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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell. today on the trail in beautiful new hampshire, a gorgeous day here. it feels more like summer than fall. but the fall campaign is in swing. hillary clinton launching a three-day swing through this critical first primary state, where vermont neighbor bernie sanders now has taken the lead for the first time in recent polls. clinton isn't the only candidate here today. in just a few hours, donald trump will be holding a town hall just 15 miles away from clint clinton's event at just about the same time. let's start with the republican debate, where the front-runner faltered, the establishment held steady and a new political star was born. joining me for our daily fix, nbc's hallie jackson and the
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"washington post" chris cillizza and ruth marcus joining us from washington. let's talk about last night. first of all, donald trump. what is the general opinion about how he did? one thing to note is there is a big distinction between how the pundits and all of us reporters and political strategists think he did and how his supporters will react. >> we have been in touch with a lot of his supporters up here in new hampshire and you're right, there does seem to be at least potentially a little bit of a divide between how the sort of pundit class is responding to trump and how his supporters are. let's talk about the pundit class. there was some discussion that trump almost seemed to be deflated. he had talked about or there had been reports he was going to potentially try and tone it down a little bit last night but at points he almost seemed to disappear off the stage. long stretches would go by where he didn't jump in, he didn't interject, he wasn't addressed directly by the other
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candidates. at the same time, we have spoken with voters here in new hampshire, folks who are conservative, folks who support trump, who say that's okay. they like his style, they like the fact that he got some zingers in. there is some concern maybe about the name calling. people seem to be somewhat hesitant about that. but his supporters are still very into what he represents. look at, for example, that drudge poll out last night that showed that trump was far and away the quote unquote, winner of the debate last night. he was sort of an interesting person to look at. the other person of course that we are all talking about today and you have already discussed is carly fiorina, who appeared to get a lot of the sentiment especially on social media as she came out with some good responses, good attack lines against trump that brought out a lot of applause. people who we thought were going to sparkle on stage, ben carson, for example, i spoke with a campaign staffer this morning who said the format, they didn't love. they thought it was too long, thought it dragged on, but they were pleased with the metrics they were looking for.
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for example, on social media and in fund-raising they brought in about a $1.5 million in the prior 24 hours to the start of the debate. they also are pointing to, for example, three million facebook likes and lots of twitter buzz for dr. carson. >> let's talk about the face-off between carly fiorina and donald trump. ruth, i want to play a little of the debate last night. >> donald trump said the following about you. quote, look at that face, would anyone vote for that, can you imagine that, the face of our next president? mr. trump later said he was talking about your persona, not your appearance. please feel free to respond what you think about his persona. >> you know, it's interesting to me, mr. trump said that he heard mr. bush very clearly and what mr. bush said. i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she's got a beautiful
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face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> ruth marcus and chris cillizza, let's weigh in on carly fiorina and how she did and how she did in handling trump. >> she did really well and i say that as someone who has been critical of her in the past. and she did fantastically well in handling trump. i think everybody -- every woman in america at least who heard that answer really heard it and was with her, and i was just flabbergasted that donald trump responded in the only way he seems to know how to respond to women, which is once again, commenting on her looks like he was going to get himself out of trouble for suggesting that her face wasn't attractive enough by saying that her face is attractive enough. come o it's 2015. >> one of the other big moments for her was talking about planned parenthood. this is a republican line and it's obviously going to be a showdown on the hill which could end up shutting down the government. chris, let me play a bit of that and talk to you on the other side.
