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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 11, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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ago today. hundreds gathered once again at ground zero to pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 who died including more than 2700 in new york city alone. moments of silence were held across the country this morning here in new york, at the pentagon, and shanksville, pennsylvania, where the passengers and crew of united flight 93 were hailed for their bravery. and also at the white house with president obama and the first lady. >> eddie. >> nicholas par. >> but per happens the most moving part of this anniversary every year is the reading of the names of those who died. it is an emotional moment for the family members who have that honor. >> jose manuel cardona.
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>> michael scott carlo. >> my brother-in-law, mortan howard frank. every day your handsome face and beautiful smile reminds me to stay strong and keep fighting. we love you and miss you terribly. >> nbc's ron mott is live at ground zero in lower manhattan. ron, certainly a day no matter who you are, where you are, you remember that very moment 14 years ago today. >> yeah, hey there, francis. good afternoon. 14 years since this terror attack and it's still very fresh. in fact, one of the most poignant things we heard from the service going on there from the family member was that it's been 14 years but it feels like up with 00 100 to them. it's that kind of searing memory from that day 14 years ago. but we have this beautiful new tower that is open for business now. one world trade. it's sort of a sign of hope and sort of a kickback, if you will, to the terrorists around the whorld who want to do harm to americans that this is how we rebound. you may kill us, you you may
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take lives. as people we come together in the same spirit that helped build this country. so that tower represents that for many, many people here. obviously all americans were shocked and horrified about what happened on that day, especially those folks working and living here in new york city. i lived here the time and i thought the day was so chaotic and con funs ifusinconfusing. walking home as i did from the midtown area back to the upper west side, past hundreds of thousand of people. very strange day. we have good news that obviously come out of that terror attack. there were some kids today who opened up the new york stock exchange, rang the opening bell. celebrating their birthday today, 14 years old today, and also kantor fits jfitzgerald, lost 650 employees when the towers fell, they are hiring 50 family members who lost parents in that attack. so it's a day too remember, somber day, a day to celebrate
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exactly how far we've come as a country. >> nice to see that amongst all the tears and the heavy hearts. nbc's ron mott at ground zero here in new york. thank you. of course the phrase never forget has become synonymous in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. as we mark 14 years since that day the #neverforget has received 330,000 tweets. as i mentioned earlier president obama led a moment of silence at the white house this morning but before that, he tweeted this. 14 years after the terrorist attack of 9/11 we honor those we also. we salute all who served to keep us safe. and we stand as strong as ever. joining me here in studio is former new york governor george pataki. governor of new york in 9/11 and was in new york city on that day. he is also a republican presidential candidate. governor, thank you for being here as we reflect and reremember that very day. so walk us through. we were talking earlier, saying you weren't even supposed to be in new york city.
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>> no. >> that day. >> i usually didn't stay in new york city. i just happened to the night before. and i was in the city. it was beautiful a. beautiful day. my daughter called. she was working the news. it was early in the morning. she goes, dad, turn on the tv. a plane hit one of the towers. i said, oh, new york, stupid things happen. it was probably a mistake. while i was watching i saw the second plane and immediately knew we were being attacked. akd serrated our emergency command and response. activated the national guard. talked to mayor giuliani. talked to president bush at the education summit in florida. >> this is when your security detail was saying you need to leave the city. >> we didn't know what might happen next. thankfully after shanksville there was no other attacks. my security was saying you have to go to the command center in albany in a bunker. for the first tomb i said, no, i have got to be here. i think it's important, the state, the city, the federal government all worked closely
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together. but, francis, i have to tell you, the most inspiring thing was the courage and strength of new yorkers from every walk of life. that will stay with me forever. >> that is what we see so much, even today, 14 years later, former new york mayor rudy giuliani also spoke about this 14th anniversary this morning on "morning joe." >> every single reason for that attack is festering in parts of the world right now. >> intensifientensified. >> i would say it's intensified and diversified. >> yeah. >> and the islamic terrorist threat to america is greater today than it was before. september 11th. >> strong words, governor, when you think that we were vulnerable back then. we didn't know it if now he's saying we should be vulnerable now. is there truth to that? >> i think it's absolutely true. we are at greater risk today than we were on september 10th of 2001. islamic terror is bigger, stronger. al qaeda was isolated in
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afghanistan, only had box cutters. no money. no westerners. they carried out those attacks. isis has hundreds of millions of dollars. they have weapons of mass destruction they've used. thousands of people with western passports. sophisticated social media capability. and we are not doing enough to protect us. we have got to be far more proactive or we are going to tragically live through, i fear, another day like september 11th. >> this is something if you were to be included in a presidential debate coming up. unfortunately you're not going to be on the stage on that one on wednesday. >> i will be on the earlier stage and making this case. >> but let me ask you this. how do you continue to try to be heard when it's not in -- the later one, and when is the time for that pivotal moment when you say, all right, it's realistically time for me to back down and maybe back someone else? >> francis, i'm in. it's hard for me to get heard. it's hard for anybody to get heard. there are i think 16 candidates. only two are in double digits.
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pretty much everyone else is lumped around within the margin of error. i think that's going to change. i think the american people want someone who actually can govern, who has solutions, who has experience and a vision for america. and one of the things about sple september 11th, we were so yun neyed. americans came together. i saw the strength of americans when we stand together. today we are so divided, particularly in washington. i know we have to work across party lines. i'm a republican. and i'll work with democrats to solve problems. that may be her rest si to some but it's what america needs. >> you talk about the difficulty of getting heard. a lot of who is getting heard, donald trump. >> yes. >> latest targets. target jeb bush, now carly fiorina, also -- >> and ben carson. >> ben carson, bobby jindal as well. today his campaign tweeted something that has since been taken out. i would like toe extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers on this special date tlechb september 11th.
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many people say the point of no return has been past for donald trump, that he's gone too far. has he gone too far? >> he has gone too far. i don't think he's fit to be president of the united states. not just as comments towards other candidates but when you demean an entire ethnic group, mexicans are rapists, demean women and africa mes, you are not fit to be president of the united states. i think as this gets closer to the primaries, republican voters, the american people are going to say, we had our theater. we had our enterentertainment. >> that's what they said before the debate, before iowa. now it still continues to be pushed back. when will that happen? >> i'm not a political expert but i do have faith in the american people. i can't tell you when but i tell you it will happen because americans understand we have to come together. we can't -- we can't have someone whose main claim to fame is to tedemonize others or othe groups. we will see that strength again. >> if he gets the nomination
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will you back him? >> i would find it extremely difficult. >> to back him or for him to get the nomination? >> first of all, he's ♪ going to get the nomination. i will make a bet right now that there's not a chance he's going to be the nominee. he's not going to win the nomination. if he did he would not win the election. republicans know better. the american people know better. we will have a candidate who will bring americans together and solve our country's problems. >> all right. former new york governor george pataki, thank you. appreciate your time on this busy day for you. looking now live at the 9/11 ceremonies in manhattan where any moment vice president joe biden is expected to speak. very emotional biden was the guest of honor on stephen colbert's "late show" and he talked about a possible run but appeared to come near tears when he talked about beau who passed away from brain cancer earlier this year. >> i met a whole group of military families. not unusual, rope line 100 yards from the aircraft.
