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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> i'm talking about her persona. >> why don't you talk about her brain instead of her face? >> we need somebody that is -- i made a tremendous fortune. we need people that can change our country. staying put. a baltimore judge rejects arguments from police officers to try to move their trial out of town for the alleged killing of freddie gray. this comes a day after a multimillion dollar settlement in a civil case with the city. >> the city's decision to settle the civil case should not be interpreted as passing any judgment on guilt or innocence of the officers. >> coming up, my exclusive interview with the mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings-blake. and faith and forgiveness. lester holt joins me to talk about his exclusive interview with the two adult survivors of mother emanuel church massacre, telling their story for the first time. >> we were just about to say the
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prayer to be released. and he caught us with our eyes closed. i never told nobody this. >> eyes were closed? >> we had our eyes closed. shots rang out. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. a judge today ruling the trials for the six baltimore police officers charged in the freddie gray case will remain in baltimore. at least one person was arrested as protesters gathered outside the courthouse this morning. >> the people united will never be defeated. the people united will never be defeated. the people united will never be defeated. >> all six police officers charged have pleaded not guilty. gray died in april after suffering a fatal spinal injury
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while being transported in a baltimore police van. just yesterday the city settle with the gray family on all civil claims for $6.4 million. joining me now baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. mayor, thank you very much for being with us. first, your reaction to the judge's ruling the case should not be moved outside of baltimore. >> i think the judge made the right decision. it will be helpful as we work to heal our city that the public knows that the jurors will be selected from the peers of the officers who work in the city as well as freddie gray. >> and, also, let's talk about the civil case. i saw that you said that this is obviously separate. what was the city's interest in settling that case with freddie gray's family? >> i think the city has multiple interests. i can start with p focus on healing our city. the focus should be on this
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trial, on the criminal cases, and we've put the civil part of it behind us. it was important for me that we focus on the work that we're doing with the department of justi justice. they're in baltimore now with the patterns and practice investigation. we want to focus on that, reforming the police department, improving the relationship between the community and the ms. and i didn't think it would be helped by having a protracted federal case. we know it could be four, five, six years in litigation. and it is extremely expensive for us to continue to provide the amount of police resources on the street for every trial date. >> now, there's a larger question here, which is the rise in violence in cities around the country. you're the representative, the head of the league of cities of conference of mayors. you see it in chicago, in d.c., in baltimore certainly. is there, first of all, a connection, do you see a connection between the rise in violent crime and also what
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happened in april with freddie gray? >> well, the fact that it's happening all over, you know, i think it shows to me that this is not about freddie gray. that this is a national trend in increased homicides that needs a national response. as president of the u.s. conference of mayors i'm convening my colleagues in a few short weeks to talk about what we can do with our federal partners, with other mayors to address this issue. in baltimore we have the war room where we have federal agents from the fbi, dea, atf. we have the federal prosecutors. we have the state's attorney working on these high-value targets, these individuals who -- these highly motivated violent repeat offenders with unfettered access to guns. and just yesterday the federal prosecutors announced 14 gun cases that are going to go federal. that will have a chilling effect on the criminal activity in our city.
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and my hope is that as the country takes a look at how we are responding to not just the freddie gray incident but the surge in violence, we'll have some positive things to talk about, trends on getting on top of the surge. every time there's been a surge in homicides in the country before, the tide was stemmed by a national response. and as president of the conference of mayors that's what i'm going to look for. hopefully with the models in baltimore we have examples of things that can be transferrable to other cities. >> so far in baltimore alone, sense up to mid august when the data were collected, there have been more homicides than -- so far this year than in all of the previous years. so that is obviously concerning. you focus on gun violence and understandably. to what extent is this gang violence, violence between and among gangs, how much have you been able to analyze whether other, you know, passersbyes and
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civilians, non-gang civilians are effected? what is your take away? >> the take away is that these incidents are a result of gang and group-related violence, almost exclusively. the victims and the alleged perpetrators, the suspects in thisses cases are known to each other. in the violence that we've seen in the late spring and through the summer, there was very little random violence. we don't have the drive-by, that wasn't a significant part of the violence that we saw. what we saw was people affiliated either loosely or closely with organized gangs or groups retaliating back and forth. it's just like when you have a table that's set with dominos. once that first domino goes over, the next one will go around the next one will go and the next one will go until you remove some dominos off the table.
