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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  September 18, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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it's good to be with you on this friday morning. e i'm frances rivera in for jose diaz-balart. trump failed to correct one of his supporters who called president obama a foreign-born muslim. the question came from a man who described muslims in america as a, quote, problem and asked when the u.s. could get red of them. -- rid of them. >> reporter: this morning it's what donald trump didn't say that has him under fire after this back and forth q & a in new hampshire. >> we have a problem in this country, it's called muslim. we know our current president is
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one. he's not an american. >> we need this first question. >> but we have training camps where they want to kel -- kill us. >> reporter: trump never corrected the man, telling him that he was a christian man born in the u.s. when we pressed, a spokeswoman added mr. trump was referring to the need to protect christians'
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religious liberties as his previous statement said. >> no, ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen, that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. >> reporter: is that who trump supporters are? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: and a potential rival attacked, hillary clinton saying it was just plane wrong and cut it out. >> hillary clinton is hitting back at republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. andrea mitchell is following the political back and forth in new
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hampshire. >> reporter: good morning, frances. >> oh, i'm just thrilled to be with you. >> reporter: hillary clinton in new hampshire firing back at the republicans for their debate. >> lots of bickering, lots of personal, you no, insults, attacks. >> reporter: it was carly fiorina who had the sharpest edge, challenging clinton over the controversial videos released by an activist group purporting to expose planned parenthood. >> i dare hillary clinton, barack obama to watch these tapes, watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says, "we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain." >> reporter: clinton responded on cnn. >> i think we ought to be very clear that planned parenthood
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has served to provide, claiming the videos were heavily edited but carly fiorina is standing by her comments. >> she says all of us are equal in the eyes of god. >> reporter: on the debate stage, she hammered hillary clinton's record. >> mrs. clinton, if want to stump a democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of mrs. clinton. >> if anyone is interested, there's oo ou. >> it's great to talk to you. thank you all very much. >> reporter: even though carly fiorina is sticking by her story, "the washington post" and other independent fact checkers
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say that no. >> now to breaking news from the white house. the obama administration is taking new steps to strengthen ties with cuba and voting to end the trade embargo altogether. chris, first the appointment to u.s. ambassador to cuba and now these changes. break them down for us. >> some pretty major steps here, not only naming the ambassador but also some changes that push the boundaries of what the president can do without congressional action. let's take a look at some of the things that are going to happen. and by the way, this is happening very quickly. they go into effect on monday. expanding travel between the countries, something what is a
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major boom, including cruise ships. allowing a u.s. business presence to expand. this is going to have significant economic opportunities according to the white house both for cuba and the u.s. it will be very big for the import/, banking will have a major impact, telecommunications, the internet, cell phone usage. and, again, i think this is really an end case of what the president first announced late last year when the decision was made to move toward normalizing relations here, opening of the, a little later on this morning
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treasury and commerce officials who have been leading this under the direction of the president are going to be giving a briefing to give us an even wider implication of what the implications were of these moves announced just at 9:00 this morning. >> with that announcement, it seems the white house seems to be pushing o see how far it can go. in fact, the senate side has let led the charge with some of the bills. i think there is also an acknowledgement hoar you always have introduced different issues. anything that's going to happen in congress is not going to happen without a fight. >> appreciate it. for more on all of these stories
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and others as well, i want to bring in nbc news political director, chuck todd. is he going to have to come out now and say that president obama was born in the united states, he is not a muslim. is he going to have to do that. >> i asked him about that it's as if they doesn't want to disappoint his core supporters, who do want to believe this about the president, it doesn't matter what you say, what facts you present, they're going to believe this because they want to. hem correcting it to me comes
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across, and we see if he decides to correct it or not, comes across as an attempt not to upset his base consistency. >> that's the question here because i would think that maybe it's the next day, would it be too late especially when this type of pe kquestion posed back 2008, senator mccain very different, he makes the mic out of her hand to correct her. is it going to be too late to backtrack and correct this? >> it may be. doo depend trm trum, he has a history himselves being a birther. and he has not renounced his birtherism. i gave him a chance to do it in
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my interview. he's never done that. >> i wanted to ask you, too, the dynamic of this race for the first time in presidential politics, two really strong women candidates on both sides. how is having to respond to carly fiorina impacting hillary clinton right now? as we've seen, dropping in the polls and needing that female vote, especially with bernie sanders surging, especially in new hampshire. >> it's not going to have an impact on the democratic primary. however, one of the demographic secret weapons that democrats have been thinking was in their arsenal was the idea that if hillary clinton is the nominee, that there might be some republican voting women, there might be romney voters from '12, older voters who say i want to
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vote for the first does thatnd up making it could where the advantage that hillary clinton has, that sao going it -- if does that hurt her in many primary. >> we heard from chris about the announcement by the white house on cuba and now we have numbers from our march yis poll on cuba. so so will that deal play out for the president's legacy? >> this is that the country
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already moved on. i don't think that cuba will. >> quickly, on sunday "meet the press ", who is with you? >> i got a couple hoose hoose dpt is bag. >> okay. we'll hear those tough words. >> you can catch chuck this sunday and every sunday on "meet the press." check your listings if go --
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today's article 32 harring will determine in bergdahl should face court martial and endangering his fellow soldiers to went out looking for him. >> lots more to bring you. we're just getting started on this friday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, why today is make or break for hillary clinton in new hampshire. and appropriation francis heads to cuba.
