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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 11, 2015 9:01am-10:01am PDT

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this horrific way that we have been witness to today. it is one more example as we have been saying this morning of events in far off places that have such an enormous impact here because the united states is, in the eyes of so many people who are opposed to our system of government and our alliances, is the devil incarnate. and today this is a very sophisticated, very cold-blooded, very wide spread attack carried out with the most chilling kind of efficiency on several of the great nerve centers of our system of government and our way of life. ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave
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>> america remembers 14 years later. president obama and the first lady led a moment of silence at the white house this morning at the moment that the first plane hit the first tower in lower manhattan. ♪ family members came to the site of the trade center memorial to reflect and read the names of the nearly 3,000 people who died there that day.
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>> michael, we mess you. not a day goes by that you're not thought about and you are in our prayers. we know you're up there watching over us and you are definitely proud of how your nieces and nephews are growing up. >> at the pentagon. ♪ >> "taps "were played and a flag draped over the side of the building. >> as americans we are defined by our resilience, by our readiness to stand up for our values, by our willingness to honor the past even as we always begin the new. with your example you have embodied those ideals. you have shown us how to persevere, how to move forward, how to memorialize those we have
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lost and what we make of our lives. >> outside shanksville, pennsylvania, passengers and crew who were onboard flight 93. >> there were a series of hushed and hurried phone calls. these people learned the true nature of the hijacker's mission, armed with this information the passengers did the most american of things. they took a vote. they voted to fight back no matter the cost. they knew what they had to do. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. let's go now to lower manhattan to the site of the ne9/11 memorial. nbc's ron mott is there. ron, it never gets any easier,
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14 years and the pain is still there, especially for those people who are the families of the victims. >> yeah. andrea, for those of us who lived and worked in this city on that day, it is always a day to reflect, a very somber day. but even 14 years later the triumph, that spirit is clearly in the air here in lower manhattan and new york city and around the country for that matter because there's a shining gleaming example of how americans respond to acts of terror. there is one world trade right there. 1776 feet and the activities taking place now with the reading of the names of the people lost 14 years ago is going on just underneath that building there. we are a few blocks away. and i can tell you that today is one of those days where people feel there's a sense of celebrating, clearly want to honor those people who lost their lives on that day but some interesting things in the city to report today. the stock exchange was the opening bell was rang by a bunch of kids who were born on
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september 11th, 2001. they would be 14 years old today. this is their birthday. and they're celebrating for a number of reasons as well. and fitzgerald, financial services firm who lost 658 of their employees on that day announced today they have hired 50 of the children of those employees who were lost that day. so it's a day that people want to remember and mourn those people who were lost but also a day to celebrate what's going on today and what will go on in the future, andrea. >> and we're going to, in fact, be talking to jay when they organize the charity, the non-profit, that has worked with those children for the day of service that is commemorated every 9/11. when we look at the trade cen r center, at the new freedom tower rebuilt, the activities down there, the businesses, the -- all of the retail and office buildings, it's remarkable that this has come together as well
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as the memorials which are so moving. >> absolutely. obviously there were many, many years of discussions and debates about how best to rebuild that site. the building is open. there are workers going in there every day. it's not at capacity yet in terms of the number of people renting space in that tower. there is still a number of construction projects that are yet to be under way and some of the midst of being completed now. so that area is not completely rebuilt. it will be in a few years' time, but again, one world trade is that one shining example that americans can embrace at how we have responded to that act of terror on a day that was just a very terrible day for those of us who lived in this city and around the country on that day, andrea. >> the worst day that any of us can ever remember but also the response certainly representing the best of america. thank you very much, ron mott. thanks for being there today. and in pennsylvania, crowds gathered at the newly dedicated
