigration, what would you say to the european leaders about problem of immigration in europe? >> well, in europe they have tremendous problems where people going in and storm lg. it's a huge humanitarian problem. the united states has tremendous problems of their own. we have infrastructure that we have to fix. we have bridges and roads and tunnels and everything's falling apart.
11:18 am
our nation's in such trouble. that's why being a builder and a very successful builder i think will greatly help. but we have to many of our own problems including the border and the wall which we will get built, health care which is a mess. if you look at obamacare, the premiums have gone up 45, 50, 55%. people are saying, this is turning out to be a disaster. deductibles are through the roof. we have a lot of problems. we have to take care of our vets. we have to build up our military. just the other day, a general said that the army is in the worst shape in its history in terms of preparedness. now, for them to be in bad shape with the way we are and with the world hating us and you look at hillary clinton -- and i've said, she's the worst secretary of state in the history of this country. now in all fairness, because of
11:19 am
the agreement that's about to be finalized with iran, john kerry may very we will take her place. i think that agreement is a disaster for this country, for israel, for the middle east. it's going to lead to nuclear proliferation, the 24-day clause, everything about -- we don't even get our prisoners back. who negotiates a thing like that? that won't happen i can guarantee you with a president trump. all right. one or two more questions. [ inaudible question ] >> you'll see it later. yeah. they don't want to hear it. yeah, go ahead. >> you said at the -- >> could you stand up, please? >> you said at the beginning sign the pledge because the rnc agreed to treat you with more respect. what specifically is the rnc going to be doing -- >> all i want them to do.
11:20 am
and say hello to greg. great people. i just want to be treated like everybody else. you see, i was always the fair-haired boy. nobody knows. system. i was the elite. i was the fair-haired person. once i ran, i became an outsider because i wasn't supposed to run. i'm this businessman that people have given me great credit, but i'm not supposed to be running for office. our country is being killed on trade by china, by japan, by mexico. and i'm not knocking those countries. their leaders are much, much smarter than our leaders. they are absolutely killing us. china taking our jobs, taking our money, taking our base. and think of this, we owe china $1.4 trillion. and we're paying them interest. we owe japan with all of the cars coming in the same amount.
11:21 am
$1.4 trillion. that's like a magic act. they send the cars in, they take our jobs, they do everything and we owe them money. that's not going to happen be me. [ inaudible question ] go. >> i'm wondering how you feel about the -- [ inaudible question ] >> well, jeb bush is a very nice man. i'll be honest. i think he's a very nice person. i think he's a very low energy person and i don't think that's what the country needs. i hear that he's going to spend a lot of money on negative ads on me. honestly, look, he's getting the money from special interests. he's getting the money from lobbyists and his donors. and they're making him do it. because he's crashing in the polls. so i don't know what's going to happen. if he spends 20 million or $25 ads, i don't know. i know that my life will continue. i just don't know. he probably has to do that,
11:22 am
although it would not be the way i've done. one of the things i'm most honored about is that so far everybody that's attacked me has gone down the tubes. you have lindsey graham. he was at 3%. now he's at zero. you had perry attack me, now he's getting out of the race. everybody -- rand paul attacked me. the last poll just came out today where i'm leading by double figures. and rand paul is down to less than 2%. and he attacked me. now jeb bush also just went down very big. so i don't know, i mean they're going to -- he's going to spend lobbyists' money and special interest money. remember this, they have total control over jeb and hillary and everybody else that takes that money. nobody knows the system better than me. you understand it very well covering it
11:23 am
for a lock time. those people that are putting up those millions of dollars have total control over your candidate. i will tell you this, nobody's putting up millions of dollars for me. i'm putting up my own money. [ cheers and applause ] in fact, i feel a little bit foolish. people are offering me millions and millions of dollars. when you're in first place, you can collect so much money. and i keep turning them down. i feel like, am i a fool? i feel very foolish. when i was in iowa last week, i said what do you think. $5 million for my campaign. i said to the crowd in iowa, great crowd, 4,000 people. i said, can i take it and will you believe i'm not going to do anything, i promise you, i swear to you, i won't do anything. and they all stood up and said, no, no, don't take it. the fact is i'm the only self-funder. i'm putting up my own money.
