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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  September 8, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. we begin "the rundown" with new developments from capitol hill and the iran nuclear deal. this could be a pivotal week in the showdown between the white house and congress. lawmakers are back from their five-week summer recess and go back into session in a couple hours. in about a half hour, we're expecting to hear from a key voice. west virginia senator joe manchin on whether he supports the nuclear deal. 38 senators, all democrats, approve the deal. 34 senators oppose it. president obama needs three more votes, 41, to prevent a resolution disapproving of the deal from ever reaching his desk. also developing, former vice president dick cheney, a fierce critic of the deal, is about to give a speech at the american enterprise institute. let's get the latest from
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capitol hill. luke russert is there. luke, good morning. set the stage for us. >> reporter: well, jose, after a long and hot august recess, congress has officially back and the first thing on the plate is whether or not to vote for a resolution of disapproval regarding the iran deal. we all know what happened last week. barbara mccullsky came out in support of the deal. she made sure there would not be a veto-proof majority in the senate. the white house would really like to see this being filibusters on the senate floor, not moving forward. for that to happen, they have pick up a few more votes. from conversations around capitol hill as well as what we're hearing on the white house team, they are confident they will get the votes to filibuster the resolution there on the senate floor. as for whether they'll come from, perhaps joe manchin. he's making the announcement at 9:30. he has said he could go either way. the state of west virginia is
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rather conservative. they're against it, but he said he has not supported a filibuster in the past, but perhaps he would go along with it. overall, they'll have a veto-proof jor majority. >> and then luke, at the same time, former vice president dick cheney is going to be speaking on it. no surprise on what he's going to be saying. >> no, but what is a little surpriser to people is how forceful the language that dick cheney is using, jose. dick cheney is going to say in the speech today add the aei, this deal will in fact allow iran to attack the united states with a nuclear wep weapon. he's also say i know of no nation in history that has guaranteed its own means of destruction. republicans will point to this and say this is why the deal shouldn't go forward. this is a vice president, a national security expert. democrats i spoke to said, look, if the republicans want to roll out dick cheney, there architect of the iraq war, a staunch
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neoconservative, so be it, let him come out and do this. we do not care. so i think you'll see conservatives rally behind this, but honestly, the thing i'm interested in, jose, tomorrow, donald trump, ted cruz, sarah palin having a rally here on capitol hill to try and get opposition to this iran deal going. we all know that dick cheney gets some headlines. donald trump, he gets the mega headlines. >> indeed he does. luke russert, great seeing you. thank you for being with me. again, senator joe manchin is expected to announce his decision on the iran deal in about a half hour. we will pass it along to you as soon as we get that information. developing now, it's a campaign relaunch for several white house hopefuls who are looking to gain ground following the holiday weekend. making big waves this morning, a labor day appearance by vice president biden. increasing the buzz surrounding his possible run. peter alexander is live in washington for us. good morning. where do things stand with the vice president this morning? >> hey, jose.
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good morning to you. supporters think he has a few more weeks to make a decision. frankly, until he starts raising money, this is just speculation. he has a lot to think about, though, including the latest nbc news poll from iowa that shows while donald trump would beat hillary clinton head-to-head, biden would beat trump. biden supporters were the ones doing the campaigning, campaigning for him to run. >> with summer in the rear view mirror, the race for the white house is now heating up. still unanswered, will vice president joe biden jump in. >> organize, organize, organize. >> rallying union members at a labor day parade in pittsburgh, an energized vice president hur heard a chorus of encouragement from his supporters. when asked about the possibility of a run by an audience member at another event, biden answers -- >> you have to talk to my wife about that. >> later telling reporters -- >> it's home. >> biden's decision could still be weeks away. hillary clinton is trying to
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jump start her campaign. with the latest nbc/maris poll shows an increasingly tight race between clinton and bernie sanders in iowa, and in new hampshi hampshire, clinton trailing sanders for the first time. >> we're coming after those republicans and their allies who would turn the clock back on america. >> campaigning so much over the weekend, clinton nearly lost her voice. >> well, i'm so happy to be back. my voice is a little raspy. >> in a new push to answer more questions about the private e-mail she used as secretary of state, clinton spoke with the associated press monday. her second interview in four days. what i did was allowed. it was allowed by the state department, she said. adding the controversy has been a distraction, certainly, but it hasn't in any way affected the plan for our campaign. clinton's next stop, a sit-down with ellen degeneres airing thursday, part of a packed political lineup of daytime and nighttime tv. jeb bush and joe biden set to appear on stephen colbert's new
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show, and donald trump will visit jimmy fallon friday. analysts say the campaign is at a turning point. >> voters begin looking at the race through a different lens. they start evaluating people not just as candidates they might be interested in or have fun listening to but people who are potential presidents of the united states. >> as for hillary clinton's campaign reset, this morning her strategists are promising a sort of new view of her, one to show more humor and heart. that will combat the questions about her authenticitity and honesty. and the campaign is deploying bill clinton once again beginning with fund-raisers later this month. >> thank you very much. developing now, new details this morning about hillary clinton's e-mails. the "new york times" reports that intelligence agency is doing a second review of e-mails that were sent to clinton's personal server, concluded that two of those e-mails contained highly classified intelligence. when the democrat front-runner received them, but they were not
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marked classified at the time. let me bring in mark murray. what's new here? >> jose, what is new, and as you just mentioned, this is the second review by the intelligence community. and the first round of stories that we saw several weeks ago, it was a preliminary review by the inspector general from the intelligence community who did this. this is a second go-around to look, and they say yes, there was classified information. what also is new in this "new york times" article is that one of the subject matters the "new york times" reports on regarded north korea's nuclear program. now, it's important to know what isn't necessarily new. this goes back to a spat, an argument that the state department has had with the intelligence community on what's classified and what's not. the state department maintains that that stuff they were dealing with was not classified. and it's also worth noting that what isn't new is that the standard for any kind of criminal misbehavior and handling -- in mishandling
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classified information is whether someone willfully and knowingly mishandled classified information. from this "new york times" article and all of our reporting, we don't know that that is the case. but that will be up for the fbi to decide. >> and mark, the clinton camp is already responding to the report. what are they saying? >> the same they have put out and from my colleague andrea mitchell is this comes down to a disagreement between the state department and the intelligence community on what was classified and what's not. the state department believes this was not classified information, that it might have been actually done on a parallel set of reporting that something might have been known as being classified but if it was a news account and other things that no longer, you're no longer dealing with a classified program. that seems to be what's at dispute here. but because we don't know, we don't know the actual e-mails, who was sent to what, it makes it all a bit murky, jose. >> indeed it does. mark murray, thank you very much for being with me. >> i want to take you now to the migrant crisis.