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and that's what we're doing with the war room. we are targeting these individuals that we know are either going to be the next victim or the next perpetrator. and i'm grateful to have the support of -- particularly our federal partners who are hemting us to get these individuals off the streets. >> and gangs have always been an issue for your city and other cities. why this big rise? is there some new ingredient, new spark? is there a drug connection? >> well, we are analyzing what the sparks are. i'm sure they're different in baltimore than in other cities. was what's consistent is the availability, the vast availability of illegal guns on the streets of our cities across the country. we have individuals who don't have any respect for their lives or lives of individuals in the community who have access to guns and when you have that recipe and you get -- this is the result of that recipe, the
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violence that we've seen in baltimore and in other cities across the country. that's why my focus as mayor of baltimore and as president of the conference of mayors is looking for strategies that can engage all of our partners in addressing this very serious -- this very, very serious surge in violence that i've we've seen throughout the country. we're getting on top of it. i'm grateful again that our federal partners are taking more of these cases into federal court and my hope is that we can replicate some of these -- the progress that we've been able to see, we're going to continue to see more of it in baltimore and we're going to be able to spread that throughout the country with other mayors. >> mayor rawlings-blake, thank you very much for joining us from baltimore today. >> thanks. and now to politics. donald trump fanning the flames of a new controversy and also more trouble in the polls for hillary clinton. joining me now former governor ed rendell, chris cillizza and
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julie pace, white house correspondent for the associated press. governor rendell, first to you. bernie sanders now edging out hillary clinton in iowa in the latest poll. this is a quinnipiac and some people are questioning not only the methodology but the fact that they were in the field over labor day and labor day polls are not consistently reliable and it also shows a different result from the latest nbc maris poll in iowa. clearly bernie sanders is picking up steam against hillary clinton. >> maybe, maybe not, andrea. in the nbc poll bernie sanders fell back a little bit. he cut hillary clinton's lead to eight. and it expanded to 11 in the recent poll. look, polls 4 1/2 months before the iowa caucuses are absolutely ludicrous. this time in 2011 michele bachmann was ahead in the polls in the iowa caucuses and she almost came in last.
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i know we have to have something to talk about and i'm an nbc contributor as well but it's ludicrous to follow the polls like this. look, bernie sanders is attra attracting a lot of attention from the progressive wing of our party if real good news for hillary clinton in all of these polls is when you look at the sanders voters they all say they would have absolutely no problem supporting hillary clinton in the fall. and that's a big difference. >> this is what bernie sanders had to say when talking on capitol hill today. >> what we are now going to be doing is starting to put some resources into states beyond iowa, beyond new hampshire, states that will be coming up on super tuesday and all i can tell you at this point is we're feeling pretty good. >> do you think sanders has the ability to go outside of the early states, you know, new hampshire, iowa, can he start creating the organization to even compete with hillary clinton around the country, ed
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rendell? >> he's raised a lot of money which is one of the surprising things, but a good positive thing for the sanders campaign. so if they organize well they might be. but it's interesting, when you get beyond iowa, new hampshire, and when you get into states that have large number of african-americans and latino voters, race isn't close in any of the polls. hillary clinton is 25, 30, 26 points ahead in all of those states, pennsylvania, florida, ohio, just had polls last week. new hampshire and iowa tend to be mostly white, very progressive, left-leaning, the most progressive liberal democrats, so they're good demographics for bernie. but when you get in some of the bigger states that have, you know, mixed ethnicity, doesn't fair so well. we'll see. you know, we'll see what's going to happen. >> let me ask all of you about the latest donald trump controversy, let's put it kindly. this is what he told "rolling
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stone" in talking about karcarl fiori fiorina. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that the face of our next president? chris cillizza, fiorina's response, let's play her response from fox today or last night, last night with megyn kelly, and then ask you to respond. >> but maybe, just maybe i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> okay. so what about, you know, i guess the question, chris, is, how much can donald trump get away with in speaking offensively about women? >> andrea, look, i would have said in the past and i'm sure governor rendell accessful politician would agree with me, many of the things that donald trump already have said would have sunk almost any other more traditional candidate. his spin today, donald trump's spin that he was talking about her person sa and not her looks
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at some point there's a laugh test. that doesn't pass it. he is not operating under the rules of traditional politics. the rules of traditional politics would have had him losing support already, particularly among women, although a poll out this morning shows he's one of the big -- where he's ahead by 14 or 15 points nationally, one of his biggest gains is among women. i wish that i had a cogent smart answer for how that is happening given his comments. megyn kelly, carly fiorina, et cetera. i don't. if someone does, andrea, i would be suspicious because i don't know that we've seen this before, candidly. >> and donald trump was on "the view" or calling in to "the view" and here's his explanation to the ladies of "the view" today. >> look. i'm talking about her persona. she failed miserably at hewlett-packard. she failed before that at lucent. she ran for the senate.