11:24 am
there have been five or six super packs where people are forming super packs for trump. i have nothing to do with them. you're not allowed to have anything to do with them. i don't know what they're going to do. hopefully if they're going to do something, it's going to be nice. but i don't know anything about them. i'm funding my own campaign, nobody else's. when people -- and i hope the voters can see this. every negative ad about me is paid for by lob justs. slogan by marco rubio. and you're talking about the problems in america. is that implying that america is not great right now? if so, is there a country that's more great? ? our country could be doing much better. we have all bad trade agreements. we have an army that the head said is not prepared. we have a military that needs help, especially in these times. we have nuclear weapons -- you
11:25 am
look at 60 minutes, they don't even work. if anybody saw that report. the phones don't work. they're 40 years old. they have wires that are no good. nothing works. our country doesn't work. we need victories in this country. we don't have victories anymore. [ inaudible question ] our country will be great again, but right now our country has major problems. yes, ma'am. >> has attacked you, but her numbers -- >> who? >> carly fiorina. >> yes, carly. i think it's great she's in the debate. i think she should be in the debate. i don't like the fact that there are 11 people now. they're not getting rid of rand paul or somebody and they should because there's too people. when you have 11, you're not going to hear me and you're not going to hear other people talking. i think that's too bad. i think 11 is a lot of people.
11:26 am
frankly, she deserved to be in the debate. >>. [ inaudible question ] -- would you rather face hillary clinton or joe biden? >> i think maybe he's inclined not to get into the race. i think it's going to depend on what happens with hillary clinton. a lot of people think she will not be able to make it legally from a criminal standpoint to the starting gate. i think if she gets out, he will get in. in, he might not. who knows. >> jeb bush's campaign manager said yesterday on twitter, you're tearing apart the gop. the rnc chairman did come here, but where is he? >> he's not supposed to be here. he was up in my office and he got the pledge. we're very happy about that. and i told him, i said i don't know if it's appropriate for you to be here because i don't want anything, you know, you guys will end up saying he's
11:27 am
endorsing trump. that would be inappropriate for him. so i suggested, frankly, i'm fine with him not being here. as far as jeb is concerned, i watched him this morning on television. and it's a little bit sad. don't forget. he was supposed to win. and he just doesn't have the energy. but what he does have is a lot of -- a lot of money. that was given to him, again, my special interest, donors and lobbyists. i just hope that if he spends money on ads -- which he may not. if i were him, i would spend money on positive ads about himself. if he knocks me, assuming people not a point where they're not going to leave -- but i think they're going to go to people other than jeb. yeah, go ahead. >> has a majority of your voters
11:28 am
say that president obama is a muslim and wasn't born in the u.s.? >> right now, i'm interested in jobs. one thing and one of the groups that was actually cnn -- i shouldn't say that. but they did a very massive poll. and i came out number one in leadership, number one on the economy, number one in jobs producing. and i don't mean by number one, i mean like number one by many, many times. and i am so intent on putting people back to work in this country. you know, we have 93 million people that are not in the workforce right now. 93 million. when they give up looking for a job, they take them off the stats. they take them off the statistics. we have 93 million people. we have 50 million people between poverty levels and welfare and -- our country can be great again. we have to put people back to work. all right.
11:29 am
one or two more. >> -- the administration if you president? and secondly, totally off subject, would you pardon scooter lib by? >> would i bring my children into the administration, i will tell you they are very capable. the answer is probably not. but having them in would be very good. they're very, very capable children. second part, i won't bother answering because it's no longer pertinent. >> i know that you feel very confident with your run against right now, kanye west -- >> you know what, i'll never say bad about him. you know why? because he loves trump. he goes around saying trump is my all-time hero. so kanye west, i love him. maybe in a few years i'll have to run against him. i don't know. he's been so nice to me. you people have sort of seen --
11:30 am
i've been a counter puncher. i only hit people when they hit me. i would never say bad about him because he says such nice things about me. your supporters -- are you concerned that signing this pledge will lead some to say that you -- [ inaudible question ] >> no, my supporters are really supporting me because i'm very confident. they know that i'm not going to let china rip us off. i'm not going to let japan rip us off. japan is devaluing their yen. very hard for caterpillar and other companies to compete against their big tractor maker and others. we're not going to let this happen anymore. you talk about a trade in balance. they have in japan the biggest ships you've ever seen pouring cars into los angeles. i've never seen anything like it. we send them beef and they don't even want it. it's going to end. and they're going to like us.