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it was going great. and a guy in the back yells, major beau biden, bronze star, sir, served with him in iraq. and all of a sudden i lost it. how could you -- that's not -- i shouldn't be saying this. you can't do that. >> that was joe biden last night but we are awaiting him to take to the podium here at the uss intrepid. now the intrepid aerospace museum. but right now, he worked on obama's 2008-2012 presidential campaign. drft biden movement. you listen to the vice president last night. surely we all heard and even felt the emotion. sounded less like a man ready to mount a hard last-minute campaign. talk to me about your restlessness, if it's that, or your worries now a joe biden actually won't jump into in this race. >> francis, we have no worry. the vice president needs to do
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what's best for him. we're going the support whatever decision he makes. frankly last night america got a chance to window into a man who we all feel very strongly about. saw a guy with a character of faith, love for his family. struggling with the decision. we want to make sure if he makes the decision to run, particularly in the early states, he knows we have his back. >> what was really stunning to some is when his words last night saying that, you know what, i would be lying if i knew he was there, the 110% that needs to be there of anybody who is running for president. but talk to me, what is there? what will it take for him to get there? >> well, i mean, there's no way to peer into his heart and determine this. he's been through it before. he's buried a spouse and a child. what we have to do is make sure if he decides next week or in two weeks or a month and he's ready to go that we built
10:12 am
infrastructure for him. people out there talking to voters, donors ready to contribute. >> you said the day he hits the ground running, are you all prepared for the day when he says, you know what, i don't think i'll be there? i can't do it. i'm not going to run. >> well, i think, frankly as stephen colbert said there are going to be a lot of americans upset with that. if that's the best decision for joe biden, we would all be completely support i of that. >> i want to show you some latest democratic polling from cnn and orc. among registered voters hillary clinton tied with trump but losing to bush and dr. ben carson here. also a number of democrats you think clinton gets the nomination, a, less than 14 months to the election day. so if president biden is a no, will your organization throw your weight and support hillary clinton or do you think bernie sanders is a more viable candidate? >> well, i think it's too early to tell. it's clearly wide open. if you go back to cnn's polling on this day in 2007, hillary
10:13 am
clinton enjoyed a 23-point lead. we all know how that turned out. i think it's still wide open. the vice president making noise is shaking up the race in a way that i think is positive. it's still really, really early. we'll see how it all plays out. >> do you think it's too early? many are saying it's too late when it comes to setting up a campaign, raising money. you think it's still too early? >> no, in terms of too late to get in the race, absolutely not. the vice president has 100% name id, national network of friends ready to go. i can tell you in the just the 12 or 13 hours since his colbert interview, the text messages i have got are phenomenal. people from all corners of the country that will help this man run. whether he gets in a week or two weeks or three weeks, if he decides to run we've got plenty of time to get this off the ground. >> democratic strategist steve shell, thank you very much. you are on our right. on the left you see there that 9/11 memorial happening live. governor andrew comb mow is speaking right now and you can
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welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. now to a developing news in politics. the name of the game for republicans is no doubt taking swipes at donald trump. even as the donald maintains his eagle soar in the latest polls and even as he once again repairing to assume center stage in next week's second republican debate a number of fellow republican candidates are taking aim at the front-runner. sometimes because he insulted them or if you're bobby jindal because it's a possible route to rejuvenate a flagging campaign. today and yesterday the louisiana governor has laid into trump every chance he's gotten.
10:18 am
here's an example. >> the show has been amusing because here's the problem. the idea of trump is great, the reality is different. it's absurd. he has no policy depth no, substance. he doesn't believe in limited government. he is not for making america great. he's for making donald trump great. that's not what we need right pow. i think it's outrageous for him to be attacking anybody's appearance when it looks like he's get a squirrel sitting on his head. >> join mg me from washington is nbc news political editor carrie. always good to see you. talk about this war between donald trump and bobby jindal. it started yesterday. we can't nominate this ego maniac, go back to reality pv this is this just in his way posturing so we're talking about bobby jindal? >> we're talking moren't bobby jindal today than we had if he had released a tax plan or something other candidates do. clearly this has gotten him into the news cycle and as donald trump pointed out bobby jindal is at 1% or less in national
10:19 am
polling. so he literally has very little to lose right now by taking on trump. the attacks that bobby jindal is making on donald trump are different than what you've seen from other republican candidates. other republicans have tried to brand trump has a faux conservative or, say, attack him on his tax policy. bobby jind is sort of fighting fire with fire. he has made those policy arguments in the last 24 hours but he's also decried trump an e sgrks o maniac and clown. he's using the same kind of language trump uses. this is something republican establishment has wanted somebody to do. bobby jindal is signaling to those folks i'll be willing to fight on trump's level. >> moving targets when it comes to donald trump because you have bobby jindal and carly fiorina. want to talk about ben carson since he's doing so well in the polls. donald trump still on top. certainly giving donald trump a run for his money in the polls. a new iowa poll has trump at 27% followed closely by carson. both have big jumps since july.
10:20 am
also carson's favorables are higher than trumps and when republican voters are asked who has a temperament to lead in an international crisis dr. ben carson leads by 13 points. what's behind the carson surge and is it somewhat of a signal here that the trump strategy and the crass talk and shoot from the hip strategy is wearing on voters? >> in that new quinnipiac poll you mentioned 80% of voters said they want a republican primary voter said i want somebody without washington experience. i want an outsider. that's what you're seeing where w. this surge, both from donald trump obviously and then ben carson. neither have held elected office. you're right that you're starting to see a divide within the numbers, with carson really gaining a lot of ground. when you look inside them donald trump is doing well in iowa with the same folks he's doing well with nationally. people who are low income, men, people without a college degree. carson is starting to edge up with other communities. he's doing well a little bit better with women and he's doing actually seven points better
10:21 am
with evangelicals in iowa. the message may be starting to get through to the conservatives in the key caucus state. maybe they want somebody who isn't as much of a shoot from the hip, personal style is between donald trump and ben carson could not be any more different with ben carson being very reserved and very low key. and a bit nicer in his -- in the way he talks about other candidates. they ulz say that cliche iowa nice but there might be voters in iowa ho are starting to say maybe i like the nice guy over donald trump. >> nbc news pritt caolitical ed breaking news here out of washington, d.c. where police are investigating reports of a shooting at union station. one person was reportedly shot and no others injured. we know this scene has been cleared and people are being let back inside. right now all officials have confirmed that this is not an active shooter situation. we'll gather more details and continue to follow this and bring you any updates as they come in. also more breaking news,
10:22 am
this time from camp pendleton in california. a marine has died in a vehicle rollover accident. 18 others were injured. the marine corps says today six marines are currently in critical condition. eight are in stable condition. and four have been discharged from medical facilities. that accident happened thursday afternoon involving a vehicle known as a 7-ton truck. its primary use is transporting marines and hauling fuel, water, food, and supplies. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap.
