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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 9, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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about as powerful as 80% of the portable computers. the new ipad pluses. and apple tv powered by siri will let you go through content and shop right from your living room. >>ky already see it on a lot of holiday lists. that's it for me this hour. michael eric dyson picks up our live coverage next. kooeeyboard keyboard. ben cars is said to address a crowd in california this hour. we'll go there live. and the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is headed back to work but there is trouble brewing. and first we begin with reaction from both sides on the iran nuclear deal. at this point the iran agreement is expected to pass congress. republicans simply don't have
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enough votes to derail the deal. 42 senators currently support the agreement, which is two more votes than needed to keep aopponents from scuttling it. role cal report today said republican leaders are reportedly taking up other legislation saying that the president has not held up his side of the bargain. earlier hillary clinton gave a speech where she expressed her support for the agreement. >> either we move forward on the path of diplomacy and seize this chance to block iran's path to a nuclear weapon, or we turn down a more dangerous path leading to a far less certain and riskier future. that is why i support this deal. i support it as part of a larger strategy towards iran. >> clinton also made clear she would not allow iran to cheat on the deal. >> my starting point will be one
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of distrust. you remember president reagan's line about the soviets? "trust by verify." my approach will be distrust and verify. the iranians and the world need to understand that we will act decisively if we need to. so here is my message to iran's leaders. the united states will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon. as president i will take whatever actions are necessary to protect the united states and our allies. i will not hesitate to take military action if iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> republicans also spoke out about the iran agreement today. they took a far less measured approach than clinton, holding a tea party rally outside the capitol building. ted cruz served up plenty of red meat for his base. >> this iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic. it is the single greatest
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national security threat facing america. and if this deal goes through we know to an absolute certainty people will die. americans will die, israelis will die. europeans will die. if iran gets a nuclear weapon, the single greatest risk is they would take that nuclear weapon. they would put it on a ship anywhere in the atlantic and they would fire it up straight into the air into an atmosphere. they would set off what's called an emp, an electromagnetic pulse. it would take down the entire electrical grid on the entire eastern sea board and kill tens of millions of americas. we can stop that. >> a short time later donald trump came to the podium and slammed the iran deal in his typical fashion. >> i've been doing deals for a long time. i've been making lots of wonderful deals, great deals. that is what i do. never, ever, ever in my life
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have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. and i mean never. people that we were negotiated with and were working on the sanctions with, including and as an example russia who is selling tremendous missiles to iran -- you know that. ballistic missiles being sold. all of these countries -- all of these countries are going to do business with iran. they are going to make lots of money and lots of other things with iran. and we're going to do and we're going to get nothing. nothing. we are led by very, very stupid people. very, very stupid people. >> former alaska governor sarah palin was also at the rally today. she wasted no time expressing
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her disappointment with the deal. >> only in an obama world full of the springily fairy dust blown from atop his unicorn has he's peaking through a pretty pink kaleidoscope would he ever see safety for america in this treaty. you don't reward terrorism. you kill it. you don't lift sanctions. you crack down on their assets. you cutoff their oil and drill baby four own. we don't retreat. we reload against any foe daring to test us and that is what iran just did. they tested us. >> republicans have made their positions overly clear on the iran nuclear deal. for more let me bring in retired major general paul eaton. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us.
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>> some at the rally said the deal is hard to enforce. do you agree? >> absolutely not. this is the most robust set of protocols that we have. we have -- you know, i trust our intelligence community. i trust the iaea, i trust our ability and the technological capacities we have to actually find out and track what the iranians are doing. no, no, the 100,000 members of vote vets, plow share, folks we're working with, we're behind this 100% because it is verifiable. >> and what about the president? do you have any reservations about how the president has handled the negotiating the deal or making sure that the deal actually passes congress? >> little known fact, soldiers love diplomats. and we have absolute faith in the diplomatic community that has structured this deal. secretary moniz, secretary kerry, we are behind these men. they have done a beautiful job. their team has done a great job. working very hard to work this.
