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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 8, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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it's tuesday, september 8th. right now on "first look," now that summer is over, get ready for presidential candidates to take it to the next level. the big game hunt their killed cecil lion returns to work. pope francis issues major reforms. new details of glaring errors in the amanda knox case. a sad good-bye to a hero. "first look" starts now. good morning on this tuesday. i'm betty nguyen.
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presidential candidates are back at work. hillary clinton is unveiling a campaign deal finance plan today. she wants to limit political donations by corporations and large donors. this morning, clinton is facing backlash over this parent commitment pledge. a reporter claims clinton's campaign was asking voters to sign these before interesting the event in ohio. a spokesperson pushes back saying that's not true. it's not a restriction to attend. meanwhile, vice president joe biden got a hero's welcome at a labor day parade in pittsburgh yesterday. it was the first political outing since the death of his son bowe. he had praise for another democrat. >> this isn't joe biden pro liberal democrat senator talking
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like this. populist biden got up and said today -- they'll probably say competing with bernie sanders who's doing a hell of a job by the way, bernie sanders. >> on the republican side, marco rubio made a trip to south carolina. he made the visit away from media and town hall meeting. tracie potts is live for us this morning. today is expected to be a busy one for candidates. >> they're really getting geared up now. we're more than a year from the election but a few months from the first votes being cast, iowa and new hampshire. we're seeing so much focus on those states. as you saw, that's not where the vice president was on labor day. a union town leave nothing question what kind of democrat he is. >> organize, organize, organize.
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>> in iowa, hillary clinton is working hard to hold on to her lead talking about raising the minimum wage for worker who is earn tips. >> that is a recipe for exploitation particularly of women. we're going to end that form of wage theft. >> in new hampshire, bernie sanders who's overtaken clinton's lead was the star of the milford parade. his focus, money. >> not just the handful of billionaires. >> republicans swarmed new hampshire down playing political parties. >> whether republicans, democrats, independents, together the world needs america. >> even here -- >> i love joe biden. >> everyone is is wondering will joe run? >> here's what's interesting. the polle in iowa shows the he runs, biden could beat donald trump in iowa, hillary clinton could not.
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>> interesting. we'll be watching. thank you. pope francis is rerewriting the procedures for catholics who want to get their marriages annulled. his plan is expect to be unveiled today. catholic who is divorce and remarry outside the church are are considered to be living in a state of sin. today is day to get tickets for pope's address on september 26th. they'll be available beginning at noon on site world meeting it has been months since italy's highest criminal court threw out charges against man -- against amanda knox. there was no biological evidence knox and her boyfriend were at scene of her roommate's killing.
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the report slammed police and prosecutors for stunning witness. # lawyers for knox say she's grateful for the court's explanation. >> she's satisfied and happy to read this decision. at the same time, it's a very sad story. it's sad because her roommate is no longer with us. this is a strategy nobody can forget. >> knox spent nearly four years in an italian prison for being convicted of killing her roommate in 2007. police from across the country came together monday to pay respects to a fox lake illinois officer who died in the line of duty. he was fatally gunned down last week. the man hunt continues for three suspects in his death. he leaves behind a wife and four sons. today the american dentist who killed cecil the lion will return to work. walter palmer is emerging from the shad dose after a month many
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the pub will lick eye. in an interview, dr. palmer says the hunt in zimbabwe was perfectly legal. he's heartbroken. people picketed his office and his family felt threatened. >> people have seen the pictures, this dentist with the bright white smile all over the weekend. we never saw that once. it was a very serious, business-like expression the entire time. >> walter palmer says he has not been in hiding. the 55-year-old has not been charged with a crime. europe could be close to taking on isis inside syria. the president of france could launch strikes after that. france was the first to join the u.s. led coalition in iraq. confirmation of the air strike
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in syria. prime minister david cameron calmly announced the outcome. >> today i can inform the house in an act of self-defense and after ma tick louse planning, this man was killed by raf remotely piloted aircraft while he was traveling in a vehicle in syria. >> he was the target. he is identified there on the left. two of his associateds were also killed, one a uk national. as they're increasing air strikes this morning, they're arguing what to do with tens of thousands of refugees desperately fleeing war zones. there's a controversial solution on the table, resettlement quotas. germany 40,000, france 24,000. the number of migrants is
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flooding in. many countries aren't laying out the red carpet. >> there are 50,000 in the country now. police are trying to take control and round them up. the government is treating this like invasion of desperate people. >> germany has been welcoming. our nbc team there says nearlily everyone wants to help. why if? just help this volunteer. >> because i'm a human being. if you see the situation, you can't get anything but come here. >> the german government will spend $6.6 billion to cope with hundreds of thousands of refugees they expect to take in by the end of this year. let's get down to business. land
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landon, good morning. >> good morning to you. after closing lower friday in reaction to jobs support and suffer issing the second worst week of the year. dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are up many correction. look for this week on exports, consumer. amazon said to unveil the tablet in time for the holidays. it has a six inch screen and mono speaker. the fire struggles for 99 dollars. the company is struggling against apple. this is available to anyone even if they're not a verizon customer. over to you. >> appreciate that. now to sports. defending national champions. buckeyes take on the virginia tech hokies.
