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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  September 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. hey, there. good thursday morning. i'm alex witt in today for jose diaz-balart. first up, something we haven't seen yet in the presidential race. a new poll released shows hillary clinton losing her lead in iowa. she is now just behind senator
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bernie sanders with less than five months until the crucial caucuses. this we should note, this was kikted around the labor day holiday and mostly before clinton appaologized for using private server. on the republican side, it seems the more donald trump ups his rhetoric, the numbers climb. his campaign reaching a new high this morning, but he's also at the center of yet another controversy this morning, all thanks to an interview in "rolling stone." we have both sides covered with kasie hunt and kristen welker. let's start with you, kristen, who is in ohio, where hillary clinton will be holding an event this hour. how does clinton's campaign hope to turn the numbers around? what should we watch for this morning in ohio? >> well, first, she's going to be rallying her base here in ohio, and later today in milwaukee, both events aimed at women voters, alex. they're so crucial if clinton wants to win the white house.
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all this comes as you point out amid new warning signs. according to the latest quinnipiac poll just out this morning, bernie sanders now edges clinton in iowa, 41% to 40%. the last time the poll was conducted, clinton had a 21-point lead. now, while other polls have clinton leading, this is one of several recent indicators showing santders gaining strength and clinton struggling in the wake of the emale controversy. the other key strategy is they want secretary clinton to show more of her personality, to try to turn the page on the e-mail controversy that's one reason why she's going to be appearing on "ellen" later today. we see her dancing during this appearance with ellen. and we also hear her talk about her age. take a listen. >> they're saying if you're elected, you would be one of the oldest presidents elected, which does that matter? don't we want experience more than anything? isn't that important?
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>> i think it's very important, but the way i look at it is i would be the youngest woman ever elected president of the united states. >> now, alex, clinton aides also point out despite these recent poll numbers, the reality is secretary clinton does have a strong lead over her democratic rivals when it comes to fund-raising, when it comes to orinizing on the ground. looming over all of this is vice president joe biden. he is still considering entering this race. he's going to be in new york later today. and then he'll appear on the late show with stephen colbert. all eyes watching that appearance very closely to see if he gives us any hint about what he might be thinking. >> okay. i have to say that, that ellen stage was epic. it was built right outside of 30 rock here. it was phenomenal. >> so cool to watch. >> let's go to the republicans. donald trump dealing with mixed news today. we mentioned that a new national poll has him standing at 32%. he's become the first gop
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candidate to garner more than 30% support from the likely republican voters. fresh comments are making for fresh controversy. in a newly published interview with "rolling stone" he takes a personal swipe at the only woman in the gop field, carly fiorina. quote, look at that face. trump is quoted as saying, while watching her on team, watching why everyone would vote for her. trump told cnn this morning he was talking about fiorina's persona, not her looks. our political correspondent kasie hunt is following this for us. i have to say, really? anyway, what is carly fiorina saying about the comments? >> comments like this are at the root of what got donald trump in some trouble, some would argue he handled it, it wasn't actually trouble, but a very public argument with megyn kelly. she referenced previous comments along these lines he made about other women in public life. this time, he's going after the only woman in the republican
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field. here's what she had to say. >> well, i think those comments speak for themselves, and all the many, many, many thousands of voiters out there that are helping me climb in the polls, yes, they're very serious. but maybe, just maybe, i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> so there's another question here, alex, about whether or not this is going to be something that sticks to donald trump. he managed to weather the controversy with megyn kelly perfectly well. now, we have seen in that poll, him crossing 30%. you know, that's a really important number only because that's really with such a wide field, if you can hit that number in one of these early states, there's no way that you don't walk away the winner. i think we had talked a lot earlier about the idea of him having a ceiling, maybe 22%, 23%, the base of the party not able to expand that. i think that some of this polling is showing maybe he can push beyond that. >> all right. well, carly fiorina there maintaining her dignity in the
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wake of the latest trumpism. thank you so much. bl let's go now to the iran nuclear deal and republicans' last ditch effort to dismantle the agreement despite the fact that president obama now has enough senate support to filibuster any attempt to reject the al. the gop will not make it easy. as congress gavels in later this hour, republicans are juggling a number of options and votes that could begin as early as this afternoon. but both house and senate republicans seem to agree on one thing, they want to force democrats to go on the record on the iran deal. a politically tricky vote, particularly if it takes place tomorrow with it being the 14th anniversary of 9/11. luke russert is joining me live from capitol hill. a good morning to you. what's going on there? >> good morning, alex. interesting amount of twists and turns over the last day regarding how the house republican conference is going to deal with this iran deal. originally, we thought it would be a resolution of disapproval similar to what we were seeing from senate republicans. in the middle of yesterday,
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house conservatives said we want to do more. we think the administration has not been forthcoming about quote/unquote side deals between the iaea and iran regarding inspection of the nuclear facilities. they also want to be adamant that they are not approving of the sanctions relief that the obama administration is going to give iran, saying that funds terrorism, and they don't want a vote on a resolution of disapproval. they want to switch it around and make it an approval resolution because their idea is if you have to make democrats vote for the deal, more will vote against it and it will be symbolically better for them in terms of a numbers tally. interestingly enough, the real story is you're seeing these divergent paths taken by senate republicans and house republicans and it will be a real split as we have an upcoming budget fight at the end of september. on the snalt side, mitch mcconnell and bob mcconnell are sticking to the playbook.
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look, a simple vote, a resolution of disapproval. democrats are going to filibuster it and that's it. that wasn't enough for house conservatives. they wanted to be on the house more forcefully. you're going to have three separate votes now in the house, saying thas essentially don't believe the side deals were disclosed as well as the sanctions and they want to have the different resolution of approval. all that being said, what does it mean? the iran deal is still going to go through. september 17th is the deadline that everyone agrees to. from conversations with house conservatives, they believe in the possibility of some legal action in the future, whether it's done by a house or a state's attorneys general, something of that magnitude that they can keep this in the headlines going further. also, the issue with the side deals, one conservative said it's not over, we're going to investigate those, look into them. look, the iaea and 180 countries that have nuclear capabilities all deal with the iaea and their secret deals because that's how it works.
