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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we're following breaking news on capitol hill, the long fought senate showdown over iran is coming down to a vote happening right now, in a largely partisan battle. republicans are moving to scuttle the president's nuclear deal with iran, let's go back to kelly o'donnell. kelly, thanks for joining us, the vote underway, key democrats appear to have enough support to make sure this does not pass. what is expected to happen here in the coming hours. >> did is still being held on the floor. the democrats are using the rules of the senate there were times when senate democrats decried the use of the filibuster. democrats will use it today, we expect. sources tell us they have enough votes to block the next stage of what republicans wanted to see a vote taken on, that is this resolution of disapproval,
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basically a no message to the president's iran deal. republicans wanted to see this come to a full vote in order to show that all republicans are opposing this with the handful of democrats joining their side. democrats want to block this, so it never becomes an issue, where the president has to take out his veto pen. we have known for a few days now, ayman, that based on the public statements of lawmakers, that there would be enough votes to ultimately block this from going-forward, so the president would be able to use his veto congress would not be able to overturn it, this is a new wrinkle where they are able to block it from going-forward. republicans have a little more time on the clock, because they run the senate floor, because they have until september 17th, it is possible that mitch mcconnell will try again. sometimes that happens, where they keep swinging on an issue, hoping to look for some fissure where there will be a break or
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some change in the dynamics, but this is a show of strength for democrats, some of whom don't like this either and would like to have a chance to have an actual vote on the resolution itself. it's a strategic play and it's unfolding right now. ayman. >> kelly o'donnell live for us on capitol hill, we're going to be watching that throughout the course of the hour as well. >> to the rhetoric heating up in the republican race for president. the mud is flying in all directions. trump is in the middle of it. his latest target, not low energy jeb bush, he's been hammering him for weeks. carly fiorina and ben carson. trump was forced to address a remark he made about fiorina in a rolling stone profile. he said, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? could you imagine that, that face of our next president? fiorina had this reaction last night on fox. >> well, i think those comments speak for themselves. honestly, megan, i'm not going
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to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means, maybe, just maybe i'm getting under his skin a little bit, because i'm climbing in the polls. >> trump tried to collar phi his comments. >> i'm talking about her persona, she failed miserably at hewlett-packard at lucent, she then ran for the senate. she lost in a landslide, now she's running for president. >> i cherish women and i will protect women and take care of women and have great respect for women. joining me now aaron mcpike gop strategist, thank you both for joining us. let me begin with you, first it was megyn kelly, now carly fiorina. trump says he has great respect for women, how much of a problem is this for him going-forward particularly with women voters.
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>> when i saw those comments last night, i did think this one could be the one that would hurt him. at each time, we fear in the media, this may be the comment that kills him, i never thought that until last night. i have to say, when i saw him amake some of these media appearances this morning, and the way he tried to diffuse it, his supporters may believe he was talking about her persona, that's what he's trying to say, and it was brilliant in that it let him draw this contrast with her. so much of his message is about the fact that he is a winner, he's been a winner in business, he's winning in the polls right now, and she -- like she said, she's climbing, but she did fail in a couple respects, and he is able to draw that contrast, and i think his supporters may actually like it. >> your thoughts on this, would you agree with that assessment as well? >> i agree with part of it, i think that he -- donald trump has been able to spin his way out of it to a certain extent in