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european leaders say they can take in hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the middle east, but there may be millions trying to get out. migrants that can make it to germany and austria are being welcomed with open arms. this morning, berlin's vice chancellor said germany could handle half a million asylum seekers a year. that may not be enough. 800,000 are expected just in germany. that would be 1% of the entire population. france agreed to take in thousands. britain says it will take more as well. >> we are proposing that britain should resettle up to 20,000 syrian refugees over the rest of this parliament. in doing so, we'll continue to show the world that this country is a country of extraordinary compassion. >> european leaders may not be able to keep up as more and more people are arriving every single day. some 30,000 migrants are now packed into the greek islands. 7,000 syrian refugees arrived in macedonia on monday. long lines forming as people try
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to make their way through serbia into hungary. many have been stuck in camps for days. >> i don't have anything here. i have one, two blanket for two children. small children. my small children are 5 years. what can i do for them? >> they say one day, two days, three days. but why? why? why we are here? >> nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has much more from hungary. >> hungary is continuing with their hard-line policy. they have rounding up migrants and taking them to detention camps where they can be processed. the problem is so many people are continuing to arrive that those camps are now full. so the refugees and migrants are simply being left out in the open, sleeping in fields. it's getting cold alt night. they have no place to go. but they're not being allowed to
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continue on with their journey. most of them want to go to europe. northern europe, in particular, to germany. some european officials are now suggesting a quota system with the uk taking in 20,000 refugees over the next few years. france taking in 24,000, and germany taking in 40,000. but it's really just a drop in the bucket because while germany says it will take in those 40,000, to be officially welcomed and integrated into german society and built into the german economy, but germany also says there are going to be 800,000 arriving in germany just this year. and no one is saying what will happen to the hundreds of thousands that are in germany, which germany says it will not take. will it round them up, will it try to deport them? how will it do that? will it do it forcefully? hungary says its solution and the government says its solution which should be coming quite soon, is to finish building a
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border fence and the hungarian prime minister was in this area recently. he wants the febs to be completed quickly. once the fence is up and the border is fully sealed, we could see an enormous concentration of migrants, a big group of refugees and migrants who are trying to come in to this country. there could be violence, and we expect that that fence could be finished in just a matter of days. jose. >> richard engel, thank you so much. developing now out of virginia, vicki gardner, the third victim in the fatal tv crew shooting is home from the hospital this morning, according to a hospital press release. she was discharged yesterday. the only surviving in the august 26th attack that occurred on a live newscast. >> we're just getting started on this tuesday edition of "the rundown." ahead, big time political support for the kentucky clerk in jail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. we'll tell you about a rally planned for this afternoon.
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and developing now, we have just been told republican presidential candidate ted cruz will be visiting tim davis, the kentucky clerk in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. cruz will be the second candidate skilged to visit. mike huckabee is also planning to visit and speak at a rally of
6:17 am
davis supporters this afternoon. gabe gutierrez is outside the jail in kentucky. good morning. >> jose, good morning. >> what's the atmosphere there? >> well, people are getting ready for this rally right now, jose. it's set to begin at 3:00 this afternoon. as you mentioned, republican presidential hopeful ted cruz is scheduled to visit kim davis, but he will not participate in the rally. mike huckabee will, as will many other supporters including kim davis' husband. now, lawyers for kim davis are appealing her contempt order and they have filed an emergency motion trying to get the governor to step in and immediately release her from this jail. but the governor, governor steve beshear has said this is all in the hands of the court. davis is the county clerk who has ignited a national firestorm after refusing the issue the marriage licenses the same-sex couples citing her religious
6:18 am
beliefs. last week, a federal judge sent her to jail for defying the supreme court, and over the holiday weekend, davis' supporters gathered to call for her release. her deputies on friday did begin issuing those marriage licenses, but davis, through her attorneys, has said that they're not valid. now, today, there's a major rally scheduled, and as we mentioned, will include republican presidential hopeful mike huckabee. now, davis' attorneys, they say she's doing very well here in jail. and they say that she's passing the time by reading the bible. jose. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. after the break, we're going to zoom through some of today's other stories including a family-friendly matchup at the u.s. open between sisters venus and serena williams. >> plus, new trouble for two high school football players who tackled a referee in a game. watch, one and then the other. latest on the viral video that took a lot of people by surprise, and a lot of folks are talking about it. [ female announcer ] take skincare to the next level
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>> he was wrong in iraq. he was wrong in iraq. >> get out of here. get out of here. get out of here. >> so this just happened moments ago. a protester interrupted dick cheney during a speech in washington, d.c. about the iran nuclear deal. security struggled with the woman before finally escorting her out. the speech still under way as we speak. much more on this in a couple minutes. >> venus and serena williams are going to be taken the tennis court later today for a major battle at the u.s. open. playing each other is a familiar scenario for the sisters, happening more than two dozen times, but this time, the stakes are much higher. stephanie gosk joins us from flushing, new york. what's on the line for these two legends? >> good morning, a big night here at flushing meadows. there's a lot on the line. for serena, this could be a
6:23 am
grand slam win. that's four major titles in one year. it's tennis history and her sister who stands in the way. for venus, she hasn't won a major in seven years. this would be a really big deal for her as well. she's playing extremely well, and her sister is standing in the way. i mean, you don't even have to be a tennis fan to look at that and think, wow, that's going to be an incredibly dramatic matchup here at the u.s. open. now, they have done this before, played in finals against each other before, and they talk really eloquently about how bittersweet all this is for them. that a victory is great, but it's not as sweet as it would be if it was against someone who wasn't their sister. they describe each other as each other's best friends. they played with each other their entire lives in compton. this is a big deal. it was in london one year when they played against each other and their father couldn't even go to the match in the finals because it was too emotional. you can probably understand that. >> absolutely understand it.
6:24 am
when does their match start? >> it starts this evening at 7:00. huge anticipation here for the match, as you can imagine. emotional favorites here in flushing meadows and around the country. >> just it's going to be an incredible match, and again, historic in so many ways. stephanie, thanks. great seeing you. trouble on the football fee field, the pope's big announcement and a brushfire burning. let's zoom through today's top stories. two san antonio high school football players have been suspended from their heme and could face charges after talkaling a referee in a game. the video appears to show one of the players blindsiding the ref, another player diving on top of the official when he was on the ground. police and the school district are investigating. >> big news from pope francis this morning ahead of his trip to the united states. the pope has changed the process for anulling marriages. a system often criticized for being too complicated and out of reach for many catholics. essentially, it involves the
6:25 am
fast-track procedure that can be used when both spouses require and request the annulment. also today, 10,000 tickets will go on sale online for the pope's speech at independence hall in philadelphia on the 26th of september. just across the river from philadelphia, fire crews dealing with a large brushfire burning in southern new jersey. it started yesterday. flames have already burned through 250 acres. the dry conditions are fueling the fire. the northeast hasn't seen measurable rain in days. fire officials say it could be a few days before the fire is completely under control. and in hawaii, tropical storm jimina is churning up big ways. surfers and body borders are enjoying the rough surf, but it's been a dangerous holiday weekend. life guards have made at least 95 rescues. and live pictures right now from washington, d.c. where former vice president dick cheney is speaking about the iran nuclear deal. when it comes on the day when
6:26 am
congress returns to work and will be taking up the issue of the deal. we're watching this all for you. >> plus, a little more than an hour ago, dr. walter palmer arrived at his bloomington, minnesota, office. his first day back at office since facing backlash for killing zimbabwe's cecil the e li lion. a live report straight here on "the rundown." when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace.