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it will be interesting to see how this works out but a thorn in the side of the leadership. >> absolutely. thank you so much from capitol hill. >> let's go now to the latest developments surrounding the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of people coming from the middle east, heading to europe. we have now learned that some of them could be coming to the united states, but the number is relatively small. the u.s. has agreed to raise the number of migrants it's willing to resettle in america next year from 70,000 to 75,000. compare that to the 800,000 expected to seek asylum in germany, a country with a population, by the way, of about a quarter the size of the u.s. meanwhile, in hungary, a record number of migrants arrived wednesday and officials may send troops to the border to keep future migrants out. thousands have been trapped in hungary, stuck in the makeshift camps, prevented from making their way to germany and austria. an official said hungry has become, quote, a place of absolute humiliation. >> people are kept in pens like animals. out in the sun without food and water, without any medical
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assistance when they get sick. it's simply unacceptable that people are being treated like animals on the doorstep of europe. >> claudio lavanga is live with the latest from there. what's the update from there? it sounds heartbreaking at best. >> yes, alex. let me show you what's happening here outside the train station in budapest. there are 10s of hundreds of refugees waiting for their chance to get on one of the many train s that go to austria and germany. hundreds have been cuing since the early hours of this morning as they do every single day. they pack up inside the station. the coqueue were quite orderly, but we have seen pretty distressing scenes of a woman, for instance, collapsing on the platform. looks like it was an epilectic attack or maybe she was exhausted. we know that then she managed in
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the end to get on one of those trains. now, they don't know, probably yet, that the austrian railways have just posted a notice on their website saying they are counseling all the trains to austria from hungary because of what they said is massive overload. now, they say this should be temporary, so hopefully these people will manage to get on one of the trains if not later on today, maybe tomorrow. the situation is even worse down south of the border with serbia, where hundreds of refugees are forced to sleep in the open, in the cold. now it's even raining heavily down there because of the refugee camp is massively overloaded as well. now we heard that yesterday alone, more than 3,300 refugees crossed into hungary from serbia. 3,011 were forceally detained. we're hearing there's a military convoy going down south possibly for military exercises on what they say is a deployment of
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soldiers to help the police stop and stem the influx of migrants into hungary. >> one crisis after another. claudio, thank you. well, developing out west now, police presence is doubling along the very busy section of highway in arizona as fears grow that a sniper could be on the loose and taking aim at drivers. there have been ten incidents in the last 12 days. and authorities say at least five vehicles have been hit by gunfire. hundreds of thousands of drivers pass through this stretch of interstate 10 every day, and some drivers are avoiding the area completely. >> i changed my route to work. i drive a little bit further now. >> it's cowardly. it's not right. >> state police are calling it a case of domestic terrorism, and a local director of transportation is warning the public to remain vigilant. we're just getting started on this thursday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in japan after a river broke through a levee. pictures are just incredible. we'll give you a live report
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from eastern japan next. plus, the father of the virginia tv reporter killed in a life shot is rallying on capitol hill next hour for stricter gun control laws. we're watching that for you and we'll talk to the founders of moms demand action for gun sense in america who will also be at the rally. to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity.
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we're following developments from capitol hill where the father of murdered tv reporter alison parker will join a rally against gun violence. last month, parker and her cameraman adam ward were shot and killed in a live television broadcast invirginia. this biez a disgruntledded former co-worker who later took his own life. shannon is on-hand for today's
6:17 am
rally. i'm awful glad to speak with you. i know this is part of what you call the national what it takes day of action. what's your message. >> we're here rallying for our congress to pass common sense gun reforms. today is the 1,000th day since the shooting at sandy hook elementary when 26 americans were slaughtered in the sanctity of an elementary school, and that's the type of the iceberg. since then, we have had such horrific gun violence in the country, yet our congress has done nothing. this is a national problem. we need a national solution. in the meantime, we're winning in the states. we have passed laws in states to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. we have passed background check laws in six states. what congress won't do, we're doing in the states, but we aren't giving up. if this congress won't do the right thing, we'll get one that will. >> so shannon, defying common sense. what specifically do you want to see happen? >> first and foremost, we're
6:18 am
looking to pass background check laws. we know they work. we see them in states, in the 18 states that have passed background check laws, we see police killings cut in half. we see domestic homicides cut in half, suicides cut almost in half. we know these laws work, and we already have them for sales for federally licensed dealers. we need background checks to close the private sale loophole. we need background checks at every gun sale in the country. we know it will save lives but congress does nothing. >> alison parker's father is on capitol hill. how is he going to help the conversation? >> i can't imagine the courage and bravery it takes to say he will do whatever it takes to stop gun violence in this country in the wake of his own daughter's murder on live television. i can't imagine that, but i'm grateful for hiss voice in this discussion. we need it. he has said he's going to commit
6:19 am
his life to this. moms are going to stand with him, go toe-to-toe with the gun lobby. i was on msnbc the day after wayne lapierre doubled down after sandy hook. i said a tsunami of angry moms is coming your way, and we have been relentless in the past thirty-two years. we're passing laws, we're passing policies and we're going to get congress to do the recognize thing eventually. we're like drips on a rock and we're not going away. >> shannon, i'm going to be off the set in about an hour and 40 minutes. i'm going to look up and sign up. >> >> after the break, we'll zoom through some of today's top stories including new information in illinois in the shooting death of the officer known as g.i. joe. and live reports out of japan after rains triggered widespread flooding. a problem and i've got the solution.
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developing now in japan, complete devastation in parts of the country after a tropical storm dumped more than 20 inches of rain in three days, trugerring this massive flood g flooding. homes being lifted from their foundati foundations. people are feared missing and at least 170,000 have been evacuated. the japan meteorological agency has issued downpour warnings and asking people to be on the lookout for more flooding. how is the weather there now and what's with the flood sng what's the latest? >> well, the rain in the area, which you have probably seen the dramatic pictures, that area, the rain has stopped but it's moving north now. what we saw today was that the japanese self defense force and the police and fire department have been launching helicopter rescues nonstop since around noon today in just the city which is about 34 miles north of tokyo. they started off in the
6:24 am
high-risk areas near the river bank where the current was the strongest, and i think you're seeing some of the dramatic footage of people being plucked from the rooftops of their homes. that was noon time, and it's close to ten hours. as of two hours ago, 70 people in this area have been rescued. but according to the city, there are still people requesting for help and rescue, so the operation will be continuing through the night. unfortunately, though, the city also said they believe at least seven people have gone missing from this river breach. for instance, one home was swallowed by the river, and local authorities believe that there was a man in his 70s that was trapped inside and wasn't able to get out in time. >> yeah. is this anywhere near the fukushima nuclear plant or any concerns with that? >> where the river breached, it's not close to fukushima, but the heavy rain is now right on top of fukushima. there is concern, there was about three days ago, there was
6:25 am
an overflow of some of the contaminated water, and the operators were concerned that they might not be able to keep up with the pumping of this water because the volume of the rain is so heavy this time. >> okay. well. keep us up to date, thank you so much. meantime, the illinois police shooting investigation, a change of venue request, and a dangerous heat wave. let's zoom through some of today's other top stories. eight days after the deadly shooting of an illinois police officer, a coroner can't rule out anything. in an interview with nbc station wmaq, he said, quote, we obviously know that a bullet killed him. i can't rule out a suicide. i can't rule out an accident, and i can't rule in a homicide. the coroner adding that lieutenant joseph gliniewicz died from a single devastating gunshot wound and says he needs the findings of police before he can rule on its nature. the officer is still being investigated as a homicide, but investigators are working off gliniewicz's call before the
6:26 am
