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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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donald versus the view. trump sparring with the women of the view for his first interview on a daytime talk show. >> why do you always slip up with your words when it comes to women? >> much of what you've seen is as an entertainer. i want to say that i cherish women and i will protect women. >> you got to get a little bit more informed in what's going on in women's issues. i swear to you donald, you are misinformed here. also ahead, seismic shift. bernie sanders takes the lead over hillary clinton in iowa for the first time. can her campaign reverse the current course. we're going to have more on those stories in just a minute. first, this is a special slip edition of msnbc live. my colleague francis rivera joins me live from the bronx. there today for a special growing hope live from the bronx event. francis?
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>> reporter: we are so thrilled to be coming at you from the bronx right here for the next hour as we continue our growing hope series on msnbc. look at the excitement here. how pumped up is everybody here. this is the old bronx burrow courthouse. on the outside, it is run down. windows are boarded up. abandoned for nearly 40 years. as you can see here, how excited is everybody here to get through the day and grow hope, right? can we hear it? so you can see again that excitement building as we're working through trying to bridge technology, the youth of tomorrow, all of this. as you can see here, education from those entrepreneurs in the tech community, community leaders, students. we'll tackle all of that in the next hour right here. a lot of news to get through, thomas. we'll check back in in a little
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bit. >> we look forward to going back to you there in the bronx and we'll see you in just a short while. we do turn our attention to politics where donald trump is once again dedefending himself. he's getting attacks for remarks in the rolling stone about carly fiorina not having a nice face. he called into "the view" this morning. the ladies were quick to ask him about it. >> i'm talking about her per son na. she failed miserably at hewlett-packard. i'm talking about her per son na. >> then why don't you talk about her brain instead of her face? >> trump is still leading the pack here. according to the latest poll. coming in second is dr. ben carson. now, it's a different tale for hillary clinton. who is now behind bernie sanders by one point in iowa. today, here is how senator
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sanders is responding to it. >> we're seeing just a huge amount of enthusiasm from working people and low income people. i think we have a whole lot of momentum in this campaign. >> we've got it all covered. we want to start with the story on trump. we head to our washington bureau. casey, let's talk about the back and forth taking place between trump and going after carly fiorina. and now the gloves have come off against trump and ben carson. something trump was hoping would happen. >> in some ways, yeah. look, thomas, he's treating these two like he's treated everyone else who ever said anything negative about him. obviously jeb bush right out of the gate. these are the two other outsider candidates in the field. as carson in particular of late has risen in the polls, i've been waiting to see when it would happen that the two of them would start to go head to
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head. i think we also heard after this fiorina brew a a from carson on a completely separate issue, which is religion. the poll we're looking at is specifically in iowa which is where carson would likely tak his first stand, where trump has focused a lot of his campaign's energy. but he -- there had been some questions raised about his credibility and ben carson took those on yesterday. >> you know, one of my favorite bible versus, pro verbs 22: 4. it says by humility and a fear of the lord are riches and honor and life. and that's a very big part of who i am. humility and a fear of the lord. i don't get that impression with
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him. maybe i'm wrong. but i don't get that impression. >> reporter: car sob is someone who has a lot of credibility with evangelical voters. trump of course has responded to carson essentially saying carson doesn't know me, how can he know how i actually feel about my faith. thomas? >> casey, great to see you. thanks so much. as we mentioned earlier, it's another bad day in the polling for hillary clinton. certainly of concern as she was in columbus, ohio, for a women for hillary grass roots event. now as we look at these new poll numbers, it shows that bernie sanders is leading her in the hawkeye state. this comes as clinton tries to show a softer side, sitting down with ellen degeneres in an interview that will be airing today. >> if you are elected, you would be one of the oldest presidents elected. does that matter?