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lost in a landslide. now she's run for president. i'm talking about her persona. >> julie pace, does that cut it? julie? >> i think i lost you there, andrea. >> julie, if you heard what we just played of trump calming in to "the view," does that fully explain about what he said about carly fiorina to "rolling stone"? >> to me i am confused but i am not a republican primary voter, i'm not a primary voter in neither party. to chris' point, i just don't think we know how the comments that he's making and then his explanations for these comments are going to play. the normal rules haven't been applying to him. you would think right now in an election season where republicans have made clear that they need to attract more women, they need to bring more women into the party that this would not be going over very well. but so far that doesn't seem to be a problem for him.
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>> hillary clinton just in columbus, ohio, before an audience largely of women, without mentioning donald trump by name dgot this response. >> and there is one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women every chance he gets. i have to say, if he emerges i would love to debate him. >> ed rendell, that would be a we the badebate if it were one-. >> fun to watch. i think chris makes an incredibly relevant point. nothing in the donald trump phenomena fits into anything we know about politics. the people who have run for office, people who covered political races. it's totally unique. i think the only explanation -- he says something offensive and clearly wasn't talking about her persona. and the people who like donald trump just say, well, there's donald. he tells it like it is.
9:16 am
. and that's the only explanation. but it really does defy belief to chris' answer, does anybody know what's going on? chris, i don't. >> okay. nbc analyst ed rendell, former democratic chair and governor, thank you very much. and chris cillizza and julie pace from the white house. thank you both so much. now to japan where torrential rains are triggering massive flooding today washing away homes, forcing many people to be rescued from their rooftops. officials say that they cannot keep up with all of the pleas for help. the floods came after a tropical storm dropped more than 20 inch oefs rain within a 72-hour period. forcing the evacuations of more than 100,000 people. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. there's only one egg that just tastes better. so fresh from the farm. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d
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i continue to do all that we can do to stop the president's nuclear agreement with iran. this debate is far from over. frankly, it's just beginning. this is a bad deal with decades long consequences for the security of american people and our allies. we will use every tool at our disposal to stop, slow, and delay this agreement from being fully implemented. >> house speaker john boehner who is facing a revolt by republican hard liners in his caucus looking for any way to kill the iran deal even though the president's success on the senate side in getting more than enough democrats to save the agreement would seem to say it is going to survive. will the republican tactics now work? democratic congressman steve israel opposes the deal and joins me now. can you sort of take off your
9:21 am
hat as a democratic leader and talk about just how is this going to evolve on the hill? you've got boehner and his -- a smaller group of opponents who share your opposition to the iran deal now trying to stop it even though they don't have the votes. >> well, andrea, as you know i'm a forceful and visible 07 poopp of this deal. however what's happening now is that the speaking of the house is catering to the hard liners in his caucus eclipsing support for israel with more support for partisan agenda. the responsible thing to do and i say this again as an opponent of the deal is to let the house of representatives vote yes or no. what the republicans have decided to do today purely in order to satisfy their right wing base, is not do one resolution but two resolutions, three resolutions. and those resolutions are excessively partisan, that are gra tut us to, they are unnecessary.
