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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we begin with a major decision by hillary clinton to reset her campaign again. her aides tell the "new york times" the former secretary of state will show more humor and heart, quote, there will be no more flip jokes about her private e-mail server, no more rope lines to wall off crowds and new efforts to bring spontaneity to a candidacy that sometimes seems wood sken and overly cautious. she will also do more tv interviews, including one with ellen degeneres that will air thursday. the polls show hillary clinton at 42% among democratic voters nationwide, 10% down. vice president joe biden is now second, 22%, up from last month. bernie sanders, 20%. a new marist poll out this weekend shows donald trump
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beating hillary clinton in iowa 48% to 43%, while joe biden would beat trump, according to these numbers, 45% to 49%. alex seitz-wald joins us. more humor than heart. what does that mean? >> reporter: tamron, there comes a point in every campaign when the going becomes a little bit more rough and they're trying to get the strategists and the polls out of the way. but you don't want it to come quite this early. clinton had a rough summer. she went from being the questionable, dominant frontrunner who basically had frozen out to seeing her numbers drop 10 points. and you have bernie sanders who did not even expect himself to be in this position, giving her
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a real run for their money. so on one hand, we'll see her being more humorous, more human, perhaps, less calculated, more accessible. she had an interview with andrea mitchell on friday, she has aner into with the ap this weekend and she's sitting down with us today and with jimmy fallon. she will be making no more jokes. >> a big question in the race, will joe biden jump in? he rallied at a labor day parade in pittsburgh yesterday and you could hear a chorus of supporters chanting, run, joe, run as he made his way through the crowd. the vice president then heard more encouragement as he spoke. >> run for president! >> no, no. you'll have to talk to my wife about that. i got to talk to my wife about that. >> let me bring in our "news
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nation" political candidate rebecca berg and daily news columnist, jonathan alter. thanks for joining us. rebecca, i'd like to start off with you here. i think hillary clinton can be defined as a career politician. obviously she's held office as secretary of state and senator, now, twice, and is the spouse of a former president. the notion she now has to turn to humor and heart struck me for two reasons. her life in washington, d.c., a, and b, as a woman. from humor to heart, will that appeal to the average voter? >> i'm actually surprised that hillary clinton's campaign itself has not brought this up because she is facing the challenges as a woman running for president that many of these male candidates necessarily wouldn't have to face. but it isn't only about gender. with hillary clinton, being personable, being charismatic,
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has always been a very unique problem for her because she's a very deliberate candidate. she's not necessarily warm on the campaign trail. this has been a problem for her for many years, so you can see her campaign betting this is now her problem. i'm wondering how successful she will be at this stage in trying to reset her campaign and making herself out to be a more personable, more charismatic candidate, because this is just the way hillary clinton is. and so this could -- there is a risk that this could come off as sort of a poll-tested thing for her. >> let me bring you in, jonathan, because i don't want people to think you're suddenly making this about a female candidate, but carly fiorina is not known for her humor and heart, either. with all due respect, this is a tough businesswoman, and each and every time she can put down hillary clinton, she uses the word liar, and she's very stern. why is it that the clinton campaign seems to believe that humor and heart are what's missing? >> first of all, she does have
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unique challenges as a woman running for president. >> absolutely. >> this is not something that is exclusively asked of women candidates. i can remember covering not just mitt romney but, you know, candidates like do yukakis. at some point the aides would say we need a warmer candidate, more humor and heart. this is just bumps in the road. it's extraordinarily early. you have to remember, going back to 1982 when hillary ran for president. in the summer of the election year, he was running third behind the incumbent george w. bush and ross perot, who was kind of the donald trump of his time. so i think democrats, observers, everybody needs to kind of take a deep breath and say this is
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not a significant course correction, it's not a significant moment. the bigger problem for her is that this e-mail story is not going away, at least until october when she testifies. >> which is striking for many reasons, but going back to a point well made about bill clinton at the time, but we could look at name recognition and where he was at the time versus her name recognition and where she is. i think a lot of people still find it stunning that someone who has had her expertise -- yes, it is early in the game, but she is the most recognized person in the world and one of the most experienced politicians. why the heart and humor, the direct focus of trying to effectively communicate what she feels is happening with this e-mail situation. >> she is not a warm politician, and one of her biggest problems is she's too cautious. you have to take risks in
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politics. maybe not as many as donald trump takes by saying whatever occurs to him at the moment, but you need to be more spontaneous. people can tell if you're too poll tested. >> but the e-mail situation requires spontaneity. i want to read to you when she was pushed to talk about the e-mails. she continues to say, what i did was allowed. it was allowed by the state department. she added, the controversy has been a distraction certainly, but it hasn't in any way affected the plan for our campaign. with that said, some of the warmth and other attributes we seem to seek from our politicians, including whether they like a local beer or know how to order the local hot dog, set that the aside here to clean up or effectively deal with this e-mail situation, heart or humor will not help. she tried the humor with the snapchat and that went up like a lead balloon.