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later in the day she went for a town hall meeting that people really liked and you go there and there are open chairs and you doesn't see those at bernie sanders events. it's standing room only. >> both clintons made comebacks,
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hillary clinton in 2008, bill clinton in 1992. here's a little refresher for you. >> we don't know yet what the final tally will be. i think we know enough to say with some certainty that new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. [ cheers and applause ] >> i am so gratified that you responded. now together let's give america the kind of comeback that new hampshire has just given me. [ cheers and applause ] >> can we fast forward that? could that be a reality with new hampshire playing a role again for her given the fact she's not polling so well for bernie sanders? >> they're hoping for that. look, when this campaign began, new hampshire was viewed for friendly territory for her for exactly the reasons you just showed your viewers. those were the two moments where
6:20 am
clinton -- clinton -- the clintonon famili oo oo oon -- c this bond with hill re so even with all those advantages and the history you just pointed out, she is struggling. you're going to def netly see her coming here a lot more. it's a place where expectations are high for her. >> absolutely. we'll see if that happens given. wok ba. >> after the break, more on the pope's message to the cuban people and the rest of the world. and the sunshine staet length
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i was in depression and ecouldn i couldn't get out. i couldn't tell my co-workers, i couldn't tell my husband, i couldn't tell anybody. there's nobody you can tell. >> despite it all, joyce mitchell's husband says he will stand by his wife and he's ready to welcome her back once she is released. >> it's already been a rough ride on wall street. plus we'll talk with a congresswoman as a budget deadline looms just two weeks away. that's all next here on "the rundown."
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the federal reserve announced it is leaving rates at historic lows. let's bring in our cnbc contributor. dropping done to 62, now 66. we're watching numbers that continue to go down. hard to figure out wall street, especially when you have this. why are stocks lower and dropping as we watch. didn't investors get what they want with no hike in the interest rate? >> yes but at the same time i think the fed in its communication really confused the market.
6:31 am
on the one hand janet yellen in her conference suggested that the fed could still raise rates and said at the same time that they're concerned. on the within hand we may raise rates, on the other hand we're concerned about the world and what it could do to us. if the fed came out and said the world is weaker, the dollar has got i don't know strong are, we're going to wait till next year, you would have had a rally today. instead you have a muddy picture and the market's responding accordingly. >> you think the mixed message to fed is to blame there. anything that stood out to you in trying to dissect -- the other side it was that message but what can you take away from that, especially when it comes to investors and what they're wanting to hear? >> look, investors want either for them to rip the band-aid off and raise rates and get that
6:32 am
first move over with and say it's one and done until sometime next year. the fed also said two conflicting things yesterday with respect to where the u.s. economy is. inflation is closer to their target. we're creating 220,000 jobs a month. flip side is inflation is still too low. it's missed the fed's two-year target for almost three years running. 2% means prices in the economy are stable and a good sign of economic growth. again, they're split at home, split abroad. that creates the type of confusion that makes it very difficult for investors to take positions and have a longer term view, which they certainly can't have in the wake of the announcement yesterday. >> now it's negative 185, 188. >> it's reflecting weakness that
6:33 am
we're seeing overseas in response to the fed's decision. european markets were down 2%, japan was down overnight. we're back in this negative feedback loop as we were in the midst of the correction that we saw in late july and roo and the jury is out on a variety of different topics here. that's just the type environment that creates markets like this. >> all you guys have that wall street crystal ball. when are we going to see this interest rate -- >> i don't think it will resolve by the october meeting, which is only six weeks away. if you look at the way in which interest rate investors and
6:34 am
traders are betting on the likelihood of a rate hike, the month that is most likely at the moment to be the month for liftoff is march of 2016. >> as always, thank you very much. good to see you. >> now to several of the republican presidential candidates, they're in south carolina today. but before the forum, ben carson will speak at a health care summit in groonville in the next hour. tur reports. >> this is ben carson's wheelhouse. it is certainly where he shined in the debate a couple nights ago. but there is some concern among his supporters and people considering him that he doesn't have enough energy to be a leader, that his demeanor isn't strong enough, that he won't be powerful enough on that stage, though he looked and sounded
6:35 am
intelligent when he was uk about who really came out swenging and sounding like more of a leader than ben carson did. >> carly fiorina has earned positive reviews for her debate performance here. but a new l.a. times article has this reaction saying farina as po. what kind of scrutiny should be we looking for? >> by doing so well in the debate, she's at a much higher level of scrutiny. she's going to be asked questions about what she has been saying. she laid off 30,000 people, while tripling are spkt that to
6:36 am
get reused with her opponents as well just what she meant when she was talking about a video from planned parenthood that allegedly showed a fetus being harvested for its is a woman saying that she saw that happ s happens. >> especially when a cam pan as always, thank you very much. now to developments from capitol hill where budget battle lines are being drawn with less than two weeks to go to avoid a government shutdown. the house is expected to pass a measure that would block federal funding for planned parenthood for a year. they debating the issue right now on the floor.
