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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 16, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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few points behind in recent polling. trump has had a busy schedule in dallas on monday, los angeles last night. aboard the "uss iowa" leading to tonight's debate. trump was asked what his greatest weakness is? take a look at his response. >> well, it's a tough question because you hate to say what your weaknesses are, but i can tone it down a little when pressed. i have a great temperament. you couldn't build a great business like i built if you don't have a good temperament. but i think make i can tone it down when somebody hits you, you can hit a little less hard. at the same time, that may be the kind of thing the country needs. >> nbc's katy tur is reporting live for us in simi valley. we are talking about the ten-against-one match. we'll start with the anticipated match-up of trump versus carly fiorina. >> reporter: this is the one everyone will be watching. they say that if anyone on the
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stage -- carly fiorina is able to take trump down a notch, especially after the face comments and the tweet where he said listening to her for more than a few seconds was like getting a headache. now fiorina will hit him with that. we expect to hear her say that he is not a supporter of women. and to point to exactly what he said about her, we do expect trump to keep it above the board according to his campaign. and according to himself, he's said he's not going to hit her for her looks but rather for her business record, which he has called bismol. >> and then we have donald trump versus dr. ben carson. we have seen in the latest polls carson is gaining on trump. he's seen as very likable, so does that pose a problem for trump tonight? >> reporter: i think this does pose a problem for donald trump tonight. because how do you hit someone who refuses to hit you back? so far carson has moderately criticized him for religious beliefs. trump hit him hard after that but carson apologized and is
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trying to paint himself as the nice guy in this mix and so far he's the nice guy and outsider doing extremely well in the polls. so it will be interesting to see how trump reacts to whether or not he takes a shot at him. and if he stays on the high ground as he did in the last debate and not criticize ben carson, that might be the best way for him to go. because it is unclear if criticizing carson will do anything for trump's poll numbers, especially since carson is not expected to hit him hard tonight. >> it's interesting as we talk about the political paradigm being shifted on its head. the lead here, the first three people we talk about are all the nontraditional politicians that are winning in terms of popularity and getting on message. and then we have donald trump versus jeb bush. trump has hit bush almost every time, every opportunity he gets. so is now the time that it's jeb bush's turn to take the gloves off? and really show if he wants to be in this race and succeed, he's got to go after donald trump. >> i think we have seen jeb bush ramp up his attacks against
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donald trump in the past few weeks and we'll continue to see that tonight. donald trump keeps criticizing him for being low energy saying he's not strong in the military. and i think what we'll see from jeb bush is somebody to come out with increased energy and who hits him very hard on various platforms that trump may not be really well informed on, especially on foreign policy. trump has stumbled a few times on foreign policy, especially with hugh hewitt the other day. we'll see trump have a whole host of firing points to come back at jeb bush with, especially on his tax plan. he says that it benefits the rich more than it benefits anybody else and that trump's tax plan will benefit the middle class. >> let's talk about foreign policy, katy, because trump has definitely brought spark to the race but substance, people say is lacking. and he keeps promising to outline this plan. in his speech that he made last
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night, it mostly repeats the same few lines. take a listen. >> i'm looking for the next commander in chief, to know who hassan nasrallah is, and zawahiri and al-julani and al-baghdadi. do you know the players without a score yard yet, donald trump? >> no, you know, i'll tell you honestly, i think by the time we get to office, they'll all be changed. they'll all be gone. i will be so good at the military your head will spin. >> katy, this dovetails nicely in the hugh hewitt question and answer with donald trump about foreign policy. you know, donald trump really not providing a lot of substance with his answers, but then also going after hugh hewitt afterwards, he being one of the moderators tonight. so are we expecting a new confrontation when it comes to
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foreign policy and hugh hewitt from the stage? >> i think that when donald trump doesn't like a question, instead of answering the question or just saying he's going to figure out more answers to that question later on, he'll attack the person who asked the question. we saw that with megyn kelly and hugh hewitt calling it a "got ya" question. last night was supposed to be a speech all about foreign policy on the deck of the "uss iowa." i'm still waiting for that speech on foreign policy because he did not give details. the same talking points he gives over and over again, he'll build a wall and will have a military so strong that we'll never have to use it. no details so far in exactly how he's going to get that done. also, the fact that he said he watches the shows when he needs to learn more about military expertise. i expect that to be a big topic tonight. this is a foreign policy debate we are hearing. and the trump campaign so far has told me they are preparing foreign policy for this debate. >> and a lot of people were expecting more out of that
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speech last night and expecting the opportunity to speak with donald trump afterwards. he gave no media availability, right? >> reporter: no media availability. the reporters were trying to follow him off the deck of the "uss iowa," but the protestors were being really loud and he declined to comment on them. but so far that foreign policy speech that he kept saying he's going to give, we are still waiting for it. and we'll see if he gives any details out tonight. if he does give a lot of details, he opens himself up for criticism. so maybe a few more details but not heavy into the details as many might hope he gets into. >> we shall be watching. katy tur, thank you so much. joining us now, former republican senator and former governor of new hampshire, judd greg. sir, great to have you with me. explain what you anticipate to see tonight. do you expect a ferocious fight? >> ferocious might be too strong a term, but there's going to be a lot of good theater because donald trump brings good theater
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to anything he does. and i suspect there to be a lot of duck dynasty one-liners thrown out by him. my guess is, however, that the people who come out of this debate in the strongest position are going to be those who pick one or two themes that they think are important relative to how you get this country for better jobs for folks and how to make the economy stronger and view a nation stronger internationally. and stick to the themes in an upbeat way. i don't think these tit-for-tat negotiations mean much to people. >> donald trump was hit by joe biden. take a listen. >> the stuff you're hearing from trump is about a sick message. this message has been tried on america many times before. we always, always, always,
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always, always overcome it. >> so sir, you just said you expect to see potentially duck dynasty one-liners tonight. when it gets to the substance of what republicans stand for in leadership, does trump stand for that? >> i don't think trump speaks for the party anymore than anybody else does until they become the nominee. but i would point out that vice president biden, who i am a great admirer of and worked with him in the senate, should point to his own party for their own populist excess. and bernie sanders is a socialist running ahead of hillary clinton in a number of states including new hampshire. so i think they have issues in their party about who is becoming their national spokesperson also. >> i would agree you make a great observation about the left, but donald trump is dominating the conversation on the right. does that surprise you? >> yeah, it does. i think that we're in this period where there's a tremendous amount of angst and
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frustration. i do admire he's bringing in a lot of folks who otherwise would be ignoring the process and would be so disgusting they wouldn't participate. but he's not specific on his positions. i haven't figured out yet what or how he's going to turn the country around or make us a stronger nation. but he's very good at theater and i admire the fact that he's able to get a lot of people participating. >> meanwhile, we talk about the outsiders coming in, donald trump, dr. ben carson, carly fiorina seem to be the big winners. and we see ben carson up 15 points and carly fiorina is starting to emerge as well. the losers, the regulars. scott walker down eight points, jeb bush down six points. why are they fairing so poorly? >> i think as being expressed both by donald trump and ben carson, to some extent, carly fiorina, and on the other side by bernie sanders, there's huge
