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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 10, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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force? we've got the latest on the investigation the just ahead. hi, everybody. gate great to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. we begin this hour with the political whiplash. hillary clinton running behind her closest challenger for the first time in a key primary state. while donald trump is up in a different poll but still having to fend off a challenger niping at his heels. a new cnn orc poll shows donald trump now above 30%. dr. ben carson firmly in second place. and now it's no more mr. nice guy between those two contenders. wednesday dr. carson hit trump on the subject of religion and the difference carson sees between his success and the billionaire's. >> i realize where my success has come from. and i don't in any way deny my faith in god. and i think that probably is a big differentiator. >> all right. donald trump is hitting back. one venue this morning on "the view." take a listen.
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>> all of a sudden he became a man of great faith. i didn't notice this four or five years ago. >> just -- donald, just -- just so you -- >> he should not be questioning somebody else's faith when he knows nothing about that person. because i really don't know ben carson. and he certainly doesn't know me. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is facing some trouble of her own. new eiowa poll finds her one point behind bernie sanders. this is a sharp reversal from quinnipiac's poll in july. make for a very nervous democratic party. today's "new york times" reporting the party leaders are discussing a number of big name plan bs in case clinton's campaign goes down the tank. senator sanders wasted no time seizing on today's new poll numbers. >> we're seeing just a huge amount of enthusiasm from working people and low-income people. around i think we have a whole lot of momentum in this campaign. >> so we have three different reports.
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msnbc's kasie hunt on the trump campaign, kristen welt kerr in columbus, ohio, today,nd steve korancki. here with me at 30 rock. kasie, trump is not only sparring with ben carson but we know he's also taken a shot at carli fiorina. tell us about that and if is there a backlash potential because these are the three outsider candidates. >> trump has expanded the number of republican hopefuls, his fellow republican hopefuls he's going after. we know this is how he typically responds when criticized by someone else. you saw this with scott walker and you see this with jeb bush. i think the question here is going to be does this turn out to be a riskier play for trump, fep he does need to get ahead in iowa. that's a place where we've seen carson's numbers surge lately. he seems to have a lot of appeal with evangelical conservative christians. there was a point in time when trump had questions raised at an event in iowa about the awe t n authenticity of his faith. it's going to be interesting to
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see if this attack does stick in the case of carson. on the flip side, you have carly fiorina who donald trump was quoted in "rolling stone" in the last few hours talking about carly fiorina's face and questioning whether or not people would vote for her. earlier today donald trump tried to explain himself. >> i'm talk agent her personarvekperson a. she failed at hewlett-packard. she failed at lucent. before that she was at lucent. she ran for the senate. lost in a landslide. now he's running for president. >> why don't you talk about her brain instead of her face? >> so something of a repeat of that argument that trump got into with megyn kelly when kelly in that first debate raised questions about trump's previous comments about women, thomas. >> all right. kasie hunt, thank you. we want to check in with chrkrin
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welker in ohio. tell us about this event for hillary clinton but also reaction from them now this is bad news out of iowa following the heels of bad news out of new hampshire. >> well, that's right. secretary clinton trying to rally her base here in columbus, thomas. she just had an event really aimed at women voters. of course, they are going to be crucial if she hopes to win key battleground states like ohio. as you point out this comes amidst a new low for secretary clinton. we learn today just to reiterate that according to the latest quinnipiac poll bernie sanders now edges clinton 41% to 40% in the key state of iowa. when that last poll was conducted clinton had a 21-point lead. it's important to say that a number of polls do show clinton in the lead, including the last poll that we conducted, the nbc news/marist poll. still you're seeing a broader trend here, thomas. the fact that she is seeing her poll numbers drop while bernie sanders is seeing a surge in his