11:31 am
in this building, i have the largest bank in the world. right up in these elevators. it's a bank from china. by far the biggest bank in the world. i get along great with china. i get along great with mexico. i love the people. i love the people of mexico. hispanics. i have thousands of hispanics right now working for me. over the years, i have employed tens of thousands of hispanics. many from mexico. i have unbelievably great relationships. in the package that we gave you, you'll see there's a poll. and i'm number one with hispanics. you saw that. number one with hispanics. so look, for our country to be great, we have to be able to make great deals. we're going to be great to the vets. we're going to be terrific. our military's going to be unbelievable. all of these things -- we're going to get rid of obamacare and come up with something much better and much less expensive. we're going to repeal it. it's going to be out.
11:32 am
going to take care of our country and we're going to bring back jobs and we're going to bring back wealth to the united states. so we can afford to save social security which i'll save without cuts. so that we can afford to do the kind of things that we have to do to make america great again. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. here is your pledge. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. so there we have it. just listening to druonald trum here talking about how he has signed the pledge. he spoke for the first couple minutes there speaking about why he has rationale enough to sign it. and then took questions from the masses of media who have showed announcement. chuck todd has been watching this. chuck, i parentally he's still
11:33 am
talking -- >> saying what they're doing in china is a bubble waiting to explode. just remember something. when it's a bubble, it's a bubble, we can't be brought down by that bubble. they've done things that caused it. we can't be brought down by that bubble. >> we all get bumped by trump. excuse me. he is now finished. he is walking away from the microphone. i should know better, chuck. we should see him walk away from the microphone first -- >> this is a very -- >> he's back. >> speaker of the house of indonesia. he's here to see me. one of the most powerful men and a great man and his whole group is here to see me today. we will do great things for the united states. is that correct. >> yes. >> do they like me in indonesia? >> yes. thank you very much. >> speaker of the house in
11:34 am
indonesia. >> thank you. thank you very much. now, let's count to five. three, four, five. all right. so what -- >> everybody is a prop. >> everybody. what do you think he was able to get out of donald trump to make him agree to this? >> i was convincing him, you want everybody else to vow they will support you, number one. there is a part of this that's a logistical decision. donald trump had to decide, it's hard enough to get on the ballot as a republican in places like virginia, new york state makes it very difficult. to get on the ballot as an independent candidate is even harder. if you were going to do that, you would have to make those plans soon. and the financial investment to do that is there. so he was actually at a logistics tipping -- a fork in the road here where he had to make that decision.
11:35 am
move in that decision. look, he made it seem as if the republican party begged him to be a member. and that is -- this has been the -- trump's ability to sort of dictate the rules of the debate, dictate the rules of the process right now, where suddenly this pledge is coming in. it is as just pure watching pure political power be exerted. it's fairly impressive to see that he did this and he hasn't really spent any money. >> certainly a sigh of relief for the rnc. joining our coverage now, ron allen therein side trump tower. we also have roger stone, a former advisor to donald trump. and phillip rucker who is with the "washington post." ron, let me start with you about the activity, the swell of support that we saw assemble there and the amount of reporters that then had an opportunity to ask questions. we couldn't hear most of the questions unfortunately. but it didn't seem as if donald
11:36 am
trump was shaking many off. he was fielding pretty much everything that was thrown at him. >> reporter: he answers every question the way he wants to answer them. he's performing. you see all that and it plays well. there's nothing but supporters here. there's no opposition. even the speaker of the house of indonesia is here to support him. i wanted to ask him, though, isn't this really just more political expediency and what will he change his mind about next. he said so clearly -- three and three -- >> reporter: so we go forward. that's what i think his critics will say to him. he said no. so we'll see how this all goes. calculated decision at this point to come out and look like the good guy, look like he's the team player, look like he's not going to be a problem to the
11:37 am
republicans. you know, he also said something about the conservative principles for which it stands when he was talking about the republican party. and the question that i also wanted to ask, what are your credentials, what are your conservative base, that's the other other so many opponents are trying to attack him on. he perhaps wins the day. he had the republican leader come to trump towers to ask him for something that he is graciously giving them. but it's a long game. and you're right back there saying, you know, he still does have a lot of cards, he's got a lot of money. this also underscores that he is a very formidable candidate at least at this point in the game and he's going to keep playing. he's not somebody on his heels. he's going to keep playing. he remains to be seen who of his opponents is going to take him down. at this point, they don't seem to be doing that. >> as he brought up, everyone that has attacked him has gone
11:38 am
down in the polls. you famously parted ways with donald trump after the first debate. that's where he said he wouldn't pledge not to run independently. that's what this is all about, the fact that he is now at this pork in the road where he signed up saying that in effect he will do that. what is the calculation of why he is at this point now? >> i think he's achieved his goal. you talk about the art of the deal. only a month ago, the "new york times" reported that jeb bush, scott walker and marco rubio's campaigns were in discussions about boycotting the fox debate if trump were included. in 15 states, the republican establishment could keep trump off the ballot with the stroke of a pen. what he has gotten here is fairness, a level playing field. many republicans remember the hardball tactics that were used on congressman ron paul three
11:39 am
years ago when the rules were disadvantage. so trump is guaranteed two things here. one, complete and total access to the republican nominating process and at the same time he is locked in 16 career politicians he's running against including a doctor and a former business executive, so support him, the outsider. this is a total win for trump. i think most people realize that he has the financial wherewithal to mount a third-party candidacy. however, chuck todd is right. time is also running on that. and frankly, he would have had to change his voter registration in new york state by the end of september in order to qualify in a number of the large states that will not put you on the ballot as an independent if you are registered in one of the major parties in your home state. so the truth is, trump has given away very little and he's gotten a great deal in return.