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frustration with washington and the failure of the government in washington to govern well. and it's being translated into admiration for figures who basically are outside of washington who are taking positions which are clearly outside the norm of typical american politics, such as bernie sanders. whether or not that carries through to the nomination, to us nominating folks of that or those views, i still have deep reservations that that will not occur. i suspect that when people walk into the voting booth, they are not going to want to throw their vote away and vote for somebody who can lead this nation effectively. >> and last question, where are you going to watch tonight? >> i'll be in new hampshire at home watching and enjoying as i'm sure many americans will be. you know what i think is great, so many americans are watching. it's fabulous. >> the tune-in factor will be huge. former new hampshire senator judg gregg, appreciate your time. and chris matthews will be
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joining us next hour right here on "msnbc live." chris will look at the debate winners and losers after the showdown tonight in simi valley. that coverage begins tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. so stick with msnbc for that. developing at this hour, nearly half a million people have already tweeted using #istandwithahmed. a dallas area high schooler was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to class. many say it was a hoax bomb, but his family says it is discrimination because the family is muslim. we'll talk to his family tonight at 8:00 eastern, but here's what he told our affiliate kxas about the arrest. >> i really don't think it is worth it at all. i brought something to school that is not a threat to anyone. i just showed my teacher something and ended up being arrested. >> authorities just told us he won't face charges. so the school district maintains
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and the school district saying this was simply a case of see something, say something, and they encourage students and staff to report anything suspicious. now, today president obama tweeted, cool clock, ahmed. want to bring it to the white house? we should inspire more kids like you to like science. it's what makes america great. coming up, crews are battling one of california's worst wildfires ever. saying progress is being made, but not fast enough to get the historic blaze under control. plus, the search for four missing people after that devastating flash flood turned deadly in utah. officials are updating the situation on that search. and is donald the new ronald? trump makes the stage at the reagan presidential library tonight. but can he make the case that he's the next entertainer turned politician ready to lead from the white house? that's all ahead on "msnbc live." (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies
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welcome back. we have breaking news on the deadly flash floods along the utah/arizona border. right now officials are giving new information about the updated search for four missing people. the death toll stands at 16. most of those killed were children. the hardest-hit town is hilldale where a dozen members of one family were swept away. >> oh, there goes a van! oh, my god! >> one from that family is among the dead. these are the sisters who are missing. the rest of the family is absolutely devastated today. >> this is my son job it jesup.
10:17 am
my family and friends were swept away in this flash flood. >> at nearby zion national park four victims were found dead. the park service is leading the search for three others still missing. leanne gregg is joining us now from colorado city. and officials are giving an update currently as we speak. so what more do we know about the search for the missing? >> reporter: thomas, they are continuing to emphasize that finding the missing people, that's the priority. they also said that the youngest victim they are looking for is a 6-year-old, a little boy named tyson black. he was in one of the two vehicles that went off the road killing nine other children and three women. one of the survivors who got out before the accident was going actually to get help because they couldn't get the car across the flooded roads. so a severe tragedy for this community. and you mentioned the other four people who were killed in zion national park an hour from here. their three companions are also
10:18 am
among the missing. earlier today the organizers got together and talked about their plans and their search plans for today. and one of the challenges will continue to be the weather. this is the third day in a row that heavy rains are expected this afternoon. and the area itself is challenging. you take a look at this vast area behind me as one of the search areas, one of the bodies, for example, was found six miles away from where it was lost. so they have a lot of work left to do today. the national guard is helping. hundreds of people are volunteering and they are hoping to find the remaining missing people. thomas? >> leanne gregg, keep us updated. thank you so much. we want to turn to the contrast of things happening now in california as wildfires continue to burn there. firefighters are gaining ground on the so-called valley fire now 30% contained. but the flames are still threatening thousands of buildings and almost 600 homes have been destroyed. to give you a taste of just how dangerous and fast moving the fires can be, take a look at our own miguel almaguer forced to escape as a blaze exploded at
10:19 am
his location. >> reporter: this is the eye of a firestorm. a blowtorch ripping in multiple directions. on our way home on the only way out, this is what we found. you can hear the fury. and feel the intensity. >> and that was miguel almaguer. jeana kim is in middle town and reporting there for us this week. what are you hearing from firefighters about their progress and gaining control? >> reporter: well, thomas, good news. it's been drizzling off and on so far this morning in middletown. and we are expecting a half inch of rain today. and that has firefighters making a really big push to try to get a good line around this valley fire. because starting tomorrow those temperatures go back up and the humidity levels go down for the rest of the week. now between this and the butte fire burning east of sacramento, there are more than 1,000 homes, businesses and buildings that have been destroyed, all within the past week or so.
10:20 am
600 of those, of course, are here in middletown just north of napa. and fire officials say that that number is going to go up for sure because a technical glitch prevented the damage assessment crew from being able to report their latest findings all day yesterday. so we are relying on numbers over 24 hours old. and still thousands of people remain displaced. >> nbc's jinah kim reporting there in middletown, california. thank you so much. up next, an 11th hour of execution for an oklahoma death row inmate scheduled to die by lethal injection three hours from now. we'll tell you the famous names that join in the fight to keep him alive. and we'll check in on wall street as investors keep an anxious eye on whether they are ready to raise interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. but first, refugees are clashing with police and authorities along the border. many are throwing rocks and
10:21 am
bottles at police. asylum-seekers shouting at police to open the border. the razor-wire fence is standing between them and the border. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has been reporting from the area of crisis and joining us now on the phone. richard, explain what happened and how this got escalated so quickly. >> reporter: well, if you recall a few days ago, the hungarian government took a controversial decision to seal its border. and made a big show of deploying troops, deploying riot police and finishing a 109-mile border fence. many people who are transiting through serbia never got word that the border was closed or thought that perhaps there would be some way to get through it
10:22 am
anyway, arrived here at the border, and a few thousand people, certainly hundreds, came here. they are sleeping in tents hoping that this door is going to open. and this door is not opening. and a group of perhaps 200 to 300 were approaching the riot police and shouting at them to "let us through, let us through, let us through" they were shouting. some of the young men clearly wanted to pick a fight and started to push and throw garbage, started to throw bottles. the riot police responded with water cannons and a kind of pepper spray that was very, very costic. and they fired it into the crowds. there were women, children, there was a pregnant woman that i'm talking to right now, who collapsed unconscious. we are telling her story for "nightly news" tonight. she's recovered, thankfully. so people here just were desperate and it was an explosion of frustration. >> richard, are there emergency
10:23 am
responders on site to help stay with the pregnant woman? or was she just able to recover on her own? >> reporter: there are volunteers here. there is a group from doctors without borders providing limited first aid and are doing what they can. but there are -- there is not an infrastructure here. people are sleeping in tents. there's no toilets or facilities of any kind, but there are volunteers handing out water, tents and food. >> richard engel, we'll check back in with you next hour. he's reporting from seerbia. we'll be right back.