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so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm.
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just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. we're following developments from capitol hill for you where at any moment we're expecting to learn whether vest virginia senator joe manchin will break ranks with the president and oppose the nuclear deal. also opposing, dick cheney slumming the deal. here he is at the american enterprise institute. >> approval of this agreement will not prevent a nuclear iran. along with a pathway to a nuclear arsenal, president obama's agreement will provide iran with funds and weapons the
6:30 am
regime will use for the support of terror, the dominance in the middle east, and the furtherance of tehran's threat to israel, arab regimes and prevent the united states from defending our allies and our interests in the persian gulf and beyond. >> dick cheney is a war criminal. why should we be listening to him? he was wrong in iraq. >> the vice president was briefly interrupted by a protester as he made his remarks. there you see it. i want to bring in marc ginsberg, former ambassador to morocco and middle east policy adviser. >> good to see you. good morning, jose. >> let me get you reaction to what we just heard from vice president cheney. very strong condemnation of a deal that at least politically seems to be going the president's way on capitol hill. >> well, jose, there's a lot of soul searching and symbolism going on, as you were reporting. and vice president cheney's
6:31 am
speech and i have read an embargoed edition of it before he began delivering it, is clearly probably the most vitriolic attack i have seen on the iran deal in quite a while. as you know, there's been plenty of members of congress who attacked the deal on the same substantive reasons that dick cheney is doing so right now. but not in the tone and tenor that he is delivering it. there is a great deal of concern, obviously, among many members of congress of the deal, and the votes that are going to take place, if there are going to be a vote on a resolution of disapproval, and it could be filibustered. there's going to be a lot of time for members bare their souls about this deal. >> meanwhile, the white house is pushing back and pushing back hard. they released a video disputing cheney's assertions. how concerned is the white house about this criticism. probably the most vitriolic criticism we have seen by those who oppose the deal. >> well, the white house has
6:32 am
pushed back against anyone who opposed the deal who are members of their own party, including senator schumer, as you know. just over the weekend, my senator, ben cardin, from maryland, came out against the deal, and had a very thoughtful op-ed in the "washington post" describing his reasons. and at the same time, the dnc chairwoman from florida, from your home state, came out in favor of the deal. so there's going to be a great deal of criticism by even those who support the deal. because the deal is not perfect. there is a reason to believe, jose, that at the end of the 15-year period, iran will be able to resume its nuclear weapons program. what the staff have to admit is a 15-year hiatus by which we hope iran will switch gears and not be interested in continuing in its bomb program after the iran deal expires. >> how is all this debating here
6:33 am
going down in iran? >> well, the iranian people clearly want to see this deal go through. and there will be a vote, by the way, i'm told, in their own parliament. the ayatollah has ordered a vote in the parliament on the deal. the iranian people want to be free of the isolation. they're hoping this deal will open up the regime to the winds of change, and for those of us who are watching the iran debate as much as we're watching the debate here, there are conservatives just like dick cheney in iran who are doing everything possible to torpedo this deal in iran as well. >> ambassador marc ginsberg, thank you for being with me. >> thank you, jose. good to be with you. >> i want to go back to the migration crisis where the focus has been on western europe and the flood of people fleeing syria and its neighbors, but remember the situation has been going on there for years. and up until now, the burden has been primarily on the countries surrounding syria and the middle east, for example, nearly 2 million people have fled from
6:34 am
syria to turkey. at least 1 in every 4 people living in lebanon is a syrian refugee, and thousands more have resettled in jordan and in iraq. other countries in the region have taken in few if any of the people being displaced. we're talking specifically about nations, saudi arabia, bahrain, kuwait, qatar, the uae. why aren't those countries doing more to help? joining me now is the chair of the contemporary middle eastern studies at the london school of science. always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> why aren't these countries helping? >> it's a very good question, jose. it's the lack of political will. it's moral failure. it's reluctance to take any refugees that could change the demographic demographics, present security to employment, even national
6:35 am
security. but the reality is we keep criticizing europe for not taking more refugees, and we should. we keep criticizing the united states for not basically absorbing more syrian refugees, and we should. where are the arab states, the wealthy arab states? they're nowhere to be seen. here is a point, jose. some of the wealthy arab states are funding the fighting that's taking place in syria. they have spent billions of dolls. why not spend $1 million or $2 million in absorbing a few hundred,a refugees. lebanon, there are about 800,000 refugees in jordan, a country of 6 million people, and turkey has taken 2 million refugees. it's a serious question. i don't have answers to it. all i have to say is the arab states have buried their heads in the sand and they have basically failed to take
6:36 am
responsibility, moral and political responsibility for one of the greatest humanitarian crises since the end of world war ii, jose. you have on average more than 50% of the syrian people are the refugees or displaced people. >> yeah, and professor, i mean, when we talk about jordan, for example, that is not just dealing with the refugee crisis from syria. in the last three to four years. and lebanon, which is not just having to deal with the refugees coming out of syria the last three or four years. when eye look at what jordan has done and what lebanon has done for generations now, having received palestinians and people who have left different difficult situations in their countries, these countries are probably the poorest of the countries, and yet they have been the ones that have done most to deal with other people's problems. >> you're absolutely correct. i mean, lebanon is a very poor country. jordan is a poorer country.