6:37 am
the white house is. >> kol oog should heed what the american people saying pits term limit me after an hour and a half strategy with the president at the white house, democratic leaders are calling on republicans to get serious about a budget deal. >> we got to get past the show boats. because the pope is coming so we have to get past it. >> joining me is the chief deputy minority whip. congresswoman, thank you. i want o get your reaction of what you just heard from tarn?
6:38 am
>>. >> matt: over 90% of what planned parenthood does is wellnesses have it, cervical screenings, breast so what you have see is over 60% of americans support that funding for planned parenthood and over 80% of americans don't think that we should shut down the government over funding planned parenthood. that's what the democrats think, too. >> scott: they're pushing pore a temporary spending deal. why not that many ham are out a long term prn but the most important thing is we don't shut down the government on october 1st. the last time we did that, it
6:39 am
was disastrous for our country and working money and women across the country. if speaker boehner want to get together with democrats and republicans and work out say a three-month deal to fund the government like righters, and i agree with you, we need to get serious. >> is there a risk there when it comes to republicans and having them kind of digging even more in and increase the chances saying you know what, you're going to play that game? thinks it a ridiculous idea to shut down the funding of the
6:40 am
government because of planned plarnt hoodmillions of women get their health care from planned parenthood. i'm $ this the issue on which they're willing to fall on th. >> thanks. >> now i want to bring you up to date with california wildfires, florida flooding and an arrest in the case of the mexican 43. and here's some sad news this morning from california search teams. they have fond two more bodies in the burned rueins two major fires are still burning in the northern part of the state but cool are weather has helped firefighter gain some ground
6:41 am
there. >> and zion national park officials identified seven hikers killed in a flood this week. the hikes are were from california and nevada. they died when fast moving floodwaters rushed through. and another day of soaking rain for the sunshine state. this is in broward county, florida, where high wind blew pat why are furniture -- look at that, they flew right into the pool, just like they were toys. >> our meteorologist bill karins says this should be the last day of the rain for a while. >> now, to a major arrest gather kbar they have i raesed a man
6:42 am
accused to be the intellectual author of the students' disappearance. >> coming up, just days away from the pope's visit to the united states and the final security preparations are in place pool about pull. >> a lifeguard spotted the 7-foot shark yesterday and they quickly posted a mile north and a mile south of huntington beach peer. joint and skin symptoms.
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johnson will travel to prepare for the pope's visit. 51% have a positive opinion of the pontiff while 9% have a negative view. joining me former fbi special agent, dan, good to you have with us as always. you were special agent in charge of the fbi and nypd joint terrorism task force here. >> it's a big undertaking. new york has the united nations general assembly visit every year. there's a lot of different command agency. this has the added challenge of the pope visit overlaid on that.
6:47 am
earlier this week there was a big tabletop exercise at nypd fbi. and close to 50 agencies figuring out how they'll can't with each other should there be a preparation. >> when it cops the faithful who are there to support him and maybe go off of the loon and how do you prepare for those moments? >> the best way to prepare is to gather intelligence and figure out what your threats are ahead of time. so there will be a lot of work, in addition to the police officers that will be present ands havible. a lot of things going on behind the scenes, collecting intelligence, not just locally but international will -- and
6:48 am
this while daily life, the hustle and bustle of new york city is going to still happen and granted there are going to be some lane closures and road closures as well but all of this happening at the same time while everybody's going about their business. >> exactly. but there will be a lot of resources brought to bear on this thing. you mentioned traffic but there it be hopefully people can keep moving in traffic. it not going to be easy but i'm sure they're up for the task. >> and many, many people expected to come out to see the pope. is there a kind of should/should not do for the people? >> i believe there as a lost
6:49 am
items that are prohibited that people should read ahead of times. don't come in with srn things that will. interesting to say the selfie stick, too, but you're going to have to do it the good old fashioned prpif everybody is respect in the it still to come after the break, the death toll ruses in that 8.3 magnitude earthquake in chile. today tsunami waves reach the shores of johnson. we'll go live to chile next
6:50 am
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the death toll continues to rise in the south american country of chile following the deadly earthquake, and overnight several aftershocks shook the country once again prompting tsunami warnings across the pacific. we are joined now by gabe. >> reporter: good morning. it was not the earthquake, but it was the tsunami that caused most of the damage and ripped this home off its foundation and tossed it into the neighbor's yard. right now there's a massive cleanup effort under way, and this is a national holiday, independence day in chile, and it was the strongest recorded on the planet so far this year and triggered tsunami advisories thousands of miles away including the coast of california and hawaii and japan. at least 12 people are confirmed dead and hundreds spent the night in emergency shelters and
6:54 am
many people are crediting new warning systems and updated building codes for saving many lives, and as you mentioned, francis, there were several aftershocks overnight including one that measured a 6.3, but thankfully no major damage or injuries reported. geologists say the aftershocks could continue for month. >> scary for those that lived through that one and the work still being done behind you. thank you very much. coming up on the run down, donald trump, what he didn't say that is stirring up trouble. a look at the market, the dow down triple digits after the federal reserve held interest rates steady. we'll have more on the selloff. plus, a look where army sergeant bergdahl could take the stand and explain why he left the army base in 2009.