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still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new breaking news in oklahoma, an appeals court has stayed the execution of an inmate slated to die from lethal injection in less than three hours. richard glossin was convicted of
10:27 am
orchestrating the beating death of his boss in 1987. this hinged on the testimony of one man, justin snead, also convicted in the murder. but snead said he framed glossip according to an inmate who served time with him. and the "dead man walking" nun has come out against him. again, the execution has been stayed for two weeks. and a critical decision that could really move your money. the question being will the federal reserve raise interest rates for the first time in nine years? that decision comes tomorrow and there is a lot at stake. we'll go over to cnbc and domenick chu watching the markets to give us a briefing on whether or not this will happen. domenick, what is everyone thinking? >> the jury is still out, thomas. if they raise rates, it will be the first time in nine years, but what would happen if they raise rates is perhaps signal we
10:28 am
are no longer in crisis territory. remember, our nation's central bank and central banks around the world cut interest rates to nearly zero levels to help the economies recover in the united states and in europe and all over the place. and the argument now is that we are no longer there. the economy may not be humming along, but it's not in crisis mode anymore. that's the case for hiking rates. the case against it is that we are not seeing runaway inflation. average gasoline prices are still low and we still have things to work through, but still this is a huge decision that could affect rates on everything from auto loans to home loans and everything else out there. >> a lot of people paying attention. dominic chu, thank you so much. when we come back, all the candidate action. we have the preview of the republican fight night in california. can anyone blow the knockout punch to donald trump? can anyone land a knockout punch against donald trump tonight is
10:29 am
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it could've been brenda. there has been so much hype about the debate tonight, and the big question is, will the.go the.gothe gloves be coming off? all eyes are on carly fiorina and her statement about having a lot to stay to donald trump in a pre-debate interview with don hardwood. she says, quote, mr. trump is going to be hearing quite a lot from me, perhaps beginning with his business record. >> ronald reagan. >> ronald reagan. >> i was -- >> two report our reports publicly.
10:33 am
if i represented those results, i could be help criminally liable. >> i think he said in a court case everybody does it. >> actually, everybody doesn't do it. if i would have done it, i could have gone to jail. >> let's go our political correspondent, casey hunt. all this is taking place on hallowed ground for republicans. >> reporter: indeed, thomas. good afternoon. the republicans at this point want nothing more than to be the party of ronald reagan. they have reagan dinners, they go back to his alma mater to give policy speeches. obviously they have come here to debate tonight. but it all raises a question of whether or not ronald reagan would even be able to be elected in california today. >> ronald reagan. >> ronald reagan. >> ronald reagan. >> i was a big fan, a very big fan of ronald reagan. >> reporter: today republicans make the pilgrimage to debate at the reagan library in simi valley in the state where reagan acted -- >> starring ronald reagan. >> reporter: and then governed.
10:34 am
he's become a republican legend. but here in california his once grand old party is extinct. no republican has carried the state since reagan's re-election. and the other to win the state was an actor turned position. but the gop hasn't been back since. democrats dominate sacramento. meg whitman lost her race for governor in 2010. and 2016 presidential candidate carly fiorina lost badly in her recent bid for senate. >> that's a generational issue, honestly. people are figuring out the progressive policies that democrats in the state have pursued over decades are literally destroying people's lives. >> reporter: republicans argue that a socially moderate candidate could help the party come back to power in california. but even the state's top republican in washington has to admit it's an uphill climb. so you still maintain that it's not all that lonely to be a republican in california in. >> oh, it's lonely, and when you throw a party, you know
10:35 am
everybody in the room. >> reporter: but the national gop brand can be a problem in california. and the presidential race is dredging up an issue many say poisoned the well in the first place. >> if you go to a single factor, it would have to be the way latinos are turning to the republican party. the way they have damaged themselves against the latino voters. >> reporter: aside from the reagan romance, he may not have fit so well in the republican party. >> i believe in amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here. >> reporter: contrast that to frontrunner donald trump as he is doing in this new ad. >> they are bringing crime, they are rapists. if i'm elected, they will be out on day one. >> reporter: but that has not stopped trump from invoking ronald reagan's name from his own views. >> i think they have a point from years ago but also have the same point with ronald reagan who was a democrat with a liberal bent. and ronald reagan not only become a republican but a pretty
10:36 am
conservative republican. not the most but a pretty conservative republican. >> reporter: thomas, we're expecting fireworks tonight as one candidate hits themselves against another. but i also want to point out, there are some things just about the home field here at the reagan library. the way cnn has set up the debate that could impact what we see tonight. if you think about the way baseball teams might argue over how tall the grass is on the infield, the podiums on the stage tonight are only going to be 20 inches apart. think about that, that's arm's length, especially if they are as tall as jeb bush at 6'3". donald trump at 6'2". normal gestures could cause them to come into physical contact with each other. that's much, much closer than they were in 2012, the standard was 34 inches. in cleveland, 40 inches, twice as much space. and it could potentially get warm inside the room. there's a lot of windows in the room where they are holding the debate. and it will be light on the west coast when doing it. and finally, it's particularly long.
10:37 am
so there are some campaigns who are working with younger candidates who feel like the two hours and 40 minutes, there already commercial breaks in between, but the two hours and 40 minutes could give their candidates an advantage over maybe some of the older candidates who could be debating pretty late at night getting a little tired. so i think maybe the final minutes may be something to watch for potential mistakes. >> it will be -- they don't get the charlie christ fan under the podium? >> reporter: the if they did they need to work that out with cnn. >> kacie hunt, thank you so much. no doubt the pressure is on for every candidate to perform well tonight. but the stakes couldn't be higher for three people that i'm going to speak of, in particular, the front-runner donald trump, ben carson's surge in the polls began right after the first debate, and then former florida governor jeb bush whose performance tonight is seen as do or die. joining me now are nbc news
10:38 am
campaign analysts, alex jaffy has been covering ben carson. ali, i'm going to start with you. everybody expects the front-runner but has his campaign said anything about policy substance he'll deliver tonight? >> well, the campaign said he's brushing up on foreign policy and he did give an address last night on the "u.s.s. iowa" to a veteran's group and did touch upon making our military strong, making it so strong people will respect us and we won't eventually have to use it. but in terms of what kacie said earlier, we'll see fireworks on the stage. donald trump is no stranger to trading soundbyte barbs with republican rival candidates. but in the new physical setting, it prevents a different environment for him. whether he can flail his arms as he's known to do and could hit a candidate. we just heard how close they will be, but that really presents a whole other element to trading of the barbs he's so accustomed to.