6:37 am
here is a historical note to your viewers, jose. the syrian people have always been some of the most generous people with refugees and displaced people. with the palestinians in 1948, they absorbed a million people. the lebanese civil war in 1975 to 1990, syria absorbed almost 500,000 lebanese, including my own family, who spent a year as refugees in syria. during the iraq crisis, after the u.s. invasion, syria basically absorbed between 1 million and 2 million iraqi refugees. here now, look how the syrians are being treated by the wealthy arab states and the international community. another point. the united states has donated, has given four times more money to the refugees than the wealthy arab states. four times. that is more than $4 billion. even though, again, since i'm an american here, where is the united states in all of this? why shouldn't the united states
6:38 am
absorb 100,000 or 200,000 or re? after all, the united states could take a few hundred thousand refugees and shelter. really, there's blame to go around for all sides, jose. >> and by the way, i think it's a very good point to leave our conversation saying all of those countries that you mentioned and more have some quota of responsibility in the disaster that is syria, in the disaster that is libya. in the disaster that may be going on in iraq. and in a lot of the problems that we have been seeing in that region for decades. it's not just that individual country's doing, but a lot of other countries have had far more responsibility in what we're seeing today than the national people that are forced to leave with men, women, and children, 5-year-old children drowning in boats, with their 3-year-old brothers, and that's happening every single day.
6:39 am
it's not just their problem. professor, thank you for being with me. it's always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. pleasure is mine. thank you, jose. >> thank you. to politics and hillary clinton's new attempt to revive and refocus her presidential campaign. today she's taking aim at campaign finance rules. proposing a new plan to release big money's grip on american politics. here's a new video her campaign just released. >> we have to end the flood of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our election, corrupting our political process, drowning out the voices and votes of people. >> key parts of the plan include a pledge to appoint supreme court justices that will overturn the citizens united decision. she also wants a constitutional amendment to restriction the influence of special interest. she's pushing legislation that would encourage the s.e.c. to act if congress does not, and she said she would establish a small donor matching system to get more people involved in the
6:40 am
political process. joining me now "new york times" nick confessore. nice seeing you. >> this is a way to get hillary clinton's campaign back on track and not dealing with other issues they can't control. >> a subject changer, a solid plan. it offers everything that the left has asked for on this issue, and perhaps equally importantly, it approaches an issue that is very important to bernie sanders, that he has been talking a lot about wrfrb it's important to the left, like i said, so it could be a good kind of way for her to change the subject after a bad summer. >> well, actually, it's not just bernie sanders who has been talking about this. also something donald trump has been talking about. >> look, there is a tremendous anger at the establishment right now. there is tremendous anger about special interests and corruption. this is one way to approach that issue in a way she thinks she can get action on. a way to harness some of that energy, i believe. >> at the same time, hillary clinton is getting support from
6:41 am
multiple super pacs. does that make it hard for her or maybe for voters to think that this is someone who really is trying to make a change or just politics as we see it for generations now? >> i'm not sure it's actually hard for voters to take it seriously. look, the system as it exists, reformers are always fighting the current rules, but they try to play in the rules as they exist. she can't win a campaign without super pacs, and certainly the republican candidates are not talking about this action. take your pick, a candidate who has super pacs who wants to reform or candidates who have them and don't. >> stark contrast. thanks for being with me. >> let's head to wall street. just minutes into the trading day, seeing stocks surge after the long holiday weekend. up 300 points. and this is because among other things china's central bank is expected to inject more economic stimulus after another round of weak data suggests the chinese economy continues to slow. it's the second largest economy in the world. we'll talk about this later on in today's show.
6:42 am
after a quick break, will pope francis' visit have a political impact? he'll no doubt touch on issues that could have an impact on the campaign, like, for example, immigration. that's next right here on "the rundown." selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials.
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can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? what's one way to change the tone and possibly the conversation of the 2016 presidential race? how about bringing in the pope. he'll arrive in the u.s. later this month and you can bet the things he'll be talking about, immigration, climate change, helping the poor, could all be big issues in the next election. joining me now, national journal correspondent lauren fox and ed o'keefe. goom to both of you. lauren, let's read a quote from politico. the pope's handlers insist he's coming as a pastor, not a politician, but there's no question francis' visit will carry political overtones especially on immigration where he could provide the most
6:46 am
forceful counterpoint to trump so far. when he arrives, do you believe the pope can indeed have an impact on the discussion on immigration? >> certainly, that's not his intention, but he's going to go out and he's going to talk about immigration and refugees and what the united states needs to be doing in those areas. so i think that's going to be clearly something he's focusing on. i think as we look at washington, you know, democrats and republicans are going to be on their best behavior. they're gnaw going to be going out and making a point that the pope is on their side or the other side, but this is certainly going to be a conversation, and it's going to infuse maybe a different perspective on the immigration debate than what we have seen from donald trump. >> yeah, ed, you wrote about jeb bush and how the pope's views on issues like climate change tend to clash with republicans. how does a catholic like jeb bush reconcile these two? >> bush and the other four catholics have said, look, he's the pontiff, the leader of my faith. i like several -- many other
6:47 am
catholics, probably every catholic in this country has something or other they disagree with the catholic church and that's normal. as bush has said, other pa politicians of both parties said i go to church to get my spiritual updates, not to get advice on the economy or politics or other issues. all of us especially in this town run the risk of overinflating our sense of self-importance. the pope is coming here frankly to cultivate his flock, to expand it and revive it. to think he's going to spend time talking about donald trump, climate change, abortion and immigration only is foolish. she's coming here to preach the word of god. that's what he's been hired to do, frankly, and he's not going to necessarily engage in campaign politics. look, he was doing it last week on abc. they played clips of him all week long on abortion, on immigration. has it moved the needle? did people talk about it? no, not necessarily. to think he's going to come and give a completely political
6:48 am
speech would pretty much, you know, run against everything he's done so far. while he's certainly going to make people uncomfortable and talk about things people don't want to hear about, to think that's the only reason he's coming is silly. >> but there are tone issues and there are issues, ways of dealing with difficult issues. and the tone you set. lauren, for example, you know, we have been reporting in telemundo that the pope's chair for his new york visit is being done by field workers, people with their hands, latinos that have made this very basic chair for the pope to sit on in new york. so tone could make -- could have an impact on how the discussion continues going forward. >> well, i think this has been one of the biggest impacts this pope has had on the catholic church and the faith, is that his approach to things and his tone, his emphasis on the common man and simple things, you know, like this chair you're talking
