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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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like i need to ask. >> the patriots normally beat the steelers so you probably have to go with the patriots. >> you say the patriots. thank you. i'm jonathan capehart. msnbc live continues next. right now on msnbc live, donald trump says he was not talking about looks when he talks about carly fiorina's face. so what was he talking about? plus, is there a sniper on the loose in phoenix? cars targeted on a busy interstate. also a former tennis star was mistakenly arrested. moments ago, new york's police commissioner calls the player. what he said straight ahead. and a new study from the marnls. it says one gender does much better in combat than the other. wait until you hear the results there. a very good day to you. we start with donald trump's latest political feud. this one with republican opponent carly fiorina.
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it started when trump told rolling stone, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? today he said he was not talking about her appearance. >> you don't like it. >> i'm talking about the persona. >> i'm talking about her persona. she failed miserably. before that she was at loosent. she rant for the senate. now she's running you for senate. i'm talking about her persona. >> this afternoon fiorina responded. take a listen. >> i really don't spend a lot of time worrying about what donald trump thinks about my looks. i think his comments speak for themselves. and i do think i'm getting under his skin. >> well, hillary clinton went a little bit further on the same day she appeared on the ellen degeneres show, clinton told supporters that clinton end joys attack women. >> there is one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women. every chance he gets.
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i have to say if he emerges, i would love to debate him. >> clinton's comments, objectionly the crowd liked that. she is dipping in the that polls and her campaign is hoping for a reboot. kristen? >> reporter: good evening. secretary clinton was rallying her base here in columbus, ohio. she now heads to milwaukee where she'll head to another event aimed at rallying women voters. meanwhile this comes against the back drop of some stark new numbers for the clinton campaign. vermont senator bernie sanders edging her for the first time in the crucial state of iowa. he now tops her 41-40. the clinton campaign in the process of trying on hit the reset button. secretary clinton apologizing several times over this past
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week for using a private e-mail account when she was secretary of state. campaign aides say she is trying to show a more personal, warmer side of herself. and she is going after her republican rivals vigorously today, taking a swipe at republican front-runner donald trump. meanwhile, they are watching joe biden very closely. they'll be looking for any sign of whether or not he might enter the race. >> thank you so much for that report. now let's bring in "boston globe" political editor,shira, the clinton campaign looking for a bit of a reboot. it has been talk about over the past week. today that poll shows she is behind sanders for the first time in iowa. when we look at what has been said by trump, and we look at the polls, it seems like these two things are coming right about the same time. she might need this little bit of a bump because she is going down in the polls at the moment.
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>> i think there's no question that insulting donald trump among a crowd of democrats will get allowed applause. he is a divisive figure and polls show he is very unpopular among democratic voters so i think there's a reason she is talking about donald trump right now. overall, yes, she is going through a very rough period. in addition to her now second to sanders in iowa, we saw a new hampshire poem as well in the last week that showed her leading, trailing sanders by several points. >> so while trump might be helping clinton because she is down in the polls, according to the new york times as you're aware of, the democrats are puttinggate plan b for their side just in case something happens. they're throwing around names like al gore, elizabeth warren. is this part of the way things happen every election cycle? they're thinking of a plan b in case they're thinking their
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person may not make it? >> i think it is something that happens where you have this prohibitive front-runner for so long. for years and years she was the one. there was no question people would clear the path for her. now you're faced with a situation where she might not be the one in 2016. so i think it is smart for democrats to come one a plan b. if sad thing is, if you look at the list, there is no one under the age of 60. a. older list. in many ways, as democrats look to keep the bevy of younger voters they attracted with the obama candidacy. >> when we look at what was said by trump, carly fiorina did answer to that in this feud right now. and when we look at what is happening, does it make sense for him to be engaging fiorina who has single digits in the latest polls and his numbers are 10, 20 times higher?