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>> anyone who has watched this videotape, i dare, hillary clinton, barack obama, to watch these tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table. its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. this is about the character of our nation and if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> chris, i think this was very powerful with the republican voters and those leaning republican. it's a powerful argument. it doesn't fact check which is a challenge for hillary clinton. we understand she's going to be talking about that when she gets here to new hampshire today. but bottom line, does that work for fiorina? >> well, look, she comes across as quite impassioned. i do think that that does work for her. i thought she came across as real, as authentic, in ways that
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many of the other candidates on that stage didn't. they all sounded like politicians for the most part, with the obvious exceptions of donald trump and ben carson, who have succeeded by not sounding like politicians. i thought she was not just on that question, not just as ruth rightly noted on the response t to donald trump which was pitch perfect. but i thought on foreign policy she offered some thoughts, real thoughts on putin, what she would do with russia. i thought she sounded well versed, presidential, up to the task, serious, ready for the moment. i think that she has won both the first set of debates, there were two, she was in the undercard in the first one, and then this set of debates both last month and this month. she has proven herself to be a quite good debater. interesting to see how much more momentum she can sort of pull out of a strong performance in the main debate this time. >> this was also a big night for
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chris christie, especially when he interrupted an argument between fiorina and trump as to who was the better or worse business person or ceo. this was his moment. >> for the 55-year-old construction worker who doesn't have a job, who can't fund his child's education, i got to tell you the truth. they could care less about your careers. they care about theirs. stop playing -- carly, listen. you can interrupt everybody else on this stage. you can't interrupt me. okay? the fact is we don't want to hear about your careers back and forth and volleying back and forth about who did well and who did poorly. you're both successful people. congratulations. >> ruth marcus, was that a chance for chris christie to get back into the debate and back into the campaign? >> it was a chance but i guess i kind of have my doubts at this point, given the number of people who are in the campaign, the number of people who are
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crowding that stage, that it was enough of it. actually, i thought it was a good moment for christie in this sense. there is always like a tension for him between coming off as too bullying and coming off as commanding. i thought this one where he said don't interrupt me, he was able to have his space without seeming offensive in that way. i thought it was a good moment. i doubt it was enough of a moment for him to really be back in the game the way some people expected him to be. >> chris cillizza, jeb bush. this was his opportunity. he had been criticized by trump as being low energy and not fighting back enough. let's take a look at the way he defended his family when trump took him on. >> did mr. trump go too far in invoking your wife? >> he did. he did. you're proud of your family just as i am. to subject my wife into the middle of a raucus political conversation was completely inappropriate. i hope you apologize for that, donald. >> i have to tell you, i hear
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phenomenal things. i hear your wife is a lovely woman. i don't know her. >> she is absolutely the love of my life and she is right here. why don't you apologize for her right now? >> i said nothing wrong. >> that is the judgment you bring to the table? that she could bring about a better -- >> your brother and your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was such a disaster, those last three months, that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> you know, jeb bush then rebutted that and said my brother kept us safe. chris cillizza, how did that work for jeb? >> that was, that kept us safe line came to big applause. it was a break with how much jeb bush has struggled, frankly, in this debate and other forums to talk about his family. here's the problem. it came in, i can't even believe i'm saying this, but hour three of that debate, right. i lost track of time but definitely after 10:00 on the east coast. i thought for the first two
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hours of the debate with the bit there that you played about mrs. bush being the exception, not the rule, i thought he was -- i don't want to say low energy but i thought he sounded like a politician. i thought he looked a little queasy generally in terms of engaging trump, like he knew he had to do it, he didn't really want to, didn't really have the heart for it. i thought in the last hour of the debate, he was quite good. the problem is you really want to be as good as you possibly can when the most eyeballs are on it. he certainly was not bad in this debate. i thought he was sort of mediocre and then moving toward good. i thought he got stronger as it went. maybe that's enough. i think he certainly did better than, for example, scott walker, the everyone governor of wiscone thought needed a big night, headline, show some energy, some fight, and didn't get it at all. >> and finally, hallie, what will donald trump be doing in rochester later today?