6:55 am
i am meteorologist, bill kari karins. what a great ending to summer, and cool temperatures around chicago, and oklahoma city, and on sunday, a very nice ending to our last summer weekend with highs in the 70s and 80s in most locations and very few chances of rain.
6:56 am
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use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. good to be with you for a second hour. we're starting with another controversy surrounding donald trump this morning. during a campaign stop in new hampshire the gop frontrunner took questions from the crowd and it's one question or the answer or nonanswer that is getting all the attention. >> okay, this man, i like this guy. >> i am from white plains, and we have a problem in this country, and it's called muslims. we know our current president is one, and you know he is not even an america -- >> we need this question. >> anyway, we have training camps they want to kill us, and that's why question, when can we get rid of them? >> we are going to be looking at
6:59 am
a lot of different things, and a lot of people are saying that and we are going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> trump never corrected the man's incorrect statement that president obama is a muslim born outside of the united states. and good morning to you. let's get started about what the campaign is saying this morning, anything about that? >> reporter: yeah, hi, francis. we asked his campaign if they would like to elaborate, and to be clear trump's statement was talking about referring to the protection of christians, and he referring to the issue of training camps and last night hillary clinton, who is campaigning here in new
7:00 am
hampshire today and he was shear last night and she sent out a personal tweet about it, and she said it was donald trump not denouncing false statements about hateful statements about muslims is wrong, cut it out. and this was at a mccain town hall when somebody referred to barack obama as an arab, and john mccain corrected him or her. let's look at that. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him, and he's not -- he's not -- he's a arab. >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. >> no? >> no, ma'am, he's a decent family man, a citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign is all about, he's not, thank you.
7:01 am
>> reporter: now, a little bit of a different reaction there as you can see, and donald trump is usually in hot water for things he says, and last night it was for something he didn't say. >> and there's talk here that everybody was waiting -- especially i was to see what he would say post debate, and donald trump seemed tired and possibly even losing some of the air in the trump balloon. what is the trump campaign focussing on, especially with so much light being shined on carly fiorina. >> they are going down to south carolina and they are trying to focus on moving on with his message about national security and immigration and other things. >> thank you very much. many of the republican presidential candidates are preparing to take the stage later today as we were saying in
7:02 am
the crucial state of south carolina, and they will be speaking at a forum hosted by the super pac heritage action for america, and benji is there for us. set the scene, one of the candidates hoping to accomplish something today, and what message can we expect? >> reporter: a lot of candidates are going to be looking to build off their momentum or put a disappointing performance behind them. the draw is carly fiorina, who was the main story coming out of the debate, attracted a lot of attention for her performance, and trump is there and will get a lot of attention, and another one to watch, scott walker, another relatively weak debate performance, and that is coincided with him falling in the polls in iowa, where he says
7:03 am
he has to win that and putting all his eggs in that basket and natalie. >> back to trump and what he didn't say last night at that town hall, any indication that maybe he did that on purpose to steal a little bit of the spotlight off of carly fiorina knowing that we are talking about her and that she is really standing out? >> reporter: well, look, this is a question from the audience and i will not get into conspiracy theories here, and this is a dynamic, when trump gets in hot water with one controversy, it's amazing how quickly he can do something outrageous or say something outrageous and steal the spotlight back to him and sometimes it happens multiple times a day, and candidates are still trying to figure out how to overcome that in a way that let's them get their own message
7:04 am
and that can detract from trump's momentum. >> do you think there's a strategy in that? is it deliberate as far as donald trump goes, or is it happenstance because donald trump is donald trump? >> it's hard to say, and so far it has worked well for donald trump. at first it seemed like he had no reason or rhyme for the things he did in the campaign, and he seems to have become more delivered strategy to move past news stories, and there's no way to know what is going on in donald trump's head. >> let's talk to carly fiorina when it comes to the caution, opening her up for more scrutiny from her fellow gop rivals and we saw it with mitt romney in
7:05 am
2012, so is there anything that she can learn from his experience that she can apply now that she is in that position? >> if carly fiorina is going to learn anything from romney it's that she should be extremely, extremely worried about moving into any kind of frontrunner role, because there is a lot of attacks used against her in her previous campaign in california that are essentially attacks on romney's record, and there were layoffs of tens of thousands of people, and she clashed at the company with people, and she was fired, and it can make for an extremely compelling attack ad, and people are worried about the jobs themselves. so as she gets more scrutiny and she is going to have to have a good answer for those questions. >> thank you very much. while republicans gather in south carolina, hillary clinton is trying to shore up support in
7:06 am