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>> i don't think making sense is necessarily part of donald trump's m.o. these dampls i think he will insult any candidate who gets in his cross hairs. i think that's his m.o. what he said about her face, if he really meant about her persona or his business record, those are words, too, he could have used in that sense. >> persona means what looks like a person. but that was actually carly fiorina, it was not something that looked like her. >> in many ways the way he tried to explain it. >> he has raised a lot of eyebrows as of late. thank you so much. appreciate it. developing now, investigators confirm a new shooting along an arizona interstate, fears about a possible sniper targeting drivers. this new case brings the total number of confirmed attacks to 11 in less than two weeks. all of these cases are fairly close to one another along the
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corridor of interstate 10 in the phoenix area. so far no one has been hit. each new shooting is people who live nearby more nervous. one group of civilians is for body armor. >> who knows where this person is, where they're at. we're targets too. we're targets out here just like the people driving. so it is very dangerous. >> nbc news correspondent miguel almagu almaguer, walk us through what investigators are doing to try to track down a possible shooter or shooters. >> reporter: investigators are trying to piece together the exact location of every incident, where that driver was headed, the direction the bullet came into the vector projectile came in. if they have one or multiple shooters, investigators are trying to figure out, the m.o.
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appears to be different every time. there may be multiple shooters. in the very beginning, investigators found several bullet casings. they are calling what may be bbs. so investigators are concerned they may be dealing with multiple shooters. potentially a copycat shooter. investigators trying to figure out if that is a possibility. but they say regardless of what kind of weapon, they say it can be deadly. they are concerned that the next incident could be deadly. >> you know, any law enforcement official will say they don't want to hear about this. that is, citizens putting on body armor and going out, patrolling on their own. what are they doing here to keep people calm? >> reporter: there is not a lot authorities can tell drivers to do when they're behind the wheel, aside from stay alert. so investigators and the state police are throwing as many as
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resources as they can. they have helicopters and officers in unmarked investigations and undercover vehicl vehicles. but there's no chance they are going anywhere close to i-10 until the case is solved. >> thank you. missi loretta lynch today, about clearing a backlog of untested rape kits around the country. the justice department along with the manhattan district attorney pledging nearly $80 million to help test rape kits that have gone untested for years. e. >> this will help to bring to justice thousands of perpetrators who have assaulted thousands of victims. these victims who have had to wait for the turn of the technical wheel. >> my hope is because of this
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work, and it is cumulative, more women are going to come forward. as the attorney general said, we're not forgetting anybody. we are prepared to have their back. we are prepared to stand with them. >> more than 69,000 rape kits that have been sitting on shelves for years are expected to be tested thanks to the new grants. you probably know this. the nfl season kicks off in two hours with the deflategate scandal still in the spotlight. at the center of that, tom brady who will take the field. the new england patriots face pittsburgh steelers. one notable an sense from tonight's festivities, roger goodell. no absence from this guy, craig melvin in foxborough. there are tough gigs and you always get them. and there you are. >> reporter: there's a steady rain here though. so there's that.
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despite the steady rain, the faithful here in foxborough, richard, are more than ready to see their defending super bowl champion patriots take field. they are extremely excited about seeing number 12, tom brady. it has been an offseason dominated by talks, they lost two draft picks. brady himself suspended by roger goodell. goodell for the first time since becoming commissioner, goodell won't be at the season opener saying he does not want to be a distraction. it was also revealing a few days ago, hearing him on an spnl show for the first time saying he is open to the idea of being less involved in player discipline. meanwhile, all the fans that we've talked on here in foxborough say enough with the
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deflategate talk. they are ready to watch some football. >> and a little tailgating, no doubt. appreciate it as always. still to come, a former tennis star says he was tackled by the nypd in a case of mistaken identity. why did it happen and what is the department saying now? plus the emotional new push on gun control of the father of the reporter killed live on tv. >> we can't take on the gun lobby. that's just wrong. we can, we must and we will. and the fight over the iran deal comes to a head in congress with the senate taking its first vote. stay with us. just might be the one.