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identifying carly's weaknesses, with that being said, putting my feelers out to the grassroots activists, it was interesting to see, especially among women that they were like, well, wait a second here, he's really -- it's one thing to attack the politician, they're easy targets, but going after these outsiders like ben carson and carly fiorina, especially carly being a woman. it makes them think, those folks that are with trump and kind of leading toward a ben carson or a carly, these insults are getting a little too far. i think it could hurt him. >> do you think it was about the persona, mercedes? >> i think. i can't tell what's inside donald trump's mind, i can tell you that based on what he said, i mean, again, he took it way too far. this morning, he tried to spin his way out of it, but i think it was really insulting. carly is one tough lady, and that is one thing she's not
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going to be phased by what he said, in fact, i think she's going to -- it's something that actually helps carly and could hurt trump. >> let me play you this sound bite. hillary reacted from trump's remarks today while she was in ohio. >> there's one candidate who seems to delight in insulting women every chance he gets. i have to say, if he emerges, i would love to debate him. >> is strump taking republicans off message and giving democrats a layup pretty much? >> i don't know that democrats have a layup at this point, hillary clinton has been in so much hot water over the e-mail controversy, certainly republicans are very nervous about this, and you're seeing jeb bush try to fight him. every chance he gets right now,
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republicans have not come up with the strategy to take down donald trump just yet. i talked to a couple republicans today, who are talking about ways that they can try to knock donald trump down without attacking him, by trying to support some of the other candidates in the race. republicans are certainly worried about it, and you wouldn't see the republican national committee trying to get trump to try to sign a loyalty pledge. if they weren't thinking about ways in which they could take him out of the fight. >> let me play you this back and forth that's happened between trump and the number two in the polls, ben carson. i guess you could call it a fight if you will, it started when carson was asked to contrast himself with trump last night in anaheim. >> i don't in anyway deny my faith in god that's a big part of who i am. i don't get that impression with
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him. >> that prompted a response from trump today and this is what trump had to say. >> i think he started it, remember, i like to finish it. it's happened five times now. he talked about my faith, he doesn't know me. i hardly know this guy. all of a sudden he became a man of great faith. i didn't notice this four or five years ago. he should not be questioning somebody else's faith when he knows nothing about that person i really don't know ben carson. he doesn't know me. >> is it risky for him to hit someone politically. >> i think it's a greater risk, it's worked for him when he's going after and pushing
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political types. he's becoming a very popular among the social conservatives. these are the same voters that trump is trying to attract. those social conservatives are looking at ben carson, that's why he's surging in the polls. serving as the less radioactive candidate. i think he runs a greater risk with that approach. >> i would say the supporters of donald trump like what it is for what he's doing. he is punching. the supporters of ben carson like that he is this soft spoken nice guy. i don't think this current fight, if you will as you called it changes the race in anyway, carson supporters will continue to like him. it may help carson, but it's not going to change the race. >> they're competing for these voters is what i'm trying to do. >> they are still at number one
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and number two. and the latest reuters national poll, trump is at 38%, and carson is in second place. they may be competing for votes and you may see a little bit of a change back and forth there. still trump is number one and carson is number two, it's not going to change the race much at all, with some of these other republicans. >> it seems most campaigns must be looking at each other saying at least they're doing something right since both of those numbers continue to arrive. let's switchgears a little bit and talk about the new democratic side, bernie sanders is leading clinton for the very first time. he's leading her in new hampshire and now in iowa. the clinton campaign is getting nervous. here's my question to both of you. should the clinton campaign be getting nervous? >> who do you want to start with? >> go ahead, mercedes. >> you know, i think that clinton has had such a rough start, when you see her numbers trending downward, yes, they
1:11 pm
should be nervous, you have that lingering question, is joe biden going to get in? and what impact will that have on the race? there's all these different factors. she is it leading in the polls, she has a strong grassroots relationship. we're looking at iowa and new hampshire being important. she has a strong hold in the rest of the country. >> erin, last work to you, go ahead. >> part of the numbers you're seeing in favor of bernie sanders are more of a pro test vote against clinton. polls send messages, i think that's what voters are doing right now. i don't think bernie sanders has that much support. that's a key thing, also today, she was asked are you a moderate and she said, yes, i'm guilty. that would tell you she's not particularly all that concerned