new england. today is the second day of a three-day swing through new hampshire. polling this week shows her trailing vermont senator, bernie sanders. to both of you, welcome. i want to start with you, alex, we saw the governor from vermont campaign with hillary clinton yesterday and earlier this month she was endorsed by the new hampshire senator, and what kind of message is she sending when it comes to endorsements and how is that going to be difficult when she is trying to get the message out against bernie sanders as the outsider here? >> reporter: this is the tale on
7:07 am
two campaigns. bernie sanders had massive crowds, and he has failed to get a single endorsement from a sitting governor or senator, and hillary clinton has locked down support for most democratic elected officials and the history suggested her approach is more likely to win her the domination. the officials have their own political networks and donors and a lot of them vote as super delegates in picking the next nominee, and that's nice, bernie sanders that you have the crowds, but even the officials that know you best from your home state, and today hillary clinton is picking up an endorsement from the governor of new hampshire. >> you consider bernie sanders on the cover of "time" magazine
7:08 am
as alex mentioned drawing huge crowds, and the polls, it's not a runaway for him, but what is working where he is able to chip away, and he is leading hillary clinton in new hampshire? >> i think he has been leading in new hampshire for a while and is from neighboring vermont, and he is leading from a few polls, and i think what you are seeing is people are responding to his issue in portfolio, and people support sanders because of his position on some issues, and they are picking a candidate on something other than electability, and hillary clinton is still strong and overwhelmingly popular and most democrats say they expect her to be the nominee and she has seen weakening, but still popular overall, you have both
7:09 am
candidates, and vice president biden popular with democrats over all. >> alex, what has changed? what is the difference in new hampshire from then that makes it tougher for her now? >> well, bernie sanders is from vermont, a neighboring state and has been an elected official there for 30 years and he is well-known in new hampshire, and i think the clintons have trumped up a narrative of them being strong in new hampshire, and this was the state that made bill clinton the comeback kid in 1992, and hillary clinton's win here in 2008 was a surprise, and that had to do with voters not ready to hand barack obama the nomination, and she still has to campaign and win votes here and bernie sanders is making it harder than expected. >> there's a way to go before the new hampshire primary.
7:10 am
there's a confidence that we see, but behind closed doors in the clinton camp, is there a worry there look into the polling numbers? >> i think anytime you have a candidate lose ground there are people that worry, and i think you have seen clinton in the last week or so trying to do more kinds of fun appearances, jimmy fallon, and getting personal in the mix with her and tweeting with donald trump or announcing other interviews that she is doing that are upcoming, so i think you will see more of her being a little more accessible to the press and to voters, and i think that's a response to what you're seeing in the polls. i think overall in terms of where she is on the issues, you have a lot of voters that say they agree with her policies and the question is can she connect with voters and build some of the enthusiasm that you are seeing from the sanders camp. >> thanks to the both.
7:11 am
>> thank you. new developments to bring you this morning in the case of baby doe out of massachusetts. this was the young girl found dead on deer island back in june. our nbc station in boston is reporting that police now know who this little girl is and they have one person in custody in connection with this case. whdh said police carried out a search warrant at a home late last night that led them to the break, and this morning the suffolk county district attorneys office says the investigation is still active but beyond that there are no more updates. we will keep following this and bring details as they come in. and back to the situation in europe, migrants caught in the middle. it began when hungary closed its southern border earlier this week, and it forced people to head west and reach austria, and they had to go through croatia
7:12 am
in two days. some are going back to hungary now, but hungary and slovenia have made it clear they don't want more migrants poe ten -- potentially leaving thousands and thousands in no man's land. help us to understand here when it comes to europe, and instead of coming together to solve this problem and help the people in that no man's land, it seems to be falling apart as far as the european nations. is that how you see it, sir? >> obviously there's a gigantic humanitarian disaster going on and in many ways that's the easiest part of it to solve, and the europeans trying to stabilize shelter and food and water and medical care, and
7:13 am
that's doable. the problem is also, as you are aware, both political and national security. you know, if you signal the middle east and northern africa, there's an unimpeded right to enter europe and you prompt millions to walk in that direction, and that's the part of it they have not yet figured out, unending warfare, francis, as you know, and syria, and afghanistan, iraq, libya, so the problem won't go away until we stabilize the situation in the region. >> we see from the images the desperation for those people, and there's the violence breaking out, between protest violence and greece, and then the tensions leading to the violence, is this just the start of that or can we expect more of that in the days and weeks to come? >> there's an element of hypocrisy to it. you look at our own situation,
7:14 am
if we ever announced there was an unimpeded right for haiti, cuba, central -- latin america to walk north in the united states we would see the same kind of thing prompted by violence and impoverty and the desperation on the part of our population, so the problem is not a new one. we have watched this devastating tragedy in syria and afghanistan and iraq for years, and so you have to do something about it. the easiest part of it is to get serious about humanitarian aid. europeans have masses of angry unassimilated muslim populations and they have to do something about that in the longer run. >> this as german security officials say islamics are reaching out as well.
