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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 15, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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floods and fierce flames. it's wild weather out west. in utah, a wall of water no one saw coming. eight dead, several still missing. residents describing this as the storm of the century and it is the opposite extreme weather ordeal in northern california. fires still raging, the flames barely contained, but officials believe they have reason to be hopeful. i'm thomas roberts. we begin with those flash floods in a small utah town. next hour we are expecting an update from emergency officials and more rain is expected in that area today. however, among those killed, eight people, mothers and children, swept away after a large wall of water hit a pair of vehicles carrying 16 people in all from behind. the cars were washed off a road into a channel and carried hundreds of yards downstream. >> the wall of water is 15, 20 feet tall and maybe 25, maybe 30 years ago i seen something this
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big, but never with this many people, of course. >> as it stands right now, one woman and four children are still missing. rescue workers helped panicked passengers forced to escape from stranded vehicles like the one you're seeing right there. we have the very latest on this breaking story. where do we stand on the search for the missing? >> reporter: well, it rained all night, even as search and rescue crews were out looking for possible survivors and victims of this flash flood. like you said, there are still five people missing, unaccounted for. of the dead, just to give you an idea, six were found in utah, two others were found miles downstream in arizona all from that same car. three people were rescued by two cars hit by a wall of water in hilldale. those two vehicles carrying women and children on their way home from a park yesterday afternoon. 16 people in. of the missing, one is a woman, the other four are children. they have swift water rescue teams out there in the creeks
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but the weather is still stormy. they are expecting more thunderstorms throughout the day. that is affecting the search although they do have hundreds of rescue workers and volunteers working through the rubble, hoping to find more victims and survivors, and people who are unaccounted for in this storm. >> the images are just amazing. thanks so much, jennifer. now it a's a completely different story in northern california. one of the infernos believed to be the worst so far in what already has been a devastating fire season. the so-called valley fire is tearing through small communities. nearly 600 homes have been destroyed. more than 6700 or 67,000 acres have burned, and they are not anywhere near containment. the fast-moving flames also claimed the life of a 72-year-old disabled woman who couldn't get out. others escaped but they don't know if there will be anything to come back home to, like this one person who breathed at least
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a temporary sigh of relief after running into our joe fryer. take a look. >> it's terrible. i really want to go back up. i just don't know when we can go see everything. >> reporter: our camera crew checked the address, taking images what have they discovered. a home untouched by flames. is that your house? >> yeah. >> reporter: okay. that's what our crew found. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. thank you. >> obviously they feel so lucky. that is not the story for so many others. jinah kim is in the hard-hit area. as we can see from behind you, not everybody as fortunate as that couple that still are a home to return to. what are you hearing from other evacuees? >> reporter: we just spoke with one of those evacuees, thomas. she pulled up right to this house where we have been reporting from all morning. she told us about the woman who used to live here. her name is winnie. she's a grandmother.
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she raised her children here. she raised her grandchildren here. now as you can see, it's so sad, all that are left are memories and this white picket fence for some reason which remained untouched. i think for the first three days or so of this fire, people were just consumed with how do i get out of here, how do i save my family, how do i save my livestock. now they are really coming to terms with all that they've lost. 600 families in just this very small community now no longer have a home or business to return to. and that's quite disturbing when you really think about it. >> as you talk about that white picket fence still remaining, what a contrast for the images we see in the background. jinah kim, thanks so much. we shift our attention now to politics and roughly 31 hours away from the second republican debate. not that anybody's counting exactly down to the second. yes, donald trump remains on top and the newest national poll
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shows that has become a very close race, all adding more to the drama we expect to see in the showdown tomorrow night. trump has 27% but take a look, dr. ben carson who has been in second for some time now, he now trails trump by just four points and six weeks ago, carson was polling at just 6%. if trump is running scared, he is hiding it really well. he's got an event in los angeles tonight on the "uss iowa." last night, had a huge rally in dallas. trump spoke for more than an hour. take a look at some of the highlights. >> i have a little debate coming up on wednesday. i'm surging, they said. can you believe this one? i'm surging with women. carli's giving me a little bit of a hard time even though her poll numbers are horrible. i like carli. and i like ben. and i like many of the people that i'm running against.
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by the way, can you see in the back, they have the best view. can you see it's really my hair? they call it all trump all the time. can you believe it? all trump all the time. >> quite a show. msnbc political correspondent casey hunt is out west for us. casey, talk about the expectations for the debate tomorrow night, especially since we know what went down the first time and how the stagecraft for this one is going to be completely different. >> well, you hit on some of it right there. we heard donald trump going after carli fiorina and i think that's really the first set of fireworks that a lot of people are going to be looking for here. donald trump was quoted in the "new york times" as saying i'm not going to call her honey, but as you know, it can be really difficult for male candidates to stand on the same stage with women candidates, because it is a little bit trickier. you saw this with rick lazio and hillary clinton when she was running for senate, he got a little into her personal space and it became a problem. i think that's the first thing a
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lot of people are looking for. the second thing is whether donald trump and ben carson really get into it. carson is so far the first of these candidates that we have really seen have any kind of surge against donald trump's momentum. you remember everyone else who really tried to take trump on, whether it was scott walker, jeb bush, have really fallen to the back of the pack instead of rising up. carson seems to be bucking that trend. i also think that for the undercard, the stakes are potentially really high. if you think about scott walker going into this debate, having faded from being the iowa front-runner to being one of the last ones in these polls. this is a debate where he could potentially have a breakout moment but one that could also potentially sink his campaign. if he doesn't perform up to expectations, there could be more donors lost and we could be talking about a more imminent demise of his campaign the day after. >> as we hear from donald trump, we know he believes that everybody's going to be coming after him, almost like it's "survivor" and they all made an alliance. but when you think about this
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and pull it apart, we look at the benefit of what the non-traditional candidate, carson and trump and fiorina, have to gain as opposed to the insider regulars. is that the big divide, the contrast we will see on that stage? >> i think it is a big divide, and i think it might be one of the reasons why carli fiorina has also been rising in the polls, albeit more slowly than ben carson. even as trump has gone after her, they seem to be a little bit insulated from this idea and i think you're seeing the electorate display its general frustration with people who are running as conventional political candidates, conventional campaigns, are you seeing jeb bush, for example, take a fairly conventional approach to trying to take out trump. he's selling his own record as a conservative governor, trying to say i'm not from d.c. that's a little bit of a tricky argument to make. as you know, when both previous republican presidents have also been named bush. >> the bushes are from everywhere. they got maine, d.c., texas, florida. the list goes on and on. but it will be amazing to see
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how the polling takes place post-debate and if there's a halt and catch fire moment with carli fiorina. she has gone up in the polls but not the big bounce we recently have seen for ben carson. so it will be wild. >> i think that's right. i think the other thing to watch for is jeb bush here. i think he has a chance to potentially stand out. he has been joking a lot on the campaign trail about how he's a low energy candidate looking at old pictures of himself saying that's a low energy picture, that's a high energy picture. i think he's going to have to display a little bit of high energy on the stage and i think he could either go that route and actually stand out and maybe make a mark, but if he makes a major misstep, i think he could come out of this with a big problem. >> that's with an exclamation point. casey, great to see you. thanks. our pulse question today focuses on both donald trump and ben carson with dr. ben carson on donald trump's heels, we want to know whether there's a real threat to trump's candidacy. e pulse is live at
10:10 am is carson a real threat to donald trump? the results in just a few minutes. up next, i look ahead to tomorrow's debate with former minnesota governor and 2012 republican presidential candidate tim pawlenty. look forward to that conversation. then developing news overseas. confusion at train stations in austria as hundreds of desperate migrants and refugees wait to travel to germany. germany and other european countries restricting their borders. we're live in berlin. then, bill as veep? how hillary clinton is answering questions about whether her husband could join the ticket. [ school bell rings ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. you handle life;
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really killing it. we are killing it. they don't want to say i'm surging. i went up to 40% today in new hampshire. you saw that. 40%. >> so donald trump certainly hopes to kill it tomorrow night at the second republican debate. one front-runner, 11 debaters on that stage in total. it will be a big stage. many who need a strong showing to continue their campaigns expect the unexpected and certainly expect to see some fireworks. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty has been on that debate stage before. he ran for the republican nomination in 2012 and joins us now. it is great to see you. thanks for your time. i want to get into this and play a little something else that we heard from donald trump. it was a crack at jeb bush's expense. >> jeb, nice guy. really a nice guy.