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10:26 am
stadium. the nfl does. adding, issues of this type happen at many stadiums around the league and whenever there are issues of this nature, we do have thorough review. i want to bring in dave zyron sports editor and the nation and host of "edge of sports" radio for sirius xm. nice to have you with us. talking about -- at least we're not talking about deflategate. when you have patriots coach bill belichick who said after the game he had the same headset problems but you also have pittsburgh coach whom implied this was a regular problem in foxborou foxborough, he's a clip of that. >> that's always the case. >> here? >> yes. >> saying that every time you play here -- >> i said what i said. >> what exactly happened? >> we were listening to the patriots radio broadcast for the majority of the first half. >> we had a lot of problems with the switch headphones a couple of times. the communication system wasn't very good. i mean, that's -- we deal with
10:27 am
that seems like weekly. >> all right. dave, is this making a big deal out of nothing or is this a legitimate problem? >> this is a huge deal. and it's not a huge deal because we're all concerned if the steelers were subjected to the awful low ccall sports radio th exist 23s in boston. sorry to editorialize. it's a huge deal because the steelers went public and said they believe the patriots are cheetding. it's a big deal for the nfl. it's a big deal that the other players said it as happens with the patriots. they are a cheating franchise. the same week that espns issued this exhaustive report where they quoted over 90 different people inside the nfl who talked about different instances of the patriots skirting the rules. now the problem here is that the national football league has always prided itself on a very simple slogan, the public slogan is protect the shield but the
10:28 am
real slogan is, dump the player, save the game. in other words, players can get in all kinds of trouble off the field but they can be dumped, but above all else, the integrity of the league has to be unviolated. yet in this case we see the integrity of the league and the team over the last 15 years is under serious question not just by fans, not just by blogger, but by the league itself. >> let me ask you this. if you're saying this is a big deal, this is game one of the regular nfl season. >> right. >> is this something that we're going of see follow the patriots everywhere they go, wherever they play, there's going to be something brought up a will kind of underscore they are cheaters? >> yes. every home game at least. i mean, let me put it like this. i've been in nfl locker rooms before. none of them smell particularly good. big surprise. i guarantee you if there's a bad smell in the locker room at foxborough teams will come forward and say, that's the patriots. they did something to make the
10:29 am
locker room smell which upset us. everything the patriots do or don't do will be used as evidence to say this is a cheating franchise. that is bad for the nfl because there's always been the equivalent of, we could call it the thin blue line where you don't speak about other nfl teams. yet that thin blue line is now completely shredded. nfl teams are speaking out. sometimes anonymously or as you saw last night with the steelers hope mike tomlin, absolutely publicly and saying that shenanigans are going on and patriots are habitual line steppers to quote charlie murphy and it has to stop and stop now. that's bad for the league. it's also bad because it's emotionally exhausting for fans. think about it. we haven't even gotten through week one of the nfl season yet. we've only had one game. and already it's like there's this heaviness about like is the league legitimate. what are the patriots doing. >> nothing is wrong and we have tom brady back on the field. so certainly see what the season
10:30 am
brings. this is just the first. thank you as always. >> thank you. straight ahead, breaking news in arizona. 11 shootings now confirmed along the same stretch of busy highway. how do these attacks impact area schools? and then a new apology from that apology accused of kicking migrants in hungary. . and back here at home, go to pennsylvania. there in shanksville remembering the heroes of flight 93 on this september 11th. >> in doing what they did they showed each of us what good we are actually capable of doing. today we remember what they did on september 11th, 2001. we will never forget. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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that was a scene this morning in shanksville. the site of the crash of united crash 93. those bells you heard rang as each name of those onboard who died were read. hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to those victims. nbc news chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski was at the pentagon on 9/11 and he delivered an emotional account of what he saw. >> the courtyard in the middle of the pentagon with its majestic elm trees has always been a refuge from the daily grind of the pentagon. on 9/11 -- on 9/11 it became a makeshift morgue. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski in
10:35 am
shanksville, pennsylvania, on what was a difficult day. >> francis, behind me and beyond the bells and over the hill was the crash site of flight 93 where 40 passengers and crew members were killed on september 11th, 14 years ago. every year they have a memorial service here. not to mourn the loss of those 40 passengers and crew but to celebrate their courage. after all, they individually and as a group made every effort and, in fact, stopped the four hijacker from flying toward what was thought to be their intended target, the capital building in washington, d.c. civilians who up until then didn't know each other and barely knew anything about counter terrorism or military tactics, but within 20 minutes they put to the a plan of attack that actually, even though they
10:36 am
died in the crash, they prevailed. they won. the hijackers failed in their mission. and that's the story to take away from this memorial. and they have a new visitor center here which is absolutely moving. it's inspirational. and you get a much better feel, almost as if those 40 passengers and crew are there with you as they went through that horrific -- that horrific ordeal there on the airplane only to die. but in the true american spirit, die to protect and save the lives of others. francis? >> nbc's jim miklaszewski for us, thank you. developing news in new york city, vice president joe biden just finished speaking marking 14 years since the september 11th attack. while addressing the crowd,, ss intr intrepid biden says emotions
10:37 am
were still as raw as they were that day on 2001. >> when you go through this year after year, it doesn't matter if it's 14 years or 40 years, it brings back memories as if they happened five minutes ago. >> biden also remembered and praised the bravery of 9/11 victims at the pentagon and onboard flight 93 which crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. take you to arizona and new highway shooting and attacks that police are treating as terrorism. police have confirmed the 11th shooting in the past two weeks. a bullet pierced the side of a tractor trailer on interstate ten in phoenix on thursday morning. drivers across the city are fearing getting behind the wheel even avoiding the highway all togeth together. >> really kind of takes us out of our way but for the safety of the son it's worth it. >> it's scary. it's really scary. >> who wants to be on i-10 when bullets are flying around? not me. >> scots cohen is live in
10:38 am
phoenix. bring us up to date. is this specifically just the stretch of i-10 there or other roads and highways? >> mostly i-10, francis but not all of i-10. that's part of the frustrating and terrifying thing about all of this, is that it is so random. so four school districts have diverted their school buses to avoid the freeways. as you can see though some people have no choice and they're using freeways and there was quite a bit of rush hour traffic. also on edge today, law enforcement, for them et cetera like looking for a needle in a haystack. >> looking for pedestrians on the over passes, walking down the side of the road, maybe hiding in the bushes. >> every one of these incidents is lethal. these are all potentially a homicide waiting to happen. >> reporter: the police and law enforcement in the arizona department of public safety set up a hot line. $20,000 reward for information leading to solving this case but, francis, there is no
10:39 am
indication that they are a whole lot closer than they were when this all started about two weeks ago. back to you. >> it's going to be trust trading ftrade i frustrating for drivers there. i want to bring in sean henry, director of the fbi around current president of crowd strike services. thanks for joining us. you hear this story a lot of you will remember beltway sniper case in 2002. there were two suspects then. do you think there are similarities from this case and that and how police are a proefing it? >> similarities. certainly this is inspiring fear and an entire community and changing people's hobbits the way they commute to work, whether they decide to take that particular roadway or not. the dc case was a little different in that it covered multiple states. and quite frankly thankfully we haven't seen anybody killed in this case but in d.c. we had many people who were killed and clearly shooting people in order to kill them. those are clear homicides. here these are shots into vehicles, not sure of the motif.
10:40 am
but perhaps it's something who is taking some pleasure in the fact that they're able to change people's way of life. >> within two weeks shouldn't we know more about the possible shooter or shooters about this case? >> francis, there are a number of different ways police officers are try to identify who the shoot wes are. ballistics. they are able to identify with bullets they recovered the type of weapon and caliber they came from. they also may be able to pick up fingerprints off of the rounds they've recovered. they will also try to use technology whether it be cameras or in some case ys you can depl technology that will allow you to identify where shots are coming from. of course, it's going to be good old-fashioned police work turning to the community for them to provide information about those they believe may be involved and anything suspicious they see. somebody knows who these shooters are. the law enforcement community will be reaching out to the public to help them in that way. >> or at least somebody seeing something or something caught on camera. sean henry, thank you very much. appreciate it.