6:49 am
about, where think that has been one of his biggest impacts that he's made. >> yeah. i agree with you. let's see, and i do think that even though a lot of people will hear what he says and then turn the page, i think that there can be, we can all hope, anyway, that the tone and the semantics that we use could be maybe toned down a little bit. >> and it will be a very big moment for hispanics in this country, for latinos overall. he is the first pope from the americas, the western hemisphere. if anything, he might bring validation for them, and it fact he's so focused een issues like immigration and poverty, of concern and great relevance to hispanics all across the country, it will be a big moment for the community overall to really reflect on that and perhaps, you know, get some validation from a world leader that a lot of people admire. >> absolutely. ed and lauren, thank you both for being with me. great seeing you. >> thank you. up next, a dentist who shot and killed a beloved lion in
6:50 am
zimbabwe tries to get his life back to normal. he's still facing a lot of backlash. we'll get a live report from minnesota. >> first, check out these pictures of some backlash. look at some pictures of unwelcome guests in jackson, wyoming. two bears broke in there and explored a little bit. there was a woman in the house. she had to hide in her bathroom, her husband in the garage while calling for help. apparently one was in the garage, one in the bathroom. wildlife officials had to tranquilize the bear. i guess they found a home that was just right.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
and we are following a developing story out of minnesota on "the rundown." dr. walter palmer, the dentist who killed cecil the lion, returned to work greeted by protesters. there you see him. he made international headlines back in july when it was revealed he killed cecil on a
6:54 am
hunting trip in africa. craig melvin is outside the dentist's office this morning. craig, good morning. >> reporter: about two hours ago, dr. palmer walked into his dentist's office for the first time since the world knew his name. this is the first time he's been seen publicly since the shooting of cecil the lion. he was greeted by a handful of protesters, roughly four or five. there are also a number of police officers present as well just to make sure everything went smoothly. those protestors, those police officers, remain here. dr. palmer inside his office. we do not know whether he has seen any patients just yet, but again, the uproar after the shooting of cecil the lion continues. i mean, there's been the on-line backlash, his vacation home in florida vandalized as well. dr. palmer has hired a private security firm to make sure that
6:55 am
he's okay. i asked -- the reason i was with him a short time ago, whether charges will be pursued here in the united states. take a listen to what he said. >> obviously the local police department would not be pursuing any charges against dr. palmer for something that happened in a different country. >> reporter: so, again, there have been these calls from officials in zimbabwe for his extradition, but so far dr. palmer says -- he said this in a recent interview -- he has not heard from officials, either domestic officials or international officials, since early august. jose? >> craig melvin, thank you very much. coming up on "the rundown," we heard from former vice president dick cheney this past hour about the iran nuclear deal. we're getting word that a senator will vote against the deal. look at the markets. they're up today after a long
6:56 am
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only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. we're following breaking developments from congress and it ran nuclear deal as we begin this second hour of the run down. i'm jose diaz-balart. just seconds ago, senator manchin said he was against the deal. the senator about to support the deal will be giving a speech in the nation's capitol. former vice president dick cheney is against the deal and offers this stark warning. >> with movement on iran's
7:00 am
nuclear program, this will give them the means to launch an attack on the u.s. homeland. >> the white house is closely watching all these developments unfold and that's why we find white house correspondent chris jansing. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> manchin not unexpected. right? >> that's right. that means there's still four democrats undecided. the white house would need three to be able to ensure they wouldn't have to worry about that second vote on a resolution. having said that, i think they breathed a sigh of relief last week when they got the number they needed to ensure they wouldn't have to worry about holding up that veto. now the question really is, do they have sort of the stakes for argument? and as you know, the people who are still out there, blumenthal, cantwell, peters, widen, and they're watching what the others are doing as well, obviously.
7:01 am
you played a clip there. over the weekend they got the support of colin powell. we have seen the former vice president out criticizing the deal, so just this morning the white house put out a new video two and a half minutes long going after dick cheney saying how wrong he is about the iran deal, saying he was wrong then, meaning about the iraq war, and that he is wrong now. going point by point through a series of appearances that he made and saying that the statements that he has pushed back on, in fact, are not true. and so you can see that the white house is still going to fight this down to the wire, jose. >> chris jansing at the white house, thank you very much. great seeing you. developing now we're learning new details about hillary clinton's e-mails this morning. the "new york times" reports that the intelligence agency is doing a second review of e-mails that were sent to clinton's personal server concluded that two of those e-mails contained highly classified intelligence when she received them, but
7:02 am
those e-mails were not marked classified at the time. meanwhile, clinton facing some tough numbers in new hampshire where bernie sanders is now beating her by 9 points. vice president biden, who has not declared his candidacy for 2016, is at 16% in that state. biden is also fueling more speculation about a possible white house run speaking to the united steel workers union in pittsburgh on labor day. someone in the crowd shouted about him running for president and here was his response. >> and the major -- no, no. you'll have to talk to my wife about that. i got to talk to my wife about that. >> joining me now, msnbc political reporter alex sites. alex, goold to see you. you were there yesterday with the vice president. did he sound like a candidate to you? >> no major hints, but he
7:03 am
definitely sounded like somebody who was glad to be back out on the stump, so to speak. he was running with the parade, crossing the street right and left taking pictures with people, giving hugs, very vintage joe biden. this was a marked contrast to what we've seen of him in recent days when he was still very much mourning the loss of his son beau early this summer. just a couple days ago in atlanta, he was heartbroken talking about whether he had the emotional fuel to run in 2016. but this crowd, this enthusiasm, he said it gave him hope and it might be what he needs to get closer to a run. >> he loves retail politics. this is someone who actually thrives on touching people and talking to them. it's a very interesting politician. at the same time, alex, we mentioned the new report about these two e-mails on hillary clinton's private server. clinton's camp responded by issuing a statement saying in part, quote, since the inspector
7:04 am
general had already gone public with his view in july that these two e-mails should be considered top secret, it is not a surprise that other lawyers in the intelligence community would agree with him. that doesn't change the fact that other officials in the government disagree with this assessment. so clinton campaign keeps pointing out these e-mails were not originally marked as classified. is that response getting through to voters? >> jose, i got to tell you, i think people just aren't able to follow the close details of this, i think a lot of journalists aren't. just the general cloud of questions, of suspicions, this drip-drip-drip of stories, that does break through. the very first voter i spoke to yesterday in pittsburgh, it was a woman, a democrat, who said to me she really wants to see a woman president, and she thought hillary clinton would have been a great candidate, past tense, and the whole question about these e-mails. she said, even if republicans completely made this up, she's not sure she can trust hillary clinton to be the democratic nominee in 2016.