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>> we saw and we showed clips of secretary clinton speaking about the iran deal. what is your reaction to what she had to say today. >> the secretary is spot on. she has -- she sided wh ecited we did with president reagan and the star treaties in the past. trust but verify. verify we will. we will see if anything happens that's untoward. we'll find it. and we'll clamp down on it. >> and again we showed clips of what donald trump had to say. senator ted cruz. sarah palin, what is your reaction o about what they had to say today. >> unfortunately there are those in the conservative movement of the united states that believe that military action first is the solution to all things that are a problem. if we don't make this work, i suspect -- i'm convinced -- that we will have to resort to military action to stop the iranians from obtaining a nuclear weapon. this deal, this agreement will
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prevent iran from having a nuclear weapon. >> let me ask you something about donald trump in something he reportedly told an author of an upcoming biography. he said he always felt he was in the military because of his education at a military-themed boarding school called the new york military academy. what is your reaction to that. >> as a soldier, having spent four years at the military academy and 33 years on active duty, father of three soldiers, married to a veteran, i think anybody to have done so outlandish a remark as that is living on another planet. i've never seen anything like it. >> let me bring you back to the iran nuclear deal. what do you think would happen to the credibility of the united states? or even the standing of the united states in the world if congress were to reject the deal if republicans on the hill were able to scuttle it? >> a lot of other countries on
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the planet have a great faith in their diplomats. the p five plus one. this was negotiated with seven entities. p5+1 and iran. the united states in concert with our allies has achieved a perfectly verifiable deal. and some of these countries on the p5+1 may not be terribly friendly right now. but several are our allies. and we must close ranks with our allies. >> let's talk about the american people. there is a new poll from pugh that shows public support is dropping. only 21% currently approve of the deal with iran. why do you think public support is dropping? >> koch brothers and millions and millions of dollars have been spent to misqualify this deal. there is a lot of disinformation out there. and it is being achieved and promulgated by very, very wealthy people who have been
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able to put ads on the airways that are false. they are misleading. they are ill informed and the american people have had a steady diet of this. i regret that. >> so what can the president do? what should the president do to buck up public support? or at least to keep it from falling? >> our president is doing exactly what he needs to do. the bully pulpit of the president of the united states of america and his work with the legislators who are on board with this program, with this agreement, are going public every opportunity we have. and the president is doing -- he's doing a great job making his case. and he's making his case with scientists, with engineers, with retired military, with everybody who is on board and his diplomats. he's doing well. >> duke to you think the presid needs to do a joint session of congress where he lays out the case once again we've seen time
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and time again, particularly in the first term oaf president obama where we had these do or die moments of the major piece os of lengths. in legislation. where particular the healthcare bill where many believe he saved the bill by rallying people in the room not only democrats but also people around the country. does the president need to consider doing something like that? >> i am certainly not wise enough to counsel the president on achieving the most important foreign policy objective of this term and perhaps of his presidency. i will tell you that i've spoken with a number of legislators in our work on the hill with vets and plow shares and move on. and the president is engaging on a very tactical level, on a point-to-point. which when you have a call from the president of the united states yourks pick it up and you talk. and if the president suspects
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that he has a real issue here, that is certainly a huge instrument available to him. i'm not sure -- i don't think we're there. >> major general, thank you very much for your time tonight. >> jonathan, always a pleasure, sir, thank you. >> ahead this hour. republican presidential candidate ben cars season getting ready to speak to the crowd in california. we'll look at what's behind the doctor's rise in the republican ranks. and later hillary clinton says she's sorry for her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. a look at the e-mail scandal ahead ♪ mother nature can turn in an instant; don't turn back. introducing the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable.
