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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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flash flooding in utah. the storm killed at least 16 people, many of them children. we'll have the latest. breaking news -- police in hungary firewater cannons and pepper spray at migrants who are desperate to enter the country despite a new border fence. we'll get a live report from nbc's richard engel. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt in for tamron hall. we are just hours away from the second major republican showdown of the 2016 campaign. donald trump himself says he expects his republican rivals to hit him hard when they all face off in tonight's debate. all indications are he will not be disappointed. at least several of trump's rivals indicated they plan to shift the hands-off approach they took towards him during the first debate and target the brash front-runner this time. tonight 11 candidates will be on the main stage with trump right there in the middle. the four with the lowest poll
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numbers will take part in the earlier so-called undercard debate. more now on the final preparations and also what's at stake tonight. nbc's peter alexander reports from the site of tonight's debate, the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. >> reporter: alex, good morning from simi valley. the spotlight will again shine brightly on donald trump but also on some of his challengers, note notably ben carson and carly fiorina. jeb bush and scott walker have seen their pollplummet. a bad performance tonight for a candidate could mean the end of the road. breaking out the big guns ahead of tonight's debate, republican front-runner donald trump revved up supporters on the "uss iowa" in los angeles. delivering a speech heavy on promises, but light on specifics. >> we're going to come out with some plans in a very short time. we're going to be building up our military. >> reporter: earlier predicting
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a barrage of attacks from his republican rivals. >> you know, they're all coming after me is what i hear. whatever it is, it is. >> reporter: the showdown is being touted as a heavyweight bout. rand paul sparreded with trump in the first round and appears poised to do it again saying, "i think he deserves both barrels. i want to make sure everyone in the whole country knows he's a fake conservative." still, trump's biggest challenge may come from the other republican outsiders with polls showing ben carson closing in and carly fiorina gaining ground. as jeb bush falls behind. the super pacs supporting bush now out with a new online ad saying trump is in a very dark place. >> the american dream is dead. >> reporter: looking to revive his own campaign, bush just released this bilingual ad declaring hispanics an integral part of the american dream. bush's mexican-born wife also speaking out. she rarely campaigns publicly. >> we have celebrations with the
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family. at the end et cetera's just that. faith, friends and family. >> reporter: in another sign he may be nearing a run, vice president joe biden for the first time attacked trump directly at a reception honoring hispanics. >> trump and that stuff you're hearing on the other team -- this isn't about democrat, republican. it's about a sick message. >> reporter: as for those republicans, obviously a lot at stake here. that means some last-minute debate prep but also some relaxing for john kasich, that's a trip to the gym. marco rubio will spends some time with his wife and daughters. carly fiorina's camp says all she needs is an iphone and some solitaire and she'll be just fine. alex? >> thank you so much, peter alexander. let's bring in our "news nation" political panel. former rnc chairman michael steele, an msnbc political analyst. beth fooy, and david corn
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joining us from washington. hello, everybody. michael, i'll begin with you here. look at the last debate. it was expected then to be donald trump versus everyone else but it never really materialized. in fact only senator rand paul directly went after trump. trump has certainly maintained his momentum and control really of the run race. what do you expect this time? >> well, i think you'll see much more of a concerted is attack, if you will, by the others on the stage. certainly if there is a moment where donald goes after carly, i think that will be a perfect opportunity for the other gentlemen on the stage to rally to her and then begin to do what they need to do to chip away at trump. the risk there is still high. i mean trump could go into that fight with everybody coming at him and still come out relatively unscathed. but these guys at this point are willing to take that risk. they have to because as trump
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gets closer to 35%, 37%, 40%, he begins to lock in that base vote going in to february and they can't have that if they want to be viable going in to that same time period. >> that is an "if." he's so far been hovering around 30%. hasn't seen a lot of momentum so far. but david, one change in the dynamic tonight -- carly fiorina on the main stage. given donald trump's recent comments about her looks, how do you think that dynamic's going to play out? what is your advice for her tonight? >> well, i'm not giving carly fiorina any advice. if i did, it would be to stay away from talking about your record of a company where you laid off 10,000 people and took a $21 million buyout. she goes up against donald trump on this, i'm sure he'll try to deflect it and may come back at her with that record of hers at hewlett-packard which is not stellar. but she has -- she has nothing to lose. she has everything to gain by going after him. but i think it is a bit of a side show because she will not