11:40 am
>> when we look at this, is it your estimation that this is just a calculation of entering into a different chapter of the race. summer's over. that's when different tv spend something going to take place with ads. >> first of all, i think it's guaranteed now that no one can attack trump in the upcoming cnn debate because he hasn't pledged his support to the republican nominee nor has he fore saken the possibility of running as an independent. that's been taken off the table. yes, we are going to go into another phase. i would remind you, when donald trump filed his financial disclosures with the federal election committee, he showed $358 million in cash and no debt. plus holdings worth approximately just south of 10 billion. so he certainly has the money to win a war of attrition and to counter any ads that are put up against him.
11:41 am
one absolute rule of trump ichl. if somebody hits you, hit them back, but harder. >> yeah, he is definitely a bee hive when we think about this and the fact that he doesn't hold back if he gets punched. he definitely goes for the jugular. roger, standby for me. there's another question i want to pose to you. phillip rucker from the "washington post," let's talk about this and how this technically eliminates maybe a 1992 all over again with the fact we have a bush, clinton and an independent on a ballot. this pretty much takes donald trump out of the way in terms of running a third-party ticket, correct? >> it would appear to. and that has been a big concern for republican leaders over the last several months. they thought, you know, if trump were somehow angered enough through this process to want to run a third-party campaign, that would all but hand the white house to the democratic nominee. they would lose too many republican voters in a general
11:42 am
election. it doesn't appear there's any sort of legal requirement in this pledge. i'm not sure it's going to be worth much next year should trump decide to change his mind. he can just say, look, i signed the pledge, but i changed my mind and the country needs me and i'm going to run. i don't care he's going to do that. he's not signalled he's going to do that. legally, that might be a possibility. >> let me ask you about that. as fellowship lip points up, all these signals are right now in display with trump holding up the fact that he signed the pledge, that he is on board with what the rnc wants from him, but donald trump changes his mind. and if he chooses so, he could pretty much rip a band-aid off of this and say i'm going to march my own way. do you anticipate that from the former friend and political candidate you worked for? >> he's still a friend. >> still a friend. >> i'm still very much a donald trump supporter as you probably
11:43 am
know. actually, he has about 30 days leeway here. a number of the states require that you be unaffiliate in order to get on the ballot in those states as an independent. as you may know, i helped governor gary johnson get on the ballot as a libertarian. that is enormously complicated, time-consuming, labor intensive process. trump could do it, but even time is running out for him. within 30 days, this will be a moot point. once again, i think trump really gave away nothing, but what he has now in his pocket is the support once he is the nominee for the republican party overall the other candidates. >> how often do you talk to donald trump? >> occasionally. we have a car jal conversation. and guess what, we talk politics. have no formal role. i am a supporter of donald trump. >> was that discussed though -- i've always been curious about
11:44 am
this. so just bear with me. when you guys separated, did you always discuss the fact that you would be a public supporters of donald trump? because you made the media rounds and you talk about the insights of donald trump, but you remain a supporter. i think of it as kind of -- i don't want to call you a mole. but i think of it like you're a plant. >> i've been friends with donald trump and the trump family for 35 years. i was at both his parents' funerals. he went to my wedding. i went to two of his. we are very good friends. i worked on both of his books, the america we deserve in 2000, and time to get tough which came out in paper back last monday which is a current prescription to make america great again. i have great affection and respect for donald trump. i believe having worked in washington, having been a lobbyist, having worked in the house and senate side, i have seen the system up close. the system is broken. donald trump's absolutely right. i still believe he's the only man with the financial
11:45 am
independence and the guts and the passion to fix it. >> but meanwhile, roger, if jeb bush gets the nomination and we heard donald trump talking about what he feels about him. he said he's a nice man, he's got low energy, a lot of money because of special interests and lobbyists. if jeb bush gets the nomination, do you see donald trump out on the stump for bush. >> he campaigned for mitt romney three years ago. i think trump would have been a superior candidate to mitt romney at that time. he's now given his word. how enthusiastic he's going to be, that would relay depend on jeb bush. the chances of him being the nominee are fading by the moment. >> remind us, though, what he did for romney. wasn't it just -- >> he did robo calls for him in a number of states to get out the vote. both in the primaries and then in the general election. he was very active. also active with his checkbook.