1:12 pm
about bernie sanders who is entirely liberal. her campaign has said they are setting up this firewall in the south, where moderate democrats vote in much larger numbers than liberal democrats do. the clinton campaign thinks they have the kind of structure that is going to topple bernie sanders and they're not that worried. >> erin mcpike and mercedes schlapp, thank you. a former tennis star waiting for his right to the u.s. open is slammed to the ground and handcuffed by police outside his new york city hotel. why the new york police commissioner is now apologizing for that. a serial sniper on the loose in phoenix. a string of shootings on a freeway has people on edge. a former atf agent who helped catch the dc beltway sniper joins me on that investigation. also developing, president obama reveals how many syrian migrants and refugees the united
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democrat, not one, mr. president, not a single democrat voted we want to go back now to capitol hill and nbc's kelly o'donnell where the senate just wrapped up a gs approval vote with iran. >> as expected, democrats were able to hold together and blocked consideration of this republican led resolution of disapproval. saying to the president that the republicans in the senate are
1:17 pm
saying no to the iran nuclear deal. the key fact is that democrats filibuster this, giving the president a chance to keep his veto pen inside the desk. not needing to use it. there may be more steps that unfold here, because republicans have control. that's a big headline before today. the democrats blocked this initial vote. >> kelly o'donnell live for us on capitol hill. we're going to continue to watch that senate hearing. thank you very much. now, to new york city where police have placed an officer on modified assignment and ordered an internal probe after james blake said he was slammed to the ground and handcuffed. blake was mistakenly identified as a suspect in an identity theft case. blake said he was waiting for a car when an undercover nypd officer charged at him and slammed him to the ground cutting his elbow and bruising his leg. he is asking for an apology from police.
1:18 pm
>> it shouldn't happen, it's something we'll deal with with the police. and hopefully there's video of it, and people can see what happened. >> blake was released as soon as the officers realized they had the wrong person. both the commissioner and mayor have tried to call blake to apologize, but have been unable to make contact. the first question on a lot of people's minds is, how does something like this happen. how does james blake get taken down. >> they're not targeting mr. blake. they're tarring elling a person who may be guilty of committing a crime. from what i understand, he was pointed out as talking to a man who was a suspect in this crime. at that point in timecops approached him and detained him until they properly identified
1:19 pm
them. >> it seems from the account we're hearing, this was a bit of an aggressive takedown, he suffered bruises. is this standard procedure the fact that they weren't 100% sure of this person? >> it's a little bit of overzealousness with the officer. i don't know what happened at the time. i heard james blake talk about what he thought was happening on a broadcast this more than, what he was talking about, he saw the officer coming toward him. he thought it might have been an old high school buddy who was going to bear hug him, we don't know what blake did. the officer may have made the determination, i have to take this guy down, maybe blake took a defensive stand thinking this guy was going to bear hug him. >> does he deserve an apology first of all? >> i think the mayor and police commissioner have been trying to contact him for an apology yes. if he was accidentally or -- accidentally targeted for a
1:20 pm
crime he didn't commit and handcuffed and detained, of course he deserves an apology. that's standard police procedure. even if the person's not a well known person, you bring a person into the precinct and determine that's not the person, you let them go with the apologies of the police department. >> let me play you this sound bite, this was something from the new york city police commissioner, he said this earlier today, take a listen. >> grace has nothing to do with this. you look at the photograph of the suspect, it looks like the twin brother of mr. blake. let's put that nonsense to rest right now. >> you hear rice is nothing -- james blake said it was probably about excessive force, but also told the daily news this, there's probably a race factor involved, there's no reason for anybody to do that to anybody. your reaction here? you have an innocent civilian suggesting race may have been a factor, the new york city police commissioner saying race was not a factor. >> i don't believe race was a
1:21 pm