10:39 am
>> and it will be tight quarters. jordan, politico is out with tonight's debate saying bush allies worry, is jeb tough enough? and as ali pointed out, this is a lit more on the strategy that jeb bush is bringing tonight. >> it will be all about contrast. not just with donald trump challenging the businessman on his conservative credentials saying he's not conservative enough to be the gop nominee, but also during the contrast with fellow governors on the stage. we saw paid advertising this week in new hampshire that laid out some drafts with governor bush's record from florida. but above all, governor bush will be looking to have the debate moment everyone will be talking about in the morning to show him willing to fight in an appetite to hit back against donald trump. so we'll be looking for that
10:40 am
tonight. and i think the governor will be disappointed if he doesn't get to talk about specific policies he's laid out veterans proposals, tax proposals, a cyber security plan just this week. and he calls himself a policy nerd. so he'll be looking to talk about this policy specific tonight. >> and alex, i want to talk to you about ben carson's campaign. it will be interesting to see if anybody goes after number two in this as all eyes are on donald trump. but what has the carson campaign said about what they are preparing the doctor for? what to anticipate? >> they haven't done much differently from the first time around. he's been having periodic meetings with advisors and talking to voters about what they want to hear, but they are adamant not going on the attack. they will stick to ben carson's message and to his supporters. regardless of who takes aim at him, he'll focus on what he has to say. and one of his advisors put it this way, when you literally have people's lives in your hands, he's a decorated
10:41 am
neurosurgeon, talking about policies on a debate stage is nothing. we'll expect to see the calm ben carson we know from the campaign trail. >> yeah, his energy seems to remain constant. and in one gear. alex, great to see you. jordan, thank you, sir. ali, always great to see you. have fun at the debate tonight and we'll talk again soon. while the candidates are on the big stage up tonight at the debate in simi valley, they will be taking shots at each other, and specifically probably donald trump. there is one topic that is on the mind of californians, and that is the state of the crippling drought california faces. the snow pack gives california much of its water but is at a 500-year low. simi valley was hit just as hard as the rest of the state. with more on that is jacob soberoff. >> reporter: wildfires are tearing through parched grassland and creeping dangerously close to
10:42 am
neighborhoods. >> you can see the flames just about 20 feet away from that one fence. >> reporter: a small brush fire in simi valley spread quickly, hundreds of homes in its path. >> so we're on the northern end of the rustic fire that burned up here just about a month ago. how many acres burned here? >> 190 acres. >> how far are we from the reagan library? >> as the crow flies, two miles. >> could we see a fire like this up by the reagan library? >> absolutely. as a young chief officer, we had a fire called the simi fire in 2003. we had 40-mile-an-hour santa ana winds. and the fire established itself in the ridge and jumped that road and we had it right in line with the reagan library. so i'll never forget, i was sitting there, i had been up 36 hours and the call from the deputy chief. and he said to me, teddy, do not let the reagan library burn down. i said, yes, sir. the fuselage of the plane is there, don't let that burn down as well. and i said, yes, sir.
10:43 am
>> you did a good job. it's still standing, for the record. >> it was landscaped so there would be something in bloom. and over the past 20 years our landscape architects added to that original plan. >> it was not built with water conservation in mind. when ground was broken, it was a desert top they turned into an oasis. and this replica of the white house rose gardens, times have changed changed. in the spring this is sprinkled with flowers, but this vegetation can go from lush to extremely dangerous. i'm 100 feet from the replica of the white house south lawn at the reagan library, it is normally dry out here but it is very dry. and this is exactly the type of stuff that went up in flames just a little ways away from here. the reagan library is part of the city of simi valley. it is under a state mandated water restriction because of the drought. and the officials say the library is doing its fair share.
10:44 am
has the reagan library met the water conservation. >> they have. they have exceeded it. >> they have exceeded the water mandate, but the question is whether that changes sustainable and whether the residents and politicians support it. republicans are coming here for the debate on wednesday, are you going to be watching? >> no. >> do you care what they have to say on wednesday? >> not really. >> i would like to hear about the environmental issues from them. >> the republicans are coming here for the debate. >> absolutely, which is wonderful. >> do you think they'll talk about the drought? >> i think they will. republicans care. >> we'll see tonight. up next, it's 6:00 somewhere. we are counting down to the debate's happy hour. and the four candidates who didn't make the cut for the big stage. so we've got the varsity and then the j.v. guys. and from russia with love to elton john. an unexpected phone call between the music superstar and vladimir
10:45 am
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10:48 am
available at these fine retailers. we are back with all eyes on the second gop presidential debate tonight. four brave souls at the bottom of the polls go head-to-head in the happy hour debate. they are vying for relevance among a misor thistorically big. carly fiorina made the leap to the big stage. but is it too little, too late for the other candidates? does someone go about winning a debate if they go into it with a loser mentality ahead of time? >> well, you don't want to think of yourself as a loser when it
10:49 am
is going to be a big thing to be on that stage. >> we know the next debate is five to six weeks away. that gives a lot of time for the campaigns to dwindle down if they don't have the oxygen to continue. the one thing about these four candidates is it is a disadvantage for them because they can't confront donald trump, ben carson or jeb bush to create contrasts. but how do they deliver a message that can maybe elevate them to the next debate? >> well, there's two schools of thought. what bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana, has been doing is going hard after trump. trying to make his name as the guy that kneecaps trump. maybe the better tactic is to do what fiorina did, demonstrate your own competence and command. and optimism to standout to look
10:50 am
presidential in this kind of difficult circumstance. that's probably the better way to do it rather than attacking trump in a way that might be forgotten three hours later. >> and meanwhile, later. >> who do you think is the most at-risk for not being around the next time, october 28th, friends at cnbc have the next debate. that -- by that point, most likely, everybody can fit on one stage. >> that's right. they haven't said if they will have an undercard debate and this could be the last to see. of the folks on the stage tonight, the's george pataki, very low in the polls, former govern nor of new york. lindsay graham is lower than him, a sitting senator and the message of foreign policy gloom and doom hasn't caught on either and then santorum, toured all 99 counties in iowa and sort of still way behind in iowa and i would think of the four of them probably wouldn't be jindal. he has a little bit of momentum in iowa. other three in risk of dropping
10:51 am
out if they don't do well tonight. >> all right. we'll be watching. reporter david, get the see you. hitting the like button on a post you don't like may soon be a thing of the past. and 'head in the next hour, unnecessary roughness or flat-out assault? more of these disturbing moments caught on video in a high school football game that has some fans saying foul play. ideas are scary. they come into this world ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are.