10:15 am
jeb, hillary -- well, jeb's more popular than one person i know. >> so it seems as if, governor, trump knows how to dominate free air time. we got the pro-jeb bush super pac right to rise, now up on the air in new hampshire and iowa, a $20 million plus tv ad buy. do you think that is enough, or is jeb bush going to need to take the gloves off to raise his campaign to the type of entertaining campaign that we're seeing from trump? >> thomas, i think a few things. one is it looks like donald trump is triang lating particularly on jeb bush, not to the exclusion of other candidates. number two, that jeb bush in recent weeks has decided to fight back, particularly by saying donald trump isn't conservative enough to be the republican standard bearer. jeb can't afford to have an underperformance tomorrow night so he will have to come out more energizing and confrontational with donald trump. there's risk in that.
10:16 am
obviously taking on donald trump, it could boomerang. i don't think jeb has a choice at this point. >> are you surprised that the non-traditional candidate of a donald trump is doing so well, especially with the type of statements that would take a regular politician down in three seconds? >> actually, three years ago on a podcast i predicted that donald trump or somebody like donald trump could well be our nominee in 2016 for these reasons. one is we have combined politics and policy and entertainment into one thing. he's very good at that. number two, there's a constituency within the conservative movement for an outside person like him, but you know, it only works for awhile if you have got a dispersed field with ten candidates. 30% is a winner in a ten person field, not necessarily a winner when the field gets down to two or three. i do think the republican establishment and conservative groups now are going to have to come to terms with the idea that donald trump could be, i'm not
10:17 am
saying he will be, could be the nominee. >> so he has really shifted the political paradigm. i want to read something the des moines register wrote about donald trump. they say in this editorial an overtly sexist candidate continues to poll so well among potential caucus goers it reflects negatively on all of us, they end it this way. the way he talks about the opposite sex is disgraceful. then again, maybe it's just that time of the month for this editorial board. so do you think that donald trump's way about the way he has spoken about carli fiorina who is running for president or a moderator of a gop debate in megyn kelly is an embarrassment for the party? >> he has made terribly inappropriate comments, but the rules don't apply to him. the norms don't apply to him. i think there's a group of people within the party and the country more broadly who are saying yes, i know he's inappropriate, yes i know he's
10:18 am
been offensive at times, but there are other aspects to him, his strength, his making america great again, his basically giving the country in part the middle finger over certain issues or protectors of certain issues and they are saying i know he's inappropriate but i finally like somebody who speaks his mind even though the thought is inappropriate. that's where we're at apparently for at least 30% of the republican primary voters at this moment. >> meanwhile, it was in historic 2012 when donald trump represents everything the autopsy says they wanted to go for. 2012 was part of your time. you have read over this autopsy. as i look over it now, it's the playbook for which donald trump is going against everything. >> he may be transcending some things. again, those old constructs may not apply in a world where entertainment and policy and politics have been fused into one thing and sadly, it's becoming more like a cartoon
10:19 am
than a debate about the issues. that speech last night in dallas lasted for an hour. he obviously got a huge crowd. he's got a lot of momentum. but if you listen to it, it doesn't really involve a lot of policy discussion and as the months wear on here, people are going to have to decide is the entertainment and the anger and the style enough or are they going to expect more from a potential nominee like donald trump around issues like national security, health care and we'll see. at the moment, anger and entertainment are trumping substance. >> tim pawlenty, sir, great to see you. thanks for your time. we have been asking our bing pulse question today about ben carson. he's in second place right now. is he a real threat to donald trump? i want to see what the results are so far. as we reveal 19% of you think yes. 81% of you say no. the pulse remains live so go vote. another update for you shortly. developing news this hour in mississippi. the man suspected of killing a
10:20 am
delta state university professor is dead, believed to have shot himself. we go live to the campus next. then the other outsider dominating the 2016 discussion. bernie sanders is up in the polls. it seems his senate colleagues aren't feeling the burn. nbc's mark murray will be here to explain what that means. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. can you tell what makes them so different?. did you hear that sound? of course you didn't. you're not using ge software like the rig on the right. it's listening and learning how to prevent equipment failures, predict maintenance needs, and avoid problems before they happen. you don't even need a cerebral cortex to understand which is better. now, two things that are exactly the same
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that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. welcome back. look at this. the breaking news video we have coming in out of utah. it's absolutely amazing. as you see cars flooding off the roadways and down what became out of nowhere a river. this is flash flooding from utah. a woman named virginia black shot the video from her front porch. in this, you see those vehicles that were parked along the road just completely swept away. now, among the scenarios playing
10:24 am
out here, eight people have been confirmed dead but the search continues for five other people who are missing and there is more bad weather expected today. however, there are hundreds of rescue workers searching for those that are missing. we'll have more on this story coming up in the next hour, because we have an update on this story for you. it has to do with the deadly accident this morning, about 20 minutes, an update -- excuse me, deadly accident happened this morning in houston, texas. we have two high school students who were killed, two others and the bus driver seriously injured after their school bus crashed on their way to school this morning. according to police, the car may have hit the bus after swerving to avoid another car, causing the bus driver to overcorrect and go over an overpass. the ntsb is currently investigating. another story that we need to update you on, one we have
10:25 am
been watching this week. the new york city police union has words for those who commented after the controversial take-down of former tennis star james blake. you will recall blake was mistakenly tackled and handcuffed by an undercover nypd officer last week who was investigating a credit card fraud ring. in an open letter to reporters, the union calls out pundits saying in part, if you have never struggled with someone who is resisting arrest or who pulled a gun or a knife on you when you approach them for breaking a law, then you're not qualified to judge the actions of police officers putting themselves in harm's way for the public good. the officer who arrested blake has been placed on modified assignment during the investigation of the incident. the nypd has apologized to blake. we will have much more on the stories we're following for you out west. back to the flooding in utah. it is amazing and wild for the people that are living through this. then there are the fires that
10:26 am
are devastating parts of california. the images from there, it aps contrast that is unbelievable and you have to see what they have been dealing with over the last 24 hours. then we switch gears to get back to the campaign trail and what donald trump and the hispanic vote have in common, if anything. could the candidate cost his party that vote for years to come? imagine thinking you've won the jackpot of the lottery but instead of cash, you get an iou. yeah. yeah. i'll owe you that. seriously. [ music playing ] hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! [ laughing ] [ music continues ]
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welcome back. so in just about 30 minutes we are expecting a live update on the search for survivors after the deadly flood that happened on the utah border with arizona. we want to show you this new image that was captured by a neighbor there and this is hilldale shot by a woman watching the flooding unfold.