7:05 am
of course, that could change. the media coverage has been entirely dominated by coverage of her e-mails and falling poll numbers, but that could totally turn around. it just speaks to how difficult it's been for clinton to break through this story. >> and really, alex, the campaign season is really just beginning. >> that's right. labor day is the traditional kickoff here, and we're heading into october when the first democratic debate will happen. that will be a key moment. and then later in the month, clinton will testify before congress on her e-mails. that is what the campaign -- that moment is when the campaign is hoping to turn this story around and hoping republicans will overreact, make it look like the witch hunt the campaign believes it is. they hope to put it behind them then. >> alex, thank you very much. many republican white house hopefuls are also looking for a campaign relaunch after the holiday. jeb bush just released his first ad which will begin airing in new hampshire tomorrow. >> if you want more d.c. politicians or more
7:06 am
self-promoters, you've got us. i'm offering something different. leadership, ideas, and a proven conservative record. as governor, i cut taxes, cut spending, balanced budgets and florida led the nation in job creation. anybody can talk. i deliver. and i hope to earn your support. >> joining me now is msnbc political correspondent casey hunt. casey, good morning. who is he speaking about? >> good morning, jose. well, i think we can all agree on what the undertones of that ad are, but you talk about a reboot, in many ways this is really the beginning of what is the traditional campaign season. this is the phase for as difficult a summer it's been for jeb bush, this is the phase that's make or break. this is the place where being the frontrunner, having all these millions of dollars in the bank, having all these establishment donors on board is really going to start to show up because they're on the air. so if he can't actually make a difference with a half a million
7:07 am
dollar ad in new hampshire in the polls, that's going to tell you he has a real problem. they've been talking about this traditional advertising phase of the campaign. that's where we are at this point. >> it's interesting, because in speaking with alex, the traditional beginning of the campaign is after labor day. but with trump in the race, there's been nothing traditional about anything, it seems. >> right. well, that's absolutely right, and it's going to be really the test here, and i think you've heard it, as i've talked to people especially inside the bush campaign, but also on the superpac side, there's been a lot of wondering and nervousness about whether or not they maybe waited a little bit too long to get into this phase, whether they should have storarted it a little bit earlier. it has paid off for some people. you saw john kasich and it moved the needle for him. it generated some story lines about kasich encroaching on jeb bush. so i think the question is
7:08 am
whether -- it's pretty clear the bush team at this point is running a very traditional campaign. whether this is going to be the year for that i think remains to be seen. on the other hand, it's proven to have worked in the past. >> we've also seen carly fiorina go after hillary clinton directly recently. do we expect to see more of that, republicans attacking clinton and not each other? >> i think it's inevitable that's where it ultimately goes, jose, but i think that's part of where fiorina has carved out a niche for herself, particularly when the rest of the candidates have to attack each other, particularly donald trump in the case of jeb bush without responding, or they're not able to bounce back or above that trump narrative. so to get into the conversation at all, they're having to go after each other. i suspect at this point we'll see more of that, at least through the republican debate on the 16th. >> casey hunt in washington,
7:09 am
d.c., thank you very much. >> thanks, jose. turning to europe where leaders are trying to figure out where to put the hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing the middle east. this morning we received new video of people boarding buses as they try to make it to germany. a top official said this morning that his country could take in half a million people a year, but they're expecting a whole lot more than that. and every day thousands and thousands of new migrants show up in places like the greek islands when resources have been stretched to the breaking point. bill is here with the latest. bill? >> reporter: thousands of migrants have been effectively trapped on this island. some people have been here for as many as ten days. they've been unable to get the transient papers they need to get off the island, to the great mainland to make their way to places like germany. this is not a solution.
7:10 am
in a deal brokered between the u.n. and the greek authorities, lots more staff, more police and more ships have been provided so that these people can get out of here. it's a speedier registration process, as you can see. they are queuing up, lining up for these parties. most of them are syrian and there's iraqis as well. they have lived for the last week in terrible squallor at refugee camps with very little food, water and so on. now this is some kind of a solution. the number of boats coming across from turkey has decreased. there were very few in the last couple of days because of choppy seas and high winds. in fact, this morning we saw one dramatic rescue off the turkish coast where a turkish coast guard picked up three boatloads of migrants with about 100 people on board those boats and took them back to turkey because there was a real danger of those
7:11 am
boats sinking. so this is some kind of solution. the problem, i suppose, is that these people, and there may be as the u.n. says, about 20,000 of them, these people will leave this island and push north, and the next problem they will have is across other borders, including the hungarian one. so the problem on this island solved but not this refugee crisis. back to you, jose. >> thank you very much for us this morning in greece. lots ahead on this busy tuesday morning. senate minority leader harry reid is speaking live in washington on the nuclear agreement with iran as another democratic senator comes out against the deal. stocks soaring coming off a three-day holiday weekend. up 270 points as of 11 minutes after the hour. we're going to tell you why on "the rundown," next. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
7:12 am
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7:15 am
we're finding developments on wall street where stocks are soaring. we're up 261 points after a rough week last week. cnbc's mandy drury is here with the market rundown. mandy, what's behind this 261-point uptake? >> you could really look overseas to china last week before this move, jose, because it's a huge week for economic data out of china, and some of it came in weaker than expected overnight. so why do you say we're rallying on a weaker than expected chinese economic data? it's obviously a boost of more stimulus measures there, not that those slowing down would necessarily put us in places like europe and around the world in recession, but we certainly do not need that extra headwind. the u.s., our economy is doing fine, we just can't do all the
7:16 am
heavy lifting by ourselves, can we? so largely that move from china overnight and the soothing comments from regulators there helping things. we're also seeing big gains in sector financials here today. all sectors are higher, in fact. talking about tech, jose, apple is providing the biggest boost to the nasdaq because -- guess what happens tomorrow. >> big day for them, huh? >> yep, big day. it's a big event where we'll probably get upgrades of the iphone and other things, but obviously a lot of excitement building into their event tomorrow. >> they're even saying the big giant ipad maybe is coming out, maybe new apple tv stuff. >> they're definitely going for bigger is better at the moment, aren't they, it seems. i'm not a huge fan of those big iphones because i can't put them in my pocket. i like things that are petite. >> i think my iphone is pretty small. it works pretty well for me. >> okay. >> mandy, great seeing you.