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this year marks 14 years since the september 11 tragedy. today hundreds turned out to attend the dedication of a new multimillion-dollar visitor center of flight 93 that crashed in pennsylvania. the only flight that never reached its intended target because passengers fought back against the four hijackers. today, a demand for stricter gun laws to tell but as the father of the reporter coiled live tv traveled to the nation's capital. andy parker whose daughter was killed with adam ward. >> keeping the pressure on our lawmakers until they do the right thing. just doing the right thing. if they won't, we will find their replacement. >> parker is part of a campaign using the social media #whatever it takes aimed at sparking action in congress as lawmakers
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return from summer recess. you can catch andy park he by the way right here on msnbc when he talks to chris matthews on "hardball." what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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former tennis star james blake saying he was charged, tackled by new york city police officers. blake saying he was on his way to the u.s. open when the plain clothes officer mistook him for someone believed to be involved in the identity theft ring. here's what he said on "good morning america." >> i was furious. i thought about what i would be
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thinking if someone tackled her in broad daylight. if someone had hand cuffs, with her cuffed behind her back and taking away her dignity. i couldn't accept that. i think most cops are doing a great job and keeping us safe. when you police were reckless abandon, you need to be held accountable. >> nbc news has learned moments ago, bill bratton personally reached blake to apologize. he said tofls here tackled him is now on desk duty and his gun and badge have been taken away pending an internal affairs investigation. >> the concerns we have was the force used appropriate, and the initial review, we believe, that it may not have been. we are very interested in speaking with mr. blake and hope to hear back from him to extend apology for the experience he encountered. it should not have happened. >> joining us now, the national correspondent, you've been covering this story all day them
3:19 pm
finally did get to speak, it appears. does that begin the healing process then? >> healing is one thing. before we get to that healing part there is an investigation that needs to take place. bill bratton said they had to speak to james blake. that has happened where the apology was made and james blake has agreed to talk to the internal affairs investigators. so the next step will be further review of the tape but also getting the officer's side of the story. what happened outside that hotel sf james blake said he was picked up and slammed. what precipitated that? >> surveillance video. what might that bring to the case? >> bill bratton said one thing that concerned him was the level, the physicality involved. that it might have been overcompensation. he said it was troubling, especially that james blake didn't appear to be the suspect involved. it was a case of mistaken identity. >> so james blake, former big star when it comes to the usta,
3:20 pm
always a calm guy. calm as you saw there when he was on "good morning america." any word from his camp about going forward? >> no word yet. as he mentioned in a bunch of words, he smiled through the whole thing. when he spoke to his wife, that's when he got angry. he said this could happen to me and i have a voice. i have a platform. what about all the other folks who might not have a voice? this happens every day. let's not forget that bill bratton has been looked at for a long time. a lot of folks are saying this is par for the course and james blake fortunately has a voice. the fraud investigation that's going on, and they're saying mistakenly they arrested him. what is the fraud investigation? >> they're looking at three individuals. each are british citizens. apparently here a student advice. they've racked up $18,000 with what the police say are fraud lent charges for high end shoes, apparently. so the company who apparently
3:21 pm
got defrauded in this situation apparently found a picture of someone on instagram who they thought was one of the suspects who they said had an uncanny likeness to james blake. right now, $18,000 charges. >> thank you. let's bring in the former prosecutor. as you've been listening to what he is reporting on, is this typical for a fraud investigation? what we know? what we believe to be allegedly true at this moment? >> well, the concern is, apparently there is some snitch who is identifying other people had are supposedly involved in this fraud and this niche, we don't have any reason to think he is credible. this isn't just a one-time thing. one of the concerns people have about informance who cooperate with the government is that they have so much incentive to lie
3:22 pm
because they get a break in their own case. so the three things the investigators are looking at, how did this tragic case of mistaken identity happen? why did the officers use so much force? and most importantly, why didn't they report it? there is an incidence report that they have to file under new york police regulations when they used this kind of force. that the didn't happen. the chief learned about this by watching it on the news. that's a recurring problem. police reports leaving out things are vital to the investigation. we saw in it sandra blake, we saw it in walter scott in north charleston. is this standard procedure? based on a witness, and the way they dealt with blake and they thought, is this standard procedure? >> we don't know. there's not a lot of transparency in these investigations. the police say the guy we're looking for looks just like
3:23 pm
james blake so let's see the photo. we don't have enough information to know, just another incident in which the police aren't being transparent. >> i want to play a clip. >> we have not had a chance to talk to mr. blake at this stage. he may provide information that would be used in the questioning of the officer. we won't talk to him until we talk on mr. blake. >> all right. so the question is, why would they talk to blake first and not the officer? what is the standard procedure? what makes sense? >> police officers have a lot of protection. in some cases they have a police officer bill of rights where they get so much more procedure and protection. is this about one bad apple cop. put his face against the wall or
3:24 pm
is there a culture, there were six officers and not one of them filed a rt ro. so clearly the guy who did the violent body slam, he needs to go down. the question is, do the other five officers also, are they implicated? what does this tell us about the culture of the nypd? james blake said he didn't think it was a racial thing. in fact federal court found the new york police department is racist. that they engage in race bias behavior against blacks and latinos. >> so blake saying he has a voice, a person of notoriety. the question is how common is this situation? >> it is a sad reality that happens all the time. we know it from the stories of thousands of men. that police are more likely to use this kind of force against african-americans and latinos.