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poll numbers. campaign mates tell me they are concerned about these numbers. they have certain sot of launched a reset of sorts. you have the apology from secretary clinton earlier this week. they're hoping she can show more of her person amount. that's why she's doing "ellen," for example, later today. you see her dancing in her interview with ellen talking about her age. she's also going after her republican rivals more aggressively. this is what she had to say about donald trump in the wake of those statements about carl he fiorina. >> and this is one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women every chance he gets. i have to say if he emerges i would love to debate him. >> secretary clinton now heads to milwaukee where she will try to rally women voters as well there. a lot of eyes on vice president
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joe biden today, thomas, as he continues to consider a run of his own. he's in new york. he's going to appear on the "late show" with stephen colbert this evening. a lot of folks will be watching for any clues that he muth give about what he's thinking in terms of a possible run. thomas? >> nbc's kristen welker reporting from columbus. steve kornacki is the host of "up with steve kornacki." let's start with the latest poll numbers. and what it really means for hillary clinton. she ranks third when it comes to to this other question which is prif vat ol about honestly and whether or not she's trustwor y trustworthy. joe biden coming out at 91% with the caveat being he hasn't officially thrown himself into this race. once you do then you can see the numbers go down. how much of a concern is this for the clinton campaign as they're working on that issue? >> it's been a surprise to the clinton campaign. first of all, these numbers you talk about with honesty and trustworthiness is concerning
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but also surprise how much traction bernie sanders has gotten in this thing so far, how much traction a non-hillary candidate has gotten. if you talk to the clinton people they talked about basically they're going to make a real full fledged effort in the first four primary states and they figure that's sort of it. they were speaking of it as a tune-up for the general election. they would put a real of for the in and move on. now if you talk to them they're talking about what comes after iowa and new hampshire. they're talking about the south. they're talking about -- because there's a scenario here that's possible where bernie sanders could, a lot can change in the next few months, but bernie sanders could conceivably win iowa and new hampshire. for different reasons they set up well for bernie sanders. the clinton people will now tell you the demographics will change considerably of the electorate when you get out of the two heavily white states. go to the south, african-americans are much better constituency potential for hillary clinton and not for bernie sanders. so they think, look, that's their message to democrats is basically even in that worst case scenario where we lose
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these first two states we have a firewall. >> competitively when we think about this from the campaign cash that clinton has access to compared to sanders and the democratic delegates that she already has wrapped up, forecast that calendar for us. >> the other thing is to keep in mind, too, always talking about if it's not hillary and sud difficult bernie sanders has traction, bringing in a new candidate. there are deadlines here to make state ballots, to even have a chance if you want a new candidate to get in this race. the other thing to keep in mind is bill clinton went through this, too, and hillary clinton a bill bit in 2008. they get in rough patches. the thing they always do is they endwur. they don't quit. they go, you know, the clinton people are playing along game here where she has, as you say, built-in institutional advantages and thinks you can survive even two losses. >> turn our attention to the republicans. more from the cnn poll that came out today. 41% of the republicans expect -- i think it's 51% that trump is going to be the eventual nominee. or is it 41%?