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flight 93 national memorial outside shanksville to pay tribute to the 40 passengers and crew who lost their lives. the united airlines flight was the only plane not to reach its intended target on that faithful day because of the heroic actions of those onboard. you just heard a moment ago from jay johnson, the homeland security secretary but nbc's jim miklaszewski was the key note speaker today. he was at the pentagon on 9/11. ignoring his own safety he ran outside to report from the scene. he spoke about the sites and experiences of that day. >> the courtyard in the middle of the pentagon with its majestic elm trees has always been a refuge from the daily grind of the pentagon. on 9/11 -- on 9/11 it became a
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makeshift morgue. >> joining me now is state department spokesman, retired admiral john kirby serving in the navy on september 11th, 2001. we have seen, all of us, my colleague jim miklaszewski of course responding in shanksville today. your recollections of that day. >> i was on a ship down in norfolk, virginia. we were getting ready for an exercise. had the tv on, of course, in the public affairs office as we normally would. when that second plane hit the world trade center i think we all knew, every sailor on that ship, that the world had changed forever. and within hours we found ourselves at sea off the coast of virginia. i was on an amphibious warship heading down to north carolina to pick up marines bep didn't know exactly what the mission was going to be but the fleet commander wanted as many ships at sea as we could because we
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didn't know the coke of the violence that was yet to occur that day. there we were picking up in marines in north carolina and the plan originally was to go up to new york city to potentially put marines in the city to help with security and eventually that didn't happen. the mayor giuliani decided against that. we were at sea for four or five days just waiting for orders to see if there was more than gofsing to required of the u.s. navy and the u.s. military. i lost a sailor that i knew in the pentagon that day. petty office nohaff. he worked for me a couple years before when i ran the navy's magazine all hands. illustrator, very talented young man. just finishing up his night shift at the command center in the pentagon when the plane hit. and he was one of the first ones killed. terrific young man with an amazing talent and bright, bright future ahead of him. so today is a real personal day for me. as i know it is for so many people in the u.s. military and around the country. the navy took a big hit that morning as you know because the command center. so it's a day that we think
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about all day long. >> and the intelligence community, of course, also suffered grieviously. there were offices in the trade center. we know that now. all sorts of intelligence community headquarters in that -- new york headquarters in the world trade center. >> right. >> let's talk about another thing that the intelligence community is dealing with today. i wanted to ask you, there is "washington post" story today that there could have been a missed signatul in the terrible death, accidental killing by drone of american hostage warren weinstein in pakistan. the drone strike was in january. he had been held since 2011 and now the family is, of course, concerned because of this story that there may have been a missed signal. there's a lot of pushback. let me ask you, what do we know about a possibility that months earlier there could have been imagery that indicated a western
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hostage in that area, in an al qaeda compound, and it could have been warren weinstein? >> first, i want to offer on behalf of the state department and secretary kerry our thoughts and condolences to the weinstein family as well as the la porteo family who also lost a loved one in that strike. we're very mindful of the grief that they're still experiencing and still suffering. that's first. second, look, as you know, this particular strike and circumstances surround it are under investigation. there's an inquiry going on. i wouldn't want to get ahead of anything like that. that work is still ongoing. the president made it very, very clear he wanted to exam anyone this very fully and very thoroughly so that we understand exactly what happened. so that if it's possible to prevent another such tragedy from happening in the future we're able to do that. that inquiry is going on right now. i would not be comfortable speaking to the specifics of that or intelligence around it. going after terrorists, going
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after those that wish us harm is dangerous business. and it's a business that we all take very, very seriously. obviously you want to do this in a way that no innocent civilians are injured or killed. that's always the prime consideration. . the safety and security of innocent life. so that's why it's so important that we get to the bottom of this, that is thoroughly investigated. if there are lessons to be learned and things we can do in the future to prevent another such outcome that we're armed and we're ready to do that. >> let me ask you about our decision, the administration is going to accept at least 10,000 syrian migrants starting next year. a lot of people might be asking why not sooner, why have we been behind the curve, why haven't we taken more people in. is there anything we can do to accelerate the process as europe gropes with this crisis? >> president obama, secretary kerry, all of us here at the state department are very focused on this issue. you can't look at the imagery