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will he take questions from the town hall, the audience? because the one big gap in his performance last night was on substance. was on showing that he wasn't able to answer policy questions. >> and we have seen that throughout his campaign so far. look at the -- what was billed as a strong national security policy speech that he was supposed to give earlier in the week in california. it was just over ten minutes long and very short on substance. that is a question that trump has been pressed on at events like this one, particularly in new hampshire. he may take questions. he often does, especially from the media. so that will be something that he will likely be asked tonight. so trump here talking in rochester, one of the few candidates out on the trail today. tomorrow, a lot of them will be in south carolina at the heritage forum speaking there, which will be interesting to see how that shakes out given that you do have sort of another critical mass of candidates coming together. also note, one person we haven't talked about, marco rubio. that's somebody you heard donald trump talk about this morning praising not just carly fiorina
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but also senator rubio for his debate performance. andrea? >> thanks so much. last night, president reagan's air force one, the sold 707 provided the backdrop for the debate at the reagan library. >> i think i actually flew on this plane with ronald reagan when i was a congressman. yes, he was a great one and i learned much from watching him. most important thing, hope to americans, unify, lift everyone in america. >> in my lifetime, the greatest president was a governor from california. ronald reagan knew how to go big and go bold. now more than ever, america needs a leader who will go big and bold again. >> are we going to take the reagan approach, the hopeful optimistic approach, or the donald trump approach? the approach that says that everything is bad, that everything's coming to an end. >> mr. trump? >> i'm on the reagan side of this. >> i am joined now by phone by
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ronald reagan's son, michael reagan. we talked before the debate. yesterday you were looking forward to whether or not any of those candidates lived up to the optimism and the forward-looking ability of ronald reagan. what did you think in watching it? >> you know, sitting here watching it last night, the one thing i was happy about is the fact donald trump brings eyeballs to the event so they are able to see all the candidates who are trying to become president of the united states of america. so that side of donald trump i think is very very good. even though it's very lacking in substance, if you will, from his standpoint. but again, it's about optimism, it's about leading america forward and making america number one in the world again. i think that's really important. i think these people are better off spending time at what they're going to do rather than what my father was able to do. it was a different time, a different place, and whathave you.
9:14 am
you now have a whole different set of things going on in the world that we live in today. what we need is leadership and optimism. >> did anyone onstage impress you, or any group of people impress you as people who could be president of the united states? could be commander in chief? >> you know, i was impressed last night. i thought chris christie did a phenomenal job. i thought marco rubio did a great job. i thought carly fiorina did a great job. i said that right after the event. i said the big losers were trump and ben carson. ben carson did not have a moment last night in the debate at all. i thought the governors showed up very well, most of the governors, but i think the three top ones really were chris christie, carly and of course, marco rubio who every time it came to him he was able to knock it out of the park. people said what about ted cruz. ted cruz may be right on everything but marco rubio is so likeable and relatable and ted cruz is still the attorney
9:15 am
trying to close the deal in the supreme court. >> at the same time, donald trump has surprised all of us i think just everyone would have to agree that he attacks veterans, he attacks john mccain, he tacksattacks megyn k and still rises in the polls. do you think he can survive this performance and just keep on dominating the republican debates? >> it really should be about substance, where you are going to take america. you can't get there with platitudes. you have to have some kind of plan, where you're going to go and how you're going to get there. you had so many onstage, the first or second debate, that really said here's the plan and really had knowledge of the issues, absolute 100% knowledge of the issues. you had one person up there who is basically an entertainer. somebody who can talk in platitudes and what bothers me is that my side of the equation,
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the conservative side, seems to be buying into somebody who talks in platitudes but doesn't give them any substance of what he really, really wants to do and who he's going to put in place in the future. unless donald trump does that, i think he ends up being not a long-termer but a short-termer. i hope we are looking for substance and not celebrity. we had a celebrity as governor in california named arnold schwarzenegger and we are still trying to survive in california. we don't need to elect celebrities. we need to elect people with substance who can change what's going on in the world, make it a better place to live. >> michael reagan, thanks for joining us the day after the debate. to developing news in chile, where at least eight people now are dead, more than a million people were evacuated from their homes after an 8.3 magnitude earthquake. several coastal towns wered intoed flooded by small tsunami waves. buildings swayed in the capital city of santiago. this is the strongest quake to
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if you want to stump a democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of mrs. clinton's. >> none of us on this stage are under investigation for the fbi because we destroyed government records or because we leaked secrets. >> there will always be a bush or clinton for you if you want to go back to war in iraq. >> we shouldn't be fighting with each other. she's the real ponopponent. she's the real problem. >> donald trump wasn't the only