10:30 am
she was on her front porch. these flash floods seemingly came out of nowhere and the mayor of hilldale, utah describes it as a 100 year flood. that was from just one or two inches of rain, according to the national weather service. it's all just the latest in a series of weather extremes around the country. >> they're y're getting everybo out. >> reporter: this family escaped a possible death trap in colorado city, arizona. flood waters almost swept them away. just a mile north in hilldale, utah, violent flooding. >> we have stranded vehicles and hikers. >> have idea on how many personnel they need? >> whatever crews you can spare. >> reporter: among the dead, officials say mothers and children. their cars swept downstream for hundreds of yards. authorities say at least three survived the ordeal. now a time-sensitive search effort is under way.
10:31 am
>> i think we need some help here. >> reporter: 30 minutes of intense rain followed by rapid flooding. how did this happen so fast? >> everything that falls in these mountains can quickly rush down literally go right through hilldale towards colorado city. that's what happened. the trajectory and path of this thunderstorm was worst case scenario. >> reporter: in the west, the absence of rain is creating a blow torch. the dry conditions feeding the flames of the deadly valley fire. veteran firefighters describing it as hell on earth. more than 580 homes and 62,000 acres already destroyed in its path. >> there are so many homes that are leveled, burned to the ground. >> a whole lifetime of memories, pictures. >> something out of a science fiction movie. >> reporter: it's the reality for california. 12 large wildfires are feeding off the drought. more than half a million acres
10:32 am
scorched and firefighters are still struggling to gain control. the valley fire is only 15% contained and as i pointed out, we are roughly 30 minutes away from bringing you a live update, press conference on the search for survivors after that deadly flash flooding on the utah/arizona border. developing right now for you, it is the countdown to round two for the republican presidential candidates. they will take the debate stage at the reagan presidential library in california. the top 11 candidates will face off in prime time while four other candidates will square off at the earlier debate. referenced affectionately as the happy hour debate. one of the big questions, will anyone take on the front-runner, donald trump? nbc's peter alexander has a preview from simi valley. >> reporter: good afternoon to you from the reagan presidential library. barely 24 hours away from this showdown, actually a series of showdowns we are anticipating in tomorrow night's debate. the real emerging story line has been the success of the
10:33 am
political outsiders on the republican side. donald trump, ben carson, combining for 50% support among republicans in this country right now. add in carli fiorina and they have a majority of support. you do the same with ted cruz, it's up to 60%. the showdown between fiorina and trump is one that a lot of people will be watching for, thinking that fiorina is uniquely positioned to take down trump in a way after his recent comments about his -- about her looks, among other things. of course, he insisted he was referring to her persona. but the other challenge is going to be that for jeb bush and scott walker. scott walker now dropping to number ten in polls, just 2%. he of course was counting on a strong showing in the first caucus state, iowa, and jeb bush is now relying on his trump card which is his big money advantage. $114 million raised over the first six months of this year, now spending a chunk of that on some new ads that begin soon to try to enperhaps reintroduce himself as jeb for his long record and his successes as
10:34 am
florida governor. all of it starts 24 hours from now as these republicans try to claim the mantle of ronald reagan. the question of course may be which one of them will break his 11th commandment, thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow republican? so far, donald trump has shown he's not concerned with that. see you tomorrow. back to you. >> we look forward to it. thank you. nbc's peter alexander. ahead of tomorrow night's debate, donald trump packed the american airlines arena in dallas last night. his comments on immigration were front and center. trump was on the attack and the crowd went wild for it. >> i don't mean to be disrespectful but when a man has a problem and he's got his wife or his girlfriend and they move her over to the border for one day, has the baby on the other side of the border, our side, now that baby is a citizen of our country for however long the baby lives. hopefully a long -- it's wrong.
10:35 am
>> meanwhile, outside, dozens of activists called for immigration reform. the demonstration was organized by social media campaign called dump trump. joining me, msnbc contributor and university of texas professor, victoria de francesco soto. interesting to talk about this from the aspect of poll numbers, the latest ones that we have from msnbc/telemundo/marist. it shows 70% of latino voters have this negative view of trump while 65% of latino voters say trump has hurt the gop's image. do you think, can other gop candidates seek to repair that perception and make a needed connection to latino voters in time? >> thomas, my answer is it depends. if donald trump ends up being the nominee, then i do think we will see irreparable damage in the republican party. i think, i'm going to lose latinos for a generation.
10:36 am
however, i think if you see bush or marco rubio emerge as the candidate, you are going to see at least the bleeding staunched. perhaps maybe even some latinos coming into the fold as we saw with the george w. bush years. but it really hinges on who the republican nominee is going to be going into the general election. >> so i want to talk about this, because the last time the general election happened in 2012, the candidate of mitt romney talked about self-deportation. so the rnc gets together, they decide to do the autopsy. so we've got the rnc commissioning this report in this finding, there's a part that i was reading over today and it says concerning immigration reform, if hispanic americans hear the gop doesn't want them in the united states, they won't pay attention to our next sentence. it doesn't matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy. if hispanics think that we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies, in essence hispanic voters tell us our party's
10:37 am
position on immigration has become a litmus test, measuring whether we are meeting them with a welcome mat or a closed door. is donald trump using the rnc's autopsy as the playbook to do everything the opposite of? >> i think so. i think he is about shutting that door shut. you know, what's so interesting is that with the republican party, they do have a chance to court latinos if they really wanted to. just because a republican candidate isn't for comprehensive immigration reform doesn't mean a latino is going to turn their back on them. as long as they're for some type of immigration reform, they are open to listening to that candidate. but most important, is the tone, is the rhetoric. if you talk about mexican immigrants and latinos in these very vitriolic ways and disparaging ways as criminals and drug dealers and rapists,
10:38 am
the latino population is going to turn its back. not only that, i think we are going to see mobilization. i think the latino voters are going to hear what trump is saying and say wait a minute, i need to turn out and vote. i may not have voted in the past but this is my moment. so it might have the contrary effect that the republicans want. we will see a surge in latino turnout. >> just reading over the first two bullet points out of the seven bullet points out of the rnc autopsy. number one, messaging, number two, demographic partners. great to see you, as always. thanks for your time. >> thanks, thomas. so today's bing pulse question, not only focuses on donald trump but focuses on the person emerging in the field right behind him, ben carson. with carson now pulling into second place behind trump, we are asking you to tell us whether you feel ben carson is a threat to donald trump. let's take a look at the responses as you have been using the pulse. 38% of you think yes. 62% of you say no. the pulse remains live.