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become the nominee. she will not get over 10%, 20% any time in this race. the person really who has a lot to lose here is jeb bush. he has to signal to his money people and other supporters that basically he's in the race. "i am here." show some spunk, show some moxie moxie. show anything. he and scott walker to a similar extent both have to sort of create a footprint in the race where so far they've been the walking dead. >> i want to get to more on jeb bush in a second. beth, there's a candidate who might not be targeting trump tonight too much. we're talking ben carson. he is a close second to trump in the latest national polls. his campaign managers say carson has no plans to take on trump. do you think that's a good strategy? >> yeah, it probably is, alex, because he is so just temperamentally different from donald trump. he's very soft spoken, he's very gentle. he's not going to win if he's going to go head-to-head from
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donald trump. he distinguished himself in the late debate by being fairly funny. i suspect religion conservatives are going to sour on donald trump soon and ben carson is very well positioned to pick up those social and religion conservatives. he doesn't stand to gain a lot by going straight at trump. trump's a much better fighter. ben carson can just continue doing what he's doing, being gentle, talking about his faith and social conservatism, trying not to mix it up too much. frankly, it is kind of a suicide mission so far for all the people who have tried to do that. is there that's true thus far. michael, cnn says it wants to encourage the candidates to interact more. you are a former rnc chair. does that worry you? does it distract from the real i issues? >> no, i think they should. that's one of the elements in the last debate i thought was missing, that interaction between one and the other. i think it is important because then you begin to see not just the comeback from some snide remark or something like that, but on the substance, how you
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engage one another. let's make this a debate around the ideas that you're proposing. it could actually put trump and ben carson, quite honestly, who have been a little bit light on policy side to really have to step up their game when you've got sitting governors who are talking about the nuances of governing and how that shows up against those other candidates. >> but here's in terms of establishment. i'm looking at the latest "new york times" poll numbers here. it shows more and more republicans see donald trump as the party's best chance to win the white house. in addition you've got the three who have never even held public office making up more than half of the total republican voters. what's that mean for establishment candidates? how high are the stakes for them tonight? >> that means they have a lot less hairs tonight than they had a few months ago. this is the problem. it goes back to my first point about what the other candidates have to do to pull this conversation away from donald
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trump and back not so much into the establishment camp but i think some of these guys can establish themselves as outsiders, not beholden to the washington elite. >> but, david and beth, i want to ask you both about do or die time. david, you go first. who's got to make a splash tonight? do or die time. with rick perry having gotten out. >> i think a lot of these guys can dribble along for a long time as long as they keep getting invited to the debates and are getting 5% in a crowded field. it is not quite do or die time for jeb bush because he'll stay in the race forever. but at the same time he has to start showing his supporters with be that is his investors, the people who hpaid for his campaign, that he can make a splash. scott walker probably the guy who has the most on line given his precipitous fall in iowa has to start reversing that, otherwise he'll be out whether he is in the race or not. >> beth, who do you think? >> i think rand paul and chris christie are teetering on the precipice.
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i think if neither one of them breaks out in a positive way they both fought with each other in the last debate to no great avail. if neither one of them really pops and says something to raps that they should hang on, think one of them is going to be out, or maybe both. >> i do want to play everyone the club for growth ad. okay? it is a very powerful organization. michael. spending millions they say on this ad casting trump as a liberal and the worst kind of poll significance. >> which presidential candidate supports higher taxes, national health care and the wall street bailout? it's donald trump. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> trump wants us to think he's mr. tell it like it is, but he has a record. and it's very liberal. he's really just playing us for chumps. >> club for growth is a phony outfit. they came to my office a few months ago. they asked me for $1 million. i said no. right after i told them no. because i don't even know who these people are. right after i told them no they
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came out with a negative kind of an ad. >> as you see, michael, no matter what, donald trump says or does, support grows for him. but do you think that could change tonight? >> it could possibly. again, it's not so much what donald trump says or doesn't say, does or doesn't do. it's how the other candidates pull that imaging towards them. what is their positive forward looking vision. and can they cut through the conversation that donald trump is having with america which is the one they like. this ad means nothing to the average republican base voter right now. they see club for growth and others as part of the problem. not the solution. >> beth and david, very quickly. beth, you answer first. how important is the tone tonight, the ability for every candidate to show strength and still go on the attack with donald trump? is that a form of showing strength? >> it's a form of showing strength but it's really a rabbit hole, alex. anybody who's gone down this rabbit hole trying to fight with him has lost.