9:21 am
political punching bag last night. hillary clinton was of course the target of the republicans. clinton campaign press secretary brian fallon joins me now. thanks for being with us. how does hillary clinton fight back when she is being targeted by all of the republicans and by some democrats as well, of course? >> well, i think what you saw was clear last night in the debate. earlier in the undercard debate, lindsey graham had the line of the night, i think, when he mentioned how hillary clinton has a list a mile long of proposals to help the middle class. the rest of the republican field doesn't have a single idea to help the middle class. what they're focused on is just attacking hillary clinton because you didn't hear last night proposals on college affordability or how to grow incomes for middle class families. those are the issues hillary clinton is talking about. she's in new hampshire today as you know talking about the problem, the scourge of opiate addiction. she will be with the governor of
9:22 am
vermont who dedicated his state of the state speech to the issue. she is in touch with the concerns of everyday americans and that's a deep stark contrast to the republican field that was on the stage last night. >> but here she is in new hampshire today, she's got the support of the governor of vermont as you point out, but bernie sanders is now seven points ahead of her in the latest monmouth poll and on the cover of "time" magazine this week. she is slipping, losing support among white women voters in the latest "washington post"/abc poll by 29 points. how does she try to regain her traction here? >> well, you know, you have been covering this campaign from the beginning. you know our campaign manager has said from the beginning we always envisioned this would be a race that tightened. we don't take anything for granted. we don't have it any other way. really, this campaign is playing out the way we thought it would. in a state like new hampshire,
9:23 am
we are in a tightened contest there but we believe that as hillary clinton continues to campaign in that state and like i said, talk about issues like heroin addiction, sexual assault was an issue she rolled out a proposal on earlier this week, these are issues that are not on the front pages of newspapers but are issues that resonate in local communities because they are issues that are hurting families and affecting their lives. we think it shows that hillary clinton is a listener in touch with the concerns of middle class families. that's something that over the long term will make her the clear choice in this contest. >> joe biden will be talking about sexual assault on college campuses in ohio, battleground ohio today, after being in michigan earlier in the day and in california yesterday. so at least according to a lot of biden supporters, two of them on the record to me from south carolina, this is a wide open race. >> well, the vice president certainly is entitled to take his time making a decision and we are respecting that process. we are going to run the same
9:24 am
race regardless what have the re rest of the field looks like. we are confident hillary clinton will have the support of democrats such that we will be able to win in iowa and new hampshire. if you look at all the polls she continues to do well with democrats. her favorability hovers around 80%. even the issues they try to raise about trustworthiness. if you look at the poll that came out earlier this week of all the declared presidential candidates on the democratic side, she has the highest numbers on that attribute. we feel we are in great standing. she certainly continues to lead in every head-to-head with republicans and after seeing the debate last night i don't think it's any wonder why that's the case. >> what also happened last night is that she got some free political advice from the other fallon or maybe it was donald trump. i don't know if you and fallon are related. let's take a look at that. >> i wish. >> you want to win? here's what you got to do. first, yell.
9:25 am
i yell all the time. in fact, this phone isn't even plugged in. >> i don't know, you might have a replacement ready to push you out as her top strategist. >> maybe we should switch jobs. i think you saw a very loose, relaxed hillary clinton last night. she was in her element. she loved it. it was a riot. some of the interactions between her and jimmy fallon last night have been all over social media today. i think she's going to continue to be doing interviews. she's doing one later today. she will be -- we are doing sunday shows this weekend. she is going to continue to be in a variety of settings because we want to communicate our message to as wide an audience as possible. at the end of the day it will be clear that while the republicans are increasingly out of touch and out of date with their policies, hillary clinton is the one offering a true vision for how to lift middle class wages and will fight for issues like women's health.
9:26 am
you saw last night whi. we are two weeks out from potential government shutdown because of the brinksmanship you see from republicans so she is talking about the issues that matter. i think the choice is clear betwee her and not just those on the democratic side but certainly those on the republican side as well. >> brian fallon, thank you very much. thanks for being with us. coming up next, the clock maker, 14-year-old ahmed mohammad just wanted to show off his invention to his teachers. now he has the attention of president obama and mark zuckerberg. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement.
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heroes who stopped that terror attack on a french train to the oval office. later today the three head to the pentagon for an awards ceremony hosted by secretary of defense ashton carter. spencer stone will receive a purple heart and the airman's medal. alec skarlatos will receive a medal. congratulations to them for what they did. after his story lit up social media, support pours in for ahmed mohammed, a texas student arrested for bringing a home-made clock to school. he built this digital clock at home and brought it to school to show off to his engineering teacher. when the clock's alarm sounded in one of his later classes, school administrators called the police saying they feared it was a bomb. ahmed described what happened next to msnbc's chris hayes. >> they told me i was under arrest.