10:41 am
developing news overseas. apology from the hungarian camera woman caught kicking and tripping migrants earlier this week. you are looking at video of laslo as she tripped a man carrying a child. she was fired last week. she said she was defending herself. meantime you are looking at dramatic new video of refugees and migrants trying to board a train this morning in austria. about 3700 people crossed the border this morning and only ability 450 were allowed offen the train. nbc's claudio lavanga are on the front lines of the story in budapest. claudio, more than 10,000 people crossed borders in macedonia and austria alone? >> francis, clearly the cold, the rain, and the mud is no deterring them to try to make that long and dangerous journey all the way to hungary on their
10:42 am
way to western europe. actually the numbers are rising every single day, record breaking numbers as we have seen them. and the more the refugees and the more problems they encounter once they actually manage to cross the borders, we've talked about for days now about the conditions in that one refugee center close to the border, with serbia, here in hungary and how it's been so overcrowded many had to sleep outdoors in the damp grass and cold and mud. today we got a rare peek from inside that compound. now there was a woman, the wife of ans austrian politician got n and filmed a video that shows tens or hundreds of refugees crumbling for food as a handful of policemen throw plastic bags with sandwiches and plastic bottles in what it looks like animals being fed in a pen, francis. we appreciate it. as it's nightfall, many migrants
10:43 am
will be sleeping in the tents behind you. thank you pnchs. we continue to follow breaking news out of washington, d.c. where police are investigating a report at shooting at union station. now we're learn that a security guard shot and injured a man who allegedly stabbed a woman during an argument. this is new video that we have just received of a person being wheeled out of a station in a stretcher. we know the scene has been cleared and people are being allowed back inside. right now all officials have confirmed that this is not an active shooter situation. everyone loves the picture i posted of you.
10:44 am
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10:47 am
yesterday he has some concerns of the amount of force used in arresting blake. i want to bring in "new york times" reporter liz robbins here with me. liz, thanks for being here. before we talk about the officer we have to mention here when it comes to james blake and the suspect that the officer was going for, if you look at it, there's a resemblance, safe to say here. but it turns out the suspect also turned out to be innocent. so definitely an error as far as the police force in that sense, apologies have been issued. but what your sources are telling you at this point, certainly far from over. >> exactly, francis. right now james did accept the apology from commissioner bratton. but he told him in a conversation yesterday according to my sources that he wants this to be the start of a conversation about policing and community policing and the use of excessive force because there are people who do not have the voice that james blake has because of his position. >> it's also interesting here,
10:48 am
too, because the voice we are hearing is that of the police union. the officer had his gun and badge removed, on administrative duties here. the union is saying placing this officer on premature and unwarranted. the police officer should ever face pun anybodiment. do you think some kind of measure was given here given what happened? >> i know the police are carefully going over video surveillance and they certainly spoke with james blake. i know he spoke with investigators from internal affairs. so they obviously made a very quick apology so they did have some information. and as my colleagues al baker and ben mueller were reporting last night, that this officer did have a history with this civilian complaint review board and that there were three complaints registered in the past about his use of force. there are some concerns. of course, this is not over yet. >> especially when it comes to james blake who wants to see it move forward. >> exactly.
10:49 am
>> all right. liz robbins from the "new york times," thank you very much. busy hour here at msnbc. we have more breaking news to bring you. this coming to us out of saudi arabia. this is a deadly crane collapse in the town of mecca along the country's western coast. look at this video. the associated press reporting at least 65 people have been killed from this accident. there are few details on the cause of the collapse. of course we will continue to follow it. read text. (siri voice) adam, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that about your hair. it's not stupid. (ding) find hair salon. wow. yeah, that's right. (siri voice) ok, jack's boutique is nearby. alright, i've got another friend and his name is bryan adams. ok. this isn't going to work again. ♪"please forgive me, i know not what i do..."♪ introducing app-connect. the things you love on your phone, available on 11 volkswagen models. i work on the cheerios team. and when i found out that my daughter-in-law, joyce, can't eat gluten,
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10:52 am
♪ it is three days since defiant county clerk kim davis was released. she remerged in that kind of rock star style with "eye of the tiger" playing in the background and some people are saying we can't believe that happened. either can survivor.
10:53 am
recently, though, it seems there's a soundtrack for every moment in politics, whether musicians like it or not. ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ okay. so that was the music being played as donald trump took to the podium there in d.c. wednesday to r.e.m.'s "it's the world as we know it." the bassist said do not use our music or my voice for your moronic charade of a campaign. i hate giving it to him. joining me now to talk about rock n roll and politics is host of spotify joe le 1rvy. we're talking about music, not always controversial with chris christ christie, republican, jon bon jovi and gave him permission in
10:54 am
using that song, as far as, you know, classic jersey stuff. do they have to ask permission? >> they don't. in point of fact. the rules are complicated. sometimes complicated to the performers and authors of songs themselves and something known as a blanket license. if you were at a venue with a blanket performance license you would be legally entitled to use those songs. that doesn't mean it's a good idea. when an act protests or sends a cease and desist letter or makes a stink in public, a politician looks bad, bad optics the use the songs whether they're right or wrong. >> when it comes to the message of the song and parallels what the candidate's campaign is and back to 1992 when bill clinton weaved his way into the white house. let's listen to. note don't stop thinking about tomorrow ♪ ♪ don't stop it'll soon be here ♪ >> okay.
10:55 am
so his own aides were saying, you know what? we don't think that's hip enough for you. it might bring you down here, too, so it's so important with the theme of a campaign. >> sure. what happens with the campaigns is they latch on to a catch phrase in the song, the famous example ronald reagan, bruce springsteen's born in the usa. reagan in the re-election campaign went to springsteen, asked for permission and denied and began mentioning him in campaign speeches, that didn't work either. >> here's another example of some may argue didn't work, mitt romney's final campaign rally in 2012. walked out casually to kid rock's "born free." take a quick look. ♪ >> all right. so some may say, that's not a match. some seen as very stiff and then that music there. do you think it can backfire and the music does more to hurt than help? >> i don't think it does more to
10:56 am
hurt. i think it's the kind of controversy that can flare up afterwards that hurts. what you have is an american public this sees the image, hears the song lyric. you put them together, it can be powerful in the moment an they're trying to appeal to supporters. if they pick the right catchphrase, it will work. >> think of the artist, too. i have this in mind and nothing to do with what i'm -- >> obviously what r.e.m. had in mind had -- might have had to do with trump for president and not what they mean when this is being played. >> all fun in politics to see the music may or may not match up to it. thank you. >> thank you. donald trump continues his war of words with just about everyone. carly fiorina, bobby jindal are the latest in a dust-up with the donald and now ben carson is gaining on donald trump in the polls. who makes a better nominee?