7:17 am
thanks. >> see you tomorrow. a northeast heat wave, walter palmer and the amanda knox investigation. let's zoom through some other of today's stories. we're tracking a long, hot summer for much of the northeast. new york, philadelphia, new york city into boston could see high temperatures in the 90s today, tomorrow into thursday. there is a cold front along the central plains, moving through the ohio valley and the northeast bringing temperatures back to normal. the dentist who killed the beloved lion returned to work this morning. he faced a lot of backlash when it was revealed he killed cecil the lion with a bow. cecil was lured out of a protective sanctuary before he was killed. his practice was a scene of protest shortly thereafter. the county in kentucky is explaining why they threw out
7:18 am
the case of amanda knox. they said there is no proof she was at the scene of the murder. knox served nearly four years in an italian prison. let's go to guatemala where form he comedian jimmy morales fa was -- up next, controversy in kentucky. jailed court clerk kim davis appeals the contempt order that landed her behind bars. we're going to have new info on that case. later pope francis
7:19 am
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7:22 am
nissan. innovation that excites. and more on the developing story we have been following for you, the kentucky clerk, kim davis, who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples spending her sixth stay behind bars. her attorneys have filed appeals along with other motions in hopes of getting her released. there have been protesters of her arrest. sarah daloff is in kentucky with the latest. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: preparations well under way for the rally this morning and speaker mike huckabee. you can already see this group gathered behind me. just a few minutes ago, a man with a bullhorn gave an
7:23 am
impromptu sermon. and mike huckabee is coming to meet kim davis in jail. her supporters have been praying for her release and seen outside the detention center where she's being held, many telling us they believe god's law supercedes man's law. >> there is a law that says it's okay to be gay and get married, and to do that, it doesn't make it right in god's eyes. >> now, huckabee's rally is expected to get under way around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. ted cruz is expected to come before that. meanwhile, not all gop candidates are taking the position of these two. in fact, donald trump, carly fee reason a lindsey graham and john kasich has all publicly said the supreme court has ruled, this is the law, and it is time for davis to do her job. it is a test of wills out here, jose, between two very opposing
7:24 am
sides. >> sarah, thank you very much. with me to do a legal breakdown for us is attorney general coffey. attorneys are now asking a federal appeals court to free her as they figure out how to deal with her being in jail. twh what are their options? >> they're trying something a little different than just saying she is right, the court is wrong. usually when you're fighting contempt, there is no defense other than obeying the judge. it's not enough to say the court is wrong. they're sort of talking about their dispute with the governor of the state saying there were alternatives to putting her in this situation where, according to her, she violates her religious beliefs or she doesn't obey the supreme court. there were alternatives put into those hard choices, and they're asking the court to, in a sense, intervene in their fight with the governor to try to create some options, some opt-out
7:25 am
options so that she could, in effect, keep her job but not have to specifically sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. >> isn't it a little odd that when your responsibility is to do x and y and the law says that x and y includes this, you just say, well, i can't do my job? >> and there's a lot of sympathy in this country for conscientious objectors, or however you would characterize her position. but she's a public official. every public official takes an oath to protect and uphold the laws, including the constitution in the united states, and that doesn't mean the constitution as i see it. we may disagree with a lot of what the supreme court justices say, but at the end of the day, what those constitutie constitu doesn't mean, it's up to the courts, not the clerks in the country.
7:26 am
>> what process can she see? she's been in jail for a week. >> there are some that refuse to see these cases that see weeks in jail, months in jail. i don't see it going that long because this will create different options. but the federal judges are pretty strong, you either obey or stay. up next, after a month-long summer recess, lawmakers are back to take up the budget and, of course, the vote on the controversial iran nuclear deal. so far senate minority leader harry reid and former vice president dick cheney grabbing the spotlight today, delivering speeches on iran at almost the same time. two san antonio high school football players tackle a referee during a game. they're in big trouble.
7:27 am
that story and a lot more when we come back.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
there have been a lot of fast-moving developments on it ran nuclear deal. just a short while ago, senator manchin has become the fourth democrat announcing his opposition to the deal. former vice president dick cheney, and speaking right now, senate minority leader harry reid. >> we can take the strongest step ever for keeping iran from getting a nuclear bomb or we can block the agreement and be sure that iran doesn't have what they need to make a bomb. >> forming a path way to a nuclear arsenal is not an act of peace. it's not, as president obama claims, the only alternative to war. it is madness. >> let's go to lou gussert on
7:31 am
capitol hill. this conversation is getting really intense now when congress is back in session. >> without a doubt, i think you're right, jose. joe manchin does represent a very conservative electorate in pennsylvania, and considering there was already some established against the agreement in iran, he probably didn't have to go along with them. there are four still undecided on the democratic side. the president needs three of those four to ensure there will be a filibuster of this deal on the senate floor which will then prohibit it to ever having to get to his desk which is something the white house very much would like to see. in terms of the fireworks up here on capitol hill, expect this to be about the iran vote. it will come up on the house side. as well as donald trump, ted cruz and sarah palin holding a rally here on capitol hill to
7:32 am
try to influence their colleagues regarding the iran vote. it's a done deal because all these democratic senators who say they support it, all of that being said, though, in terms of op optics, they're going to try to get their opposition mounted up. i'll put this out here, jose, which i think is fascinating. we all thought the month of august would be about the iran deal, but it's not. why? because of donald trump. donald trump gets all the media attention. he's coming here to capitol hill to talk about iran tomorrow. had the attention been on iran in august, maybe we would have a different story. instead they're able to talk about their support to it and president obama gets a big policy achievement win end of the second term. >> lou, talk about this big extravaganza tomorrow, trump, cruz and palin. where is it going to be held and what time? >> i believe it's tomorrow
7:33 am
mid-morning. it's right outside the door over here at the russell rotunda grounds of the capitol. it will be one of these rivals we often see. expect a lot of disagreement towards this deal. ted cruz has been one of the few democratic presidential candidates not to be overly critical of donald trump. he says he likes donald trump because ted cruz eventually believes a lot of those trump voters will come to him if he fizzles out because they have a lot of the same idealogies. this is donald trump using the iran deal to help his position, and sarah palin, we all know how she attracts a crowd. this afternoon we're expecting an update on the case of two texas high school
7:34 am
football players suspended after tackling a referee during a game. school officials will hold a news conference at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. the attack was caught on video and it's gone viral. kerry sanders has more from san antonio. >> reporter: here in texas, football is a religion. but the two football players who seemingly targeted a ref may have to explain why they did what they did to more than police, because police are now investigating this as a possible crime. this morning new fallout from the shot seen around the world. watch the referee get blindsided. first one player tackles him from behind, then a second diving in head first. it's called spearing the ref. today those two high school players are in a world of trouble, suspended from the team, from school, and under criminal investigation. and now police say the ref was targeted. >> two of the teammates had been
7:35 am
ejected prior in the game, including the quarterback, but there is no excuse for this. >> social media called this inexcusable, and the school said they will not tolerate this kind of behavior. they will be scheduling a due process hearing. watch as one player takes him down. the ref's collarbone was broken and he was eventually awarded a $275,000 settlement. seven states have lost particularly protecting sports officials. they said those laws and other strong punishments will help, but the problem needs to be dra addressed before that.
