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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 10, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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these guys is going to have to -- to win someday and maybe someday soon. second republican presidential tonight. finchts look is up next. it's thursday september 107th and right now revealed for the first time tonight the bob bitrap. donald trump launches a full scale attack of insults. >> we have stupid people running the operations. then planned parent hood -- it's football night and the nfl begins on nbc. well, good morning
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everybody. thanks for joining us today. revealed for the first time we're getting a horrifying look inside of the trapped apartment of a mass murder. it was rigged to blow. now that the trail for james home is over, a view of what was inside the apartment. along with smokeless powder and according to court testimony it was wired to kill and these pictures were captured by a robot. he laid out the plan and it included leaving music playing loud de. the goal was to bait someone. one of the the neighbors said that she approached and had her hand on the doorknob but decided to call the police inside. that was a smart move.
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right now the show down is dominating the 20716 campaign trail. they kaim together for the rally, and trump did not go into details on why the deal is so bad, put he did make some big promis promises. >> we will be so much winning if i get elected that you may get board with winning. >> that's quit a statement. arizona senator gave a blistering critique but also on if floor was bernie seanders. hillary clinton i am out in support of the deal yesterday. she had a clear message for
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iran's leader. >> as president i will take whatever actions are necessary to protect the united states and our allies. i will not hesitate to take military action if iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> right now president obama has 42 senators approving the deal. as the world copes with the refugee crisis -- a camera woman was filmed kicking people passing by her. the camera woman works for a far right wing television and fired on the spot. tracey is live in washington. tracey, that's a live opening this morning.
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how are they responding to the crisis? >> well, we don't know for sure. they're working on it. we don't know when or how many refugees the u.s. is taking in. it likes like it could soon hit our border. >> they're fleeing and europe cannot handle them all. >> how can president obama say that it's our moral obligation to prevent the worst thing in the world were but are refuses to do anything. >> lawmakers are not sure what to do. >> what our role is is unclear to me at this moment. >> the obama administration is looking at bringing some refugees here. >> we are committed to in creasing the number that we take and looking hard at the number
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that we can specifically manage. >> there are security concerns. >> to bring about a peaceful solution to the world. that's what driving them to flee. >> all right tracey. thank you for that report. now arizona. state police call it terrorism. over night a 10th shooting incident and the most resent in 12 days. hundreds of thousands of people drive through and luckily nobody has died. a $20,000 reward is offered leading to a request.
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two players were suspended and adramovitz assistant coach was put on leave. there nfl fans tonight is the night. it's been a while since super bowl xlviii. the quest for super bowl 50 begins tonight. there's this and the american gaming association estimates $95 billion on games and only 2 million of that is legal sports book in nevada. that's a number there. nbc is live outside of the
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stadium and not beating, but we are beating that the back crop to all of this is deflategate. >> no, i don't know where the rest of the fans are. never to early too and after an off season that's left a lot of fans with a very bad taste in their mouth. >> they left the field last season as champions. >> and tonight the patriot's and their fans will decelebrate and hanging the fourth banner inside of the stadium. >> i think that tomorrow is going to be a special day. start of the season. >> still not the end for the controversy battles that have
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plagued them this season. deflategate, four game suspensi suspension. >> i will be excited to run out there on thursday night. it's been a long seven months for everybody. >> the legal battle will last even longer and the nfl will file an appeal. for the first time as commissioner he will not attend the game. >> then you start to talk to football again. that's what we need. >> then it starts right here tonight. >> that's right. the patriots and steelers right here tonight. it's a beautiful morning and
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it's going give some rain. forecast ers say that we will continue to see it throughout the rain. betty, what do you like. >> don't try to play it off there. >> everything is fine. maybe not as prepared as i should be. >> thank you. we will take it. steriles coverage begins tonight on nbc. in sports we do front ochoa begin at the u.s. open. >> one of the highlights is -- >> yeah, that was a goods laugh. these guy versus the money. >> yeah, maybe embraced and there are the stars and two time u.s. open winner and katie and
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then cruising to victory in number 12. >> there's a one for three and kind of back. kiss it good-bye. okay. let's get down to business. ten minutes past the hour. good morning to you. the markets have a rebound on the early games on wednesday and then a 411 swing from today's high and let's look and let's say that new features on the iphone may not be enough to
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get people to upgrade. they also say that the ipad pro is big too. tell him that you're similar to our tablet. walmart announced free shipping for $50 a year and move of amazon prime that cost $799 a year. >> i know. earlier and earlier every year. we have more ahead and massive flooding. we will have the latest on that. the pilot from the gulf plane. you're watching "first look."