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last year, buckeyes were upset on their home field. they were looking for revenge. jones hands to elliott who finds a hole and goes 80 yards for the score. buckeyes score. third quarter, jones rolling out of the pocket, finds miller down field for the 54 yard touchdown pass. miller wants more. >> miller in the shotgun. gets free on the edge. miller loose, spin move. miller headed for the end zone. >> 53 yard touchdown for miller as he hits the lebron james silencer across the goal line. buckeyes earn 14th straight win. three game series opener. yankees down 4-2. rodriguez sends one to the stands for a solo home run, 3054
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to be exact. he he passes for 2 on t2 on the run list. they win it 8-6. andy murray taking on 15 seed anderson for a spot in the round of 16. anderson took first two sets. murray was able to win the third but did not have enough juice for fourth. anderson advances for the first time in his career. murray, first time he lost since 2010. this might be the coolest video of the day. during cfl game, a jack rabbit ran over the field. did you see that? a rabbit even did a touchdown
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how about this over the labor day weekend? in florida, that's a tornado over water. call them a waterspout. this didn't do harm whatsoever. they occasionally move on shore and do weak damage. by the way, if a waterspout moves over the land, it's a tornado. this area has a chance of one to two inches of rain. not a fun day to head to work or
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school omaha, waterloo. some of this will make it to chicago today. carry the umbrella. this is the change a lot of us have been looking for. if you don't like heat and humidity, this cold front will bring that to the east coast for the upcoming weekend. not until at least thursday. today, very rare. record high for new york city. 94 degrees today. boston 94. very warm ahead of the front. behind it, not chilly. we need in the eastern half of the country, a little rainfall. we'll get that ahead of this front. not get huge amounts of rain. it's gotten very dry in areas of northeast and ohio valley last month and a half. weekend use a little rain. >> good news. the. stories making news.
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judy carne has died. born and raised in england. she was a regular performer on "laugh many in." she was briefly married to burt reynolds for two years. she reportedly died september 3rd, she was 76. attorneys for kim davis filed emergency motion calling for the governor to free her are from jail based on her religious beliefs. she's been unwilling to issue same-sex marriage couples based on her beliefs. james day claims religious beliefs did not allow him to. he referred to other judges.
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all right. 20 minutes past the hour. time for your "first look" and this morning dish of "scrambled politics." congress is returning to work today. passing a spending bill and a i ran nuclear deal. gop candidates ted cruz and donald trump are teaming up tomorrow for a protest rally against the iran deal. the unlikely duo will be outside
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the capitol building around 2:00 p.m. eastern. according to times, clinton's strategists want to show her softer side. we mentioned earlier, vice president joe biden is getting a lots of attention in the polls even though he thrown his hat many the ring. even this was tweeted last night. mtv is asking former first daughter chelsea clinton what she thinks about kanye west 2020 candidate announcement? carly fiorina and her supporters all wore red. john kasich and his crew stopped for pictures. at one point graham and bernie sanders be bumped into each
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other. >> i work with bernie all the time. i like bernie. he's doing a hell of a jog. this is the first inning of a nine inning game that starts today. >> we want wish senator bernie sanders a happy birthday. he turns 74 today. 22 minutes past the hour here in the studio, political analyst and co author of "thousand to catch a russian spy." >> i love he's wrong about everything but doing a hell of a job. people tell me that all the time. >> we hope you're right about your analysis. >> i will try. >> let's start with hillary clinton. her aids say she's going to show more humor and heart. just that statement alone her campaign is calculated. speaks about authenticity and trustworthiness, right?
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>> i'm not sure those things are learnable either you got it or you don't. where would we be without our charm? >> i don't know about that. the fact they come out and say something like that. >> it plays exactly to her problem, people looking at her and figuring it's all just kind of phony. i don't know if you could just hand her a set of lines or funny jokes and say go ahead and be different. i don't know how that's going to work. >> it speaks the question, who's the real hillary clinton? who is she? >> i'm not sure she knows. to me what's remarkable, she has been married to bill clinton all these years. you would think she would have learned that stuff at the breakfast table. he's really good at that. >> he's excellent, a pro at that. and then some say if biden getting in the race, he's going to win it.
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>> he may be messing with hillary a little. he likes to stir up mischief. i've got to tell you, biden looked great at labor day parade in pittsburgh yesterday. he felt like a candidate, right? >> he's not on the ballot. he hasn't decided if he's going to run. people are saying if he does run, his numbers are higher than some of the other candidates. >> that is right. there's clearly a lot of affection for him. in heart. it's funny hillary talks about heart because i think that's what people like about biden. he seems like a real guy, you know? >> authenticity. >> good to see you. >> thank you for being authentically you. baby fever as cub lovers get a treat.
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military selects charge for the bowe bergdahl case. misbehavior before the enemy goes back to a section before world war ii. it carries a stiffer penalty in this case. katy perry had a little trouble on her segway. perry's dad responded to her wheeling tumble by sending out a how-to from father to daughter. makes it look easy. zoo baby fever in europe. three rare leopard cubs displayed for the first time. cubs were born earlier this year. a zoo in poland unveiled eight cheetah cubs.
2:29 am
they'll be there a year before visiting different areas. and look at this. white lions visited people at the zoo. visitors had a chance to hug and pet the furry friends. this is "first look" on msnbc live. we are proposing britain should resettle 20,000 syrian refugees over the rest of this parliament. in doing so, we'll continue to show the world this country is country of extraordinary compassion. >> crisis of epic proportions. europe begins to opens border as thousands refugees pour in everyday. is it enough? he was supposed to be on the sidelines this election but are things so bad for clinton she needs her not so secret weapon to step? we're breaking down poll
2:30 am
numbers. >> we're seeing this constant war against unions. i said it before and will say it again. if i i were looking for a good job that lets me build security for my family, i'd join a union. even brady is happy he's got i a union. they had his back. >> president obama uses tom brady to make his point during a speech in boston while slamming the gop. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ good morning. it's tuesday, september 8th


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