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that you've been showing yourself, andrea, and not be moved by the suffering and the sacrifices that are being made by so many families. iraqi and syrians as they try to flee conflict. resettlement is one option. as you rightly pointed out, we're going to take in at least another 10,000 for next year. we've taken in about 1600. we will have taken in about 1600 since the beginning of the conflict here in the united states. and we're going to continue to look at that. it is resettlement is an important aspect but it's not the only factor. i think you have to take a look at the whole comprehensive issue of refugees. one of the things we do in the united states and we're proud of this and we're the leading donor to humanitarian issues and refugee issues, particularly in that part of the world, $4 billion alone to care for and support the refugees in the region. that's where you want to do most of the support is in the region. many of these people want to be able to go back home. that's one. number two, we are the united
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states, a leading resettlement location for refugees around the world. some 70,000 in 2014, another 70,000 were on track for the end of this year. we're going to look at maybe increasing these numbers going up to next year. no other country takes in as many refugees from around the world as the united states. so it's something we're focused on. we've got a strong track record here of support for refugees and resettlement. i would add that the secretary has stood up a working group here at the state department to get after this particular problem of the refugee issues in europe. they met yesterday. they will continue to meet to explore other options that we might be able to help. >> john kirby, thanks for everything. thanks very much today. and again, our condolences to you and everyone in the military. and up next, joe biden, a grieving father, considering an election contest but now talking about his son beau. >> he said, dad, i know how much you love me. you've got to promise me
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something. promise me you're going to be all right. because no matter what happens, dad, i'm going to be all right. promise me. this is a kid who -- i don't know what it was about him. he had this enormous sense of empathy. i'm not making this up. i know i maybe sound like father. i hope i -- anyway. but it's real. >> sounds like you love him, sir. >> oh, geez, i mean -- these two oil rigs look the same. can you tell what makes them so different? did you hear that sound? of course you didn't. you're not using ge software like the rig on the right. it's listening and learning how to prevent equipment failures, predict maintenance needs, and avoid problems before they happen. you don't even need a cerebral cortex to understand which is better. now, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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vice president joe biden on the "late show with stephen colbert" gave his most emotional and candid explanation yet as his concerns as he considers run for president. >> look, i don't think any man
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or woman should run for president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president and, two, they can look at the folks out there and say, i promise you you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy, and my passion to do this. and -- and i would be lying if i said that i knew i was there. it's a -- i'm being completely honest. so -- but nobody has a right, in my view, to seek that office unless they are willing to give it 110% of who they are. as i said, i'm optimistic, i'm positive about where we're going, but i find myself -- you
9:21 am
understand it. just sometimes it just sort of overwhelms you. >> joining me now to discuss this extraordinary moment, democratic -- former democratic chair governor dean and republican strategist john ferry, working for the house speaker. howard dean, you you know joe biden. a lot of us have covered him for years, for decades. this was unvarnished. this was about as honest and transparent a political interview i've ever seen. >> i agree. it's an extraordinary, very emotional moment for everybody, whether you think joe biden should or should not run. this is an extraordinary moment. it's a very emotional moment for all of us, i think. >> and, john ferry, i don't think that he would be looking at this as seriously as i'm told he is if it weren't a wide open race, an unexpectedly wide open race. your take on that? >> well, i agree with you,
9:22 am
andrea. the thing about this interview was obviously stephen colbert wants him to run. i think a lot of democrats want him to run because he is such an emotional deep guy who says it the way he sees it, unlike some of the other candidates out there. and i think that because joe biden, this is kind of emotional pull towards joe biden, i think there's going to be a lot of pressure on him to run because he's the one guy that can carry out the obama legacy. see hillary clinton tacking away from that. so i think from the democrat's perspective i think jobd would make a very good candidate. >> certainly republicans wouldn't mind seeing the race get a little mixed up with, i know, howard dean, you've endorsed hillary clinton and a strong supporter of her. this is biden telling the drawbacks, the reasons why he might not consider this race. >> there are lots of reasons -- >> let me show you a little more of that tape because this was the most obvious example there.