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a typhoon hit a day ago and dumped a month worth of rain in 48 hours. a lot of the riv ers have never flooded and now the military is sending people out to rescue people. buildings have collapsed and it's a devastating scene there. 17 hundred thousand people e vac walted there and they told another 7,800 that you that they may have to e vac walt as the water goes down the stream. we will keep you updated on that. here we have a flood advisory. this area needs the lain, and the timing is going to be a little commute. on and off downpours how much rab is possible should be one to three inches.
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the cold er air is trying to push in and that's why we have a rainy day. >> all right. on top today. thank you. for the first time we're hearing from the captain of the jet that was aboard the fire take off on tuesday. they're getting praise and it may have saved lives. we have the details. >> the may day using the call speed bird came just before take off. >> we have the fire. we are evacuating. >> that calm voice cap pain chris a pilot with 472 years.
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-- >> at the airport people watching the horror. passengers slide down and sprintding for safety you including lisa. >> i looked behind me and there's an engine the size of a haus, and the flames are just a feet in the air. doug 107 people on board and carrying enough flight for new english land. thick black smoke started to bellow the poet. some are on the ground and attended to extinguish a fire, but did not work. a terrifying end and he has been set to retire if a matter of days. >> that was hally jackson
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side effects can lead to dehydration... ...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. donald trump appears to mock the appearance. according to the author he and trump were watching the news when carly came up on the scene
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and trump said look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that the face of the next president? well carly was quick to respond on fox's the kelly file. >> i am not going to wonder what he means but maybe i am getting under the skin a little bit because i am climbing in the poles. blasting donald trump for tend of the world song. they're not happy about him using that. the band member tweeted saying in part do not use our miekz or my voice for your charade of a campaign. >> bernie sanders has it and there's a local artist and creating the bernie sanders. do you get it. >> okay.
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pretty much every candidate has the own campaign gear that you can buy online. ted cruz has something that no one else has. for $50 you can buy this. black lifted and loving it. we're not kid asking this paemp is posed to be with fails website that's not the only thing that you will find for sale. >> who can resist this item that's available and a quac powell with. i know that it says no name op it. >> that's the morning dishover scrambled politics. good to see you bob. >> good morning to you. >> okay. so trump called everybody
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stupid. did he just in assault everybody's best and brightest even hoes from the u.s. what trump does is he thousands a tantrum every time that he opens the mouth. >> yeah, he is saying that he is the best at everything. if erected the u.s. is going to win at so many things that we're going to get board of winning. >> it's funny enough because there's a big concern that people are going to get dump window trump. that's why it has not gotten the attraction. after a while they may run out
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of space. yeah, the looks. let's face it. i am not the expert. do you think that the he has a face that's attractive? >> even more so. i am not going there. you're not dragging me into this. more importantly is that the temperament that you won't out of the next president? >> well, i think right now the merch people are so fed up by the works. >> you tied to drag me into that today. nope, not today. a sellty stick failed. you have got to see. plus more of the fallon and tim er lake promans. with be sure to check the web or
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the supreme court hemd and upheld the health law. no it cannot be easily torn down. it will not be torn down now and some future president that replaces this one. they're back. jimmy fallon and justin timberlake mastered the history of rape. >> note ♪ ♪ >> now here is a look at something that you should not do while driving.
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he was distracted by the camera and rear ends the pick up truck in front of him and sends a canoe in the windshield. lay off the selfie stick. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ >> out site ers battle and ben car concessions the faith and whether carly has the look to be president. a tackle on the way to the event and the uts open. u.s. the new york leave department is on the right now. the justice zpt say that is it's about to get tour on those that settle the crimes and cash. it's 530 "on the record" on the east coast and 430 on the east
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coast. can you imagine that the fashion of the next president? she is a woman, and i am not supposed to say bad things. come on guys. are we serious. >> well, i think that excepts speak for themselves. all the many many many thousands of voters out there that are helping me to climb in the po poles, yes they're serious. just maybe i am getting up the skin a little b


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