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>> right. you're right, tamron, these are really two different issues for hillary clinton. on the one hand she wants to come off as charismatic, likeable, personable because it helps to have people when you're running for president, it just helps to have people like you. but the e-mail issue is a completely separate issue for her, and as jonathan pointed out, this is going to be something not going away any time soon. it will be a persistent problem for her. when you look at the way her campaign has approached this issue to this point, they've done it in a very lawyerly way which might help if they were in a court of law, but right now they're in a court of public opinion, and they're not really making the case to the american people in any sort of compelling way. we're seeing them trying to make a shift on that front as well, but no movement in the polls, as we've seen on that front. >> let's talk about these polls. at least one poll shows donald trump getting the best of her but not joe biden. when her campaign hears run,
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joe, run, i can imagine putting on the bravest face has got to stink. >> not necessarily. i was with joe biden on thursday at an event and he made comments about running for president, and i was struck in the room he didn't sound like a candidate for president. he said he would need to figure out if he had, quote, the emotional energy to run. right now he does not. that could change, and he has plenty of time to change his mind. he has said, just to understand where his mind is, he said this has nothing to do with what other people think, people want me to run. it has nothing to do with the polls, it has nothing to do with the other candidates, it has to do with what's going on in his own family in this period of real understandable grief
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they're feeling after the death of beau biden. this is an extraordinarily personal decision. it has nothing whatsoever to do with run, joe, run or anything else. >> i believe that 100%, and i'm sure people believe his candor is extraordinary. with that said, the polls and what we're hearing from people, not whether or not it will affect joe biden's decision, but if you were on clinton's side of it, you were seen as the potential candidate, and now your own party potentially looking at an option. >> that could happen, but it's also important to understand that the polls are not showing joe biden -- we usually have bigger numbers before we get in the race. these campaigns are a roller coaster all the time. they go up and down, up and down. they'll see several more ups and dips before we get to the convention. >> they're likely to go down for
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sure. thank you for being here. coming up, i'll talk to the attorney representing the kentucky clerk who is still behind bars after refusing to issue marriage licenses. and now her attorneys are making a new bid for her freedom. we'll tell you what they are arguing this morning. and also today, both presidential candidates, mike huckabee and ted cruz, are planning to visit kim davis. plus officials at one texas school will investigate whether two players deliberately targeted a ref during a football game. now some are asking, should the players face criminal charges? it is one of the stories that we are updating around the "news nation." you can join the conversation on line. you can find the tea teateam team @newsnation. you can find me on twitter and instagram. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a few hours and hundreds are expected to attend a rally in support of jailed kentucky clerk kim davis. among those showing their support for davis, gop presidential candidates mike huckabee and ted cruz, both of whom will meet with davis today. meanwhile this morning, davis' attorney filed an emergency motion they hope will get her released from jail as they attempt a ruling against her. she was given no notice that her failure to comply with the orders would result in her incarceration. today marks her fifth day behind bars after she refused to issue marriage licenses over her objection to same-sex marriages. her deputies have since issued licenses to same-sex couples. her attorney roger is here with
8:16 am
us. please tell us what resulted in her incarceration. >> the plaintiffs asked for fines to be imposed against miss davis, and there was no indication the court would go beyond what the plaintiffs asked for and imposed incarceration instead. the most severe contempt sanction that's available was imposed on kim davis for nothing more than wanting to live according to her conscience. >> but that was always an option on the table. were you or should her legal team have prepared her for that potential, that the judge would then say, if you choose to continue this road, here's the option i have available to you, and as the judge, i will proceed this way? >> there's no doubt the judge has the power to put someone in
8:17 am
jail for contempt. that doesn't mean in any particular case that it should be done without more notice given to the defendant, the person who is essentially being treated like a criminal for doing nothing more than asking for an kpeexemption for her conscience. we have to remember that in kentucky law, a religious conscience is the law, and that's all kim davis is asking for, is a reasonable accommodation. >> that is kentucky law, but the law the land that was cited by the judge and why your client is now behind bars is why we live in this country. i know we pointed out that mike huckabee and ted cruz are there to support her, but i want to tell you what john kasich and carly fiorina have both said about the case and your client. >> we saw mike huckabee earlier in the program say he stands by kim davis in her decision not to issue marriage licenses. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't agree with that.