10:52 am
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welcome back, everybody. here's something some people may give a thumbs up. facebook working on the ability to give posts a thumbs down. yes. ceo mark zuckerberg of facebook says a dislike button is in the works and in a question and answer session tuesday he said the company testing alternatives to the like button and new feature would be for showing empathy for posts that seem inappropriate to like. we have all seen these things
10:55 am
and they're about sad updates, hard to hit the like button on them. there's no release date and it is still not clear what form the button may take. for one day and one day only marijuana customers in colorado can buy pot almost tax free. that is today, a quirk in the state's tax law led them to suspend most taxes or recreational pot for one day. they overestimated last year and under the constitution this triggers a temporary automatic suspension of any new taxes, so pot customers won't pay the usual 10% tax today and we will see how much sales spike. for one day. still ahead, the son of ronald reagan or excuse me the sons of ronald reagan speak out ahead of tonight's debate at their father's presidential library. >> working with tip o'neil, getting things done. if you're going to go in to the room and blow it up on the way
10:56 am
in, then don't expect that people are going to be on your team as you move forward to get those things done you want to get done. >> so a lot of people talk about ronald reagan, use his name and that was michael reagan talking about donald trump on msnbc the last hour. next hour, ron reagan jr. is joining us and talk about why he and his brother feel trump is not fit to walk in their father's shoes. also, the desperate search for three missing hikers in utah lost after the deadly round of flash flooding in the beehive state. the woman who's being interviewed live on tv when the reporter and cameraman were murdered by a former colleague. the amazing story of what happened that day, that's in the next hour. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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11:00 am
for tonight at the reagan presidential library. it will be a crowded contest. 11 candidates prepping to take the main stage and at the center the kand date when's so far trumped the field. can donald dominate again or can someone else on the stage trump trump? >> it's all about donald trump. >> right now, that's what personals want. they're mad as hell and not going to put up with it anymore. >> we'll see tonight whether or not some of the other candidates think it's time to try to go after him as a front-runner. >> next to the donald, the doctor, ben carson's, first time up front climbing in the polls. can he build on the base and the only woman on the stage, carly fiorina, will she fire back in the recent dual with the donald? >> i think carly's the story to watch. >> yeah. i think she is, too. i think all eyes on carly. >> 11 candidates still on a crowded stage. there is the second, not first debate. it's going to be hard to
11:01 am
distinguish yourself this evening. >> a lot to talk about this hour. joining me at the top of the show nbc's katy tur and from seattle, ron reagan, son of late president reagan and a political analyst. katy, donald trump, how big of a target is he tonight? is it basically ten against one? >> reporter: i think he is the biggest target of the evening. he is the front-runner and a contentious front-runner at that. there's a lot of room to attack him for the other candidates. that's right, carly fiorina will be the one to watch tonight to see what she will say to donald trump and able to or whether she can land a blow on him potentially take him down a notch and watch out for ben carson. he is the nice guy of the group. how will trump react to him? carson's poll numbers are rising. will he see negative results from that? not clear about that. jeb bush should be coming out swinging to show that she can stand up to donald trump.
11:02 am
we expect there to be some contentious moments between him. again, though, what is going to happen when the debate is over? will the supporters still see him as the outsider that they like, the outsider that they identify with? taking a hit from opponents or the media, anybody, supporters seem to like him more. the poll numbers go up. they like it when he's under attack because they see him as more of the outsider anti-establishment candidate that he's billing himself to be. thomas? >> seems if, though, the outsiders have the advantage. typical politicals at the major disadvantage. tonight is do or die for jeb bush, isn't it? >> reporter: seems that way. remember, this is a marathon, not a race. he has a money of in the bank and could make a later surge in the polls. it all depends on how much the public wants to hear from outsiders, whether or not they're going to get tired of all this back and forth yelling and want some substance. if that's the case, yb is in a
11:03 am
unique position to say i have a track record, well versed in all of this stuff and consider me once again and look out for john kasich, the underdog, the quiet guy just doing well in the polls so far, not too well but not too badly and i wouldn't be surprised if he makes a big jump after this evening. thomas? >> polling will be interesting to see where everyone stands post-debate. katy tur, thank you. and again, the backdrop of tonight's debate is this, the reagan presidential library, the 40th president's name is a favorite to drop among republicans on the trail. donald trump has been no exception to this. he told "meet the press" reagan was someone he knew and liked and said, quote, he liked me. but in a new interview with politico magazine, reagan sons have a message for trump -- you're no ronald reagan. here's michael reagan earlier with andrea mitchell. >> ronald reagan isn't someone
11:04 am
to attack people specifically. when donald called me the other day, we talked for 15 minutes. i said, listen, you're being attacked on policy. you are reattacking back personally. and if you want to do anything, you have to put the building back together at the end of the day to win the presidency. >> want to bring in now analyst ron reagan, son of the 40th president. great to see you. >> thank you, thomas. >> thank you for being with me. so many people on the right talk about your dad with reverence and respect, wear the mantle of reagan and donald trump. what is your take? >> well, i'm so disappointed that donald trump hasn't called me to get my opinion. you know, i have to concur with michael whom i often disagree with about political things that, you know, donald trump is about as far from ronald reagan as you can get and many of the candidates, too, a long distance away. they have been wearing this mantle for years and years and
11:05 am
years now. this happens every election cycle since at least 2000 talking to people like you about this and this question. ronald reagan was not an anti-government person. not really. he saw government as being a problem when it got too large and reached too far into people's lives but he doesn't want to not govern. he did not want to not govern. you know, you remember the republican party as soon as obama was elected the first thing they did is announce to oppose everything he did. everything he did. that's not the sign of being a legitimate political party anymore an they're not a legitimate political party. they have mere opposition to anything. >> do you think that's why where we are now this is so exciting for certain members of the republican base that the republican regulars have created this whole anti-government sentiment and now we're seeing the outsiders, donald trump, ben carson, even carly fiorina,
11:06 am
really resonating with the gop brand? >> yes. the republicans are dissatisfied with government in general and dissatisfied with their own republican leadership and occasionally do try to get something done. they don't often succeed but they occasionally try and the rank and file doesn't really like that. i don't think that most people in washington and maybe most people in the media understand the contempt that most americans and there's some on the left and some on the right feel for the system now. they believe that it's broken and it is. you know, people on the left are inclined to drift towards bernie sanders feeling that way who at least has some policy prescriptions that he wants to put forward. donald trump, though, is just sort of the id of the republican party and a voice to this anger that you see on the right with anything that has to do with government. then promises to fix it. he acts the strong man. you know in leave it to me.
11:07 am
it is easy. i'll fix it. the fact of the matter is donald trump doesn't know anything about anything except maybe real estate and gulling the people into following him for now. >> we have to give credit where credit is due and he is entertaining enough to get to the top of the pack. >> entertaining. >> and make everybody buy into the message that he is distributing. now, whether you respect the way he's done this or not is every man's opinion. one thing he told the christian broadcast network in an interview about the biggest weakness, he said, well, this's a tough question because you hate to say your weaknesses are but i think i could tone it down a little bit when pressed. he's given hard times to a lot of people out on the campaign trail and everybody is now, ron, expecting to see lot of jabs at donald trump's expense tonight. but i just want to play for everybody a couple of bites, the most famous jabs in presidential debate history. take a look at this.