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don't we want experience more than anything? isn't that important? >> i think it's very important. the way i look at it i would be the youngest woman ever elected. >> that's a great spin on it right there. joining us from columbus, ohio kristen walker. explain about how the campaign is reacting to these new polls. first we saw bernie sanders take a lead in new hampshire and now we're seeing it slip away in ohio for clinton. >> reporter: that's right. look, thomas, they are undoubtedly concerned. they also say the reality is she far outpaces her democratic rivals when it comes to fundraising and organizing on the ground. there's no doubt today was a new low. bernie sanders for the first time edging clinton in that key state of iowa, now leading her 41 to 40%. it's a virtual tie. so the reset includes the apology that we saw from secretary clinton earlier this
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week. as you just pointed out, she's trying to show more personality. trying to show her warmer side with appearances like the one she has today on ellen. she is also going after her republican rivals more vigorously. today, her sharpest line of attack for donald trump. take a listen. >> there is one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women every chance he gets. i have to say if he emerges, i would love to debate him. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: now, as we speak, secretary clinton is heading to another event here in ohio. then she heads to milwaukee. the clinton campaign watching vice president joe biden very closely. he will be appearing on the late show with steven colbert later today.
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thomas? >> reporting in ohio, thank you. we're also following these new developments as it comes to the migrant refugee crisis in europe. want to show you this. it's new disturbing video appearing to show a police officer in macedonia beating migrants with his baton. it includes a man and a small child. we can see the police forcing the migrants to kneel in the mud. it is heartbreaking to look at this. the images of crying children in the soaking rain. white house press secretary josh ernest saying moments ago the administration is making preparations to take in refugees. >> this year that will end -- the fiscal year that will end at the end of this month, the united states is on track to take in about 1,500 syrian refugees. >> we're going to keep an eye on the latest developments also from the white house press briefing. want to brief you on this developing story out of arizona where authorities say that are
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investigating a quote, delayed report of a bullet that struck a commercial vehicle. people in the area are on edge following a series of shootings and incidents targeting drivers. police calling the shooter or shooters domestic terrorists. miguel almaguer has the very latest for us. >> reporter: along interstate 10 in phoenix, arizona, police desperate to find a shooter. someone who has innocent drivers in their crosshairs. >> it's very terrifying for them. >> reporter: this morning, no suspects, no car description. just a growing number of vehicles riddled with bullet holes that nearly took the lives of those behind the wheel. and now the news, there may be multiple shooters. >> i am of the opinion right now that we have multiple shooters just because the m.o.s have changed. >> reporter: the highway patrol took us along the stretch of roadway that could be the most dangerous in the nation. ten incidents here in just 12
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days. the majority, gunfire. robert mcdonald was alone driving this tour bus when a bullet sliced through the seat just behind him. >> had the bullet been a little bit more powerful, it would have came this far from my shoulder. if i would have moved my head, i would have got hit. >> reporter: police now call the shooters or shooters, a domestic terrorist. many scared to drive i-10 recalling the fear of the beltway sniper in 2002. criminal profilers in that case say the shooter here is also feeding on terror. >> he knows the time he wants to be out there. he knows the location. and realize, he in his mind is playing this chest game with the authorities. >> that was miguel almaguer reporting for us from arizona. still ahead, tennis star james blake tackled, handcuffed and detained by the nypd.
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what is the department saying about its response? and also still ahead, we go back to francis for more of today's special growing hope live from the bronx event. >> reporter: a lot of hope being grown here. definitely the seeds around here in the bronx to do that. especially when it comes to building communities like the bronx and giving these young people here the tools to be able to do that. including this man right here who built this website essentially allowing facebook, twitter, instagram to send money to families back home. why is that needed? >> a lot of immigrants in the united states, they transfer money, you know, using social ne networks. we provide a cheap alternative. >> reporter: it is an option needed using your knowledge and skill set with the tech world. so certainly something that's needed here in showing how they
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can use that. diversity here in the world of technology and again how we can equip young people, kids even to have those tools to grow their leadership in the future. so we'll have more on that when we come back here live from the bronx as we continue our growing hope series. we'll be right back. let's discuss medical supplies i'm kind of happy with my guys. i think you'll love our newest line the stuff my vendor sells works fine. and my budget's small, just so you know. ♪ should i stay or should i go when you choose to go for business, go to the new it makes finding the right room faster and easier than ever. and right now stay two times and earn a free night book now at (ding) (clicking noise) read text. (siri voice) adam, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that about your hair. it's not stupid. (ding) find hair salon. wow. yeah, that's right. (siri voice) ok, jack's boutique is nearby.