7:15 am
thank you for your time. >> good to be with you, francis. lots more here on the run down. new revelations about what americans really think about a new diplomatic tie with the island nation. monitoring developments where army sergeant bowe bergdahl could take the stand to defend the charges of desertion. that's next right here on "the rundown."
7:16 am
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7:18 am
we are following new developments from the white house which last hour announced sweeping changes to the u.s. commerce policy, and the move will expand travel between the two countries as well as
7:19 am
allowing new business there. 62% of americans including 67% of latinos support the decision to restore diplomatic ties with cuba. i am joined by political editor, mark murray. we are talking about lifting the cuba embargo, and it's the back drop the administration is moving forward with the big announcement and easing the restrictions and what is the impact there? >> this remains popular with the american public, and this poll consi consistent withal polls we have seen, the opposition, of course, is coming from republicans, particularly republicans in the state of florida, and that's why you see republicans like marco rubio and jeb bush so opposed to this -- these new diplomatic ties with the united states and
7:20 am
cuba and for that very reason it has become a wedge issue that democrats want to exploit. >> we are talking about the white house wanting to do all of this without congress but there's resistance we are seeing as far as push back on that side. >> rand paul ends up supporting diplomatic ties and we have seen chamber of commerce type of republicans support it, but by and large, particularly republicans in florida are opposed and i don't think we will see a lot of congressional movement in the short term. >> ahead of the pope's visit to the united states, we are finding our poll shows 51% of americans have a positive opinion on the pope, but you can count arizona republican congressman as among those with a negative view, and in fact he announced he is boycotting the pope's address to congress and
7:21 am
he released the statement saying the pope stuck to standard christian theology, i would be the first in line. if the spoke spoke out with moral authority against violent islam, i would be there cheering him on, but when the pope chooses and acts and talks like a leftist politician then he can expect to be treated by one. should we be surprised by that? >> this has become more and more common. there's a situation where you had democrats who boycotted israel's prime minister netanyahu's speech to congress a few weeks ago, and the democrats were objecting to the way in which netanyahu was invited to speak to congress without notifying the obama administration first, but still you evened up having democrats who skipped out and now we have our first republican that says he's not going to appear before pope francis's speech to congress on the topic because of climate change, so we're seeing
7:22 am
this play out more and more where sometimes either republican or democrat listening to their message would be kind of revealing. >> we will see if anybody joins him. thank you very much. the market is under pressure reacting to the federal reserve's decision to hold interest rates steady. first, stunning new images of pluto, showing a view of icy mountains on the distant world. new horizons is the first spacecraft to fly by pluto and its many moons. dave's been working on his game, morning double bogie. hey, three putt. and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like?
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7:26 am
their historic low. nearing a negative 194, cnbc is here with a rundown. are we seeing this because of the mixed messages from janet yellen yesterday? >> yeah, a little investor confusion, and we are off the lows of the day, but what we saw was the dow immediately moving back in correction territory in early trading and you are seeing damage being done to sectors like financials because they would have benefitted from higher interest rates, and you have bond yields moving lower along with oil prices. why this reaction? the fed lowered their expectations for growth and they are clearly worried about the state of the rest of the world so therefore this is got to be negative for corporate
7:27 am
interviews, and we were hoping the second half would show an improvement, and negative revenue growth and it doesn't look like that is happening according to some of the estimates we have already got, and others are pointing to a lack of clear and strong forward guidance by januariie janet yel. we have fed speakers coming up in the next few days that might provide more clarity in the issue, but for now stocks are reacting negatively, but are coming off their lows. coming up, gop candidate, ben carson, about to speak live in south carolina on health care and we will see if he addresses obamacare, something he says is the worst thing that happened in this country since slavery. >> we are getting some
7:28 am
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7:31 am
out of san antonio, texas, bergdahl will not testify in his own defense at a hearing designed to determine whether he will face a court-martial. and are we just learning about this decision about him not taking the stand? >> yeah, moments ago his attorney stood and said mr. bergdahl would not be taking the stand today, and there was a 371-page interrogation done by the army right after bergdahl was released from the taliban and they interrogated bergdahl and he wants that transcript
7:32 am