factor in this case. i believe his latter statement, police shouldn't do this to anyone, it probably was an over zealous move by the officer, it could have been based on the behavior of blake at the time. i don't believe there's anything here, blake being a biracial man and looking white, i don't think the officer even saw his color. i think he was approaching a man he believed was guilty of a time. >> thank you very much. coming up, a baltimore judge just dealt a blow to the lawyers for six officers charge in the death of freddie gray. a passionate plea for gun safety laws from the father of ashley parker. >> keeping on our lawmakers until they do the right thing, if they won't, we will find their replacement. we both like saving money on car insurance, and we both feel integrity, such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us
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that was some of the reaction outside the courthouse today with word that the trials for six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray will remain in baltimore. there will be no change of venue for the six cops who face charges, ranging from assault to murder in gray's death from this april. the 25-year-old died from a spinal injury sustained while being transported in a police car. the mayor told my colleague andrea mitchell today, it's a positive for both sides to have the trial in baltimore. >> it will be helpful as we work to heal our city that the public knows that the jurors will be selected from the peers of the officers who work in the city as well as freddie gray. >> the decision comes a day after blake announced the city's $6.4 million civil settlement
1:26 pm
with gray's family. in a south carolina court right now, a hearing to determine if the former officer who shot walter scott will get out of jail on bond. michael is layinger is in court in north charleston, with the defense team making their case that he felt threatened by scott. a fight between the two men, before the fatal slots, they say scott tried to take his taser to use it as a weapon. now to a passionate plea for the father of alison parker. andy parker is urging lawmakers to stand up to a gun lobby. he joined a national whatever it takes on capitol hill today. congress needs to get on board with most of america's views on gun safety reform. >> we have to do whatever it takes to fix this problem. >> the overwhelming majority of americans agree with common sense reforms. too many members of congress
1:27 pm
remain in the pocket of the gun lobby, and that has got to change. >> parker's daughter allegationen and her cameraman aaron ward were shot dead during a live tv interview last month. authorities are desperately searching for a sniper or possible snipers responsible for ten shootings in 12 days. fear is keeping many residents off the highway. massive flooding in eastern japan, leave people missing and force evacuations. as more migrants and refugees flood into europe. the obama administration announced it would increase the number of syrian refugees america would accept. and it's become a big political issue here in the united states. that's next. difference? difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look. the one on the right just used 1% less fuel than the one on the left. now, to an airline, a 1% difference could save enough fuel to power hundreds of flights around the world. hey, look at that. pyramids.
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reach the number of votes needed for a filibuster. bernie sanders is edging ahead of hillary clinton in iowa. sanders leading 41-40. the same poll had clinton leading by 19 points just one month ago. and just a few hours from now, the newly vindicated tom brady will take the field against the pittsburgh steelers. we'll go live to the stadium in foxboro later this hour. a serial sniper is on the loose, drivers on edge after tense shootings that motorists on i-10 in the past two weeks alone, police are calling the attacks domestic terrorism. miguel almaguer has the story for us from phoenix. >> along i-10 in phoenix, arizona. >> we're looking for pedestrians on the freeway. >> police desperate to find a shooter, someone who has innocent drivers in their crosshairs. >> it's very terrifying for
1:32 pm
them. >> no suspects, no car description. just a growing number of vehicles riddled with bullet holes or project i'lls that nearly took the lives of those behind the wheel. and now the news there may be multiple shooters. >> i am of the opinion we have multiple shooters because the m.o.'s have changed. >> the highway patrol took us on a stretch of roadway that could be the most dangerous. eight along i-10, the others nearby. the majority gunfire. robert mcdonald was alone, driving this tour bus when a bullet sliced through the seat just behind him. >> had the bullet been a little more powerful, it would have come this far from my shoulder, if i would have moved my head, i would have got hit. >> police now call the shooters or shooter, a domestic terrorist. many scared to drive i-10 were calling the fear of the beltway
1:33 pm