10:39 am
go the we will have another look at the results in the next hour. so more news to follow out of that fatal shooting that happened in the hours we were on the air yesterday together. it happened on the campus of delta state university in mississippi. let's walk you through the very latest. the suspect, shannon lamb, died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound as police closed in on him early this morning. he was a teacher at the school and is accused of fatally shooting fellow instructor dr. ethan schmidt. he was also wanted for killing a woman he lived with. police haven't determined a motive for the shooting but chief charles bingham says they are leaning towards a quote, disgruntled employee with an axe to grind type of crime. classes are canceled today on the campus. a vigil will be held tonight. earlier, adam reese spoke with a professor who knew both men. >> thinks s is so sudden, it's
10:40 am
shocking. never would have thought something like this would happen, especially between those two. because shannon lamb was the type of person that from everything i knew and my interaction with him, people liked him. he got along well with other faculty and students and no one could have imagined this would have happened. >> certainly is shocking for so many in the community of cleveland. william la forge is the president of delta state university. president la forge, thank you for taking time out for us and explain what you understand the status of the investigation. where is it right now, about the motivation of lamb? >> we're not quite sure, thomas, with the motivation behind the actions. the dots don't seem to connect. that's really not the university's concern. those are law enforcement concerns. you are correct that the incident last night actually where the suspect took his own life, ended the crisis here. so the crisis is over. today it's all about renewal and healing. we do have the vigil tonight and
10:41 am
we have counseling sessions going on throughout the day in groups and individually for students, faculty and staff to begin that healing process. with respect to motives, dr. westmoreland said it all. we don't know. >> i know that it will be tough as you are a tight-knit community at delta state university and in the community of cleveland. we had an opportunity to speak with many people yesterday who are reporters and also dsu graduates. i understand that shannon lamb had received his ph.d. from dsu but he recently requested medical leave for some time off. are there any red flags that went up to you about anything going on with dr. lamb? >> none whatsoever, thomas. we are not in the position to comment on personnel matters of our faculty and staff so i cannot give you any information
10:42 am
about any request for leave. he did request a lighter load and i can tell you he was assigned to teach two classes online this semester. >> so when you think now in connection to these two professors who were friends, do you know about any of their personal history off dsu's campus, why would they be connected, why shannon lamb would show up in ethan schmidt's history classroom? >> we really have no idea and we have discovered at least from what i've heard no animus between the two. which doesn't make sense. the dots don't connect. there's suspicion that the suspect here was troubled at the end of his life. we don't know of any incidents. in fact, they were colleagues, they were in the same division of academic campus and they apparently socialized on occasion. we have heard nothing to support any difficulties or problems between the two. >> does this give you any pause for concern about campus safety?
10:43 am
obviously both of these individuals as employees of the university would most likely have full access anywhere and everywhere. >> exactly. we think this was certainly an isolated case of a troubled individual who took the life of one of our beloved professors. i did not know the suspect at all. i just didn't have the opportunity to know him during my time here. but we did know professor schmidt. he was a star on campus. professor of history, beloved and was in charge of our first year seminar program. otherwise, we really don't know much about their activities off campus or whether they were friends or not. but we hear that they were. >> sir, we are very sorry about what your campus is going through and especially at the start of the fall semester. delta state university president william la forge. thanks for your time. we want to show you these images of developing news out of europe. the migrant crisis there. live images, you're looking at these refugees and migrants that
10:44 am
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10:47 am
developing news from overseas. hundreds of migrants and refugees remain trapped in limbo in serbia now that the border has been closed. take a look at this live pictures from serbia, where you see migrants and refugees meshed together trying to travel into hungary. that border was sealed late yesterday. authorities there have detained 60 people for attempting to breach the 109 mile razor wire fence. nbc nightly news anchor lester holt has been reporting from the front lines. >> reporter: what do you want the people in europe to know about you and your family? >> i want them to know that we
10:48 am
are human beings. we live in homes. we have homes somewhere. we are not happy to be refugees of war. >> to austria, where hundreds of migrants and refugees have gathered at the train station in vienna waiting to travel on to germany. germany having restricted its borders after allowing people to move freely over the last few days. nbc news chief correspondent bill neely joins me from berlin. i know you have been reporting from germany now and on the front lines of seeing so many people trying to make it to the greek islands. but we have the chancellor angela merkel calling for an eu summit to address the migrant crisis. how has she defended germany's flip-flop back and forth about wanting to accept these people and now cracking down? >> reporter: that's right, thomas. she gave a press conference today -- she really tried to
10:49 am
defend germany's decision [ inaudible ]. i'm afraid europe [ inaudible ] with a crisis like this. a meeting was called for not immediately but next week. nothing has been agreed yet but angela merkel wants other european countries to step up to the plate. what she did, she hasn't closed the border, remember, she's simply tried to limit the flow of refugees into germany. germany is still expecting to receive a million refugees this year, half a million so far have flowed into europe. the influx of people is not stopping and as you say, i was on the greek island watching them. the flow hasn't stopped so hungary may have put up its
10:50 am
fence, germany may have tried to limit the number of refugees but the flow from syria through turkey to greece continues and probably will continue for another couple of weeks while good and the seas are calm. those people will stop coming so this crisis is very, very far from over. >> it certainly is real and looking at images again from the serbia-hungary border where people are trapped on one side after hungary has really restricted all access to try to pass through. nbc's bill neely in berlin for us, thank you, sir. and we just want to point this out, people are curious after watching the stories of what they can do, lend a hand. head to with a list of resources to help those suffering with the border crisis. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown!
10:51 am
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10:52 am
it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
10:53 am
the bernie sanders surge is taking over new hampshire.