9:31 am
i asked for what crime. they were like for a hoax bomb. i felt like i was a criminal. i felt like i was a terrorist. one of the officers did comment on me walking into the room. he got back in the recline chair and relaxed and he was like, he said that's who i thought it was. >> now the 14-year-old is getting attention and support from some of the biggest names in business and politics. from the white house. we are joined with more from texas. >> reporter: ahmed has gone from someone who was in handcuffs here at his high school to a name that was trending worldwide on twitter. one of those tweets from president obama, who has invited ahmed to the white house, said bring your clock with you. it wasn't just the president. mark zuckerburg said come to facebook. twitter offered him an internship. google said come by, you're the type of person that we would like to meet, that we would eventually perhaps like to hire.
9:32 am
this is really extended beyond what it started at in the halls of a high school as a young student who had a clock that he made himself and wanted to show and hopefully impress his engineering teacher. what's next for ahmad? well, he is not at school today. his suspension continues until thursday. but he says he's probably not going to return. he is currently searching for a new school and he has also said he would like to eventually some day attend m.i.t. m.i.t. said come take a tour, we would like to meet you. a young man with a very bright future. back to you. we have winners and losers coming up. the hits, the runs, the misses from last night's debate coming up next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges.
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what do you think women heard when donald trump said that about you? >> you know, i think that women are still caricatured and scrutinized and criticized differently and i think it's only a woman who would be criticized for her appearance while running for the highest office in the land. so i think women know that. women deal with that every day. so i think women understood. >> joining me now for more on the republican debate, former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, hillary clinton supporter, and former new hampshire senator john sununu, who supports john kasich who is doing well in new hampshire, probably thanks to you. >> small part of the team. >> what were your impressions last night? a lot of people are saying that donald trump showed that there was no there there, that he wasn't strong on substance, didn't match up. but all the commentators have
9:37 am
been wrong before and trump has just gone from strength to strength in terms of the polls. >> well, i don't think you can ever tell exactly where the trajectory is going. it's early. i tell john kasich that all the time. we have done well in new hampshire as you point out, moving forward in iowa and south carolina and michigan. but we are a long way. donald trump is on the defensive. you had a number of commentators earlier this afternoon talking about it. he seemed a little flat, not a lot of energy and only time will tell how voters respond to that. there were a couple of other candidates that probably needed to break through significantly and do something special. scott walker and rand paul, given where their campaigns have been. i don't think they did that successfully. but overall, i think these performances were a little bit more closely bunched than in the first debate. you saw a big disparity in performance in the first debate, a little more middle of the road in this go-round, maybe because it was three hours long.
9:38 am
>> was this a breakout moment, ed rendell, for carly fiorina, especially she got personal and hillary clinton is coming to new hampshire, is going to be talking about the scourge of drugs which is a big issue here. peter shumlin, the governor, made it a keynote in his state of the state speech. this is carly fiorina. with her, it is tragically personal. sorry, i think -- sorry, i think we were going to show her talking about losing a child to addiction and the need for more services. on that, she would not disagree with hillary clinton, clearly, but she's gone after clinton on just about everything else calling her a liar repeatedly on
9:39 am
benghazi and on e-mails. ed? >> well, i thought carly fiorina did well yesterday and i expect her to get the biggest bump out of it. i think donald trump did not do well, was on the defensive, didn't handle substantive issues very well. i think he'll go down but that's what i thought after the first debate and he went up, so who knows. i thought scott walker actually did well. i thought governor christie did well. i thought marco rubio did well. interestingly, a poll came out this morning from michigan, michigan republican primary, and trump and carson are in the low 20s, bush is at nine, rubio's at four, fiorina's at three, kasich and walker are at two and christie's at one. so they have got a long -- with the exception of new hampshire, this other tier of candidates has a long way to go. that's the bad news for them. the good news is there are four months to go until iowa so there is plenty of time.
9:40 am
>> plenty of time and we do want to play that tape of carly fiorina because it was a moment where she revealed something about herself that she's talked about before on the campaign, but she has never been in prime time before. let's watch. >> i very much hope that i am the only person on this stage who can say this, but i know there are millions of americans out there who will say the same thing. my husband frank and i buried a child to drug addiction. so we must invest more in the treatment of drugs. i agree with senator paul, i agree with states rights. but we are misleading young people when we tell them that marijuana is just like having beer. it's not. >> that clearly just very briefly, carly fiorina showed a lot of fire, a lot of heart and that she had controlled the substance last night.