7:36 am
>> it's not too late to start this in high school so the colleges already have in place to manage anxiety, anger, even rage. >> reporter: the football association has reviewed the tape and called this inexcusable. in the next practice, coaches are likely going to have the players in long drills and then have a long talk with them about spor sportsmanship and why they call this a game. jose? >> kerry sanders, thank you very much. the catholic church has a new program on annullment thanks to pope francis. >> reporter: pope francis building bridges ahead of his first visit to the u.s., reaching out to catholics whose marriages have faced challenges. catholic church announcing reforms that will, it said, make it a little easier to have a
7:37 am
catholic marriage annulled, basically that it can't happen in the long bureau krakt process. >> reporter: the pope not so much changing the rules as encouraging forgiveness, as he did last week on abortion. any woman can be forgiven for abortion if she is con trite. he said, who am i to judge about a gay priest? this month the pope will travel to cuba, then he flies to d.c., new york and philadelphia. millions of catholics are waiting to hear what he has to say to america. you may have strayed far away from us, but the church is your mother. >> a pope who speaks few words and deelds. children rise from it with a
7:38 am
warm message by the pope. never let the day end without first having made peace. >> that was nbc's keir simmons reporting. well, friends, television history will be made tonight when steven colbert takes over the late show from david letterman. the former comedy star may do things a little differently, different from his late night competitors. host of the series "the dollar show." dean, good to see you. >> great. good to see i. colbert the character has displaced than jimmy fallon or
7:39 am
jimmy kimmel showed in the tone of politics. i think we'll see more political guests and i think colbert has more tolerance. i think it's going to be a little bit more, perhaps, sophisticated, a little focused on colbert. not a political show, though. >> look at some of the guests. vice president joe biden later this week, and jeb bush is on tonight. is there a risk the show could stray from economy and entertainment? >> i think that's not truly a risk because shl, lots of money that can be made,. >> they have a supreme court justice coming on to the show. i think it's really going to be
7:40 am
interesting what the audience photograph at a time to, because he has guests on this show. i think the real question will be, are we going to see headlines, colbert not as funny as colbert the character. he's not just going to be lived up to letterman, he'll be -- >> that's an unusual thing, because when people know you for a persona that is not you, how do you then, you know, switch it off and say it's still the same person, just a different persona, this time the real one? >> i think that's the challenge. people want to see if he can navigate that. he brought almost his entire writing staff over who has written for a character steven colbert, a right wing, far right
7:41 am
idiotic pundit. some of the videos over the summer, somewhat funny, not so fun funny. i think it's a trump-like character, an over the top character with a phony accent. he gets funny stuff like little monologues which could have been eechb funnyer -- >> you like politics, jose? >> i think it will be. >> good to see you, buddy. thanks for being with us. a major shift in hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. we're going to look at the new
7:42 am
approach to wap r warming up. archeologists said they're using ground radar. the stones were about 15 feet high and found under 3 feet of earth. but was this a message not to us but maybe to -- we'll have to talk about that on "the rundown," earthie additi editio. you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect.
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7:46 am
aides tell us, quote, we want to show her humor. we want to show her heart. to that end, they're talking about it on ellen degeneres' show. they're taking it to the plaza and the program will air on thursday. let's talk about this with two people who have a great sense of humor. thank you both for being with me. >> thank you. >> jackie, what's the new strategy here? >> they want to show the soccer side of hillary, the most personal side of hillary clinton. i have to say one of the parts of this report that i found the funniest was the planned spo spontaneity. they know that hillary is having a problem connecting with voters. you can see in the polls they don't trust her and they need to put that behind her. it looks like this effort is hoping to do that.
7:47 am
>> her ratings have been slipping somewhat and the e-mail controversy is still thrown around, at least in the news. will this softer strategy work? >> i don't think it will. one thing i would dispute is i'm not particularly funny. >> you're not funny zoo the other challenge is as long as this e-mail story is out, there is a question about her e-mails as we're covering each e-mail. >> so the true game changer is when there is a personified element. appearing on "ellen" is one thing, but how do they achieve
7:48 am
that? >> they're bringing back bill. bill has all the charm that hillary clinton doesn't naturally have. back in may there were reports that bill wasn't really planning on doing anything for hillary clinton in 2015. he wasn't going to do any fundraisers, et cetera. well, that's changed. on september 15, i believe, bill clinton is going to be at a chooi fundraise esh for bringing back his wife. bill has this tooblt he's been doing for years and years and years. >> perry, the fact is it's so important for candidates to have made a certain tie to voters, a kinship, even. it's got to be difficult when you have this personality in the room, trump, who in a way is
7:49 am
defining almost how differently politicians look. >> there are arguments she will be a better leader than bill clinton ar bor bernie sanders. she tried against barack obama and lost. but she can show she would govern the country better, she has more experience, she has morrell vant experience. she wrote off some policy campaigns. one thing her stand talked about was the debate will really help, because then the debate will be her on stage sanders really went and rose in the polls without being contrasted against, and she indicates she would be stronger than him, and maybe stronger than biden as well. >> jackie, we've been seeing calls from the other candidates to have more debates.
7:50 am
maybe that could help all the candidates. >> the lower tier candidates really need the debates to get their message out because right now they're being overshadowed by everything from trump to e-mails to bernie's momentum. anything could change. this race has been kind of impossible to call in a lot of ways. i probably wouldn't have blamed them. it doesn't look like they'll be calling on the democratic side any time soon. >> thank you both for being with me. i'm just quoting you. the newest face in the late night network trk -- in today's
7:51 am
five things, passing the torch. first a check on the markets. stocks higher than expectations. china's central bank and that's what people are kind of looking forward to that could boost the country's economy. take a look at the dow. 297 points. we'll be right back. ♪ mother nature can turn in an instant;
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so tonight steven colbert takes over the late show as he replaces david letterman and it's the inspiration behind today's five things passing the torch. number one, jfk, president john kennedy used a theme in his inauguration when he claimed, quote, the torch has been passed to a new generation. he was 43 when he died. the classic show "bewitched" starred elizabeth montgomery. she exercised her power by
7:55 am
twitching her nose. two men played her husband. the first was dick york, and the second dick sargent chl. in 1962, connery played "dr. no" but has since played the torch. it has since been played by daniel craig, pierce brosnan, timothy nifen. > in the wake of the watergate scandal, nixon resigned. number 5, in the new york yankees, he stayed there for 200 consecutive days. he stayed there when calvin broke his record. thank you for the privilege of
7:56 am
your time. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. we've gotpeptocopter! ummy town. ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto.
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and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at right now on "news nation," hillary clinton's aides say they are rebooting her campaign strategy. promising more humor and heart as this chance of run, joe, run, are picking up steam. new this morning, another democrat defects. west virginia senator joe manchin says he will not support the president's nuclear deal with iran with just over a week before the deadline for congress to act. and the attorney representing county clerk kim davis will join me live as the convict sits behind bars fighting for her freedom. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with a major decision
8:00 am
by hillary clinton to reset her campaign again. her aides tell the "new york times" the former secretary of state will show more humor and heart, quote, there will be no more flip jokes about her private e-mail server, no more rope lines to wall off crowds and new efforts to bring spontaneity to a candidacy that sometimes seems wood sken and overly cautious. she will also do more tv interviews, including one with ellen degeneres that will air thursday. the polls show hillary clinton at 42% among democratic voters nationwide, 10% down. vice president joe biden is now second, 22%, up from last month. bernie sanders, 20%. a new marist poll out this weekend shows


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