shooting saying he was pursuing three individuals. >> attorneys for michael slager will be back in court pushing to get their client out of jail while he awaits a trial. michael slager is charged with murder in the april 4th shooting of walter scott in a traffic stop. slager's defense team says it will present evidence at the hearing that includes never-before-seen stills that reportedly shows walter scott on top of slager. already dealing with a severe drought and wildfires, california is now dealing with a heat wave. warnings and advisories have been posted up and down the west coast. the forecast high in sacramento today, a whopping 1ver07 degree and about 15,000 people in l.a. are right now without power, possibly due to overuse in the heat wave. >> after a quick break, we'll get a live report from baltimore where there was a hearing in the freddie gray case. should the trial of the six officers be moved to outer baltimore. >> and lester holt sits down
6:27 am
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has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. at precisely half past, we're giving you a live look at the new york stock exchange. recognize her? that's entertainer and fashion designer jessica simpson along with macy's executives ringing the opening bell to celebrate the tenth anniversary of simpson's clothing line. she does make good shoes. >> let's check on the dow, falling here at the open, resuming the sell-up, just barely opened there. it's following the sell-off yesterday afternoon. we're going to have a bit more later in the show. >> developing in maryland, a hearing is set to begin any moment on whether six officers charged in the freddie gray case should be tried in baltimore or somewhere else. he was the 25-year-old african-american who died in april after suffering a critical spine injury while in police custo
6:31 am
custody. yesterday, the city's spending panel approved a $6.4 million civil settlement with the family. that's completely separate from the criminal trials of the officers who have pleaded not guilty. let's go to adam. good morning. what's expected at the hearing this morning? >> good morning, alex. each side will have 15 minutes to argue the case for or against a change of venue. ivan bates will be the attorney representing the officers. he'll say there's no way the officers and get a fair trial here in baltimore, with the pretrial pub list ty, the rioti, the curfew, the settlement reached yesterday between the city and freddie gray's family he'll say implicated the officers, makes them look guilty. and they may find the need to find them guilty so there's no more rioting. for their case, the state's attorney said that's not true, this agreement does not implicate the officers, and the
6:32 am
voir dire process will weed out jurors who would be prejudice towards the officers. >> andrea mitchell will have an exclusive interview with baltimore mayor stephanie rollins blake. keep it right here on msnbc. let's go back now to politics and donald trump is riding higher than ever. new polling this morning shows the billionaire businessman clearing 30% in his bid for the gop nomination, and he's the first republican to get beyond that point since the beginning of this 2016 cycle. today, a new controversy is stirring up his campaign. it's comments he made about fellow republican carly fiorina. in an interview with rolling stone, he's quoted as saying look at that face while watching fiorina on tv, asking why anyone would, quote, vote for that. he clarified those remarks this morning saying he was only
6:33 am
talking talking about her persona. >> i'm saying this. >> you come to your defense. >> carly had a terrible time in business. she destroyed a company. >> with me now, the former hispanic media director for the obama white house, and john, good to see you both. adolpho, to you first, how far do you think donald trump is going to get with comments like these to "rolling stone" and cnn and everywhere. >> not very far. it's going to start to get a little old. i think it's going to run its course. there's a point here where he will run out of material, to call it that. i think this reality tv thing, people will tire with it. i'm convinced of it. he will not be our party nominee. i think he's doing a good thing, though. that is, he is teeing it up to show the seriousness of candidates like governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio, while he's talking about carly
6:34 am
fiorina's looks and everybody knows what he was referring to, the same insults he lobbed at megyn kelly. governor bush is laying out a serious tax plan for the american people. so ultimately, i think it will help our party. it will strengthen governor bush, marco rubio, other serious candidates who will be the party nominee. but this will run its course. just as senator mccarthy in the 1950s was popular until he crossed a line, mr. trump will have crossed it several times and will eventually, i think, diminish. >> i haven't heard that analoga, but okay. luis, listen, it's not the first time he made questionable comments about women. but he still has the largest lead among women voters. what gives there? >> well, this is a bigger problem. it's not about trump. it's about the republican party that for years has been basically promoting this type of mindset, not just about women but about minorities and about a
6:35 am
lot of other types of dynamics that we saw, for example, when john mccain had to shut down an audience member who was suggesting barack obama wasn't born in the united states and wasn't an american. what you see is that manifestation of ugly campaigning that has happened over recent years is really showing up in donald trump, and whether he makes it or not as the nominee, the republican party has to take a serious internal look and they're in disarray. look at what's happening with the iran vote where the house and senate republicans are at odds with each other and there's talk about a revolt against john boehner. it shows you there's an extreme faction in the republican party that the party has not been able to figure out how to deal with and how to reconcile to be able to move forward and offer a vision of leadership. >> go ahead. >> alex, very quickly, i don't think we're in disarray. i think the party nominees and at least as a dear friend of mine. >> that's why hillary clinton is favored to win in vegas.
6:36 am
>> our party nominees have been people like john mccain and mitt romney. and do not reflect the things mr. trump has been saying. here, on the democratic side, you have bernie sanders, has anybody taken a look at the socialist party platform. he's an avowed socialist running very strongly against hillary clinton. he would dismantle our free enterprise system, according to the party platform. this extremist element exists in the democratic party because bernie sanders is a very nice man, but the problem is what he stands for is extreme. >> our odds favor hillary clinton and the reason is the republican party is din array. >> luis, the democratic party isn't in disarray? >> they have to deal with if they're going to try to move forward and be a party of everyone american, not just the americans who are angry. >> i want to stock with republicans. i want to talk about ben carson because he's second in the national poll today. he took a swipe at donald trump on religion.
6:37 am
carson quoted his favorite bible verse about humility and said he doesn't get the message from the front-runner. >> i don't think he's a great religious figure, and i saw him yesterday quoting something and he was quoting on humility, and it looked like he just memorized it about two minutes before he made the quote. don't tell me about ben carson. >> okay, so, smart move for ben carson to go after trump? >> well, yeah. i think everyone's trying to distinguish themselves. i think it is a smart move for him. i think, you know, you saw also governor huckabee unfortunately with that unfortunate incident with this woman kim davis in kentucky. to try to bring in these religious issues, this gay bashing and so forth, is unfortunate. what's fortunate is, and i think it's strengthening who will be our party nominee, ultimately. i can assure you our party nominee is going to be a person who rejects all of these extremist views, and i think
6:38 am
appeals to not only republicans but independents and reagan type democrats. >> you're saying it strengthens the party because they run the gauntlet early on. i want to ask you, luis, with this debate, if you're a candidate on the main stage, how do you play donald trump? do you take aim or stay above the fray? >> unfortunately for republicans, they have no choice but to take him on because that's the only way they get traction. he broke a new high today in the polling, and it shows that he's a serious contender, that they have to take him seriously, and they're going to have to take him on directly if they have any hope of getting noticed on that stage and be able to break through the clutter. >> luis and adolpho, thanks. >> thank you. >> for the first time, we're getting a chilling look inside the apartment of convicted colorado theater shooter james holmes. authorities have just released this video taken in july of 2012. and it is showing these homemade explosives all over the floor of holmes' apartment, including at least 20 bombs. the 27-year-old was sentenced
6:39 am
last month to life in prison for killing 12 people and injured 70 others in the 2012 shooting rampage at a suburban denver theater. >> for the first time since the charleston church shooting massacre, two of the survivors are breaking their silence. they sat down with lester holt in this nbc news exclusive. >> felicia sanders holds her bloo blood-stained bible as a symbol of her faith and a memory of the horrifying june evening that took so much from her. >> any kind of connection i can have to my aunt and my son, i'm going to keep. >> the clothes from that day? >> i'm going to keep it. >> the bible? >> i'm going to keep it. >> was, after all, sanders' faith that brought her and polly shepherd to the mother emanuel ame bible study session that night, and now it is their faith that sustains them. >> caught us with our eyes closed. i never told anybody this. our eyes were closed. shots rang out. >> among the 12 in the room,
6:40 am
sanders' aunt, her 11-year-old granddaughter, and 26-year-old son. >> i remember my son saying mama, he shot me in the head. and my granddaughter was hollering saying she was so afraid. i said, play dead. play dead. and i hold her against me so tight. i had my other hand on tywanza. i said be quiet. just be quiet. then he raised up to talk to dylan. i can't say anymore because i would let on i was still alive. i had my hand on him the whole time. and then he shot tywanza more. i think it was in those last moments my hoero. my hero. i watched him take his last