11:08 am
>> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth an inexperience. >> i sat with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. now, these are definitely jabs when the general election happened in the primary. there's still a lot of people to look at here but are you going to be watching tonight and waiting for those fireworks, ron? >> sure. we are bound to see them. with jeb bush, this is really his -- i don't want to say it's his last chance because this is, you know, we've got a ways to go here. but he's really got to -- got to make some sort of statement. he's got to stand out from the crowd there and he's got to go after donald trump who beats on
11:09 am
him all the time on the campaign trail. i don't know how successful he will be. the campaign says he's been practicing and rehearsing dignified zingers. i don't know that that's really going to do it with donald trump for whom dignity doesn't seem to be a big selling point here. carly fiorina, also. she may be in the best position to get under donald trump's skin. and get him to say something although hard to believe now, say something that would disqualify him from the race. i don't know what that would be because he's saying so many outrageous things and the numbers don't go up. so i'm not sure how she can do and best positioned. carson i think rising is probably better off unless he's attacked by trump, probably better off laying back and doing what's been working for him so far which is just being sort of quiet, soft spoken, crazy, but quiet and soft spoken, as well. >> donald trump gives especially coming to jeb bush who really is imperative upon him and hard to
11:10 am
do this, hard to get a second chance to make a great first impression to everybody and seems donald trump goes after jeb bush like a big brother to a little brother. >> yeah. >> just wants to, you know, get him under his arm and scratch on his head and get him upset and the little brother tries go back, they miss. >> doesn't work. >> doesn't work out. >> donald trump is the school yard bumly/class clown who's found the want to be class president in the group that he can pick on and whose skin he can get under and seems to relish doing it and jeb bush for his part is too much the good boy and he can't seem to fight back effectively. he's got another chance. a big chance tonight. and he's really going to have to come through. >> yes. i think all eyes on carly fiorina and the good money is on her being able to take donald trump on face to face. >> i think that could be the case, yes. >> great to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> turn in to chris matthews
11:11 am
looking at debate winners and losers. that coverage beginning this evening 11:00 p.m. eastern time and stick with msnbc for that because there's only one chris matthews. all right. so we are following this heart breaking story coming out of utah and researchers are scouring for survivors after the deadly flash floods ripped through the arizona-utah border. the death toll is rising now at 16. 12 of those, though, one family. which was swept away in the floodwaters. another four people died found in a national park. >> my family and my friends' family were swept away in this flash flood. we know god is guiding all things and trust in him to heal our wounded heart at this time. >> nbc's leann gregg is covering the story for us from colorado city, arizona. bring us up to speed about the latest for the search. >> reporter: thomas, during a news conference that ended a few minutes ago, they said is priority on finding the four
11:12 am
missing people that went missing in two areas. their focus is this area behind me, a 7-mile stretch downstream where they think the bodies perhaps may have washed, that is if they are victims. they say they're still holding out hope and feared to be dead. a youngest, tyson black, a 6-year-old. he was in a vehicle that was washed away and killed three women that were sisters and nine chirp. there's another situation in zion national park where a group of seven people got some permits on monday morning to go hiking. they went inside even though they were told that there were conditions that could be dangerous. at that point, the canyon had not yet been closed in that area. four people were killed and three remain missing. the search continues, as well. hundreds of people out searching continuing and the weather once again could be treacherous with more rain this afternoon. thomas? >> thanks for that update.
11:13 am
appreciate it. we are also following the developing news out of california where a firestorm is ripping through the golden state. it destroyed 600 homes and the danger is far from over. miguel amalgeur drove through it. >> reporter: this is the eye of the storm. a blow torch in multiple directions. on the way home, the only way out, this is what we found. you could hear the fury. and feel the intensity. crews tell us the flames shooting at 40, 50 miles per hour and here in the vehicle you can feel the heat. >> although the flames are intense, firefighters are also concerned about embers and hot ash which can travel for miles. so, i don't know if you have seen this or not but it was an interesting day and jon stewart showed up on capitol hill, lobbying for more funding for 9/11 first responders.
11:14 am
luke russert spoke with him about his mission and joins me about what stewart is hoping to do. then breaking news on europe's refugee migrant crisis. desperate families wait to move through the gates there. richard engel will join me from the region. then call me maybe? kremlin denying russia's putin dialed elton john about gay rights? did the conversation happen? didn't the conversation happen? if elton john got the phone call, who was he talking to in the russian accent? we'll figure it out after this. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real.
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♪ who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. ourto clean the oceans,real. to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
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i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system.
11:17 am
together, we're building a better california. it is time. this is all been very nice. everybody's been very polite. there's been delicious, i
11:18 am
believe it was chicken and rice. but god forbid any of these people that are standing behind me have to show up here one more time to ask individuals for their health care. insanity. thank you to everybody when's done so much. and by the way -- >> all right. so that was former host jon stewart on capital hill minutes ago and the second news conference on the hill and lobbying for first responders suffering from a variety of illnesses of months of work at ground zero. the health benefits are about to expire and earlier he had some tough words about that. >> i'm embarrassed for our country. i'm embarrassed for new york. i'm embarrassed that you after serving so selflessly with such heroism have to come down here and convince people to do what's right for the illnesses and difficulties that you suffered
11:19 am
because of your heroism. >> joining me now from capitol hill is nbc new's luke russert. i understand you had an opportunity to speak with jon stewart earlier today and he uses the platform, his name to make people aware of vet issues and this one for first responders. >> reporter: certainly. these are funds appropriated in 2010 and they were result of jon stewart shaming congress, saying how could you not do this? these in essence the first veterans in the war of terror. rushed down to ground zroe to try to help out and then stayed on the pile until it was safe and then later on we found that certainly wasn't the case. i asked jon stewart why it was this issue of all the ones he spoke about in the television program that brought him to capitol hill. >> i've studied all this from afar for a long time but to come down here and see the inaction in action, hard to take. we are going in offices where
11:20 am
they tweet on 9/11. never forget. well, guess who they forgot. i mean, the disconnect is jarring and shocking and you can sit in their office and say to you, oh yeah, we absolutely support our first responders. but you're not. >> reporter: and, thomas, as what will happen with this bill, there's bipartisan support. however, it is coming up against the calendar. remember, congress has to fund the government. they have to fund the highway trust fund bill and raise the debt limit as well as republicans want to respond to the planned parenthood issue with the videotapes an not clear when exactly it will be put on the congressional calendar. all the funds do not run out in the middle of next year and that there is bipartisan support this time around. however, it remains to be seen when exactly they will move on this. it's unclear at moment. >> luke russert there on capitol hill for us, thanks so much.
11:21 am
>> reporter: thank you. want to get you up to speed of breaking news out of europe where clashes on the serbian and hungary border have grown. that is group of migrants and refugees have been waiting for passage. we're going to have more on the increasingly desperate situation for what these families are facing. why they're stuck in place. and then going back out to california just hours until the second republican debate of 2016. can anyone keep the donald from dominating the stage? a vicious play on a high school football field has a player under investigation by police. watch this video through the end of the play and defensive lineman of linden, new jersey, ripped off the helmet and then appears to hit him on the head with it. the injured player got ten stitches. the player was not kicked out of the game but since removed from the team. he got a penalty for unsportsman-like conduct.
11:22 am
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11:25 am
dramatic new images coming out of the crisis there with migrants and refugees clashing with police. police used a water cannon and pepper spray on hundreds of people throwing bottles at police. so you can hear there asylum seekers shouting at police to open the border. a fence between them and freedom. today the second day of a crookdown and hungary as turned violent. a refugee saying he has no idea why. >> we are feeling hungry, we are feeling so many of anger. my people, it is suffering. >> we're going to keep our eye on the situation there on the
11:26 am
border and bring you updates as we can. back here in the states, and when's taking place tonight, 11 candidates prepping to take a crowded debate stage for the republicans round two. which candidates are facing a make or break moment? irks spr suspect to folk hero, far texas teen detained after a homemade clock to school. monday, facing police and questions. today, getting an invitation to the white house. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure... but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque, and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamond clean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush.