9:22 am
given the choice of doing the responsible bipartisan thing and opposing the deal or doubling and tripling down to further politicize this deal and inject partisanship to this deal, the republicans have chosen to do the partisan thing. >> aren't they putting opponents of the deal, like yourself, on the spot, forcing you to a vote you don't want to take? >> no, they are unmasking themselves for who they are. they claim undying support for israel but made a decision today and that is to put their partisan agenda ahead of a pro-israel agenda. that's unfortunate. i'm not going to engage in partisan games, in reckless games. i'm going the suggest to them that if they really care about the relationship between the united states and israel, what they ought to do is join me and others, supporters of the deal, opponents of the deal, in a bipartisan discussion of a post-deal environment. what should we be doing to ensure that israel maintains qualitative military edge, that we have a ten-year memorandum of understanding with respect to
9:23 am
israel's ability to procure edge the that needs to feel safe, and to reset the rhetoric that has been divisive and disservice to the u.s./israel relationship. i want them to spend their time on those three things and not three unnecessary partisan resolutions. >> while this is going to be taking up, you know, the time on the floor, what about the threat of a government shutdown, what about their votes against planned parenthood? it seems as though the house is even more dysfunctional than ever and that only adds to the arguments of people like donald trump who are saying washington is broken, we need somebody to fix it. >> well, you know, we left for august recess about five weeks ago. we left a republican train wreck. we came back five weeks later to a republican train wreck. five weeks ago we left with the threat of a republican shutdown. we now face that republican shutdown. five weeks ago we left republicans frothing at the mouth against planned parenthood. we come back, they're frothing at the mouth against planned parenthood. five weeks ago hey had a short
9:24 am
term extense to a highway trust fund. we come back, they're still talking about a short term extension to the highway trunt trust fund. the american people want a congress that can learn how to compromise and make progress and their paychecks and their lives, and they're sick and tired of the partisan ship we're seeing every single day in this place and now that partisanship has just been increased on this vote on iran. >> steve israel, thank you have much. thanks, congressman. >> thank you. and the call for stronger gun control returns to capitol hill today. the father of one of the two tv journalists killed in virginia two weeks ago is lobbying congress today on the gun issue. afterwards, allison parker's father spoke to a rally of supporters about his strategy for swaying votes. >> keeping the pressure on our lawmakers until they do the right thing. it's just doing the right thing. and if they won't, we will find their replacement. >> coming up next, lester holt's
9:25 am
exclusive interview with two of the adult survivors of the charleston church shootings. >> because i try my best to save all them. >> you saved your granddaughter. you held her. >> i tried to hold her as tight as i could to me so she wouldn't make a sound. and i just heard -- i heard every shot. i heard every single shot. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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everyone's raving! age defy from clairol the secret? superior gray coverage that leaves hair looking 10 years younger age defy from clairol they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are.
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. months since nine members of a church bible study group in charleston were shot and killed one by one. there were only three survivors, two adults and one child. nbc's lester holt of "nightly
9:29 am
news" spoke to two survivors. >> felicia senders holds her blood-stained bible as symbol of her faith and memory of horrifying june evening that took so much from her. >> any kind of connection i can have to my aunt and my son, i'm going to keep. >> the clothes from that day. >> i'm going to keep sxwlit the bible? >> i'm going to keep it. >> it was after all sanders' faith that brought her and polly sheppard to the mother emanuel ame bible study session that night. and now it is their faith that sustains them. >> he caught us with our eyes closed. i never told nobody this. >> iced were closes? >> we had our eyes closed. the shoths rang out. >> reporter: among the 12 in the room, sanders' aunt, her 11-year-old granddaughter, and 26-year-old son tywanza. >> i remember my son saying, mama, he shot me in the head.