10:54 am
monmouth university released this poll. the vermont senator is leading hillary clinton by seven points. it mirrors last week's nbc news/marrist poll finding clinton lost the lead in the first primary state. today sanders spoke with andrea mitchell in the last hour and here's what he had to say about his campaign's future. >> the polls had us at like 3% or 5%. 80%, 85% of the american people didn't even know who bernie sanders was let alone what i'm trying to do. and the views that we are espousing, the changes we want the see. i believe that the more the american people become familiar with the issues that we are fighting for i think what you are going to see us do better and better in the weeks an months to km. >> joining me from capitol hill is nbc news correspondent luke russert. luke, bernie sanders leading in new hampshire and iowa. but he is not seeing a lot of support of colleagues on the
10:55 am
hill. hillary clinton, no problem with getting support from congressmen, from senators, governors. explain the difference. why is contrast? >> reporter: well, thomas, it is a pretty unique set of circumstances here because usually if a candidate propels to the lead in iowa or new hampshire, while they may not be the establishment pick, they at least have the support of one member of congress or one senator or perhaps even a home state governor or their home state members of the congressional delegation. in this case, bernie sanders does not have the support of single member of the house, the senate or even his home state governor. and what people are trying to figure out is how is he able to move forward yet not have any support within the confines of those important positions? really, the answer is that his support is so organic, thomas. if you look at that, ordinarily someone would say he doesn't have the look of the colleagues, might not be that good, doesn't have any friends? in this case, i think it is fair
10:56 am
to say and from mark murray's reporting on this, in fact, the fact he doesn't have the endorsements propels the status as a political outsider. he's a self avowed democratic socialist and a reason why he doesn't have the endorsements is they don't believe a socialist can be president of the united states and really quick to say we love bernie, he just can't win in our view. >> code for we believe clinton will be inevitable and too chicken to say we like bernie really. >> reporter: we want a cabinet position. bet on the winning horse. >> thank you, sir. new polls show that ben carson is tightening the gap between him and donald trump. when's behind the surging numbers? swept away. we have the very latest on those flash floods from utah that took the lives of eight people. is more rain expected in the forecast? and what does d this passenger do that caused a plane from miami to chicago to divert
10:57 am
to indiana? we take you inside that plane and explain. just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ google search: bodega beach house. ♪ ♪
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ask your doctor about it by name. this hour on msnbc, breaking news and it's wild weather hitting the west. eight kills in flash flooding in utah. unbelievable images there and then to california, entire communities gutted, engulfed by unprecedented flame that's not been fueled or that's been fueled by hot and dry conditions there. but mother nature could be showing some relief. we'll talk about that. we have live reports on both of these breaking stories coming up. hi, everybody. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. we begin this hour with the race for 2016 and one day until the second republican debate kicks off. most of the 11 candidates appearing on tomorrow night's main stage are laying low. not donald trump, though. he is in l.a. tonight with an appearance aboard the uss iowa, a state he currently is winning. and that comes after a big crowd
11:01 am
in dallas monday night witnessed the trump phenomenon firsthand. take a look at some of the highlights. >> so, the debate. i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever. car carly's giving me a little bit of the hard time even though the poll numbers is horrible. she's surging. ben is surging. everybody but not me. hillary's not surging. senator cruz who happens to be a good guy, good guy. now, if he comes out an attacks me on wednesday night, i will take it back immediately. okay? i have tremendous energy, tremendous. to a point where it's almost ridiculous where you think about it. >> we got the latest national polling numbers and gaining on him is dr. ben carson four points behind donald trump according to the "the new york times" and cbs news. msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt is in california ahead of tomorrow night's
11:02 am
debate. and a lot of people are going to be tuning in to see some of the fireworks out of this but is it really going to be ten against trump or is someone like a ted cruz going to stay in the lane because they seem to have this weird alliance. >> so many people are going to tune, in thomas, that donald trump is demanding that cnn give millions of dollars of revenue to veterans groups on his behalf. but no. look, i think you are going to see many of these people on this stage going after trump. i think the first thing to look for is how carly fiorina and donald trump interact on stage. carly fiorina's superpac is out with a video highlighting the comments he said would you vote for that face? >> i think that's potentially the risk for donald trump going into this. if you'll notice the poll numbers, many of the people he's gone after have falling ban in the polls. that's not true for carly fiorina. she is rising in the polls fairly steadily, regardless of the fact that trump recently gone after her and i think it is
11:03 am
pretty tricky for male candidates to be on the same stage with women candidates. it can backfire in unexpected ways. you saw this with hillary clinton running for senate in new york. against a male opponent. trump said i'm not going to call her honey in a intervin intervi "the new york times." i think ben carson and donald trump is a pair to watch, as well. they started to get into it. ben carson backed off a little bit and there were questions back and forth about faith and if you look in the poll numbers, that's a lot of when's driving ben carson rising in the polls or voters in iowa, for example. that's a place where trump could run into trouble and carson also is gaining on trump pretty incredibly over the course of the past couple of weeks despite those attacks and that's, again, different from what you have seen with the other comments and for the rest of the field, i think the challenge is really to not make a major mistake, if they do, there are going to be a lot of donors saying i don't know that i want to do this anymore and people who risk
11:04 am
falling off into the next debate. i think scott walker is someone in particular for whom that might be true. he could have a breakout moment in this debate, as well. but if her performs poorly, it is a nail in the coffin that's closing pretty fast, thomas. >> political correspondent kasie hunt, thank you. joining me here in the studio with a deeper dive, colleague steve kornacki here on msnbc. great to see you and looking at this and we'll show everybody, again, the new polling numbers, donald trump followed by dr. ben carson and then jeb bush there. rubio barely cracking the top five and then rounding out the top ten, 2% to 5% range. tomorrow night, is it really going to be the story of the 11 people on stage and three nontrads, nontraditional candidates against the typical eight of those? >> you have to look for the squabbling between the three,
11:05 am
fiorina, trump and carson. a couple of things to look at, kasie is right fiorina going after trump and a risk to donald trump. the one that came at donald trump or tried to at least was rand paul. didn't work. rand paul for a variety of reasons not equipped to pull off that kind of attack in that setting. carly fiorina communicator. very quick on her feet. that's the reason she's in this debate. she was elevated from the kids' table debate so impressive in the performance in that first debate and there is i think a clearly gender dynamic to it, as well. that's an interesting thing to batch. on the ben carson side, if they do start mixing it up, one thing is this. one polls of republican voters, the candidate that they respect, not necessarily the one to vote for, but the candidate they respect the most and like the most is ben carson. he's the most personally popular of all of the republican candidates among voters and the risk there for trump is if trump turns his guns on ben carson,
11:06 am
the way he does on jeb bush, ridiculing him and mocking him, is there a different reaction among republican voters and may not necessarily want to vote for carson, they like him. and they feel that's an unfair and cruel thing to do. >> meanwhile, bring up a great point about what donald trump likes to do to jeb bush and i want to play a jab he took at bush's popularity inside the republican party doing so in texas. >> jeb, nice guy. really a nice guy. jeb -- hillary. well, jeb's more popular than one person i know. >> so how does bush look presidential and not look as if he's responding to be antagonized by your big brother when's giving you an noogi? >> trump set quite a trap here for jeb bush, i think. that constant repetition of jeb
11:07 am
bush's low energy, dull. i think that resonates with a lot of republican voters who heard that and said, yeah, you know what? he's put the finger on something there. what kind of what it is with jeb bush and i think when that happens it's the self fulfilling prophesy. people start to look for it and see evidence of it. the trap i think he set here whether he meant to or not is that on this debate stage, jeb bush feels a lot of pressure to show what? he's not low energy. and that means he starts feeling pressure to not himself, the try to show a new side of himself, to try to show different and whenever politicians get into that kind of a trap, that's a dangerous place to be. >> like walking a highwire and you're bound to slip feeling the pressure to be something you're not. >> performing, right. >> putting on performance and people can see right through that. steve, great to have you here as always. thank you, sir. catch "up" here on weekends msnbc. thanks again. trump and carson, that's the subject of the bing pulse
11:08 am
question today. we've been asking whether you think carson is a threat to trump. fluctuations since the last time we checked in. 47% of you say, yes. 53% of you say, no. the pulse remains live. go cast your vote. more updates from the breaking news we started last hour with. the flooding out west and expecting an update on their current situation in about 20 minutes. an active search continues for several missing. meanwhile, check out this new video just in showing cars being swept away like toys in the flash flooding. this was actually taken from someone's front porch and those vehicles were parked along the roadside. at least eight people including women and kids were killed, five more remain missing after the heavy rain triggered flash flooding through southern utah. no one saw it coming. take a look at this incredible rescue just across the border in colorado city, oz oz. rescuering pulling a family from