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forgive me. 41% believe that he is going to be the likely nominee. jeb trailing behind at 22%. then ben carson polling in at % 9%. you can look at what we went through four years ago on the right with rick perry and mitt romney and say the same thing. people thinking that the numbers from then forecast who is going to come out on top. donald trump really taking up all the oxygen and people are resonating and being magnetized to him. >> we talk about how the initial thoughts about the clinton campaign and prospects in the primary might be off. the initial thoughts about donald trump and how much endurance he would have clearly those were awful, too. now the question has shifted to is he another herman cain. he's not. he's not one of these guys that's going to right up to the polls and quickly fall. the key question for trump i think if he's going to seriously contend for the nomination is over the next three, four, five months, does he start to get endorsements? do actual elected officials,
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leaders influencers in the republican party come forward and say donald trump is my candidate? i want this guy to represent our party. i want to run on the ballot with this guy in 2016 because that's the key. you talk to the political science crowd, they say that's the key to winning a political party nomination. >> he has shunned any type of insider appearance. doesn't want super pac cash. doesn't want that type of people clearing a path for him, so to speak, because he is the tell it like it is kind of guy. >> sure. absolutely tension there. so the more endorsements he gets if he starts getting endorsem t endorsements and the guy but the flip side is what the establishment crowd is tell you look at the numbers right now and donald trump is in first place, 31%, 32% right now. they believe as this field narrows, 16, 17 candidateses and donald trump versus jeb bush or marco rubio, other 70% or so will coel less against donald trump. that's why trump needs to make the inroads. >> steve kornacki, great to have
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you with us. you can catch his show "up with steve kornacki" here on weekends. our bing pulse question today has to do with bernie sanders. the pulse went up live at the top of the show. i want to showcase what you're saying so far. 59% say no. 41% say yes. the pulse is live. go to we will check back in on the score later. developing now, state troopers in arizona are investigating another possible shooting incidents along interstate 10 where fears of a highway sniper are growing. the last 12 days, ten vehicles have been hit. and in at least five of those cases vehicles were struck by gunfire. today's scare involving a truck would be the 11th case but right now authorities are only saying they have, quote, a delayed report of bullet that struck a commercial vehicle. authorities are investigating a second possible incident today, projectile that reportedly struck a window. authorities are doubling their numbers along the busy highway. hundreds of thousands of drivers
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use this stretch of interstate every day. some are avoiding this area completely now until investigators get a better track on what they're dealing with. nbc's my ga miguel almaguer is . focus in on one person or looking for multiple suspects? >> thomas, investigators told us they are looking for multiple shooters at this point. they believe multiple shooters may be involved here. as you mentioned, the first five incidents that we have reported about a week and a half ago, those involve bullets or shell casings that were recovered. the last couple of incidents appear more pellet or bb gun represented. investigators say both weapons traveling at a speed of 65, 75 miles an hour can certainly be very dangerous if not deadly if a driver is hit by one of those pellet or bbs, gunshots could be fatal. investigators are concerned about. those two new incidents you
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mentioned earlier that happened today, investigators are still looking at if confirmed would bring the number of 12 incidents, many of them gunshots that have happened along this stretch of i-10. popular stretch of roadway that runs through the heart of phoenix. as you mentioned, many people telling us they simply don't want to drive on this roadway anymore until the suspect or suspects are captured. there are several schools in this area. parents who are driving their children hearsay they don't want to come on this roadway until that incident -- until this investigation is complete. thomas, certainly a sense of fear here as the days push on and the number of shooting also grows. >> very concerning. nbc's miguel almaguer, thank you. we're following new developments in the migrant and refugee crisis in europe. it's new disturbing video that shows a police officer in macedonia beating migrants with his baton including a man that was holding his child. at one point in the video we can see police forcing the migrants to kneel in the mud. it is heartbreaking, the images of the young and the old crying
10:14 am
in soaking rain. just the latest shocking video that is emerging from europe amid the humanitarian crisis that is gripping so many different countries. up next, what nypd commissioner bill bratton is saying today about the wrongful arrest of former tennis star james blake. plus -- >> well, we can't take on the gun lobby. that's just wrong. we can, we must, and we will. >> a dad trying to do right by his daughter. that is alison parker's father. she was murdered on live tv. andy parker is taking his plea to capitol hill. can one man make a difference? thursday night lights after taking plenty of hard hits during the off season, tom brady returns to the field tonight. the one very important person won't be there. we're going to tell you who it is and what it means for the nfl.