9:41 am
>> that's a powerful personal story that obviously was very relevant to who she is but also to the debate at the moment. and that's a great opportunity to share with the audience, to introduce yourself to the audience. that's what these debates are really about. the zingers, the funniest person isn't going to win the nomination. the fights, the angriest person isn't going to win the nomination. it's about introducing yourself every week, every month between now and the end of the year so that when you hit those early primary states, new hampshire and south carolina, and ed mentioned michigan, the voters really do know and understand who you are. john kasich last night, that's what he did time and again, the way you should do it. talk about balancing budgets, cutting taxes, creating jobs in ohio. he has a level of leadership and success in congress and as governor that nobody else on that stage had. he had 18 years foreign policy experience on the armed services committee that nobody else has.
9:42 am
and he is probably one of the least known candidates, yet has been able to move forward in iowa and new hampshire and i think that's why he's the right guy for the country, but i think that's why he has a lot of potential upside coming out of this debate. >> very briefly, ed rendell, joe biden. in michigan and ohio today, california yesterday, clearly testing the waters. >> no question about it. i think joe is considering it. he has been urged on by a lot of people. but again, if you look at the polls in the big states, florida, pennsylvania, ohio, south carolina, north carolina, joe's in third place behind bernie sanders and way behind hillary clinton. the only way he gets into the race big-time and surges ahead is to attack hillary clinton. i don't know if he can do that. i don't know if he wants to do that. they have been friends, they were colleagues in the administration. i don't know if he's got the
9:43 am
heart for that and i don't know if he thinks that will be good for the party. >> andrea -- >> very briefly. >> i've got to say, i know ed's supporting hillary but i totally disagree. joe biden doesn't have to attack hillary clinton. she has managed to squander a 40 point lead in the polls without anyone's help. joe biden doesn't need to do anything to accelerate that. i think if he gets into the race, he will be the nominee, because people recognize now that hillary has some fundamental weaknesses. i think that's what's been the key to bernie sanders' surge. >> after being battered for four weeks, unprecedented battering she's still 25, 30 points ahead in all the big states. >> not in states like new hampshire, where people are paying attention. that's the key. when voters pay attention, how do they react? watch new hampshire. watch iowa. see what happens. >> well, i'm going to have to leave it there.
9:44 am
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mrs. clinton is going to have to defend her track record. her track record of lying about benghazi, of lying about her e-mails, about lying about her servers. she does not have a track record of accomplishment. like mrs. clinton, i too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe but unlike mrs. clinton, i know that flying is an activity. it is not an accomplishment. mrs. clinton, if you want to stump a democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of mrs. clinton's. >> new hampshire senator jean shaheen is one of hillary clinton's biggest supporters and joins me from washington, doing your day job up here in beautiful new hampshire. >> i know. >> it's quite extraordinary up here.