8:12 am
they can't look like they're just going to sit there and take it. they have to seem strong, they have to seem positive, they have to seem future looking. john kasich i think has a very good chance of making a mark. he did that in the last debate. he has deliberately not gotten involved in this trump mayhem and he's gaining ground particularly in new hampshire. so i think there is a lane for that to just be strong but positive. we've seen that with kasich. we'll see what the others can do. >> but you know what? the issue here is not so much what the candidates say. it's what republican grassroots want. they want someone who's angry. they want someone to. vent for them. polls all show recently that if you ask them if they want someone who's good at government with good policy ideas with experience, they say no. they'd rather have an outsider. i think it is very hard for the non-trumpian candidates to get a foothold here if the republican electorate they are trying to appeal to is so far off base whether it comes to what they want in a leader. that's just not going to change because of one debate, and it
8:13 am
may not change in time for the primaries. >> david corn, thank you so mp. to y michael and beth, to you. developing now -- crews are still searching for several missing people after devastating flash flooding killed more than a dozen people. now more rain is slowing that search. and this -- >> i felt as though the next shot i knew the next shot he was just going to shoot me in the head. >> the woman who was shot but survived a deadly shooting on live tv speaks out for the first time. why she says she watched the video of the shooting. join our conversation online. find the team on twitt twitter @newsnation and tamron is on facebook, twitter and instagram @tamronhall. here's to breaking
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we are back with an update
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on the devastating flash flooding in southern utah and northern arizona where 16 people have now been killed. rescuers recovered the bodies of 12 people after their vehicles were swept away in flash floods monday. one child is among those still missing. a nearby zion national park a group of hikers were killed when torrential rains flooded a canyon. more rain is in the area. it is hampering rescue and clean-up efforts. nbc's ron mott is in colorado city, arizona with the very latest. good morning, ron. >> reporter: good morning, alex. death toll from these flash floods on monday has devastated this community. it could grow as high as 20. behind me you can see the physical damage done to this creek bed. all the mud and debris displaced by all that rushing water on monday. we're starting to learn more about some of those that were killed. >> there's two vehicles! >> reporter: shortly after 1 of 3 survivors fled this scary scene in search of help as floodwaters threatened -- >> oh, my goodness!
8:18 am
oh, dear! it went over the thing! oh, no! >> reporter: the rapids moved in. sweeping at least a dozen members of one family to their deaths. three sisters and their children, one still missing this morning and feared lost as well. >> my name is joseph jessup. this here is my john, joseph jessup. my family and my friends' family were swept away in this flash flood. >> reporter: joseph jessup, the eldest son of one of the mothers, couldn't reach help in time to save his family. according to distant relatives estranged from the polygamist sect controlled by warren jeffs. >> we know guide is guiding all things and trust in him to heal our wounded hearts at this time. i would not like to take any questions at this time. thank you. >> reporter: officials say the three sisters, manaomi, della a
8:19 am
josephine were stopped short of the flooding. many stood watch throughout the day in this close-knit community as clean-up crews worked and rescuers continued looking for the last person. the utah governor gary herbert took to twitter tuesday to express his sorrow over dual tragedies, at least four people found dead at zion national park where three remain unaccounted for into the night. officials urge visitors to be mindful of threats. >> be extremely careful. this area does flash flood. it doesn't take that much. >> reporter: 25 members of the utah national guard have been called in to help with all the efforts going on here. for the third straight day, rain is in the forecast. >> ron mott, thank you so much. on top of the dangerous flooding out west, destructive wildfires continue to rage in california. there is some relief this morning as crews make more progress battling the largest fire burning just west of sacramento. overnight officials said the
8:20 am