6:41 am
breath. >> before leaving the room, the shooter stood above polly shepherd who was hiding under a table, praying there would be some survivors. >> he said shut up. did i shoot you yet? i said no. and he said, i'm not going to. i'm going to leave you here to tell the story. >> nine of the people in that room were killed by 21-year-old dylann roof, who prosecutors say turned on the group, driven by racist hatred in a place they never expected. >> i never thought about church. i never thought about bible study. >> why would you? >> church is supposed to be safe. >> it was a young man who shot a tv reporter and a camera person. >> yeah. >> recently. and he said the charleston church shooting was the breaking point. >> that made me so sad because i never wanted any parent to feel
6:42 am
what i felt. >> determined to carry on at the bond hearing just two days after the massacre, relatives of the victims shocked the country with their display of mercy for the shooter. >> i have forgiven him. now, it's all in god's hands. it was important to me to speak to dylann too, let him know he didn't kill all us. i want to let him know he failed. >> lester will have more of his interview on nbc nightly news. >> live pictures from columbus, ohio. we expect to see hillary clinton taking the stage just a few minutes from now. we'll keep a close eye on that for you. >> plus, we're going to head to tex where the investigation is growing after two high school football players tackled a referee during a game. a live report on that straight ahead.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
up for its next game after two of its players were suspended, accused of intentionally tackling and ramming into that referee. and now officials are questioning whether the coaches should have done more to calm emotions in a very tense game. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest from san antonio. kerry. >> this morning, new photos of referee robert watts immediately after he was violently taken down by two high school football players. his face red and looking dazed. his injuries requiring a doctor's care. at an emergency meeting of the group that oversees texas high school athletics. one official ticked off a litany of problems with the game. >> in this ball game, there were multiple ejections. there were punches thrown. unsportsmanlike penalties. arguing with officials. that seems to me like a time bomb waiting to happen, and it did happen. i didn't see any leadership coming from the coaching staff. >> one member of that staff, assistant coach mack breed, is being accused by some of making
6:47 am
comments that may have instigated the attack. he's now on administrative leave and could not be reached for comment. >> whether or not the coach uttered any words that led the kids to believe that they could do what they did, it is not reason enough for those kids to have assaulted that referee. >> and there are player allegations that watts used racial slurs before he was attacked. his lawyer denies that and says the players should be punished for what they did. >> how can you say anything other than this was a heinous crime? >> that was nbc's kerry sanders reporting. before we head to break, changes things up. i want to show you this. i think the team winning at the u.s. open is jimmy fallon and justin timberlake. check out these two dancing to beyonce's single ladies routine for the crowd during roger federer's match. fallon and timberlake have been fan favorites dating back to "saturday night live."
6:48 am
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6:51 am
now to a modern tale of two american cities as apple announced its new products yesterday from california. more than 6,600 people find themselves homeless. and san francisco is the second highest for income inequality. msnbc's jacob sovarov traveled to san francisco. >> reporter: i'm here outside the bill graham auditorium in san francisco, the site of apple's latest product launch. here in the bay area, arguably the epicenter of wealth creation in the united states. apple has more cash than the u.s. government. but over there is an entirely different story. homelessness is on the rise here in san francisco. the city puts the latest
6:52 am
official count at almost 7,000. but activists say it is much, much higher. >> it's kind of scary a little bit. >> they're having a big launch event over there for the new products. >> oh. people are homeless. >> reporter: what do you tell people when they ask you what it's like? >> i tell them that it's what you would imagine. it's pretty ugly. it's pretty nasty. >> reporter: according to a 2013 report from the city itself, san francisco ranks between guatemala and rwanda. up to $6,000 for apartments. >> for apartments here in the city. >> reporter: is this still a city that is affordable for working class people to live in? >> no. the rent is too high. >> it's the whole 99% that is suffering here in san francisco from the inequality and the craziness and the housing and everything.
6:53 am
people are spending two-thirds of their income on rent. how is that possible? how can that can sustainable? >> reporter: do you live in this neighborhood? >> i do. right down the street. >> reporter: what do you do? >> i'm a motorcycle mechanic. >> reporter: how much is your rent? >> $1,500 for a small bedroom. >> reporter: like a studio? >> there's not even a kitchen. >> reporter: how many square feet? >> like 80 square feet. >> reporter: you live in a closet basically? >> more or less, a closet. >> reporter: in the city, how do most people get around? >> people take the bus, like muni. >> reporter: but this isn't the only way people get around. >> no. >> reporter: this is a commuter shuttle pilot stop. what is that? >> they use the muni stops and the public infrastructure but it's a private bus just for tech workers. >> reporter: this is one of them right here?
6:54 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: can anybody get on a bus like this? >> no, most people can't. >> reporter: it's a pretty nice bus. people like this bus, right? >> yes. >> reporter: is it pretty comfortable? you good wi-fi? >> yes. >> reporter: air conditioning and cushioned seats? can i take a ride? i can't ride it? i tried. >> jacob is joining us from los angeles now. with a congrats, that was a great piece. i loved see the disparity and the details you offered. any solutions for this economic inequality? >> reporter: in the face of being criticized in the city for essentially telling people to self-deport ahead of the super bowl in 2015, the mayor announced an affordable housing plan for the city. but at the same time, $15 minimum wage passed by the voters there last november is
6:55 am
also going into effect. but activists say that's not nearly enough with the increasing prices in san francisco. >> my heavens. 1,500 bucks a month for that closet -- >> reporter: 80 square feet. >> great story, jacob, thank you. let's give you live pictures from shanksville, pennsylvania, where coming your way the next hour, a dedication ceremony will be held for the new flight 93 memorial visitor center. that memorial honors the 40 passengers and crew members of united flight 93 who lost their lives 14 years ago on september 11th, 2001. several passengers fought back against hijackers causing that plane that crash into that pennsylvania field rather than any possible target in washington, d.c. we'll watch that ceremony throughout "the rundown." coming up next, hillary clinton will try to rally supporters in columbus, ohio, as a new poll knocks the democratic front-runner into second place in iowa. those details. and new violence caught on camera as the migrant crisis
6:56 am
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6:59 am
i'm alex witt in today for jose diaz-balart. we start this hour with some shake-ups in the presidential race. one leader is now on the express track and another leader has become a follower. first up on the republican side, donald trump is pulling away from his gop challengers. he has now passed the 30% mark in a new national poll and his closest rival is ben carson coming in at 19%. meantime, hillary clinton is falling behind bernie sanders among the likely democratic caucusgoers in iowa. the two candidates are virtually neck and neck. and a poll earlier this week has her trailing sanders in new hampshire. let's get to marc murray. with a good morning to you, marc, how should we be reading into today's iowa democratic poll?
7:00 am
>> alex, it's another tough poll for hillary clinton. it is important, however, to put this poll into perspective. we recently had an nbc/marist poll that came out last sunday that showed her up 11 points in the hawkeye state. "the des moines register" had her up 7. other polls had her up at 20 points or higher. but all these numbers are declining for her. whether she's ahead or behind in this new quinnipiac poll, her numbers have come down over the last several weeks. and that's why the clinton campaign has changed their strategy. they want a more accessible hillary clinton. more tv ads. she's going on ellen degeneres' show. they're trying to have her talk more policy and get away from this e-mail story of which she's now apologized. and that's the biggest takeaway and the reality of bernie sanders gaining ground and hillary clinton's numbers going
7:01 am
down. >> how about the new national republican poll? look at the number trump is getting. he's crossed that 30% threshold. how significant is that? >> in some ways it shows you that his lead continues to sustain itself, alex. and to me, this poll kind of showses that the reality of what's going on. you have donald trump ahead. ben carson in second place. when you add their percentages together, you get more than 50% of the republican electorate which suggests to me that republicans right now want outsiders rather than establishment insiders. but do also keep this perspective in mind. it wasn't too long ago that newt gingrich was way ahead in the republican field even in the 30% or 40% range back in november and december of 2011 and that came all crashing down. so we have a very long way to go, alex. many more polls, many ups and downs. and what really matters is when we get to february and you have the iowa and new hampshire contests. >> right.