sniper in 2002. criminal profilers who worked that case, say the shooter here is also feeding on terror. >> he knows the time he wants to be out there, he knows the location. and realize he and his mind is playing this chess game with the authorities. >> miguel almaguer thank you for that. joining me now is retired atf special agent jim carvin awe. thank you for joining us, great to see you again. do you think there's a copycat pattern from the case you investigated in 2002 and now? >> well, i don't think he's copying necessarily the beltway sniper, there's been a number of sniper incidents across the country. michigan, ohio, west virginia phoenix had a sniper back in 2005. there was one recently in colorado, there's a lot of these things that happened. that's too hard to say. but they have to put all the
1:34 pm
resources on it quick, they have to stick with it, this guy could be deadly. >> let's talk about some of those resources and what the police and investigators are doing to find the shooter or shooters in the attacks. walk us through where the investigation begins. from a case like this, where no clear identifier in terms of suspect vehicles, location, it's really just the bullet. >> right, that's what you really need, you need an eyewitness, somebody to give you a vehicle description or a description of the people. one advantage they do have, it's an encapsulated area of i-10, this is a populated area of a major city. there's a lot of people in that area, there's no doubt. the smaller it is, the better it is for law enforcement. that shooter is very comfortable in that map you showed in that circle, likely lives there, may also work there, but is very, very comfortable in that circle on your map. that's where the shooters likely live and is likely from. they move around in that area
1:35 pm
comfortably, without fear of detection, they think they could slip by the police, it could be the vehicle, bike, could be on foot, on rooftops, that's what the law enforcement has to deal with, as far as resources, they start with heavy patrol, they're doing that, the troopers are doing that, phoenix p.d., they layer on the investigative teams, all the agencies trying to come up with the lead. trying to find anything they can do, any tip, any little iota of information that they can exploit. really have to be ahead of the guy, they have to be there when he shoots so he can lock them down. >> from your experience, you think there's a lot of surveillance on highways, traffic monitoring cameras, is there anything they're going through that play reveal that? or can he -- this individual, whether he or she -- can they be operating from outside the cameras. >> well, they can be outside, it's a great point. but it's getting heavier and heavier with actual physical surveillance, troopers and
1:36 pm
police cameras. electronic surveillance sound equipment. aerial surveillance, they're going to do everything they can. the shooter knows all this, the shooter knows the police are doing all this, and he's still shooting. it's sort of, he knows that, and it's even spurring up his activities, he's not necessarily going to stop because of heavy police activity, what you have to have is the advantage of somebody seeing him or the camera seeing him and getting that lead. >> what do you think the possibilities are that there are multiple shooters? do you buy that from police where they say there may be multiple shooters? >> yeah, you can't be sure, some of these may be even a pellet gun, the troopers were considering a pellet or bb gun. they could have started out with a couple young shooters, they could be young guys, not working, they decide they're going to do this, they could be doing it together, i mean, one could be driving, one could be shooting, you just don't know if it's one or more than one, there's nothing to tell you that. and we just don't know the
1:37 pm
platform they're using either. i think they're doing everything right. the colonel's on there they're public with their information, aggressive with their mode, pressing the investigation, i think they'll get the guy, we'll have to hope they get him before he kills somebody. >> always a pleasure to have you on, jim cavanaugh. >> thanks, ayman. the worsening my grant crisis in europe, the u.s. will welcome thousands more refugees from syria, that's turning into a hot issue for 2016 for republicans already. it could be one of the greatest finds in the century. scientists have discovered a new species that could shake our understanding of human evolution. hillary clinton shows off her dance moves. just might be the one.
1:38 pm
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parts of japan have been pummeled with torrential rain. north of tokyo, helicopters rescue stranded residents from rooftops. they simply cannot keep up with all the pleas for help. a tropical storm dropped 20 inches of rain within a 72 hour period and forced the evacuations of more than 100,000 people. a major announcement today, the white house said the u.s. would accept at least 10,000 refugees from syria next year. josh ernest broke the news this afternoon. >> the president has directed his team to scale up that number next year, and he's ed his team he would like them to accept, to at least accept 10,000 syrian refugees in the next fiscal year.