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and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. welcome back, everybody. a special split edition of msnbc live. my colleague francis rivera is out in the bronx today hosting a special growing hope live from the bronx event. looks like you have a bunch of great talent that has showed up to give us all a lesson today. >> reporter: i can't even tell
11:16 am
you how excited some of these people, especially the younger kids, young adults, so excited to grow hope and see how they can benefit communities like the bronx when it comes to the tech world. we are live here in south bronx for our growing hopes special. showcasing the jobs of tomorrow for these tech leaders of tomorrow, but we're doing it today and we're doing it here. new york city's tech e crow system almost employs 300,000 people. that is 7% of 4.2 million working new yorkers. they far outpace any other kind of job in the city. look at the job distribution. 77% of the tech jobs are in manhattan and only 3% are in the bronx. joining me now to change that, three gentlemen who want to push that number even higher. new york state assemblyman michael blake.
11:17 am
and a broad bronx native. and joining us from capitol hill, van jones, president of rebuild the dream and one of the founders of the code. we see here with us too, some of the kids very active in the programs that they support. how excite ready you guys to be here today? >> i'm very excited. >> reporter: i don't believe you. how excited are you guys to be here today? >> very excited! >> reporter: i believe you. i'm sure there's a lot of excitement there. let's get started here. when you have the challenges, the skill set still needed, getting affordable accessible internet throughout the city of new york. you see these faces, you see the promise that the tech world can have in these faces of the youth. >> when you come to events like this, you are reminded that, yes, the bronx is the hope of hip hop and yankees, but we're
11:18 am
also the home of new invoe va tors. we want to show everyone how we are transforming the south bronx to be an urban metropolis of this world. there are incredible opportunities here that we've been able to elevate thanks to these incredible groups that are building something special. >> reporter: and it's great to be able to do it, you're creating tech companies. vann, to you, training kids to use technology in other jobs. tech industries generate 58,000 actual tech jobs while non-tech industries generate 150,000 tech jobs. talk about how valuable they are in the professional lives. >> it's incredibly valuable. talking about hope, you got to realize, it's not just about holding young people to high standards, the grown people got
11:19 am
to have high standards to. he put the word hope into the mouths of so many people. i work with him in the white house. he was a standout there. let's not forget the obama movement was a movement. you have leaders from that movement like blake now in office doing this. part of the reason it's so important, our young people don't just have to be downloaders. they can be uploaders. they can upload apps and have people around the world downloading their apps. every single company is going to be a tech company at some level. you got to give these young people the tools, training and technology to build the apps of tomorrow. the future's not being written in laws in washington d.c. where i am. the future's being written in computer code in places like silicon valley and now new york city and increasingly the bronx. and people like mike blake that can connect the dots are going to be the key to a future that
11:20 am
works. so i appreciate mike blake. >> reporter: what also fascinated me is also knowing this goes beyond science, math, engineering when it comes to inclusion in the tech world. especially d. nice here in the bronx. and especially when it comes to the art. when it.comes to the art of hip hop, the birthplace being here in the bronx. >> i love -- i absolutely love that i'm from the bronx. i've been involved in hip-hop since 1986. i was involved in technology from 1999 until now. so the moment i got the call from michael blake here asking me to get involved, i was so excited about it. as a kid growing up in the bronx, i nevering imagined seeing what's going on right now. hopefully -- not even hopefully. we're trying to build this interactive campus here in the
11:21 am