3:25 pm
so again, and we know it from court findings. the stop and frisk, that the police use excessive force against people of color. so this is too tragic. the reason we're paying attention is his celebrity, his status, but it happens to a whole lot of people and it doesn't get covered or reviewed. the police never apologize. they are famous for never apologizing. the fact they did that to mr. blake, it is a good thing but there are thousands of young men and women in new york who also deserve that apology. >> thank you so much for stopping by. appreciate your time today. >> great to be here. >> ahead, disturbing new video appearing to show a police officer in macedonia beating migrants with a baton including a man holding a child. plus, the senate showdown over the iran deal. i have type 2 diabetes.
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the iran nuclear keel. democrats blocking a resolution. and harry reid delivering a stern warning to his republican counter part. >> as i just talked on the floor with senator mcconnell to relitigate this, are simply a waste of time. >> there are minutes in the senatorial career when members rise to an historic moment. today was one of them. >> before the vote, republicans railed against the deal saying it will have dire consequences for generations to come. take a listen. >> since when did a bad option in the united states senate become the only option in the united states senate? >> this is about empowering an evil terror regime. >> luke russert has been following this all day. i've been watching your twitter feed. it is like watching the u.s.
3:30 pm
open but in washington, d.c. look left, look right. in terms of the dire consequences, what happens? they will do it again, won't they? >> that is certainly something that's being talked about. as the possibility of doing this again. and a lot of this is reflective with what we've seen in the house of representatives. there's a lot of conservative outrage when members got back to washington, d.c. they said that the republican leadership in both chambers has not done enough to try to stop the iran deal. yesterday you had the cruz and donald trump had a very boisterous rally here on capitol hill, screaming and yelling saying stop this deal. ted cruz calling out john boehner, speaker of the house, trying to put pressure on them to do more. here's the thing though. there's not much more that they can do. once september 17 rolls around, that will have been two months since the deal was formally submitted to congress. from that moment on the united states and their allies, assuming that this vote cannot
3:31 pm
be pushed forward, then they will view that deal as valid. but the house is doing, it is fascinating. they'll take some votes tomorrow. one saying, they took one today saying they believe there are signed deals with the iaea. one, whether or not you approve of the deal and the other one saying you want to get any sanctions relief from iran. >> i want to play what john boehner said. the speaker saying the fight is just beginning. let's listen to that. >> all options are on the table. >> one of those options, you said the president broke the law. is one of those options legal action against the administration? >> that is an action that is very possible. >> what might be an option that might bring them together that you've heard of? is there one? >> so the speaker there mentioned in the clip you just played a legal option. from conversations i've had with aides on both sides of the aisle, it is under clear as to what that legal action could be.
3:32 pm
the legal standing of the house gop says they will have is that they didn't live up to the deal, the iran nuclear deal review act, saying because of the side agreements between iaea and the krif iran, which is the normal procedure to have the agreements between iaea and the countries, because they were not disclosed, that the clock process never should have started. so the september 17 date is wrong. legally, to negotiate these types of deals, it is under clear how that would proceed legally. and the house can refer their counsel, maybe a states attorney general out there. it is unclear the legal ways but they are trying to preserve them. >> all right. luke russert in d.c. thank you. >> thanks. ahead, a new study by the marine corps. it finds all male units outperform teams with women. i'll talk to a former marine and
3:33 pm
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3:37 pm
bible. the reason we know he has never read the bible. he is not in the bible. >> jindal's comments come a day after ben carson also questioned the roll of faith in donald trump's life. this morning, donald trump responded. >> all of a sudden, he becomes this great religious figure. i don't think he is a great religious figure. all of a sudden he gets on very low key, frankly, he looks like he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. he doesn't even know me. i've met him a few times. i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor. perhaps an okay doctor, by the way. >> there are like four hash tags there. dr. carson did the first surgery with conjoined twins joined at the head but today he said he doesn't want to get in a gladiator fight. thank you both for being here.