10:57 am
chime in at and the joe biden turn on stephen colbert and his raw words. and breaking new developments in the search for a serial sniper in arizona. we'll bring you the very latest. hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪
10:58 am
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. good to be with you this afternoon. we begin with vice president biden in new york as questions rise about the viability of both party's presidential front-runners. moments ago, the vice president was in downtown manhattan helped to lead commemorations at the 9/11 attacks. >> every single man and woman lost left behind a whole community. a whole family. a whole legacy. wounded, 52,328. not 52,000. but 328 because every single one
11:01 am
like your friend sitting home in couches still suffering from having done their duty are required additional help and they're entitled to every single solitary help the united states government can provide them until the day they die. >> emotional vice president appeared on "the late show" last night and seemed near tears at times discussing the death of his son beau. >> i went out to denver and landed at military base and met a whole group of military families which is not unusual and a rope line, about 100 yards from the aircraft and going great. and a guy in the back yells, major beau biden, bronze star, sir, served with him in iraq. and all of a sudden i lost it. how could you -- you know what i mean? that's not -- i shouldn't be saying this but that -- you
11:02 am
can't do that. >> vice president biden is expected to make a decision about 2016 this month with pill hillary clinton's declining poll numbers adding to the discussion. donald trump leading the race but there's dr. ben carson starting to attack the front-runner. also, taking on the donald, la l's bobby jindal. jindal's poor polling means he failed to make the main stage in next week's second republican debate and joining the earlier debate and boosting his profile. listen to that. >> the show has been amusing but here's the problem. the idea of trump is great. the reality is different. it's absurd. he has no policy depth. he has no substance. he doesn't believe in limited government. he is not for making america great. he is for making donald trump
11:03 am
great. that's not what we need right now. >> also donald trump tweeted a 2-year-old tweet about this day and extended the best wishes to all including the haters and losers. joining us now is nbc's chris january jansing and chuck todd with an analysis and we start with chris live at the white house. and can we read into the words, chris, joe biden, those words saying that he's not ready to run? >> reporter: i think that's the most obvious interpretation people are taking from that, francis. it's certainly seems doubtful. this is the third time in just the last month or so that we have heard something similar from vice president biden. although these were most extensive comments. on the other hand, it points out why some of his supporters say he needs to get into this race, that the person on the other side, donald trump, is having a lot of success based on authenticity and honesty and you
11:04 am
cannot watch either the interview last yigt with stephen colbert or watch today when the vice president was with some folks from 9/11 commemorating this anniversary and not feel that authenticity. now, the honesty, frankly, is something that's gotten him into trouble in the past. but you did see in both his delivery and in the sincerity and the depth, the rawness, really, 0 of that interview last night how much emotional pain he is still in and you believe him when he said he just does not know if he can go there right now. and again, the clock is ticking if he's going do get into this race and have a real legitimate shot at it, francis. >> tough with beau biden's death the reason not to run and the motivation to run. that's the struggle for him i'm sure. chris, thank you very much. now time to bring in jane tim.
11:05 am
good to see you. as we want to talk about donald trump here, want to play some sound from donald trump last night and then some of the new polls. it is his defense for remarks about women. we'll listen. >> some comments are made as an entertainer. and, as everybody said, as a ent tear inner is a much different ball game. >> all right. so let's take a look at the new iowa polls for republicans. trump in front with dr. carson just behind him. let's talk about his rise and fueling and also the new feud involving two new candidates. >> absolutely. i mean, with dr. ben carson, he looks like a candidate maybe has all the credibility that donald trump has as an outsider but without the entertainer complex. he is incredibly authentic. he was a world renowned neuro surgeon. he's seen it. seems like what people idealize
11:06 am
the neighborhood politician to be and we'll have to see how it turns out. >> all right. especially as we see him earlier today out there in ferguson touring that. jane, thank you very much. to wrap it all up, turning to chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press" mere on nbc. good to see you wrapping up the week. let's shatart with the iowa candidates with trump in the lead and with republicans they believe that dr. ben carson here has much more than trump, has a right of temperament to lead in the case of international crisis. let's talk about that appeal. you know? is it a threat to donald trump's front-runner status? >> i think he could be. look. the republican voters are speaking now. right? we have about half of the ele electorate like a nontraditional politician the lead the party right now. that's where they're hunting, looking. trump is the loudest version of this and carson, obviously,
11:07 am
presenting himself differently. so but at the appeal is very similar. the idea of the nonpolitician coming in to shake things up. look. for ben carson, i think that is opportunity. i don't think the support is very deep or donald trump. it's not deep but it's there right now. while you have it, the spotlight is on, what do you do with the spotlight? i think donald trump -- we have been waiting. he said he'll put more meat on the bones for different policy papers. he's put out one proposal. not seen a tax proposal. ben carson hasn't put out a lot of proposals. there is a part with appeal in the moment and what does he do now that he has the moment? what does he do with it? i think that's going to be -- that's his challenge to add depth to the support right now. i think it's very much there with one part of the party. evangelicals looking for a different type of party. how does he expand it? >> coming to donald trump,
11:08 am
chuck, we have some new targets, placed up there. bobby jindal, carly fiorina. let's listen to that sound from fiorina about trump's attacks on her appearance. >> it says so much about him and very little about me. but this is part of a pattern, isn't it? where he says things and then tries to explain why he said them. >> and she also says, you know what? maybe i'm finally getting under his skin doing well in the polls. so far we have seen, you know what? nothing damaged trump so far. is that the case? >> i'm curious to see this moment on the debate stage. i think it's inevitable the moderators get trump on camera, responded in telephone but on camera and confronting fiorina and vice versa. i don't think she's going to shrink from this moment. and i'll be curious to see how donald trump who doesn't like this shrink and politically
11:09 am
knows he has to. how does he shrink from the moment in the confrontation with fiorina and play out or does she get under his skin and a moment like that happened with the "rolling stone" reporter without cameras rolling does that happen when cameras are rolling? i think this is much more damaging had we had video and audio of him saying what he said on carly fiorina so the question is, what does it look like on wednesday night with this discussion? >> do you think ultimately helping fiorina, the attack from trump and kind of a bolstering her when it comes to that debate stage and -- >> it could. it's an opportunity. look. i think it's an opportunity for her to stand out, to stand up to trump. you can absolutely see that as a potential here. you know? i think this is going to be a very lively debate. i know that candidates claim -- i think this is -- i think there's a lot of desperation on that stage looking at some of the scott walkers, marco rubios,
11:10 am
some of the people that thought they would be on the rise right now and aren't. chris christie, i mean, i think there's going to be -- when you have desperation and frustration and who the front-runner is, i think it is a combustible situation and i think it could be a very messy and lively debate on wednesday. >> all rightment i'm sure you'll ask chris christie about that this weekend as a guest with bernie sanders. >> you got it. >> always appreciate your being with us. thank you. >> thank you. as always, watch chuck sundays on "meet the press" on nbc. want to bring you breaking news out of arizona. authorities there are questioning two persons of interest after a rash of shootings. authorities confirm that 11 vehicles have been shot at, shattering windows and piercing cars along interstate 10. the governor says the state is committed to find whoever is responsible but warns residents to stay vigilant and safe. nbc's scott cohen in phoenix, arizona, joining me with the
11:11 am
latest on the investigation. and bring us up to date on what's happening now. >> reporter: right. if this is a break in the case, it would be a very welcomed one for a city that's been on edge for a couple of weeks. what nbc news is told by the arizona department of public safety is as you said, they're questioning two persons of interest and apparently the location where these people are is about 6 miles from where i'm standing, near interstate 10. and only a few blocks to the north of the highway so obviously, if these people were involved, they would certainly have ready access. but the situation has been so random, the shootings have been so random. various times of the day, various types of vehicles. over the last couple of weeks. the authorities have been out literally just going street to street and looking along the side of the highway for anything that was at all unusual and the authorities also put out a $20,000 reward for information
11:12 am
that would lead to solving this case. they've put out a tip line widely publicized so perhaps it's borne some fruit here an we don't know yet. breaking news that authorities questioning two people of interest in this string of freeway shootings in phoenix. >> curious to find out more and what led investigators to these two people. thank you very much. more breaking news following this afternoon. this out of saudi arabia. this is video of a deadly crane collapse in the town of mecca along the western coast. defense authorities say 65 people have been killed and over 180 people so far injured. we'll bring you more details as they develop. and also, developing news this afternoon, remembering 9/11. the nation pautzpausing to reme the lives lost 14 years ago. we're live at ground zero. pplies i'm kind of happy with my guys. i think you'll love our newest line the stuff my vendor sells