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developing right now from new york city, retired tennis pro james blake asked for an apology after he was thrown to the ground by undercover wps. this morning new york police commissioner bill bratton attempted to reach blake for an i pol ji. bratton called blake's arrest inappropriate. >> we enforced -- we're very interested in speaking with mr. blake and hope to hear back from him to extend an apology for the experience he encountered. should not have happened. >> all right. so the police officer involved in this has been placed on modified assignment as they can't to investigate exactly what happened. here's what blake told abc's robyn roberts today on "good morning america." >> when you police with reckless abandon you need to be held accountable. i think i'm hopefully going to
10:19 am
let people know that some of them need to be held accountable. these that are doing police work the wrong way need to pay for these actions. >> joining me now is msnbc national reporter trymaine lee. explain the case here why mistaken identity happened for blake and what also is going to be happening next for the officer, officers involved. >> so police chief bill bratton said that a case of mistaken identity resulted in what he said because concerning level of force used against blake, the retired tennis player. now, apparently they had been investigating a series of fraud, apparently credit card fraud. they had arrested two other individuals, british citizens, that had been in the states for a few months on student visas. they racked up $18,000 worth of fraud lebulent charges. so at some point the courier, one of the people involved in the business defrauded identified blake as someone he believed was a suspect. now, apparently the company had taken some picture of a suspect
10:20 am
off of instagram and the chief of detectives said that blake and this individual could have been twins, that the likeness was uncanny. and so bill bratton said that, again, it is very early in the investigation. they have yet to speak with michael blake of this morning's press conference and have yet to speak to the police officer involved to determine exactly what happened. he was quick to say that race was not a factor and that it was purely a case of mistaken identity. though the level of force was concerning but also the fact that after the arrest and detention for about 10 to 15 minutes as blake had his hands cuffed behind his back, after that arrest he did not report that interaction detaining of michael blake. that is another troubling factor in this case. >> trymaine lee, thanks so much. we will continue to wait to see how many more details come to the surface on this as james blake continues to speak out. probably for a lot of people out there you're noticing it on your feeds. story blowing up on twitter with 45,000 tweets in the last 24 hours. coming up, will a judge set walter scott's killer free on
10:21 am
bond while he awaits trial for murder we in charleston where a hearing is about to get undifficult way. and donald trump versus carli fiorina. politics as usual trump being trump or does he have a real problem with women? ahead in the next hour, growing hope in the bronx. my colleague francis rivera is there live. now that's a full weekend. ♪ join in and guess the five stops they made by tweeting #altimaweekendcontest for a chance to win your own weekend adventure! car radio: with our monday morning traffic report... you are looking at can you spot the difference? no?
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10:25 am
from slager just before the officer opens fire. nbc's mark potter has more from outside of the courthouse. mark? >> hi, thomas. at issue in the hearing today is whether the former officer michael slager gets out on bond or has to stay in jail until his trial. the question for the judge is whether he is a flight risk or a danger to the community. now, his lawyer says he is neither a risk nor a danger. he also argues that he's also not guilty of murder as charged in the shooting death of walter scott, as we saw in that cellphone video. the attorney says that what you don't see on that video that was shown around the country repeatedly is that moments before that when the officer tried to arrest scott there was actually a skaufle on the ground and that scott actually tried to grab slager's -- he grabbed slager's taser and fired it twice. the defense is presenting fbi enhanced video that it says shows that scuffle. in court filings the defense
10:26 am
also says that scott's dna was found on the taser. there was gunshot residue on his hands. and trace elements of cocaine and alcohol on his system. and that what people saw on that video was some of the officer coming up off the ground firing in response to a violent threat. but scott's family and attorney say that is simply a smoke screen. that there is no defense, they argue, for an officer shooting an unarmed man in the back as he ran away. it will be up to the judge to determine whether bond is granted. but the family is arguing that he should not get out on bond, that he should stay in jail. that hearing will be held in the courthouse behind me. >> mark potter there in charleston for us. thank you so much. turning to the developing news in baltimore where a judge has ruled that the criminal trials against six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray will remain in baltimore city. those officers have pleaded not guilty. gray died one week after surviving a fatal spinal cord
10:27 am
injury while on police kus do difficult. the city's civil settlement with gray's family is one reason why the trial should be hold somewhere else. the judge disagrees saying the officers should be able to get a fair trial in the city. it was moments ago the mayor reacted to the day's developments. here's what she told my colleague andrea mitchell in the last hour. >> i think the judge made the right decision. it will be helpful as we work to heal our city that the public knowthat the jurors will be selected from the peers of the officers who work in the city as well as freddie gray. >> demonstrators gathered outside this hearing cheering when the announcement came down. while the demonstrators were mostly peaceful they did get a little bit heated at times. a spokesperson for the sheriff's office said one person was arrested there. when we come back, alison parker's father vows to do whatever it takes to prevent another part from watching their child gunned down on live tv.