9:48 am
but the question is as hillary clinton comes here today, she has fallen further behind, farther behind bernie sanders from neighboring vermont and she is under fire, losing support from women voters. how do you stop the slide in hillary clinton's campaign? >> well, i think hillary is going to continue to do what she's been doing in this campaign. she is going to continue talking about what matters in voters' lives. she will be in concord, our state capital, today with the vermont governor, peter shumlin, and they will be talking about heroin and opioid abuse. it's a huge epidemic in new hampshire and concerns too many families. tomorrow she will be at the university of new hampshire talking about how to help students with the cost of student loans. new hampshire has the second highest student loan debt in the country. these are issues that really matter to families and she is going to be there talking about how we make sure that families can get access to good jobs and opportunities for their children
9:49 am
and that's when i think voters in new hampshire and across this country, what they care about. >> what about carly fiorina calling her a liar? >> you know, i think it's unfortunate to have that kind of rhetoric starting already. you know, we should be respectful. there should be civil discourse. we can disagree and certainly we do, but we should do it in a way that's respectful. it was disappointing to see that comment from miss fiorina last night. >> joe biden in michigan and ohio today, he's clearly thinking this over very seriously and supporters say the race is wide open because of hillary clinton's slide in the polls. >> well, i think vice president biden has to make that decision for himself. but again, it's not going to affect what hillary clinton is doing. she's continuing to put together the building blocks of this campaign, continuing to go out and talk to people about what
9:50 am
matters in their lives, about what we need to do in this country to ensure that the economy continues to come back, that there are job opportunities for families that if you're in middle class families, that you can still have opportunities for the future. that's what i think people care about. >> and today, of course, the crisis continues to grow overseas. the migrants who are caught at that border, croatia and the border town, facing riot police. there are calls including from secretary kerry to bring more in, but i'm told they don't even have the arabic translators, the screeners, to do security and background checks to deal with the current backlog, to say nothing of 10,000 or even the 100,000 some house members are calling for. what should they do? >> well, we can't look at those tragic pictures and not feel like we need to do more in the united states. i had a meeting with some senators and a number of european ambassadors who are at the front lines of this crisis
9:51 am
yesterday to talk about how we can better cooperate and i'll tell you, one of the first things the united states senate should do is confirm the nominee to head u.s. a.i.d., our agency that helps with refugees. we need to get her confirmed, put her on the job so she can provide leadership so we can help work with europe to address the refugee crisis. but of course, the answer is we've got to address the civil war in syria. that's ultimately what has to happen. and isis, so that the refugees feel like they can stay in their home countries without being slaughtered. >> we will have to leave it there. that is a huge challenge, of course. senator shaheen, thank you very much for joining us today. coming up next, will they or won't they? what will the fed do? they announce it in the next hour. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that.
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9:54 am
what story will make headlines in the next 24 hours?
9:55 am
how about the fed decision coming just about 2:00 eastern. joining me is cnbc's dominic chu. this is the long-awaited, perhaps overhyped announcement about whether they will raise rates and if they do, it will be a small rate increase, but what will be the economic impact if they do? >> the economic impact is big. it's a big deal because this would be the first time our nation's central bank has increased its benchmark interest rates which influence everything from home loans to auto loans to credit card loans. if it's credit related, you name it, it's all going to be influenced by the fed. this will be the first time since 2006 they have actually boosted that rate. the reason why it's important is because arguably, the fed's low interest rate policy has helped inflate the values of a lot of things from stocks to bonds to real estate holdings and that's helped a lot of the economy. on the bad side, low interest rates have disadvantaged a big part of our population in america. those are the savers, the ones who rely on fixed incomes,
9:56 am
pensioners, retirees. that will be a big deal. the economic impact's big. but like you said, we are not expecting a large increase in the rates if it even happens at all. so everything happens at 2:00. of course, the markets are in unprecedented territory. we have never been like this ever before so it's anyone's guess right now how stocks and everything else react in the wake of this. that's 2:00, about an hour away. >> we'll be watching. thanks for making time for us. that does it for this special edition of andrea mitchell on the trail in new hampshire. we will be live from durham, new hampshire tomorrow covering the clinton campaign and everything else. follow the show online and on twitter. stay tuned. here is a simple math problem. two trains leave st. louis for albuquerque at the same time. same cargo, same size, same power. which one arrives first? hint: it's not the one on the left. the speedy guy on the right is part of an intelligent system that creates the optimal trip profile for all trains on the line. and the one on the left?
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because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts. everyone was a winner in last night's debate. that's how the candidates see it today. for the impartial critic, business woman carly fiorina stood out the most, taking it to
10:00 am
donald trump and laying out her foreign policy and sounding clear and focused with every answer. this is what she told "morning joe" today. >> i will keep doing what i have been doing, which is working hard every single day to answer every question, to meet as many voters as i can, to be transparent about who i am and what i intend to do. but i hope what people saw last night is that i can win this job and i can do this job. >> donald trump and jeb bush also appeared to believe that they had a good night. trump even thought that fiorina had a good one. take a listen. >> carly did very well and i thought she did well, too, but i didn't see it as standout like you did, but maybe it's a different perspective. of course, i was being hit from 15 different ways, everything i have ever said about a woman i got hit on that show. there's no question about that. >> he has said a lot of things about a lot of people that aren't true. and i think you have to show that you've got the mettle to be president o


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