11:13 am
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i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
11:16 am
jose manuel cardona. >> dennis m. kerry jr. >> edward carlino. >> michael scott carlo. >> my brother-in-law, morton howard frank. every day, your handsome face and smile reminds me to stay strong and keep fighting. we love you and miss you terribly. >> emotional day for americans and the families of those who lost their loved ones in the terror attacks 14 years ago today. the nation pause third degree morning to pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 people who died that day. moments of violence were held across the country at ground zero, the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania. president obama and the first lady led a moment of violen of
11:17 am
the white house. the governor of new york pataki said he refused the wishes of the security team to head back to albany that day. >> we didn't know what might happen next and thankfully after shanksville there were no other attacks and no one knew that. my security was saying you have to go to the command center in albany and a bunker and only time in 12 years i said i can't do that. i have got to be here. >> let's take you now to nbc's ron motte live at ground zero and tough moment there is and brighter moments, too. >> reporter: yeah, exactly, francis. 14 years ago, we saw those horrific images of the two towers coming down. but in that time, since, we saw this one structure go up, 1 world trade center is open for business. people filing in to work there every day and a victory in and of itself in the eyes of a lot
11:18 am
of americans and one of the days where you look back on september 11th, 2001, and your heart still sinks after all that time, time they say heals all wounds, the wounds that we all suffered that day just will never completely heal. people are certainly coping, especially family members they have had to suffer through that immediate loss and then all those years after. in fact, a family member that spoke today said it feels like it happened just yesterday and in some ways it feels like 100 years ago and a lot of people experienced over the 14 years. now, speaking of the building itself, 1 world trade center is open and a lot of construction going on so the recovery isn't necessarily complete from a real estate standpoint. they will be building here for four or five years and one of the most interesting things about this area, about 20,000 people lived in lower manhattan september 11th, 2001, about half of them left in the months after. it was not a great place to live with all the stuff happening
11:19 am
down here. they have since rebounded in terms of building back the population here. 70,000 or so. so this area hopping and great to see it. francis? >> ron motte at ground zero, thank you very much. we'll be right back. (clicking noise) (ding) read text. (siri voice) adam, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that about your hair. it's not stupid. (ding) find hair salon. wow. yeah, that's right. (siri voice) ok, jack's boutique is nearby. alright, i've got another friend and his name is bryan adams. ok. this isn't going to work again. ♪"please forgive me, i know not what i do..."♪ introducing app-connect. the things you love on your phone, available on 11 volkswagen models.
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11:23 am
gamrat was expelled after the vote ending the week's long sex scandal. now 2016 politics and the biggest surprise of the political cycle may actually be in the race for mississippi governor because this man, truck driver robert gray is now the democratic nominee for the state's top job and he did it without ever running a campaign. willie geist shows how he pulled it off. >> a mystery man revealed tonight. the democratic nominee for governor. >> reporter: robert gray didn't get around to voting for himself on election day. 150,000 other people did. >> i just wouldn't have known who robert gray was. >> what happened in the primary was shocking to a lot of people. >> insane or embarrassing, one of the two. >> reporter: political experts in mississippi were stumped when the long haul trucker who ran no campaign to speak of and essentially unknown outside his own home was elected as the democratic nominee to be
11:24 am
governor. >> no website, no facebook page, nothing. >> reporter: spent how much in this race? >> maybe 50, $60. >> reporter: on the whole campaign? >> right. >> no signs in the yard? >> no signs. no anything. >> reporter: he forgot to mention it to his own mother. the first time she learned you were running for govern nofr, she saw your name on the ballot? >> i don't know if she believed it was me. >> i said, you're running for governor? >> no. he would have told us. no, it's him. >> reporter: how did he do it? some think because it's the first name on the ballot or a traditional man's name. and then there's the conspiracy theory that is says mississippi republicans put robert up to it. >> no, no. i categorically deny any jedi magic. >> reporter: no one from the republican party tried to push you into the race? >> only people that knew i was running is the people that knew
11:25 am
when i went in to qualify. >> it is impossible unless he's come up with some genius of a political strategy where you can do nothing, spend nothing, go nowhere and take 79 counties in a 3-way primary. unless he's got some sort of genius strategy for that, something else was going on. >> i guess you come back down here and once i win, huh? >> reporter: even with the man of the people message, he is a long shot against the incumbent governor phil bryant. >> they want a governor that wants to help, wants to do good. wants to make the best of what's available. >> reporter: if robert doesn't move into the governor's mansion, he'll return to his home on the run. rig have a name? >> i guess i call it old faithful. >> reporter: what do they call you? >> silent night. >> reporter: ready to give this up to be governor? >> i'm ready to do the job as
11:26 am
governor. >> fascinating. maybe he'll set his sides of presidential politics. now to somebody who's running for president, want to bring you developing news out of missouri, dr. carson in ferguson today for a four and many are asking why he's there after criticizing the black lives matter movement. we'll look at the rise of ben carson. plus, joyce mitchell on the record exclusively with nbc news first time since helping two killers escape from a new york prison. murder mystery in texas. several suspects uncovered who police believe were involved in the death of a dallas dentist feet from her door. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪
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to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. developing right now, we are expecting to hear from republican presidential candidate ben carson at any moment. he is spending the day in ferguson, missouri. comes as he continues to surge in the polls. latest quinnipiac poll of likely iowa caucus goers shows carson
11:30 am
solidly in second place with 21% support and asking today who would make a better gop nominee trump or carson and a choice of neither. chime in at want to bring in now political editor carrie dann from washington. i want to ask you, especially when it comes to the carson campaign, and that visit to ferguson, missouri, today, are they hoping to counter his criticism against the black lives movement? black lives matter movement i should say. especially when he says that their movement is focusing on the wrong targets? >> that's right. looking back at what ben carson sort of built his campaign around, he's not followed the traditional model that most do. he isn't camping out, for example, in iowa like a lot of counter parts and gone to specific events, some of which well outside of the republican mainstream.
11:31 am
he spoke at a convention of latino activists not aligned with the rest of the republican party and he went and showed up there so i think in part he is spoken a lot about race relations. not shy about talking about it and certainly correct in saying that he is not on a message point of view courting black lives matter movement and called it divisive and silly and not in the same place there. he's wanted to cast himself as a candidate not afraid to go to places outside the traditional republican base. himself and rand paul did that and this is a continuation of that. >> we have heard it. coming to black lives matter, the detriment of blacks to see real change. let's talk about his numbers with this latest quinnipiac poll showing donald trump at 27% and dr. carson just below that at 21% here. you know, he's holding but how long can that last? >> well, i think it remains to be seen. again, as i said, he is not really showing up in iowa for that many events and seeing him
11:32 am
in the coming weeks going to the state. but i think what you're really seeing in iowa especially is that voters are hungry for an outsider, we have seen this since that august 6th debate and carly fiorina, ben carson and donald trump were the three sort of beneficiaries of that debate and seeing an increasing number of voters i think in iowa saying i want someone outside of washington, not afraid to speak truth to power and maybe doesn't have the same style as donald trump who might rub some voters the wrong way, too personal in the attacks. ben carson with an exception of recent comments of donald trump tried to avoid that fray and getting a boost for it in a key caucus state right now. >> there's a back and forth and target of trump saying he's an okay doctor. heard donald trump say that and the attacks on his faitd. carrie, thank you. >> thank you. once again, we have been tracking response to the bing pulse question today. who would make a better
11:33 am
candidate? how are we looking right now? been talking with carrie dann, a lot of people saying donald trump, 68% as we look at the tug of war say donald trump, 32% say dr. ben carson. keep the votes coming. the hungarian camerawoman caught kicking and tripping migrants earlier this week apologized. this is video of the petra ladzlo tripping a man running carrying a child. her employer fired her earlier this week. she said that she was defending herself and apologized saying she is an unemployed mother who made a bad decision in a moment of panic. meantime, you are looking at new video of migrants and refugees trying to board a train this morning to austria. around 3,700 people crossed the border there this morning and only 450 allowed on the train.