10:28 am
plus, there's donald trump have a problem with women? we're going to el you what carly fiorina had to say about his latest remarks against the gop rival. you see all of the letters in this banner on the screen? look at that on the lower part? right there. yeah. it's the name of a city. the meteorologist actually nailed the pronunciation. we're going to play it for you coming up. oh, my gosh. look at that. yeah. it's a tongue twister. stick around.
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who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. and whatever it takes, that was the sentence the line that was used by andy parker, the father of alison parker. his message of dozens of people gathered today on capitol hill. they're fighting to end gun violence. the rally was led by parker.
10:32 am
now, we all recall the horrific images of alison parker and her cameraman being gunned down on live tv. her photographer andy ward -- excuse me, adam ward, it happened last month in roanoke, virginia. advocates pressed lawmakers to act stronger gun control legislation. parker's specifically targeted virginia congressman paul goodlat te. >> sir, if you won't support background checks, we will find someone else who will. >> so colin goddard is a survivor of the shooting at virginia tech. he joins us today to talk about whatever it takes. colin, it's good to have you here. we see the shirt you have right now with the simple message you're trying to pass along to people on the hill. but over the last few months we've seen this staggering number of shooting attack, charleston, the movie theater shooting in louisiana and roano roanoke, virginia, the happened on live television.
10:33 am
so explain how you feel this is different, that this push is going to work for gun control legislation. >> every time more horrible shootings happen in this country that get covered on the media and don't. more people realize something has to change in america and get involved in this movement. congress reconvened. we want to be back here this week and be in their face and let them know the america public expects them to do something. we haven't had a subcommittee meeting as thousands of americans have been shot and killed over the number of the past few years is unacceptable. frankly, someone like paul goodlatte who represent the area where they work, which is the chairman of the judiciary committee. >> what do you say to people who push back about any type of gun reform based on what you're saying about goodlatte, specifically the killer of alison and adam would have been
10:34 am
able to legally get his weapon as he did regardless of any type of reform you're specifically talking about today? >> checking people before they buy a gun to make sure they can legally own it is the responsible thing to do and the right thing to do. it was the right thing to do last month. it was the right thing to do before virginia tech shooting. it's going to be the right thing to do next month. if we had that same mentality as if a cancer doctor who couldn't cure every type of cancer we should say to him, don't cure any? that doesn't make any sense. because wearing a seat belt won't always save your life you shouldn't wear one? that doesn't make any sense. our polymakers should look at the bigger problems in our society. how can we reduce the greater number of gun death/injuries. a policy like requiring a check when a gunsel is happening. the states that do this on some sales, on all sales, already, see fewer cops shot in the line of duty. and see fewer suicides by firearms. we know policy works and it's
10:35 am
time our legislators get us the laws we deserve. >> mcauliffe specifically talked about that mentioning you and his remarks today. i want to play that for everybody. >> i said that young man sitting next to my wife is colin goddard. i said that young man about 100 yards from where we are today was shot four times during the virginia tech massacre. i said, that young man still has three bullets in his body. don't you dare talk to me about a letter grade from the nra. >> colin, we know how powerful the nra is, especially when it comes to being able to push back on these issues. do you have certain lawmakers at a tipping point where you feel like your message is resonate that something will make a difference here? >> absolutely. we have republican legislators in a number of states, in the state house, voting for common sense measures like background
10:36 am