released to the public and he says that document will speak for itself that his client will not take the stand, at least in this hearing. on the stand right now is a fellow soldier who fought alongside bergdahl in the war in afghanistan, and he says that as the group of soldiers were sitting around and talking, they put together what they called a super squad, who they would want on their team, and they said everybody at the top of the list was bergdahl, he was a man and soldier that wanted to take the fight to the evenemy, and he wa not a coward and wanted to fight, and as the weeks moved on, he noticed bergdahl was not acting with the soldiers, and he wanted to tell the higherup commands, and the master sergeant said i don't want to hear from a lower ranked soldier of any problems in my platoon, get back to work, and that's
7:33 am
what the judge is hearing in the case. three other witnesses are expected to testify today including general kenneth dahl, and he is the general that interrogated bergdahl for hours, and we want to hear what he told that general coming up later in today's hearing. >> yeah, and one of the things we want to find out is why he left the post. thank you very much. right now i am joined by retired army colonel, colonel skwrae jacobs. thank you very much. we are expecting to hear more about why bergdahl left his base. if that happens, how could that help his defense, especially knowing the latest development that he is not going to take the stand? >> intentions mean a great deal,
7:34 am
and he is charged with fleeing, and it's a serious charge, so his intentions, what he intended to do, very important here. if he just wandered off and intended to come back, well it's going to be difficult to prove article 99, so all of the testimony is extremely important to the defense. >> does it surprise you that we are hearing he is not going to take the stand and testify there in his own defense? >> no, not at all. you have to remember that this is the article 32 investigative procedure and it's the equivalent of a grand jury investigation, and he can offer testimony, can cross examine witnesses, but if the expectation is that he is liable to be indicted here, there's nothing that accused to being in
7:35 am
the witness box. >> when it comes to that, talking about the difficulty of proving this charge of misbehavior before the enemy, which is that he put his fellow soldiers at risk? how difficult will that be? >> there's a number of specifications under this article and one is running away, and it's not enough to show that he ran away, you have to also prove that he intended to stay away, and that's going to be difficult under these circumstances. but other specific tpau kaeatio one you mentioned, putting other soldiers at risk is easy to prove if he is in a combat zone and leaves without orders, he could be found guilty at putting other soldiers at risk. >> he could spend life in prison here, and he spent five years in captivity with the taliban, and some say he suffered enough in that sense, and do you agree? >> no, he got captured by the taliban because of his own
7:36 am
malfeasance, so that doesn't get him any kudos. what is going to happen here more likely is that he will be found guilty of some lesser included offense. i think the army would really like this thing to be over. it's always possible that his commander, the commanding general who convenes this court-martial may decide to give him nonjudicial punishment in which he will not serve prison time and just get this thing off the books, and i think that's the most likely event. >> good to see you. >> you, too. developing in south carolina, ben carson speaking at a health care summit in greeneville, and he took to the podium, and he is focusing on delivering health care affordability for businesses, and he will participate in a forum with several other
7:37 am
candidates. joining me is jane tim and the senior editor for the new republican, brian ullor. what does ben carson need to say? was he even on the stage for those three hours there? >> he did seem to disappear a little bit when we were there. what he is going to try to do is show his stuff, and he is a health care professionial and he is saying as an outsider, he has a unique view. but if he can say it's my career and i have a solution to it, and it will give him something to advocate for, and many outsiders say how can you do the job and you have no experience, and his campaign thinks he can shine on it. >> brian, especially coming from the debate and saying he did not
7:38 am
deliver, will he deliver today? >> i don't know that he can, and ben carson came to providence among conservatives when he took president obama to task at a prayer breakfast a few years ago, and obamacare was the issue that united them at angered the democrats and the obama administration. it gets mentioned in passing and it's a cursory thing, and everybody is ticked off they do not like obamacare, and they are not talking about repealing it or arguing about it, and that was going to be ben carson's in, an outside guy that can fix the obamacare problem, and i think the country has moved on from that question, so it sort of raises questions to where he fits into the party? >> we saw the issues as it comes
7:39 am
to abortion and vaccinations on the debate stage, too. how will that impact him and come into play when it comes to medical issues and other candidates? >> vaccinations is something where he is separated from his colleagues, but we saw the debate that he started to waffle, saying there is no proven evidence that vaccinations prove autism, and that's not a fact. >> isn't that where it's going to be tough, hey, he's a doctor, and shouldn't he be a little more firm and know that stuff, some will argue? >> they will say he has all the credibility in the world, and he's a doctor and knows what he is talking about and he is just trying to get through the primaries is what i am going to say. >> we are seeing that with encouraging numbers in the polls. how does he need to go forward and continue building that momentum?