9:30 am
and my granddaughter was hollering saying she was so afraid. i said, play dead. play dead. and i held her against me so tight and i had my other hand on tywanza. i said, be quiet, just be quiet. and then he raised up to talk to dylann. i can't say anymore because i led on that i was still alive. i had my hand on him the whole time. and then he shot tywanza more. but i think tywanza those last moments, my hero. my hero. and i watched him take his last breath. >> reporter: before leaving the room the shooter stood above polly sheppard who was riding under a table praying there would be some survivors. >> he said, shut up.
9:31 am
i said no. he said i'm not going to. i'm going to leave you here to tell the story. >> and nbc's lester holt joins me now. lester, it's just extraordinary. first of all, to understand the expressions of forgiveness that these women gave to dylann roof at that court appearance, having met them and listened to them, do you understand what they draw from their faith and how they were a able to express forgiveness from them? >> they both say their faith has grown stronger in all of this. and they recited to me the lord's prayer and the i'm if em to be forgiven you have to forgive. felicia stood at the bond hearing a few days after this and she essentially expressed her forgiveness. polly did not appear but forgives this man for what he did. >> felicia talked about her
9:32 am
grand daughter who survived whom she said she almost muzzled, she was afraid she was going to suffocate her, she didn't want her to make a sound. do you know from talking to her how is her granddaughter doing? >> she says she's doing okay. that's of course relative given what this poor child witnessed. but in much the way that felicia protected her on that floor she continues to protect her. certainly understandably. shielding her from the public limelight, from the media. she's raising her and trying to give her as much of a normal upbringing. she said everything is in counseling. they're doing the best they can. but she is extremely fiercely protective of her granddaughter as i think we all agree she should be. >> how much has the public, the national outpouring, from all over the country for mother emanuel, for what these people went through, how much has that meant to them in whatever healing process can take place? >> one of the women said that she went down a few days after all this happened and the wee hours of the morning to witness
9:33 am
and to see that growing memorial that was out there and she took so much strength from it. they both said they read some of the notes that were left there. they were particularly touched by those written by children. i was out there yesterday, the memorial is now gone but tourists still come by. people still take photographs. in a respectful manner but they all want to see this church where this horrible thing happened. >> lester holt, thank you so much for bringing this extraordinary interview to us. and of course having seen it on "nightly news" and you can all see lester holt tonight on nbc "fightly news." up next, going nuclear. we'll talk to energy secretary ernie h moniz. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are.
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9:37 am
hard core house republicans are looking for ways to kill the agreement egged on by republican front-runner donald trump. >> never ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. and i mean never. we are led by very, very stupid people. very, very stupid people. >> i'm joined now from the white house by the man that john kerry has called his secret weapon in explaining the nuclear negotiations with iran to congress. energy secretary and m.i.t. trained nuclear physicist ernest moniz. well, donald trump and critics are saying that this is the worst negotiation ever and that the united states is led by very, very stupid people. would you care to respond?
9:38 am
>> certainly, andrea. for one thing, he might want to read the letter by 29 of the country's leading scientists who wrote to the president and called the agreement the most innovative and stringent nonproliferation agreement ever negotiated. i think i would take their opinion with some considerable weight. >> one of the people who has now dorsed the people is hillary clinton in a speech yesterday here in washington at the brookings institution. and she, although supporting it and taking credit the initial secret negotiations that led to the further negotiations and the framework, she is saying that it needs to be toughened up in the enforcement phase, that it's a case of distrust but verify, to paraphrase ronald reagan. your response to that? >> well, first of all, i want to emphasize that support for the agreement really is very highly
9:39 am
correlated with those who spent the most time studying it. that's in congress and that's out in the private sector. so, again, we think that the more one looks at the agreement with an open mind certainly and analyzes it the more that one comes to support it. now, in going forward, first of all the implementation phase is absolutely critical. indeed, the unique. and very long-term verification agreements that we negotiated of course have the other side of the coin in which it means we have to be prepared for implementing rigorously for a very long time. to guarantee that iran is engaged only in peaceful work. now, the president has said very clearly that the agreement is critical for removing the e existential threat of a nuclear agreement over off the table.