checks. we have so many more who support this but don't make me do it until i absolutely have to. we want to tell them, grow a spine and do it. we have too many that hide away from the spotlight. people like congressman bob goodlatte in the position of power on this who stay away and do nothing. the american people, this needs to be -- the veil needs to be lifted. people need to understand where the disconnect is between the people's house, the house of representatives, where the vastz majority of americans support a common sense measure like background checks, nra members of gun owners. a small committee of people that has continued to do nothing, has continued to let these bills languish in his committee and that has to change. >> colin goddard, survivor of the virginia tech massacre. colin, great to have with me. >> thanks, thomas. we switch our attention to current politics and what's taking place nor 2016. donald trump might be in trouble yet again with comments about the only woman that's running on the gop side. now, this time it's about carly
10:37 am
fiorina. and exactly what he had to say about her face. the new "rolling stone" he said, quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that. can you imagine that the face of our next president? >> probably i did say something like that about carly. i'm talking about persona. i'm not talking about look. although when i get criticized for my hair, which isn't that bad, you know, you've seen me, right? it's not that bad. when i get criticized constantly about my hair nobody does a story about, oh, isn't that terrible, they criticized donald trump's hair? the fact is that i probably did say that about carly. or something about, in a jock lar manner, obviously. >> all right. so there we have donald trump pushing back. krystal ball is a political analyst writing about trump and women for "glamour" magazine. thanks for making time for me. what do you make of all of this, especially we've seen this before donald trump likes to get entangled with these issues,
10:38 am
taking on my again kelegyn kell. it didn't seem to hurt him. >> it's not going to hurt him here either. this is baked into the trump brand at this point. people who like donald trump, they expect him to say things that are over the loin, that are obnoxious. and to never back down pop to him and his fans i think this is not going to damage him at all. what it does damage though is the republican party as a whole, which already didn't have the best branding with women and young women in particular. you will remember the comments that todd aiken made a couple election cycles ago back in 2012 and how that cast a cloud over the entire republican party because they were seen as the party of todd aiken. donald trump is the new todd aiken, erecting a new barrier with women. when you add to that a attacks on planned parenthood i think this is a very devastating thing for the republican party going forward. >> i want to read something from the women's media center. you pointed us in the direction of this today. saying, when media coverage focus us on a woman's appearance
10:39 am
she pays a price in the horse race. acknowledging and responding to the sexist appearance coverage helps the woman regain some of the ground that she lost. >> right. >> in this instance, we've seen carly fiorina go up in the polls. >> right. >> she's now up in the latest poll. do you think that this only helps in terms of getting her heard, seen, and people then get an opportunity to know who carly fiorina is? >> i actually do. i mean, this is not a good thing to be attacked in this ugly way by donald trump. but she's handled herself so well. and what the research shows as you're pointing out is that when women are attacked in a sexist way if they're attacked based on their appearance, if they respond and they call it out, they can actually see a gain in the polls. i wouldn't be surprised the of see that in carly fiorina's case. and she has handled herself really well here and already was making good impressions with the gop primary electorate. >> we know the next debate she's going to be on that stage with donald trump. so it will be interesting to see
10:40 am
how it all plays out. great to see you. thank you for your time. so the nfl season officially kicks off tonight. the super bowl champion new england patriots hosting the pittsburgh steelers at gillette stadium. a lot of eyes are going to be on the match-up because of this guy, yeah, tom brady. you know him, the quarterback or the patriots. hes going to be on the field after the four-game suspension over deflategate was overturned last week by a federal judge. msnbc's craig melvin is joining me live from foxborough, mass, with more on this where the skies are opened up and crying they're so excited that tom brady will be there. craig? >> in these parts they call him tom terrific, thomas. number 12 will be under center wearing the red, white, and blue when they take on the steelers tonight. adds y as you mentioned, perhaps, the biggest preseason win, tom brady in that federal courtroom getting that four-game suspension tossed out. i talked to a number of fans here and everyone more than excited.