9:23 am
>> i went out to denver and i landed a military base and i met a whole group of military families which is not unusual on a rope line about 100 yards from the aircraft. it was going great. and a guy in the back yells, major beau biden, bronze star, serve, served with him in iraq. and all of a sudden i lost it. how can you -- that's not -- i shouldn't be saying this, but that -- you can't do that. >> so this interview just as the cnn poll, howard, is show that hillary clinton is down to 37%. she's dropped ten points in the last month. bernie sanders up to 27%. there's a ten-point spread now. and joe biden undeclared at 20%. this is a much tight erase than anyone had anticipated. >> no, i actually think that poll argues for why he should not do this.
9:24 am
when you're at 20% and you have as much good will as joe biden and you're not yet a candidate, you haven't been pounded by the news media which they always are going to do to everybody who ever gets to be near the front-runner, you just can't do it. he's not in the fray. he's known by 100% of the electorate. they like him. he's at 20%. that's not going to cut it. it's just not -- this is not a good thing for him to do. he's going to do what he's going to do. always had this in his heart, but i just wouldn't do it if i were him. it's up to him. >> now, donald trump of course on the other side of this match, donald trump trying to explain his comments, john feehery about carly fiorina. it's clear about what he said. he was on with greta last night. >> just so that i'm on the record, i don't think you're a first time offender making a personal attack at a woman. that's the first thing. second thing is you didn't --
9:25 am
the remark was about her face and not about her persona. >> it all goes hand in hand. much of the -- many of the statements, as you noticed i'm leading with women. this is nothing new because a colleague of yours mentioned something during the last debate so this is nothing new and yet i'm leading with women. >> so, john feehery, he described him p himself as an entertainer. what does the republican party do now that he's -- yes, he's leading with women in one of the new polls, cnn polls. and he's also ahead of hillary clinton and head to head match-ups. >> yeah, well, we'll see how this all works out. i am a believer in selling the trump stock now because i think it's as high as it's going to go. listen, i don't think donald trump is going to last for a while. i think he's going to wear on people's nerves with these kinds of comments. which he says all the time. it's part of his deal approximately and, yes, right now he's leading among female
9:26 am
voters but i don't anticipate that's going to last. i think if he does end up running against hillary clinton we're going to get smacked. i prefer that we have a more substantive candidate who is not primarily an entertainer but actually someone who has some real substance that can lead this country into the next 15, 20 years. >> we'll have to leave it there for you. thank you both very much. and coming up, desperate journey. nbc's richard engel, live report from the hungarian border where thousands of refugeeing are grasping for hope. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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europe, the dire conditions they're facing there held in pins like cattle with limited food and water. conditions only made worse by the cold, rainy water. despite all that nbc's richard engel found a glimmer of light on a dark day at a camp. a moment we thought it was
9:30 am
important to share. >> reporter: sally whose family is from a damascus suburb completely destroyed was smiling, cradling her 1-year-old daughter. i'm happy, she tells us, because no matter how hard it is, it's better than the life we were living. sally and other relatives said good-bye, sending a message to worried loved ones back home that they're okay. the power of the human spirit to keep going. >> and richard joins me now live from roszke, hungary. just extraordinary. all of your reporting, that moment, that moment of humanity was just so -- so uplifting, richard. what are you finding there today? >> well, thank you for saying that. it has been -- i think it's a testament to how terrible things are in syria, that people when
9:31 am
they arrive here and they are sleeping in the trash and they are out in the mud and the cold, that many of them say that they can accept this, they can deal with it, they want to keep going because there is really no hope, they say, back in syria. most people we have spoken to have relatives who have been killed or kidnapped. many of them have been refugees for several years. some have left syria but others have been living on the streets in turkey, in public parks in lebanon, and it was only when the services, the very basic services ran out in those other countries, that they decided to make this migration north and west into europe. where i am right now is exactly the entry point. this is the train track that leads into serbia. and you can see people are sitting down, waiting on these train track for miles and miles, this stream of people continues. and it is like this 24 hours a day with mostly syrians but
9:32 am
people from iraq, afghanistan, other countries as well, parts of africa, parts of southeast asia, are coming here. and what we are expecting to happen next is the hungarian government says next week it is going to close these train track off. it is going to finish a border fence all along the border with serbia and make it very difficult, if not impossible, for these wave of people, for this river of tragedy to continue flowing into hungary. and if that is true, and the hungarian government says it will also impose a partial state of emergency to help implement the more rigorous security measures that go along with the fence, if that happens, and this river that's going into hungary right now is cut, we're going to see a lot of these people spilling over into serbia and perhaps finding other ways to get into europe. >> richard engel, thanks so much for all of your reporting from there. it's just been extraordinary.