valley fire was now 30% contained. that's up from 15% yesterday. while the flames destroyed nearly 600 homes earlier this week, no additional homes have been lost. officials caution that fire could shift direction with little notice posing new threats. breaking news. police in hungary firewater cannons and pepper spray at migrants trying to enter the country. a live report from nbc's richard engel is next. a new warning about high-fi hotspots. top tourist destinations that top the list for hackers. what's happening today, wednesday, september 16th -- jon stewart, along with 9/11 first responders and survivors will lobby on capitol hill. they're urging congress to extend health care ben if its for all fir responders who became ill from exposure at ground zero. also in d.c., the federal reserve begins a two-day meeting this morning. they'll decide whether to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years. tonight hillary clinton will appear on the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. it will air on your local nbc
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we are following breaking news in the migrant and refugee crisis overseas. hundreds of migrants are right now clashing with police at the serbian-hungarian border. a short time ago hungarian police fired water cannons and teargas at the protesters who were protesting the closure of the border. hungary sealed its border on monday, making it a crime to cross in order to stop the thousands who have been fleeing wore torn countries. nbc's richard engel is on the front lines and joins us on the phone from serbia. he just left those clashes. richard, what all did you see? >> reporter: well, it was quite an intense scene. you have about 1,000 people who are on the serbian side of the border. these are people who are hoping to cross into hungary. many didn't know hungary had in
8:25 am
fact closed its border. only arrived at the border, and to great frustration and great disappointment were told that they could progress no further. a lot of them sat down with their families. they sat down and they set up tents. there are no facilities there. there are some aid workers who are trying to provide some basic medical care, food and water. but a scene of incredible despair. and today we saw that despair boil over. a group perhaps 100 or 200 strong charged up toward the border, the hungarian border. lun garian riot police were standing there in shields. they were pushing them back and then when objects started to fly and the angry refugees and my grants were throwing stones and bottles and trash at the hungarian soldiers, they fired both water cannons and a very caustic pepper spray. they fired it right into the crowd. you can imagine there weren't just young men who clearly wanted to pick a fight with the
8:26 am
hungarian police, but they were also families, women, a pregnant woman collapsed right in front of me while we were recording. a lot of people were pouring water on their face to try and get the pepper spray off of them. then these clashes continued for quite some time, typical in the way clashes happen. there is an intense moment, then people run away, then there is another intense moment. but i think really what we're seeing is just people who are -- believe they have no other choice. they can't go home, they've spent their money to get this far and they're just distraught. >> in terms of choices -- i should note that hungary has made good on its promise to arrest people. 367 people arrested, 316 will be prosecuted for doing damage to the razor wire fence. but alternatively, can't they now go through croatia? croatia's offered safe passage, right? >> reporter: i think that's why we're seeing a group of hundreds and not thousands and tens of
8:27 am
thousands. communication and information are a real problem here. and these people came to the border thinking they could go through hungary and, frankly, the croatian border is only couple hundred of miles from here now. that sounds like quite a distance but when you consider some of these people have traveled more than a thousand miles, it is not a great trek to the -- or cab ride or bus ride to the croatia border. eventually, yes, i think people will realize that hungary has in fact sealed its border and is prepared to defend its border and will consider alternative routes and croatia seems the most likely. ahead, mark murray joins me live with what each candidate needs to do tonight. plus, why marijuana will be tax-free in colorado today for one-day only. it is one of the things we just thought you should know.
8:28 am
we'll also be talking live with the football player being called the toughest in america. that athlete, by the way, guys -- not a plan. she is april goss who just kicked her way into hisky tory a college football game. her story is coming your way. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. we are back with your "first read" on politics this morning. developing now, we are just hours away from tonight's high-stakes republican debate at the reagan library in simi valley, california. the event promised to be a bare-knuckle affair with donald trump the likely target of the most aggressive attacks yet from his rivals. the marathon debate is scheduled to last nearly three hours. a bad performance could pose a big risk for those at the bottom of the polls. nbc news senior political editor, mark murray. hi, mark. donald trump once again center stage literally, figuratively. he's led every republican poll for the past two months.