11:46 am
so donald trump did support mitt romney as the nominee of the republican party. >> let's go back to ron allen there at the trump tower. ron, the crowd and the excitement that was created, what does it look like now post donald trump and the announcement? >> reporter: well, the party's over, thomas. they're packing up and moving on to the next thing. and there you have it. but obviously he'll be back. he puts on a great show. >> that he does. >> reporter: most the people here i think were people who walked in off the street to see him. obviously, this is some of the great power that he has in this race, his ability to draw a crowd, his ability to perform well before a camera, the media. his ability to -- you asked earlier was he answering all the questions. he answered many of the questions. some he didn't. but there were no follow-ups. there was no real exchange. but he's very good in this particular format. he's at home, literally, in his building. that's tough to beat.
11:47 am
i think that's one of the biggest questions going forward now. in the past week, we've seen jeb bush really try to step up the engagement with trump. it remains to be seen whether that will be effective. whether any of the others will try to step up in a way to try and knock him down a peg or so, literally and figuratively. because at this point, again, i think trump seems to be defying the conventional wisdom. yes, it's late summer. we're not even past labor day. facts on the grouped have a way of becoming facts on the ground, the reality. that's the reality now. so as we go into this next debate and more to follow, i think that's one of the biggest questions, who will take him down, how will they do it and what -- again, he seems to be in it for the long haul. this is not a flash in the pan. there are a lot of people out here who thought he would be gone by now. as some of the guests are saying, this decision was
11:48 am
perhaps as much strategic as anything else. he said he got nothing from this but fairness. if in fact what he is getting is bat lot access and not the blessing, but the good graces, if you will, of the republican establishment, that's significant. if he has that going forward, that represents that that group, which is significant in determining who's going to get this nomination, is taking him much more seriously or certainly seeing him in a very different light than they were a couple months ago. he doesn't seem to be going anywhere. the party's over here, but he'll be back i'm sure. he'll be right back here again for something else as the show continues. >> yes, the party is just on stand by for now. ron allen, thank you sir. the pulse is live right now. the question being do you think donald trump will stick to the pledge that he has just signed in support of republicans.