9:33 am
and we have breaking news to report from camp pendleton in california. a marine has died in a vehicle rollover accident. 18 others were injured. marine corps says today that six marines are currently if critical condition. eight are in stable condition. four have been discharged from medical facilities. the accident happened thursday afternoon involving a vehicle known as seven-ton truck. primary purpose transporting hauling fuel, water, food and hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪ as we age, certain nutrients... longer than ever.
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9:37 am
senator, thank you very much. >> hi, andrea. >> especially on such an important day. we are all remembering and of course you as the new york senator have a special responsibility which you've been fulfilling. how is the legislation going? congress as we know is gridlocked on so many levels. what about the getting the extension you need? >> well, there's a real sense of urgency right now, andrea. this health care fund expires at the end of september. we have thousands of men and went who are first responders, our community members, who are gravely ill. in fact, more police officers have died sense 9/11 from illness, 9/11-related illness than those who have died on 9/11. we have to make sure. we have an undeniable obligation that the money we need for this health care and compensation for health responders are there. i'm working with my colleagues in the senate to make sure we have the support we need. >> what are you hearing from the other side of the aisle? >> so far we have six republican
9:38 am
cosponsors which makes a huge difference. we are working through the process. unfortunately there's too many in washington who are trying to cut the program, who are trying to limit the program, and just cut funding arbitrarily. it's not as if their illnesses are going to expire. the money they need to treat them also shouldn't expire. >> i also want to ask you about politics. it is the season. and what we're seeing is that the democratic front-runner is no longer in some polls the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton is losing support among women. you see donald trump on the republican side among republican women now getting more support from women. can you explain that, especially given some of his recent comments in the last 24 hours what he said to "rolling stone" about the only republican woman in the race, carly fiorina? >> well, i think donald trump's comments were offensive. >> and what does it say about american politics, that he can
9:39 am
say such things and then try to explain it as gree greta pointe his explanation doesn't hold water. >> i think the american voters are very smart, andrea. and if he continues to be so disrespectful to women, it will be reflected. i don't really want to spend time on the 2016 right now because it is 9/11. it's a day of remembrance and a serious day for all of us. but i don't think the american voters are going to tolerate overt sexism. i think any time you comment on the appearance of a woman you are trying to degrade her and it does harm all. all studies show that in polling when you're commenting whether positive or negative it undermines women. i think this campaign should be issued about paid leave, i think this campaign should be about whether you support affordable day care, equal pay, raising the minimum wage. those are the issues that so many american women care deeply
9:40 am
about. at the end of the day, regardless of what the pundits say today, voters will be very careful in how they vote and they're going to support someone who values women and who respects women. >> well, just one more question which is partly politics but partly the 9/11 remembrance because joe biden is in new york city today. >> yes. >> down at rescue one as you know. yesterday he was doing the announcement about the rape kit investigation. he's been talking about all of these issues. and he's grappling with whether to get into this race. do you think it would be good for the party if he did? >> that's certainly up to vice president biden. he is a man of great conviction. he's an amazing public servant. he cares deeply about a lot of the issues that i've been working on and championing from getting rid of the rape kits to ending violence against women. he is a real champion. it's a personal decision for him. i as you know support secretary clinton. i think she's an extraordinary candidate. i think she is poised to be the next commander in chief and
9:41 am
really can make the tough decisions that are necessary in this climate. >> and on 9/11, as a new yorker and as someone who represents the city and the state, how extraordinary is the ability of new yorkers to come back from such devastation? >> well, drea, i was talking to colleagues and families who have survived 9/11. loved ones were killed during 9/11. you know, we are very resillient and today is a day of remembrance. it's a very sad day for new yorkers. it's a -- there's a sense of vulnerability and it's something that new yorkers don't often feel. but it's also a day of great pride and great heroism. that's why we fight so hard for our 9/11 heroes. it's why there is no excuse for anyone in congress not to stand by our first responders in the gravest time of need. if you remember, andrea, they answered the call of duty from