bronx. i want to see it happen. i want to see technology happen here. it's great to see it all finally coming together. >> reporter: that is one of the concrete plans that is the hope for this building, this structure that we're in. again, outside the graffiti outside, it's boarded up. that is one of the hopes, to make this facility here the home of the universal hip-hop museum to be able to honor the history and culture of hip-hop. >> for 37 years nothing was happening here until earlier this year. brought 6,000 people to see the beauty here. now we have to tran form this. what are we doing? workshop and business opportunities, training entrepreneurs. bringing in a universal hip-hop museum. how do we advance our cause? we have announcements that are going to come today helping families in need. this is about transforming the
11:22 am
bronx in a very real and tangible way. this is just the beginning. >> reporter: and starting, i have to say, all the other growing hopes we've seen in the past, i was amazed to come here and see all these young faces and young people. now are you guys excited? >> yes! >> reporter: there we have it. see how these communities are improving, especially with the help of yes we code as well. opportunities for the young people, thomas. >> francis -- >> reporter: continue on here -- >> great reporting from there. can those kids get a little more excited? >> reporter: i know. i'm trying to -- >> can we get a hoot and a holler out of them? they're on tv right now. >> reporter: are you excited?
11:23 am
>> yes! >> reporter: a little bit better. you know what might get them excited, a little show and tell we're going to have for you a little bit later on and showing you the innovation and technology shared through the young kids with the help of nyu's engineering program. >> we look forward to it. thanks, francis and thank the kids. that was very good. we like that. we are going to be back with more of today's headlines. including unprecedented flooding in japan. video capturing homes floating down flooded streets and of course much more from the bronx with francis including the interview that she has with the chief technology officer of the united states about a white house initiative to spur growth in tech. you're watching a growing hope special live from the bronx right here on msnbc. it's ford suv season.
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>> reporter: welcome back to our growing hopes special here live from the bronx. we continue talking about how technology can pave the way for tomorrow's future. they are actually playing robotic soccer. i'm dropping the ball. you want to throw that out, buddy? throw it out so they can get the ball. thanks to nyu engineering, they go to new york city schools and teach the kids from grade school all the way to high school how to build these robots. just one of the many ways these communities are tapping the tech industry to grow hope. much more here on msnbc when we continue. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world.
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i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? andy parker made his first visit to washington d.c. today since his daughter, alison parker was killed on live tv along with her cameraman adam
11:31 am
ward. parker was joined by virginia lawmakers in an effort to demand reform. >> keeping the pressure on our lawmakers until they do the right thing. it's just doing the right thing. and if they won't, we will find their replacement. >> so parker says he plans to do whatever it takes to prevent americans from being killed by gun violence. we turn now to an nbc news exclusive. nearly three months after dylann roof took the lives of nine bible study members at mother emanuel ame church in charleston, two survivors are talking about what happened that night. it's a night that they say will be etched in their minds forever. >> felicia sanders holds her bloodstained bible as a symbol of her faith and a memory of the
11:32 am
evening that took so much from her. >> any connection i can have to my aunt and son, i'm going to keep. >> the clothes from that day. >> i'm going to keep it. >> it was after all sanders' faith that brought her and polly shepherd to the bible study session that night. and now, it is their faith that sustains them. >> he caught us with our eyes closed. i never told nobody this. shots rang out. >> among the 12 in the room, sanders' aunt, her 11-year-old grand daughter and 26-year-old son. >> i remember my son says, mama, he shot me in the head. and my granddaughter was hollering saying she was so afraid. i said play dead, play dead. and i hold her against me so tight and i had my other hand on my son.