7:02 am
i'm thinking, yeah, 14 months to go. this is just a snapshot. marc, thank you. let's bring in msnbc reporter alex seitz-wald and politico's ken vogel. alex, you first here. there are some caveats with this new poll. but does it represent the overall trajectory of hillary clinton's numbers? >> yeah. as marc said, we'll have to wait and see if this poll is an outlier. there's a long way to go. but no doubt that hillary clinton isn't in the position that she was at the beginning of the summer. she's fallen back down to earth as just a run of the mill front-runner instead of the completely ahistorical indomitable candidate. she's looking more like al gore when bill bradley pulled ahead or john kerry didn't come up until december of 2003 in the 2004 democratic prior. this is definitely different from what we expected. we thought she might just have a
7:03 am
clear path to the nomination. and she's facing a tough challenge from bernie sanders. but she has plenty of time to turn this around. >> ken, we have hillary clinton doing more interviews over this past week than during the entire presidential campaign thus far. she's going to be on "ellen" later today and apparently showing off her dancing skills with ellen. i'm curious about this strategy, they're trying to hear more from the candidate, make her more personable. is that the strategy for this campaign? >> it's a two-pronged strategy. one at outward facing strategy. and that's part of it. to show a little more sp spontaneity. her advisers said, when you have to plan to show spontaneity, it's defeating the purpose. the other part is to reach voters and the other part is to play the inside game and lock up the inside support so we see her really aggressively courting the big donors and also the delegates, the folks who will be
7:04 am
delegates to the convention. she made sort of a joke about how she didn't place enough importance on that last time in 2008 when obama did such a great job locking up delegates and superdelegates and playing the electoral map. that inside game is an effort to box out joe biden. that's what it's about. bernie sanders, not really playing that inside game. joe biden would have to play it in order to mount a viable challenge to hillary clinton. and this is an effort to show him, hey, it might not even be worth your sticking your toe in the water because i've already done all the groundwork necessary to lock up those insiders and you will have no path to the nomination. >> okay. what about the news we're hearing about on the democratic debate schedule, alex? what can you tell us about that? >> right. this has been very controversial for the non-hillary clinton candidates in the race. martin o'malley and bernie sanders have been very loudly protesting the rules that the dnc set out saying they favored hillary clinton, essentially that the dnc was tipping the
7:05 am
scales for clinton. and the issue they took was there were only six debates scheduled. they wanted more. underdogs usually want more debates. the other issue was that there was an exclusivity clause. there's been rumbles. but last night there was a big break in favor of o'malley and sanders when two vice chairman of the dnc publicly came out and said they disagree with the dnc rule and they want the dnc to add more debates. we also had howard dean, the former chairman of the party, coming out and saying it. so there's kind of a mounting pressure here. and the dnc so far has refused to do anything, refused to change the rules. but there might come a point where they have to take a reassessment. >> ken, you talked about hillary clinton's strategy trying to box out joe biden. he's going to be on "the late show." i'm curious as to whether or not you think he's going to announce a campaign, maybe not tonight perhaps. but what's conventional wisdom there?
7:06 am
where is it heading? >> i would be very surprised if he announced it tonight on the new "late show." but if there's a sense he wants to get in the race, he has to do it by the end of the month and that he has to do all the sort of groundwork type things that his surrogates and his proxies are in fact trying to do now. let's not forget, joe biden has not really done a good job in his two past presidential campaigns of doing those things, of courting the donors, of setting up the infrastructure necessary to run. so to think that he would be able to do those on such a short time frame, to be able to declare before the end of this month or maybe early next month, i think it's such a steep hill for him to climb. >> we'll wait and see together what happens. alex seitz-wald and ken vogel, thank you so much. let's go back to the immigration crisis and some disturbing video that we have just received from the border between greece and macedonia.
7:07 am
you see police beating migrants with his baton. police also forced the migrants to kneel in the mud. this is the latest in his series of shocking and heartbreaking images that have come to define this humanitarian disaster unfolding all over europe. i'm going to claudio who's live in budapest. people are queuing up for lines. i imagine more have arrived in this past hour. >> reporter: those refugees you saw in that video are trying desperately to get here through macedonia, serbia and hungary here at the budapest train station to get on the train to munich, germany, where most of them want to apply for asylum. but that's difficult because there are too many refugees and not enough trains. the que that w
7:08 am
the queue that was behind me is gone now. but we've been told by the austrian railway countries that those trains will stop at the border with austria because they are massively overloaded. we've seen hundreds of refugees queuing every day at the train station, trying to get on one of those trains. it is orderly and well-organized. but it's a long and dangerous journey and waiting long waits, it takes their tolls on these refugees. this morning, there was a refugee woman who fell to the ground, collapsed basically on the platform. it could have been an epileptic attack. fortunately she regained her senses and boarded one of those trains. but here in serbia, the situation is even worst. refugees are being detained in a refugee camp. it is overcrowded, many have to sleep outside in the open on the damp fields. it is raining heavily now,
7:09 am
getting cold. and we've heard that there is a military convoy heading down south to the border with serbia. we don't know yet whether the soldiers will be deployed to finish that 15-feet wall that the minister wants to finish along the border with serbia or if it's part of a military exercise or if they want help out the police to stem the influx of refugees into the country. >> claudio, thank you very much. we'll be speaking shortly with nicholas christoph about this tragedy unfolding. developing out west, police officers are doubling their presence along a busy stretch of highway in phoenix after a string of shootings targeting cars. at least five vehicles have been hit by gunfire along interstate 10. some drivers say they are so concerned, they are avoiding the area completely. let's go to nbc's miguel almaguer who's in phoenix. who are officials there saying? how frightening is this for residents? >> reporter: alex, it's very
7:10 am
frightening for residents. as a matter of fact, police just a few miles from us right now are looking at another incident, what could be another potential projectile going through a windshield here along i-10. investigators say that will take some time for them to determine. but they are certainly stepping up patrols. as a matter of fact, officers say there may be multiple shooters here in this area and they're worried the next incident could be deadly. along interstate 10 in phoenix, arizona, police desperate to find a shooter. someone who has innocent drivers in their crossharris. >> it's very terrifying for them. >> reporter: this morning, no suspects, no car description. just a growing number of vehicles riddled with bullet holes or projectiles that nearly took the lives of those behind the wheel. and now the news, there may be multiple shooters. >> i am of the opinion right now that we have multiple shooters just because the m.o.s have changed. >> reporter: the highway patrol took us along a stretch of roadway that could be the most
7:11 am
dangerous in the nation. ten incidents here in just 12 days. at least eight along i-10, the others all nearby. the majority, gunfire. robert mcdonald was alone, driving this tour bus when a bullet sliced through the seat just behind him. >> had the bullet been a little bit more powerful, it would came this far from my shoulder. and if i would have moved my head, i would have got hit. >> reporter: police now call the shooters or shooter a domestic terrorist. many scared to drive i-10, recalling the fear of the beltway sniper in 2002. criminal profilers that worked that case say the shooter here is also feeding on terror. >> he knows the time he wants to be out there. he knows the location. and realize he in his mind is playing this chess game with the authorities. >> reporter: with police investigating that incident just a few miles from here, investigators say they've been
7:12 am
fortunate there's only been one minor injury, a 13-year-old girl hit in the face with some shattered glass. but investigators are concerned the next incident could be deadly. alex? >> miguel, that officer with whom you spoke in the piece, he says they think it's multiple shooters, is that because its time of day -- is there anything that corroborates pointing to one person or at least locking down a certain time of day that it's the most dangerous? >> reporter: investigators say the m.o. here has changed. the very beginning incidents here were certainly gunfire. they found bullet casings in all of the cars for the first five shooting. the last five, however, have been more projectiles, what could potentially be a pellet or a bb gun. but those can certainly be deadly when it hits a driver traveling at 65, 75 miles an hour. but they see a shift in what they are describing as the weapon used in this case though they are not ruling anything out. >> miguel almaguer there in phoenix, thanks so much.