9:42 am
every state. nearly congressional district sent someone to be there. in the first few hours and first few days they were looking for survivors and they stayed on that pile, breathing in these horrible toxins when we said the air is safe and they're now dying, dying of horrible throat cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer. the first responders are going to be in washington on wednesday and they're going to be asking senators for their votes, asking congress members for their support, and they shouldn't have to be. they really shouldn't have to be coming to washington begging for the support and the health care that frankly they've already earned. so we should make this a permanent bill. we shouldn't have hemming and hawing and how many years it should last. it should last until they no longer need it. it is precedent. we do it for those suffering from black lung who worked in the mine, nor nuclear workers. those funds are forever funds. it's a growing body. this is a limited body of individuals who need our support now. it's urgent. >> thank you so much, thanks,
9:43 am
senator. >> thank you, andrea. and coming up,was there a chance to save an american hostage killed by u.s. drone? a lawyer for his family speaking out only here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. (clicking noise) (ding) read text. (siri voice) adam, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that about your hair. it's not stupid. (ding) find hair salon. wow. yeah, that's right. (siri voice) ok, jack's boutique is nearby. alright, i've got another friend and his name is bryan adams.
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new citracal pearls. dedelicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. intelligence community inspector general is investigating the cia drone strike that accidentally killed 73-year-old american aide worker warren weinstein and another western hostage in pakistan last january. sources are pushing back on suggestions today that the cia may will dropped the ball months earlier on a possible drone sighting or a werner that could have been weinstein in that area. john brown, warren weinstein's family attorney. what does the family think could have happened here? >> the weinstein family is devastated by this news. warren weinstein was a true american hero. he was in pakistan on a
9:47 am
humanitarian mission, there to help those who needed help. he was captured by al qaeda in august of 2011, was kept by them for over three years and in january of this year was killed in an errant u.s. air strike. after that his grave was dug up, his body was robbed, held for ransom by members of al qaeda. and to this day they have no idea where his remains are. so the family has been through a lot. today's news in the "washington post" is another kind of kick in the gut by them, that the evidence was that perhaps they did identify someone that could have been him and if that information had been known to the family then perhaps they could have found him and rescued him. so it's a real lost opportunity and they are devastated by the news. >> now, officials say, you know, to be cautious here because it's imagery that was analyzed and might have been a westerner, no
9:48 am
indication that there was no id of him per se. is the issue for the family that the government should have known that he was in that area? >> i think it's both. i think, first of all, that they should have been told. all along regardless of the horrible things happening to mr. weinstein while in captivity, captured and kept by al qaeda, they always believe because they were told the u.s. government was doing everything it could to find him, identify him, and perhaps rescue him. and now with this report, that quite frankly may not have been the truth. so they feel in some way dereceived. they're still grieving over this loss. and what they want is the truth. they want to know what folks knew, how clear was the evidence, so that they can come to grips with what really happened to their husband and to their father. >> of course, what officials are saying is they would never have missed any opportunity, they claim there was no hard evidence, but this is all being investigated by the inspector
9:49 am