3:38 pm
you know, as we look at what's happening at the moment. carson saying he doesn't want to get in a fight. we have bobby jindal saying do i want to get in a fight because i want to up my poll number from one or two to four or five. as we look at time going forward, is that the only way you register on the mark? >> well, i think carson's strategy is a smart one. he apologized for what he said to trump today because he dwaunlt to get in a fight. he took jab and backed up. that is smart. he has been rising in the polls. he is number two precisely because he hasn't gone after trump. and not until today did trump counter punch him. bobby jindal is at 1% or 2%. we've seen a range of candidates in the low digits, punching at trump doesn't seem to help their campaign any. >> what do you think about that? you hear, bobby jindal hue would
3:39 pm
not think would be a candidate, at least seeing him in the candidate, coming up and becoming a mini trump if you will. what do you think? >> well, you know, i would agree that i think this is part of a strategy for governor jindal. clearly i think attack trump does work to his advantage but look, i think you thiultimately will help, trump is, he is not a candidate that should be in this race. he is there. the only thing that will bring him down is the collection of attacks. any one person won't do it. >> do you want to say something? >> i disagree. i don't think it is the collection of attacks. that only seems to make him stronger in the polls. the first time yesterday broke 30% with a collection of attacks. that only makes him stronger. and frankly, the republican party base, he has a broad base.
3:40 pm
some evangelicals i know what ben carson, some tea partiers, more educated people now in the latest round of polling. he has very broad republican base who like him. >> who would need to jump in at the moment to get to the point you're discussing? where it is a collective taking down trump. >> i think the issue is that what we've seen are one-on-one candidates. whether it was walker or jeb trying individually to deal with trump. the question will be, how will trump handle attacks from a collection of different people, some of whom have very high favorables. you look at ben carson. he is beloved by evangelicals in iowa. third big a part of electorate and i think ben carson was not the best strategy. i don't think trump really cares about conventional strategy. the reality is that the accumulation of all these attacks is really the issue. and i think this is the first time in the campaign we've seen that. >> well, build only for a second. the issue at the moment is
3:41 pm
religion. is this an issue that will put a dental in trump's numbers? >> well, i think the faith of mr. trimp, the sincerity of mr. trump's faith is being called into question and for good reason. i think that will be an issue. i think there are a number ofett voters in iowa. it is pretty clear donald trump doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. he doesn't know john from paul. and pretty clear that's the case. >> there is religion, faith, there is also women. certainly the last 24 hours have not been good for donald trump. >> yes. but if you look at the cnn poll or the analytics poll where he attacked megyn kelly, he increased with women after that debate. i think he increased in the cnn poll with women. even the attacks on women, the mysogynist attacks on women don't seem to be driving women
3:42 pm
away. actually he is winning more women over. frankly the largest issue for trump supporters the immigration. the dog whistling attacks on immigration that he started his campaign. with those are his strongest supporters. so even if he doesn't win all evangelicals, they alone can't decide the primary candidate. >> this is about women. and he seems to be resisting at least in polls, the negativity that might result from mysogynist comments. >> i think that's the case now but as these comments accumulate and as he continues to do silly thing and downright offensive things like carly fiorina, i think it will catch up at some point. >> we'll be talking about. you can catch him on his show, nerding out on shift by msnbc thursdays. again, outrage over the disturbing video from europe showing an officer swinging his club. plus a new marine corps study on
3:43 pm
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who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. new video showing a dire scene, police forcing migrants to sit down in the mud. and this disturbing video. showing appearing to hit several migrants with his baton
3:47 pm
including some adults carrying children. today the u.s. pledged to accept at least 10,000 refugees in the next year. officials expect more than 20,000 to arrive at the macedonian border. >> if things weren't hard enough in hungary, now it is raining and cold. we watched as refugees like this family from syria picked through donated clothing for something warm and dry. mothers swaddle their babies. others huddled at bus stops. hungarian volunteers have come to the border area to give out ponchos, food and clothing. not the government though. it is still treating this as a police problem. peter is emergency director of human rights watch. >> it appears that the hungarian government wants to make this experience as miserable as possible for them. they take them from here on these buses to camps where
3:48 pm
they're held in pens like cattle, really, with very limited food and no information about what is about to happen to them. >> reporter: why do you say hungary wants to make this a miserable process? >> well, hungary has the most right wing government of europe. it has billboards all over against immigration, saying the migrants will take jobs so this is a government campaigning on the base of keeping these people out. >> reporter: then we saw something extraordinary. sally, whose family is from a damascus suburb, completely destroyed, was smiling. cradling her 1-year-old daughter. i am happy, she tells us, because no matter how hard it is, it is better than the life we were living. sally and other relatives said goodbye, sending a message to worried loved ones back home, that they're okay. the power of the human spirit to keep going.