11:49 am
and currently right now 65% say no, 35% say yes. roger stone, let me go back to you, former advisor to the trump campaign. when do you want to go back to work for trump? >> i have no plans to go back to work for donald trump. i think i'm having an impact by speaking out, writing appearing on shows. doing as much talking i can about the trump that i know and what trump stands for. i have a good institutional knowledge of everything he's said and written in his career. >> so when you think about the other candidates, who do you think is the most likely to be a competitor? is it ben carson who we see coming up second in a lot of the polls behind donald trump? he still has a pretty formidable lead against anybody. but ben carson seems to be the closest. would that be the biggest worry in the rear-view mirror for a donald trump cam pran? >> actually, i don't think it's
11:50 am
a worry. it is interesting that the three candidates moving up are the three candidates who are not career politicians. that would be trump, dr. ben carson and carly fiorina. i think this sa manifestation of the fact that voters are tired of politics, they don't trust elite media who they think are in bed with the established order in government and in politics. and therefore, the fact that the outsiders are rising is a very good sign. it curse to me that a trump/carson ticket would be a very strong ticket. >> certainly, as we look at these numbers. as roger brings up about the outsider message seeming to resonate. it's also doing so on the left when we think about bernie sanders. he's much more of this pop list message and wants to remain self-funded or small donations from grass roots efforts,
11:51 am
staying away from super packs. donald trump was -- the same type of message that donald trump is putting out there is the type of message we hear from bernie sanders, wanting to stay away and not attached to big money people that expect something in return. >> that's exactly right. when you're out on the campaign trail, you really feel the energy there. the crowds that bernie sanders is drawing and drurp are drawing are so vastly different from what hillary clinton is jeb bush are getting on the campaign trail. there seems to be a real hunger and appetite from voters for something different. from somebody who's not funded by super packs and by maxed out donors, but somebody who's really going to say what they believe. these voters may not agree with everything these candidates are saying. but they're still drawn to that message and it's gallon vaizing
11:52 am
the elect rate. >> it is a message that is getting people's attention. let me ask you, though, about the republicans and how they're able to capture what ask happening for donald trump for other candidates. say if donald trump isn't the one to get the nomination, how do they tap into this vein of excitement, the energy and he's able to bring? is there a way to do it or is this only strictly the trump brand? >> i don't think they can do it without nominating donald trump. look, the people are tired of the clinton, bush, clinton bush continuum. trump said it today. both hillary clinton and jeb bush are controlled by the same exact special interests. there was a terrific piece rekrintly that showed the commonality of hillary's donors with jeb's donors. that is not going to change. the republican party wants to capture the excitement of donald trump, then they need to
11:53 am
nominate for him for presidents. there's a good probability they're going to. >> isn't it funny how you say donald trump, main street is attracted to him. there's typically a street that donald trump doesn't walk down that he doesn't then make guilded. there's this separation between regular folks and a person like donald trump, but he's able to drill down and i guess take away that separation, make people feel he's accessible. there he is holding the pledge. i think we have a closeup graphic image of the fact that he signed it. we can see his handwriting. how do you think he's able to do that, being able to seamlessly connect with people that haven't lived like him? >> we saw the same phenomena with ross perot in the '90s. donald trump is not of wall street. guys.
11:54 am
but he's not of them. donald trump has his roots in queens, his family is self-made. he didn't inherit, his father didn't inherit anything. they came here, the trumps with nothing. and they built one of the great fortunes of all time. it's an american success story, but he's not a snob. he enjoys campaigning. he likes this. he's having the time of his life. compare that with jeb bush who looks like a guy who is going through the motions. i mean, he just looks lethargic and unhappy to even be here. it's like go ahead and anoint me, this is mine. i don't think it's going to go down that way. >> donald trump does look like he's having the time of his life. phillip rucker and ronler stone, thanks for both being here. want to switch gears. major breaking news out of south carolina. prosecutors will seek the death penalty for dylann roof. roof being the man who gunned
11:55 am
down nine churchgoers back in june. moments ago, they announced that decision. roof also faces state and federal charges in this shooting. a former civil rights attorney, host of "the docket." what do you make of this development. this is a big development that they will seek the death penalty. >> i think it's completely appropriate. i am personally happy about it. let's start off with the prosecution's reasoning that two or more people were killed and that so many other lives were at risk. this was a historic landmark and we heard over and over again that dylann roof stated he confessed he wanted to start a race war. and the prosecution also pointed to his complete lack of remorse for these killings. >> and one thing to point out to everybody, his defense team wouldn't allow him to plead guilty because they didn't know whether the state was going to go for this, correct?
11:56 am
>> and because no attorney worth it is going to allow their client to plead guilty on several multiple homicides. the first time you go to court. you just don't do that. it's ineffective assistance of counsel. >> dylann roof will face the death penalty in the charges against him in the shooting death of the nine people in mother emanuel church in charleston. that's going to wrap up things for me op today's show. stay tuned, luke picks up your coverage next right here on msnbc. a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be serious and life-threatening. ask your doctor about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans.
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it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. welcome to msnbc. it's a busy afternoon of breaking news. the latest on that illinois man hunt. the kentucky clerk now in federal custody and tom brady scores a win in court putting him back on the field just one week before the pats opening night. all that ahead. well, we have to begin with the breaking political story driving
12:00 pm
the hour. that is the donald. donald trump. he pledges allegiance to the gop. >> i wanted fairness. i don't have to be treated any differently than anybody else. i just wanted fairness from the republican party. the best way for the republicans to win is if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up. and for that reason, i have signed the pledge. [ cheers and applause ] so i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stand. and we will go out and we will fight hard and we will win. >> that's right. the threat of an independent run is no more. at least for now.


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