general. thank you, mr. brownlee. >> thank you. >> we'll stay on this story as well. >> thank you very much. up next, a day of service to remember the victims of 9/11. we just had to show you this picture. it was taken yesterday afternoon after a rainstorm. you can see the rainbow over manhattan ending at the world trade center site. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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september 11th is not only a day for remembrance, it has become a day to give back. tens of millions of people participating in the 9/11 day of servi service, the largest charity day in the country. the theme this year is the children who were born 14 years ago today who are inspiring their generation to do good. >> doing something good makes me feel good as well. it makes me realize i have the power to change things and that there's really nothing stopping me. it's sort of become a part of
9:53 am
who i am. i was born on 9/11. it's 9/11 day, remember to do one good deed. >> joining me now is jay, cofounder of good deed, the non-profit that organizes 9/11 day and brother of attorney glen, a volunteer firefighter and emt who died in the line of duty. this morning jay was joined by some of the children born on 9/11 to ring the opening bell at the stock exchange. quite an image there. jay, thanks very much for being with us. our condolences, but the fact that you have tried to turn something horrific into something more positive is such a gift to the nation. tell me about the children, the teenagers now, that you've been involved with. >> yeah, today is their 14th birthday, andrea. it's really pretty remarkable. they are the visualization of all the time that has passed by and for us they are the hope.
9:54 am
imagine more than 13,000 children born on the day of the tragedy in the united states. imagine all of those moms and dads in the hospitals and birth is about to happen while the world is crumbling around. they are ambassadors moving forward. really remarkable young people, the ones i have met so far. >> and when you talk to them and to their families, how have they dealt with this birthday, a day that has become an emblem for, you know, the worst terror attack we've ever experienced? >> well, getting to know some of them, certainly embracing the notion of 9/11 being a day of service. they're loving their participation in it. i think it gives them an opportunity to do something productive. now at 14 years old, they're ready to both understand the tragedy but also understand their place in society and they have an opportunity to make their world around them better. but as young people when they were 3, 4, 5, 6 years old, it seems to me sounds like their
9:55 am
birthdays were a little bit of a challenge. it's not a day to celebrate at least so raw after the tragedy first happened. >> and we think about the first responders. i was interviewing senator gillibrand a bit ago and they're working to extend the health benefits for the first responders who have so many diseases associated with their months and months of work on the pile. it's remarkable that we can talk about days of service and still not think about the people who responded heroicaclly that very day. >> you're right. these people must be taken care of. the numbers, of course, are astounding, how many people are sick with ailments of all sorts after they served our country at such an important moment for months on end. hopefully the support will continue for them. it's needed. it's deserved. it's our responsibility as a nation. >> jay, thank you very much. weity itthink of your brother
9:56 am
what he did and contributed and the way you are memorializing him. it's a living memorial which is all the more meaningful. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you for having me, andrea. and thanks to all of you for being with us on this day of remembrance and reflection. 14 years after the tragedy of 9/11. "msnbc live" is here next. just might be the one. to clean the oceans,
9:57 am
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good to be with you. i'm francis riva. we begin with developing news in new york city. we are awaiting remarks from vice president joe biden expecting to speak any minute at a september 11th memorial event in manhattan. the vice president will speak from the uss intrepid here in new york. of course we will carry those remarks live as they happen. but we begin with a day full of heavy hearts and tears for all americans but especially for the relatives of those who lost their loved ones on 9/1114 years
10:00 am
ago today. hundreds gathered once again at ground zero to pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 who died including more than 2700 in new york city alone. moments of silence were held across the country this morning here in new york, at the pentagon, and shanksville, pennsylvania, where the passengers and crew of united flight 93 were hailed for their bravery. and also at the white house with president obama and the first lady. >> eddie. >> nicholas par. >> but per happens the most moving part of this anniversary every year is the reading of the names of those who died. it is an emotional moment for the family members who have that honor. >> jose manuel


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