11:09 am
a stranded car as you see the raging floodwaters just pouring on the hood of the car there. nbc's jennifer bojorklund is monitoring the story. the searches are active. correct? >> correct. there are more thunderstorms in the forecast today and if the expected half inch of rainfall that's predicted for today comes all at once as it did yesterday what it does is it falls in the mountains and it channels its way down and becomes a huge wall of water as we saw in that dramatic video that you were showing a minute ago. the resources are being carefully deployed. swift water rescue teams are out and watching the radar and utah governor devoted all resources from the state to come and help in this search and rescue effort. they're still looking for several more people, five more
11:10 am
people that were missing from that car of 16 that was -- those two cars that were washed down the creek yesterday when that wall of water hit hilldale. the downpour lasted 20 to 30 minutes and such rapid and intense flooding from the nearby mountains. at one point those cars being just washed away so they're still looking for those five more people. one woman and four children they believe are among the missing. three people were rescued. but again, eight people were found dead, that eighth person being found around 1:00 a.m. local time. three of the people rescued and six found in utah. two others of the dead were found miles downstream in arizona to give you an idea of the scope of this. this tragedy that's unfolding there in utah. thomas? >> yeah. it is amazing as we look at these images. jennifer, thank you so much. we will keep everybody posted. we expect to hear from those investigators, first responders
11:11 am
to give us a briefing out of utah but we want to turn our attention now to california and this is a tale opposite of that. hot, dry conditions fueling 12 large fires and authorities keeping a close eye on two fires in particular. nearly 5,000 firefighters are working to contain the butter fire which has now decimated over 71,000 acres and 166 homes. but the valley fire, that's been the most devastating. 67,000 acres and almost 600 homes have been destroyed. we have also learned that the fire's first fatality victim was a 72-year-old who suffered from severe multiple sclerosis. the caretaker said she alerted the authorities that she was unable to get out to safety on her own. >> she did not have a chance. absolutely no chance of getting herself out if she wanted to. i feel like we did everything that we could and i'm sorry. i am so, so, so sorry that she
11:12 am
didn't make it. and that i just -- i wish she can know how hard that i tried. >> nbc's gina kim is following the breaks news for us reporting. what kind of conditions are firefighters working through now? >> reporter: well, there is some good news on that front, thomas. today, we are supposed to get cooler temperatures, tomorrow as well. we are supposed to get rain between today and tomorrow and that moisture level is going to come up. the winds are going to die down. all optimal conditions for firefighters to really be able to get a control over the flames which are currently 15% contained at about 67,000 acres charred. the bad news is this. the number of casualties has gone way up. yesterday at this time we were reporting 400 homes and businesses destroyed. now, it's more than 600 homes and businesses and buildings combined including this home that you see behind me. this is by far the most devastating wildfire currently in the western half of the
11:13 am
united states. the second worst one is that butte fire that you referred to burning east of sacramento combined between these two fires, we have 800 buildings that have gone up in flames and 23,000 people still evacuated, thomas. >> nbc's gina kim in california, thank you very much. we'll turn back to the east coast and new york. the police department and the union has words from those who commented after the controversial takedown of former tennis star james blake. see the image there. reaction to their scathing statement. then a threat against the pope. the plot that resulted in the arrest of a philly teen. and caught on camera, an unruly passenger escorted off a flight after striking a crew member. how passengers stepped in to help. [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
the new york city police union has words for those that commented after the controversial takedown of james blake. he was mistakenly take led and handcuffed by an undercover nypd officer investigating a credit card fraud ring and the union calls out pundits saying in part, if you have never struggled with someone who is resisting arrest or who pulled a gun or knife on you approaching them for breaking a law then you are not qualified to judge the actions of police officers putting themselves in harm's way for the public good. the officer who arrested blake is placed on modified assignment in the investigation. the nypd apologized to him. i'm joined by amanda sacuma. when's the union looking to accomplish with this letter? >> the police union's president patrick lynch come forward trying to splash cold water on the public reaction after this
11:18 am
surveillance video came out last week krocorroborate's blake's description and lynch does not hold back in the criticisms of these pundits and writers saying they're jumping to conclusion over the sting operation did go wrong and said that the pundits so-called backseat judges on this and that they did not know the circumstances in this silent video. it's unclear, for example, whether or not the plain clothes officer in the video did say that he -- announced himself as an officer prior to approaching blake and so lynch is saying that this -- people jumping to conclusions and that they need to hold back because this will really worsen and damage relations between police and the community that is they serve. now, james blake is saying something else, saying that the officer involved this situation does not deserve to keep his badge and as this story has unraveled so, too, have other criticisms of his record. he is no longer out in the field
11:19 am
right now and blake has accepted the police commission's apology and using his position of prominence to really bring out the message about police brut brutality and the issues of african-american communities facing disproportionate amounts of aggression from police. the new york police department had a long history of racial tensions with the stop and frisk tactics that were challenged and both with the eric gardner's death of last summer and weighing the options and what to do forward from here. >> we'll continue to watch this story. see how it develops. amanda, thanks. behaving badly a. passenger escorted off a flight after striking a crew member but fellow passengers, they stepped in to help out. we'll tell you all about it. and then dr. ben carson closes the gap in a new poll. now in striking distance of donald trump. when's behind his rise? queso dip ♪
11:20 am
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11:23 am
welcome backs, everybody. let's give you a quick look at boirds and wall street. we are seeing a surge on the dow jones up by 214 points and green arrows across the board. obviously, investors looking forward to the fed meeting. they expect it to be a big one tomorrow. and we'll keep you posted on how that plays out. want to show you now disturbing story and unruly passenger caught on camera escorted off a flight after striking a plane crew member. you will see the plastic clips used to restrain her. arms behind her back. the captain on the flight reportedly asking passengers to help restrain the violent woman. police released the mug shot of the woman involved this morning. tom costello covers aviation, joins me from washington. explain what passengers say
11:24 am
started on the flight. >> it was a routine flight. american airlines flight 1284 and passengers realized something was wrong. the captain as you mentioned asking passengers to help restrain the passenger who became violent. hitting a flight attendant and a passenger. >> ow! >> reporter: caught on camera by fellow passengers. >> i thought it was a kid crying in the back but ended up being she was kind of being beling rent. drunk on the plane. >> reporter: diverted to indianapolis after a female passenger struck a flight crew member. >> apparently during the disturbance, kicked an airport police officer. >> call my mom. >> most of it was profanity and just -- you know, it just was very disturbing. and you just -- you feel very bad for her. >> reporter: latest incident of passengers behaving badly.
11:25 am
this time, the passenger arrested facing a list of charges including battery and two felony charges. >> it was a good decision that they made. they had to do what they had to do. >> well, this flight finally did arrive in chicago about an hour or so late. it is a federal crime to interfere with a flight crew member and today the suspect is in the marion county jail on a 72-hour hold. thomas? >> tom costello for us, thank you very much. we'll turn back to politics in striking distance of donald trump. that's right. ben carson closing the gap in the latest poll. how close is the doctor getting? then, "vanity fair's" new all-star photo of late-night comics. sparked controversy. see if you figure out for yourself and the fact there is not a lot of estrogen going on there. like none. we'll talk about that. plus lost in space, a go pro launches and returns with never
11:26 am
before seen video. [ school bell rings ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. you handle life; i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
11:27 am
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11:29 am
visit today. so a brand new poll shows that dr. ben carson has a surge. he is really rising in the polls. the new cbs news/"the new york times" poll shows trump still in the lead here, 27% among republicans nationally. but ben carson is behind in second place getting 23%. and that's a 17-point increase for carson since their last poll in august. joining me now, nbc news senior political correspondent perry bacon. perry, good to see you. explain the appeal of ben carson. is the biggest selling point the fact that he is not the traditional politician? >> you know, this ben carson surge is really surprising. the normal way a candidate goes up in the polls is they spend a lot of time in iowa or new hampshire or around the country and getting media attention the way donald trump is doing but carson is not going that.