1:42 pm
we know that admitting that it certainly is not feasible for millions of syrians to come to this country. but what we can do is make sure that we are doing everything we can to try to provide for their basic needs. >> joining me now is nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing, thanks for joining us. we know the number, 10,000 people, how different is it from the administration's prior plan, which was to accept 5,000 and 8,000 refugees from syria. is it just a numbers thing at this point? >> you see the pressure is ramping up and so many people were so moved by the picture we saw, the 3-year-old who washed up on the beach in turkey, being carried away. his limp body, first of all, you note the change. second of all, it's a huge change from this year, the fiscal year, which is how they measure this ends at the end of this month.
1:43 pm
the u.s. will only have accepted 1300. we go from 1300 to 10,000 over the next year, here's what won't change, what won't change is, they have a very difficult process the refugees have to go through before think come into the united states. it includes criminal vetting and terrorist background vetting, this is something that's been an object of concern by many members of congress, even by the director of national intelligence james clapper who has suggested we must be careful. on the other hand, this is a much smaller number than many people in the democratic party have been calling for, three months ago, 14 democratic senators sent a letter to president obama suggesting that thousands be allowed into the united states, potentially every month. nancy pelosi said over the last 24 hours or so, that she thought the united states needed to set
1:44 pm
the bar and mention what happened during the vietnam era, when more than 10,000 would come in each and every month. obviously, what you heard in josh ernest is that we're in a different time. that's not going to happen, there is one more consideration that's being worked out, ayman. and this plan is still in process, how it will work out. that is, how to pay for it, if the numbers get substantially higher, obviously there is a cost involved. not just with the vetting process, but with the whole idea of bringing people in, that is something that would require congress to provide the money. clearly what the administration plans to do is keep the focus on helping the refugees in and around syria, particularly supporting our refugee camps, which they've already done this year to the tune of $4 billion. >> and that help can't come soon enough for those refugees. >> thank you very much for us live outside the white house. this news comes as shocking new video shows police officers in macedonia attacking refugees
1:45 pm
and migrants, passing into its borders. the crisis has become a key issue here at home in the 2016 race for the white house. here's what the candidates have said about the issue on the campaign trail. take a listen. >> this is an international problem that demands an international response. the united states must help lead that response. that's who we are and that's what we do. >> the united states, i believe, has done it's fair share in terms of humanitarian aid. i think the united states should not relax our entrance criteria. >> i think we should take the 65,000 refugees -- >> i think we have a responsibility in terms of taking more folks in. >> i would be open, but america's always been open to allowing a certain number of refugees from around the world to come into the united states. i don't know what the right number is. we want to be careful about it, terrorists don't take advantage to infiltrate themselves.
1:46 pm
>> joining me now is foreign affairs correspondent for politico, thank you for joining us. let's here a little bit about this announcement, the decision today to accept 10,000 refugees. do you think that's going to change the politics of this issue at all? it seems like many candidates are in favor of increasing the number of refugees that are trying to come to the u.s. >> they're very much all over the place on this, and the gop is definitely opening up a rest. you've already seen people come out against this idea of taking in more syrians, peter king of new york who chairs the house homeland security committee, they fear there's going to be all over this group. it depends how many people actually get in and how good the security screening is. >> donald trump has changed his stance on this issue over the past few days, here are a few
1:47 pm
clips from this showing that evolution. >> do you object to them coming to the u.s.? >> i hate the concept on it, but on a humanitarian basis with what's happening, you have to. >> what do you think about the migrant's issue? >> i think from a humanitarian standpoint it's terrible. but we have tremendous problems in this country, we have to secure our own border. from a humanitarian standpoint i'd love to help. we have our own problems. we have so many problems that we have to solve. >> do you think trump will be forced to take a former stand on this, now that the obama administration has made its move and decided to allow in more refugees. >> i think he got some blow back to his initial openness of letting people in. >> this is a sensitive issue. this particular issue touches on everything from the iraq war to is isis, to fears of terrorism. you have to remember something else. say we take in 5,000, 10,000 more refugees. it barely puts a dent in the
1:48 pm
problem. there are 4 million syrian refugees right now. >> it's created a little more of a rift for the democratic side as well this. >> to a degree, martin o'malley has been much to the left of hillary clinton on this. hillary clinton hasn't quite gone as far as 65,000 refugees. she said people should get together and come up with a global solution to this. this problem is not going to get better any time soon. >> thank you very much. for your insight on that. for a story that may change our understanding of humanity. today a team of scientists in south africa announced they have discovered a new species of human. the remains of at least 15 individuals were spotted by spalunkers in a cave in south africa. they are believed to be in excess of 2.5 million years old. some early human ancestors intentionally buried their dead. something scientists considered limited to modern humans. coming up, brady's back.