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. queen elizabeth ii became great britain's longest serving monarch today. 63 years, 7 months and 3 days and breaks the record of her great, great grandmother queen victoria. elizabeth ascended to the throne
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at the age of 25. according to the "new york times," in that span there have been 12 u.s. presidents, 1 british prime ministers, 11 russian leaders and more than 30 pet corgis in the queen's care. the queen herself was very humble. at an event to celebrate the opening of a new railway she said the following. >> many, including you first minister, have also kindly noted another significance attaching to today. although it is not one to which i have ever aspired. inevitably, a long life can pass by many milemilestones. my own is no exception. >> more ahead. stay with us. carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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addressing a crowd in california. in recent weeks the retired neurosurgeon has rocketed to second place in national polling. the only candidate who beats trump in a head-to-head match up for the republican nomination. like trump, cars season weon is his political outsider status on his on arm. trump himself pledged to take back the country. he called mexicans drug traffickers and rapists and on tuesday night, on tuesday, he finally shared his thoughts on the black lives matter movement. >> i think it is very simple. all lives matter. whether it is black or white and how they get in the way with this -- >> no with that group. what does that group want? >> i think they are trouble. i this i they are looking for trouble. i looked at the couple of people that were interviewed from the group. i saw them with hate coming down the street last week talking about cops and police and what should be done to them and that
2:18 pm
was not good. and i think it is a disgrace that they are getting away with it. i think it is disgraceful. >> donald trump's views aren't innovative but his rejection of coded language is noteworthy. ben carson offers a welcome reprieve. one argues that a portion of carson's popularity stems from his ability as a black man to say things that conservative and white audiences get attacked for. carson dismissed the assertion tuesday night. >> so many people on the other side see everything in racial terms. and they believe that you have to think a certain way. if you have a certain skin tone. news flash, that is racism. >> wishing to take race out of conversation is the back door to ignoring disparities and those affected. joining me now -- thank you for being here tonight. >> good to be with you jonathan.
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>> is ben carson the republican anecdote to donald trump? >> well i think there are a lot of different things going on with ben carson. the first is, you know, we often say you don't have to be a brain surgeon to be president. he actually is a brain surgeon. a the neuro surgeon. and i think his professional story is just impressive to a lot of people. even people who don't agree with him on anything. second, i think he is the kind of soft spoken outsider who has a reach to religious voters in a way. or evangelical conservatives in a way trump doesn't. i think he's picking up some of that. and i think it is not race in quite the way that ben carson was referring to it. but i think when you look at the history of the united states, conservatives have always had an attraction to african americans who preached an up by your boot straps message. historically it goes back to booker t. washington in some ways. but recently you have had figures right now in the u.s. senate, senator tim scott,
2:20 pm
people like herman cain, former congressman j.c. watts. intellectuals like tomas shoal our shelby steel. these are folks who preach a conservative message who happen to be african american and it has to be affirming for a lot of conditionsti conservatives. i think that is a reality of our history. i don't think it's racist. >> ben carsons spoke about black lives matter movement as well. and if a republican candidate embraced the black lives matter movement, do you think they would face rejection from their own party? >> i do at this point. i think it is fascinating about what trump is doing on this is he really seems to be in a very conscious way a reviving the nixon campaign of 1968. and that could have some real effect if crime rates really do start going up again. there are some spikes in murder rates in some cities. he talks about the silent
2:21 pm
magenta just like nixon did. he's using law and order just like nixon did. and i think the attack on black lives matter dove tails very well into that appeal. and so i think that is part of trump's message. it also by the way fits with what he said about mexican americans. >> you know what they are saying about black lives matter and what donald trump has said about mexican americans might play well in the primary -- among primary voters. but let's say one of them actually becomes the nominee. let's say ben carson becomes the nominee. will what he has had to say about black lives matter hurt him among a general election populous? >> well i think -- i mean that "new york times" story you showed briefly i thought was very good on that. there were a lot of republicans, including conservative republicans who were very worried about the messages the party is sending on race, on gay marriage and on mexican americans.