11:30 am
he is going to california. not spendi ining a lot of time the early states. they love the carson personal story, the idea of very poor to being one of the best doctors in the country and through hard work and frames his story. that's the main part of the appeal is that personal narrative. >> he has a very compelling all-american story that a lot of people are inspired by. not donald trump so much, though. he briefly talked about ben carson last night in dallas. take a look. >> i like carly. and i like ben. and i like many of the people that i'm running against. i mean, many of these people are terrific people. but nobody's going to be able to do the job that i'm going to do. they won't. >> i like the people and not inspired what they can do as leaders but as we look at this,
11:31 am
perry, is carson the anti-trump specifically in terms of tone and style for republicans? >> he is. i mean, the terms of carson does very little attacking the other candidates. you watch the process, he's almost never made fun of or picked on or even taken a policy attack on the other candidates and i think you saw interesting that trump is a little bit adapting to carson's behavior and known throughout the campaign for like really the sharpest attacks and said jeb bush shouldn't speak spanish in public and fiorina and carson did well by talking about themselves and not attacking other people and trump trying to avoid attacking them and trump knows lots of republicans like ben carson and carly fiorina and he's not really taking them on. >> and so when we look at this about why a ben carson who, again, surging coming up very close to donald trump, but why someone like carson would succeed in the past is a republican black candidate where we have allen keyes and herrmann
11:32 am
cain unavailable to achieve that? >> one thing i learned from a story this week is no republican woman or african-american has ever won a primary or caucus. like in the history of the country, period. this is hard for fiorina and carson to do. that said, i think carson is doing well in the polls now and i don't know if the evidence is there yet to win any caucuses. because we don't necessarily know -- we know he is surging in polls right now. does he have the ground organization in states like iowa, states of new hampshire, hard to win the states in terms of building your campaign now. and that's what i don't necessarily know about yet of carson and the second thing is he's never had anybody really attack anymore in this campaign yet. he compared obamacare to slavery a couple of years. soy think when the candidates and the media really start scrutinizing carson, this's the next question. can he maintain the popular support when people look at the
11:33 am
record more closely any. >> interesting to see how we turn the page on the poll numbers after getting wednesday's debate and how people ingest that and see who has the opportunity maybe that night to halt and catch fire. perry bacon, thank you. >> thanks, thomas. with ben carson closing the gap on donald trump, we have been asking you to join in our debate, the bing pulse question today, is ben carson a threat to donald trump? take a look at how you have been voting on this. wow, there's a spike. 57% of you say, yes. 43% of you say, no. this is the first time so far as we have had this question up live that we have a majority feeling that, yes, he is a real threat. but the pulse is live. cast your votes. the other big story we have been talking about today is showing you the incredible video images of the vehicles bobbing in the flash floodwaters in utah and happening out west, these raging wildfires. it is such a contrast for two states so close together it
11:34 am
seems inconceivable that they would be experienced such opposite extremes. what gives? joined by meteorologist janice huff for what california residents can expect in fighting the fires but, janice, start with the flooding and what led to the rush of water that caught so many by surprise. >> you know, thomas, the people who live in this area say they're used to flash floods and nothing like this. they have never seen anything like this. here's what happens. the town of hilldale is just below the mountain range and when air is forced did ens the side of a mountain, it causes lift and causes more instability. the thunderstorms developed south of hilldale and over the mountains they're more intense and intensified greatly and the water came from the clouds and the storms rushing through the valleys and down into the town of hilldale creating the flash flooding. back to yesterday, the storms began just south of colorado city, 3:00 in the afternoon, see the intensity here. lightning and very heavy rain.
11:35 am
moved north to hildale and saw the flash floods. the waters rushing through valleys, the rivers, the rivers couldn't take it because it was about the rate of three to four inches per hour and all that water came rushing down, creating the flash floods and then moved to the north. they have some flood warnings in effect for a few communities, garfield county in southern utah tonight and here's what's happening. jet stream taken a dip across the west. most of the summer we have seen a big ridge of high pressure and been very dry. now the temperatures are cooler here and seeing instable. rain east of los angeles but not the fire areas but it continues north. you can see this river of wind just carries the moisture north towards las vegas and utah. up towards salt lake city and created the instability yesterday and the thunderstorms and still seeing some of it here. it should start to move eastward in the next 24 to 48 hours and
11:36 am
starting to dry out a bit here. but there's actually a cold front that's moving into the pacific northwest and northern california and that's good for the firefighters. there will be some rain and even more so, the key thing is lower humidity, cooler temperatures and better conditions for them in terms of fighting the firls there and giving them a bit of relief. >> janice, that's what they need and if we get janice's light, make sure we can see janice talking to her. but mother nature being able to help out would really benefit these people that are trying to battle the wildfires and the search and rescue teams looking for missing in utah. >> absolutely. typically you don't see the cold fronts coming this early into the season in california but they can use this and extremely helpful for them there. >> thank you. great to see you here and have you here in person. well lit now. >> thank you. we want to move back to the other stories following today and we have a development coming out of mississippi. the fatal shooting on the campus
11:37 am
of delta state university. this is an apology note they say is from the suspect shannon lamb. lamb died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. that note that you are looking at right there apologizing not for the shooting at the school but for the murder of a woman lamb was involved with and suspected of killing. so on this note he wrote, i wish i could take it back. i loved amy. lamb is believed of the killed amy prentiss, girlfriend, and reported the death to police and killing fellow instructor on the dsu campus, dr. schmidt and then i spoke to the president of the university and whether the shooting raised security concerns at the school. >> we think this was certainly an isolated case of a troubled individual who took the life of within of ow beloved professors. i did not know the suspect at all. just didn't have the opportunity to know him during my time here.