8:18 am
the court has spoken, the court has ruled. i believe in traditional marriage, but the court has ruled. now, i respect the fact this lady doesn't agree, but she's also a government employee. she's not running a church. i wouldn't force this on the church, but in terms of her responsibility, i think she has to comply. i don't think -- i don't like the fact she's sitting in a jail. that's just absurd as well, but i think she should follow the law. >> the court's decision, their actions are clear. so i think in this particular case, this woman now needs to make a decision of conscience. is she prepared to continue to work for the government, be paid for by the government in which case she needs to execute the government's will, or does she feel so strongly about this that she wants to sever her employment with the government and go seek employment elsewhere, where her religious liberties will be paramount over her duties as a government employee? >> how did your client answer
8:19 am
that? why not get a job somewhere else and not as a government employee where you are required to follow the law? >> first of all, the united states supreme court said nothing about who within a state has to issue marriage licenses. all the supreme court said, at least the majority of the courts, was that states must recognize same-sex marriage on the same terms as opposite sex marriage. the states have always been free to decide for themselves how marriages should be licensed. and in this case, the kentucky governor not only has the power but has a duty under kentucky's religious freedom restoration act to accommodate the religious conscience objection of kim davis. it is clear kim davis is following the law of kentucky which allows her an exemption when issuing these marriage licenses would violate her conscience. i doubt governor kasich or ms. fiorina has read what the supreme court has to say, because if they did, they would
8:20 am
see their position of having to do this because the supreme court said so is completely false. >> congress shall make no law respecting an establishment off religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. that's in the first amendment. yes, you have the right to exercise your religion but you have no right to push your religion on others. state law has attempted to keep our country segregated, but, thus, the federal law of the land won there. >> the case isn't about segregation, it's not about interracial marriage. kim davis worked in the clerk's office for 27 years and no one ever made a religious objection issuing marriage licenses.
8:21 am
in this case, the united states supreme court has not said that every officer of the state has to issue marriage licenses. it ruled what it ruled, and kentucky is free to accommodate clerks who have a religious objection. that's all kim davis is asking for. >> i understand, but going back to the original question, why not pursue an occupation that would not put her in this position? does she believe she was called by god to be a county clerk in kentucky? >> kim davis was elected by the people of the county and she's been serving them well. there is no reason why anyone should have to trade their livelihood just because they want to live according to their beliefs. >> but if you're a government employee and you have been elected and you've been sworn in to pursue and follow the law of this land and you cannot do that job, why not leave that job? >> accommodation is the law in
8:22 am
kentucky. kim davis isn't defying any law and there is nothing anywhere that says government employees lose all constitutional rights by taking office. accommodation has been the law of the united states for decades. it's been the law in kentucky for decades. this notion that elected officials can't assert a religious objection to a job function, it's foreign to american law and it really ought not to be applied against miss davis in this case. >> let me also ask, you have many people who say miss davis -- we know her personal background, she was married a few times, and became born again, and reconciled with one of the men she was married to before. if her religion is against everything she believes in being a christian and born-again christian, what if a jewish couple comes in and they don't believe everything she believes regarding the role of jesus christ, or a muslim comes in, or someone who committed adultery, as she did according to her bible, when she remarried
8:23 am
multiple times? i think this brings a larger point. now we are looking at what she says she believes as opposed to a part of the law, which is supposed to be the design of this country that they are separate. so what is her line? would it be the jewish couple, the adulterer, the person in a second or third marriage, as she once did? where is her line? >> you do ask a great question because obviously none of those situations are this case. the design of the freedom of the kentucky restoration act, it doesn't decide who wins. it gives everyone who has the religious conscience objection the opportunity to present her case. sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. >> so will she say to a jewish couple, you don't believe jesus is the son of god or died for our sins, i have a religious objection to you, so i won't sign on this license. she could say that, right? >> that's not what kim davis is saying. >> but she could. if she is basing her actions on her religious beliefs, what her
8:24 am
bible and her beliefs say, all of those are an equal field. >> that's not true. religious exemptions are offered when a government program or government policy substantially burdens a person's free exercise. and in that situation, the government has to show both a compelling interest in violating that person's religious belief and the means they use to expand that interest is the means available. >> but she is choosing the so-called cynthia she takes offense to is my point here. if she is basing her actions on her religious tenets which are supposed to be separate from the government work she does, but if she is guided by her religious tenets, an adulterer, someone who does not believe the role of jesus christ as she believes, all of those people get the x mark according to her bible and her beliefs. so what point does she draw the line? >> you're putting words in kim davis' mouth.