11:33 am
i said, be quiet. and then he raise up to talk to dylann. i can't say anymore because i would let on i was still alive. i had my hand on him the whole time. and then he shot my son more. i think of those last moments, my hero. my hero. i watch him take his last breath. >> before leaving the room, the shooter stood above polly shepherd who was hiding under a table praying there would be some survivors. >> he said shut up, did i shoot you yet. i said no. he said i'm not going to, i'm going to leave you here to tell the story. >> nine of the people in that room were killed by 21-year-old dylann roof who prosecutors say turned on the group driven by
11:34 am
racist hatred in a place they never expected. >> i never thought about church. i never thought about bible study. >> why would you? >> church is supposed to be safe. >> there was a young man that shot a tv reporter and a camera person. >> yeah. >> recently. and he said the charleston church shooting was the breaking point. >> that made me so sad because i never wanted any one parent to feel what i felt. >> determined to carry on, at the bond hearing just two days after the massacre, relatives of the victim shocked the country with their display of mercy. >> i have forgiven him now. that was important for me to speak to dylann. i want him to know that he failed. >> that was nbc nightly news anchor lester holt with this emotional exclusive interview
11:35 am
with the survivors of the mother emanuel church shooting. we turn now to new developments and the nypd commissioner wanting to apologize to retired tennis pro james blake. blake asked for an apology after he says he was thrown to the ground and handcuffed by police in front of his manhattan hotel. he discussed the incident this morning and called the arrest for mistaken identity inappropriate. >> reinforce that we are very interested in speaking with mr. blake and hope to hear back from him to extend an apology for the experience he encountered. should not have happened. >> so an officer has been placed on modified assignment as police continue to investigate what happened. blake was in town to attend the u.s. open. here's what me had to say on abc's "good morning america". >> when you police with reckless abandon, you need to be held accountable.
11:36 am
i'm hopefully going to let people know that some of them need to be held accountable. these that are doing police work the wrong way need to pay for those actions. >> germane lee joins me now to talk about it. james blake is mistaken for someone else. what was the case officers were investigating? >> they said they were investigating some sort of fraud involving some sort of credit card. three suspects, each of them british citizens in the united states, racked up about $18,000 worth of fraudulent charges. the company that was defrauded found some image on instagram and attached that to a name that had been used in the fraud scheme. this individual had an uncanny likeness to blake, they could have been twins. they point him out, that's when the officer engages him. apparently may have used some concerning level of force in
11:37 am
taking him down. >> the commissioner saying this morning he had trouble reaching james blake to apologize. has the commissioner gotten blake? >> as of right now, it's unclear. so far we haven't heard much. >> okay. we'll -- remains to be seen. i'm sure those two will probably talk at some point. great to see you. still ahead this hour, deflategate, what deflategate? tom brady takes to the field tonight for a game he almost didn't get to play. and we're going to go back to francis rivera in the bronx for today's growing hope special. what's coming up? >> reporter: so much to play with around here, thomas. we're seeing technology grow deeper roots in the bronx. a graduate student here reaches out to kids in new york city public schools. you helped them build this smart tower showcasing a solar energy,
11:38 am
smart technology transportation. the coolest thing, show me what this does. >> this is a smart sprinkler system. if it's wet, turn off the sprinkler. >> and it does it automatically. the coolest thing i like here, this little gate. do a little bit press lock, and unlock and the gate opens. growing hope here in the bronx as well as other areas of new york city, all thanks to #yeswecode. we will be right back. have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. (ding) (clicking noise) read text. (siri voice) adam, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that about your hair. it's not stupid. (ding) find hair salon. wow.
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paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest. welcome back to a special split edition of msnbc live. my colleague francis rivera is live in new york city, the bronx today, hosting a special growing hope live from the bronx event.