8:32 am
how does trump grow the support beyond his core supporters and maybe take out some of his rivals in the process? >> you could argue being at 30% is about as high as anyone will get in this 16-candidate field where you have so much support that gets divided up. what's gone on for donald trump and one of the reasons he's gone up in had the polls even since the last debate is that more and more republicans have become acceptable to him. our nbc/"wall street journal" poll last spring found a large percentage of republicans said no way to donald trump. that percentage has continued to go down and down and down. the question is at this debate, and i think for donald trump going forward, does he keep bringing those republicans who might be resistant to a donald trump presidency, does he keep that number down or all of a sudden do republicans end up saying this guy who says he wants to raise taxes, this guy who was once a democrat who said nice things about hillary clinton, he's not one of us. i think that is donald trump's
8:33 am
biggest vulnerability. >> interestingly, the national journal's tim alberta has an interesting take on tonight's debate. he writes, the quote is, "the most important person at tonight's debate won't be donald trump." it will will be hugh hewitt, one of the debate's moderator. trump's stumble on the radio sh show. hewitt says i'm going to pose tough questions on policy tonight. you think donald trump is going to be ready for that? >> we'll see. i would actually argue at the last debate trump got some incredibly tough questions from the fox moderators and he ended up giving back as much as he was actually taking. as far as just the questions that were aimed at him, all tough, all fair, very good questions. but he gave it back. and i would -- it will be interesting to see the answers that he has for tonight. from hugh hewitt, from the moderators, everyone who really
8:34 am
gives tough questions particu r particularly for donald trump but people who have started to move up in the polls like carly fiorina and ben carson. >> logistically a lot longer. the candidates will get a bathroom break. podium is only separated by a couple of feet. one campaign staffer is describing it as "a mental and physical endurance test." who do you think that helps? >> i really don't know. probably ends up helping the people who have done it before. one person worth noting is mike huckabee who of course ran for president back in 2007, 2008 who's been to tons of these types of presidential debates. he's also often been a standout. as you've mentioned, these things are sometimes very rigorous tests for the candidates. not only is it an enduring test, but you have so many people watching. do you mess up? do you do so great in that first
8:35 am
hour but stumble after that? and we'll be watching. >> yep. tv dinners tonight, that's what i say. right in front of the tv, 6:00 to 11:00. >> take-out in the washington bureau. tonight's gop debate is the focus of the "news nation" gut check. front-runner donald trump goes in to tonight in an even stronger position than last time around. with a bigger target on his back. as our "first read" team notes, trump needs to keep defying political gravity if he is to come out on top again, that means fending off not only opponents and moderators but maybe finally flushing out specific policy ideas to go with that swagger? what does your gut tell you? go to newsnation to vote. and the shocking video of a high school football player slamming a helmet into another player's head. will he face criminal charges? it's one of the stories we're updating around "news nation." and this -- >> i saw movement. and then gunfire.
8:36 am
lots and lots of gunfire. >> just extraordinary there hearing for the first time from the woman who was shot on live tv and survived. what she says went through her mind during that shooting. it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. ♪ if you want beautiful results, you know where to go. angie's list. everyone can shop for services from highly rated companies, even without a membership. but as a member, you can save more. and you get exclusive access to ratings and reviews. angie's list is there... for all your projects - big and small. pretty! come see what the new angie's list can do for you. you are looking at can you spot the difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look. the one on the right just used 1% less fuel than the one on the left. now, to an airline, a 1% difference could save enough fuel to power hundreds of flights around the world. hey, look at that. pyramids.
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at safelite we stand behind our work... night, night little buddy. ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. that's another safelite advantage. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪ it has been a month since the nation was horrified when a television reporter and photographer were shot live on air in virginia. now the sole survivor of the attack is speaking out for the first time. vickie gardner says she dropped to the ground and played dead when she heard the gunshots. fearing the attacker was going to execute her. she says the gunman never said a word as he walked around and shot her in the back. nbc's hallie jackson has more of her emotional interview. >> alex, millions of people have now seen those images of vickie gardner standing with alison parker seconds before gunman opened fire on live tv. gardner has also seen that video. she says she had to watch it to move on. but she still is not ready to
8:40 am
return to the scene. vickie gardner remembers every moment from this interview. >> i saw movement and then gunfire. lots and lots of gunfire. >> reporter: the shooting airing live on wdbj's morning news. a single image of the gunman captured on camera. >> i didn't know where he was. i felt as though the next shot -- i knew next shot he was just going to shoot me in the head because that is what he was doing. world goes in front of your -- in front of you. and it did real fast. and i said i'm ready. i'm ready. >> reporter: instead the shooter fired a bullet through gardner's back as she lay on the ground in the fetal position. gardner tells fox news she knew reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward had been shot. >> is the only thing i could think of is play dead. i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't
8:41 am
shoot me again. and then it was quiet. >> reporter: at home her husband watched, live. telling our willie geist after the shooting -- >> i immediately tried to call her on her cell phone. >> reporter: after the video cut away to show a stun anchor on set, tim gardner waited 15 frantic minutes before his wife called from the ambulance. >> i spoke with vickie for about three, four minutes while she was being transported to the emergency room at roanoke memorial. she explained what had happened to her and that she didn't know how she survived but she did and that she loved me. >> reporter: that day as doctors rushed gardner in to surgery at the hospital, the gunman, a former reporter at the news station, killed himself. >> we have a long way to go on understanding what would possess somebody to have that much anger. >> reporter: but instead of anger, she and others in roanoke are choosing to focus on healing. >> it's good to be back, folks.