8:25 am
kim davis has never asserted any of those things. >> only same-sex marriage. those are the only one of all of her things that her religion considers a sin or are marks against the belief, the only one of those she is standing against would be same-sex marriage. i don't want to turn this into a bible lesson, but i can go through corinthians and a number of others why this exists. what is her line? >> nor the government nor we get to decide where kim davis draws the line for her conscience. as you might expect, kim davis did live as a christian before she became one, but none of that is relevant to this discussion. kim davis has made her objection based on her conscience -- >> of her religion. >> if the government has a less restrictive means of licensing marriage in kentucky, they ask them to employ those means, and clearly they do. the governor himself said the legislation has lots of options to change how marriage licenses are issued.
8:26 am
the government has changed it once, and they still have the power to change how marriage licenses are issued to accommodate miss davis. >> but you have a government employee saying her religious beliefs which are protected to have in this country but she cannot perform her job based on these beliefs is what she's saying. again, going back to divorce, something she has pursued as a choice multiple times. the bible, in both the old and new testament, god hates divorce. and there are very few exceptions where divorce is allowed. it goes on to name adulterers and people who have divorced in the same vein as any other sin. she has chosen this lying in the sand to be the sin of same sex. there are people who might wonder if she worked there, will she then look at me in the same objective or less than objective way of same-sex marriage and not give me a license? she cannot do her job. >> if someone wants to make a charge of discrimination against kim davis, let them come forward.
8:27 am
>> and they have, obviously. >> the united states supreme court in the hobby lobby case said it's not the government's job to decide whether it's consistent with their beliefs or a reasonable objection. the government's job is to decide whether it's sincere. >> but she's not following the federal government. >> it doesn't matter. the test is the same. government employees are not exempted or excluded from rifra application. >> well, right now she is behind bars and we'll see if the latest legal maneuvering will pursue or get her from behind bars, but obviously i think you understand there are both serious sides of this argument that should be respected, and i appreciate your time. >> thank you, tamron. developing now, the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion returns to work today and was met by protestors. why he's questioning humanity after he says his family was threatened. a live report is next.
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welcome back. the city of baltimore has reached a $6.4 million wrongful death settlement with the family of freddie gray. baltimore mayor rawlins blake just made this statement announcing the proposed settlement saying, quote, it would resolve all civil claims relate the to do city of baltimore, the baltimore police department, individual baltimore police officers, and any other persons or institutions who might be deemed responsible for the death of mr. gray. the proposed settlement agreement going before the board of estimates should not be interpreted as a judgment on the guilt or innocence of the officers facing trial. freddie gray was 24 years old when he died of a neck injury while in police custody.
8:32 am
those six officers involved still face criminal charges. and the minnesota dentist who faced outrage for killing cecil the lion returned to work for the first time this morning. walter palmer did not speak as he ran past a handful of protestors and threw open the doors of his office in minneapolis. over the weekend, palmer spoke out about the anger of the public telling the associated press, if i knew this lion had a name and was important to the country or a study obviously i wouldn't have taken it. nobody in our hunting party knew before or after the name of this lion. we see extra security behind you there. part of this interview, john, this dentist made mention of what he sees is actions of humanity in society because his family is being threatened. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. dr. palmer is inside his office, presumably seeing patients. we've seen a couple people go in
8:33 am
and out so far this morning. now, if mark can pan over, i can show you there are about a half dozen or so protestors here. they're asking for palmer to be punished. they're also asking for patients to boycott it. but as we say, we have seen patients go in and out. one patient spoke to us. if mark can come back, he said he was here to support dr. palmer. he's a retired physician himself. this is his first visit to dr. palmer. he said he understands the difficulty of running a practice. and tamron, as you say w in tha interview over the weekend with the associated press, the m minneapolis star tribune, excuse me, he did talk about this. he said he came back today because he's a medical professional, he needed to get back to his practice, he wanted to get back to his staff and patients who are supporting him. he also talked about the impact on his family. he said it's been especially
8:34 am
hard on my wife and daughter. they've been threatened in the social media, and again, i don't understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all. in the interview he said he thought the hunt was legal. he said he had no idea the lion was protected and had a collar, and we should also note that he has not been charged with any crime, and he says he has not been in touch with any officials either from zimbabwe or from the u.s. fish and wildlife service. tamron? >> thank you very much, john yang. very interested in seeing the dentist back in his office. up next, new video shows desperate refugee families breaking through police barriers at a camp in hungary today. they are hoping to find a country that will offer them new hope. there is possibly a solution in the works and what role could the u.s. possibly play in all this? i'll talk live to a reporter who
8:35 am
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we are back with a new call from the union for more countries, including the united states, to step up in helping ease the migrant and refugee crisis in europe. new video shows hundreds of people breaking through a police line at a camp in hungary this morning. on the serbian border they have been waiting for buses to take them to budapest, but only one came. the u.s. representative for migration said today that wealthier countries must take in refugees, quote, buying their way out of this is not satisfactory. >> the ones that i've mentioned have an obligation to take their fair share. it includes the united states, it includes canada, australia, latin america and the far east. they all have a responsibility.