2:22 pm
because they don't have to win the hispanic vote. but they sure need a higher percentage. and what they say about black lives matter, they are probably not going to get a huge african american vote. but there are a lot of white moderate whose want a racially conciliatory message and not a message like the one they are giving right now. so that is why a lot of republican professionals are worried abdomen this. >> mitt romney in the last election only got 27% of the latino vote. let me change gears here and talk about a donald trump stumble on foreign policy. ben carson seemingly backed him up on that. let's take a listen. >> there is nobody who knows everything. and i think the people who do the best are the ones who know how to utilize experts around them. >> ej, what do you make of that? why is ignorance seemingly in style? >> i think ben carson might be preparing himself for his next
2:23 pm
interview with hugh hewitt, in case he forgets a name or two. you know, what i think is that, you know, people who are passionately for trump are not going to be botherered by this. they are going to see criticisms of him or of ben carson in the case of his supporters as kind of nitpicking and elitist. but i think a lot of undecided voters in the republican party care passionately about foreign policy. republican pollers care more about foreign policy than democrats. so i think some of those will really be looking for expertise. and so when we talk about the possibility that there is a ceiling on somebody like trump or perhaps on ben carson, i think part of that ceiling will be a worry, to put it gently, that in the case of trump that he o really could handle american foreign policy. >> that sort of dove tails nicely soo to my next question. donald trump flaunted his time in military school saying it was better than some military
2:24 pm
training. and ben carson defaults to his experience as the talented neurosurgeon. are voters buying into these comparisons? >> you know we have -- you know, we elected a lot of veterans beginning with war ing witning . and we've fallen away from that. the first president bush was a courageous veteran. the second president bush was in the national guard. president obama wasn't in the service. i think candidates are better off just to leave it. not to raise it and sound like they know what they are talking about on foreign policy. i think the efforts to make it sound like you have done something that is equivalent to being in the military always fail because there is nothing really equivalent to being in the military. >> ej, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. still ahead. hillary clinton opens up about the e-mail server controversy. and outrage over alleged mistreatment of syrian migrants
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a disturbing incident out of hungary as migrates from middle east earn nations eastern nations. this woman was identified as an employee of hungarian news network and one tv. the woman was fired tuesday after the video went viral. chief editor told reuters the incident was shocking and unacceptable. it is reported n 1 tv has ties to the hungarian right wing political party. the country has taken a hard stance on migrants crossing the border. that government hazard refused to enact quotas for those seeking asylum and the prime minister is reported to enact
2:29 pm
now antiemigration laws later this month. many other european nations have been open to accepting thousands of migrants. this morning secretary of state john kerry discusses the united states kmiemt to helping the migrants. >> we are committed to increasing the number of refugees that we take. and we are looking hard at the number that we can specifically manage with respect to the crisis in syria and europe in their migration to date. >> the united states currently accepts 1500 syrian migrants per year. still ahead hillary clinton apologizes for her private e-mail server as the controversy takes a toll at the polls. plus why kim davis is striking a sour note with musicians behind eye of the tiger. stay tuned. >> i'm kate rogers with your cnbc market wrap. stocks give back some of tuesday's gains. the dow falls 239.
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. hillary clinton is reversing course and apologizing for using a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. during an exclusive interview with msnbc's andrea mitchell last week clinton wouldn't directly apologize. >> you said recently using your personal e-mail while you were
2:34 pm
secretary of state was not the best choice and that you take responsibility. are you sorry? >> well, i certainly wish that i had made a different choice. and i know why the american people have questions about it. and i wanted to make sure i answer those questions. starting with the fact that my personal e-mail use was fully above board. it was allowed by the state department. >> this has created what even your own campaign manager said are some head winds. a lot of noise out there. so let's get through some of it. first of all, are you sorry? do you want to apologize for the american people for the choice you made? >> well it wasn't the best choice. i certainly have said that. i will continue to say that as i've always said many times it was allowed and it was fully above board. >> during an interview with abc news last night clinton did apologize. >> as i look back at it now even though it was allowed, i should have used two accounts, one for
2:35 pm
personal, one for work-related e-mails. that was a mistake, i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> as you sit here, millions watching tonight, did you make a mistake? >> i did. i did. as i said. it was allowed and there was no hiding it. it was totally above board. everybody in the government i communicated with. and that was a lot of people. knew i was using a personal e-mail. but i'm sorry that it has raised all of these questions. i do take responsibility for having made what is clearly not the best decision. >> clinton's apology comes as she continues to slip in the polls. a new poll from monmouth out tuesday shows clinton losing ten points since august. non candidate vice president joe biden has gained ten points and bernie sanders has picked up four points. there is some good news. her favorability rating among democrats?