11:34 am
claudio lavagna is on the front lines. down a little bit behind you with thousands more on the way and now hearing more of those chants. >> reporter: francis, actually, record breaking numbers. and this is despite the fact getting colder and colder here in hungary. and of course, down south in serbia, macedonia, raining heavily and the miles of fields these refugees have to walk across to get here in hungary and then eventually to germany, have turned now into mud. well, the more the refugees, francis, the more problems that they'll face getting across those borders. we have seen in the past few days how overcrowded that one refugee center close to the border with serbia here in hungary still has become and forced so many to sleep outside in the open in the cold and today we finally got a peek, a rare sight from inside the
11:35 am
compound. an aide worker with the hungarian red cross that filmed the amateur video shows tens if not hundreds of refugees scrambling for food thrown by a handful of policemen leaving many without food. now the husband of the woman that filmed the video said it looks like animals being fed in a pen f. you look at the video, it really does, francis. >> all right. claudio, appreciate it. thank you for the update. want to take you live to ferguson, missouri, where we are seeing dr. ben carson speaking there in missouri. of course, the site of a protest since michael brown was killed last summer. let's see if we can listen in. >> on how we had to respect authority. and it's so important that we all begin to teach everybody, our young people, our police
11:36 am
officers, our teachers, our students, everybody the importance of respecting other people. it's not just about us. it's about everybody around us. and if we can begin to understand that i think a lot of our problems are resolved. one of the thing this is's been very helpful here in ferguson is that people have begun to dialogue. we need to start these dialogues before there's a problem. people need to develop relationships before there's a problem. and then it's much less likely that those problems will occur. and let me open it up for questions. yes? >> dr. carson, peopkeeping withr theme of respect, the justice department and others who have looked at the situation here also found that the police department did not have basic
11:37 am
respect for the community. do you agree with that? and you said something -- both sides of the aisle, i don't think you meant part son aisle. >> no. >> the bottom line seems to be there's a feeling in the community that the black community is policed differently than everyone else. do you agree with that? >> question being, do i agree that the black community is policed other than everybody else. i don't know. what i do know is that it is very important that police are taught to be respectful of everyone. one lady was talking about the fact that, you know, she woke up or her son woke up and said there are police out here all over the place, a hundred police out there and armored vehicles out there and she went outside and the policeman was walking down the sidewalk and she said,
11:38 am
when's going on? and he said, oh nothing. that's not respectful. i mean, that's her neighborhood. you know? she has a right to know what's going on there. you know? we need to teach our police to be respectful. >> but if you don't know whether race is a variable in all of this, what solutions could you offer when so many people really think that that is of significant part of the problem? >> well, it is a significant part of the problem. that's my very point. my point is we need to make sure that respect is offered in both directions. not only must we teach our young people and everybody for that matter to respect authority because i don't think you're ever going to find a situation even if you have a rotten egg policeman, if you don't respect them, that they're still going
11:39 am
to say, oh, i'm just going to shoot you. it's just not going to happen. but so by the same token we must teach the police to extend respect to anybody in the community. that's a -- your fellow american, fellow human being. and if you treat them the right way, you're very unlikely, again, unless you're dealing with somebody when's completely mentally unstable, to have a big problem if you treat them with respect. >> dr. carson, since michael brown's death, a number of states have passed various law enforcement-related policies, police database, body crams, as president would you support anything on the federal level in that vein to be applied nation ally to ease tensions between police and citizens? >> okay. would i advocate for federal programs for body cameras or other suggestions? you know, i'm not really in favor of a lot more federal
11:40 am
programs to be honest with you. i certainly would not have a problem with block granting to states funding for things like body cams and things of that nature. i would fund it at a lower level than it would take at the federal level because it doesn't cost us much when you take some of the bureaucracy out of it. and also, for anything that i block granted, i would tell the states to if they're able to accomplish what they need to do with 80% of that, they can use the rest of it for whatever they want. we need to incentivize efficiency within our states. but i really believe that a lot of these issues are going to be handled much better at a local level than they are at a federal level. >> sir, speaking of respect,
11:41 am
there are a lot of respectful names on the list and i don't see any of the black live mat r matters protesters on the list. are you meeting with any of them? >> i have made it clear, the question is, do i have any plans to meet with black lives matter. i'm very happy to meet with black lives matter. you know, my beef with black lives matter movement has been i think they need to add a word and that word is all. all black lives matter. including the ones that are e rad katded by abortions. including the one that is are eradicated on the streets every day by violence. and we need to be looking at all of the factors that have kept the black community in a very dependent position for decades. and there's a lot of progress that could be made. you know, there's a trillion
11:42 am
dollars of assets in the black community. there's only about ten countries in the world that have a trillion dollar annual budget. i mean, it is an enormous amount of resources. we have to talk about how you turn it over to create even more and reach back and pull other people up. we need to be talking about the education system because education is the great divide. and i don't care where a person comes from. they get a good education, they write their own ticket. those things to be talking about, the drugs and the drug dealers. and the effect on the community. we need to be talking about out of wedlock births and what that does to a woman's educational possibilities and what it does to that child. just makes them four times more likely to grow up in poverty, to end up on welfare or in the penal system. until we begin to address these
11:43 am
issues, we're not going to get anywhere. and as an overall society, we need to address the fact that we only have 330 million people. china has over a billion. india has over a billion. we have to complete with them on the global scale. we can't afford to be losing our people. >> dr. carson, in a line of respect and on another topic, i know you say you don't want do get into a gladiator battle with trump and leveled serious charges regarding your faith and authenticity of your faith. he said that this is -- the word always a big man faith it happened all of a sudden. implying this is something for political expediency and said you're heavy into the world of abortion. would you respond to both of those things and seems that he is going after the heart of your faith and your religion? >> well, the question is, do i want to respond to donald
11:44 am
trump's charges? the answer is, no. i really don't. because, you know, what i have discovered is that the media loves to stoke up controversy. and have people fighting each other like gladiators. and i think that's exactly the wrong thing to do. you know? i've made it clear that i was not attacking him. it was interpreted that way by the media. and i think he took the bait. but i'm not taking the bait. i'm not going there. next question. >> dr. carson, on -- one person's been -- [ inaudible ] small municipalities and courts ticketing people and getting caught up in a cycle of debt and warrants. do you think that should be reformed? >> that particular issue didn't come up that, you know, certain places people might be getting more tickets, more warrants, et
11:45 am
cetera. does that need to be studied? of course it does. it's the fair thing to do. you know, when we talk about liberty and justice for all, that's exactly what it means. we don't treat anybody specially. we don't persecute anybody specially. when we find evidence of that happening, we use our intellect and our goodwill to remedy the situation. so, but let's do it on the basis of evidence. this is one of the wonderful things about medicine. in medicine, we make decisions based on evidence. not on emotion. not on ideology. so, bring on the evidence. and let's remedy it. >> dr. carson, you said earlier that race is a significant part of the problem. you talked about discussing issues a lot today and what