9:40 am
it in no way relieves us from pushing back on other iran's activity, support for terrorism, hezbollah is a prime example. regional instability. yemen is an example. there are civil rights abuses. the outrageous rhetoric with regard to the united states and israel. so these are all issues where we are going to, as the president said, if anything, ramp up our activities in pushing back on those. this agreement in no way restricts us from doing that, from intradictions and all kinds of other activities, nor, of course, does it relieve our options should iran decide not to follow the letter of our agreement. >> well, one of the arguments the house republicans are making is that they never saw the so-called secret side deal. and i know this is the agreement as with all signatories to the
9:41 am
nuclear nonproliferation treat difficult, iran and national inspectors have an agreement on next steps forward and ak skes and all that. and those agreements are not disclosed. so what do you say to the hill? they're saying that they want to stop the clock and start it over and not having september 17th be the deadline. what if they succeed in these votes coming up to push the deadline beyond and have a whole new set of votes? >> well, i think this is a very disingenuous argument. first of all, just the very term secret side agreement is a complete mischaracterization of what's going on. the congress has every single document that we have, the agreement is about forcing iran to satisfy the iaea in their inspection needs on a very short time frame, by october 15th. that is unpreunprecedented.
9:42 am
apartments condition of the agreement going forward. as you said, andrea, fundamentally then, of course, the agency works out in a confidential way with the country, standard practice, exactly what steps it will take and what are the protocols for that. but certainly the congress has everything we have. secondly, even beyond the documents, and i know very well they have been briefed in great detail about what is going to happen. so they have all the information that we have and, of course, we expect that we will be going for ward to implement the agreement and that's a case where hopefully we are all going to work together in terms of making sure we implement very vigorously this agreement. >> but just to clarify, if john boehner and this group that is pressuring him from inside the republican caucus, if they have their way, they're going to try
9:43 am
to push it beyond september 17th. what happens if the united states stands alone in not having let this agreement go through? what happens to the rest of the agreement? >> well, first of all, i certainly have no expectation that we will go beyond the 17th. i have every expectation that we will be entering an implementation phase on what is called adoption day, which is 90 days after the agreement was signed. so that's in the middle of october. and iran, by the way, will have an enormous amount of work to accomplish in that -- in that time period. so, look, i think we will be going ahead. we will be implementing the agreement. if -- if for some reason the agreement were not to go ahead and i want to make it very clear, i have every expectation that it's going ahead. if it were not, then i could use the words of brent schocroft, national security adviser to
9:44 am
ford and bush sr. if we walk away we will walk awe way alone and probably in that situation be resigned to the worst of all possibilities a loss of international unity, a loss of international unity will almost certainly at least fray or unravel the sanctions regime. iran would get additional economic activity without the requirements of rolling back its nuclear program dramatically, without the unprecedented verification requirements we have put in place for the very, very long term. >> energy secretary ernest moniz, great to see you again, sir. thank you for being was. we'll be right back with more politics. james hoffa, the labor vote. (clicking noise)
9:45 am
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that. i got to talk to my wife about that. >> vice president joe biden in pittsburgh on labor day addressing the steelworkers. if he decides to enter the race biden would have to make his case to win over middle class and working class americans and he would need the endorsement of powerful unions such as the teamsters. teamsters president james hoffa is with me right now. you're certainly not ready to endorse but joe biden would certainly throw a whole new dynamic into this race. >> absolutely. joe is a very good friend of labor. he's a friend of the teamsters. he's a friend of all of labor and the kind of guy you foale comfortable with. he's a person that relates to working families. he's not an elitist. he hasn't made any declaration yet. we were just talking about who could imagine what's going on in the race right now between trump and bernie sanders and if you would have told me six weeks ago, almost six weeks ago this was going to happen i would not
9:49 am
have believed it. >> well, meanwhile, you're trying to deal with the issues that face your membership and deal with what middle class and working class americans need from the teamsters standpoint. >> one of the things we're working on right now is put america back to work. we have a program, we had a conference at the press club yesterday with secretary foxx and governor haley barbour. that's something we're working on right now. we have over 1.4 million members. half of our members put a key in and start and drive on the roads every day. that's important. so they know about what's going on with the infrastructure, whether it's our bridges, whether it's our roads, whether it's our ports. they're falling apart. we're falling behind. and what we have to do is to have a bipartisan approach to this administration and to the congress to say how do we get to the so we're not so partisanship and what's happening is they basically, the republicans want