8:42 am
>> reporter: parker's boyfriend, a news anchor, returning to his position on air this week. >> i know the answer to what we all must do. it is to profess love, not hate. to love one another and to love strangers. >> reporter: gardner, still struggling to understand why she was spared -- >> my heart just goes out to allison and adam and they're so young. why save me and take them? >> reporter: gardner says she's now hoping to create a lasting tribute to allison and adam. as for the investigation, police tell me they're working to come up with information to share with other agencies that might help prevent shootings like this in the future. in the meantime, they say they're working with their community to try and regain some peace of mind and heal. alex? >> hallie jackson, thank you. i nigerian army says it has rescued at least a dozen women and children from terror group boko haram. a nigerian army spokesman says the rescue came amid a wave of government attacks on boko haram
8:43 am
camps in the northeastern part of the country. the army has not said where the rescued women and children were kidnapped from, nor their condition. meanwhile, nigeria's president says authorities are talking with boko haram prisoners about the release of more than 200 schoolgirls abducted last year. a high school player in new jersey was caught on camera ripping an opposing player's helmet off, then hitting him in the head with it. incident occurred last friday night during a high school football game in linden, new jersey. player who was hit was taken to the hospital where he received ten stitches. the other player was penalized but not ejected from the game. police are investigating to see if they'll file charges. an escape artist happy to be rescued after nearly drowning after a stunt in new jersey. yesterday he was trying to escape from a water-filled plexi glass glass. he was underwater for 2 1/2 minutes but could not open the last lock and signaled for help. he was responsive and taken to
8:44 am
the hospital. in june he lost consciousness while attempt being the same escape. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says the company is working on the long awaited "dislike" button. zuckerberg says it will be used to show empathy for where the like button seems inappropriate like family tragedies or current events. many people have come to expect free public wi-fi at popular tourist attractions but this morning there is a now warning that could have you thinking twice before logging on. those hotspots could be traps to steal your identity. nbc's tom costello reports on an alarming new way hackers are targeting tourists. >> reporter: it's tempting to logon to the first wi-fi networks we find when we land in a new city especially if it doesn't require a password. but hackers are hoping that the lure of free wi-fi will be too enticing to ignore. you touch down in a new city and
8:45 am
the first thing many of us do -- look for a wi-fi network and logon. but beware, that's exactly what cyber crooks are hoping we'll do. >> your videos, your social security number, your insurance information, your credit card information. mobile payments. and they're after that information. >> reporter: this man has worked in commuter security for ten years. now a vp with skycure which has just released a list of the top tourist attractions surrounded by potentially malicious wi-fi networks. first on the list -- no surprise, times square, new york. each red pin reps a network that could be risky. >> in a two square-block area you already have ten suspicious wi-fis. >> that is true. when we did this study we found hundreds of bad wi-fi networks just around the top tourist destinations. >> reporter: one big warning sign, he says. "free." if you see free wi-fi advertised, be wary. 1 out of 10 suspicious networks calls itself free. we asked tourists in times
8:46 am
square how they pick a wi-fi. >> honestly i'm not too picky. i just choose one and if it works i'm like -- woo. >> if i'm desperate to contact, i would risk it. >> to prove how easily hackers can gain access to phones, he hacked mine in less than a minute. >> i have access to your password, i have access to your bank information, i have access to your e-mail. >> you can see all of this. >> i can see all of that. >> studies suggest 92% of people who use free wi-fi never read the disclaimer which sometimes clearly states the network will access your personal information. on the list of tourist sites surrounded by risky wi-fi -- we weren't surprised to find the hollywood walk of fame. >> everywhere i go i'm searching for a wi-fi to be with my friends. >> i just assumed that it is a safe network. i don't know. >> reporter: also on the list, the areas surrounding notre dame cathedral in paris, major theme
8:47 am
parks in california and florida, golden gate park in san francisco, and the vegas strip. but this one was a surprise -- just outside vatican city in rome. >> around the vatican you've good six suspicious sites. you're not saying the vatican is suspicious. >> that's right. when people go they stay roughly 30 minutes distance from the tourist destination. hackers know so they have set traps around the tourist destination. >> just because the network suspicious doesn't mean it is malicious. but it may be worth avoiding. >> the safest way not to get sick is not to shake hands with sick people. >> that's the advice. really it comes down to not logging on to wi-fi networks that you don't absolutely know you can trust. and don't download an app necessarily if it is for free. be very careful. >> super good advice. thank you so much, tom costello. coming up -- i'll talk live with the woman being kaumd the toughest player in america. a woman.