8:39 am
>> also this morning, hungary's prime minister said he has deployed more workers to finish a fence along the serbian-hungary border in order to keep the migrants out. joining me now is holly, humanitarian aid agency. she was just in turkey last week visiting a refugee camp. thank you for joining us again. obviously, it's one thing to see these emotional pictures, this video coming in. that should tug at our hearts and minds. you were there on the ground. how best can you describe to us what you witnessed and saw? >> well, the world is seeing just how desperate and catastrophic this situation has gotten, and how the global community is failing to meet even a threshold of need. and i witnessed that really firsthand, especially in turkey, a country that's taken in the most refugees.
8:40 am
and i heard the harrowing accounts that they told me of having to leave syria. this has been the worst year of the conflict in terms of violence and displacement ju. just halfway into 2015, there's bayne million people displaced in syria and refugees continue to leave as we are seeing. and people expressed to me, you know, how they need school for their children. their children have missed out on years of education. before this conflict, their children had never missed a day of school. they need basic things for survival. they need food, they need money to pay rent, and they need jobs so that they can pay for the rent. again, this -- we're seeing just how catastrophic this situation has gotten. people -- their neighborhoods are coming under barrel bomb attacks, and at this point, five years into the crisis with no end in sight, they are desperate
8:41 am
just to find a place to rebuild their lives. >> we have a map of the countries taking part in this, quote, resettlement quota. france, 24,000 people, germany 40,000. the ap is saying the european commission is expecting wednesday to announce more countries and numbers, spain now saying they will accept the number recommended as well. but we know it was only a matter of time before many wonder what else the united states can and should be doing here. the associated press said in an article, the obama administration says it is actively considering ways to be more responsive to the global migrant crisis including refugee resettlement. the u.s. provided over $4 billion in humanitarian assistance since the syrian crisis began and over 1 billion in assistance this year. but you have some organizations calling on the u.s. to step up and do more. >> yes.
8:42 am
the u.s. has taken in less than 100 refugees -- sorry, less than a thousand refugees, and there's always more that can be done. the global community as a whole has got to step up and take on more responsibility, as we're seeing this, again, reach catastrophic levels. >> thank you for the work you are doing on the ground, and obviously you have great responsibility to continue the cover of this story. it is raw to show the images that would certainly make anyone want to act and do something here. thank you very much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. the story is the focus of today's "news nation" gut check. what does your gut tell you? should the u.s. be doing more to respond to the global refugee crisis? go to msnbc and vote. a major victory for the president and the obama
8:43 am
administration. they announced they are voting yes on the deal bringing the total to that magic number 41. that is needed to block republicans opposed to the agreement. joining me now live, nbc senior political editor mark murray. the headline was joe manchin was against the deal, and now 43 minutes into the show, we have a new headline. >> that's right. it shows you how fluid this whole story has been, tamron. but it's important to keep this 41 number in perspective. 41 sitting democrats would potentially allow president obama not to have to cast the veto because those 41 could help in launching and killing the resolution by filibuster. but not all 41 of the yeses on the iran deal are people who would be guaranteed to filibuster this. so it is worth noting that you could have a senator here or there who might support the iran deal but who might not support a filibuster.