7:13 am
so much ahead for you on this busy thursday edition of "the rundown" with several live events we're monitoring for you. democratic front-runner hillary clinton is holding a rally in ohio. on capitol hill, this is a key hearing on worldwide cyber threats with testimony from the directors of national intelligence, the cia and the fbi. and then in shanksville, pennsylvania, a 9/11 memorial is opening to honor the 40 passengers and crew of the doomed united flight 93. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me...
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7:16 am
we continue following a developing story out of japan where more than 20 inches of rain in three days has brought with it massive flooding and devastation to several areas. people are feared missing in and at least 170,000 have been evacuated. the country's meteorological agency is asking people to be on
7:17 am
the lookout for mud slides and more flooding. james blake, teachers on strike and a new human-like species. former tennis star james blake says he was thrown to the ground and handicapped after mistakenly being identified as a suspect in an identity theft case. nypd officers charged at him, slamming him to the ground. nypd has not confirmed that account. but they say blake was released as soon as the officers realized they had the wrong person. nypd also says an investigation is ongoing and an officer has been placed on modified assignment. blake is asking for an apology from police. we are expecting an update from the nypd on this story later on this hour. in seattle, the first day of school is delayed for a second day in a row for 50,000 public school students. teachers remain on strike after failing to reach a deal with the teachers union for pay hikes. that walkout is the first in the district in 30 years. a michigan firefighter has
7:18 am
died after what authorities have called a deliberate hit-and-run. 35-year-old dennis roadman was collecting donations to raise money for muscular dystrophy when he was hit by a vehicle. a 32-year-old suspect was arrested after the collision and is being held on charges of leaving the scene, fleeing and eludin eluding. finally, an amazing discovery of a new human-like species, this found in south africa. researchers in an expedition supported by national geographic found these finds. researchers are confirming the species is called homoneleti. researchers are still unsure when these creatures roamed the earth. up next, is the u.s. doing enough to help ease the migrant
7:19 am
crisis in europe? our next guest says absolutely not. nicholas kristof joins us live next on "the rundown." etlights. the only difference: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed. in a night, it saves a little energy. but, in a year it saves a lot. and the other street? it's been burning energy all night. for frank. frank's a cat. now, two things that are exactly the same, have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. we've gotpeptocopter! ummy town. ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto.
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7:22 am
...ask your doctor about... ...non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. the u.s. says it is willing to take in 5,000 more asylum seekers. my next guest says so far the u.s. response to this humanitarian disaster has been, quote, pathetic. nicholas kristof is with "the new york times." we congratulate you on your new fine read. >> thank you. >> you have talked about this as being an ongoing moral failure in your column. i know that we have accepted 1,500 migrants thus far. but this over three years. where does the u.s. stand? >> well, we need to do a better job of actually admitting some refugees.
7:23 am
it's extraordinary th. so we fail to take in enough refugees. we've also failed hugely to support refugees in the surrounding countries so it can stay there. fewer than half of syrian refugees in the neighboring countries are actually going to school. 200,000-plus syrian refugees just got their food rations cut off completely. what are you going to do? of course you're going to leave. we need to do a better job of accepting refugees and a better job of supporting them in the surrounding countries. maybe most important, we need to stop averting our eyes from syria and try to do something that is going to stop what's spiraling toward a genocide there. try to stop that outflow. >> a couple of points. in terms of what the u.s. is doing. i understand that we are at least donating a lot of our taxpayer money to this. i spoke with someone from the
7:24 am
u.n. council of the commission on refugees this weekend who said, we are grateful for that. but the hands-on is deplorable. but the point about lebanon, 1 million -- >> a quarter of the population is syrian refugee. >> but lebanon is a disaster right now as a result. . >> absolutely. lebanon is always a fragile country. and then to take in one-quarter of your population competing for jobs, the pressure on the economy and playing into these really sensitive demographic and ideological lines, that is tough and it's a strain on jordan as well. that's one more reason why we have to try to address this within syria itself. >> you mentioned syria. i know you've written about establishing a no-fly zone in the southern part of syria. how would that help? >> it would help in a couple of ways. one of the things that is driving people away is these barrel bombs. the assad regime is dumping
7:25 am
these barrels full of explosives out on cities, on civilians, terrorizing people. and if we can stop those barrel bombings, then we create in a sense safe havens where people don't have to flee. syrians would rather be in syria than trying to get through hungary. and so partly safe havens. but it creates pressure on the syrian regime to make concessions to reach a peace deal. and that's how this will end. >> but because of the deplorable conditions in the refugee camps and everyone trying to get out, i've spoken with correspondents on the ground in greece, that is a situation that's only compounded by the fact that there are migrants, refugees from all over the place going there. and it would seem those from syria because they're from that immediate war-torn area, they're being given preferential treatment. so that's creating havoc. >> every afghan is pretending to be a syrian. i totally believe that the
7:26 am
international community has to be more generous to the refugees. but we also have to acknowledge that right now, the message that is going through refugee camps is that if you can just get to europe, then you will get a home and support in germany. you'll be much better off. >> but there's also going to be those who will suggest that, what if isis tries to infiltrate refugees, people coming to the united states, give them a mission to carry out of dastardly proportions. what do you say to that? how can that be monitored and stopped? >> we're certainly trying to do screenings and the u.s. has substantial screenings in place. that's one of the reasons it's slow to bring refugees into this country. i think the greater risk is children of refugees, you get a situation like the tsarnaev case in boston or a situation like somalis in minnesota where it
7:27 am
has been children who feel alienat alienated, disenfranchised and want to go off back to either syria or to somalia. that's a real risk. but it's, i think, a modest risk, i think it's a manageable risk. and the alternative of not doing our fair share in terms of admitting refugees or allowing syria to spiral toward a genocide is intolerable. >> nicholas, i would pay to keep this conversation going. but we have to go to commercial break right now. thank you, nicholas. up next, republicans are making a last-ditch defeat to the iran deal with a possible opposition vote later on today. plus, from the hill, valerie plame will join me live in studio to discuss efforts to dismantle the nuclear deal. and protesters are outside the courthouse about the freddie gray case. details on that next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business.