11:38 am
and but we did know professor schmidt. he was a star on campus. professor of history, beloved and was in charge of our first-year seminar program. otherwise we really don't know much about their activities off campus or whether they were friends or not but we hear that they were. >> so msnbc's adam reiss live on the campus there and it is a mystery, adam, to figure out and i know investigators are workingiworking i tirelessly to figure out the motive. >> reporter: right. and as you talked to the president last hour, he said they're still trying to connect the dots. i talked to professors here that thought that professor lamb was married to woman, socialized together. but for reasons unknown to many here, not only why he killed the woman who was his girlfriend and many who thought was his wife but also why he would kill a fellow professor. they were friends people said. they worked in the same department, different buildings
11:39 am
but the same department and yesterday as you mentioned 10:15, walked into professor schmidt's office, casually killing him as he worked at his desk. good news here is the lockdown is over. classes are expected to resume tomorrow. but many here wondering why it happened. why one professor could kill another beloved professor. they were both really well liked here. thomas? >> msnbc's adam reiss there on the campus of delta state university, thanks so much. we want to shift attention and switch to other story that is caught our eye and share them with you, and it's a moment to show you now where president obama welcomed the naacp uconn women's basketball team at the white house. he picked the huskies to win the tournament filling out the bracket in march. a military dad surprised his little boy. take a look at this. reacted with the giggles. on his birthday. this adorable video clip is now
11:40 am
going viral. this tyke got the best birthday gift ever when his dad a member of the u.s. air force popped out of a giant wrapped birthday box with a big hug. yes! happy birthday to him. gopro lost in space after being launched in 2013 by a group of stamford university students and guess what. it's been found and reached almost 100,000 feet captured this remarkable footage of the grand canyon from strat fearic heights. in arizona hiker recently came across the camera after it fell back down to earth. it still worked all the way up there. speaking of space, jeff bezos announced plans for the space company blue origin. take a look at this video of blue origin space sat lit taking off. bezos will take over a launch site at cape canaveral with competition to elon musk and his company space x. very touching tribute monday
11:41 am
night to the late frank gifford. see the fellow espn commentators with the gold jackets calling the game from the booth just like the ones that gifford used to wear with howard cosell and don meredith in his run on "monday night football." he was an icon in the broadcasting booth working an announcer from 1971 to 1997. he died in august at the age of 84. just might be the one. to clean the oceans,
11:42 am
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? developing news on the european migrant refugee crisis. a look now at the border between hungary and serbia where those people that are trying to move on to europe have been stuck. they have gathered there since hungary closed the border yesterday and these people trapped on the serbian side of the border camping out, singing, chanting as they wait and some are making it over the border into hungary and much smaller numbers than we have been able to report in recent days. back here in the united
11:45 am
states, preparations are you should way for the pope's historic trip to america next week and law enforcement calling it the largest security challenge ever, this as we get new information of a teen arrested by the fbi outside of philadelphia for allegedly threatening to launch an isis-inspired assault on pope francis during his tour. jonathan deentz reporting that the teen had possible mental health issues and living in a tent in his family backyard. officials debated whether or not to charge him and since it involved the pope and his online activities overseas they decided to move ahead with that. nbc's keir simmons has more on the security concerns overall. >> reporter: thomas, the vatican saying that it knows of no credible threat to the pope and confirming today that the plan is for the pope to conduct some of that u.s. tour from an open top jeep but even as the vatican laying out the plans for that
11:46 am
tour, news emerging of an alleged foiled plot by a u.s. teen to target the pope and according to reports that young man inspired over the internet. this morning, new details from the vatican spokesman as the pope gets ready for his first trip to the u.s. next week. the president is expected to meet his holiness at andrews air force base and pope francis beginning on the 23rd at the white house before a historic speech before congress. meanwhile, in new york, officials are gearing up for an unprecedented security test. >> it's an ied explosion from a backpack. >> the large screens showing concerns during an exercise led by homeland security. >> this event is going to be the largest security challenge that the department and this city have ever faced. >> reporter: the visit coen sides with the 70th anniversary of the united nations bringing 170 thoft world's leaders to the city at the same time.
11:47 am
>> we can say safely we have literally never seen something like this and we welcome it. we embrace it. we look forward to it. >> reporter: the pope has a habit of breaking away to approach people. pope francis does not stick to the script. >> the pope made it quite clear traveling the world that that's not what he does. for those of us wearing the security hats, it's a concern. >> he answers to a higher authority. >> reporter: they're saying there's no credible threat against the pope at this stage. reports suggesting the plot aspirational and the vatican saying today it expects the president to meet pope francis' plane as he touches down in the u.s. for the first time. thomas? >> nbc's keir simmons there for us from the vatican. just learning from the faa that cities hosting the pope's visit will be no drone zones.
11:48 am
the federal aviation administration saying if you plan to visit the papal visits, leave your drone at home. the air space around d.c. is already the most restricted air space in the country. all right. so, we shift gears to talk about something a little funny. the late-night talk show wars not so combative anymore and genteel according to many accounts but there's a big question. can you figure out what's wrong with this picture? don't shake your shoulders. you know what's wrong with it. first, for the first time, a major health organization recommending the use of aspirin to help prevent cancer. the task force says that low dose aspirin can prevent colon cancer and heart attacks and strokes and the recommendations are often used as a basis for medical policy and for now they're looking for comments
11:49 am
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11:52 am
welcome back, everybody. new feature of "vanity fair" highlighting a glaring issue in late-night tv. the lack of women having their own late-night shows. look at the picture. the article is called "why late-night television is better than ever" and the cover shows all-male hosts and recently like trevor and yet to premier and led to this response on twitter from samantha b starring for tbs next year. she has rays out of the eyes and just says, better. she has an angry little look going on. liz plank is with mike preponderate comike .com with thoughts on this. >> aggressively tweeting about
11:53 am
this. >> this is glaring and you think the folks at "vanity fair" recognize that, as well, and take up for that in the actual article itself. >> right. i mean -- >> that didn't happen. >> no. i mean, we were just talking about this. there were two sentences in the article that did recognize the fact that there is a problem with the fact that there are no women in late-night right now but it's also actually wrong to say that because samantha b to your point and her tweet is taking over and sort of tackling that boys club going on right now. >> chelsea handler in the mix. she recently took off on e. but she's going to be coming back to netflix. >> absolutely. >> if i'm correct. >> absolutely. looking at that image, i don't feel like there's a lot of space for women. i think the framing of the image and the framing of the article and -- it is, you know, with the suits and the ties. >> yeah. "mad men." basically a "mad men" picture but there's diversity of men
11:54 am
born in other countries have late-night shows. >> that's good. >> we have two brits. one from south africa. american women, no. >> not happening. what makes my blood boil is it's such a great year for women in comedy. from broad city to amy schumer and even again samantha b is oldest correspondent on "the daily show" and a champion in this department and yet she's being ignored coming to stories like this. it's -- to me it is not even like we should be nice and -- women aren't -- not a charity case. there's a business incentive to talk about women and the great work they do in comedy. >> we have funny female comedians. obviously joan rivers paved a path with her show. didn't take off at that time. but is there a problem with finding the right woman for the right slot to align herself with the right distributor or right network? i mean, seems like there are a
11:55 am
lot of different calculations that go into evolving a perfect chemistry experiment, even though we have the ten folks. >> uh-huh. >> right? they have been able to achieve it. >> right. i think you can't be what you can't see. and right now what we're seeing are images like this. and to your point, there's more diversity. trevor noah, and people excited to see -- there's two men of color in there but where are the women and the women of color? jessica williams, for example, who's a correspondent on "the daily show" and i saw work and worked with and only 25 years old and gone viral more than any other correspondent on the show i think and doing great work. the fact we can't slot them into spots i think the problem with the representation who we think looks like a late-night host and a woman or a woman of color doesn't fit that profile.
11:56 am
>> for those network executive that is see a market and an area to be filled. great to have you with us. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks to all of you at home for your time. that wraps it up for today's show. see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 and preview the republican debate. among our guests, ron reagan, son of the late president. michael steele and actor and comedian ben stein. keep the conversation going on social media. stay tuned. ari melber is picking up coverage of msnbc live next. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge.
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12:00 pm
republican debate at the reagan library in california. this is just, of course, the second time the candidates face off directly and the stakes are high after that record breaking audience turned out for the last debate and curveballs in this one. first, after a summer of trump eating up other candidates' support, a new candidate's surging against trump. dr. ben carson on trump's heels in a brand new national poll. carson surged 17 points alone since the first debate. another curveball, carly fiorina facing down trump's attacks on her looks taking him on and she gets her first time on the main stage. meanwhile, at his large arena event, not 20,000 as predicted by the campaign but nonetheless trump seemed nonplussed by the attacks he anticipates. >> so, the debate. i hear they're all going after me.


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