8:48 am
>> april goss. writes her name in the ncaa record books. >> there she is. april goss. making history as the second woman to ever score in a major college football game. her inspirational story is next. (vo) maggie wasn't thrilled when ben and i got married. i knew it'd take some time. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats.
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it's already been a remarkable year for women in sports, especially football. the nfl saw the first female coach this summer and the league's first official made her regular debut this weekend. and they have just gotten more company in the record books. 22-year-old kicker april gosk made history taking the field saturday night. >> she is for the first time of her career. the kick is up and it's good. april gos writes her name in the
8:52 am
ncaa record books. >> she kicked the game winner. the kick made her the second woman to score in a major college football game. and it is not just herathletici make i making her so popular. and we have her here. you felt like you blacked out when you made the field goal, so walk us through the moment and begin with when the coach told you that you were going to take the field, april. >> well, i was pretty nervous. i remember looking at some of the guys on the team and was just like, okay, it's happening. and just walking over the guys were like, oh, my gosh, april's
8:53 am
getting in! and trying to stay calm more than anything. and our starting kicker stayed in initially and the coach called time-out and sent me out there. >> he did that to be dramatic. everyone thought the main kicker was going to do that. did he have that planned all along to send you in sn >> i think he had that planned all along. >> the senior field goal kicker spotted someone who he thought was a young high school kid kicking the ball beautifully and walks up to you and goes, whoa! so what happened then sn sn /* >> well, it was about four years ago. i would come to the field before and after practices when i could
8:54 am
find time between practices and would be working. and one day freddie came up to me and i did not tell him i was trying out for the team. i took his advice and eventually he did, once i actually joined the team, he took me in under his wing and really helped me with my form and was just like an older brother. >> that's kind of cute. the tough guys think of you as sort of a sister. but listen, a sister also referenced as the toughest player in america by kent state football. what does it take to make yourself known on the team of all boys to earn this title. >> i think just the respect aspect of it. i am so blessed to have the teammates i have. the minute i logged on they were so caring and so accepting.
8:55 am
and i think just, you know, the work i've put in, they see that and they appreciate it. >> well, i think you're very humble despite the fact that you've walked or kicked your way into the record books. april goss, congratulations on that and also the 3.8 gpa. are you kidding me? i know how much you have to practice, so that's pretty impressive. well done. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> and there's a lot going on this morning. here are some of the things we just thought you should know. marijuana shots across colorado are expecting huge crowds today due to a one-tax holiday because of an accounting error. the state underestimated overall state tax collections last year and under the colorado constitution if revenue exceeds projections, the state must automatically suspend any new taxes. so it only applies to the 10% state tax or the smaller county taxes. and the ratings are expected to be good for the presidential debate, but one person not
8:56 am
watching will be president obama. when asked, joshua ernst put it bluntly. >> because he feels like he's got better things to do. >> and those are the things we just thought you should know. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm alex witt in for tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life;
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awesome. they're water-activated. one towel can clean your whole kitchen. whoosh! and the suds dry clear. do you think i can drive? sure! bounty with dawn multi-purpose cleaning towels. speed up your clean up. right now on "andrea mitchell reports." round two, ready to rumble. everybody but trump trying to punch a leader in the favorite. >> leaders in japan and china and every other country we do business with are smarter, more cunning and sharper than our leaders. i have the smartest people in this country lined up. i know the smartest. >> on the sidelines for now are the democrats declared and undeclared. >> the trump and the stuff you're hearing on the other team and not just -- this is not just
9:00 am
about democrat and republican, it's about a sick message. this message has been tried on america many times before. we always, always, always, always, always overcome it. >> taking the hill. john stewart, the former "daily show" host coming to congress with a serious message to 9/11 responders. >> why is it incumbent on our first responders to have to consistently push to get the benefits that are coming to them purely for their acts of valor in a wartime situation? this is insanity. and no man's land. syrian refugees track between borders as the migrant crisis escalates. >> don't worry, i have nothing to lose.


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