11:42 am
it's been so fun to see the future of technology. what do you have coming up? >> reporter: it's great. actually, you're kind of right. msnbc has visited several cities across the united states in our growing hope series including detroit and oakland highlighting innovations in technology that are taking root as well as the jobs of the future. just this march, president obama announced the launch of the new tech hire initiative in an effort to fill over half a million well paying job openings in information technology. new york city are just one of several that have aligned with the president's initiative. they have already had tremendous success helping people transform their lives and their communities. >> the fact that a city of new york has things and programs like this to offer and i can take advantage of it. everyone's been really
11:43 am
supportive. i can't help but be excited i am part f on the tech world now. >> reporter: joining me now is new york city's chief technology officer, also megan smith, the chief technology officer for the united states. welcome here as we are all growing hope here. we just heard sound there how lives are transformed when it comes to crossing over into that tech world. and she did it in just a few months. talk a little bit how that can happen and both agencies are working to see more stories like hers. >> you mentioned the president's tech hire initiative. using code boot camps and short courses, three-month training opportunities, to help everyone move into these jobs. we have so many jobs open. they're fun and exciting. look at these kids. we want more americans to come into those. we don't have enough four-year degree recipients. so keep doing that, america.
11:44 am
also use these boot camps and come on in. >> reporter: new york city has a lot of bragging rights, when it comes to the program with you and the tech talent initiative. the white house saying now, it worked in new york city, let's try it for us. let's talk about other cities and communities can say, you know what, we see how effective it is, let's try it. >> it's this innovative approach. we're working directly with employers so that we are training people directly for the jobs that they want to fill. one of the programs web development fellowship is a training program and an internship program. so you get the work experience that employers are looking for. what's unique about the program rngs we new york city, are building that bridge between the training programs and the
11:45 am
employers who need those. so it's a win-win for everyone. >> reporter: it's also interesting when you look at the faces here and you see the enthusiasm, you see the excitement, that they are hungry for these opportunities. you're the former vice president of google. you know your stuff when it comes to the tech world. how can we make it so the tech world is more diverse, it's more inclusive, so that when these kids get out there they don't feel like they have odds against them. >> the greatest asset of our country is the american people. we want all of the american people in on these types of opportunities. it drives our future and economy. key things are in the classroom, making sure that technology, coding, all of this is available. i grew up in new york state. we had mandatory science fair. getting the kids in, having them have these kinds of experiences. and new york is doing a terrific job of this. and we see it all over the
11:46 am
country. tech hire, that's for grownups who are ready. bring them in through code boot camps. we already have 21 cities. we want to double it by the end of the year. >> reporter: when it comes to seeing this part, the cto of this city, they want to see their first broadway show, they want to 30 rock, maybe the tech world isn't the first thing to come to mind. that's your job to change that and make sure it's synonymous. your job is to make sure new york is making its footprint in that world as well. >> absolutely. i think that in new york city in particular, our secret sauce is going to be the diversity of our workforce. we already according to tech crunch have the number one place for women tech founders. so, you know, we have the ability i think now to tap the diverse talent that's here. our opinion is, new york city has a lot of untapped talent out
11:47 am
there. we need to fill those jobs. we can create the programs for k through 12 and partner with businesses to generate the workers that they need. and basically tech is the future of work. and new yorkers are the future of tech. >> there's also that gap, though. there is a need. there are about 500,000 jobs across the country waiting to be filled. we also see people straight out of college, time and time again you see they're moving back home because they can't afford to live on their own. they're wanting that break and they're wanting that job. how can that be filled? >> we're trying to connect people to the short courses and update their skills. there are apprenticeship programs that are extraordinary. the workforce development folks working with the employers to connect to the education institutions to make sure these guys have the opportunities they need. we also just hosted the first ever white house demo day.