8:44 am
there is still one remaining democrat left, maria cantwell of washington state, and she is a yes, giving democrats as much as 42 and maybe a little wiggle room to yield that filibuster. >> thank you very much, mark. coming up, the pope makes a big move ahead of his trip to the united states. the church is simplifying procedures for marriage annullments, saying it would bring millions of divorced catholics back to the church. we'll dig into that story when we return.
8:45 am
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8:48 am
annullment or receive communion. the new law allows for fast track decisions and removes automatic appeals. joining me now, father thomas reese, senior analyst for the national catholic reporter. thank you so much, father, for your time. >> good to be with you. >> it's an interesting time to have this decision. a, obviously his big trip to the united states, and the big story of the day with what's happening with the county clerk in kentucky as it relates to her religion and what she sees as her moral compass in life. nevertheless, we're so long from famous lawmakers down the line. we've seen people being told they couldn't take communion, that the process of annullment was very long and complicated and now we could see a change here. >> well, i think what we see is, again, pope francis wanting to stress the compassion and love of god. he talks about the church as a
8:49 am
field hospital that binds up the wounds of people, and i think he wants people who have suffered through some kind of a marriage breakup to be able to have some way of being reconciled with the church. and this speeding up of the annullment process, making it simpler, i believe, is a step in that direction. it's going to cut the amount of time it takes to have an annullment by, you know, by six months to a year. and it looks like it could set up a process that would even bypass the whole tribunal system and allow a bishop to annull a marriage. >> 62% of catholics say the church should allow divorced catholics without an annullment to receive communion. but i want to transition to an article i read over and over this weekend in the "new york times" about why the pope has waited to visit the united
8:50 am
states. i was curious on your thoughts. it says, he's troubled by privileged people in nations that consume more of their fair share and turn the backs on the vulnerable, the message he will probably deliver when united st blessed with great gifts that from those to whom much is given, much is expected." just an intriguing article from obviously he doesn't speak english, and just some of the other challenges but overall, this responsibility that he wants to articulate to the country that so many have benefited being in, part of. >> yes. one of the essential roles of the pope is to be a prophet. like the old testament prophets, he listens to the word of god and then he looks at the world around him and points out where it's not in sync, and that's what he does as pope, and i think when he looks at the world, he especially the economic system he sees that
8:51 am
poor people are not benefiting. he walked through the slums of buenos aires as an archbishop and met poor people who were not benefits from capitalism or globalization. in fact, they were suffering from it. as a prophet, he has to point this out and say we need to do better. we need to have an economic system that helps the poor, that just doesn't increase the gdp, doesn't give us more consumer items but actually helps the poor. >> father reese, it's always a pleasure to have you on and we are very much looking forward to september 22nd through the 27th. it will be an incredible few days in this country. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> always. come up, president obama runs wild with bear grilled in alaska. did he eat squirrel, like i did? i've seen some of the things bear eats and it's got to be something that doesn't still have its legs and eyes on it.
8:52 am
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before we end the show a lot going on this morning and here are things we thought you should know. president ohe bama is about to welcome the reigning men's college basketball champions duke blue devils to the white house. second time the blue devils will be honored. these are live pictures behind me, they visited in 2010 as well. the social media lit up when it was announced president obama would be on a special episode of nbc's "running wild" with bear grill. we got a sneak peek. take a look. >> this is half eaten by a bear. >> i heard a little sizzle there. >> yes. >> i think a piece of salmon,
8:56 am
that will work just fine. it would have been nice if we had had a cracker to go with it. >> try a little bit of this? >> let's try that. mmm, that's tasty. >> that's proper alaskan salmon for you. >> bear is a mediocre cook but the fact that we ate something recognizable was encouraging. >> okay, when i was on that show, i had to eat a funky squirrel that was covered in flies. granted that's the president. he gets basically a meal that you could find at any restaurant in the country. bear grill, i have an issue with that. those are the things we thought you should know. don't ask me how squirrel tastes. not like chick opinion i'm tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. ross and nathan were appalled
8:57 am
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9:00 am
donald trump upstaging hillary clinton in iowa. but it's joe biden who would trump them all if he runs. >> you got to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. wave of humanity, hundreds of thousands continues to stream across europe, a treacherous journey to escape the ravages of war. >> i don't have anything here. i have one, two blankets and for two children. >> and they say one day, two day, three day twice. >> what i have here, my journey starts from one month ago. >> i feel sad and feel sick and feel pain. i see about all of syria and it's very dangerous. >> and late show rapport, stephen colbert replaces letterman tonight on cbs.
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