10:41 am
i mean, it's tough to really overstate how eager fans are to see tom brady playing tonight. and keep in mind they will also be unveiling their super bowl championship banner from last season as well. they're defending super bowl champions. if tom brady goes to the big game again as many suspect he will and wins it again he will become the winningest nfl quarterback in league history. he will have five rings. no quarterback has done that. so suffice it to say people here are pretty stoked. >> it should be something to watch. one person we know that won't be there in person to watch it is the nfl commissioner roger goodell. but you know what? just like us, he can watch it on nbc. craig melvin, thank you. just a reminder, you can catch football night in america, the patriots facing off against the steelers tonight, coverage starts at 7:30 eastern on nbc. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain.
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10:45 am
american cities. we've been reporting on a m's big reveal of new tech gadgets in silicon valley where at the same time more than 6 1/2 thousand people are living on the streets. those numbers were released by the city this summer. in fact, brookings ranks san francisco as having the second highest income inequality in biggest cities. nbc reports from the epicenter of the homeless crisis. >> i'm here outside the billy graham auditorium, the site of apple's mega hyped product launch. bay area is the epicenter of the wealth creation in the united states. apple has more cash than the u.s. government. over there is an entirely different story. homelessness is on the rise here in san francisco. the city puts the latest official count at almost 7,000. but activists say it is much,
10:46 am
much higher. >> it's kind of scary a little bit. >> they are having like a big launch event over there for the new products. >> oh. new products by something like that and people are homeless, huh? >> what do you tell people when they ask you what it's like? >> i tell them that, well, it's what you would imagine. it's pretty ugly. it's pretty nasty. >> according to a 2013 report from the city itself, san francisco ranks between guatemala and rwanda in terms of economic and inequality. homelessness is just the tip of the iceberg. >> 3, 4, 5, $6,000 for apartments. is this still a city affordable for working class people to live in? >> no no. because the rent is high. >> it's the 99%, the whole 99% that is really suffering here in san francisco. from the inequality and the craziness in housing and everything. people are spending like, you know, two-thirds of their income
10:47 am
on rent. how is that possible? how can that be sustainable. >> do you live in this neighborhood? >> yes. >> can i ask, what do you do? >> motorcycle mechanic. >> is it an affordable neighborhood to live in? >> no. >> how much the your rent? >> $1500 for a small little bedroom. >> a studio? >> no, there's not even a kitchen. >> so what would you call that? how many square feet? >> that would be probably like 80 square feet. >> wait. you live in an -- you basically live in a closet. >> more or less a closet. >> in a city how do most people get around? >> most people take the bus like muni. get to work, pay the bills, get the kids to school. >> this is not the only way people get around. >> nope. >> this is what's called a commuter shuttle pilot stop. what is that? >> yeah, it's funny they used the muni stop, the public infrastructure but it's a private bus just for tech workers. >> this is one of them right here? >> yeah. >> can anybody get on a bus like this? >> no, most people can't.