11:46 am
specific steps would you take and block granting -- but money and things like that. are you satisfied with president obama's handling of racial issues? >> am i satisfied with president obama's handling of racial issues and what additional steps would i take to ameliorate the situation of racial conflict in this country? i have no comment about president obama's handling of the issue. but i think what has to be done is that we need to begin to emphasize relationships. when people know each other, superficial issues become less important. anybody here who has a close friend of a different race knows
11:47 am
that. it just doesn't matter anymore. when you know somebody. and we need to foster relationships. we need to get business, industry, academia, wall street, churches, community groups involved and investing in the people around them. that's the kind of thing that will allow people to rise. throwing money at a problem is not an effective way of doing it. >> as president, how do you force the relationships? >> well, as president, you have the bully pulpit and a number of agencies that can help to coordinate the activities of the private sector. i do not believe it is the responsibility of the government to solve all the social problems. to take care of all the ills in our society. reason that we flourished as a
11:48 am
nation early on is because our communities which were in many cases separated from anybody by 50, 100 or hundreds of miles were able to thrive. why were they able to thrive? because people took care of each other. if it was harvest time and the farmer fell out of the tree, everybody else pitched in and harvested his crops for him. if somebody got killed, everybody else took care of their family. wasn't a big government program. it was people caring about each other. i've been a guest speaker at multiple programs around the country that are initiated in the private sector. that have had enormous results. in terms of bringing people out of poverty, in terms of putting people on the trajectory of success in our society. and the government helping to
11:49 am
coordinate and sorganize the programs is more than we have done and keeping people in a dependent situation and that's not america. yes? >> dr. carson, one of the criticisms of president obama's administration is he came into this job with no executive experience, either business world or as a governor. what prepared you in your background for this job and how would you handle that criticism? >> okay. the question being, you know, people criticized president obama for not having any executive experience. and the kinds of thing that is are necessary for the job of president. and they say the same thing about me. how would i counter that argument? thank you for asking that question. she's not a plant. you know, i, in addition to a
11:50 am
very arduous and successful career in medicine, where i had to take a division of pediatric neuro surgery that wasn't even on the map when i became the director and through very hard work and innovation, by the time we reached 2008, it was ranked by "u.s. news & world report" as number one in the united states. that was hard work. but it can be done. but in addition to that, i spent 18 years on the board of directors of kellogg. and 16 years on the board of directors of costco. i was a chairman of the board of xcinogen a. bio tech company. we started a national scholarship program. 9 of 10 nonprofits fail. our didn'ts fail and active in
11:51 am
all 50 states. has won major national awards that are only given to one organization per year. so obviously, in order to do all those things, you have to be able to do more than just medicine. and i find it amusing that, you know, these people say, well, he's idiot servant. he knows how to do neurosurgery. anybody who thinks you can become a neuro surgery of being an idiot servant is an idiot servant themselves. okay. any other questions? >> dr. carson, perhaps -- here of the issues surrounding the -- more hearings on the nuclear waste disposal. [ inaudible ] >> no. that's not come up. that comes up when i go to
11:52 am
nevada. i don't hear very much about it here. >> why did you come here? >> why did i come here? >> so much of what you said in the past is de-emphasize issues of race and so forth and that's the big matter here. why would you come here? >> okay. the question is, why did i come here? so much of what i said in the past de-emphasizes race. because we need to de-emphasize race and emphasize respect and respect for everybody in our society. and we need to emphasize fairness and justice for all. and i can't think of a better place than ferguson to do that. >> what new things did you learn about ferguson that you hadn't known before you -- >> that's -- that is a very subtle question. what new things did i learn that i didn't know before?
11:53 am
i think i knew all the things that i just talked about but it has a much deeper impact when you actually talk to the people themselves. it's very much like a few weeks ago when i was in arizona with my wife at the border. i'd heard all kinds of things about the border. but until i actually witnessed it myself, the impact didn't hit me in terms of the fact that we don't have any border security. it's zero. and that the federal government does nothing to help protect our people from influx. and i'd heard such things before but i didn't really realize it. i guess it really hit home for me when i saw the expanses of fence. these are the kind of fences that as a kid would barely slow us down. but -- and in one area, they had cut a big hole in the fence and
11:54 am
they put some barbed wire across it. so the cameramen with us, wanted to shoot us from the mexican side and they came through and were not athletic people and had the equipment and filmed us from the other side. i mean, it made a big impression on me. by the same token, listening to the people here today. listening to the people who were there who witnessed the riot, the people who tried to stop rioters. from destroying peoples' livelihood. and listening to the people who were demonized because of the way they looked. it makes an impression. it helps you to understand more about the fabric of our nation and why we're going to have to heal it. because our strength is in our unity. and we cannot allow ourselves to be destroyed by the purveyors of
11:55 am
hatred. >> just to clarify, you said we need to de-emphasize race. and you said it's a significant problem. >> i think a lot of people perceive everything through racial eyes. but my point is, that we don't have to do that. what we have to do instead is to begin to see people as people. you know, as a neurosurgeon, i operated on people from every part of the world. why was i able to do that? successfully. and somebody from china versus somebody from africa versus somebody from somalia, somebody from south america, somebody from kansas? because their brains are all the same. that's what we need to emphasize. because that's what makes a person who they are.
11:56 am
>> last question. any other questions? >> do you think the city of ferguson should be negotiating -- >> speaking, that was republican presidential candidate ben carson speaking in ferguson, missouri, taking questions about the attacks of donald trump lately, also his criticism of black lives matter and this movement and whether he would like to meet with them. interesting on both fronts and asked about donald trump saying, carrie, you know what? i'm not taking the bait. i'm not going there. >> that's right. he said the same in an interview yesterday with "the washington post." said i didn't mean to offend donald trump with the statements. i was talking about my own personal faith and motivates me. he took two pretty clear shots at donald trump mentioning the immigration plan and saying unfeasible and mentioning his faitd and i think the faith issue is something that does differentiate. carson is not wrong to say that talks more about the personal faith than donald trump does and clearly didn't want to take the bait on donald trump today, though. >> interesting to see how that's
11:57 am
working for him holding his own in the polls. latest quinnipiac at 21% and want to ask by tremendous main three and we know he's critical saying that that movement has been having the wrong target and we have been hearing more about that and how he says he should go and that and changing and all lives matter instead of black lives matter. thank you. that does it for us. on the other side, ari melber continues the coverage. one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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now that's a full weekend. ♪ join in and guess the five stops they made by tweeting #altimaweekendcontest for a chance to win your own weekend adventure! car radio: with our monday morning traffic report... it is friday afternoon. september 11th. i'm ari melber. 14 years after the 9/11 terror attacks, heated debates over which group poses the biggest threat to the united states. right now, the president is holding a town hall with service me believes at fort meade. let's listen in. >> once you're no longer president. >> those are great questions. what part of texas are you from? >> harker heights, texas. >> tell everybody back home i said hi. >> yes, sir.


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