1:49 pm
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now for some of the stories that are popping today. another epic history of wrap remix. check it out. >>. ♪ it's always fun when those
1:53 pm
two get together. hillary clinton on the ellen degeneres show. clinton broke out with a song i've never heard of, the nene and the whip. check it out. now, to this skate border out of boulder who shows us what it's like to travel down a colorado road. you have to admit it's still pretty impressive and dangerous. do not try that at home under any conditions. the latest gorilla video, this gorilla likes to take selfies that are up close and personal. check out this one at the louisville zoo. he likes to look at cell phone photos and videos. the man who built the exchange asked the boy what he was showing the gorilla. the boy replied, pictures of other gorillas. the welsh town with 58 letters.
1:54 pm
i'm not going to try to pronounce it. i'm going to let him do it. >>. >> the temperature is 21 sels yous. >> you have to admit that's pretty impressive. i wonder if he can pronounce my last night. now here's the cnbc market wrap. >> less complicated with the markets. markets closing up slightly. s&p by 10 and the nasdaq by 40. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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1:58 pm
suspension. good news for patriots fans, he'll be on the field tonight. craig melvin is live at gillette stadium for us. let's take a little bit about the mood, the sentiments out there, what are fans saying about tom brady making his debut tonight at the season opener. >> just about every fan i have seen here, gillette is wearing number 12, ayman. they are very, very excited to have tom back under center, wearing the red, white and blue for the patriots, they are the defending super bowl champions, they will unfurl that banner here tonight, before the patriots take on the steelers, ahead of -- one of the biggest seasons for the nfl, super bowl 50 coming up this year, the nfl players, fans, everyone ready to put the offseason lindh them. dominated by a lot of talk of deflated footballs, the team, the patriots fined a million
1:59 pm
dollars, they lost two draft picks, this has been a very difficult offseason for roger goodell as well. the nfl commissioner for the first time as commissioner will not be at the season opener tonight, saying he does not want to be a distraction. it was interesting a couple days ago, on a radio show, he's open to the idea of being less involved in player discipline, a big step back from what has been one of the major descriptions of his job, it would seem over the past few seasons. so again, everyone here in foxboro, all football fans in general ready for some football. >> i have a question for you. how do you always get the good assignments, man. you always get the best assignments to go watch. >> well, i think -- i could tell you, there have been lots of other assignments that have not been so good. it balances out. >> enjoy the game tonight. have a beer on us.
2:00 pm
thank you very much from a rainy foxboro. coverage starts at 7:30 p.m. on nbc. that does it for me this hour, i'm ayman mohyeldin. i'm jonathan cavehart. the donald is on defense after his comments about carly fiorina's face. deflategate is over, but could there be another scandal brewing for the patriots? >> facing the numbers, new polling from cnn shows donald trump is the first republican candidate to pass the 30 point mark. he now has 32% of republican support. that's a 13 points higher than the next candidate. and while trump woke up to a new high in the polls, critics say he's hit a new low. new interview in rolling stone


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