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developing now in maryland, a judge trying to determine whether six officers charged in the freddie gray case should be tried in baltimore or a different location. that hearing is under way right now. but before the session began, protesters showed up outside that courthouse. gray, the 25-year-old african-american who died in april after suffering a critical spine injury while in police custody. just yesterday the city's spending panel unanimously approved a $6.4 million settlement with gray's family. however, that civil settlement is completely separate from the criminal trials of the six officers who have all pleaded not guilty. let's goto the last-minute wrangling on the iran nuclear deal. it doesn't appear it will pass but republicans could use the vote to get democrats on the record. meanwhile over in the house, similar thinking may force a vote tomorrow. the anniversary of 9/11.
7:32 am
nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us live on capitol hill. kelly with the latest from there, we go to you for that. what is it? >> reporter: part of what's important about having this vote today is it signals an agreement between mitch mcconnell and harry reid. and what mcconnell who is in charge of the senate wants to be able to do is to force this vote now to show there are no republicans who back the iran deal. and there are, in fact, three senate democrats, chuck schumer, robert menendez and joe manchin, also who don't support the deal. by getting it on the record, it's a way for the republicans to say the democrats here on capitol hill and certainly at the white house own this deal, if you will. so going forward as the public judges how it plays out, republicans will be able to say they took this stand. what's been interesting is that the house has a different view of things. and it is another chapter in the
7:33 am
discontent between republicans on capitol hill. the house views this differently. they do not want to follow the same path as the senate. mitch mcconnell who says basically that the president will still be able to win this based on the numbers, the house is more restive and agitated and they are putting pressure on house speaker john boehner to try to take separate votes on elements of this deal. you remember hearing about side deals, that kind of thing. of course this is all being watched closely by nancy pelosi, the top democrat in the house who seems a bit mystified by it all. >> it's very hard to see what is going to this president from the house, though, because the senate has indicated, the senate republicans, that they're not going down the same path as the house. >> reporter: from what we know, alex, the math is in the president's favor. democrats who believe in this deal will say it's a legacy achievement for the president.
7:34 am
republicans will say this is a way to show that there is a real divide that is in some ways bipartisan but that a majority of the congress because republicans are dominant in both the house and senate, the majority of the congress does not approve of this deal. so this is one of those moments where the process and the policy come together. but it also reveals that ongoing fissure between republicans on the house side, the most conservative agitating speaker boehner and challenging his leadership, and those in the senate hoping to move on and get this done. alex? >> kelly, thank you so much, from capitol hill. i want to bring in valerie plame, a former cia covert operative, author and member of global zero, a group that advocates for the elimination of nuclear weapons. i enjoyed watching you watch kelly's report. there were reports that part of your job at the cia was to keep countries like iran from getting nuclear weapons.
7:35 am
so at the end of the day, it's going to be u.s. intelligence that's at the forefront of making sure that happens. do we have the intelligence to confirm and understand for certain that iran is complying? >> good morning, thank you for having me. this is so important. i think what kelly was just speaking about, the republicans are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history of this. in terms of intelligence, making sure that these really robust, intrusive inspections are carried out is going to be on the shoulders of u.s. intelligence. the critics make it sound like the intelligence community is going to be sitting around drinking lattes going, oh, there is some cheating going on. no, they are laser-focused on this. they are going to be all over it. i think we are going in with the assumption that there's a high likelihood that the iranians are going to cheat. but the inspections that are going to be in place -- they have never been -- the level of technology that is being used to
7:36 am
ensure that iran does not cheat has never been tried. and it's going to be extremely comprehensive. >> so you're very comfortable with the iaea? they're the ones in charge and will be conducting all the inspections? >> they are, with a great deal of help from the united states intelligence services as well as our other allies. this is not just a deal between the iranians and the united states. we have our other partners in this as well. i think if we don't go through with this, what's going to end up is the united states and our allies and israel will be isolated. >> is there definitive intelligence -- and i mean everybody being cohesive on the time frame as to how long it takes for iran to have a nuclear bomb? >> no. there's differing opinions on that. there's no doubt that iran has been seeking it. but i also think at this point they very much want to reenter the international community.
7:37 am
and, in fact, when you look at it, it is in their best interests not to cheat. they have a lot of -- just like we do, they have a lot on the line. diplomacy is not perfect. also, i think it's helpful to put into context how the iranians think about this. there's enormous distrust on both sides. the iranians very well remember the 1952 cia coup that deposed their elected prime minister. they remember how much we coddled and nurtured a very repressive shah. and the united states -- not trying to make them out to be the good guys. but the united states looks at how they had been very destructive in the region. so there's enormous distrust. and i think that this deal is going to be one way to begin to bridge that divide. >> a couple of points we want to pick up on. and i hope we have the time to do this. but with regard to uncertainty, though, as to how close they are
7:38 am
to having a nuclear bomb, how can we know that the intelligence we are gathering with regard to whether or not they're even complying is spot-on? >> you'd never know that in intelligence. you never know. you have bits and pieces and you try to fit it all together. all i do know is that the inspection regime is very intrusive and very robust. >> i'm supposed to wrap. but quick question, does iran want a nuclear bomb to show strength or do they have ideology to use it and more? >> i think that it's about being in the big boys club. but we have to ultimately get to the point where all nations realize that nuclear weapons are weapons of the 20th century. they no longer keep us safe. >> okay. valerie plame, good to talk with you. >> thank you. the former south carolina police officer charged with fatally shooting an unarmed black man is scheduled to appear in court in a few hours. michael slager was invited for the shooting death of walter
7:39 am
scott during a traffic stop in april. mark potter is in south carolina. what's expected to happen at this hearing later today? >> reporter: the goal of this hearing today is to determine whether the former officer, michael slager, gets out on bond or remains in jail until his trial. the question to be answered by the judge is whether he is a flight risk or a danger to the community. now, his attorney says he is neither a risk nor a danger. he also argues that he is also not guilty of murder as charged in the shooting death of walter scott which we all saw on that cell phone video. the attorney argues that before that video was shot, moments before, seconds before that video was shown, there was actually a tussle on the ground as the officer tried to arrest scott. they got in a tussle and he says scott actually grabbed the officer's taser and fired it twice. the defense is presenting fbi-enhanced video that it says actually shows that scuffle and at some point shows scott on top
7:40 am
of the officer. now, in filings it also says that scott's dna is found on the taser, that he had trace elements of gunshot residue on his hands, trace elements of cocaine and alcohol in his system. and he says the officer as seen on the video firing the weapon was simply coming up off the ground and firing it in reaction to a violent threat. and he argues that he should be let out on bond. scott's family, however, says that that is all just a smoke screen. it has nothing to do with the fact that an officer shot a man running away in the back. they said there is no defense for that. and that he should not be allowed out on bond. that will be determined by the judge. the hearing is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. eastern time in the courthouse beside me. alex? >> mark potter, thank you so much for that. in just a little over an hour, vice president joe biden and attorney general loretta lynch will announce that the department of justice is setting asides $41 million to test tens of thousands of backlogged
7:41 am
evidence for rain kits. this comes six years after a detroit prosecutor brought public attention to this issue when he discovered 10,000 kits sitting neglected in a warehouse. one victim told nbc's kate snow other survivors shouldn't give up hope. >> i would just like to say to the other survivors out there that may be sitting where i was sitting once upon a time waiting for that phone call, don't give up hope seeing the person who did that to you will really make you feel good. >> with me now to talk about this potentially major step forward is msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber and elizabeth plank. welcome to you both. where does this 41 million wubus come from? >> it started with the manhattan d.a. who put aside money interestingly from a banking settlement to try to help find