2:36 pm
71%. for more let me bring in my guests. thank you both for being here. betsy, does it matter that hillary clinton actually, finally, apologized? >> of course. but it seems like too little too late. and the "new york times" reported she decided to apologize when she did after she got a focus group of new hampshire voters saying they thought she needed to say she was sorry. it is very baffling. >> john, what do you think? >> sure it matters. i agree with betsy. but same token it is still too legalistic. when you say yeah i'm sorry and of course it was still above board and i didn't do anything wrong. the problem here is that she resisted coming forward with this and having this discussion for too long. now it is -- it is being picked apart. you know, how did she open her eyes? how did she move when he did it?
2:37 pm
the better strategy is do a ton of interviews. do this a hundred times. to the point where people start to get a little bored with it and maybe it occurs to them to ask another question. >> talk about the nitpicking of her apology, one of the things that comes out is her tone. her tone didn't sound right. she's -- as you were saying she sounded too legalistic. too grudging. >> if i just say -- if everybody in america was going to analyze how jonathan capehart asked that question -- which they may -- you are going to is a start to second guess it, right. >> there is a lot of material for analysis. you just look at the tick to be of a couple of months ago where she was saying she didn't do anything wrong to last week sorry i'm not sorry. to going on abc apologizing. on the one hand clinton faces enormous scrutiny. on the other hand that doesn't mean that a lot of the scrutiny
2:38 pm
isn't very grounded. >> i always say looking at both the clintons is look liking at them through a fun house mirror. no matter what everybody has some sort of warped view of them. and looking at the interview she did with david meuer yesterday. that is a completely different candidate than we saw six months ago. can we agree on that? clearly she's contrite. she knows it is doing damage to her campaign and she's trying to fix it. or am i wrong? >> but a focus group told her to do. >> and my fear is there are literally 25 people who talk to you before you walk in to say here are the things i you should -- don't do this, don't do that. at the end of the day this is an important thing. again this is why i suggest doing a lot of interviews. at the end of the day you have to keep doing it at at such a rapid rate that it becomes a part of you and you stop looking for counsel on how to do it perfectly. for an example of it, for what it is worth i mean -- and i know it's bizarre. take a look at donald trump.
2:39 pm
donald trump i don't think thinks a lot about what he's going to say. but he just goes and says it and if it is a terrible thing the next day he says i stand by and it here is something else i find interestingich. >> he's done tons of interviews and he's on tv every day and he's more o coherent and talks better in better sentences than a month ago. maybe she could take a lesson from his playbook. >> i didn't want this to become a conversation about donald trump. but the things is there is only so long donald trump will be able to bluster his way through interviews not giving specifics. i think if anything hillary clinton and donald trump have the opposite problem. she speaks in very much specifics, can answer lots of questions. donald trump can't. >> they are essential opposites. they are the complete opposites. the tragedy of our current moment is that those who dotted their is and crossed their ts and worked really hard and studied everything and did all
2:40 pm
the stuff up the ladder now sometimes get trumped by the guy who didn't pay attention. >> on the republican side of the field, underqualification is now a qualification. carly fiorina, ben carson and donald trump are all running on the fact they have no experience. clinton is the opposite and she's struggling. >> and i wanted to bring the conversation back to hillary clinton. like i said before she's falling in the polls. is it only because of the e-mails? or do you -- do you doubt that she's actually falling in the polls, john? >> i think it is a lot more complex than that. she's not being done any great favors by joe biden. let's be honest here. >> months of considering whether i might run because she's, you know -- she's bn being done no favors but if we step back and look. this is still somebody leading, except more new hampshire. she's leading nationally. you just showed a high approval
2:41 pm
rating. i do think people have some real problems with her on issues. i think that's why bernie sanders has done well. he never criticized her. he just has different issue stands and i think there are some -- there is some territory there that has to be worked through. but the fact at matter is is hillary clinton has a lot of space, i think, in which to connect with the democratic base. and i think we maybe are just a little bit over talking her crisis. >> well i would agree with you on that. betsy? >> i think it's still safe so say she's the democratic nominee. that said, sanders has an authenticity and unfiltered approach people love. we live in increasingly digitized world. and people see candidates in person more often than every and sanders plays off better. and clinton is not doing herself favors. >> i made a mistake saying 72%
2:42 pm
favorability. it is 71%. what does that tell you? >> how many so many democrats are worried about her. her voting record, her legacy, what she can talk about. already her position is an historic woman in the united states. how come 29% of dems are oh keeping their powder dry. >> i've heard some things at rallies for other candidates for martin o'malley or bernie sanders, i don't hear hatred with hillary clinton. i hear concerns on some issues but i really want to emphasize, i think that she has a lot of sm space. the challenge for her now is to fill that space. not to be resistant to the interviews, not to be resistant to the trail but to leap into it and really give herself to this candidacy. >> can she leap into that space as long as us in the media and folks out there are talking about whether vice president biden is going to jump into in race? >> what would happen if he did?