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11:30 am
will be front and center. but this go-round flanked by ben carson and jeb bush and former ceo carly fiorina making the stage, the only woman in the republican primary making the top tier. there is the junior varsity which has four people playing in it. joining me now, political correspondent kasie hunt and brian boitler at "the new republic." there's buzz around carly fiorina, did so well at the happy hour debate the last time that she elevated herself in the polls to be able to make it to the top tier tonight and so many thinking there will be a confrontation with donald trump. what is her campaigning saying? >> thomas, i think the distinction of carly fiorina that maybe doesn't apply to the other candidates is the nature of that potential confrontation with trump. one of the only people on the stage to weather attacks from
11:31 am
trump without the poll numbers going down and the two of them tussling in public and the poll numbers creeping steadily upward and that speaks to the way this which she has approached him and he was quick to walk back the comments about who would vote for her face. quick to say this is actually about her persona and her superpac quick to put 0 a web video focusing on that attack. i think it is tricky request a female candidate. lazio against clinton and the physical confrontation played a significant role in the failure of his campaign. >> brian, the other candidates with you, major political figures, chris christie, ran paul, john kasich, scott walker, is tonight make or break for them? >> it is the beginning of the make or break phase for them. normally you sneh a primary like this an establishment candidate
11:32 am
consolidates support from the party and then you have a number of also rans understood beneath that candidate and ocassional plash in the pan candidate with a week or two in the spotlight and then the bubble quickly bursts. what you have going on in this campaign is sort of strange is that all of the establishment-backed candidates are themselves also rans. there's donald trump on top of everyone. then there's ben carson underneath him and then you have, you know, other candidates like ted cruz and carly fiorina sapping support further from the people who were supposed to be the next mitt romney or the next john mccain. but there's none of those candidates are eclipsing even 10% or 20% where romney was around this time in 2011. so i think that if one of those candidates doesn't emerge tonight as a place where donors and republican elected officials
11:33 am
can cast their lot in, you know, in the next month or two and clearly the best of the four then you have a problem because none has an incentive to drop out as the others gobble up more than half the vote. >> looking at this, talking about another gop staples in all of this, is jeb bush. this is part of the bush brand. the name. the fact that many people thought that once he got in it would be his basically to lose but donald trump really drills down hard on jeb bush making fun of him and his energy. and it doesn't seem as if the jeb bush is able to land a punch back yet. so is tonight and from what you're hearing from sources there, because politico had a story out saying he's huddling with the team for a plan of attack for the prime time showdown with trump wednesday at the library. are you hearing about this and the counter, the risk that bush takes going after trump? >> well, thomas, i think that
11:34 am
there's a general perception from republicans i'm talking to that the person that ultimately takes trump down might get credit for that. if jeb bush is able to be that person, it's potentially elevating in the eyes of the establishment. but as you said, there's so much difficulty here for bush and as he's gone after trump over the course of the past couple of months he's escalated the attacks and not worked. fallen back in the polls since then and joking about himself, old pictures saying that's a high energy picture, took off the show to reveal that reagan-bush '84 t-shirt and trying to project an image of being able to roll with it more than he otherwise would have been. but i think that's it going to be a major test here tonight. i will also say, thomas, one thing that's interesting about the stage set up, the podiums only 20 inches apart and bush is a pretty tall guy. he's 6'3" and right next to donald trump who, of course, is 6'2". >> yes. >> who's also tall and pretty
11:35 am
easy for them to simply put their arms out thinking about 20 inches. not much longer than the length of your arm and any one of the potential rhetorical confrontations could turn physical and could be pretty unpredictable. >> i doubt we'll see the kumbaya factor of any hugging going on. >> i'd be surprised. >> as we talk about an it factor for the gop, what does it mean tonight for the gop as a brand? what's at stake for the party? >>, you know, i think that it is an ongoing test of the republican brand as to whether they control their own party anymore. i don't know if that gets settled tonight and what we have seen, to tell a meta story of this primary campaign has been about, it is about the republican party, the republican national committee chairman losing the reins of the party and unable to use, you know, the normal tricks of politics, whether it's opposition research
11:36 am
or fund raising or messaging to kind of control who ends up, you know, in the most viable position to win the nomination. i think that there's still a sense, you know, widely shared in the republican party that it would be really disastrous to the republican brand that donald trump made it to iowa, started putting, you know, putting together delegates and the republican party needs to figure out somewhere between now and then how to prevent that from happening and one way is to have a candidate who's, you know, the focal point for the rest of the party to consolidate around and they haven't been able to do that. if after tonight that starts to happen, then i think that, you know, they can say that this debate was a big turning point for them. >> we can look at the playbook for what the antithesis of the 2012 autopsy revealed. donald trump's playbook is that. it's the antithesis of it. not on tone.
11:37 am
the messaging is off. certainly not about demographics and big tent. >> right. well, that autopsy, thomas, it didn't necessarily argue that republican policies need to be different but republicans to speak in a way to make particularly latinos feel as though they could be included. when you dig into the polling, immigration isn't necessarily the top issue that hispanics vote on but it is a baseline issue for them if you -- it is essentially saying if you're in a certain place on this particular issue, they're not even going to tune in and listen to you and to a certain extent i talked to establishment republicans worried that this is where that debate has gone and different from where ronald reagan was, you know, um remember he signed what some argue is one of the biggest amnesty bills in 1986 and on the debate stage with mondale saying i support amnesty for people who lived here far long time. >> kasie hunt and brian boitler thank you. >> thank you.
11:38 am
another story out of texas where a muslim student will not face charges after being accused of bringing a hoax bomb to school. ahmed mohammed says he brought what was a homemade clock to show to the engineering teacher. >> i took it to school to show my teachers, a talent i had. i wanted to show them. and in my perspective, it didn't look like a bomb. >> so you're now looking at what happened next. macarthur high school. police put him in handcuffs. he says they took him to headquarters, fingerprinted him and interrogated him. mohammed says the last time repeatedly came up in questioning and police said today this case is now closed. >> irving police department has always experienced an outstanding relationship with our muslim community. we recognize that situations like this present challenges but we are committed to continuing to build that positive relationship. >> so ahmed's story got the president ice attention.
11:39 am
the president tweeted, quote, cool clock, ahmed. want to bring it to the white house? we should inspire more kids like you to science. it's what makes america great. even facebook founder invited ahmed to their headquarters. a columnist for "the daily beast" joins me now and, dean, you were writing about this and evolving and changes and i want to play josh earnest spoke about this exact story at the press briefing. take a listen. >> and in this instance, it is clear at least some of the ahmed teachers failed him. that's too bad but it's not too late for all of us to use this as a teeshible moment and to search our own conscience for biases and whatever form they take. >> so ahmed says he didn't do anything wrong. gang, if we can put the picture of him being taken off in handcuffs is heart breaking. you have spoken to his family. >> i spoke to the family representative from the care
11:40 am
chapter in dallas. she said the young man, resilient. you know? he is not downtrodden. he was emotionally upset and moved to tears in the sbeer gags. five police officers, he asked to see his father. they said, no, you can't see your father. they went through the backpack. confiscated the ipad for a time and pressured him to write a statement. he said, dwropt write a statement. he's an american citizen. he understands the rights. he wrote i made a clock and they're accusing me of making a bomb. that was the statement. and it built and this morning when i talked to my editor i thought i would write another article and it turned into this uplifting, positive story. >> so when we look at the irving independent school district said the privacy laws prevent it from saying more about the specific circumstances involving the case and say in a statement in part we ask our students to report if they observe any suspicious items and our suspicious behavior. now, reports say the principal defended calling the police.