7:42 am
basically funds and support for jurisdictions around the country to do this. new york had already dealt with its backlog. and then congress stepped up with this federal funding partly spurred by that. this is an issue where a lot of local jurisdictions don't have the funds or the wherewithal or the forethought to put aside the technical resources to do this. >> liz, how many cities are we talking about that may get this money? >> i'm hoping as many cities as possible. i think $41 million is a lot of money. but every rain kit -- it's about $1,000 to test. so it is a lot of money. but it's important that we test them and use the evidence that we have and that we signal to women who are survivors of this kind of violence not only that it's important to report it, most rains go unreported. but also that they will find justice. >> this 70,000 number of the backlog, the untested kits out there, how accurate do you think
7:43 am
that is? >> i think it's -- the justice department has estimated that it can be up to 400,000. >> wow. >> nationwide. to your point when talking about detroit and what happened there, a third of the rain kits that were actually tested were found to be -- it was serial rapists responsible for these rapes. >> and the 70,000 relates to about 26 states that have amroo applied for some of this money. what they'll do today is talk about who is getting that money and try to bring attention to it so other jurisdictions will apply for it. 70,000 is a minimum. >> i'm curious, how much does evidence that's presented by a rape kit help in convictions overall? this one woman from detroit, 13 years after the event, does time
7:44 am
delude the efficacy of this? >> it does. certain states may have statutes of limitations. there's an expiration -- >> even if the state can't get the kit tested because it's backlog and run out seven years -- really, that can't be overturned? >> this can be a bar going forward. >> that's not fair. >> that's how a lot of people feel, particularly when as you say the key evidence may not have been available or had the funding to be obtained. and then you say, why does the clock start so early? that's one of the several issues. ultimately what you look at here is the type of crimes we're talking about are not simple surveillance, robbery situations where you say, we have the evidence, we have the video, we're done. sex crimes are difficult to talk about, they're difficult for society to deal with, as we've talked about in the military context, to try to change the way investigations work. but on the evidentiary level, you have to have a dna review or technical evidence. if you don't have that, you end
7:45 am
up in what many people call a he-said, she-said debate. so the evidence is crucial and the fact that it's more expensive than some other what we might call simple crimes -- >> how big a step is this in the right direction? >> a huge step. i commend joe biden. it's a bold move but it's unsurprising coming from him. he's been such a great advocate for women. but i think it's interesting to point out that the four republican senators running for office right now, cruz, paul, graham and rubio, all voted against the reauthorization which had a provision to deal with the rape kit backlog. today rand paul is hosting a rally against planned parenthood in d.c. i think it's important to think about where our politicians are putting their priorities. >> hard to separate politicals from all this. up next, the wait is over. the super bowl champion new
7:46 am
england patriots take on the pittsburgh steelers after an off-season that has been kind of filled with controversy. the season kickoff is tonight in foxborough, massachusetts, we're live outside gillette stadium next. let's discuss medical supplies i'm kind of happy with my guys. i think you'll love our newest line the stuff my vendor sells works fine. and my budget's small, just so you know. ♪ should i stay or should i go when you choose to go for business, go to the new it makes finding the right room faster and easier than ever. and right now stay two times and earn a free night book now at (ding) (clicking noise) read text. (siri voice) adam, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that about your hair. it's not stupid. (ding) find hair salon. wow. yeah, that's right. (siri voice) ok, jack's boutique is nearby. alright, i've got another friend and his name is bryan adams. ok. this isn't going to work again.
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at safelite we stand behind our work... night, night little buddy. ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. that's another safelite advantage. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪ new england patriots quarterback tom brady takes the field tonight to kick aufoff th nfl season against the pittsburgh steelers. craig melvin joins us from foxborough, massachusetts. here's the deal. it appeared a couple of weeks ago that brady would not be playing tonight. what a difference a couple of weeks makes, right? >> reporter: you could argue that tom brady had the best preseason of any of the players, winning in federal court, having that four-game suspension tossed out. in these parts, he's called tom terrific. he'll be under center tonight
7:50 am
taking on the steelers in the nfl season opener. it kicks off about 8:20 behind me here at gillette stadium. and here's the thing. the patriots have another pretty good football team. they are being mentioned as possible super bowl contenders if tom brady gets to another super bowl, if he wins another super bowl, he becomes the all-time winningest super bowl quarterback. he will have five rings. and he's probably quite motivated, too. think about all that he's had to deal with in the off-season. but this isn't just about tom brady and the patriots. roger goodell as well, probably pretty excited that the actual season is getting under way. this game expected to be pretty close to a sellout. roger goodell, the nfl commissioner, will not be among those in attendance saying last week shortly after the federal judge sort of stuck it to him in a sense, saying that he is not going to be at the season opener, which is, as you might imagine, very unusual for the
7:51 am
league commissioner not to be here. goodell saying he does not want to be a distraction. also just a couple of days ago, there is this espn report that surfaced. and in this report, once again, talking about a culture that exists inside the patriot organization. this culture of cheating, organization coming out yesterday saying it's all hogwash, that they do not cheat, that they are not a bunch of cheaters, that they are just ready to get back on the football field. >> there will be more to come on that. craig melvin, enjoy it there at foxborough. you can enjoy this, steelers versus patriots, our coverage begins tonight, 7:30 eastern time on nbc. up next, hello, new iphone 6s, good-bye amazon fire phone. we'll show you more infamous text flops in today's five things.
7:52 am
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and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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on the same day apple
7:55 am
unveiled its new iphone and other high-tech products, amazon pulled the plug on its fire phone. amazon tells cnbc that it has sold through its inventory and has no plans to replenish it at this point. it was a major flop for amazon and received poor reviews since its release last year. that brings us to today's five things, tech failures and flops. number one, the apple newton. the early '90s predecessor to the tablet had poor battery life. and steve jobs quickly killed the program. number two, the microsoft zoom. it proved to be no match to the ipod and was discontinued. the twitter peek launched in '09 allowing users to tweet and check their twitter feeds. but that's all it did. coming in at number four, we're going way back to 1978, laserdisc.
7:56 am
sort of a dvd on steroids. they were billed as a higher quality alternative to vhs. but they were more expensive. and number five, it's called i-smell. a device to help you smell the internet. it was unveiled back in 2001. this weird gizmo plugged into your computer and emitted odors based on a smell-enabled website. that's a wrap of "the rundown" here on msnbc. i'm alex witt in for jose diaz-balart. here's a quick look at nypd police commissioner bill bratton speaking live right now about the mistaken arrest of former tennis pro james blake. n the ch. and when i found out that my daughter-in-law, joyce, can't eat gluten, we found a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now we can have cheerios together, anytime.
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8:00 am
sanders pulls ahead of hillary clinton. plus, here we go again, another comment from donald trump that some are calling offensive, what he said about gop candidate carly fiorina's looks in a new interview with "rolling stone" magazine. i'll talk with the reporter who got that scoop. and it's called a case of domestic terrorism as another highway shooting is reported in arizona. that is now ten incidents in two weeks. we are live on the ground in that state. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." we begin with major developments in both the republican and democratic presidential races. on the republican side, a new national poll out just this morning shows donald trump surging to 32% support among gop voters, becoming the first of the republican candidates to top 30% in a poll. his closest competitor, retired


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