11:48 am
90 entrepreneurs from 30 different companies across the country. not just silicon valley and those places. really exciting to see the talent deeply involved in tech all over the country that's available. it's rising. >> do you find amongst young kids these days that that's the path they're on, there's so much energy out there to be their own boss and own their own business. >> team up with their friends and found companies. it's happening not only as startups but also within the companies. corning made milk bottles long ago. now they're making gorilla glass on our cell phones and fiber optics. we're seeing that really as a thriving thing. new york city is really making great strides on women founders. the venture capital association just committed to really work on
11:49 am
the diversity problem they've had. only 3% of venture capital growth money for these great companies is going to women-led companies. less than 1% to african-american founders. that needs to change. because we've got talent everywhere. if you make a company, we want to make sure you can get that access to capital, really grow it. they're stepping up to diversefy themselves as well as their money. >> talking to some of the students, community leaders around here, we see that happening within this very building here in the bronx. to both of you, thank you so much. appreciate you being here. and still to come, thomas is going to be back with more of the day's headlines including tom brady. hey, he's back on the field. we'll look ahead to tonight's game, one that tom brady almost didn't get to play. also, much more from here in the bronx including what we learned today about making tech more
11:50 am
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all right. so in just a few hours, it's football night in america. super bowl champs, the new england patriots, taking on the pittsburgh steelers. this year's season opener is going to draw a lot of eyes, mainly because of this guy, tom brady returning to the field after his four-game suspension for deflategate was over turned just last week. joining me, craig melvin. a lot of eyes on tonight's opener. this new poll out that finds brady may have beaten the league in court, but his rep may have taken a beating. >> reporter: this was a poll
11:54 am
conducted apparently a few days ago. you can see the difference between the numbers there in december 2013 compared to august of this year. 34% folks asked now say they view tom terrific unfavorably. that's up more than 10% over just a year and a half. it does appear as if the deflategate controversy may have taken a toll on him. there are a lot of folks who surmise it isn't just that. there is this perception among a lot of folks that the patriots don't play by the rules. there was an espn report that detailed a culture of cheating. they talked to dozens of sources and revealed among other things that they were shutting off communications for opposing team late in the game. they were breaking into the locker room of opposing teams and stealing plays, things like that. it was also revealed in that
11:55 am
report that spy gate went on for a lot longer than a lot of folks previously believed. all of those things seem to have taken a toll on tom brady's reputation and this team's reputation as well. >> craig melvin reporting there in foxborough, thanks. football night in america starts this evening 7:30 p.m. on nbc. want to go back now to francis rivera for today's special growing hope event. >> reporter: we're almost going to say good-bye. certainly the people here are going to stick around. they want to see this community come back alive. not just the stereotypes of people have in the bronx. not just coming here for a yankee game. but through hope for technology. growing those roots deep in the community. thanks to #yeswecode. we see the changes being made in
11:56 am
community after community starting here at the bronx. thomas? >> great work today with everybody out there. that's going to wrap up things for today's show. see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. airy medical burn is picking up coverage next right here on msnbc. with zero down... zero due at signing... and zero first month's payment... hassle free. choose from ford escape, edge, explorer and expedition. every suv. ford makes it easier for you to be unstoppable, during suv season. now get a ford escape with zero down, zero due at signing and zero first month's payment, during ford's suv sign & go event. only at your local ford dealer. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. it's thursday afternoon. i'm ari melber. developing this hour, the senate is set to hold its first vote on that big iran deal while police is saying a domestic terrorist is on the loose in arizona targeting freeway drivers. >> first, our big story for you. momentum the word of the day for this rapidly evolving 2016 race for president. trump setting a new gop standard. he's the first this cycle to break 30%, that's the 30% barrier, you see it there, with republican voters.
12:00 pm
a big gap between trump and the next republican, that's dr. benefit carson trailing 11 points behind. on the democratic side, bernie sanders making news. look at this. now outpacing hillary clinton in iowa. that's a big change from clinton's 19-point lead there. that was in july. vice president biden also can win 12%, although of course he has not announced if he's going to enter this race. mark murray joins us now. bernie sanders here is doing something different. he is holding a lead now potentially in these two most important states that start the calendar. what does that mean? >> that means that hillary clinton certainly has a race on her hands for a while. you're seeing the reflection of what has been a tough two or three-month news environment for hillary clinton where her campaign has been dealing either with the e-mail story or dropping poll


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