7:40 am
>> if you are talking about ben carson, i think what he needs to do is distinguish himself on some issue that is not obamacare and ideally is not vac nations where he is giving donald trump a pass for pedaling vaccine myths. i don't know what it would be, planned parent hood, and he has talked about black lives matter and that's starting to unite republicans and candidates, and if he is laying back on the debate stage, and he is talking about issues not animating the conservatives. a teen arrested for jay walking and a school bus in a pond. a friend of alleged dylann roof is expected to appear in court. he has been under a federal
7:41 am
investigation for lying and failing to report a crime. dillylann roof stayed with him before the shooting. now to california, stockton, police, under tpaoeu after this video showing nine officers arresting a teen for jay walking. police say the teen did not comply with a lawful order to stop walking in a bus-only lane and he cursed at the officer and tried to grab the baton in a struggle. the incident is under review. and then a school bus carrying children crashed into a pond. the bus is on its side, and the students and bus driver were rescued by a group of good samaritans and first responders, and no word on what caused the
7:42 am
bus to go into the water. general motors agrees to pay $900 million to resolve criminal charges connected to the ignition starter defect. more than 100 deaths have been linked to the defect and the company will spend $575 million to settle many of the civil lawsuits that have been filed. developing in florida, heavy rain and possible floods expected in parts of the sunshine state today. south florida was drenched by four inches of rain yesterday, and look, patio furniture tossed around right into the pool, and the national weather service confirmed a weak tornado touchdown on wednesday afternoon. and then oscar pistorius
7:43 am
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7:47 am
that? >> we don't know, in all honesty. the parole board is meeting behind closed doors and it began meeting today and how long will it take, we don't know. we don't know what or when they are going to decide, so it's waiting and watching. what we do know is oscar pistorius was due to be released from a prison a month ago and spend the rest of his sentence under house arrest, and that doesn't happen because the judge said the decision had been made too early and the consideration had begun too early, and they are rethinking and trying to figure out whether legally it's right to release him. reeva steenkamp, the woman killed by oscar pistorius, her family is saying it's not right, legally or not, because to spend 10 month in prison of a
7:48 am
five--year-sentence given what happened, that's just not -- that is not moral, they say. by the way, there's a separate process happening, too, and that's the prosecution looking for the appeal of the earlier court case in which it was concluded that oscar pistorius did not intentionally kill reeva, and they want that overturned and want a fresh trial. >> when it comes to the hearing on whether he will be released early, is there any testimony before the board as far as his lawyer speaking on his behalf and the prosecutors? >> it tends to be experts, not any witnesses, if you like, but they will be looking at the evidence, and clearly his behavior will be part of it. the same process that you see gone through over and over again around the world in the u.s., whenever any parole board talks about the release of a prisoner, and here, the difference, of
7:49 am
course, is the amount of scrutiny. >> thank you very much. now to a personal moving story coming out of the migration crisis in europe. after years of bringing hope through music, a syrian musician is on the move in search of a better life after his beloved piano was destroyed by isis militants. >> reporter: when all hope seemed lost, ahem ahmed still had his music. the people will not be defeated, they sang. he is from syria, devastated by four years of civil war and largely abandoned. amid the ruins, he pushed his beapb piano around in a vegetable
7:50 am
cart, and the music brought joy to an otherwise miserable existence, until this spring. isis stormed him and an isis fighter calling music a sin, and poured lighter fluid on the piano and burned it to the ground. my piano was my best friend, he skyped. when we found him he was on the turkey and syrian border and paid for them to get him out of syria. ♪ he still has his passion, but his dream of a better life in kwraur phaoubg has been replaced with a uncertain future, and he
7:51 am
says there is no plan but to escape, and to make more music. the syrian piano man now a refugee. >> nice to see the smiles and hear the music amidst all that desperation. want to take you back to massachusetts and the case of baby doe. the aerial shots is where the search warrant was carried out last night in connection with the case. our nbc station in boston is reporting that police now know who baby doe was and may have one man in custody and just a reminder, back in june, a little girl's body was found in deer island but nobody knew who she was and this morning the suffolk county attorney's office says the investigation is still active and beyond that there are no updates. we will continue to follow the story and bring you details as we get them. >> surely by now you heard pope
7:52 am
francis is heading to the united states, and whether or not you get to see him in person, you will see a lot of paraphernalia about the pope. we'll have more on that in today's five things, pope memorabilia. we'll bring that to you, next. instinct with real salmon and tuna has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. what's up mikey?ringing) (beep) play awe♪ome party song. hey buddy i heard you're having a party. what? if i was having a party, i'd invite you. would you? yeah. (phone ringing) oh! i got another call. adam: i'm not having a party! hey chris what's up! you heard about adam's party man? it's going to be crazy. i knew it! (beep) find the closest party store... introducing app-connect. (google voice) here are your directions. michael: i'm gonna throw my own party.
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we're four days away from pope francis's arrival to the united states, and that means big money for several businesses including the one selling all the souvenirs, and that's inspiration of today's five things. the baseball card, and the catch is you have to watch the phillies to get your hand on one. and cheers to pope beer. not holy wine but a brew. and it's called yopo, standing
7:56 am
for you only pope once. and then number three, that's the pope mobile. the natural shrine in washington, d.c. is selling the memorabilia, and it sings the sweet praises of hallelujah. and then a bobblehead. holding cheese stake, of course. and number five, coins. philadelphia is minting special commemorative coins. they come in two different sizes, so more options out there, so you don't go and see the pope and all you get is a francis t-shirt. thank you for being with us in
7:57 am
the past two hours, and "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. james rinehart is re-inventing the second-hand market, and his company thread-up removed the difficulties of buying and selling your clothes by picking them up and selling them for you, and technology is at the heart of the new trend. watch "your business" on sunday mornings here on msnbc. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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right now on "news nation," is donald trump still a birther. the trump campaign explains why he declined to correct a man that called president obama a muslim. and then hillary clinton hitting back on carly fiorina's claim about the videos carly fiorina claims she saw. controversy over the pope's visit to cuba just a day before he is scheduled to arrive in that country. good morning, everyone. i am tamron hall. let's begin with donald trump at the center of another


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