2:43 pm
>> it will be great for business. as a reporter that would be fantastic. >> great for our business. >> run joe run. that said not only is bide an problem for her but look there are all these questions about the e-mails she hasn't resolved well. almost like week by week she treatise it differently. that makes it harder for hr to do interviews. who knows what he's going on asked about. "new york times" yesterday whether it was an e-mail about north korea's e-mail program that went through her server. she's going to get asked about that. it is going to be hard to go on late night shows yucking it up when literally information about nuclear bombs could have gone through an unsecured server. >> and if that is the case, if this keeps getting -- if it grows to that point, yeah biden is going to get in. guarantee you that. because if it really gets to the point where people are saying this is very bad stuff. it is very serious. we don't know where it is all going to end up. but here the bottom line. joe biden is not going to get
2:44 pm
into that race casually. he's not going to go oh i know i'm 20 points down but i think i'm going to take a shot. he will get in if he actually believes there is an open space that has to be filled. and if you listen to joe biden right now he's not talking much about hillary clinton. he actually in pittsburgh said that bernie sanders, he's doing a held of a job. biden is trying to fill many space, not just one. >> you think he's actually going to get in. >> i don't know that he's. if he does it is going to be very confidently, it's got to be real. >> the best predictor of him getting in is the fact he's run for president before. the old line, it is like having a tropical disease. it stays in your system forever. you always want to run. he's done this before. he has the itch. i think that is the smartest reason but i have no special intel. >> we don't know. >> we don't know. >> but i do know we have to go. thank you very much. still ahead kim davis is out of jail. what does it mean for marriage
2:45 pm
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married to morty kaufman. [ lee ] now that i'm getting older some things are harder to do. this is not a safe thing to do. be careful babe. there should be some way to make it easier [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up and see what's cookin'. oh i like that. look at this it's got a handle on it. i don't have to climb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did you notice how clean it looks? morty are you listening? morty? [ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know kim davis ♪ >> you know that tune. that was now infamous kentucky clerk kim davis walking out of jail to the song "eye of the tiger" by the band survivor. that walk out is quickly
2:47 pm
becoming legend but survivor isn't a willing participant. the band went on social media to protest their music being used to espouse views contrary to their own. on their facebook page they wrote no, we do not grant kim davis any rights to use my tune "convey of t ie at tiger." and on twitter survivor co-founder said i have not authorized the use of eye of the tiger for kim davis and my publisher will issue a c.&d. this does not reflect my views. more ahead. you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges. can you spot the difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look. the one on the right just used 1% less fuel than the one on the left. now, to an airline, a 1% difference could save enough fuel to power
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after spending six days in jail, kim davis t embattledemba kentucky clerk who refused to issue same-sex license marriages is set to return to work on monday. a spokesperson for the group representing davis said she's taking a few days off to decompress. she's been busy reading the hundreds of letters of support people have sent her. meanwhile, seven marriage licenses have been issued to same-sex couples since davis was jailed according to the county deputy clerk. davis' name has been removed from the licenses. one of his employees says he'll continue issuing the licenses after she comes back. the judge in the case said davis can remain free as long as she doesn't interfere.