11:41 am
and this is basically see something, say something. >> right. >> it is a case of, well, we got it wrong. >> they definitely did. the police admit it. they made a mistake. the case is for people in the community, the muslim community, if a white or non-muslim student came in with a clock they made? perhaps they would turn him in and suspicious to certain teachers and then arrest the kid, bring him down to the police station? book him like a criminal? i think not. i don't think people in my community think that would have been the result. that's really what it comes down to. something suspicious? of course. it's how you deal with it afterwards, they confiscated the clock. they would have found out there was nothing wrong and didn't need him to do that. they arrested the wroung man and he's brown and his name is ahmed mohammed. >> the aclu of texas said his case an avoidable ordeal raises serious questions of
11:42 am
disciplinary system in texas schools. now the do you think his family has a discrimination suit? >> perhaps. i don't know if they'll go that route and speaking to the family representative, i don't think so. he has president obama on his side, hillary clinton tweeting out nice things. mark zuckerberg. thi i think he made the bigger point. the mayor of irving championed in a way this kind of idea that muslims to impose sharia law in our city and forced a climate that's hostile towards muslims and this is a natural outgrowth of a community with an elected official saying unfortunate negative things of muslims and the police department acts in akour dance with that philosophy and that culture down there. >> it's definitely evolved. >> yes. >> in a much better direction. >> yes. >> for ahmed. dean, with the daily beast, great to see you. thanks so much. chris hays is interviewing ahmed tonight on all in at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you want to tune in for that.
11:43 am
weeks after two journalists were murdered on air, the only survivor is now breaking her silence. it's an incredible story and we have it next. can a business have a mind?
11:44 am
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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welcome back, everybody. now to that story that shocked and saddened the country. a tv reporter and cameraman gunned down live on the air by a disgruntled former colleague. first time, the woman they were interviewing is sharing the terrifying moments she thought would be her very last. nbc's halle jackson has more on the lone survivor's story. >> reporter: thomas, millions of people have now seen the images of vicki gardner standing with alison parker seconds before a gunman opened fire on live tv. gardner has also seen that video. she says she had to watch it to move on but she's still not ready to return to the scene. vicki gardner remembers every moment from this interview. >> i saw movement and then gun
11:47 am
fire. lots and lots of gun fire. >> reporter: the shooting airing live on wdbj's morning news, a single image of the gunman captured on camera. >> i didn't know where he was. i felt as though the next shot i knew the next shot he was just going to shoot me in the head because that was what he was doing. the world goes in front of you. and it did real fast. and i said, i'm ready. i'm raiddy. >> reporter: instead, the shooter fired a bullet through gardner's back laying on the ground in the fetal position, gardner tells greta she knew alison and adam were shot. >> only thing i could think of is play dead. i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't shoot me again. and then it was quiet. >> reporter: at home, her husband watched live telling our willie geist after the shooting -- >> immediately tried to call her
11:48 am
on her cell phone. >> reporter: after the video cut away to show a stunned anchor on set, tim gardner waited 15 frantic minutes before his wife called from the ambulance. >> i spoke with vicki for about three, four minutes while he was being transported to the emergency room at roanoke memorial. she explained what happened to her and that she didn't know how she survived but she did and she loves me. >> reporter: that day as doctors rushed gardner into surgery at the hospital, the gunman a former reporter at the news station killed himself. >> we have a long way to go on understanding what would possess somebody to have that much anger. >> reporter: instead of anger, she and others in roanoke are choosing to focus on healing. >> it's good to be back, folks. >> reporter: parker's boyfriend a news anchor returning to his position on week. >> the know the answer to all what we must do, profess love, not hate.
11:49 am
to love one another and to love strangers. >> reporter: gardner still struggling to understand why she was spared. >> my heart just goes out to alison and adam and they're so young. you know, why, why save me and take them? >> reporter: gardner says she is hoping to create a lasting tribute to alison and adam. as for the investigation, police tell me they're working to come up with information to share with other agencies in hopes te provent shootings like this in the future. they're working with the community to regain peace of mind and try to heal. thomas? >> halle, thank you. we'll be right back.
11:50 am
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did you see that? first up, a magician nearly drown in a box underwater stunt all captured on video. he was taken to the hospital
11:53 am
after nearly drowning in new jersey tuesday afternoon. he wassen able to bust out of the water-filled box in a promotional event with a friend and fellow magician. after this dramatic rescue, he's reportedly recovering well. this is according to a tweet. drag racing on the west. speeding through beverly hills, focus of the investigation. this porsche and ferrari on a d residential street. police say the vehicles belonged to him and diplomatic immunity. police fiery actions to the new "jungle book." this trailer for the live action version was just released and already millions of views and thrilling or chilling? no bare necessities here. critics calling it frightening based on trailer. "wall street journal" says the
11:54 am
clip has a heart of darkness. check out this wildlife. a seal catching the ride on a back of a whale off the coast of australia. the odd couple captured bay frofr of robin malcolm on a recent trip and wants the world the know that is not photo shopped. and have you heard about this other story? elton john says that he made it on to the geopolitical stage with vladimir putin and the kremlin pushing back saying that the legendary singer's claims of talking with the russian president in a telephone conversation didn't ham. keir simmons has more. ♪ >> reporter: russians love elton john. his concerts sell out so maybe just maybe he could help heal this kind of hatred. gay rights protesters attacked in moscow. i try to picture suede president putin to stop this, elton john said, over the weekend. i'd love to sit down and talk to
11:55 am
him. i said, come on. this is not -- gay people are not the problem here. >> reporter: then a stunning development on the instagram page, a big picture of vladimir putin, thank you for reaching out an speaking with me today. the singer posted. i look forward to meeting with you face to face to discuss lgbt equality in russia. incredible. actually, maybe too incredible. ♪ the phone call didn't happen says kremlin spokesman. i don't know who spoke to elton john. wait. what? was it some kind of prank call? if so, elton may not be laughing. a long-time campaigner for aids sufferers, while president putden seen here in the gym with his prime minister has faced international criticism for russia's laws against homosexuality. putin and elton really meeting, now, that would be something to see. while whoever made the call may
11:56 am
be in hiding. >> all right. so that's really interesting story. keir simmons in london reporting. thank you for your time. i'll see you back here tomorrow. joining me tomorrow, rachel maddow, roger stone and bob shrum talking about what's happening tonight for the debate. stick around. ari takes over next. chris matthews breaking down the winners and the losers. coverage at 11:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. our cosmetics line was a hit.
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12:00 pm
meaning that donald may look to land some blows tonight. also, expect carly fiorina making her first main stage appearance to come out strong and she is not coy about her strategy either. tonight telling john harwood, quote, mr. trump is going to be hearing quite a lot from me and then the establishment contenders already on the ropes with sagging poll numbers, might see more aggressive posture of bush or walker losing support. the undercard debate, as well, gets under way three hours from now. the last three in the polls looking to stay alive. now, for analysis today, right to david druker, senior correspondent correspondent and john mccormack at bloomberg politics. latest column on scott walker among those to find traction today. good day to both of you. >> hello. >> tell us what you're finding in your reporting and t


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