10:48 am
>> it's a pretty nice bus. people like this bus, right? >> yes. >> is it pretty comfortable? >> yeah. >> you got wi-fi? >> yeah. >> air conditioning? >> yes. >> and cushioned seats, right? can i take a ride? i can't ride it? i tried. >> so, thomas, as you said, it is a tale of two cities even when it comes to the bus system in san francisco. and in the face of recent criticisms for essentially asking homeless folks to leave the streets of san francisco in advance of the super bowl which is coming to san francisco in 2016, the mayors announced 10,000 units of new affordable housing there, minimum wage in san francisco is going up to $15 an hour, as well in 2020. but the activists that i talked to in san francisco says this is not nearly enough in face of the rising inequality there in san francisco. >> i think people would like the idea of hearing how the minimum wage is going to go up by 2020
10:49 am
and that was a great attempt of you to try to get on the bus for you to check it out. did i hear correctly the interview with motorcycle mechanic that he has 80 square feet and pays 1500 bucks a month? >> you want to try and go over therend hang out? i don't think we can all fit in the room. >> it's amazing. absolutely amazing. jacob, great to see you. thanks for doing that report. it was eye opening. okay. you know it, you love it. justin timberlake and jimmy fallon are back with their new version of hurricane katrihisto. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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now tech leaders across america are encouraging eager young minds to revitalize and shape their communities. join msnbc for a special broadcast event as we equip and ib spire these entrepreneurs for promising careers in technology. all right. so apparent bffs justin timberlake and jimmy fallon taking their dance moves on the road this week. you may recognize the core i don't gofy on display. moves stolen right from beyonce. they reprized their popular history of rap with a new
10:53 am
performance on "the "tonight show."" ♪ ♪ stop, hammer time ♪ ♪ got got ta fight for your right to party ♪ >> a little beastie boys there. nearly two dozen songs in six minutes. now there's this. it turns out that we humans have a new branch in our family tree. meet what scientists believe is our closest distinct relative. it was made in south africa. experts believe the bones date back more than 2.5 million years. its shoulders and smaller brain resemble ape-like ancestors.
10:54 am
it's featured in the new edition of "national geographic." we turn our attention to japan. more than 20 inches of rain has fallen in three days and it's brought massive devastation. at least seven people are missing and more than 150 have been rescued by choppers. rescuers dug up the body of a woman killed in a landslide. meanwhile, here at home, the northeast is positioned for flooding on a much, much smaller scale. in time square new york, tourists, you can see getting a soggy reception. go live now to jen carfagno. explain the northeast. we needed the rain, but is it going to be too much too soon. >> we would love this rain, but a little bit slower. it's too much at one time is what's happening. this is forecast. this is what's happening right through the afternoon and evening. rounds of rain. some of it very heavy at times.
10:55 am
it could be rainfall on the order of an inch or two per hour. and that would be too much. these are the amounts we're talking about. especially up here southern new england back down to the tri state, one to 2 inches of rain. if it's spread out over a couple hours, it would be a good thing. we got the steelers and the patriots. there is that chance of thunderstorms and it might come with heavy rain all the way through the game tonight. back to you. >> jen, i know you have said a lot of tricky city names in your career. there's this weather man in the u.k. that refers a town in wales. i want to play it for everybody. take a look at this. >> at the coastal parts of eastern england with cloudy skies. just up the road from pu llanfairpwllgwyngyllogogerychw- yrndrobwllllantysiliogogogo yrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, the temperature got to 21 celsius. >> he nailed it. he really had to practice that.
10:56 am
>> he did. saint mary's church near the church of the red cave. that's what he's really saying. >> that's how it goes? you know a lot more than i do. great to have you with us. much more on our top stories when we return. hillary clinton's attempts to reboot her campaign as she is now losing the lead in iowa to bernie sanders. this according to a new poll. and then fear on the freeway. we're going to take you to arizona. phoenix residents nervously driving. ten shots, motorists, their cars have been hit in the past two weeks. of course we're looking at the growing field of tech jobs and how entrepreneurs and businesses are revitalizing communities around the country. it's our growing hope special all in the next hour. when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite. for these parents, driving around was the only way... get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked,
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vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. ♪ hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪ i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. this hour on msnbc, the
11:00 am
donald versus the view. trump sparring with the women of the view for his first interview on a daytime talk show. >> why do you always slip up with your words when it comes to women? >> much of what you've seen is as an entertainer. i want to say that i cherish women and i will protect women. >> you got to get a little bit more informed in what's going on in women's issues. i swear to you donald, you are misinformed here. also ahead, seismic shift. bernie sanders takes the lead over hillary clinton in iowa for the first time. can her campaign reverse the current course. we're going to have more on those stories in just a minute. first, this is a special slip edition of msnbc live. my colleague francis rivera joins me live from the bronx. there today for a special growing hope live from the bronx event.


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