3:49 pm
richard engel, hungary. >> let's bring in paul o'brien,er vice president for a relief group working to help the migrants. richard engel has said, as you know, he's covered wars all around the world and he is shocked by what he is seeing there on the ground. tell me about what your people have seen, as you try to deal with this migrant crisis. he described it as a police problem. >> it is that but much, much more than. that let's think about where we're starting from. we have more refugees globally than we've had since world war ii. more than 51 million. the he said center is years. i can't you have 4 million refugees on those borders and they have some really tough choices to make. do they stay there in countries like jordan? syria? sorry, lebanon, or stay in syria, are they working with 1.6 million of those people. do you stay in the region when
3:50 pm
those economies are so stressed? do you get in a locked up truck and try to make the horrible journey or apply for resettlement to a third country like the united states? it is a very tough time but it is not going away any time soon. >> you saw the video. we have the office we are the baton hitting some of the migrants. there yesterday we had the pictures of the camera person kicking one of the migrants that was running. what is the sense, the understanding that you have of this anti-migrant, anti-immigrant sentiment that seems to be existing there. is it widespread? does it go back longer? >> oxfam works all over europe to help people but also to get support to migrants. being seeing both. a lot of it depends on political leadership. you're seeing local communities be fearful of what it will do in
3:51 pm
the long term. but you're also seeing these incredible acts of humanity and generosity and welcome. that's a really big question for the united states. president obama made a huge announcement that we would begin to get serious about bringing resettlement applicants to the united states. >> let me go through some of those commitmentes to help migrants from europe and around the world. the united states, the white house, you're alluding tonight 10,000. the u.k., 20,000, germany more than 500,000. but you said it earlier. millions, 51 million across the world. in this case, we're just talking about europe specifically. close to a million itself. so it does not seem we have enough places of refuge. >> we are not even close to doing what we ought to be doing here in the united states and other countries too. that's just talking about, if
3:52 pm
every catholic parish took up the pope's call we could put another zero on what the president called for today and it would be easy to absorb the families. if you just resettle 5% of the populationer we think that's a fair enough. and tuesday took its fair share, we would take 70,000. that's closer to a number that shows serious political commitment to do our part. >> soap paul o'brien is going to call the pope, i guess. you're going on call the pope? >> he is doing a lot of work on his own. it is time for other leaders to step up and do what we're fully capable of doing. and we know what many americans want to do to show the welcoming spirit. >> thank you for what you're doing around the world. still ahead, what happens when men and women serve in combat together? the results of a new study may surprise you. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings.
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3:57 pm
school and were applauded by many for being trail blazers. the pentagon has set a deadline requiring military branchs to open all specialties to women including infantry and special operations forces. >> thanks for joining us to discuss this issue. this study shows all male inf t infantry units outperform. >> i think it is important to note ate that this is a study. it is a process of understanding what steps to take next. i don't think it detracts from any marines who have performed and served. >> captain, as you look at the data in the study and you, serving in the marine corporal, is the base fris what you understand, good of the study, the way they went about it? >> that i think the marine corps
3:58 pm
is an organization that is results oriented. they're at combat effectiveness and also, the best way to get the job done. but there's that mentality that every marine is a rifleman and that mentality will always be there. i don't think the study detracts from anyone. if you look at the summary, the opening paragraph also states that it xhenlds and it says the female marines that have served in iraq and marines served superbly. >> take us into your experience. >> you can talk to you from my perspective. i have, after officer candidate school and quantityco, i was in the african crisis response initiative. i felt like the agendaers were
3:59 pm
able to work cohesively together. >> building on what you just said, the women who made headlines being the first on graduate from army school. that was seen as a major step for gender equality. they passed all the tests. it does not seem to equate with what we're seeing here. will it be a step back for that movement? and i believe what is the objective of the pentagon right now? >> i don't think so. i think the study is going to be there, to be assessed. to look at, to see what steps we can take next. the marine corps wants to take next but i don't think it detracts. it is a step forward. the last study was taken in 1992. 27 years ago. that tells you that there has been change so the marine corps is juggling change. at the same time, looking at ways to move forward. >> former marine captain, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for watching this
4:00 pm
hour. "hardball" starts right now. trump's female support zooms as his zingers zip on. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in denver. today barack obama defeated a united republican party to kill opposition to that five country that iranian nuclear deal. an historic victory by any standard. what's the deal with donald trump? in the strange politicalal chemically of 2015 american politics, ooxs donald trump grows even stronger in the public mind, enlarging his support in the minds of republican voters, especially


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