2:51 pm
davis's attorney said she won't back down. then there's a question of whether the licenses issued in her absence are valid. the governor and county attorney disagree. davis has been attracting attention from some 2016 candidates, including mike huckabee. he explained why he supports davis on "morning joe" today. >> because of my faith, i believe that i have a responsibility to stand with those who are being persecuted, not only for their faith, but for following the law. and especially those who are being beaten up by the heavy hand of the judicial branch of government and put in jail for doing what they believe is right. >> this afternoon, davis' attorney addressed the speculation over what will happen when she heads back to work. >> kim davis is the only person that can decide what kim davis will do. she will not under any circumstances violate her conscience, and the core of who
2:52 pm
she is. >> as to whether she's prepared to go to jail again, her attorney says she'll pay whatever price is asked of her, in order to maintain a clear conscience. up next, a new survey by the national bar association, has some surprising stats on race relations in the united states. we'll have the details after this. stay tuned. ke i sweat money. i want to smell the way champagne tastes. i love champagne. infuse your laundry with... ...up to 12 weeks of luxurious long-lasting scents... ...unstopables in wash scent booster. across america, people like badominique ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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the light of race. why can't you actually look at the content of a person's character? and see what they have to say. if they happen to be of one race or another race, so be it. that does not have to be the central issue. >> that was dr. ben carson, bemoaning the focus on race in national discourse. unfortunately, the conversation and the increasingly tumultuous racial climate aren't calming down. only 1 in 5 believes the nation is close to racial parity, one of the findings released from the national bar association today. a majority of black and white respondents believed black people are treated unfairly by police. and while the substantial majority of americans agree that race relations are better today than they were 50 years ago, most respondents, regardless of race, believe relations have grown worse in the last decade. as a nation, sensitivity to racial violence and policing
2:57 pm
practice, comes into focus, the national bar association is calling on leaders to respond. joining me now, benjamin crump, president of the national bar association. thank you very much for being here tonight. >> thank you for having me, jonathan. >> so, ben, what was the most unexpected finding in your survey? >> well, it was that last one you mentioned. it's astonishing that older whites feel that we will reach racial equality, but only 1 in 5 black millenials believe that we will reach racial equality in america. but when you think about that, in talking with the sax media research group, they reminded me that these millenials have only lived through trayvon martin, michael gray and ferguson. they did not live through the
2:58 pm
'50s and the '60s, much more horrific, and we overcame that. right now, the only thing they've seen is injustice at the hands of police officers killing unarmed people of color. >> ben, according to your survey, more black millenials use the word caution when interacting with another race and white millenials use the word curiosity. what do you think accounts for this difference? >> well, certainly, i think a lot of us is shaped by the media. when you think about how race is portrayed in the media, the trayvon martins, the michael browns, the tamir rices, black teenagers who were all killed unarmed, are defined as doing something nefarious or evil or thug. but when you have white teenagers like dylann roof and the shooting in newtown massacre, who actually killed people, they're defined as being psychologically disturbed.
2:59 pm
so i think the young people are watching this and they're very distrustful of how they're being labelled. >> so what systematic and historical policies need to be reexamined then to correct what you were just talking about? and also economic disparities? >> i think you hit it right on the nail there, jonathan. we have to use this data, this real data, because we don't want to go on assumptions. we want to go geographically around the country and see what people are feeling on race relations and use that data to say, how do we apply this on the federal level and the local level, because the most effective form of government is the government closest to you, your mayors, your state attorneys, your police departments. we want them to use this data and say, maybe we have to re-examine the way we're doing things with community policing, how we're doing sentencing, how we're doing grand juries and prosecutions.
3:00 pm
so hopefully we can use this real data to get real solutions. >> benjamin crump, president of the national bar association, thank you. >> i'm jonathan capehart, thanks for joining us. msnbc live continues next. >> right now on msnbc, trump, cruz, palin, rally the right against the iran deal. i'll talk about it with barbara boxer. plus a lester holt exclusive, an emotional interview with survivors of the charleston massacre. and the hero pilot who saved lives in las vegas. and is siri getting a little bit smarter? big news from apple. i'm richard louie. we'll start this hour with the huge fight surrounding the iran nuclear deal. this deal is dominating the political world. late today, a big tea party rally against the deal wrapped up at the capital and some major conservatives voices spoke out, including ted cruz, donald trump, and sarah palin. take a list


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