9:50 am
to pass these short-term bills. and we need a long-term bill, five-year bill, with a trillion dollars, to get this program going to start getting america where it should be. >> so from your standpoint, if there were a government shutdown based on republican objections to planned parenthood funding or any other obstacle this would be a nightmare for you and your membership? >> it would be devastating to us. and hurt all america. the last shutdown hurt the republican party. and the leadership i don't think wants it but it's the people with the poison pill, whether it's planned parenthood, they basically want to burn the house down to get the mice. and they're really going overboard and the last time it happened the consensus was it hurt the republican party. let's see what happens. >> and just a quick note on hillary clinton. you talked about biden and sanders being stronger, biden potentially. hillary clinton and how she's handled the race so far? >> well, you know, she's having such a hard time. i did not think the issue of the
9:51 am
e-mails would be such -- would last this long. i thought it was something that was a blip. it doesn't seem to be going away. she's really got a tough fight on her hands to basically keep her numbers up with all that's going on with trump and bernie sanders and all the other people going on. so i think the dynamic is changing almost daily. >> james hoffa, thank you very much. good to see you, sir. and coming up, unbelievable scenes from the border with sxrooes greece as tens of thousands of migrants try to find a path to freedom. you're watching msnbc. here is a simple math problem.
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and now to the refugee crisis in europe, disturbing pictures from the greek mass doenian border appearing to show a police officer hitting migrants with his baton. including a man holding a child. one point in this video you can see police forcing the migrants to kneel in the mud. in migrants spent the night sleeping outdoors in the rain trying to get through a border control point guarded by mass
9:55 am
do mass doenian rye otd police. claudio lavanga is with us. claudio, who what is the prospect for them getting to safety? >> well, andrea, here at the train station in budapest, the situation is fairly quiet. we saw long lines of people getting on the trains to germany and also this morning, all pretty orderly and well organized. but in terms of that particular video, it's not the first time we've seen scenes of violence or the mass doenian police adopting an aggressive meth thord towards the refugees trying to board into mad doeni macedonia. but now this is important to point out that that video comes out on the day when the foreign minister of macedonia told the hungarian newspaper they may even consider to put in a barrier, hungarian style bear your on the border with the
9:56 am
greece if this influx continues. >> and, claudio lavanga, thank you. you will be citying on top of this for us. that does it for us for "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow, north korea senator kirsten gillibrand. follow the show online and facebook and twitter. thomas roberts joins with what's coming up now on "msnbc live." hi, tom pass. it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. ♪ if you want beautiful results, you know where to go. angie's list. everyone can shop for services from highly rated companies, even without a membership. but as a member, you can save more. and you get exclusive access to ratings and reviews. angie's list is there... for all your projects - big and small. pretty! come see what the new angie's list can do for you. wiback like it could used to?
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welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! today on "msnbc live," city on edge. ten shootings and 12 days, the fear of being shot gripping drivers in phoenix. are police on the hunt for a serial sniper or is this the work of more than one person? plus, the new york city police department apologizing to former tennis star james blake after he was handcuffed and detained for a crime he didn't commit. the officer involved stripped of his badge and gun. was this a case of excessive force? we've got the latest on the
10:00 am
investigation the just ahead. hi, everybody. gate great to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. we begin this hour with the political whiplash. hillary clinton running behind her closest challenger for the first time in a key primary state. while donald trump is up in a different poll but still having to fend off a challenger niping at his heels. a new cnn orc poll shows donald trump now above 30%. dr. ben carson firmly in second place. and now it's no more mr. nice guy between those two contenders. wednesday dr. carson hit trump on the subject of religion and the difference carson sees between his success and the billionaire's. >> i realize where my success has come from. and i don't in any way deny my faith in god. and i think that probably is a big differentiator. >> all right. donald trump is hitting back. one venue this morning on "the view." take a listen.


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